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New Classes on Outschool 2020-05-31

There are 396 new classes on Outschool the week of May 31, 2020 to June 6, 2020.

Algebra 1 - Order of Operations Review!

Meet Me for Breakfast: Classic Breakfast Dishes FLEX

A Magic Way to Learn Common and Proper Nouns

Speech: Putting What's Inside, Out!

Private Tutoring - Spanish Lessons 1:1

(FLEX) Want to Be a Veterinarian: Companion, Wildlife, Exotic, Equine, (13yo+)

Individual German Tutoring

Crack the Code and Read Like a Hero: Phonics Instruction for the Open Syllable

Biology's Big Ideas -- Classification/Taxonomy

Building Lab Social Club - Fun With Legos

Digital Photography for Beginners (Level 1)

Apartheid to Democracy: What the South African Experience Has Taught Us FLEX

Biology's Big Ideas -- Cells

Chapter Book Battle: A Friendly Reading Competition & Book Club to Cultivate a Love of Reading

Storytime with Bruno the Dog

I Spy Game

Dancing like Descendants Camp!

Barbie Social Club - Play With Your Barbie and Make Friends!

Beginners One Point Perspective: A Road Through Town

Python Programming | Beginner | 06 Week Flex (Compressed)

Inspirational Beginner Harp Course

Intermediate: Two Point Perspective Drawing

Beginners: Two-Point Perspective Drawing

Master High School Geometry in 5 Weeks! Summer Camp

Enrich Kids: Show and Tell for Early and Busy Learners

Numbers 1 to 10 (Number Rods and Colored Beads) - Montessori Math

Enrich Kids: Forest Kindergarten: Nature Inquiries

Intermediate Chess - PART II

10 Highly Effective Study Habits

Ukulele Boot Camp Part 3 - All About Songs - Summer Camp

Effective Skills for Test-Taking Strategies

Let's Play Battleship and Practice Our Deductive Reasoning Skills (8-10 Years)

U.S. History - U.S. Modern Presidents and Foreign Policy, from McKinley to G.W.Bush

Acoustic Guitar for Beginners

STEM Camp Challenges for Creativity and Critical Thinking

Early Writers: Words & Spelling - Writing Practice Club

HTML | Beginner | 04 Week Flex | Learn HTML w/ 2 Hero Chickens, Buk Buk & Nugget

Little House on the Prairie Series Book Discussion

Mental Math - Multiplication & Division Shortcut Tricks (Once a Week, 2 Weeks)

Converting Fractions to Decimals and Percents for the Newbie

All About Pandas

Piano 4 - Chord Families (Flexible Schedule)

Music Theory for Advanced Level: Melody, Harmony, & Rhythm - Flex (Ages 12-16)

Discovery Chess: Beginning Strategy / Series I / Age 4 & 5

Piano 1 - Introduction to Piano (Flexible Schedule)

Super Brain Yoga

Read me a Story! Learn Spanish with friends. (Cuéntame Un Cuento!)

Piano Fundamentals 2

Princess Party Summer Camp With Moana, Frozen and Tangled!

A Keefe Art Academy Zentangle Social Draw & Sketch Club on-Going Conversation

Pre-Algebra A: Prep for Algebra I

A Keefe Art Academy Acrylic Landscapes Mission 4: Moonlit Mountain Lake Painting

I Read, You Read, We Read Together!

iMovie Elective: How To Use Apple's iMovie Program for Home Movie Production

Ballet & Tap Dance Combo Class for 3-5 Year Olds

Private Coaching [One-On-One Classes] Voice Over Acting -OR - Voice Lessons | Ages 8-18

Nature Meditation for Elementary School Students

Job Skills Crash Course

#2 Let’s Make Music - Beginner Piano Lessons Continued

Best and Brightest: Reading Comprehension and Fluency

Photography Camp: Take Control of Your DSLR Camera (12-16)

Having Fun With Colorful Idioms

Journaling 101

NASA: Spaceships, Planets and Astronauts for Kids

Draw and Paint a Beautiful Koi Fish

Kawaii Cuteness Treats

Kawaii Cuteness Animals

Miss Margie's Art - Learn to Draw a Horse

Identifying and Counting by 10s (Ten Boards) - Montessori Math

Semester Biology Cells: Cell Transport and Communication (Flexible Schedule)

Princess Peepers Tea Party

All About Pre-Algebra: FLEX Semester Course

15 Minute Weekly Creative Writing Prompts! Ages 10-13

Easy Puppy and Dog Training Using Positive Reinforcement(Age 13-17)

Summer Camp: Greek Mythology and the Camp Half-Blood Experience

Let's Draw Animals! Weekly Drawing Club (Kids 8-11)

Legos and Storytime! - A Chase in the Jungle!

Learn Piano Through Pixar 2

|News Around the World: Science - Endangered Turtles Hatch in Koh Kong, Cambodia!

Science Fiction Short Stories - A Mini-Unit

Learn Piano Through Disney 4

Learn Piano Through Disney 3

Vibrato Workshop

Learn Piano Through Disney 1

Learn Piano Through Christmas Songs 2

Passport to Reading:Ongoing One on One Tutoring

Learn Piano Through Superheroes

Learn Piano Through Disney 5

Learn Piano Through Disney 2

Aardvarks, Anteaters and Armadillos

Military Knowledge Class and Q&A with a Veteran

Color Theory for Younger Elementary

Unique Dog Breeds: What Kind of Dog Is That?

The Ultimate Peanut Butter Oreo Cupcake With Luscious Peanut Butter Buttercream

Why is Friday the 13th Unlucky?

Virtual Field Trip Through the Great Smoky Mountains (Flex)

Z2 Day How to Spin Poi Like a Circus Pro - Poi Dancing Summer Camp - Great Exercise 10

Middle School United States History, Part I - Semester Course

Morse Code: its History and Use for 13-18

Procreate Animation Camp

Morse Code: History and Use 9-12

Glow Worms That Lights Up Caves for Kids

More Than Just a Game: Creative Camp for Gamers Level 1

6 Day How to Be a Good Man - Male Mentor for Young Men on the Important Things 14-18Yr

Anger Management—Anger Is Normal! Make Good Choices & Express It Constructively

6 Day How to Be a Good Man - For Young Men on the Important Things in Life 9-14Y Summer Camp

Digraphs: Two Letters, One Sound

Influential Women of Color from History

Let's Be Superheroes: An Ongoing Creative Writing Class

Piano 8 - Modes (Flexible Schedule)

Drums 1 - Introduction to Drums

Piano 7 - Scales (Flexible Schedule)

Piano 9 - Special Scales (Flexible Schedule)

Piano 11 - Jazz Chords part 2 (Flexible Schedule)

Kindergarten Readiness Skills on-Going Class for 3-5 Year Old Learners

Piano 6 - Rhythm Patterns (Flexible Schedule)

Let's Launch a Rocket! - Build Your Own Rocket Launcher

Introducing a Princess - Manners for Young Ladies

Dinosaurs 101-O: The Terror Birds

Franken-stories - Fun Parts of Speech and Funny Stories!

Let's Write a Story With Our Pets

Multi-Digit Multiplication Through Partial Products

The Legend of Zelda - Painting Fantasy Landscapes & Heroes

The Psychology of Memory

When Women Write: Sense and Sensibility

Secret Spies Camp! Search for the Missing Rhythm Section

Treasure Hunt Camp! Search for the Missing Music Notes

Working on the Railroad: A Flexible Schedule Class

Gluten Free Desserts

The Genius of the Sea: Octopus Knowledge & Drawing

Multiplying Fractions - Made Easy!

From Saying to Story - Write with Action, Description, and Feeling (Ages 9-13)

Creativity & Art Club - Art From Mistakes & Imagination! Foster Growth Mindset

Scholarship Finds: How to Prepare for and Find Scholarships

American Girl Writing & Acting 5-Day Camp

Animals Can Move- I Can Read!! (Early Reading Fluency)

Introduction to Fractions - Fractions for Beginners Part 2 FLEX

Dungeons and Dragons: Scourge of the Howling Horde

First Grade Readiness Weekly Circle Time

HISTORY MYSTERY! The Great Fire of London, 1666!

The Civil Rights Movement and the Philosophy of Non-Violent Protest FLEX

Creative Writing and Art Through Animal Adaptations

World Explorer | European Travel Summer Camp!

Anime Eyes Draw & Sketch Intensive: Applying Eyes for the Face: FLEX Version

One-Time 1:1 Private Math Tutoring Session - Grades 4 to 12!

Q and A with a Performer: Disney, Universal, Warner Bros.

Fraydo the Dragon Club: Author Reading, Meet Your Kingdom Pen Pal, Socialize

One-Time: Debate This, Debate That - Interactive Class I

Father's Day: Golf Painting

Sing with Me! A Beginner Vocal Workshop

Guided Painting: Beach Sunset

Launch to the International Space Station! (Ages 8-12)

Draw a Cute Mermaid and a Mercat - Mermaid Pusheen Kawaii Style

Cars and Trucks: Energy, Force, & Motion 1-Class Course (9-14 YO)

Elementary Tutoring: One to One Reading and Math Help for Grades K-2

Discovery Chess: Intermediate / Series I / Ages 8-12

Sketching: Learn How to Sketch a Dog - Corgi (Pembroke)

Essay Writing for Middle Schoolers!

STEM CL0: Introduction to Electrical Circuits (Level 0) - Learn Snap Circuits!

Drawing Ocean Animals with Basic Shapes (Beginner)

Let's Draw Animals! Weekly Drawing Club (Teens 13-16)

Doodle and Learn Colors in French! Draw While Learning French for Beginners 6-9

Draw Your Pet Camp!

Expanding Vocabulary: Learn to Build a Better Vocabulary

Music Making the Difference

Scratch Coding Beginners Kids Camp Code-a-thon - Let’s Code 5 Games!

STEM Challenge - Come Build a "The Three Little Pigs" House!

Stuck in the Middle: Introduction To Reading OA Words.

Math Help Tutoring Ongoing

Let's Code a Robot for K-2nd Graders

ASL Finger Spelling

Watercolor Art Class

Acrylic Panda Painting Paint - A - Long Ages 8 - 13

The Science of Strange Sleep in Animals-Part 1 (Age 7-9)

Biology's Big Ideas -- Photosynthesis

World Journey Creations as Picasso

Let’s Make It! Father's Day Book for Your Dad, Step Dad, Grandpa, or Uncle

Art: Cats and their Artists

Gratitude Journaling

The Beauty of Drawing the Venetian Architecture

Warm Memories - How to Sew a T-Shirt Quilt

Acrylic Painting Paint - A -Long Ice Cream Cone Ages 8 - 13

Writing About Animals

Fractions: Simplifying Fractions for the Newbie

The Story of the Gold Rush - An Adventure Through History

Beginner Korean 2

Math Talks: Multiplication and Division Bootcamp

Creative Writing: A Young Writer's Workshop of Story Writing With Rabbits

Sketching: Learn How to Sketch a Dog - Husky

Cooking: Fried Wonton

Numbers, Colors and Shapes in Spanish!

Queer Craft Club for Teens: Make a Flag Craft and Socialize with Peers

Individual Math, Science or Latin Tutoring - Half Hour

Phonics: Blends and Diagraphs

Piano 5 - Advanced Chords (Flexible Schedule)

Chat & Bead | Social Hour for Crafters

Part 2: How to Amaze Yourself and Get What You Want More Often : Solutions!

Mythology Madness: Greek Gods & Goddesses

Submarine Build and Learn

Biology's Big Ideas -- Ecology

Space Explorer | Solar System Exploration Camp

Amelkin’s Ace the SAT and ACT Grammar! Part Two

Learn Voice Over - Voice Acting Class (Ages 13-18)

Comparative World Religions Ages 9-12

Extraordinary People From History Part 4 Flex

Conversational Spanish Club for Kids! (Beginner/Intermediate)

After-School Karate Camp Program for Kids: A Fun Introduction to Karate

Singing Lessons → Beginner Group Voice Class | Build Confidence as a Singer

Extraordinary People From History Part 5 Flex

M1W50 Marvelous Math Tutoring (4th 5th 6th 7th) 1x Week

5 Day How to Spin a Staff Like a Professional Ninja - Intro to Circus Staff Spinning + Free Exercise Book Summer Camp

Mathematicians at Work! Learning Pre-Algebra: Integer Operations (FLEX)

Tails and Curls: The Art of Cursive Handwriting for Ages 8 to 12 (FLEX Class)

Z3 Day How to Play Checkers or Draughts for Beginners - Class 101 - Ages 6-11

More Warrior Queens From History Flex

Learn To Draw Baby Animals From Around The World: Flexible Schedule Series 3

Learn Piano Through Christmas Songs 3

Learn Piano Through Christmas Songs 4

Learn Piano Through Christmas Songs 5

Learn Piano Through Christmas Songs 6

Daily Pre-K / Kindergarten French Immersion - Part 1

How to Make Egg Rolls

Fourth Grade Math Skills- Class 1

Beginning Guitar for Young Learners

Cardboard Construction: Castles Flex Class

Level 1 Beginner: Fractions, Decimals, Percents Oh, My!

Spanish for Teens Immersion for Program for Beginners - Speaking & Grammar

Murder Mystery Escape Room

Flexible Private Drum / Percussion Lesson!

Summer Recorder Camp

Beginning Music Production & Songwriting Using GarageBand: Summer Camp!

Beat Detectives Camp

High School: Introduction to Marine Biology (Flex Class) Ages 13-18

Real Pirates in History- A Close Look at the Pirates!

Explore Spanish! ~ Camp 1

Java Programming for Middle & High School Students (Unit 5)

Let's Talk About Cats (Flex Class)

Let's Bake: Loaded Cookie Bars

Let's Cook: Oreo Truffle Balls

15 Minute Weekly Creative Writing Prompts for Teenagers 14-18

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie: A Basic Economy Lesson for Young Learners

2 Day How Money Works: Life Skills Class to Understand Money Credit Cards Banks Finance Investing Savings

Mysteries of the Universe: The Black Hole

Music Theory for Intermediate Level: Harmony & Function - Flex (Ages 10-14)

Accident Investigation Course: Trains, Planes and Ships (Flex)

Music Theory for Beginner Level: Basic Fundamentals - Flex (Ages 9-13)

Procreate: Learn Each Tool to Use Bringing Your Imagination to Life

WONDER-ful Mind Games Intro

Movie Casting 101: How the Casting Process Works

Movie Casting 101: How the Casting Process Works (Ages 14-18)

Explosive Basketball Footwork for Middle School and High School Future Stars

All Things Acting: Exploring Seven Types of Acting (Ages 14-18)

Novel Study: Little House in the Big Woods and Little House on the Prairie FLEX

Let's Cook! (Flex)

NFL Sports Trivia: Test Your Football Knowledge With Kahoot!

Guthriegabs About: The Science Behind the Marvel Movies

Doodle, Discuss, and Listen

Let's Bake Dog Treats! (FLEX)

Explore Bossy E, Memory Game With Long A Words

Building Our Social Skills !!! (With a Family Specialist)

Summer Camp Read Aloud - Maniac Magee by Jerry Spinelli

The Bermuda Triangle: A Place of Mystery

Middle School United States History, Part II - Semester

Biology's Big Ideas -- Characteristics of Life

Italian for Teens: Body, Feelings, and Conversation Skills

Violin/Viola Starter Group Lessons

Introduction to Idioms: Boost Your Vocabulary

Italian for Teens: Vegetables, Fruits, Flowers, Plants, and Conversation Skills

Summer Camp - Tie Dying, Hiking, Fire Building, and Fun!

The Story of Cleopatra - A History Class

Biology's Big Ideas -- DNA and Protein Synthesis

Short Vowel Phonics Fun for Everyone!

Learn to Debate - Intermediate Argumentation in 5 Classes

Reading Is Fun! Build a Strong Reading Foundation With an Experienced Teacher

LEGO® Friends Club! - Share Your Favorite Builds

Christmas In July | Pre-K & Kindergarten, Show & Tell, Craft, Sing, & Book!

Crochet Club: Practicing Intermediate Skills!

One-to-One Academic Tutoring Session (9–13)

Moving and Grooving With the Alphabet

Crochet Club: Advanced Crocheters Feedback and Sharing

Debate and Public Speaking Camp - Level I (Beginners)

American Girl Summer Camp: DIY Sweets and Treats

Project Based Python for Kids (Level 2)

Math Tutoring: Algebra and Beyond

Piano: The Basics for Beginners for Teens

Drawing Superheros with Basic Shapes (Beginner)

Get Ready for Kindergarten: Kinder Readiness Skills

Guthriegabs About French Revolution From Kings to Chaos to an Empire

Lift off: All About the SpaceX and the Crew Dragon!

Beginner Hand Sewing - Ages 6-11 (Flex)

Algebra for Young Learners- A Fun, Concrete Approach (Level 3- Flex)

Birds on a Wire: Exploring Primary & Secondary Colors with Color Mixing

Drawing Hands: An Art Class for Teens & Tweens

Declutter- 30 Day Challenge, Ages 13-18 (Flex-schedule)

Financial Simulation as an Adult: What Will You Choose?

Young Entrepreneurs Create a Business Plan (Flex)

Piano 10 - Jazz Chords Part 1 (Flexible Schedule)

Guthriegabs Allied D-Day Landings on Normandy Beaches Omaha and Utah WW2

All About Frogs~Science Life Cycle, Reading Comprehension, Art

Math: Ancient Number Systems

Government of the United States - High School Semester Course

Nature Navigation: Water, Water Everywhere ... Or is It?

Restaurant Ready: A Restaurant Etiquette Class for Kids

Private Basic Spanish for Beginners Lesson

Football Talk - Let's Chat About Football and All Things NFL

Learn to Crochet 2: Going off the Chain, Single, Double, and Half-Double Crochet

Middle School History I - A Semester Course

Whose your Dad? A Father's Day Storytime with Aunt Sam

Ongoing - A Trip Around the World In 80 Days

HISTORY MYSTERY!: Who was Jack the Ripper?

Table Topics

Color Me Crazy With Pete the Cat (Pre-K 3-5 Yrs)

Get Into the College or University of Your Choice! - FLEX Class

Write Your College Admission Essay with Help from a College Professor! FLEX Class

Hand Strengthening for Better Handwriting

Stop Motion Animation: Create Your Own Cartoon With Clay Characters!

Dividing Fractions - Made Easy!

Note Time! Drop In Music Theory Practice

Pets, Writing, and Oreos! Write About Your Amazing Pet!

Lingua Latina Reading Club (Ages 9-12)

Blues Piano Improvisation: Level-Up Course (Ages 12-16)

Camp: Basics of Storytelling Part II (Ages 9-11)

Sushi Anyone? Learn to Make Sushi! (Intro to Cooking 101)

Basics of Storytelling Part II (ages 9-11)

Science of the Earth

The Rainbow Piglet: Managing Our Emotions

Private Voice Lessons! (Ages 9-11)

A Long Walk to Water / When Stars Are Scattered - Novel Study

Human Anatomy -- System by System

Famous Horses Who Impacted Our World...Learning with Social Studies, Geography, Science and Language Arts

Learn with Legos (Brick Building) Club: Mixing Learning with Lego Fun!

Sharks: Featuring the Megalodon, the Great White, and the Bull Shark!

Drawing Construction Vehicles with Basic Shapes (Beginner)

Conversation Etiquette: Let's Talk!

Z1 Day Learn How to Make Amazing Bubble Juice for Amazing Bubbles - Beginner Class 8-15

Summer Camp: Girly Girls Rock Good Manners

Learn to Read and Write ABCs-Practice to Mastery

"Developing Reading Skills for the Contemporary Bassist"

Pride Poetry: Writing Identity Poems for LGBTQIA+ Teens

Winter Speech and Debate Camp - Beginners

Drop In Story Time With Nicole

Dynamic Advanced First Grade Summer Math Class!

Film School: Documentary Production (14-18)

A One on One Math tutoring

Math Games: Pokemon Addition & Subtraction Math Bingo (Kindergarten Level)

Math Boot Camp: 4th Grade Review

Say Hello to Hindi! Continuing Class 1B

LGBTQ+ Creative Writing Group

Interesting Insects; Learn About a New Insect Each Week & Create a Craft

We Know "Butter" About Farming

Zoology: Exploring and Candling the Egg

Fun on the Farm Flex: Learn About Farm Animals; Create a Coordinating Craft

Norwegian for Young Beginners!

Cars, Ramps, Jumps, Rollercoaster Energy, Force & Motion 5-Class Course (9-14Yr)

Land and Sea World War 2: The Battles of World War Two / WW2

Latitude, Longitude and Buried Treasure!

Mathematicians at Work! Solving Equations and Graphing Inequalities (FLEX)

United States of America (USA) - Locate & Learn the 50 States - Camp

1:1 Reading with Short Vowels

Drawing Boats with Watercolor Pencils

Show Me! Tell Me! a Fun and Interactive Show and Tell Social Club (ESL Friendly)

Portuguese Language CAMP: Beginners

Comparing Literature: Potter and Percy Jackson

No-Stress Gentle French Conversation Camp for Young Learners

Butterfly Life Cycle (Flex)

Punjabi - Basic Two Trial Lessons

Cruise into Kindergarten: Kindergarten Readiness

Readers are Leaders: Reading Fluency and Comprehension

Sing & Sign ASL, Music & Storytime with Miss Dena! (Flex Series 1)

"Uke Can Do It!" Beginning Ukulele Summer Camp: Level 1 - Ukulele Lessons for Beginners

Histology 1

Ukulele Boot Camp for Beginners Part 2 - Winter/Christmas Break

Dungeons and Dragons 201: Beginner Ongoing Adventure, Heroes of the Realm

Fourth and Fifth Grade Reading Skills CAMP With a 5th Grade Teacher

Bake-O-Rama: Easy Banana Bread

Introduction to Music Appreciation - Flex (Ages 9-13)

Animal Science Fun: All About Bats

Minute to Win It: A Silly, Wacky Game Ages 4-7

Farsi Introductory Class, Part 1,فارسى بياموزيم

Weird and Wacky History: The Strange, Silly, and Icky Parts of the Past

Genetic Genius 2-Bacteria, Virus, RNA, CRISPR

Bizarre Bugs: North America

Ancient Explorers: Intro to Ancient Egypt in 5 Days!

Drawing Macaw with Watercolor Pencils

Math Camp: 4th Grade Review and 5th Grade New Techniques (Twice a Week)

Math Camp: 3rd Grade Review and 4th Grade New Techniques (Twice a Week)

Introduction to Latin - Part 2

Adulting 101: How to Make and Keep a Budget

A Socializing Painting Party

Star Stable Hang Out

Guthriegabs About: Adapting to Having ADHD

Fun Spanish: Semester Enrichment Club for Advanced Beginners PART 2 - (Homeschool & Afterschool Full Semester)

Colors and Counting: Story Time, Scavenger Hunt, and Craft - Oh my!

Interesting Idioms!

Creative Writing: Exploring Different Writing Styles (8 weeks)

Canada Day Celebration!

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