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New Classes on Outschool 2020-05-31

There are 204 new classes on Outschool the week of May 31, 2020 to June 6, 2020.

Speech: Putting What's Inside, Out!—Public Speaking, Storytelling & Debate

Private Spanish Lessons and Homework Help 1:1

(FLEX) Veterinary Medicine Introduction | Explore the World of Vets (13+ YO)

Individual German Tutoring

Crack the Code and Read Like a Hero: Phonics Instruction for the Open Syllable

Building Lab Social Club - Fun With Legos

Chapter Book Battle Camp: A Friendly Reading Competition & Book Club to Cultivate a Love of Reading

I Spy Game

Barbie Social Club - Play With Your Barbie and Make Friends!

Beginners One Point Perspective: A Road Through Town

Python Programming | Beginner | 06 Week (Compressed)

Inspirational Beginner Harp Course

Intermediate: Two Point Perspective Drawing

Beginners: Two-Point Perspective Drawing

Master High School Geometry in 5 Weeks! Summer Camp

Show and Tell for Early and Busy Learners

Numbers 1 to 10 (Number Rods and Colored Beads) - Montessori Math

Forest Kindergarten: Nature Inquiries

10 Highly Effective Study Habits

Acoustic Guitar for Beginners

Words, Spelling & Grammar - Writing Practice

HTML | Beginner | 04 Week | Learn HTML W/ 2 Hero Chickens, Buk Buk & Nugget

Mental Math - Multiplication & Division Shortcut Tricks (Once a Week, 2 Weeks)

Converting Fractions to Decimals and Percents for the Newbie

All About Pandas

Music Theory for Advanced Level: Melody, Harmony, & Rhythm (Self-Paced)

Discovery Chess: Beginning Strategy / Series I / Age 4 & 5

Super Brain Yoga

Piano Fundamentals 2

Princess Party Summer Camp With Moana, Frozen and Tangled!

Pre-Algebra A: Prep for Algebra I

Movie Voice Over Acting → Learn Voice Over Acting For Beginners

Nature Meditation for Elementary School Students

#2 Let’s Make Music - Beginner Piano Lessons Continued

Having Fun With Colorful Idioms

LIVE Online Art Class: Draw and Paint a Beautiful Koi Fish

LIVE Online Art Class: Kawaii Cuteness Treats

LIVE Online Art Class: Kawaii Cuteness Animals

Identifying and Counting by 10s (Ten Boards) - Montessori Math

Princess Peepers Tea Party

All About Pre-Algebra: Self-Paced Semester Course

Camp: Greek Mythology and the Camp Half-Blood Experience

Let's Draw Animals! Weekly Drawing Club (Kids 8-12)

Short Stories - A Mini-Unit

Passport to Reading:Ongoing One on One Tutoring

Aardvarks, Anteaters and Armadillos

Military Knowledge Class and Q&A with a Veteran

The Ultimate Peanut Butter Oreo Cupcake With Luscious Peanut Butter Buttercream

Z2 Day How to Spin Poi Like a Circus Pro - Poi Dancing Summer Camp - Great Exercise 10

Middle School United States History, Part I - Semester Course

Morse Code: its History and Use for 13-18

Procreate Animation Camp

Morse Code: History and Use 9-12

5 Day Masterclass How to Use ChatGPT - Effective Prompt Engineering with OpenAI

Anger Management—Anger Is Normal! Make Good Choices & Express It Constructively

5 Day Social Skills - Etiquette and Manners for Adulting Life Skills 5W2

Influential Women of Color from History

Read in French with Ratus the green rat, Year 1 Module 1

Kindergarten Readiness Skills on-Going Class for 3-5 Year Old Learners

Let's Launch a Rocket! - Build Your Own Rocket Launcher

Introducing a Princess - Manners for Young Ladies

Let's Write a Story With Our Pets

Multi-Digit Multiplication Through Partial Products

When Women Write: Sense and Sensibility

Secret Spies Camp! Search for the Missing Rhythm Section

Treasure Hunt Camp! Search for the Missing Music Notes

Gluten Free Desserts

From Saying to Story - Write with Action, Description, and Feeling (Ages 9-13)

Creativity & Art Club - Art From Mistakes & Imagination! Foster Growth Mindset

American Girl Writing & Acting 5-Day Camp

Fun Cardio, Strength, and Yoga Workout’

Introduction to Fractions Fractions for Beginners Part 2 FLEX

Beating Writer's Block and Other Blocks: Learning to Start & Love Writing(14-18)

Dungeons and Dragons: Scourge of the Howling Horde

First Grade Readiness Weekly Circle Time

Private Math Tutoring Session - Grades 4 to 12! (One Time)

Fraydo the Dragon Club: Author Reading, Meet Your Kingdom Pen Pal, Socialize

Sing With Me! Vocal Workshop

Launch to the International Space Station! (Ages 8-12)

Draw a Cute Mermaid and a Mercat - Mermaid Pusheen Kawaii Style

Elementary Tutoring: One to One Reading and Math Help for Grades K-2

Essay Writing for Middle Schoolers!

STEM CL0: Semi-Private Introduction to Electrical Circuits With Snap Circuits

Let's Draw Animals! Weekly Drawing Club (Teens 13-16)

Doodle and Learn Colors in French! Draw While Learning French for Beginners 6-9

Draw Your Pet Camp!

Music Making the Difference

Scratch Coding Summer Camp Beginners Code-A-Thon for Kids-Code 5 Games in 5 Days

Stuck in the Middle: Introduction To Reading OA Words.

Math Help Tutoring Ongoing

Let's Code a Robot for K-2nd Graders

ASL Finger Spelling

Acrylic Panda Painting with Mrs. Muse Paint - A - Long Ages 8 - 12

The Science of Strange Sleep in Animals-Part 1 (Age 7-9)

World Journey Painting and Creations as Picasso

Art: Cats and their Artists

The Beauty of Drawing the Venetian Architecture

Warm Memories - How to Sew a T-Shirt Quilt

Acrylic Painting Paint - A -Long Ice Cream Cone Ages 8 - 13

Writing About Animals

Fractions: Simplifying Fractions for the Newbie

The Story of the Gold Rush - An Adventure Through History

Beginner Korean 2

Math Talks: Multiplication and Division Bootcamp

Creative Writing: A Young Writer's Workshop of Writing with Rabbits

Queer Craft Club for Teens: Make a Flag Craft and Socialize with Peers

Individual Math, Science or Latin Tutoring - Half Hour

Part 2: How to Amaze Yourself and Get What You Want More Often : Solutions!

Amelkin’s Ace the SAT and ACT Grammar! Part Two

Learn Voice Over - Voice Acting Class (Ages 13-18)

Comparative World Religions Ages 9-12

Singing Lessons → Beginner Group Voice Class | Build Confidence as a Singer

M01 Marvelous Math 1-on-1 Tutoring

5 Day How to Spin a Staff Like a Pro Ninja - Intro to Circus Staff Spinning + Free Exercise Book

Z3 Day How to Play Checkers or Draughts for Beginners - Class 101 - Ages 6-11

Beginning Guitar for Young Learners

Level 1 Beginner: Fractions, Decimals, Percents Oh, My!

Spanish for Teens Class for Beginners Listening, Speaking & Grammar-High School

Flexible Private Drum / Percussion Lessons

Beginning Music Production & Songwriting Using GarageBand: Summer Camp!

Beat Detectives

Explore Spanish! ~ Camp 1

15 Minute Weekly Creative Writing Prompts for Teenagers 14-18

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie: A Basic Economy Lesson for Young Learners

2 Day How Money Works: Life Skills Class to Understand Money Credit Cards Banks Finance Investing Savings

Music Theory for Intermediate Level: Harmony & Function (Self-Paced)

Music Theory for Beginner Level: Basic Fundamentals (Self-Paced)

WONDER-ful Mind Games Intro

Movie Casting 101: How the Casting Process Works

Movie Casting 101: How the Casting Process Works (Ages 14-18)

All Things Acting: Exploring Seven Types of Acting (Ages 14-18)

Novel Study: Little House in the Big Woods and Little House on the Prairie

NFL Sports Trivia: Test Your Football Knowledge With Kahoot!

Guthriegabs About: The Science Behind the Marvel Movies

Explore Bossy E, Memory Game With Long A Words

Building Our Social Skills !!! (With a Family Specialist)

The Bermuda Triangle: A Place of Mystery

Middle School United States History, Part II - Semester

Violin/Viola Starter Lessons

The Story of Cleopatra - A History Class

Learn to Debate - Intermediate Argumentation in 5 Classes

Reading Is Fun! Build a Strong Reading Foundation With an Experienced Teacher

Christmas Party | Santa’s Workshop, Elves & More!

Crochet Social Club: Practicing Intermediate Skills!

Moving and Grooving With the Alphabet

Crochet Social Club: Advanced Crocheters Feedback and Sharing

Debate and Public Speaking Camp - Level I (Beginners)

Project Based Python for Kids (Level 2)

Math Tutoring: Algebra and Beyond

WW2 D-Day Landings: Omaha & Utah Beaches

Frog Science Life Cycle, Reading Comprehension, Art

Government of the United States - High School Semester Course

Nature Navigation: Water, Water Everywhere ... Or is It?

Restaurant Ready: A Restaurant Etiquette Class for Kids

Football Talk - Let's Chat About Football and All Things NFL

Learn to Crochet 2: Going off the Chain, Single, Double, and Half-Double Crochet

Middle School History I - A Semester Course

Who's your Dad? A Father's Day Storytime with Aunt Sam

Ongoing - A Trip Around the World In 80 Days

Hand Strengthening for Better Handwriting

Stop Motion Animation: Create Your Own Cartoon With Clay Characters!

Note Time! Drop In Music Theory Practice

Pets, Writing, and Oreos! Write About Your Amazing Pet!

Lingua Latina Reading Club

Piano Summer Camp: Creative Blues Improvisation Level-Up (Ages 8-12)

A Long Walk to Water / When Stars Are Scattered - Novel Study

Learn with Legos (Brick Building) Club: Mixing Learning with Lego Fun!

Conversation Etiquette: Let's Talk!

1 Day 1-2-1 Learn How to Make Amazing Bubble Juice for Amazing Bubbles

Learn to Read and Write ABCs-Practice to Mastery

"Developing Reading Skills for the Contemporary Bassist"

Pride Poetry: Writing Identity Poems for LGBTQIA+ Teens

Summer Speech and Debate Camp - Beginners

Drop In Story Time With Nicole

Film School: Documentary Production (14-18)

Private Tutoring

Math Summer Camp: 4th to 5th (2 Weeks)

Interesting Insects; Learn About a New Insect Each Week & Create a Craft

We Know "Butter" About Farming

Zoology: Exploring and Candling the Egg

Cars, Ramps, Jumps, Rollercoaster Energy, Force & Motion 5-Class Course (9-14Yr)

Land and Sea: The Battles of World War Two / WW2

Latitude, Longitude and Buried Treasure!

Drawing Boats with Watercolor Pencils

Comparing Literature: Potter and Percy Jackson

Punjabi - Basic Two Trial Lessons

Readers are Leaders: Reading Fluency and Comprehension

Dungeons and Dragons 201: Sword Coast Weekly Beginner Starter Kit Adventure

Fourth and Fifth Grade Reading Skills CAMP With a 5th Grade Teacher

Introduction to Music Appreciation (Self-Paced)

Winged Wonders - Exploring the Fascinating World of Bats

Minute to Win It: A Silly, Wacky Game Ages 4-7

Farsi Introductory Class, Part 1,فارسى بياموزيم

Genetic Genius 2-Bacteria, Virus, RNA, CRISPR

Introduction to Ancient Egypt

Drawing Macaw with Watercolor Pencils

Introduction to Latin - Part 2

Adulting 101: How to Make and Keep a Budget

Star Stable Hang Out

Guthriegabs About: Adapting to Having ADHD

Colors and Counting: Story Time, Scavenger Hunt, and Craft - Oh my!

Interesting Idioms!

Creative Writing: Exploring Different Writing Styles (Level 1)

Let's Celebrate Canada Day!

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