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New Classes on Outschool 2021-10-17

There are 520 new classes on Outschool the week of October 17, 2021 to October 23, 2021.

Book Talk: Chasing Vermeer

Dream 103-Are They for Real? (Ages 11-14)

Call of Duty: Vanguard Gami

Comic Camp - Special Edition (FLEX)

FLEX Course Draw Wings of Fire Dragons Sandwing, Seawing, Mudwing, Hivewing

Multipli-CAT-ion: A Multiplication Facts Practice and Review Game

Draw a Cute Pumpkin Pie & Latte

Animal Crossing Halloween Party Spooktacular - Get ALL Spooky Items!

A..Apple Stress Ball Making

Painting a Little Town - Drawing and Acrylic (Tempera) Art Project!

Golly! I Mastered Pre-Algebra & Had Fun Practicing With Friends | Part 1 of 6 | Operations with Integers (FLEX)

Let's Learn Science: Passionate About Plants Upper with Teacher Helen

Beat the Clock: Ongoing Bedroom Cleaning Club.

Fall Cat in Leaves - Draw and Watercolor Paint Art Project!

Significant Signs: Beginners American Sign Language Part 1

Draw Cute Halloween Ghosts

Mr. Mike's Roblox Gaming Club: Mini-Games Edition!

Animals from Africa: Let's Learn About Lions, Elephants, and Giraffes!

Elementary Reading Tutor: 90 Minutes, Multi Day

Writing Workshop: Tips and Tricks to Improve Handwriting

Science With Snowy - All About Apples

Elementary Reading Tutor: 90 Minutes, One Day

Small Pet Social Group: Hamsters, Bunnies, Guinea Pigs, Oh My!

Ladybug Modeling Dough & Clay Party: A Pre-K - Early Elementary STEAM Adventure!

NaNoWriMo Write Ins: November 1-30th

Teacher Kathy's ESL Tutoring: Speaking, Reading, Full Sentences & Fun

Escape the Oval Office: Learn About the Election Process

3- 6 Years Old Chinese Mandarin Camp for Beginners Session 11

Move and Groove Beginning Jazz Dance! Ages 6-9yrs

Halloween Costume Party

Handstand Flex Class

Pokemon Elementary Mathematics: Honors Quest Multiplication Battle

Beginner Japanese Level 2 (Once a Week)

Halloween Havoc Every Week!!! - An on-Going D&D Halloween-Themed Series of Adventures

Creative Writing : Abandoned Places Flash Fiction

3rd Grade Math

Read to Your Teacher - 1 On 1 Reading Trial

English as a Second Language (ESL) 1:1 — Private Tutoring, 25-Minutes

Creative Writing: Write Stories Together With New Friends

Roll the Dice! Weekly Short Story Creative Writing Club for Teens

Lets Draw a Kawaii Christmas! Santa,Tree and Christmas Fairy or Elf, You Choose!

Private French Tutoring: One-On-One

How to Edit Videos for Tik Tok, Youtube, and More!: Part 2

How Do I...? Achievements, Exploring, and Beating Minecraft (Bedrock)

Funny Sounding Words: Part 2 Writing in Fiction Subgenres High School Edition

Christmas Drawing Club: Step-By-Step Holiday Pencil Draw Along Class! -Ongoing

Learn to Draw: A Fairy House!

Learn to Draw: Adorable Autumn Animals!

It's Princess Time! 1:1 Preschool ESL

Learn to Draw: Cute Desserts!

Intro to Public Speaking & Debate - ESL Friendly

8th Grade English and Literature Semester 2

5th and 6th Grade ELA: A Full Semester of Classic Novels and Writing Instruction

Introduction to Japanese

German for High School Beginners Expedition

Signing Fun- American Sign Language for Kids!

Private Tutoring- Early Readers

"The Girl Who Saved Christmas" Book Club

Junior Creators: Magical Creatures Drawing Lab (Mythology + Art)

Draw It: Cozy Otter

What if You Had Animal Eyes? Animal Adaptation Activity

Cupcake Decorating: Nature

Algebra 1 - Semester 1

Scratch 1:1 Coding Class| Creating Games with Block Coding

My Minecraft Thanksgiving Mystery: Help Find the Villagers' Missing Pumpkin Pie

Christmas Party! - Ages 7-12

Christmas Traditions Around the World

Tame the Wild & Wonderful Amygdala: Brain Science & Mindfulness of Stress, Anger

Book Club: Wings of Fire Books 6-10

Book Talk: Holes

Creative Writing: Formatting, Skill Building, Light Grammar for Ages 5-8

Let's Write a Story FLEX Class: Prompt, Write & Share!

Grammar Tales: The Planet Without Pronouns! A Lesson on Pronouns

Ongoing Learn to Paint Acrylic Animals: Paint a Different Art Animal Every Week!

Escape Room Challenge ~ Space Adventure Math Skills

Winter Movement

All About Feelings and How To Get Along

Young Artists: A Free Expression Art Class

Google Slides Club: Tips & Tricks-Make Great Stuff With Google Slides Ages 10-12

Book Talk: The Westing Game

Wings of Fire Book Club: The Dragonet Prophecy Book 1

Italiano per Piccolini. Italian Language Class With Native Speaker for Children.

Modern Korean Culture and Life in Korea

Let's Create a Wild Animal - Creative Writing for Beginners

All About Scientists and Different Topics of Science

To Night Owl From Dogfish Book Study & Character Study- Lgbtq & Diversity Themes

Stuffed Animal Club

Friendship - 12 Keys to Being a Good Friend

Legendary Latinas for Ages 8-12 (Part 3) ~ Salma Hayek, Sandra Cisneros, & More!

Social Skills -Emotion Regulation,Coping Skills,Friendship,Self Control and More

𓂀 Why We Love Ancient Egyptian Art (2 sessions) 𓂀

A New You! A Comprehensive Self-Development Course! (13-18) Part 2

Music Bingo

The Fierce Climbing Dromaeosaurus Dinosaur. Small but as Ferocious as the T-Rex!

Halloween Math ~ a Spooky, Fun Math Class for Kindergarten

Stressing About Cursive? Give Me Thirty Minutes...

Drawing Holiday Piranha Plant for Mario Fans

Brain Warriors Escape Rooms: Trapped in the Gingerbread House - ADVANCING Skills

African American History || the Jim Crow Laws ( Ages 10 -15)

Introduction to Cursive Writing

Ukulele Circle

Dungeons and Dragons: Designing Npcs

Intensive Four-Day Cursive Camp!

Dungeons and Dragons: Running Combat

Music History 101

Let's Talk- A Social Group for Teens

D&D Dungeon of the Mad Mage w/ Jingleheimer

Talk! ESL Lessons (2x per week)

English | Creative Writing Practice | Group

Logic Puzzles Weekly Challenge

Make Ice Cream in a Bag!

Private Tutoring-Reading Decoding, Comprehension, & Fluency (Certified Teacher)

Let's Talk! Conversation Club for English Language Learners ESL/EFL

Ongoing Blooket Multiplication Facts Review

Read in French - Grade 2 Unit 1

Let's Make 3D Art for Video Games, a Weekly Class

Code a Halloween Video Game With Tynker

High School Classic Book Club

Relaxing With Dragons: Wings of Fire Book Club & Guided Relaxation

Snowy's Letter Dd Fun!

ESL (English as a Second Language) Chat & Social Club - Once a Week

Learn French - Level 1

Fantastic Fennec Foxes: Non-Fiction Animal Research & Drawing

Sea Turtles: Endangered Animals 5-Day Nonfiction Reading Camp Series

French 201 - Semester Class

French 201 - Semester Class - Ages 13-18

Baking Through the Seasons: Bi-Weekly Baking Class

Friendship drama won’t be draining anymore : Tips to Help Kids Avoid Middle School Drama

Forensic Science 4

1:1- the Writing Process for a Young Writer

Pandas: Endangered Animals 5-Day Nonfiction Reading Camp Series

All About the Crylophosaurus. A Dinosaur so Cool It Lived on Antarctica

Elephants: Endangered Animals 5-Day Nonfiction Reading Camp Series

Book Club: The Enchanted Forest Chronicles Book 4

Shakespeare Society: A Reader’s Theater Community

Science With Me: Biology- Eukaryotic Cells

How to Cook Quick and Easy Meals (including Meatless Meals) - Flex Course

*Mimic the Masters 104 - An Exploration of Artists & Their Methods Flex Ages 11-15

*Mimic the Masters 104 - An Exploration of Artists & Their Methods Flex Ages 6-10

*Mimic the Masters 103 - An Exploration of Artists & Their Methods Flex Ages 11-15

*Mimic the Masters 103 - An Exploration of Artists & Their Methods Flex Ages 6-10

Science Secrets: The Mexican Walking Fish!

Learn How to Use Oil Pastels & Watercolor Paint Fun Weekly Art Projects

Sonic the Hedgehog Drawing Camp

Inventive Building Social Club: Build, Show, Invent

Fight Fake News: Kids Can Report

Escape the Bermuda Triangle

Life During the Great Depression

Weird and Gross Facts About the Human Body

Interactive Escape Room Ongoing Course: Explore FOUR World Wonders

Social Studies: Historical Inventors/Pioneers

Ongoing Private Coaching Sessions: Experience Real Growth!

Python Programming for Beginners FLEX

Fun, Cute Halloween Witch Drawing Tutorial

Full Body Fitness: Exercise to Strengthen and Tone - With Core Focus Ages 8-13

Full Body Fitness: Exercise to Strengthen and Tone - With Core Focus

Social Club - Coding and Robots Built With Interlocking Bricks and Elements

Ongoing Singing Club: Sing With Friends

Christmas Ukulele Songs for Total Beginners (3-7 Years Old)

Out of Sight Until Night, Learning about Night Animals: PreK Fun with Ms. Liz

Social Cubing Club - Collector's / Holiday Edition!

Marine Biology - Sharks of the DEEP! A Weekly Camp Exploring & Tracking REAL Sharks (8-Weeks)

Mini-Game Designers; Minecraft Builders Club (Java Edition)

Christmas Freeze Dance Party

Who Flies at Night? Fun Facts about Owls and Bats: PreK Learning with Ms. Liz

A Red Blood Cell's Life Cycle: From Birth to Recycling

Thanksgiving Feast Party: Read Aloud, Turkey Dance and I Am Thankful for Craft!

Human Rights Defenders and Social Justice Warriors: An Advocacy Club for Tweens

Human Rights Defenders and Social Justice Warriors: An Advocacy Club for Teens

Z2 Day Risk Assessment for Public Events - Contingency Planning Risk Management Class

Z2 Day Risk Assessment for Any Public Event - Contingency Planning Risk Management 9-14

Z2 Day How to Write a Risk Assessment for Public Events -Event Safety Risk Management Summer Camp Class 18

Vivid Verbs to Spice up Your Writing: A Creative Writing Technique

Guitar, Banjo, Ukulele, Drums and Percussion Private Lessons

One-On-One Private Italian Tutoring (Once a week/ 6 weeks/ 30 minutes)

Investing in the Stock Market for Beginners, How to Build Wealth and Freedom

Economics 103: How to Build Wealth, Financial Literacy Money Basics

Private Weekly Tutoring Session With Jessica F. (2x/Week)

My Body Parts in Cantonese

Easy Phonics A-Z for Preschoolers and ESL (Ongoing 2X Weekly)

Star Wars RPG Experience Ongoing Class! the Rise of the Rebellion!

On Your Own: Weekly Spotlight on Independent Living (Ongoing)

Crochet Among Us: Beginner (14-18)

Snowflake Acrostics With a Twist!

Snowball Fight

Art Adventures Through Modelling Clay - Fish

How to Make a Video Game Character (Among Us) Beginner's 3D Modeling Class

Flute 101 - Part IV (Learning New Notes, Rhythms and Songs)

Essays Made Easy: A Step-By-Step Approach to Persuasive Essay Writing

ESL - Let's Talk!!!

Beautiful Geodes

Mini Monsters and the Snakes That Eat Them

Winter Waldorf Rest Story Time

Rainbow Math Subtraction Mental Math Facts

All About Python Programming for Teenagers (8-Week Coding Class for Beginners)

Solving the Silent E Mystery!

ESL (English Language Semester Course) With Teacher Daria (3x/Week) 1:1

ESL (English Language Semester Course) With Teacher Daria (2x/Week) 1:1

Thanksgiving Holiday | Pre-K & Kindergarten, Show & Tell, Craft, Sing, & Book!

Dragon I - The Journey to Yellow Belt

The Making of a Rose Parade Float: Create Your Own

Preschool/Kindergarten the Foundations of Learning! Letter Reading and Writing.

Intro to Reading and Writing Rhythms - Hear Your Creation!

Airplane Escape Room!

ROBLOX Rainbow Friends, Evade, and Doors

Dragon Masters Book Club - Book 12

Book Club: The Enchanted Forest Chronicles Book 3

ESL for Young Learners: Come Learn English With Us!

Book Club: Wings of Fire 1-5

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone Book Club

Beginner - Advanced Singing Lessons: Learn How to Sing Like a Pro Singing Course

Private Ukulele Lessons

Art by April Flex: Drawing Realistic Animals Pt. 1

Exploring the Human Body: Anatomy and Physiology for Elementary (9-12) FLEX

Work Hard and Play Hard With Ms. Julie and Pippa [1-Day/Week, One-On-One Class]

Fish Adaptations: How Fish Camouflage and Change to Survive

Paint by Phonics: 1:1 English Learning Made Fun With Art! 一边学英语一边画画!

Drawing the Sunny San Diego Skyline With Pencils

Small Group ESL Conversation Class

Multiply Large Numbers and Decimals for 6th Grade - Review the Basics

Reading Princesses! Beginning Reading, Letters and Word Families and a Craft!

Call of Cthulhu RPG: Classic Cosmic Horror Role-Play

Axolotl Paragraph Writing And Kahoot Trivia Class

Book Club: The Enchanted Forest Chronicles Book 2

Private Tutoring

Numberblocks- Practicing Addition and Subtraction Within 10!

Annual New Year's Eve Teen Game Night 2022-23!

Game Night and Social Hour for Teens! Take a Break and Have Fun!

Science of Avalanches. It's Safe to Say an Avalanche of Snow Can Be Dangerous!

Hebrew Block Print - You Can Write Hebrew!

Baba Yaga Stories: Slavic Folktales for Young Learners

Intermediate Conversation in Korean With a Native Korean Teacher! - Ongoing

Intro to Diagramming Sentences: Visual Strategies for Visual Learners

Poetry Corner: Weekly Poetry Club for Middle School Students

James Webb Space Telescope: What Will It See?

Z A Zoomania Social Club for Animal Enthusiasts!

Countdown to Christmas, in French!

ESL Tutoring-One on One Class

Taste of Winter: Mexican Hot Chocolate and Candy Cane Fudge Two Ways Ages 8-11

Science: Introduction to Roly Poly Pill Bug

Why Do We Have Seasons?

USA Geography Club: Road Trip Around the United States & Learn About Each State

Private One-on-One Writing Tutoring Classes: Multi-day

Christmas Story Time!

Learn About Graphing Linear Equations: Lesson Series

Writing & Journaling Positive Affirmations | Boosting Self-Esteem & Confidence

Who Overview of Historical African-Americans for Elementary School!

Super Middle School Science Round 2

AP Literature & Composition: Read, Write, + Analyze Imaginative Lit (Semester 2)

The Amazing Octopus!

Mystery of the Mitochondria: There's an Imposter Among Us

Read-In and Play-In With Teacher Cindy (Ongoing)

Stress-Free Chess Camp: Explore Ruy Lopez Opening and Theory for Novice Players

Fairies, Gold, Hounds, and Witches-- A Classic Literature Class for Elementary

Building Writers Level 1

Creative Challenge in Sims 4: Build and Design Your Town!

Write It FLEX Class: Write Your Own Adventure Story, Poetry and Monologue

Number Sense and Social Time for Kindergarteners

Spanish Immersion: Endangered Species and Biomes

Spanish Immersion: The Beauty and Fun of Winter for Intermediate Learners

Let's Learn Phonics: Autumn! (Preschool / Kindergarten / Level 1)

Groovy Kids Club: Brazilian Capoeira Fundamentals 2

Snowy's Number 4 Fun!

Thanksgiving "Turkey Trouble" Interactive Read Along and Craft!

Groovy Kids Club: Hip Hop, Breakdancing, & Jazz Dance Workout

Essential Japanese for Travel Class 2 Part 4 (Age 13-18)

Essential Japanese for Travel Class 2 Part 4 (Age 8-12)

Tolkien Book Club: The Fellowship of the Ring

1 on 1 Tutoring (Weekly)

Write, Doodle, & Chat: Journaling Club for Teen Girls

Reward Day

Philosophy for Kids Book Club: Sophie's World Novel

Groovy Kids Club: Hawaiian Hula & Ori Tahiti - Dance and Fitness

(Flex Class) Pokémon Dinosaurs and Paleontology

Digital Art - Video Game Character Design: Popular Animal Crossing Villagers

World History: European Nationalism in the 19th Century

Weird and Wacky History Club Series 2

Thanksgiving Traditions Around the World - Let's Travel the World Together

Word Problem Workshop: Fourth Grade Math

Mermaid Mania

Valentine's Day Themed Activity & Chat

Writing Sentences: FNAF Themed

A Warrior Cats Social Club: Let's Role Play, Play Games, and Chat!

ACT Success

Lockwood and Co Novel Study: The Screaming Staircase Book Club

Empowering Girls: Self Esteem and Healthy Friendships in Middle School

Sailor Moon Directed Drawing Art Class

Montessori Reading & Writing: Phonics Fun for Beginners - 4x/Week

Keeper of the Lost Cities Fun and Silly Creative Writing Club!

Math and Money and How to Use it in the Real World

NEW Beginner Spanish Vocabulary W/ Weekly Themes: Themes 29 - 39! Ages 7-12

Pumpkin with Colored Pencils - Drawing and Coloring Art Project!

Drawfully Fun Keeper of the Lost Cities Art Club!

I Can Sketch All Things : Ongoing Social Sketching Class by Keefe Art Academy

Paint Along Art Class! - Snowy Christmas Tree: Painting and Social Time

Building Writers Level 2

18th & Early 19th Century Banyans - A Sewing and Fashion History Workshop

All Nature Sings: A Draw and Paint Ongoing Class in Watercolor Keefe Art Academy

Become a Master of Drawing Sketching Age 8-12 Flex Class

Math Blast! 2nd & 3rd Grade Math Games

Taste of Winter: Mexican Hot Chocolate and Candy Cane Fudge Two Ways (Teens)

Brick Builder Minifigure Social Club: Let's Talk and Create Together!

Private 1:1 Tutoring in Reading Is 'FUN'damental!

Corn Drawing/Realistic Using Colored Pencils/Art

Writing with Structure and Style (IEW Units 5-7, Level A)

How to Think Like a Scientist

Math: Super 6th Grade Math 2

The Unique Way of Painting With Acrylic Paints Tutoring

How to Draw a Perfect Landscape Tutoring

Writing: Descriptive Essays

Exciting Entomology: Insects (and Other Arthropods) of the World!

Percy Jackson & the Lightning Thief Book Club

Drawing and Tools for Smart Young Artists Tutoring

Paint Along Art Class! - Frosty the Snowman: Painting and Social Time

All About Scorpions. Deadly & Dangerous Creature Found in Nature & Pet Stores!

Start Talking! How to Create Interesting Dialogue for Your Characters

Gnome Home - Draw and Watercolor Paint Art Project!

American Sign Language (ASL) & the Deaf Community--Semester Long Class-PART 1

1:1 Private Writing Tutor | Oxford Educated | 8-11 Years Old |

Be Nice to Spiders! Science Life Cycle, Art and Literacy with an experienced teacher

Roblox Murder Mystery 2 Club - With Mr. Dan!

1:1 Private Writing Tutor Ages 12-17| Oxford Educated Teacher | Ages 12-17

Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets for Any Level: One-on-One Tutoring, 1:1

Reading Writing and Math for the SAT and ACT (Combo Class)

High School Music Theory and Composition

French Book Club: Chien Pourri à l'École (Chien Pourri at School)

Daily Math Tutoring

Private Minecraft Tutoring With Dave (JAVA Edition Only)

Private Tutoring: The Writing Process, 1:1 Essay Writing Help (Ongoing)

1-on-1 Tutoring With an Experienced Teacher (Reading, Writing, FSL, ESL)

Winter Playful Penguin Family! : Clay Art Sculpture : Creative Courses

Let's Draw Animals - In Pen!

Seasonal Arts and Crafts Club

Falling for Autumn- A Class About Our Fall/ Autumn Favorites

Fall Arts and Crafts: Scarecrow Toilet Paper Roll

Recorder 102 - Learning Recorder With Song Book 2

The Banking System and Checking Accounts/Debit Cards for Teens (Ages 13-18)

Spanish Immersion for Kids: Twice per Week, Ages 4–7 (Beginners)

Teenage Travelers: An Ongoing Geography Country Study Adventure on Nearpod

Cheerful Christmas Gnome Drawing Ages 9-13

Cheerful Christmas Reindeer Drawing Ages 6-10

Cheerful Christmas Gnome Drawing Ages 6-10

All About Reindeer~Science, Art and Building Background Knowledge

Flex Class - Kitchen Rhythms - An Introduction to Drumming and Percussion

Playful Piano Journey, Part C (FLEX Class)

Chef Baking School: Blondies, Brownies, and Bars (Flex)

Kid Chef Baking School: Blondies, Brownies, and Bars (Flex)

Easy Beginner Cantonese 1:1 OR Sibling Class

Storybook Study: The Mitten (Winter Book Club)

Individual Tutoring - Middle & High School English (60 minutes)

1st Grade Weekly Math Class

Expository Writing: The Comparison-Contrast Essay

Storybook Study: Elmer the Patchwork Elephant (Book Club)

Bark Club: Sew Simple - Puppy Pjs

Storybook Study: The Hat (Winter Book Club)

Remembering Pearl Harbor and World War II

Greek & Latin Roots Flex

Little Women Book Study (Part 1)

Preschool & Kindergarten Social PALS! Stuffies, Dolls, Trucks & More!

More London History: Ghosts, Pirates & Legends

Groovy Kids Club: Brazilian Capoeira Fundamentals 1

Candles the Hanukkah Cat: An Interactive Story Time for People Who Love Pets

Watershed Date 1215: Magna Carta

Learning History Together! Weekly History Club for 5-7 Year Olds

Halloween Traditions Around the World - Let's Travel the World Together

Reindeer Games! Interactive Building Brick Adventure (Christmas, Santa, Holiday)

Cambridge Minimus Latin - Part 3

You Can Read Someone's Mind With Cards

Spanish 1 for Middle and High School Semester 2 (FLEX)

Among Us: Girls Gaming and Social Club (Ages 5 - 10)

Still Life, Figure Drawing, and Portrait Drawing

Ice Age Animals. Shiver With Excitement Learning About Extinct Creatures! FLEX

La Letra De La Semana - Actividades Y Juegos De Reforzamiento

Drawing Toad and Toadette Holiday Elves

How to Adult (Financial Literacy)

Research, Powerpoint, and Presentation Skills on a Topic of Your Choice

Animal Crossing: New Horizons - Q&A and Play!

Percy Jackson - The Sea of Monsters (#2): Ancient Greek, Myth, and More!

Pumpkin Pie Coaster Making

Greenglass House Book Club for Mystery Loving Readers!

Introduction to Piano: Your First Lesson and First Song!

Preschool Little Counters Build a Number City!

Number the Stars Book Club

Intro to Chemistry: Exploring Hands-On Science Experiments (7-11 Years Old)

Cursive Handwriting Club

PokÉ Phonics Level 2 C-V-C-E & C-V-V-C Words

Show-And-Tell Club

Beginners Guide YouTube (Camp)

1 Day - Draw a Dragon | Dragon sketching | Beginners Art Class

Essay Writing Essentials: Intro to Essay Writing for Middle School (CEFR: B2)

Group or One on One 1:1 Tutoring: ESL Reading, Writing, and Speaking (Ongoing)

Let's Learn About My Feelings for Preschoolers and ESL

Writers Workshop- From Words to Sentences! (Ongoing)

Individual Reading Assessment by Certified Reading Specialist

CVC Short Vowels Fluency (Phonics)

Dance Upon a Time (Ongoing) - Beginner Dance (Ages 5-9)

Animals 101: Crocodiles, Alligators, and More! - Crocodilians

Google Slides Club: Tips and Tricks- Make Fun Stuff With Google Slides Age 13-15

Edgar Allan Poe and His Poem the Raven Explained | Oxford Educated Teacher

Public Speaking With Confidence 1:1

1:1 Tutoring for Beginning Readers (Ongoing)

New Years Around the World

How to Write a Friendly Letter

Let's Read! Kindergarten Guided Reading Level C

Let's Read! Beginner Kindergarten Guided Reading Level A

OH, SNAP! A Story Writing Club

Montessori Mad Libs: Getting Spooky With Grammar Symbols!

All About Atoms and Molecules: Introduction to the Building Blocks of Chemistry!

Etiquette and Learning Good Manners; Gain Confidence in Your Social Skills!

Little Zoologist: Art Club

Little Zoologist: Mystery Animal Study

Meet Me for Breakfast: Classic Breakfast Dishes FLEX 2!

Animals That Love Winter | Polar Bears, Penguins, and Color-Changing Foxes

All About Air: The Amazing Chemistry and Scientific Properties of Air!

The Bold Ones: Amazing People From History Part 4 (Flex)

Five Little Turkeys: An Interactive Sing a Long and Art Project!

Letter ‘W’ Is for Winter, ‘S’ Is for Snow! Tracing and Phonics, Holiday Style!

Majestic Math Tutoring Class. (Learner Directed Session)

One on One Photography Mentoring: 1:1 Tutoring

Artisan Baking Club

Tick Tock- Telling the Time in Cantonese

Introduction to Piano and Music: Music Moves Book B, Part 2/2

The James Webb Space Telescope!

Essay Writing: Descriptive and Narrative

Mini Marine Biology Course: Sharks, Turtles, Whales & Dolphins (FLEX)

Majestic Math Concepts (Solidifying the Foundations of Multiplication)

Explore Spanish! ~ Autumn

Explore Your Imagination with Creative Writing In a Fun, Random Way

The Bold Ones: Amazing People From History Part 4

Poetry Unlocked. Let's Explore Poetry Together! Flex Class

Let's Learn German Christmas Songs

Math Counts with Ms. Sabrina!

Marine Biology: Life at the Poles

Ready? Okay! Let's Learn a Pom Dance!

1:1 Private Reading/Writing Tutoring with Ms. Jessica!

Build the Human Body With Clay - Learn Human Anatomy and Physiology Science Camp! (Ages 12-17)

Fourth and Fifth Grade English Language Arts (4th and 5th Grade ELA)

Learn How to Make French Macarons for 8-10 Years Olds

The Littlest Scientists: Let's Learn Science and Experiment! FLEX

Individual Performance Meditation

Learn How to Make French Macarons for 11-14 Years Olds

Drawing and Discovery

We Didn't Start the Fire, Lyric Study - 100+ History References

Tutoring in English Language Arts (Writing, Spelling, Grammar, and Reading) - 2 X 45 Minutes

Private Chess Lessons for Beginners!

Thanksgiving Word Games - Logic, Word Scrambles, Riddles, & More

Show and Tell Pets With Jess and Frankie the Dog

Montessori Math Time: Dynamic Subtraction With the Stamp Game

Animal Crossing New Horizons Social Club

Dragon Descriptive Writing

Practical Homesteading: Private Tutoring or Homesteading Advisory (25m)

Practical Homesteading: Private Tutoring or Homesteading Advisory (50m)

Dinosaurs: 5 Day Nonfiction Reading Comprehension Camp

Master Reading Private Lessons

Stack-O-Lanterns and Pile-O-Pumpkins

Pop! Let's Learn the History and Science Behind Bubble Gum (Ages 8-12)

Christmas Wish List: Letter Writing to Santa

Writing Lessons- One on One

Let's Talk About the Marvel Multiverse: "What If...?"

Prekindergarten and Kindergarten Math Pt. 2 (On-Going)

Office Hours and Coding Tutoring for Ongoing Students

Let’s Doodle! Learn to Draw a Teddiursa PokÉMon

A Little Spot of Anxiety (Learn to Manage Anxiety)

Fun Thanksgiving Story and Drawing

Reading Strategies: Word Detectives for Short Vowel Words!

Military Air to Air Medium Range Missile Shoot Out

Basic Pre-Algebra Review: Addition, Subtraction and Variables Part 4

Animal Crossing: New Horizons-Let’s Get Cooking!

8th Grade Geometry Lab: Geometric Transformations

Christmas Holiday Escape Room: Escape Santa's Workshop - Logic, Puzzles, & Games

Book Club: Escape From Mr. Lemoncello's Library (Book 1) by Chris Grabenstein

The Wonderful World of Signing, a Beginner's Class!

Lunar Eclipses

Let’s Explore Madagascar!

7th Grade Geometry: Properties of Angles

The Basics of the Three Branches of US Government

Fun Christmas Story and Drawing

Bake a Nutella Chocolate Pie From Scratch for Thanksgiving Dinner!

Book Club: Matilda by: Roald Dahl

A Little Spot of Anger (Learn to Manage Anger with Relaxation and Mindful Breathing)

Mountain Lions

LOL Surprise Hip Hop Dance With Pop-Up Class! OMG

Fitness: Yoga for Teens

Academic Coaching 1:1

Christmas Vocabulary in Italian for Kids - Learn and Have Fun! Ages 4-8

{One Time Class} Create a Magical Story Using Unicorns, Fairies, and Princesses!

Exponents Lab- Examining the "Laws" of Exponents

Theatre Acting Skills 1: Fun Improv for 8-10 Years!

Homework Help and Test Prep ~ Private Math Tutoring for 2nd-6th Graders

Dungeons and Dragons: Designing Dungeon Maps

Science Secrets: Wrap Your Brain Around It!

Dungeons and Dragons: Creating an Adventure

Drawing Pokemon Characters (Junior: Ages 4 - 7)

Ongoing Private Reading and Writing Tutoring (ESL Welcome)

3rd Grade Club / Circle Time

Release Your Comedic Actor with An Interview With an Alien

Math Games and Social Club

Homeschooling Portfolio and Homework Crew

Science Flex: Breathtaking Biomes: A Study of the Land Biomes on Earth

Effective Study Skills With Lo-Fi Music for Teens Flex

Everyone Loves a Mystery: Reading and Writing Class

I'm Adopted! - A Social Club

3rd Grade Math (Section 1 - Flex)

Intermediate Japanese (B1): Ages 14-18

2-Day Private Math Tutoring (and Homework Help - upon request)

Thanksgiving Turkey Directed Drawing

Weekly Fun With English for Preschoolers and ESL

Magic Squares - Beginner Level (Winter Math Edition)

Intermediate Japanese (B1): Ages 6-10

Novel Study: The Kid in the Red Jacket

Martinez Money Math: 4th-6th Grade Math Escape Rooms Digital Puzzles Games Flex

Book Club: The One and Only Ivan by Katherine Applegate

Long Division: Dangerous Monkeys Swing Backwards FLEX Class

JavaScript Demo Lesson

Mastering Math: Individualized Lessons (Ongoing, 1x per Week)

Micronutrients: Vitamins and Minerals

Let's Read With Consonant Digraphs!

Review: War Card Game Multiplication Fact Practice

Beginning Multiplication Fun: Pumpkins, Candy, and Costumes, Oh My!

Graphic Design Visual Communications - Semester 2

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