New Classes on Outschool 2022-09-25

There are 449 new classes on Outschool the week of September 25, 2022 to October 1, 2022.

Learning to Annotate Unfamiliar Texts!

1:1 Staying Organized: Planning and Organization Coaching

Narnia Book Club

Holiday Traditions Around the World Project

AP Psychology Help & Review

Metaverse Investors: NFT Collectors, Crypto Finance, Blockchain & Web3 Wealth

Adorable Llama Drawing & Watercolor Painting

Learning to Read and Write: Blending, Reading, and Writing CVC Words and Simple Sentences (3x/Week)

1:1 Fiddle/Violin, Mandolin Lessons, Bluegrass, Old-Time, Celtic.

Private Tutoring 1 Time Session

Violin, Fiddle, Viola, Cello, Mandolin, Piano, Banjo, Guitar, or Voice Lesson

Thanksgiving Arts & Crafts: Create Thankful Sunflowers

Multiplication for Beginners (All Learners Welcome)

Beginner Cake Baking and Decorating Flex

Let's Have Fun Learning Fruits and Vegetables, English Vocabulary

Private Tutoring - English - Reading - 6 - 11 Years - Ongoing - 1:1

Summer Math: Preparing for Algebra 1 (Mastering Pre-Algebra Concepts / 8th Grade Math)

Star Wars "Force & Destiny" Campaign

Algebra I Math Concepts

Early Reading Beginners: Small Reading Group for Kindergarten & 1st Grade

Pre-Algebra Mastery Math Bundle for 7th and 8th Grade: Part 2 of 4

Eric Carle Reading Fun- Reading Comprehension That Will Engage

Multiply Using 3 Digits

101 Private-JAVA Programming -Basics for Beginners- Level 1 - 30 Minutes Weekly

Roblox Game Designing : Create Your Own Zombie Game

101 Private - Customized English Curriculum-High-School - 1 Hour Weekly

Middle School Novel Study: Sidetracked FLEX

James and the Giant Peach Book Club and Insect Life Cycle Study

Hominid Evolution: Archaeology, Palaeoanthropology, Science, Prehistory, History

Fast Facts: Basic Multiplication and Division Fluency Strategies

Halloween Jazz and Hip Hop - Dance Class (FLEX)

Halloween - Ballet Dance Class (FLEX)

Sewing Class - Projects to Expand Your Sewing Skills

FLEX Computer Science Information Technology Class Full Semester 16W1

FLEX Computer Science Information Technology Class Full Semester 16W2

FLEX Consumer Maths Class on Math You Need for Business Real Life 16W3

FLEX Consumer Maths Class on Math You Need for Business Real Life 16W2

The Homeschool Connection - Social Group (Ages 9 - 13)

Between the Lines Book Club: The Tale of Despereaux

Quilling: Arts & Crafts - Christmas Santa Hat

Class Mini: Let's Learn English - What Level Am I?

Day-To-Day of a Dolphin Trainer!

The Life and Works of Edgar Allan Poe

FLEX - Misinformation in the News? Become a Human Lie Detector

English Plus! Reading and Writing Tuition (for 2 learners)

Create With Procreate: Designing a Landscape | New Skills

Procreate Drawing Club: Create + Talk With Peers | Art + Drawing Club | Ongoing

Kawaii Chibi Anime Art: Let's Draw Olympic Gymnast Simone Biles! (Black History)

Snakes & Herpetology: Rattlesnakes, Bites, Types, Safety

2Day Mini CAMP Listen & Brain Fit: Listening Skills, Follow Directions Ages 7-9

Mini CAMP Listen & Brain Fit: Listening Skills, Following Directions Ages 9-12

Draw It: Giraffe

Craft Club for Tweens - Weekly Arts, Crafts, and Making Friends!

1 Day How to Make Money From Building Block Toys

Squish Wishes Squishmallow Reading, Painting, and the I Sound

Beginner French A1 (on-Going, Read, Write, Grammar, Oral) - Oct 2022 to Sep2023

Fall in Love With Food! Come Bake Delicious Fall Treats

Language Arts- Private

6th Grade Math Unit 2 (Integers and Coordinate Plane)

Math Is Your Path- Private Math Tutor Once a Week 1:1 -- Certified Math Teacher

Ongoing Essay Writing Tips & Tricks for Middle and High Schoolers!

Ethnomathematics: A Multicultural View of Mathematical Ideas in Ancient Africa

Math: 5th Grade Full Curriculum (Ongoing)

Learn Japanese With Pokemon Group

Mobile Photography & Mindfulness

Chess - Beginner Level

Math Blox Middle School Dyscalculia Intervention Class Winter Quarter Level #2

Stardew Valley Video Game Weekly Gaming Social Club

Math in the Grocery Store: Coins, Bills and the Value of Money for Grades 1-2

FLEX PE Circus Skills Parkour Fun Exercise Home School Fitness Class 16W3

FLEX PE Circus Skills Parkour Fun Exercise Home School Fitness Class 16W2

Take Charge of Your Emotional and Mental Health for Preteens

Ongoing 16 Weekly Exploring World Knowledge: Encyclopedia / Research Course for Middle + High School Students 16W2

Goosebumps Novel Study- The Haunted Mask

Flex Class: Race, Racism, and Cultural Awareness

Nature Studies (Ages 8-11): Exploring & Journaling Together

Ongoing 16 Weekly PE Semester Class Including Parkour, Circus Skills Exercise Fun Active Fitness Middle + High School Physical Education 16W2

Ongoing 16 - Weekly Study Prep Skills Semester Middle + High School Class 16W2

Ongoing 16 week - Weekly Digital Visual Arts (Full Semester) -Week Middle + High School Art Class 16W3

Ongoing 16 Week Computer Science / Information Technology (Full Semester) Middle + High School Class 16W2

Ongoing 16 week - Weekly Personal Finance and Investing Math Semester Middle + High School Class 16W2

2 Day Class Teaching Students How to Use Wikipedia Wisely - Fact From Fiction

2 Day 1-2-1 Teaching Students How to Use Wikipedia and Study Wisely

2 Day Making Friends With Confidence: Building Strong Connections in New Situations

Ongoing 16 Week Consumer / Business Maths - Math You Actually Need (Full Semester) Middle + High School Class 16W2

Survival Minecraft Ecochallenge: Sustainable Gaming

WAUL Science: Weathering and Erosion

Custom Collaborations - Create Your Own Class! 1:1 Or for Groups

English Language Practice (ESL) With Games, Songs and Rhymes

Amazon Tour- Young Engineers, Computer Science, Robotics, STEM

Epic Battles in History! Weekly Lessons on Historical Battles

It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown! - Learning Pronouns and Prepositions

Japanese 1 on 1: Momiji Course (Japanese You Can Use in Japan)

Ms. Colleen's Grade 4 Math Class Full Curriculum With A Licensed Teacher- Printables Included

Total Nerd Club! a Club for Anyone and Everyone Nerdy

Earth Science - The Quaking Earth! Investigating Earthquakes

*Art Is Fun 111 FLEX- An Exploration of Drawing & Art Journaling 6-10

*Art Is Fun 111 FLEX- An Exploration of Drawing & Art Journaling 8-12

*Art Is Fun 111 FLEX- An Exploration of Drawing & Art Journaling 13-18

We're Going to the Zoo! A study of Maps, Animals, Habitats and Conservation

Snow Much Fun Social Club Learning About Winter/Arctic Animals!

Fun With Improv - Creative Play for Ages 8-12

Chess Private Coaching 1:1 Ongoing Classes

Four Guitar Lessons for Beginners! Certified Music Instructor! Coupon in Ad!

Flags of the World! Flex Class (Part 3 - The Unique)

Flags of the World! 13 Week - Flex Class (Part 2 - The Cool)

5th Grade Mystery Math: Case of the 100 Missing Treats

Procreate for Beginners : Let’s Make a Donut Animation | Digital Art

Draw It: Koala Mom ***Updated Drawing!

How to Read Sheet Music

Math in the Grocery Store: Calendar Dates, Telling Time & Data Tables Grades 1-2

Math in the Grocery Store: Skip Counting, Weight, Addition & Money Grades 1-2

Math in the Grocery Store: Learn About Measurement and Perimeter for Grades 1-2

Math in the Grocery Store:Compare Numbers, Temperature, Tables, & Money Grds 1-2

Math in the Grocery Store: Patterns, Symmetry & Arrays for Grades 1-2

Japanese 1 on 1: Matsu Course (Intermmediate)

FLEX Class - Middle School Math

TK-1 Writing Games and English Practice Fun for Early Learners, Semi-private Tutor Native Speakers and English Learners Welcome

Environmental Science

Japanese 1 on 1: Sakura Course (Introductory Level)

5th Grade English Language Arts ( Reading, Writing & Grammar) / 12 Week Class

Vehicle Social Club for Fans of Airplanes, Cars, Trains, Trucks and More!

ESL Certified Teacher One-On-One Private Tutoring

Library- Story Time

Books for All Teens Flex: Amari and the Night Brothers Book Club

Easy Italian: Course a0-A2 [AGE 6-18] (X1/Week) 30 MIN CHOOSE YOUR SCHEDULE

Waldorf Fairytale Letter H Story: Baba Yaga

Harry Potter Themed Baking FLEX Class

Chickens, Turkeys, Ducks, Geese - Learn About Backyard Fowl Breeds

Japanese 1 on 1: Take Course (Beginner Level)

Classic Short Story Discussion Group- College Prep

Mindful Art Lessons to Help Build Self Esteem

Music Yoga Art Preschool: I Am A Good Listener

Music Yoga Art Preschool: I Am a Good Friend

Dot Paint a Fun Pumpkin

Shoe Tying Crash Course: Flex Class

4th Grade Math Chapter 4 (Multiplying Two-Digit Numbers by Two-Digit Numbers)

Super Spanish Speakers Immersion 3

Quick Math Assessment

Turkey Meal Math

Good News Weekly: Unearthing Positivity in Current Events

The Week in News - A Public Speaking & Debate Class on Current Events

Life Science for Little People: Exploring Plants & Animals/ Characteristics of Living Things

Roblox DOORS

Kirby Paper Craft Art Club! Create, Share & Learn! Poyo!

Grade 6-7 One to One Private Math Tutoring Classes (Ongoing)

I Love Math!-Kindergarten Number Writing, Shapes, Addition, Subtraction & More

How to Prepare for a Successful Interview and Get Hired! for Non-Native Speaker

Book Club: The Best of Young Adult Fantasy

Computer Basics - Introduction to Information Technology FLEX

Creative Writing & Journaling 101

Books for All Kids Flex: My Weirder-Est School: Mrs. Barr Has Gone Too Far!

WAUL Science: Water Cycle Adventures

Master Pre-Calculus in 5 Weeks Winter Camp! Self Paced - Flex Class

WAUL Science: Food Chains and Webs

FLEX Back to Basics: Multiplication, Long Division, Decimals 6th 7th 8th Grade

Math in the Grocery Store: Grades 1-2 Consumer and Business Math

WAUL Science: Animal Adaptations

WAUL Science: Seeds and Germination

Action Storytime! "Once Upon a Dragon's Fire"

Be Money Smart: Play the Adulting Financial Literacy Game FLEX (11-15)

Private 1:1 Piano Lessons With Music Theory and Composition

Advanced ASL Part 4 Ages 13 To 18

Mrs. T's Reading Corner- Phonics and Foundational Reading Skills for Second Grade

Time For Tap! (Ages 10-12)

Ms. Colleen's Grade 3 Math Class Full Curriculum - With A Licensed Teacher- Printables Included

Theatre for Kids -1 Day Introduction to Acting & Improv

Mastering Math: Restaurant Madness (Beg-Int Multiplication & Division)

One to One English and Language Arts Tutoring! (55 Minutes) (1:1)

One 50 Minute Private Reading, Grammar, and Writing Lesson With Debra Shepherd

Developing Arguments & Reasoning by Making a Mascot for a New School!

Bake and Decorate Christmas Cookies for Santa, Make Reindeer Food, and More

Game Building With Scratch

“Let’s Get Talking! En EspaÑOl!” Private Group Lessons or 1-on-1 Lessons

Holiday Piano Song #2: Shchedryk, Piano Music Class (1-3) Intermediate Level

Scape the Haunted House: Halloween in Spanish

Action Storytime!: "The Dinosaur Department Store"

Action Storytime! "The Koala Who Could"

Action Storytime! "Once Upon a Unicorn Horn"

FLEX Multiplication Facts Fun

1:1 Tutoring on Microsoft PowerPoint

Nailed It Again Nail Art

Learn Literature with Stranger Things!

M12 Marvelous Math 1-on-1 Tutoring

1:1 Private Tutoring on Microsoft Excel

Career Readiness Semester Unit - Flex

World History II Revolution, Empire, Imperialism, & Industry

The Environmental History of The World - FLEX

Flex: Digital Art: Drawing on Procreate: Thanksgiving Fall (Food, Desserts)

Arts & Crafts with Mrs. Morris: Hand Print Candy Corn Turkey!

Thinking Scientifically: Weekly Science for Grades 4-6 , Ongoing

Vocational Education - Alternatives to 4-Year Colleges FLEX

Math in the Grocery Store: Learn About 2D & 3D Shapes and Money for Grades 1-2

Dungeons and Dragons: The Headless Horror Halloween One-Shot Adventure (D&D)

Mobilize to Socialize Social Club: Share Your Passions and Interests! #Superstar

English, Writing, and Reading 1:1 Private Tutoring 25 Minute One-Time

Sailor Moon Anime Series Drawing Collection! Flex Bundle Version

Reading Comprehension

Action Storytime! "Don't Wake the Dragon"

Percy Jackson Debate Book Club: Gods, Demigods, Monsters, And More! (Ages 9-12)

Neurodiversity Book Club (August) — "Show Me A Sign"

Nature Drawing: Bats of North America (Just in Time for Halloween!)

Book Club- Terror at Bottle Creek by Watt Key- Fast Paced Action Adventure!

The Process of Making Movie Magic - Life on a Real Film Set 4 - For 9-12 Yr Olds

Neurodiversity Book Club (November) — "Unseelie"

Neurodiversity Book Club (July) — "Wildoak"

1:1 Private Tutoring on Microsoft Word

Star Wars Kahoot- STEM, Trivia, General Science, Engineering, Robots, Technology

The Sacred Chickens of Ancient Rome: A Latin Language and Roman History Class

LIVE Online Art Class: Laurel Burch's Harmonious Horses

Pre Algebra: Ratios and Unit Rates Arithmetic / Algebra

How to Start a Business. Young Entrepreneurs. Far Beyond the Lemonade Stand.

Science in the News Discussion Club: Discuss and Analyse STEM News Articles

Halloween Psychology

Exploration, Colonization, Empire, & Enlightenment

Daily Grade 7 Math (Ongoing)

Accelerated Daily Grade 5 Primary Mathematics (Book 5B) (US Edition) (Ongoing)

Moving Beyond Gender Stereotypes: A Cross-Cultural Exploration 9-13

Type 1 Diabetes Math ~ Correction Factor Word Problems *Scheduled by Request*

Type 1 Diabetes Math Word Problems ~ Your Favorite Recipes and Foods! *Scheduled by Request*

Let's Draw Halloween Princess -- Cute Chibi Princess Drawing Camp (Ongoing)

Different Dogs - Meet Unique Members of the Canine World

Storyboarding & Storytelling for Animation & Film

Reading Intervention, Orton-Gillingham 1:1 Tutoring 1x/Week

WAUL Science: Biomes

Video Game Math - 4th Grade - Licensed Teacher - All Common Core Math Skills

1:1 Tailored English Language Support Class: Reading, Writing, Spelling With Certified Experienced Teacher (2x Week)

Master Fractions in 4 Weeks Winter Camp | Self Paced-Flex Class

Bloxburg Build Challenge!

FLEX: Grade 5 Math - Decimals, Fractions, Graphing, Multiplication & More-Part 1

1 on 1 High School Chemistry Tutoring 30 Minute Session

Draw Your Own Anime Characters: Portraits (Ages 13-18) (Flex Class) (12 Weeks)

Java Minecraft Halloween Party

Blast off Into Multiplication

*FLEX* Igniting Creativity! Intro to Photography: Capture Amazing Photographs

Sims 4 Social Club (10-14 Yo)

Private Music Lesson One Time Class: Voice, Violin, Ukulele, and Music Theory

Making a List, Checking It Twice: Holiday Wish List Writing!

Scratch Coding Tips and Tricks

Handwriting Cursive: Life Skills - Writing & Drawing Cursive Animals (FLEX)

Slime Rancher Social Club (10-13 Yo)

Kangaroo Grade 1 and 2 Math Competition (One to One)

United Kingdom IGCSE GCSE Math (Geometry) : Volume and Surface Area of Cones

AP Calculus : Derivatives of Trigonometric Functions

Star Wars Camp: Story Time and Activity -$3 Off First Week

Horses and Ponies - Exploring Saddle Seat Riding

Creative Writing Club Group (13-18)

Percy Jackson and the Olympians: Ranking Characters

Cambridge Minimus Secundus - Part 3

HJ - Learn Japanese With Anime B

Explore Archaeology: Strange Stone Monuments & the Mysteries of Ancient Builders

*FLEX* Read, Dance, & Craft With Your Favorite Book Characters!

Music History: Medieval Period to 20th Century

Conjoined Twins Ganga & Jamuna Mondal. Professionally Known as the Spider Girls

Algebra 1 and Pre-Algebra 1:1 Private Tutoring

French Camp: Basics for Beginners in 2 Weeks

Physical Science for Middle School Full Curriculum (1of4)-Matter Unit-Flex Class

Ongoing Ukulele or Guitar Classes for Beginners (Individual)

Foundational Math Skills

Math 1:1 Private Tutoring or Afterschool Homework Help 25 Minute (One-Time)

Let's Learn English: Daily Reading Level 3 Flex

Let's Learn English: Daily Reading Level 2 Flex

Let's Learn English: Daily Reading Level 1/1+ Flex

PSAT 8/9 Math (8th Grade/ 9th Grade)Exam Preparation (Part 1)

1:1 Guitar or Ukulele Lessons for Beginners, Bluegrass, Old-Time, Country, Folk

Story Sparks and Weekly Creative Writing

Weekly Winter Art Club

Halloween Craft Party FLEX Class

Talk About What People Look Like in Chinese - Big Kids

True or False: Amazing Facts About Your Body PART TWO

The Process of Making Movie Magic- Life on a Real Film Set 4 - For 13-17 Yr Olds

Halloween Science, Treats, And More! Let's Create Fun Halloween Treats!

Masterpiece by Piece-Study Masterpieces While Making Your Own.

SAT - American College Entrance Exam Prep for Maths Past Papers Discussion.

1 ON 1 Tutoring Ongoing Reading/Writing/Spelling

Entomology Research Part 1: Research & Discuss Different Insects! (12-17)

Ongoing 1:1 Tutoring Session

Draw a Valentine's Day Bunny by Draw So Cute

Drawing Techniques: Complete Your Sketchbook One Sketch at a Time 15-18

Realistic Drawing Course: Learning Drawing Techniques One Sketch at a Time 11-15

Fall Craft Festival FLEX Class

Halloween History: Fall Myths & History, Festivals, Monsters & Ghosts (FLEX)

Beginner Violin Essentials 1:1 / Ms. J /Ages 7-18 / Ongoing Violin Class

Realistic Drawing Course: Learning Drawing Techniques One Sketch at a Time 9-11

Fortnite Club: Play & Practice With Others (Ongoing)

Piano 101: A Beginner Piano Lesson (One-Time Class)

Piano Lesson Club: a Weekly Piano Class for Independent Learners

Pokemon Drawing Class!

Unicorn Drawing Class

Beginner Video Editing With iMovie (iPhone or iPad) (FLEX) 8-13yo

Architecture Drawing Club: Sketch a Famous Landmark

Art Flex Course: Learn to Draw From Observation!

Make It; Maintain It; Fix It: A Guide to Hand and Power Tools for Kids (FLEX)

Draw Portraits With Emotion FLEX

FLEX: Meet Axolotls, Pangolins, Jellyfish, and Glowing Squid!

Marine Biology: Virtual Guided Snorkel With Our Marine Biologist

Ms. Stephanie's Spooktacular Halloween Math Games

Do You Want to Be a Marine Biologist?

Meet a Marine Biologist - Q&A session

Let's Learn Geography: Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild Geography Class

Let's Learn Geography: Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild Geography Class

P 40 Warhawk the Tough WWII Aircraft

Ooh, Ahh, It's Almost Halloween! - Read Aloud and Craft FLEX Class

Halloween Theme Jazz Dance Class! Ages 6-9yrs

Introduction to the Piano, Part 1

Formula One Racing Social Club - Learn About and Discuss Each F1 Race and Track!

Dance Choreography Club!

Learning Through Scenes: Japanese for Beginners (Animals)

Advanced Piano 1

Learning Through Scenes: Japanese for Beginners 1X

NFT Futurist - Cyber Security, Crypto Finance, Blockchain, Web3 & Metaverse

Ann Ale Beginner Haitian Creole Level 3

Modern History: The Industrial Revolution to The Cusp of WWII - 1815 to 1937 (F)

Algebra I Unit 1: Order of Operations

Algebra I - Equations

Algebra I - Linear Equations

1:1 Math Tutoring | 6th - Algebra 1

Counting Nickels Fun Ages 5 To 7

Counting Pennies Fun Ages 4 To 7

Gummy Bear Science Experiment Ages 5-8

Skittles Fun Graph Ages 5-7

Peep Science Exploration

Holiday Piano Camp Level 2

New York Regents Geometry Exam Preparation

Florida (FSA) 9th Grade Algebra Exam Preparation

ACT Math Exam Preparation

SAT Math Exam Preparation Part 1

Nebraska 5th Grade Math Exam Preparation

New York Regents Algebra I Exam Preparation

Flex: Multi-Sensory Sight Words for 1st Graders (Part 2)

Ongoing - A Trip Around the World With Me! Homeschool Social & Educational Class

"English Express: 1 On 1 Private EFL (English as a Foregin Language) Tutoring"

Learning to Read and Write with Word Families: Blending, Reading, and Writing CVC Words

Let's Learn Tagalog: Lessons 7 - 12 (FLEX)

Leap in: A Japanese Club for Beginners

FLEX Class - Algebra 1 Tutoring

Fill A Bucket- Sharing Good Thoughts and Feelings: PreK Learning with Ms. Liz

Beginning Violin Class Intro Lesson

Fan Book Club for the Unofficial Minecraft Books

Make-Up Class

Amazing Airplanes - Major Parts, Controls and Cockpit

Exploring Improv Structures, Building Acting & Performance Skills

Accounting - Basic Accounting and Bookkeeping - Flex Course

Book Character Costume Party- Dress up and Share Your Favorite Books!

Draw Halloween Kawaii Cats With Me!

D.R.E.A.M. (Do Right Each Audacious Minute) Executive Function Skills Age 7-10 (Once a week/5 weeks)

Java Edition Minecraft Creative Server Group

Learn to Use Your Account and Zoom Interface!

Autumn Leaf - - Heavy Body Acrylic Painting Class

Saturday Stories: A Preschool Book Club

Draw People as Characters That Tell a Story

Draw a Festive Penguin | Thanksgiving

Sunflower - Heavy Body Acrylic Painting Class

Russian for Beginners a Trial Class.Ages 9-12

Cute Dinosaur Drawing Class

NFT Millionaires - Generational Wealth in Crypto, Blockchain, Metaverse & Web3

Four Weeks of Creative Abstract Photography

Draw It: Phoenix

Draw It: Fall Hedgie

Draw It: Magical Unicorn

Flags of the World! 15 Week - Flex Class (Part 1 - The Popular)

Life Skills Series: Brush My Teeth Wash My Hands

Sunshine Violin Group Class 1E

How To Series: Write an Essay

The Amazing Life of a Frog!

Japanese Conversation: 50-Minute Sessions (Ongoing)

Beginner Painting Club (Simplified Iconic Images) - Weekly Acrylic Painting Club

The Office (American) Rewatch Social Club

Day of the Dead- Dia De Los Muertos- Fun Spanish Class

My Father's Dragon

Flex: App Designers! Coding Video Game Apps for Computers & Mobile Devices

ACT Math Exam Preparation: Trigonometry

Scotland National 5 (10th Grade) Math - Right Triangle Trigonometry (Part 2)

Private Tutoring with DeAnn: Learn and Review Math - Ongoing 60 minute class

Animal Crossing: Weekly Sherb Fan Club - Small Group Class!

Kate's Character Cooking Club! Disney, Pokemon, Gaming, & Other Themed Recipes!

Animals Zoology: Wild and Deadly

Spanish Beginners Fun With SeÑor Panda and Maestra Gonzales- Flexible

Arts & Crafts with Mrs. Morris: Paper Mosaic Pumpkin!

Arts & Crafts with Mrs. Morris: Finger Painted Corn!

PSAT National Merit Math Practice Test (Part 2)

Knitting Class. Learn How to Knit, Purl, and More FLEX Class

4th Grade Math Chapter 3 (Multiplying Multi-Digit Numbers by One-Digit Numbers)

ADHD - Those Impulses Can Help You Succeed! Ongoing - Weekly

Ongoing Algebra 1

Japanese Mythology, Mythical Creatures, and Folklore

Can You Create the Perfect Disguise to Save Mr. Turkey?

9-Week Consumer Math/ Personal Finance (High School)

Japanese Reading, Writing & Speaking for Beginner Students: Semester Long - FLEX

1B Singapore Math Methods: Advanced Math Techniques (Ongoing)

Book Talk: The Twenty-One Balloons

Space Camp With Teacher John!: Series 1 Flex Course (FLEX)

Learn the Importance of Close Reading... Without Reading!

Preschool Is FUN! Learn With Ms. Ally!

The Stage is Yours! 6 Week Long Theater Acting Lessons for Beginners

4th Grade Math Chapter 2 (Adding and Subtracting Multi-Digit Numbers)

Awesome Fitness With Austin

Individual Writing Conferences for "Intermediate Writing Club"

Grammar, Vocabulary, and Writing Conventions

Candy, Spiders, Pumpkins, Ghosts and More: Second Grade Halloween Word Problems!

The World of Investing

The World of Investing

Seasonal Cooking Fall Edition: Make Pumpkin Bread!

Beginner Piano Class for Ages 3 - 5 Years Old - Little Musicians Rising Stars

IGCSE Math : Law of Indices

How to Create Compelling Villains (High School English: Creative Writing)

Private Math Homework Help (30 Min)

Maths 1:1 Tutoring for Students in Years 2 - 9 (UK) With a Qualified Teacher

Relax and Color Pumpkins

1:1 Conversation Coaching (Adhd, Autism Welcome)

1:1 Writing, Revising, & Skills Practice | Private Essay Tutoring ONE-TIME class

Elementary STEM Homeschool

Relax and Color Ghosts (Halloween)

Middle School Math Review and Games: Focus on Fractions and Decimals!

Greatest Empires-South America Edition

Blue-Advanced Belt: Level Two

IEW One-On-One Tutor Session

Storytime for Littles

Let's Speak: Storytelling is Fun! A2+

Flex Class — Sing With Me! Singing Lessons

Book Talk: A Single Shard

Book Talk: The Master Puppeteer

African History: Explore Africa 2 of 8 (TEENS)

Biology: The Digestive System

The Marine & Land Iguanas. A Fascinating Reptile Who Swims and Changes Colors.

Grasping Grammar With Minecraft - 8 Parts of Speech

Wilderness Survival 101

Print Handwriting Practice for Ages 8-12. FLEX Course No. 3: Baseball

Cursive Handwriting Practice for Ages 13-18. FLEX Course No. 2: Show Tune Lyrics

Cursive Handwriting Practice for Ages 8-12. FLEX Course No. 3: Baseball

Lizards From Around the World - LIVE Lizards

Ongoing Class: Spooky Creative Writing, With Prompts!

Fun Learning Preschool Skills!

Holiday Baking: Let's Bake Quick Breads

Weekly Meeting: Discuss and Doodle Social Club

Grammar Guidance and Games With Gimkit

Private Guitar Lessons With Eric

Paleoanthropology: Digging up Human Evolution Semester Course

British Literature Part 1 of 4: Lit in History

Math Games Summer Camp - Grade 3+

Geography and History of the United States - An in-depth weekly study of each state

U. S. Geography - Explore the 50 States - Facts and Fun

Spring Break Biology Camp - Biome Study Through Science and Art

Awesome Positivity Homeschool Homeroom - Middle School

Homeschool Full Curriculum Pod: Ages 9-12

Respect Is the Key! - Class #3

Respect Is the Key! - Class #2

Math Tutor! Pre-Algebra/Algebra1 Tutoring-Credentialed Junior High Math Teacher

One-On-One 4 Week Intro to Hebrew 30 Min (Reading, Writing, Alphabet)

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