New Classes on Outschool 2020-05-24

There are 256 new classes on Outschool the week of May 24, 2020 to May 30, 2020.

The Big, Exciting World of Dinosaurs with Ms.Heather!

Dinosaur Poop Story Time - Finish the Story (Flex)

Immersion Japanese Club: Absolute Beginner Japanese Crash Course

Draw With Me: Learn to Draw With Shapes

Callie's Crafting Corner (13-15)

All Things Turtles-More Live Turtles!!!

Space Exploration

The Story of Blackbeard the Pirate - An Adventure Through History

Science Time - Middle School Life Science Pt. 8: Anatomy of the Human Body

Stories from The Children's Encyclopedia (Ages 7-10)

(4 Lesson Flex Class) Pokémon and Greek Mythology

Grammar and Writing Class

Escape Room: Escape a World War Two POW Camp / WW2

Art Appreciation Conversation Club! Discuss & Sketch Art With a Museum Educator

Primer Piano Part 1.5 (Ages 5 & 6)

Jellyfish: The Immortal Sting

Playing With Sight Words- Fry's First 100

All About Plants

Medieval Europe - An Adventure Through History Summer Camp

Christmas - Tunes Great for Kids to Know!

The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman - A Novel Study

Creative Lettering With Procreate

Russian for Beginners Summer Camp Ages 7-10

Meditation: What Is It & Why Is Everyone Doing It? Can I Do It?© Ages 6-9

'Girls Diva Time!' Make 5 Spa Recipes in 5 Days© Ages 11-14

Design 3D Together 2-Day STEM Camp! - Design 1 - Conveyance

Let's Blend Those Phonetic Letter Sounds: Beginner Reading 1

Piano 3 - Basic Chords (Flexible Schedule)

Piano 2 - Reading Sheet Music (Flexible Schedule)

Private Piano Lessons

Place Value (1, 10, 100, 1000) with the Golden Beads - Montessori Math

Guitar 2 - Reading Tabs

Underground World Art Camp! Creating & Drawing a Whole Underground World

Look, No Outlines! Get The No Outline Look in Procreate - iPad or iPhone

Drums 2 - Fundamentals

All About Sharks: Science~Reading Comprehension~Fiction and Non Fiction~ Art/Step By Step Drawing

Ukulele 2 - Reading Tabs

Ukulele 1 - Introduction to Ukulele

Guitar 1 - Introduction to Guitar

Drums 4 - Fills (Part 1)

Drums 3 - Theory & Notation

Introduction to Neuroscience (Ages 5-8) for Gifted and Advanced Learners

Secret Language of Music: Rhythm, Fast Track

The History of Ethical Research in Psychology - Evolution of Doing What's Right

How to Draw: Animal Art Club | Animals Facts & Cartoon Animal Drawing

American Literature & Composition: Semester 1 (High School Homeschool English)

Storybook STEM

Secret Language of Music: The Grand Staff, Fast Track

Crack the Code and Read Like a Hero: Phonics Instruction for the Closed Syllable

Master Algebra 1 in 5 Weeks! Summer Camp

Drums 7 - Rock Beats (Part 2)

Drums 6 - Rock Beats (Part 1)

Current Events in Context: Understanding the Big Picture of Today's Headlines

Drums 5 - Fills (Part 2)

Sunflower Poem & Project

Soar High in Self-Esteem With Self-Love

Russian For Beginners Session One Flex Class

Greek Mythology's Mightiest Hero: Hercules vs. the Amazons (Labor 9)

Introduction to Math Fact Families: Addition and Subtraction - Numbers to 10

Dinorumpus: Singing & Story Time With Dinosaurs

First & Second Grade Word Problems: Strategies for Success

Greek Mythology

Ongoing: Road Trip Across The United States of America

All Things Acting: Exploring Seven Types of Acting

WWI History: Updated! the First World War in 8 Easy Lessons - WW1 - World War One

Greek Mythology's Mightiest Hero: Hercules vs. Cerberus (Labor 12)

Private Violin Lessons

Strategies for the Science Section of the ACT Test

Math Tutoring for High School

Titanic Summer Camp - An Adventure Through History

Galaxy Quest! - Learning How to Paint Nebula Clouds & Stars

Preparation for Middle School Essay Writing (Group Tutoring and Collaboration)

Russian Language Learning Through Traditional Fairytale Flexible Schedule Class

Mermaid Directed Drawing Class

Dog Games and More Flex Class

Farts, Farts and MORE Farts!

Dog Training:Advanced Dog Tricks With Treats!

Critical Thinking, Decision Making, and Framing Great Arguments (Intro)

Alternate History: Weekly Scenarios

The Secrets of Reading Comprehension for Ages 8-12! (Intro to Reading Comp)

Guitar Boot Camp Lessons for Beginners Part 2 - Winter Break Camp

Introduction to Guitar Boot Camp Lessons for Beginners Part 1 - Summer Break

Easy Italian. Multi-Day Shorter Classes

Scary World or Fairy World: Crafting Vivid Settings

Crafting Short Bites - Summer Writing Intensive for Ages 14-18

Crafting Short Bites - Summer Writing Intensive for Ages 11-15

American Girl Summer Party

Group Piano Lessons: Blues Improvisation (Ages 8-12)

The Science of Comedy: How To Be Funny!

What is a Bug? Ages 3-5

Drop-In One on One Lessons - Piano, Trumpet, or Singing

Private Piano Lessons: Blues Improvisation (25 Minutes)

Story Hooks, and How to Catch Your Reader

Plotting a Path to and Away From Danger- Story Plotting

Piecing Together Great Characters

Beating Writer's Block and Other Blocks: Learning to Start & Love Writing(11-15)

Accelerated Beginner French Camp - Part 1

Note Taking: Visual Brain Doodles!

Fighting Gravity

Book Lovers Unite Book Club (Ages 7-10)

Book Lovers Unite Book Club (Ages 9-12)

Painting Magical Clouds - Learning Gradients & and Brush Techniques

The Magician's Nephew (Chronicles of Narnia #1) Book Club & Book Report

Elementary Level French! Learn to Speak and Read in French!

All about the Bearded Dragon in Rapid Speed

Fun Russian Class With Games

Money - Coins

Time to the Hour

Yoga + Mindfulness *6-9*

Yoga + Mindfulness +Stories *3-6*

Java Programming for Middle & High School Students (Unit 4)

Intermediate Arabic 1

Introduction to Pre-Algebra Part 1 (Ages 10-14)

Kids in the Kitchen: Ice Pops, Brownies, and Milkshakes

Full Year Math 6th, 7th, 8th Grade Prealgebra Algebra 1 2 Geometry Pre Calculus

Book Club: Heidi by Johanna Spyri

Yummy Multiplication! Intro to Multiplication Using M&Ms

Book Club: The Phantom Tollbooth by Norton Juster

Budding Writers: Writing Your First Opinion Essay

Budding Writers: Writing Your First Text-Based, Informational Essay

More Than Thor: Exploring Norse Mythology for Beginners

Summer Camp: Grammar Scavenger Hunt

#1 Magic Tree House: Dinosaurs Before Dark Camp

Budding Writers: Writing Your First Narrative Essay

Paint with Me: Gentle Water Wakes

Card Games: Black Jack & Poker

Heroes of World War II

Intro to US Government

Hola! Let's Travel to Machu Picchu in Peru - Spanish for Beginners

Digital Graphic Design Introduction to Canva: Create Amazing Art & Have Fun!

Star Wars Trivia Digital Breakout

Callie's Corner: Black Holes, Comets, and Stars Oh My! (8-10)

Pet Show and Tell With Teacher's Pet: Lady

Pet Lizard Care-Meet Live Lizards!

Let's Learn Ballet: Pre-School Level

Creative & Critical Writing for the Developing Writer

Social: Games With Friends for Students with Disabilities

Ballet Private/Mentorship (45-Minutes)

"Hug A Bull" Father's Day Card Making!

Preschool Firetruck Unit

Fun Spanish: Enrichment Boot Camp Spanish for Beginners - Summer Break! (2 weeks)

The Spy that Got Away: The Story of Gerhart Eisler

Learn Coding! Program Two Video Games on Scratch -Programming for Beginners Only

Stop Losing Things: How to Have a Clutter Free Room

Getting Started in Architecture-Flex Class

The Most Deadly Spy: The Story of Aldrich Ames

Wild Mustang Horse Camp (Fall Schedule)

Morning Meetings With Teacher Julie (FLEX Class)

Animal Tales-Fact or Fiction Featuring LIVE Animals

Help...I've Fallen and I Can't Catch up! Math Coaching Grades 4-10

Let's Create: An Inspiration Journal SR (FLEX)

Let's Talk About Anime: A Social Club (14-18)

History: Mysteries & Unusual Stories

Drawing Cute Animals: Weekly Art Class

Biochemistry Fundamentals (FLEX)

Beginner Map Skills 101 Camp: Discover What Is a Map, a Compass, + Field Trip

Book Club #4 - Stuart Little Reading Comprehension Activities (ESL Friendly!)

Beginner's Latin - Cambridge Latin Course Unit 1 - Part 3

Spanish Level Evaluation (Ages 10-14)

Kind and Engaging Personalized 1:1 Tutoring - Level 3 Kind Online 4 1-hour sessions per week

Hands-On Exploration of Electricity & Circuits! (single session STEM/STEAM class)

ART CAMP: Advanced One Point Perspective Drawing

Wonderful World of Insects! (FLEX)

ART CAMP: Backyard Bugs--Drawing Our Six-Legged Friends and Foes

Beginner's Latin - Cambridge Latin Course Unit 1 - Part 4

War in the Pacific: World War II in the Pacific Theater

Read Smart: Young Adult and Teen Book Club

'Girls Diva Time!' Make 3 Spa Recipes in 3 Days© Ages 8-10

Fair News or Fake News: Identifying Media Bias

Introduction to World War II

World War-II in Europe

Baking for Beginners: Chocolate Chip Cookies

Draw It: Grouchy Gorilla

Draw It: Animated Axolotl ***UPDATED DRAWING!

Piano Lessons With Mrs. Pauli

Animal Adventures; We're Going to the Zoo

Reaching Reluctant Writers: Writing Basics for Young Children

Hip Hop, Earth Day Themed Dance Class and Craft

Listen Bell Meditation

Beginner’s Piano Class (Level 1) - Age 6-11

Mario Math Extended 2

Fun With Chinese: Level 1D (Ages 4-7)

Misty of Chincoteague Book Study

Venomous Invertebrates Series (FLEX)

Russian for Beginners Step One Ages 5-8

Fascinating Mammals of Uganda! (FLEX)

Wonderful World of Reptiles & Amphibians! (FLEX)

Let's Make Gummy Soap!

French Conversation - Upper Intermediate/Advanced - Levels B1+ (9-12yo)

Money Wise, Intro to Budgeting Basics (Teens)

Breaking News! What Is Happening in the World Around Us? Current Event Class

Release the Creative Writer in You! (7-11)

Polymer Clay: Let's Make Cupcake Charms

Return to the Ranch: Guided Reading/Writing for Early Readers Level B

Pizza Fractions - Summer Camp

2 Day 1-2-1 Become a Bubbleologist - Fun Bubble Class by a Pro Bubble Artist

Mario Math Extended 3

Mario Math Extended 4

Biology and General Science Tutoring

Slithering Snakes & Slimy Creatures

Math and Sports Analytics to Run Your Own Football, Basketball, or Baseball Team

2 Day 1-2-1 Become a Bubbleologist - How to Make Giant Bubbles by a Pro Bubble A

Individual Violin, Viola, Cello Lessons (Middle/High School Age, 45 Minutes)

Beginning Video Editing for Ipad and Iphone

Spanish Reading Practice with a Short Spanish Story I (Intermediate Spanish)

Individual Violin, Viola, Cello Lessons (Elementary Age, 45 minutes)

You're Hired: Junior Journalism

A Monarch Butterfly Travels How Many Miles?

Beginner Sewing: Pillow

Place Value: A Comprehensive, Interactive Class for All Learners and Abilities

Creating Subtraction Fact Families to 10

Show and Tell: Your Pet's Cool Trick!

Drawing Mandarin Chinese Characters With Mario! Age 4-9

Let's Read Music! Introduction to Reading Notes on the Staff

Wolves Alive! All About Wolves & Wolf Dogs

Bears Alive! All About Bears with Art Activity!

Ukulele Club (Beginner’s Introduction)

Yoga and Mindfulness *One-Time Class*

Art With Ms. Amy: Young Artist's Workshop

English Language Learners Circle Time (2x per week)

Delivering a Great Speech - Camp

Individual Tutoring: Writing Expository or Persuasive Essays

Interesting Insects; Learn About Insects and Create a Craft FLEX Class

Rate-Of-Work Problems - Algebra Type Problems - Travel Hawaii Themed

How World War 2 Began

Fun With Fire Trucks and Counting

Introduction to Improvisation!

All About JavaScript Programming | The Camp for Beginners

Individual Tutoring - Mr. Colvin - ESL Friendly

Art: Fabulous Watercolor Flowers

Book Club: The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane

Book Making: Japanese Stab Binding Books

"Rock Bass From The Beginning"

Budgeting for a Disney Vacation!

BEGINNERS German Language, History & Geography Level 1-2 (SEMESTER COURSE) 8-11y

Beyond the Usual Breakfast (Flex) - Cooking Confidence With Kristy

Mastering Math: Skip Count and Multiplication (Numbers 1-12)

(FLEX) Resilient Kids Keep Cool: Strengthening Emotional Intelligence

Hip Hop Dance Camp (5 days)

Summer Camp 80's Classic Movies

7 Continents and 5 Oceans

Amelkin's Ace the SAT and ACT Grammar ! Part One

Making Cards and Poems for Father's Day

Halloween, Hip-Hop, Ghostbusters Themed Dance Class

Future Chef's Multi-Day Cooking Class

Ace 7th Grade Math in 4 Weeks! Winter Camp

Clean up Class: Tidy Your Room Zoom

Math Talks: Let's Think and Talk About Math! Ages 6-8

Math Talks: Let's Think and Talk About Math! Ages 4-6

Fiesta Time Spanish- Christmas

Fiesta Time Spanish- Halloween

Draw a Majestic Griffin

ADHD All-Stars Club

𓂀 Your Guide to Ancient Egyptian Pottery (Small Class!) 𓂀

Exploring Feminism & Pop Culture

Fiesta Time Spanish- School

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