New Classes on Outschool 2021-10-17

There are 363 new classes on Outschool the week of October 17, 2021 to October 23, 2021.

Book Talk: Chasing Vermeer

Draw Wings of Fire Dragons Sandwing, Seawing, Mudwing, Hivewing FLEX 13

Multipli-CAT-ion: A Multiplication Facts Practice and Review Game

Draw a Cute Pumpkin Pie & Latte

A..Apple Stress Ball Making

Painting a Little Town - Drawing and Acrylic (Tempera) Art Project!

Golly! I Mastered Pre-Algebra & Had Fun Practicing With Friends | Part 1 of 6 | Operations with Integers (FLEX)

1st Grade Grammar and Language Arts

Let's Learn Science: Passionate About Plants Upper with Teacher Helen B2+ CEFR

Beat the Clock: Ongoing Bedroom Cleaning Club.

Fall Cat in Leaves - Draw and Watercolor Paint Art Project!

Significant Signs: Beginners American Sign Language Part 1

Draw Cute Halloween Ghosts

Animals from Africa: Let's Learn About Lions, Elephants, and Giraffes!

Elementary Reading Tutor: 90 Minutes, Multi Day

Science With Snowy - All About Apples

Elementary Reading Tutor: 90 Minutes, One Day

Ladybug Modeling Dough & Clay Party: A Pre-K - Early Elementary STEAM Adventure!

Teacher Kathy's ESL Tutoring: Speaking, Reading, Full Sentences & Fun

Move and Groove Beginning Jazz Dance! Ages 6-9yrs

Handstand Flex Class

Pokemon Elementary Mathematics: Honors Quest Multiplication Battle

Beginner Japanese Level 2 (Once a Week)

Journey to Ravenloft - On-Going D&D 5E Halloween-Themed Series of Adventures

Math Detectives Unite: The Case of the Furious Fall Winds

3rd Grade Math

English as a Second Language (ESL) 1:1 — Private Tutoring, 25-Minutes

Creative Writing: Write Stories Together With New Friends

Roll the Dice! Weekly Short Story Creative Writing Club for Teens

Lets Draw a Kawaii Christmas! Santa,Tree and Christmas Fairy or Elf, You Choose!

Private French Tutoring: One-On-One for Beginners

How Do I...? Achievements, Exploring, and Beating Minecraft (Bedrock)

Funny Sounding Words: Part 2 Writing in Fiction Subgenres High School Edition

Christmas Drawing Club! Step-By-Step Interactive Holiday Pencil Sketching Class

Learn to Draw: A Fairy House!

Intro to Public Speaking & Debate - ESL Friendly

8th Grade English and Literature Semester 2

German for High School Beginners Expedition

Signing Fun- American Sign Language for Kids!

"The Girl Who Saved Christmas" Book Club

Junior Creators: Magical Creatures Drawing Lab (Mythology + Art)

Draw It: Cozy Otter

Algebra 1 - Semester 1

My Minecraft Thanksgiving Mystery: Help Find the Villagers' Missing Pumpkin Pie

Christmas Party! - Ages 7-12

Christmas Traditions Around the World

Book Club: Wings of Fire Books 6-10

Explore and Draw the Beautiful Arctic Tundra

Book Talk: Holes

Let's Write a Story FLEX Class: Prompt, Write & Share!

Grammar Tales: The Planet Without Pronouns! A Lesson on Pronouns

Escape Room Challenge ~ Space Adventure Math Skills

All About Feelings and How to Get Along - Emotional Regulation

Google Slides Club: Tips & Tricks-Make Great Stuff With Google Slides Ages 10-12

Book Talk: The Westing Game

Wings of Fire Book Club: The Dragonet Prophecy Book 1

Italiano per Piccolini. Italian Language Class With Native Speaker for Children.

Modern Korean Culture and Life in Korea

Let's Create a Wild Animal - Creative Writing for Beginners

All About Scientists and Different Topics of Science

Social Skills -Emotion Regulation,Coping Skills,Friendship,Self Control and More

𓂀 Why We Love Ancient Egyptian Art (Small Class!) 𓂀

Stressing About Cursive? Give Me Thirty Minutes...

Drawing Holiday Piranha Plant for Mario Fans

Brain Warriors Escape Rooms: Trapped in the Gingerbread House - ADVANCING Skills

African American History || the Jim Crow Laws ( Ages 10 -15)

Introduction to Cursive Writing

Ukulele Learning Circle

Intensive Four-Day Cursive Camp!

Let's Talk- An LGBTQ+ Social Group

D&D Dungeon of the Mad Mage w/ Jingleheimer

English | Creative Writing Practice | Group

Logic Puzzles Weekly Challenge

Private Tutoring-Reading Decoding, Comprehension, & Fluency (Certified Teacher)

Let's Talk! Conversation Club for English Language Learners ESL/EFL

Weekly Multiplication Practice with Blooket

Read in French - Grade 2 Unit 1

Let's Make 3D Art for Video Games, a Weekly Class

Code a Halloween Video Game With Tynker

High School Classic Book Club

Relaxing With Dragons: Wings of Fire Book Club & Guided Relaxation

Snowy's Letter Dd Fun!

ESL (English as a Second Language) Chat & Social Club - Once a Week

Sea Turtles: Endangered Animals 5-Day Nonfiction Reading Camp Series

French 201 - Semester Class

French 201 - Semester Class - Ages 13-18

Baking Through the Seasons: Bi-Weekly Baking Class

Friendship drama won’t be draining anymore : Tips to Help Kids Avoid Middle School Drama

Forensic Science 4

1:1- Writing Process for a Young Writer

One Thousand Years in the Nordic Countries-History, Culture and Geography

Advanced Genetics With Cat Lab

Volume: Introduction & Basics

Pandas: Endangered Animals 5-Day Nonfiction Reading Camp Series

All About the Crylophosaurus. A Dinosaur so Cool It Lived on Antarctica

Elephants: Endangered Animals 5-Day Nonfiction Reading Camp Series

Book Club: The Enchanted Forest Chronicles Book 4

Shakespeare Underground: A Reader’s Theater Community

How to Cook Quick and Easy Meals (including Meatless Meals) - Flex Course

*Mimic the Masters 104 - An Exploration of Artists & Their Methods Flex Ages 11

*Mimic the Masters 104 - An Exploration of Artists & Their Methods Flex Ages 6-

*Mimic the Masters 103 - An Exploration of Artists & Their Methods Flex Ages 11

*Mimic the Masters 103 - An Exploration of Artists & Their Methods Flex Ages 6-

Learn How to Use Oil Pastels & Watercolor Paint Fun Weekly Art Projects

Sonic the Hedgehog Drawing Camp

Wake up With Sensei Mike: Morning Karate Exercise

Escape the Bermuda Triangle

Life During the Great Depression

Weird and Gross Facts About the Human Body

Interactive Escape Room Ongoing Course: Explore FOUR World Wonders

Python Programming for Beginners FLEX

Uke-mas Cheer - Christmas Ukulele Songs for Total Beginners

Out of Sight Until Night, Learning about Night Animals: PreK Fun with Ms. Liz

Marine Biology - Sharks of the DEEP! A Weekly Camp Exploring & Tracking REAL Sharks (8-Weeks)

Mini-Game Designers; Minecraft Builders Club (Java Edition)

Adjective Camp Out (Summer Camp)

Christmas Freeze Dance Party

Who Flies at Night? Fun Facts about Owls and Bats: PreK Learning with Ms. Liz

A Red Blood Cell's Life Cycle: From Birth to Recycling

Thanksgiving Feast Party: Read Aloud, Turkey Dance and I Am Thankful for Craft!

Human Rights Defenders and Social Justice Warriors: An Advocacy Club for Tweens

Human Rights Defenders and Social Justice Warriors: An Advocacy Club for Teens

2 Day Risk Assessment for Public Events - Contingency Planning Risk Management

Z2 Day Risk Assessment for Any Public Event - Contingency Planning Risk Management 9-14

Z2 Day How to Write a Risk Assessment for Public Events -Event Safety Risk Management Summer Camp Class 18

Vivid Verbs to Spice up Your Writing: A Creative Writing Technique

Private Weekly Tutoring Session With Jessica F. (2x/Week)

D&D Christmas Camp! the Most Monstrous Time of the Year!

D&D Christmas Camp for Kids! the Gingerbread Tower!

Star Wars RPG Experience Ongoing Class! the Rise of the Rebellion!

Snowflake Acrostics With a Twist!

Snowball Fight

Flute 101 - Part IV (Learning New Notes, Rhythms and Songs)

Essays Made Easy: A Step-By-Step Approach to Persuasive Essay Writing

Pre-K to K Phonics/Letters/Numbers /Reading/Math/Money/Measurement & More

All About Python Programming for Teenagers | 8-Week Coding Class for Beginners

Solving the Silent E Mystery!

ESL (English Language Semester Course) With Teacher Daria (3x/Week) 1:1

ESL (English Language Semester Course) With Teacher Daria (2x/Week) 1:1

Thanksgiving Party | Pre-K & Kindergarten Art, Book, Show & Tell

A Healthier You

Dragon I - The Journey to Yellow Belt

The Making of a Rose Parade Float: Create Your Own

Intro to Reading and Writing Rhythms - Hear Your Creation!

Full 4th Grade Math Curriculum (Ongoing)

Full 6th Grade Math Curriculum (Ongoing)

Airplane Escape Room!

ROBLOX Gaming With Ms. Lambert: Play Evade And Rainbow Friends

Book Club: The Enchanted Forest Chronicles Book 3

Book Club: Wings of Fire 1-5

Art by April Flex: Drawing Realistic Animals Pt. 1

Exploring the Human Body: Anatomy and Physiology for Elementary (9-12) FLEX

One-on-Wonderful Playtime with Ms. Julie and Pippa [1-Day/Week]

Fish Adaptations: How Fish Camouflage and Change to Survive

Paint by Phonics: 1:1 English Learning Made Fun With Art! 一边学英语一边画画!

Drawing the Sunny San Diego Skyline With Pencils

Reading Princesses! Beginning Reading, Letters and Word Families and a Craft!

Call of Cthulhu RPG: Classic Cosmic Horror Role-Play

Full Year: 5th Grade Magnificent Math (4x Ongoing)

Book Club: The Enchanted Forest Chronicles Book 2

Private Tutoring

Annual New Year's Eve Teen Game Night 2023-24!

Game Night and Social Hour for Teens! Take a Break and Have Fun!

Science of Avalanches. It's Safe to Say an Avalanche of Snow Can Be Dangerous!

Hebrew Block Print - You Can Write Hebrew!

Baba Yaga Stories: Slavic Folktales for Young Learners

Intermediate Conversation in Korean With a Native Korean Teacher! - Ongoing

Intro to Diagramming Sentences: Visual Strategies for Visual Learners

Countdown to Christmas, in French!

Taste of Winter: Mexican Hot Chocolate and Candy Cane Fudge Two Ways Ages 8-11

Science: Introduction to Roly Poly Pill Bug

Why Do We Have Seasons?

USA Geography Club: Road Trip Around the United States & Learn About Each State

Private One-on-One Writing Tutoring Classes: Multi-day

Christmas Story Time!

Writing & Journaling Positive Affirmations | Boosting Self-Esteem & Confidence

Who Overview of Historical African-Americans for Elementary School!

Super Middle School Science Round 2

AP Literature & Composition: Read, Write, + Analyze Imaginative Lit (Semester 2)

Read-In and Play-In With Teacher Cindy (Ongoing)

Fairies, Gold, Hounds, and Witches-- A Classic Literature Class for Elementary

Building Writers Level 1

Creative Challenge in Sims 4: Build and Design Your Town!

Write It FLEX Class: Write Your Own Adventure Story, Poetry and Monologue

Number Sense and Social Time for Kindergarteners

Groovy Kids Club: Brazilian Capoeira Fundamentals 2

Snowy's Number 4 Fun!

Thanksgiving "Turkey Trouble" Interactive Read Along and Craft!

Groovy Kids Club: Hip Hop, Breakdancing, & Jazz Dance Fitness Class

Essential Japanese for Travel Class 2 Part 4 (Age 13-18)

Essential Japanese for Travel Class 2 Part 4 (Age 8-12)

Tolkien Book Club: The Fellowship of the Ring

1 on 1 Tutoring (Weekly)

Reward Day

Philosophy for Kids Book Club: Sophie's World Novel

Groovy Kids Club: Hawaiian Hula & Ori Tahiti - Dance and Fitness

(4 Lesson Flex Class) Pokémon Dinosaurs and Paleontology

World History: European Nationalism in the 19th Century

Thanksgiving Traditions Around the World - Let's Travel the World Together

Beginners Acting 11-15 Year Olds

Word Problem Workshop: Fourth Grade Math

Mermaid Mania

A Warrior Cats Social Club: Let's Role Play, Play Games, and Chat!

Lockwood and Co Novel Study: The Screaming Staircase Book Club

Empowering Girls: Self Esteem and Healthy Friendships in Middle School

Montessori Reading & Writing: Phonics Fun for Beginning Readers 4x/Week

Keeper of the Lost Cities Fun and Silly Creative Writing Club!

Math and Money and How to Use it in the Real World

NEW Beginner Spanish Vocabulary W/ Weekly Themes: Themes 29 - 39! Ages 7-12

Fall Pumpkin with Colored Pencils - Drawing and Coloring Art Project!

Drawfully Fun Keeper of the Lost Cities Art Club!

Paint Along Art Class! - Snowy Christmas Tree: Painting and Social Time

Building Writers Level 2

18th & Early 19th Century Banyans - A Sewing and Fashion History Workshop

Become a Master of Drawing Sketching Age 8-12 Flex Class

Taste of Winter: Mexican Hot Chocolate and Candy Cane Fudge Two Ways (Teens)

Corn Drawing/Realistic Using Colored Pencils/Art/Fall

Writing with Structure and Style (IEW Units 5-7, Level A)

The Unique Way of Painting With Acrylic Paints Tutoring

How to Draw a Perfect Landscape Tutoring

Writing: Descriptive Essays

Exciting Entomology: Insects (Arthropods and more) of the World!

Percy Jackson & the Lightning Thief Book Club

Drawing and Tools for Smart Young Artists Tutoring

Paint Along Art Class! - Frosty the Snowman: Painting and Social Time

All About Scorpions. Deadly & Dangerous Creature Found in Nature & Pet Stores!

Gnome Home - Draw and Watercolor Paint Art Project!

American Sign Language (ASL) & the Deaf Community--Semester Long Class-PART 1

Be Nice to Spiders! Science Life Cycle, Art and Literacy with an experienced teacher

Roblox Murder Mystery 2 Club - With Mr. Dan!

1:1 Private Writing Tutor Ages 12-17| Oxford Educated Teacher

Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets for Any Level: One-on-One Tutoring, 1:1

High School Music Theory and Composition

French Book Club: Chien Pourri à l'École (Chien Pourri at School)

Private Minecraft Tutoring With Dave (JAVA Edition Only)

Private Tutoring: The Writing Process, 1:1 Essay Writing Help (Ongoing)

Winter Playful Penguin Family! : Clay Art Sculpture : Creative Courses

Let's Draw a Creepy Halloween Bat!

Seasonal Arts and Crafts Club

Recorder 102 - Learning Recorder With Song Book 2

Spanish Immersion Sessions for Kids: Two Sessions Per Week, Ages 4–7 (Beginners)

Teenage Travelers: A World Geography Adventure - Study a New Country Each Week

All About Reindeer~Science, Art and Building Background Knowledge

Flex Class - Kitchen Rhythms - An Introduction to Drumming and Percussion

Playful Piano Journey, Part C (FLEX Class)

Teen Chef Baking School: Blondies, Brownies, and Bars (Flex)

Kid Chef Baking School: Blondies, Brownies, and Bars (Flex)

Easy Beginner Cantonese 1:1 OR Sibling Class

Forensic Profiling: Caseload Alpha

1st Grade Weekly Math Class!

Expository Writing: The Comparison-Contrast Essay

Bark Club: Sew Simple - Puppy Pjs

Remembering Pearl Harbor and World War II

Greek & Latin Roots Flex

Little Women Book Study (Part 1)

More London History: Ghosts, Pirates & Legends

Groovy Kids Club: Brazilian Capoeira Fundamentals 1

Candles the Hanukkah Cat: An Interactive Story Time for People Who Love Pets

Fall Fun With Story and Craft

Halloween Traditions Around the World - Let's Travel the World Together

Reindeer Games! Interactive Building Brick Adventure (Christmas, Santa, Holiday)

Cambridge Minimus Latin - Part 3

Spanish 1 FLEX for Middle and High School Full Curriculum Semester 2

Among Us: Girls Gaming and Social Club (Ages 6 - 11)

Still Life, Figure Drawing, and Portrait Drawing

Ice Age Animals. Shiver With Excitement Learning About Extinct Creatures! FLEX

Drawing Toad and Toadette Holiday Elves

How to Adult (Financial Literacy)

Research, Powerpoint, and Presentation Skills on a Topic of Your Choice

Pumpkin Pie Coaster Making

Number the Stars Book Club

PokÉ Phonics Level 2 C-V-C-E & C-V-V-C Words

Show-And-Tell Club

1 Day - Draw a Dragon | Dragon sketching | Beginners Art Class

Essay Writing Essentials: Intro to Essay Writing for Middle School (CEFR: B2)

Let's Learn About My Feelings for Preschoolers and ESL

Read CVC Short Vowels Fluency (Phonics)

Dance Upon a Time (Ongoing) - Beginner Dance (Ages 5-9)

Animals 101: Crocodiles, Alligators, and More! - Crocodilians

Google Slides Club: Tips and Tricks- Make Fun Stuff With Google Slides Age 13-15

Public Speaking With Confidence 1:1

New Years Around the World

Let's Read! Kindergarten Guided Reading Level C

Let's Read! Beginner Kindergarten Guided Reading Level A

OH, SNAP! A Story Writing Club

All About Atoms and Molecules: Introduction to the Building Blocks of Chemistry!

Etiquette and Learning Good Manners; Gain Confidence in Your Social Skills!

Little Zoologist: Mystery Animal Study

Meet Me for Breakfast: Classic Breakfast Dishes FLEX 2!

Animals That Love Winter | Polar Bears, Penguins, and Color-Changing Foxes

All About Air: The Amazing Chemistry and Scientific Properties of Air!

The Bold Ones: Amazing People From History Part 4 (Flex)

Majestic Math Tutoring Class. (Learner Directed Session)

Artisan Baking Club

Introduction to Piano and Music: Music Moves Book B, Part 2/2

Mini Marine Biology Course: Sharks, Turtles, Whales & Dolphins (FLEX)

Majestic Math Concepts (Solidifying the Foundations of Multiplication)

Explore Spanish! ~ Autumn

Writing Workshop:Explore Your Imagination for Elementary School Creative Writing

Let's Learn German Christmas Songs

Marine Biology: Life at the Poles

Ready? Okay! Let's Learn a Pom Dance!

1:1 Private Reading/Writing Tutoring with Ms. Jessica!

Build the Human Body With Clay - Learn Human Anatomy and Physiology Life Science

Fourth and Fifth Grade English Language Arts (4th and 5th Grade ELA)

Learn How to Make French Macarons for 8-10 Years Olds

The Littlest Scientists: Let's Learn Science and Experiment! FLEX

Individual Performance Meditation

Learn How to Make French Macarons for 11-14 Years Olds

Drawing and Discovery

We Didn't Start the Fire, Lyric Study - 100+ History References

Art Time for Our Littlest Artists. Drawing & Painting Fun, Ages 4 To 7

Tutoring in English Language Arts (Writing, Spelling, Grammar, and Reading) - 2 X 45 Minutes

Fun Halloween Class in Spanish - La Casita De Color Naranja

Show and Tell Pets With Jess and Frankie the Dog

Montessori Math Time: Dynamic Subtraction With the Stamp Game

Animal Crossing New Horizons Social Club

Dragon Descriptive Writing

Practical Homesteading: Private Tutoring or Homesteading Advisory (25m)

Practical Homesteading: Private Tutoring or Homesteading Advisory (50m)

Dinosaurs: 5 Day Nonfiction Reading Comprehension Camp

Master Reading Private Lessons

Pop! Let's Learn the History and Science Behind Bubble Gum (Ages 8-12)

Christmas Wish List: Letter Writing to Santa

Writing Lessons- One on One

Let’s Doodle! Learn to Draw a Teddiursa PokÉMon

A Little Spot of Anxiety (Learn to Manage Anxiety)

Military Air to Air Medium Range Missile Shoot Out

Basic Pre-Algebra Review: Addition, Subtraction and Variables Part 4

Animal Crossing: New Horizons-Let’s Get Cooking!

Ongoing Weekly Art Life Oil Pastels - Drawing & Oil Pastel Painting Class!

Christmas Holiday Escape Room: Escape Santa's Workshop - Logic, Puzzles, & Games

Book Club: Book 1 - Escape From Mr. Lemoncello's Library by Chris Grabenstein

Let’s Explore Madagascar!

The Basics of the Three Branches of US Government

Fun Christmas Story and Drawing

Bake a Nutella Chocolate Pie From Scratch for Thanksgiving Dinner!

Book Club: Matilda by: Roald Dahl

A Little Spot of Anger (Learn to Manage Anger with Relaxation and Mindful Breathing)

Wild Animal Science: North American Mountain Lion (Ages 8-10)

Money Management. Private One-Time Session.

LOL Surprise Hip Hop Dance With Pop-Up Class! OMG

Fitness: Yoga for Teens

Academic Coaching 1:1

Christmas Vocabulary in Italian for Kids - Learn and Have Fun! Ages 4-8

{One Time Class} Create a Magical Story Using Unicorns, Fairies, and Princesses!

Exponents Lab- Examining the "Laws" of Exponents

Drawing Pokemon Characters (Junior: Ages 4 - 7)

Private Reading and Writing Tutoring

Math Games and Social Club for Ages 9 To 12

Homeschooling Portfolio and Homework Crew

Elementary Science Flex: A Study of the Land Biomes on Earth

Study Skills and Note Taking for Teens Flex

I'm Adopted! - A Social Club

3rd Grade Math (Section 1 - Flex)

Intermediate Japanese (B1): Ages 14-18

Weekly Fun With English for Preschoolers and ESL

Magic Squares - Beginner Level (Winter Math Edition)

Book Club: The One and Only Ivan by Katherine Applegate

Long Division: Dangerous Monkeys Swing Backwards FLEX Class

Mastering Math - 1:1 Math Tutoring (3rd Grade Math to Algebra II)

Review: War Card Game Multiplication Fact Practice

Introduction to Graphic Design (Homeschool) (After School) (Semester 2)

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