New Classes on Outschool 2023-03-12

There are 390 new classes on Outschool the week of March 12, 2023 to March 18, 2023.

6Th Grade Math: Ratios

Private Advanced Vocabulary Class (7th-10th Grade), 8 sessions over 4 weeks

The Best Place and Method to Mine Iron, Diamonds, and Netherite in Minecraft.

How to Survive the First Night in Minecraft Survival (Bedrock)

Imagination Lab: Creativity, Brainstorming and Inspiration- One on One! On-Going

Writing the Perfect Essay

Fashion Design - Figure Drawing & Garment Illustrations: Fashion Accessories

1st Grade Math Full Curriculum | Let's Have Fun With It!

Creative Writing: Poetry: Haiku (5-7-5)

Escape Room Mania: An Ongoing Breakout Science Adventure

Make a Sensory Bin and Use It to Identify and Sort Colors!

Math Tutoring: 3rd-6th Grade (30 min session)

Earth Day Pop Art

ACT Success: Reading Section Strategies and Review

Blooket Game Night!

Natural Horsemanship Simplified (Flex)

Intermediate Piano Private Lessons: Learn to Play by Ear With Suzuki Method!

Ongoing Club: Kindergarten Phonics Fun! - Blends, Digraphs, Vce (1x per Week)

3rd Grade Science Fusion: S.T.E.M. (1 of 4)

12th Grade Milestone Checklist for College-Bound Students

11th Grade Milestone Checklist for College-Bound Students

9-12th Grade Milestone Checklist for College-Bound Students

Procreate: Digital Drawing + Animation Club!

Conversational Beginner Spanish Class- Learn to Speak Spanish! 1X Week

High School Planning for the College-Bound Student

College Admissions From Start to Finish

Drawing Club (8-13)

STEM Book Club - Let's Read "Secret Engineer" by Rachel Dougherty

Fantasy Baseball Talk - Let's Chat About Baseball Stats and All Things MLB

Adventures Studio Art: Amphibians, Reptiles & Sharks (Science, Drawing & Art)

Beginner English as a Second Language Course (1x Week)

Interactive Japanese for Beginners: Fun Dialogues & Activities

Help Me Draw Your Monster, Alien or Robot Creature Creation!

Beginner Singing Class | Rockschool | Small Group

Conversational Beginner Spanish Class Level 2! Learn to Speak Spanish!

Learn Japanese Through Play: Engaging 30-Minute Sensory Class for Kids

3-Week Scratch Coding & Animation - Easter Games: Bunny Race + Egg Hunt & Hatch

Mastering Our Multiplication Facts Through Blooket

Private Ongoing Math Tutoring!

FLEX: Step up to 2nd Grade Math! Get Ready for 2nd Grade! Summer Math!

Phase 4 Phonics - Learn to Read Longer Words!

Flex Vocabulary Games Wordly Wise Book 8 Grade 8 Part 2

Flex Vocabulary Games Wordly Wise Book 8 Grade 8 Part 1

Let's Write About Supervillains Using IEW Method Units 1 And 2!

(Summer) Get Ready! Prep for Calculus in 5 Weeks

Pokémon Drama Games!

(Summer) Get Ready! Prep for Algebra I in 5 Weeks

Flex Vocabulary Games Wordly Wise Book 7 Grade 7 Part 2

Flex Vocabulary Games Wordly Wise Book 7 Grade 7 Part 1

Writing Your Own Book!: Flexible Class

Waldorf Cursive Handwriting Class III

Ongoing English With Natural Science. a Full Semester of (LOW INT) 1:1 Classes

(Summer) Get Ready! Prep for Algebra II in 5 Weeks

Hip-Hop/Rap - An African-American Influenced Music Genre

Let's Go English - English as a Second Language Semester Course for Beginners

ACT Success: English Strategies and Review

Flex Spelling Games Gr 2-3-Semester 2

FLEX Graphing Class for Linear Equations and Slope in Advanced Algebra 1

Horse Breeding and Foaling Simplified

Flex Spelling Games Gr 2-3-Semester 1

Games With Vocabulary Ongoing Wordly Wise (Grade 7)

Figure and Portrait Drawing Summer Camp

DnD Battle Royale

Write Essays for Middle Schoolers: Responding to Nonfiction

FLEX Fraction Action! Add, Subtract, Multiply, and Divide Fractions

1:1 Conversation & Speaking Skills Class

Book-Nook With Marvin and Teacher Kendra

Introduction to Watercolor: 7 Week Course

Camp: Beginner Blender 2-D Stick-Figure Animation

Saturday Dance Party!

Impromptu Public Speaking Camp

Creative Writing Prompts Camp

8 Week High School Geometry Summer Camp (2x per Week)

Reading Comprehension Skill Work: Inferences! [Non-Fiction Focus]

Ongoing Math Tutoring

Third Generation Fighter Aircraft Camp

X Marks the Spot! True Stories of Buried Treasure

Hands on Astronomy (Ongoing)

Spanish - Journey to Peru: Discover Culture and Learn Spanish for Beginners!

Reading Comprehension- 3rd & 4th Grade!

One-on-One Improv Comedy Fun!

Avante Guarde Writing (Middle School Level)

Teens Taking Charge of Their Mental Health

1-Week Camp Drawing Farm Animals 1: Cows, Rooster/Hen, Sheep/Lamb, Goat, Horse

Calendar Mysteries Book Club

Multiplication Times Table 1-20 Part-2

Not Your Ordinary Bookclub (Ages 6-8)

Write Essays! Extended Responses to Nonfiction

Wreath Crafting FLEX Class: DIY for Beginners!

Multiplication Times Table 1-20 Part-5

Painting Like Van Gogh! Camp

Multiplication Times Table 1-20 Part-4

Multiplication Times Table 1-20 Part-3

Tutoring for Neurodivergent Learners - With a Certified Special Educator

Hands-On Herpetology: Reptile/Amphibian Club With Live Animals (Four Weeks)

Story Time!

Beginner Pop Line Dance: Two Step

Beginner Pop Line Dance: K Is for Kicks

Beginner Level 2 Pop Line Dance: Mud Stompin'

Private 1:1 Tutoring

Beginner Level 2 Pop Line Dance: Gives Me Shivers

Multiplication Times Table 1-20 Part-1

Fortnite Gaming and Social Club 13-18 Years Old.

Poetry Primer Collective: A Dive Into Poetic Forms

How to Make Summer Themed Hair Ribbons

Spelling With Base Words, Prefixes and Suffixes

Fall Semester Weekly Kindergarten Foundational Reading Skills Review

"AP Spanish & AP Spanish Literature: Personalized 1-on-1 Tutoring Mastery

Ms. Hayley English Free Talk & Conversation Class• ESL•ESOL•EFL (TEFL 300+Hrs)

Fractions 101

Poems in My Pocket: Summer Poetry Writing Camp

Private Make up Class

Learning With Minecraft Education FLEX

Biggest, Tallest, Weirdest: The Most Unusually Sized Plants and Animals

All About Snakes! Snake Appreciation Class

MK (Private 60 Mins) Beginner : Thai Language Activity-Based Learning

Chinese Mandarin 101 (Beginner Level)

Flex - Draw Fun & Easy Dinosaurs | Learn Drawing and Coloring Techniques | 4 Week Flexible Schedule

Spelling, Phonics, and Pronunciation in Spanish for Beginners!

Weekly Small Group Reading Fluency + Comprehension at 2nd Grade Reading Level

Weekly Small Group Reading Fluency + Comprehension at 1st Grade Level

Weekly Small Group Reading Fluency + Comprehension at Kindergarten Reading Level

Poetry Fun! Write an Exciting Poem Each Week!

Monday Class: Read, Write and Draw

One-On-One Guitar Lessons (Multi-Day 6-Wk)

Private Guitar Lesson; Get Started Playing Music Today!

Intro to Drawing

Art School Portfolio Coach

Math Tutoring for 6 Weeks

Time for German 103: Grimm German Grammar 3 - Dornröschen and the Perfect Tense

Women in Literature: Exploring Literary Legends to Build Reading Comprehension

Healthy Kids! Summer Camp: Health, Fitness & Wellness Club (Ages 7-11)

Semester Spanish Sessions: Tutoring

This Week in the U.S. Government Ongoing

FLEX Computer Science Information Technology Class Pt 2 8W3

FLEX Computer Science Information Technology Class Pt 2 8W2

FLEX Computer Science Information Technology Class Pt 2 8W1

Ongoing: Creating Empathy and Leaders by Seeing the World Through Other's Eyes

Build Self Reliance, Emotional Self Care Skills & Be Happier!-A One On One Class

Mastering Your Voice: Ongoing Vocal Lessons for All Levels

Middle School Anatomy Full year Curriculum

The Middle School Survival Guide: 10 Solutions to Common Middle School Challenges

1 : 1 Private Babysitting Lessons : Learn Techniques, Tips and Tricks From A Pro

Theater Skills for Real Life

Influential Women in STEM

Ongoing 1:1 Spanish Tutoring 8 Lessons Package (30 Minutes)

Bridge to Algebra 1 | Preparing You for High School Math | Summer School

Ballet Dance Performance: Firebird Ballet

Private Writing Tutoring (Flexible) - School Assignment & Essay Help

Private Writing Tutoring (Flexible) - College Prep Writing Skill Development

The Science of Harry Potter!

Mythology Story Time: LGBTQIA+

Self-Paced Video Course: School Application Essay Writing Essentials

Teacher Kathy's ESL Tutoring: Speaking English as a Second Language FLEX Class 2

Let's Become a Junior Microbiologist!

Personalized 1:1 Reading Tutor: Unlock Your Potential

FLEX Consumer Maths 8Week High School Class on Math Needed for Real Life 2 8W3

Beginning Spanish Lessons

Short Story Exploration

Summer Camp: Creative Writing: Poetry

Spelling Bee

Write Paragraphs! Responding to Fiction & Nonfiction

Entrepreneurship 101 - Basics of Starting your OWN Business

Reading Strategy Stars: Essential Tools for 1st and 2nd Graders!

Algebra In Detail

Expand Your Writing! - With a Certified Teacher

The World's Most Extreme Animals: Where They Live & Why You Couldn't Live There

Paint Like the Master Painters! Pop Art - Litchenstein, Haring, Warhol - FLEX

Art Class in Spanish for Teens | With a Native Speaker | Multi Day

Reading Comprehension Tutoring - With a Certified Teacher!

Night at the Movies: Ongoing Class for Movie Lovers, Ages 13-16

Figurative Language Through Music - Similes and Metaphors

Intro to Fractions With Ms. Diaz!

Private 1:1 Teen Spanish Conversation Club - Beginning

Introduction to AI for Beginners | 1 Hour Live Artificial Intelligence Class

Balance and Strength Yoga for Younger Yogis

Mrs. Black's Algebra: Weekly Algebra 1

Disney Obsessed Book Club

Learn to Read Music & the Basics of Music Theory

Pre-Algebra: Solving Equations and Inequalities

Master Brick Builders Club! (Tweens and Teens)

Kindergarten Homeschool Class Common Core Standards- All Subjects! M-F

Acting Fundamentals Level 1 (FLEX) - Acting for Theater/TV/Film

3rd Grade Math Class

Clarinet Club (Advanced Level): Come and Play Fun Music With Us!

Sing and Play Beginner Piano Part 2

'The Goldfish Painting': Watercolor/Mixed Media

Mrs. Black's Algebra: Algebra Basics

Middle School Geography of the World: Part 8 -Africa, Living South of the Sahara

Kindergarten Summer Review: Montessori Full Curriculum | ELA, Math, Science

Second Grade Summer Review: Montessori Full Curriculum | ELA, Math, Science

Preschool Summer Review: Montessori Full Curriculum | ELA, Math, Science (4-Day)

First Grade Summer Review: Montessori Full Curriculum | ELA, Math, Science

Encanto- Four Weeks of Dance- FLEX Schedule

Exploring Exponents: A Math Class to Help Learners Understand the "E" in PEMDAS.

WWE:After Wrestlemania 39 Night One and Two Discussion Class

3rd/4th Grade Fractions & Decimals

Unicorn Adventure: A Journey Through Storybooks

1:1 Writing, Revising, & Skills Practice | Ongoing Private Essay Tutoring 45min

Algebra ,Equations ,Angles And Trigonometry

Beginner Phonics: Let’s Learn to Read

Independent Study ~ English Language Arts

Spar Mystery Boot Camp 2: Understanding And Then There Were None Through Debate

Comprehensive Japanese Language/Culture Lower Elem. Class 9 Pt 3 (Age 13-18)

Time for German 103: Grimm German Grammar 2 - Hansel and Gretel

Social Skills for Neurodiversity: Emotional Awareness and Executive Functioning

5Th Grade Math Review, Let's Get Ready for 6th Grade! ~Licensed Teacher

SUMMER CAMP! Italian Storydraw: Fun Beginning Italian Lessons Ages 7-11 Booklet

Reserved Listing

6Th Grade Math- Full Year Curriculum- Fun, Engaging & Hands On~Licensed Teacher

First Grade Reading: CVC, CVCe /Long Vowel Sounds, and Sentences (2x/Week)

Roblox Social & Scary PALS! Social Time, Movement, & Gameplay (Ages 9+ Games)`

Dating Etiquette & Education For Teens: Boundaries, Comfort, Care & Caution Flex

Former Preschool Teacher Offering Story Time for Preschool Children Ages 3-5

Time Travellers Guide to Victorian England

Toy Cars, Planes, Trains, & Automobiles Playgroup for Pre-K and Kindergarten

Draw Cute Animals Social Club

Kitchenaid Mixer 101

Playing Survival Minecraft With a Computer Scientist (Java Edition)

Ongoing Multiplication Practice: Have Fun Practicing With Friends in Math Class!

One-to-One Book Study (Your Choice)

Basic Math For 3-5

French Club for Beginners: Weekly Themed Lessons en Français

Graphic Design in Canva: Learning How to Make a Brochure

FLEX Math HW Help for Algebra 1 and Algebra 2

Writing & Proofreading Assistance Club- For the Month of April

Ongoing Long Division Practice: Have Fun Practicing With Friends in Math Class!

Music Production Lesson: Create and Record Your Own Songs

Draw and Share Playgroup for Pre-K and Kindergarten

Interview Skills 101: College or Job

Name That Country: A World Geography Course

World History Herald- Global World History Review Summer Camp - Middle & High

Navy and Amphibious Operations of World War Two - 2, Invasions, Battles, WW2

U.S History of Monthly Observances

High School Geometry, Full Curriculum, Semester 1, by a Licensed Math Teacher

50 Minutes of Math Help

3rd Grade Super Science Semester 1, 2, and Summer (All Year with Miss Kristy)

6Th Grade Full Curriculum Math ~ Perfect For Homeschool~ Licensed Teacher

Writing and Phonics Fun

Trial Japanese Class

Time for German 103: Grimm German Grammar 1 - Rapunzel's Routine & Conjunctions

Project Based Physics and Engineering: Learn Physics by Building and Doing!

Pre-K/Kindergarten Full Curriculum (4 X/Week)

How to Draw a Realistic Cat With Colored Pencils/Kitten/Art

The Totally Awesome Teen Fun Group

Argumentation and Public Speaking Club: Enhancing Debate and Speech Skills, Ages 13-18

Middle School Physical Science Year Long Curriculum

Math Sense Logic Puzzles

Elaboration: How to Explain Your Text Citations

Math in Motion Camp: Javascript Apps With Algebra Gems

French Language Tutoring 1:1: Beginner to Advanced: Ongoing

ASL 1 American Sign Language

HJ - Japanese Alphabets Practice - Katakana and Hiragana Writing Systems FLEX B

Spanish Jeopardy

Gaming Club: Doors on Roblox!

Beginner Writing Club: One Sentence At a Time - Little Red Riding Hood (FLEX)

At Home in My Habitat - Part Two (Flex) - Animal Science

Mastering the Alphabet (Flexible Schedule)

Mastering the Alphabet (Ongoing)

Animal Groups (With Live Animals)- Learning Mammals, Reptiles, Birds and Bugs!

Figurative Language Bingo

Clay Sculpting for Beginners: Pokemon Favorites Summer Camp!

Beginning Art: Drawing Circle Doodles Spring Edition! (FLEX)

Let’s Get Creative: A Creative Writing Journal Club

D.B. Cooper Mystery Digital Escape Room Presented By Mr. G!

Doing Science the Bubble-Ology Way Summer Science Camp - ***Sibling Discount Available

Book Club - The Green Ember Series #1 - The Green Ember

Italian Club for Beginners: Weekly Theme Lessons in Italiano w/ Profe Juliana! Age 7-11

Literary Analysis Essay Writing: 5 Paragraph Essay In-Depth Study

Spring Drawing With Ms. Abby- Drawing-Art-Fun-Spring-Kahoot

Outliers: The Story of Success by Malcolm Gladwell

Group Intervention: Phonemic Awareness & Decoding for Struggling Readers (Pt 2)

Watercolor Painting Indoor Plants & Flowers | Multiday

Beginner Watercolor, Acrylic, and Gouache | Homeschooling

Mordecai The Monkey: An Amigurumi Crochet Class

Judah The Lion: An Amigurumi Crochet Class

Big Foot/Yeti: An Amigurumi Crochet Class

Jireh The Jackrabbit: An Amigurumi Crochet Class

Boom Boom Ka: Beatbox Lessons (One-On-One) (Ages 11-16)

The Exciting World of Ecology! Ages 9-13 (Flex Class)

One -On- One Learn German Today! Class 2

Dungeons and Dragons Fan Club

Creative Nature Summer Camp!

FLEX Class: English Reading and Writing Club!

Private Suzuki Piano Lessons 1:1

World Landmarks

Creating Keyboard Music

Private Tutoring: Explicit Reading Instruction for Beginning/ Struggling Readers

Draw Sloths! Live Art Class With Animal Facts

Private 1:1 Voice Lessons

Exploring Astronomy and Astrophysics With Universe Sandbox (11-13 Year Olds)

Tobiah The Toad: An Amigurumi Crochet Class

Adorable Squirrel & Acorns - Drawing & Watercolor Painting Art Project!

The Surprising History and Folklore on Vampires

Group Intervention: Math for 8 to 11 Year Olds by an Elementary Teacher (Pt 1)

Dog Paws - Dachshund Puppy - Drawing Dogs Colored Pencil Art Project!

Art by April Flex: Watercolor Painting Amazing Animals

Kpop Bookworms Haven: A Book Club for Kpop Fans

Group Intervention: Phonemic Awareness & Decoding for Struggling Readers (Pt 1)

Orton-Gillingham Spelling, Reading, Writing

Making Friends : Classical Music Social Group Ages 13-18

Private Piano Class (on-Going) - Play Your Favourite Tunes, Classical or Pop

Literacy Games and Activities (ESL EFL ELL Friendly)

ESL/EFL English for Beginners – Perfect Pets!

Career Choices: Ask a Wildlife Biologist

1:1 Private Clarinet Lessons

Animal Themed Pre-K/KG/ESL Class With Science, Phonics, Reading, and Math!

Just Curious - Microscope Club

FLEX Class- Awesomely Me With ADHD

Elementary Anatomy Full year Curriculum

Third Culture Kids Club

1:1 Necessary Conversations and Social Skills Class for Ages 11 - 18

Private Voice / Singing Class (Classical, Pop, Rock, Musical Theatre)

The Elegant Essay Boot Camp: Two Weeks to Crafting Superb Essays

Doodle Me Calm: Make Amazing Mindful Art & Drawings & Play Funtastic Games

FLEX Social Skills, Etiquette & Manners for Life Pt 2 8W3

FLEX Social Skills, Etiquette & Manners for Life Pt 1 8W3

FLEX Social Skills, Etiquette & Manners for Life Pt 1 8W2

FLEX Social Skills, Etiquette & Manners for Life Pt 2 8W2

FLEX Social Skills, Etiquette & Manners for Life Pt 1 8W1

FLEX Social Skills, Etiquette & Manners for Life Pt 2 8W1

Private Art Tutoring With Mr. Chris

Summer Session Private Piano Lessons

Immersive French 5

Soulful Flow: Yoga for Teens (One-Time Class)

Songs in American Sign Language

"Bring Out the Story Teller In You"

Peace Out Yoga (One-Time Class)

Summary, Opinion & Persuasion - How to Write One

So You're a Writer: How to Write Your Very Own Story - 2 Week Camp

Adorable St. Patrick's Bunny - Draw & Watercolor Painting Class!

Adorable Colorful Pelican - Draw & Watercolor Painting Class!

Individual Tutoring Essay Feedback--FLEX

Animal Architects and Their Amazing Creations

Make a Sensory Bin and Use It to Learn Foundational Skills!

Success Beyond Limits: Life Skills for Critical Thinking and Resilience (Summer Camp)

Book Club for Adventurous Readers: Hello, Universe

8th Grade Math Chapter 10 (Volume and Surface Area)

8th Grade Math Chapter 9 (Roots and Pythagorean Theorem)

8th Grade Math Chapter 8 (Exponents and Scientific Notation)

Japanese Beginners for Kids! Weekly Classes

If You Really Want to Start a Business, Start Here

Multiplication Masters Level 3

Realistic Hard Boiled Eggs Drawing/Shading

1-on-1 English Speakers Learning Spanish Through Art

Writing About Fun and Fascinating Topics (IEW ATFF, Ages 9-11) Yr. 1, Sem. 2 Sum

Creative Safari: A Fun and Colorful Drawing Journey for Kids

Star Wars: The Mandalorian Training

Music Composition FLEX III: Beyond the Basics With Minor Keys & Cadences

Pokémon Physics: How Do Things Fly?

Pi Day Activity: Make a Math Craft Using the Digits of Pi!

Private Multisensory Phonics, Spelling, and Reading Tutoring

Pokémon Drawing Club With Dustin

Spanish Tutoring / Help Sessions One-Time Class

Super Mario Character Drawing Club With Dustin

1:1 Expert Private Writing Tutor

Princess Drawing Club With Dustin

Personal Essay Workshop | One-On-One

Art Talk: Edgar Degas ⎜ESL Friendly⎜Ongoing - 8 to 13 years

Cute Animal Drawing Club With Dustin

Sing and Play Beginner Piano Part 1

FLEX Historical Fiction Book Club and Novel Study for Teens

Master Biology in 5 Weeks! Summer Camp

Read, Spell & Write With Phonics Part 2

Read, Spell & Write With Phonics Part 1 Short Vowels

Scribble and Squiggle: Free Fine Motor Skills Through Art

The Legislative Branch

Piano Music Class 8 - Ongoing (Part I) Advanced Piano

Draw With Me: Star Wars (Part 3) FLEX Class

Writing SuperStars! Letter Formation & Writing for Emergent/Reluctant Writers

45 Minute Flute Lessons for All

Wednesday Drawing Club!

Building Better Sentences: How to Write Sentences That POP!

FLEX Computer Science Information Technology Class Pt 1 8W3

FLEX Computer Science Information Technology Class Pt 1 8W2

FLEX Computer Science Information Technology Class Pt 1 8W1

Marketing Magic for Little Marketeers!

Paint Like Miró!: Art and Art History - Watercolor Painting Project!

The Stage is Yours! 6 Week Long Theater Acting Lessons for Beginners (Part 2)

Summer Writing, IEW Style (Ages 9-12)

1-1 Private Ongoing Writing Help - 60 Mins

1-1 Private Ongoing Writing Help - 50 Mins

Private Reading Class: Let's Learn to Read!-Part 2 [6-Week Course]

Private Reading Class: Let's Learn to Read!-Part 1 [6-Week Course]

1-1 Private Ongoing Writing Help - 30 Mins

1-1 Private Ongoing Writing Help - 25 Mins

Bedtime Poems with Teacher Paro and Your Stuffie!

Teacher Kathy's ESL Tutoring: Speaking English as a Second Language FLEX Class 1

Private Reading OG-Based Tutoring for All Readers, Especially Struggling Readers

Friendship Social Butterflies Club for Littles Ages 3 to 5 Years Old

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