New Classes on Outschool 2023-11-26

There are 422 new classes on Outschool the week of November 26, 2023 to December 2, 2023.

Body Weight Exercise (Ages 13-18)

Body Weight Exercise (Ages 8-12)

Squishmallow Drawing Club! Fun & Interactive Guided Sketching Class

Intro to Body Weight Exercise

Learn to Make Quick Asian Chicken Sandwiches - Cooking Confidence With Kristy

ESL Conversational Speaking American Accent - English as a Foreign Language EFL

Piano Lessons for Beginners

Holiday & Winter Science & STEM Activities with Marshmallow Peeps (1 wk Flex)

Learn to Make Cashew Chicken With Rice Noodles - Cooking Confidence With Kristy

The Art of Travel Sketching: Learn How to Document Your Adventures!

All Things Easter Peeps- Spring Science & STEM Activities with Peeps (1 wk Flex)

College Application Essay | 5-Week Workshop to Write the College Essay (FLEX)

Learn to Make Four Cheese Crustless Quiche - Cooking Confidence With Kristy

Cool Cats - Fall Kitty - Drawing & Colored Pencil Art Project!

Fun Public Speaking Workshop For Ages 10-13

Ltw - Persuasive Thesis Essays W/ Literature Fast Track

Do You Wanna Build a Snowman?

Weekly Roblox Gaming and Social Club With Miss Dani!

Counting and Dinosaurs

FLEX: 8th Grade Math Chapter 4 (Graphing and Writing Linear Equations)

Pete Saves Christmas: A Groovy Holiday Tale With Ms. Abby-Kahoot-Story-Song

Let's Have Fun With Sight Words

1:1 Private Piano and Keyboard Lessons - 45 Minutes

Master Long Multiplication, Division and Word Problems in 4 Weeks! (FLEX Class)

Geometry Midterm/ Final Exam Prep

Poinsettia Painting, Holiday Watercolor

1:1 Small Talk - Let's Practice!

I Made This! Fast & Easy Dog Treats for Your Doggo!

Science Tutor 1:1 Help or Supplement

Writer's Workshop for Beginners-Christmas Edition!

Acting for Commercials Is FUN

Santa Craft

ESL Conversational Speaking American Accent - English as a Foreign Language EFL

1:1 ESL Conversational Speaking - American Accent - English Language Lessons

ESL Conversational Speaking American Accent - English as a Foreign Language EFL

Plant Parts and Their Purpose

Apple Tree Day Board Game Fun!

1 on 1 Private Reading Tutoring/Certified Teacher/Special Needs

The Charm of Physics in Our Daily Lives

Arabic Calendar and Meeting Time (3-5) (Academic Year) (Level 1)

Season's Readings: Love | Valentines Day Classic Short Story Study Chekhov Flex

Season's Readings: Eveline | St. Patricks Day Short Story Study James Joyce Flex

Season's Readings: That Man from the Bitter Sands Cowboy Short Story Study

Eloquent Expressions: An 8-Week Writing Camp for Enhancing Your Writing Skills

1:1 Crochet Lesson - Learn to Crochet While Having Fun! Amigurumi & More

1:1 Crochet Class - Learn to Crochet While Having Fun! Amigurumi & More

Private Violin Lessons With a Professional Violinist!

1:1 Guided Math Practice: Integers (Add, Sub, Mult, Or Div)

1:1 Private Singing and Voice Lessons - 1 Hour

1:1 Private Singing and Voice Lessons - 45 Minutes

4-Week Course Drawing Winter: Snow Leopard,Chickadee,Winter Landscape,Reindeer

Outschool's Got Talent: Come Be the Star of the Show!

Learn to Make Pork Chops With Creamy Herb Sauce - Cooking Confidence With Kristy

Get to Know Trina!

History: College-Level Courses

Creative Writing: Having Fun With Anachronisms

FLEX: Building Better Writers (Junior) Weeks 9-12

Creative Writing: Become a Fairytale Journalist

Learn to Make Slow Cooker Chicken Enchilada Soup- Cooking Confidence With Kristy

Learn to Make Smokey Steak Tacos - Cooking Confidence With Kristy

Roblox Gaming Social Club - Let’s Play Blade Ball

String Art: Creative Geometry "Older Students"

Private 1-On-1 Music Lessons (Guitar, Bass, Mandolin, Ukulele)

I Made This! DIY Holiday Cards, Gift Tags & Decorations with Paint Samples

1:1 Private Flute or Piccolo Lessons - 1 Hour

1:1 Private Flute or Piccolo Lessons - 45 Minutes

Short Story Hour: "The Lady, or the Tiger," by Frank Stockton

Short Story Hour: "The Story of an Hour" by Kate Chopin

Become a Professional Singer: Level 1

One-On-One With Ms. Christina: Sing, Rhyme, and Play!

Holiday Watercolor Painting Mixed Media - Fun, Easy Cute Gnomes! - FLEX Class

Countdown to Christmas Creative Corner ~ Holiday-Themed Multimedia Artworks

Build and Race Air-Powered Lego Cars

Social Squad! Empowering Girls and Building Friendships: Weekly Club

Jewelry Making: Friendship Bracelets! (Ages 7-11)

3rd Grade Condensed Math Flex (8 weeks)

Tutoring Help for Mathematics grades 6, 7, 8, or 9

Dinosaur Art Projects

Mastering MLA Citations & Bibliographies (Grades 6-9: 4 Week)

Tabletop: Origin Immortal - Collaborative World Building for RPGs

Python, Javascript, Scratch & Humanoid Robotics Overview

Let's Learn Black History

I Made This! Make Felt Flowers for Fun & Gifting!

Sir Cumference & the Isle of Immeter [Perimeter, Area, Circumference] Live Class

Scratchjr Coding Class for Younger Learners (Flex)

Sir Cumference & the Isle of Immeter [Perimeter, Area, Circumference] Flex Class

The CAP Spot Art Class - Drawing : 1 Point Perspective

Game Design With Scratch - Make Your Own Game (Flex)

Writing Skills Workshop

Chicken and Wild Rice Soup (Instant Pot Meal) - Cooking Confidence With Kristy

Cheery Christmas Cookie Class: Baking Holiday Desserts, Stories and More!

Lyric Writing Workshop

Dungeons and Dragons: Character Creation for Beginners and Experienced Players

English Language Literature Club

Dungeons and Dragons: A Modern Fantasy - Tyranny of Dragons

Bread and Balloons: Make Bread and Use Balloons in an Acid-Base Reaction

Reindeer Pop Art Project

Learn to Make Mac & Cheese in the Instant Pot - Cooking Confidence With Kristy

🦄Unicorn Wonderland: 3-Day Winter Arts and Crafts Camp!

Write the Best Five-Paragraph Essay: Middle School Level

Write the Best Five-Paragraph Essay: Elementary School Level

Poetry Workshop: Writing & Reading

Learning Life Skills - Cookies, Candies and Breads, Oh My!

Exploring Life at the Microscopic Level: Cellular Biology (Ongoing)

MERRY SPANISH Learn Christmas Vocabulary in Spanish for Kids

IEW US History-Based Writing Fast Track

Academic Tutoring, Mentorship, and Executive Function Coaching

Improving Executive Functioning Skills Flex Course

Hot Wheels Racing

3rd Grade MATH Year Long Curriculum

Private One-To-One Writing Instruction (1 Week, 2x/Week)

Calm Kids: Navigating Anxiety" - Exclusive Course for Ages 7-10

Multiplication in Movement! Waldorf Inspired Dynamic Math (FLEX)

Learn to Draw: Holiday Animals!

Learn to Draw: Holiday Cats!

Learn to Draw: Holiday Cows!

Teacher Jeff's ESL Tutoring: 1-on-1 Private Lessons for Kids

1:1 Guided Math Practice: Mixed Numbers (Add, Sub, Mult, Or Div)

I Love Math! First Grade Small Group-Fun, Interactive Math Class

Piano Pronto Power Pages Theory (Level 1)

Identifying Shapes: Christmas

Moose on the Loose! Middle School Math Escape Room Challenge

Holiday Camp Watercolor Painting Mixed Media- Fun, Easy, Cute Whimsical Gnomes!

Paint Together: Acrylic Painting for Beginners

Design a Medieval Shield, Watercolor & Mixed Media

College-Bound Reader: The Great Gatsby

Private Tutoring - Personalized Learning with Game-Based Lessons - Flex Class

Semester Urban Design + Related Disciplines: Critical Thinking + Exploration

USA Geography Club : Travel Around the USA and Learn About Different Landmarks

Empowering Math Learning: 6Th Grade Math 8-Week Course

Spring Crafts Crafting Club FLEX

Christmas Holiday Crochet Bookmark Beginner Friendly

Christmas Holiday Countdown Paper Craft

Joyful Music Makers At the Farm, Singing & Music Class for Young Children (Flex)

Penguin Awareness Day Board Game Fun!

Holiday Caroling Camp: Sing Winter, Christmas and Hanukkah Songs!

1-1 Math Help Pre Algebra to Pre Calculus (45 mins)

Learn Spanish Through Fairy Tales

Triumphant Academy Sibling Chess Lessons

How to Draw Intermediate: Still Life Drawing

Coding: Roblox Obby- Level 1

Moose Art Project

College Application Essay | 5 Day Bootcamp to Write the College Essay (FLEX)

A Circle of Little Singers

Explore the World! - Learn About Other Countries (Ages 7-9)

Explore the World! - Learn About Other Countries (Ages 9-12)

Winter Interactive Science Experiments

Life, Art, and Chat

Essay, Personal Statement, Research Writing Tutoring

Private Memorization Class

Let's Learn to Draw and Write Together

Demo Meet & Greet

Science With Sunny the Puppet: Class 3 - Soak up Those Colors!

Culinarily Adventures: Lunch Series

Fun Private Piano Lessons for Kids and Teens

Science With Sunny the Puppet: Class 2 - What Floats Your Boat?

Bloxburg Christmas Holiday Role-Play Adventure

Solve and Find Addition Game: Level 2 (Double Digit With Regrouping) Elementary

ISEE Upper Level Math Exam Preparation (One on One)

Code & Create Camp: Adventures in Scratch

Books & Beyond B: Real-World English Language Arts for Future Innovators

Smartstart ELA: Tech-Powered Learners, Equipped for Middle School English

Curiosity Chronicles - Early Modern History 2, Part 1

Middle School Pod Full Curriculum w/ Spanish & Music Appreciation 6th 7th 8th

Early Middle Ages: Charlemagne, Vikings & Feudalism

Find Your "Word of the Year" for 2024! (Ages 9-12)

Find Your "Word of the Year" for 2024! (Ages 13-17)

Group Sewing Lessons - Hand Sewing Group Lessons - Social Sewing Hour

40 Minutes Personal Session: Math, Logic, Arithmetic, Exam Prep, Recap, SAT/GRE

Build A Word - Exercises In Building Your Vocabulary [ESL/ELA]

Cute Baby Yoda in a Christmas Costume Drawing and Painting - Winter Art Club

1:1 Guided Math Practice: Fractions (Add, Sub, Mult, Or Div)

Animation Academy 101 | Procreate Dreams Weekly

Spanish Tutoring Winter Camp

Advanced High School Digital Photography

Private Dance Class/Party (Individual Or Group)

Winter Break Camp: Explore Space with NASA's Hubble Space Telescope!

American Sign Language ASL Signs for the Winter Season and the Holidays!

Begin to communicate with American Sign Language ( ASL)

How to Knit 101

1-on-1 Elementary Reading

Magic Salt and Watercolor Snowflake Art Projects

Spelling Class: Spelling, Clues, a Message for You! Two Syllable Words, Part 10

Winter Wonderland: Exploring 2nd Grade Adventures With Ms. Abby

Elementary Math Tutoring 1-on-1

How to Oil Paint Basics: Still Life Painting

Sugar & Spice: Let's Write Christmas Poems

Hunting & Fishing Sportsmanship Social Club

Virtual Math Explorers: Adventures in 2nd Grade Arithmetic

Short Response Writing Practice

"Wish" Ballet Dance Class - Beginner

Squishmallow Drawing Camp

Christmas in Puerto Rico: Reading and Interview With a Native

3Rd Grade Math - But Like, the Fun Kind....

Tiny Hands, Big Signs: Basic ASL Vocabulary for Young Learners Course 2

Discovering Music Genres FLEX

Solve and Find Addition Game: Level 1 (Single Digit Addition) Elementary

Flipbook Flip-A-Ramma!

Fabulous Fifth Grade Mathematics With Ms. V!

FLEX Your Musical Future!

All About the Orchestra! FLEX

Reading Comprehension/Test Taking Strategies - Digging to Find Answers in a Text

Third and Fourth Grade English Language Arts Curriculum Intensive

Dungeons and Dragons: Intermediate Adventurer's Campaign

Dungeons and Dragons: Expert Campaign Hero's Odyssey

Adobe Illustrator in 5 Days

Ongoing Small Group Tutoring Sessions

Learn to Read the Speech to Print Way: Level 1

Intro to Animation

Animation Dream Jam!

Science With Sunny the Puppet: Course 1 - Paper Helicopters

Craft and Write (January): My Snowman Melted! Elementary

Let's Make Math Fun!

Cat Art Project Inspired by the Winter Season

Scratch: Code Your Own Treasure Hunt Game

Introduction to Dungeons and Dragons: A Beginner Campaign

New Year's Day Board Game Fun!

Miss Jaymee's Holiday Concert Class and Singer Social (ages 5-7)

Miss Jaymee's Holiday Concert Class and Singer Social (ages 8-11)

A Taste of Tanzanian Culture and Tinga Tinga Painting Asynchronous

SAT Math Exam Preparation Part 29

Geology Semester 2 - Interactive Discussion Class on All the Main Geology Topics

Codecraft: Unleashing Creativity in Python

Dungeons and Dragons: A Modern Fantasy - Lost Mine of Phandelver

Homework Helper: "Catcher in the Rye"

Fun Minecraft Math

Learn How to Read Part 1: Letters and Sounds Private Tutoring

Acoustic Guitar for Absolute Beginners : Playful Exploration

The No Stress Class - An Independent Project Class

Holiday Songs for Violin and Viola

One-On-One English Tutor ESL Non-Native: Pronunciation Correction, Grammar, Fun!

Book Club 哈迷中文读书会 - Read Harry Potter in Chinese

1:1 Guided Math Practice: Percent

Cotton Chronicles: Unraveling the Threads of Nature, Fashion, and Creativity!

20-Week Grammar Bootcamp With Debra Shepherd

Grade 7 -8 Math and Algebra 1 Individual Tutoring 50 Min.

Intro to Two Point Perspective With 3D Maze Drawing

Roblox Gaming Social Club - Let’s Play Jenga Tower

Cooking With Mrs. Harrin

From Idea to Reality: How to Start Your Own Business and Market It Like a Pro

Intro to One Point Perspective

Alphabet Doodles: Let's Write, Doodle and Practice the Letters of the Alphabet

Bird Watching in Your Neighborhood for Beginners

I Made This! DIY Bath & Body Gifts for You to Use & Give!

Chinese Language Class

Art of Origami

Reading Beginners: Small Reading Group for 1st & 2nd Grade

Beginning Music Theory FLEX

A Pocketful of Poesy

Intermediate Excel - (Project-Based Learning Class)

Inside Out: Exploring the Human Body (Ongoing)

Mix It Up! Fun Art & Craft Club-New Projects Each Week Budget-Friendly Materials

Winter Break Snowmen Oil Pastel Drawings

Master Maths Concepts in Minutes and Practice What You Learned.

Elementary School 1 on 1 Tutoring (Grades 1-6)

Level 1 Piano Fun: Group Piano and Keyboard Music Lessons

Python Pioneers: A 10-Week Journey Into Programming for Beginners

VR VEX - Solve Mazes by Programming a Virtual Robot

Reading Comprehension Practice With Animal Crossing

Dive Into Notetaking: Cornell Notes

Learn How to Cite in Paragraphs and How to Format Full Citations in MLA

Super Mario- Sensational Sentence Writing - English Creative Writing Class

Digital Art: Pop Art Animal

How to Write a Bibliography (Multi-Day)

Christmas Stories And Crafts With Jan Brett - Drop In Version For Ages 5-9

How to Draw: Roblox Adopt Me Pets- Ongoing Weekly Drawing Club

Entrepreneurship for Youngsters - Learn How to Start a Small Business!

Hindi for Beginners

Baking: Gingersnap Cookies (Ages 15 - 18)

Begin to communicate in American Sign Language ASL

Paint a Gingerbread House - Holiday Art Class - Make a Christmas Card or Gift!

Let's Bake Christmas Holiday Cookies: A Flex Baking Class Ages 15-18

Holiday Desserts 1: A Thanksgiving or Christmas Baking Class Ages 15-18

Let's Bake Cakes: A Flex Class Ages 15-18

Ms. Colleen's Grade 2 Reading Class - With A Licensed Teacher

English Tutoring: Reading, Writing, Spelling, Vocab 3x/Wk (25 Min) Ongoing

Exploring AI Art: Unleashing Creativity Through Artificial Intelligence

Expert Writing Tutoring for All Ages in a Weekly Cadence

Homeschool Adventurers: Virtual Fieldtrip Club

Middle School English: Historical Fiction

Aspiring Astronauts: Let's Go to Space!

Intro to Graffiti Lettering and Typography

7th Grade Full-Curriculum FLEX: Marking Period 1

7th Grade Full-Curriculum FLEX: Marking Period 2

7th Grade Full-Curriculum FLEX: Marking Period 3

7th Grade Full-Curriculum FLEX: Marking Period 4

7th Grade Full-Curriculum FLEX: Marking Period 5

8th Grade Full-Curriculum FLEX: Marking Period 5

8th Grade Full-Curriculum FLEX: Marking Period 4

8th Grade Full-Curriculum FLEX: Marking Period 3

8th Grade Full-Curriculum FLEX: Marking Period 2

6th Grade Full-Curriculum FLEX: Marking Period 1

6th Grade Full-Curriculum FLEX: Marking Period 2

6th Grade Full-Curriculum FLEX: Marking Period 3

6th Grade Full-Curriculum FLEX: Marking Period 4

6th Grade Full-Curriculum FLEX: Marking Period 5

5th Grade Full-Curriculum FLEX: Marking Period 5

5th Grade Full-Curriculum FLEX: Marking Period 3

5th Grade Full-Curriculum FLEX: Marking Period 2

5th Grade Full-Curriculum FLEX: Marking Period 1

Santa Quit Creative Writing Class

Let's Draw Asha from Disney's 'WISH'

1-on-1 Exam Prep IELTS

Guess the Creature: Poisonous and Venomous Animals From Around the World!

ACT Math Exam Preparation (One on One)

Chinese Tutoring for High School Students - Mandarin Chinese or Cantonese

Reading and Writing Tutoring With Individualized Homework: 25 Minute Classes

Adorable Fall Turkey Drawing & Watercolor Painting

Reading Comprehension 3rd Grade to 5th Grade : Arctic Animal Exploration

Roblox Gaming Club: Let's Play Digital Circus Barry's Prison Run (Obby)

Walk & Run Cycles for Animation

Investigating A Flu Prevention Drug--An NGSS High School Lab Investigation

Christmas Traditions Around the World

Little Women: A Book Study - FLEX

Season's Readings: Classic Novel Study of a Christmas Carol for Middle School

Season's Readings: The Sea Raiders | Summer Short Story Study HG Wells

Season's Readings: Speaking of Courage 4th of July Short Story Study Tim O'Brien

Biographies! Discover the Lives of Influential People & Their Character Traits

Literary Analysis "the Handmaid's Tale" by Margaret Atwood

History of Empires and Colonialism

Spanish Tutoring for High School Students

All About Insects! Unit Study

Multiplying Multi-Digit Numbers!

Piano Flash Cards: Private Tutoring

Slingin' Ink - Digital Art in Procreate [Private Lesson]

Intro to Color Theory Through Gemstone Drawing

Cool Things to Draw With Mr. K: Let's Draw Tatiana the Dragon Squishmallow!

Cool Things to Draw With Mr. K: Let's Draw Michaela the Leopard Squishmallow!

Introduction To Journalism: The Inverted Pyramid Paragraph

Warrior Cats Blooket and Book Club

The Amazing Digital Circus Social Club

Spanish Immersion Christmas Social: Snow Globe Drawing

Roblox Math Tutoring: Let's Play Roblox and Practice Math at the Same Time-Lev 4

Star Wars Space Battle - Coding Class With Teacher Tina

1 on 1 Private Reading Tutoring

AAR ~ Twice a Week ~ Small Group Reading Class

Beginner's American Sign Language ASL

1:1 Math Tutoring - Learn Math by Having Fun!

FLEX Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief: Book Club and Novel Study

Fashionista Club

College Process Support for High School Students

Introduction to Friendship Bracelets - Braiding for Beginners

Let's Play Piano! Level 1B Group Class

Winter 1st Grade Math: Addition within 20

Winter 1st Grade Math: Subtraction within 20

Garageband Basics Bootcamp for Beginners on Computer, Ipad, or Iphone (Age 7-11)

Spanish for Beginners 2XW Pasitos 1 - By a Native Spanish Speaking Teacher

1-on-1 Writing Tutoring: Papers, Applications, and Creative Writing (60 Min)

1:1 Guided Math Practice: Algebra 1 (Solving Systems of Equations)

Learn to Speak in Tamil

ASL Advanced 2 Part 6 Ages 13 To 18

Intro Dragon Eye Drawing

Business Math for Teens Accelerated Class (16 Weeks)

One-to-one 1:1 Ongoing Functional English Class

Christmas Train: Draw and Color Group Class

Chess Mastery: Personalized 1-On-1 Tutoring for Beginners to Advanced Levels

Book Club: The Cupcake Diaries (Books 1-15)

Vocabulary Masters: Maximize Learning With Word Families

Counting by 2's, 5's, 10's, & 20's (With the Concept of Odds and Evens Explored)

Algebra 1 Tutoring One-On-One 45 Min

Let's Play Survival Minecraft 1:1 - From Scratch (Bedrock Edition)

The World of Phonics Made Fun - Word Families

Drum Set & Percussion Lessons With Dave - 45 Mins

Epic Anime Art : The Manga Manuel

Grammar 1:1 Adventures With Steve

Drum Set & Percussion Lessons With Dave - 1 Hour

What Are YOU Reading? A Social Interactive Book Club for You

Winter Camp: ESL Conversation Course

Grammy Bear’s Christmas Storytime 12

Let's Do a Minecraft 1:1 Class! (Bedrock Edition)

Alphabet Buddies Alphabet Letters and Beginning Phonics 1-1 Class

Grammy Bear’s Christmas Storytime 11

Grammy Bear’s Christmas Storytime 7

Grammy Bear’s Christmas Storytime 10

Grammy Bear’s Christmas Storytime 9

Grammy Bear’s Christmas Storytime 8

Adventures in Charcuterie! Learn How to Make Meat & Cheese Boards Like a Pro

Preschool / Pre-K Circle Time Fun (3 Days)- Get Ready for Kindergarten! 45 Min

Let's Play Minecraft: Cassie's UPGRADED Town! (Bedrock Edition)

Enchanting Snow Globes: A Virtual Journey Into History and DIY Magic

Roll a Snowman: A Winter Thinking Games

Roll a Santa Drawing: A Christmas Thinking Games

Why Do You Like Snow? An ESL Beginners Winter Conversation Camp

Cool Things to Draw With Mr. K: Let's Draw Wendy the Frog Squishmallow!

Cool Things to Draw With Mr. K: Let's Draw Winston the Owl Squishmallow!

CVC Round up Tutoring! Learn How to Read NOW!

1:1 Free Talk for Conversational Growth in English

Let's Color - Pokémon Coloring Pages! Winter Christmas Holiday Class

English Grammar Make a Mind Map for "a, an, and the" | ESL/EFL Friendly

Fun Winter Break Camp

Escape Room! *Santa Edition*

Concepts in Biology - High School Biology Part 2

Concepts in Biology: High School Biology Part 1

Cool Things to Draw With Mr. K: Let's Draw Maui the Pineapple Squishmallow!

Unit Silent E Words

FLEX 2nd Grade Math and Science: 8 Weeks

Scholastic News | Reading Comprehension, Debate, and Opinion Paragraph Writing

Taylor Swift Fan Club: Swiftie Nation Unite!

Ms. Colleen's Grade 1 Reading Class - With A Licensed Teacher

1:1 Guided Math Practice: Fractions (Equivalent, Simplifying, Improper)

Boomer's "Maker" Camp!

Learn to Draw a New Pokemon Trainer Every Week in This on-Going Class

Art by April: Acrylic Painting- Red Pickup Truck With Christmas Tree

Art by April: Acrylic Painting- Closeup Snowman

Art by April: Acrylic Painting- Candy Canes

Festive Fun: Holiday DIY Card Making for Kids

Roblox Gaming Club: Let's Play Hide and Seek Extreme

Animation Academy 101 | Intro to Procreate Dreams

ART CAMP: Op Art Part 1: The Wonderful World of Optical Illusion

Discover Fables & Baking: Bread-Making and Timeless Tales (Ages 8-11)

Math Jeopardy: Grade 6 and Grade 7 Review Game

Grammy Bear’s Christmas Storytime 6

Botanic Wonders for Young Explorers

Annie Oakley: American Legends and Myths - Flex

English Relaxed Conversation for Korean EFL/ESL | 한국어 설명 O

Art Private 1 to 1 - Oil Pastel, Pokemom Card, Water Color, Anime, Cartoons

1:1 Private Bass or Guitar Lessons (All Levels)

Engineering Challenges

PSAT National Merit Math Exam Preparation (One on One)

Debate/Public Speaking and Social Skills

Design a Holiday Themed Board Game!

Elementary Intermediate Spanish (Verbs & Kahoot!) ~ Part 9 (9 of 9)

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