New Classes on Outschool 2021-06-27

There are 288 new classes on Outschool the week of June 27, 2021 to July 3, 2021.

Storytime With an Author

Mastering the SAT Math Challenge: A 10-Week Series of Practice Exams.

All About Camels. It Is Hump Day Every Day for These Amazing Animals

Art: Let’s Draw and Paint a Cat Inspired by Laurel Burch!

Ongoing Level 3 Montessori Kindergarten 1st Grade Full Curriculum (Reading, Math, Culture)

Draw & Watercolor Paint / Color Pusheen the Cat

Masks RPG Campaign: Heroes Rising

The Seven Ancient Wonders of the World

If Feelings Could Talk. Anger, Anxiety, Stress, Boundaries. Let’s Manage Anger!

A Walk in the Park : Acrylic Paint - A - Long With Ms. Muse

Penguin Acrylic Painting Paint - A - Long. Ages 9 - 13

The Mysteries of Area 51 and the Roswell Incident

Bend, Stretch, and Salutations! A Yoga Class for Ages 6-10

Subtracting Fractions With Dr. Torbert

Art with Miss Una: Watercolor Painting and Technique's #Creative (Flexible Class)!

Mandarin Chinese Lesson for Young Beginners- Level 4

Spanish with Profe Natalia /Aprende Español con Profe Natalia - Full Immersion!

Famous Conspiracy Theories and Government Secrets (Flex)

Famous Conspiracy Theories and Government Secrets - Part 2 (Flex)

Geography & Geology of the National Parks - Part 2 (Flex)

Geology & Geography of the National Parks - Part 3 (Flex)

Geography & Geology of the National Parks - (Flex)

Baby Rainbow Unicorn 2 -- Magical Land Drawing Club (One-Time)

3rd Grade Science Core Curriculum NGSS Homeschool Standards (Year Long)

Young Writer's Workshop: Advanced Writing Composition for Aspiring Authors

Computer Science Memes for Software Engineer Teens: Object Oriented Javascript

New and Future Sports Cars, Super Cars, and Hyper Cars

2nd Grade Science Core Curriculum NGSS Homeschool Standards (Year Long)

Multiplication Facts Bingo Game: Let’s Multiply Our Fun!

¡Leamos! Kids Advanced in Spanish Start Reading & Writing - Part 1 (FLEX)

4th Grade Math, Quarter 3--FLEX

Homeschool Hangout - High School, Ages 13-18

4th Grade Math, Quarter 2--FLEX

4th Grade Math, Quarter 1--FLEX

Nature's Wonders: What Is Fire?

An Evidence-Based Approach to Writing the High School Essay for ADHD Learners

Mandarin Math Game Club (Grade 3 Singapore Approach) 小三中文数学游戏

Homeschool Hangout - Preteen Ages 8-12

Private Tutor: Let's Get Ready to Read

Learn About Africa: Flags and Names in Spanish! (Kids)

Time Management Skills

Drawing a Cat With Watercolor Pencils

Aisan Cooking Thai Summer Dessert - Sticky Rice With Mango and Coconut Milk

Spanish Conversation Fun for Ages 5-9

Intermediate Spanish Conversation

Welcome to Bloxburg- Roblox Gaming Club

Frog Life Cycle Story and Life Cycle Lily Pad Craft

100 Ghost Stories From Japan: Hyakumonogatari

I Can't Believe I Am Multiplying! Fun Practice for the Beginner (Ongoing)

Greek & Latin Roots GimKit One Way Out Team Building Review Game

Story time with Stokes! Reading Adventure Where do Balloons Go? Mazing University Preschool

Animal Crossing Drawing Club!

Mandarin Math Game Club (Grade 2 Singapore Approach) 小二中文数学游戏

ESL Conversation Time One-On-One (One-Time Class)

Silly Storytime: Building Reading Comprehension

UHMicro-Group UHInteractive UHMusic UHIntensive UHCamp

Ongoing Private Reading Lessons: Have Fun Reading in This One-On-One Class!

My Hero Academia Discussion Club

So, You Want to Be a Teacher? Career Exploration

Brain Game Mania Forever!

Physics 1-1 Tutor

The Real Pirates of the Caribbean

African American History || Fannie Lou Hamer || the Voice for Voting Rights

Lego® Builders: Create, Share, Learn, Challenge!

Doodle With Delight

One to One Tutoring - Intensive Mental Maths Booster (25 Minutes X 4 Days)

Chemistry 9-Week Course w/ Lab Experiments | (Part 4 of 4) Semester Course | w/ Report Card

Private Piano Lessons - 25 Minutes, Any Level, 7-12 Years Old

Flexible Schedule: Stories and Step-By-Step Drawing for Preschool & Kindergarten

Private Piano Lessons - 25 Minutes, Any Level, 13-18 Years Old

Homeschool Social Group: Middle School

Water and Ice Science Activities for Young Learners!

Freestyle Reading Curriculum for Grades 3-5: Bring Your Own Books

Creative Makeup Challenge, Ambassador MUAs

Creative Makeup Challenge, Jr MUAs

Lego® Bricks and Literacy: Enjoy a Book and Build Together

Mini Summer Camp: Being Pre-Algebra Prepared

Lemonade Wars

One-on-One Private Elementary Math Tutor Ongoing

Let's Do Special Effects Makeup, Jr. MUAs

SFX Camp: Special Effects Makeup Camp, Jr. MUAs

Basic Spanish with Fairytales | FLEX

All About Ocean Animals Camp (Age 7-12)

Chemistry 9-Week Course w/ Lab Experiments | (Part 3 of 4) Semester Course | w/ Report Card

LIVE Online Art Class: Drawing Bubble Letters

Ongoing Math Tutoring - Choose Your Topic - 2 To 8 Grades

Animal Crossing: Weekly Social Gaming Club

Summer Camp = SCIENCE = Chemistry (3 of 7) - Physical & Chemical Properties [2 Weeks Long]

Summer Camp = SCIENCE = Chemistry (2 of 7) - Moles to Chemical Equations [2 Weeks Long]

Social Skills- B for Bossy! Learning About Compromise and Not Being Bossy

Multiplication (1 - 6's Times Tables) Find The Imposter Team Game

X-15 A Hypersonic Rocket Powered Experimental Aircraft

My Sports Highlight Movie: Make Your Own Skills Video

Pirates Don't Change Diapers: Reading, Speaking, and Listening Comprehension

Daily Piano Lessons With Ms. Bri (5 Day)

Stress Free Weekly Chess Club: Play and Develop Executive Functioning Skills

Earth Science -Middle School Full Year Earth Science & Geology Class With Labs!

Find Your Dream Career Through Career Exploration (Flex)

Prepare for Third Grade Math Camp!- Second Grade Review

Fashion History for the Budding Designer

How Do I Pay for College? Flex

Mondo Brain Extended "Modded" Among Us Weekly Gaming Club! (PC Only)

Become a Chess Pro: Champion Level Lessons

Read With Confidence - Language Arts Tutoring for Teens

Customized 1-on-1 Tutoring With a Certified Math Teacher (4th - 7th Grade)

Voice Acting Workshop: Fall Session

Weekly Word Problem Club

Let's Do Fantasy Cosplay Makeup, Ambassador MUAs

Art With Miss Una: Create and Play With Dough #Creative (Flexible Art Class)!

Pawprints of History 2 - The Second Wag

Brain Games: Fun Activities to Exercise Your Brain and Lower Your Brain Age Flex

Dynamic Descriptions: Taking Writing From ‘Fine’ to ‘Fab’

Mastering Persuasive Writing for High Schoolers

Master Persuasive Writing (8 - 12 Years)

"Not Quite Narwhal": A Fun Read Aloud and Exploring the Problem & Solution

Pet Portrait Painting Project: Learn to Draw on an Ipad (Using Procreate)

Aye, Ye Want to Be a Pirate? Reading Comprehension Class

Unveiling Timeless Tales: Classics Reimagined Through Graphic Novels

FLEX Beginning French (15-18)

Improve Your Writing: Write Better Sentences and How to Use Punctuation.

Autistic Color and Chat Ages 11-13

Autistic Color and Chat Ages 6-10

Ancient Giant Sloth as Big as an African Elephant & Sloths of Today.

Cold Process Soap Making (FLEX - High School Chemistry Application)

Hypsilophodon. Most Successful Dinosaur & Has Many Mixed Teeth Shapes

The Forgotten Heroines: Women's Remarkable Contributions in the Civil War

Credit & Debt Management:What is a Good Credit Score & How To Be Debt Free? Flex

Let's Roll With 1st Grade Sight Words

Prepare for Fourth Grade Math Camp! -Third Grade Curriculum

Courage Camp! A 3-Time Class About Dealing with Fear and Worries

Crafts and Fun - Glass Gem Magnet Class!

Lego Ninjago Drawing - Kai (One Time)

Teens Bake Classic French Desserts FLEX

Kindergarten Circle Time Fun: Full Year Curriculum Multi-Day - Month 9

Kindergarten Circle Time Fun: Full Year Curriculum Multi-Day - Month 8

Kindergarten Circle Time Fun: Full Year Curriculum Multi-Day - Month 7

Kindergarten Circle Time Fun: Full Year Curriculum Multi-Day - Month 6

A Book Club for Writers: Spilling Ink

Beginning Reading Flex Class: Decoding Long Vowels

Draw HTTYD Dragons Thunder Drum, Snafflefang, Hobble Grunt, Triple Stryke FLEX 6

Let's Hang Out and Talk About Video Games: A Social Club (Ongoing)

Handwriting Without Tears: Learn to Write the Alphabet With Me!

Teens Cook French Classic Dishes FLEX

Master the Facts! Multiplication Basic Facts & Times Tables ~ Tips, Tricks & Memorization Strategies

Summer Camp = SCIENCE = Chemistry (1 of 7) - Atoms to Molecules [2 Weeks Long]

*Art Immersion 3 Flex- The More Art the Better! Ages 13-16

*Art Immersion 3 Flex- The More Art the Better! Ages 8-12

*Art Immersion 3 Flex- The More Art the Better! Ages 6-10

English Conversational Practice Course With a Certified ESL Teacher!

Fifth (5th) Grade Science

High School Term Paper Writing: History

Code Breakers Club: Fun With Grammar Symbols

ASL Christmas Signs

Be You & Become a Better Writer: Poetry Writing, 8-Week Course

Let's Do Fantasy Cosplay Makeup, Jr. MUAs

Writing Series: The Importance of Verb Selection

Fair Foods: Lemon Shake Ups!

Beginning Reading Flex Class: Decode Short Vowels Words

Special Education Sports Talk - (ADHD, Autism, Anxiety, etc.) Ages 8-13

Zoology of Minecraft: Romping Rabbits! (Ages 13-18)

Zoology of Minecraft: Mischievous Mountain Goats! (Ages 13-18)

I Love Animals Club: Reptiles and Amphibians Edition

Zoology of Minecraft: Mischievous Mountain Goats! (Ages 7-12)

Fair Foods: Homemade Funnel Cake! (9-12)

Full Introduction to Drawing a Human Face in Anime and Realistic Drawing - FLEX

Seasonal Genre Writing: Personal Narrative, Opinion, Informational, and Creative Writing

Art: Let’s Draw a Robot Step-By-Step!

Let's Practice Speaking English! A Beginning ESL Conversation Class

Legendary: Frida Kahlo~ Draw, Learn & Have Fun!

ESL Camp: Read and Speak English ( Beginner to Intermediate Level )

Skills for Success: What Do Millionaires Have in Common?

Pre-Algebra Semester 1 - That Was Easy! (7th/8th Grade) With Certified Math Teacher

Certified Math Teacher: 5th Grade Math Review

High School Government Session 2 - Legislative Branch Focus

Private Tutoring in Math: For Students With ADHD, Dysgraphia, Dyslexia (Grades 3-6)

Teens Bake: Custards and Creams FLEX

Percy Jackson Speech and Debate Club for Intermediate Students

Private Lessons for English Reading: Have Fun Reading in This One-On-One Class!

Division Aces

Christmas Party! Holiday Mad Libs, Would You Rather, Caroling, and More.

Moon Painting: Watercolor Art

Phonics With Blend Ladders: Intensive Phonics Tutoring for Kids 3-8 - Ongoing

Summer Landscape Painting: Watercolor Art

Bass Guitar Club! Play Popular Riffs on the Bass Guitar With Friends

Multiplication Masters

Beginning Violin for Young Beginners 1

Weekly Individual Flute and/or Piccolo Lessons. (60 Min)

Sketchbook Drawing: Art Club!

Sharks 102

LIVE Online Art Class: Shading With Colored Pencils

LIVE Online Art Class: Word Art - Positive Words With Decorative Lettering

Sharks 101

News Media Literacy Discussion with a Focus on Historical Connections

Social Skills for Teens: How to Have Amazing Conversations!

Good Character 102; Strengthening Our Social Emotional Skills! 3-Day Course

7th Grade Language Arts: Part 2 (Flexible Schedule)

Life Skills With Virtues Camp (Age 7-12)

Learn the National Anthem in ASL (American Sign Language)

Summer Fun Art - Watercolor Beach Painting

Conversational Spanish- Level 2

Roblox Adopt Me! Trade and Chat

Private Audition Prep & Performance Coaching-30 Mins

The Critter Club Book Club!

Passion Four Pawz: Trick Training for Old and New Dogs!

Bilingual Chinese & English Storytime - Little Mouse Play on a Swing 小老鼠荡秋千

Beginner's Spanish for Kindergarten and Pre-K Kiddos!

Bilingual Chinese & English Storytime - Little Mouse Series 可爱的鼠小弟 Ongoing

Primus Summer Camp: Dinosaurs with Daily Projects Mini Camp

Primus Science Class: Paleontology & Fossils! With REAL Dinosaur Fossils

Human Body Art and Science Club

Reading Can Be Puzzling: Long Vowel Spelling Rules, Phonics, and Digraphs | ELA

Exciting Marvel Jeopardy!

Creative Nature Club

Roblox Murder Mystery 2: Let's Play, Trade and Make Friends!

Certified Math Teacher: 1-On-1 Tutoring (4th - Algebra 1)

USA Geography Club- 50 States Studies-Capitals,Maps,Flags,Sights, National Parks

Have Fun With Optical Illusion Art! - Camp

Reading and Math Skills Grades 1-3: One-On-One Tutoring Sessions

Roblox Build a Boat for Treasure Gaming Class

The Amazing Great White Shark!

The Amazing Whale Shark!

World Geography Countries Study Club-Continents, Oceans, Cultures,Capitals,Flags

Waldorf Fairy and Mermaid Reading Class

Bob Books Advancing Beginner Reading Skills Class: Set 2

A Penny Saved, Is a Penny Learned!!!

Animal Adventure Club: Travel to Faraway Seas, Meet Animals & Make Art!

Quick, Low-Pressure Beginning Spanish Lessons with Stories and Games (Ages 7-10)

Animal Trivia | Test Your Knowledge & Learn Amazing Animal Facts | Ages 8-11

Writing with Structure and Style (IEW Units 1-4)

Drawing the Western Hemisphere Historic Journeys of the Conquerors

Writing for Middle Schoolers- (IEW Units 1-5 Level B)

Amazing Animals Club

Adventure in the Land of Sweets With Tchaikovsky's Music & Craft: Pre-K-2Nd Gr

Weekly Ongoing Painting Club

Digital Art: Sunset Seascape

Social Club: Current Events in Business and Stock Market

Ancient Egypt - Hieroglyphs, Mummies, Gods, and Curses - FLEX

"Anger Management For Kids - What Else Can Anger Be? #5"

Elementary Book Club and Round Table 2

Reading Tutoring 1:1 - Fluency Read to Me

Draw the Statue of Liberty: Let's Celebrate the USA!

Have Fun Speaking German! Different Topic Every Week

Beginning Spanish with Games and Stories - Lessons 9-16 (Flex Version)

Baking: Chocolate Chip Cookies

Be Vocabulary Wise With Wordly Wise Grade Two Part Two

Romeo and Juliet: Why Do We Still Read This Play?

Music & Movement in Chinese for the Beginner - Intermediate Learner -唱唱跳跳学中文

Magic Behind Marketing: Advertising, Is it Real, & YouTube Influencers Flex

5th Grade Winter I Math | We Can All Be Mathematicians! Q2

5th Grade Fall Quarter Math | We Can All Be Mathematicians! Q1

Let's Learn Japanese 1.4: Everyday Activities

Explore Science: Full Science Curriculum 2nd Grade - 1st Semester

Brushing up on Reading Skills With the Magic Treehouse Stories Ages 7-10

History of the United States Secret Service

Military Strategies and Tactics 101

Military Theory 101

Yes, I Speak French - 1-To-1 Ongoing Class (4-9 YO) (Tutor)

2nd Grade Fall Quarter Math | We Can All Be Mathematicians! Q1

How to Draw! Ultimate Comics Drawing Class for Fans of Comics & Graphic Novels

Gacha Social Gaming Club- Create and Share With Friends

One-On-One Private Piano Lessons

How Airplanes Fly - Forces of Flight, Games, and Paper Airplanes

Order of Operations and Exponents

Class MINI: Reading Comprehension Strategies 6th/7th Gr Reading Levels Age 11-14

Wayside School Book Club: Book #3 - Wayside School Gets a Little Stranger

Wayside School Book Club: Book #2 - Wayside School is Falling Down

Wayside School Book Club: Book #1 - Sideways Stories From Wayside School

The Elegant Essay: Crafting Descriptive and Narrative Essays for Power and Punch

Bonjour Mes Amis (Hello My Friends) 3 day French Summer Camp in France (4-7s)

Middle School Math and Logic: Factors, Multiples, Surface Area, and Geometry

Area & Perimeter Math Mystery - The Case of the Class Pet Pen Problem

Ongoing Adventures (Continent Series #3)(An Unofficial Druidawn® Adventure)

Saxon Math Algebra 1/2 Semester 1 Flex

Discover Ruth Bader Ginsburg Flex

Babysitting Like a Pro FLEX: Learn To Become A Super Sitter At Your Own Pace

Godzilla and His 20 Powers

Virtual Recital: a Talent Showcase for Performers or Audience Members!

ASL 1 - Beginners American Sign Language Spring Class (Ages 7-11)

ASL 1 - Beginners American Sign Language Spring Twice-A-Week Class (Ages 7-11)

ASL 1 - Beginners American Sign Language Spring Class (Ages 12-17)

ASL 2 - Intermediate American Sign Language Fall Class (Ages 7-11)

ASL 3 - Advanced American Sign Language Class (Ages 12-17)

ASL 2 - Intermediate American Sign Language Spring Class (Ages 12-17)

ASL 2 - Intermediate American Sign Language Spring Class (Ages 7-11)

Master Algebra 1 Full Curriculum in 5 Weeks Winter Camp | Self Paced-Flex Class

Martinez Money Message: Financial Literacy Semester Class for Middle School Flex

Martinez Money Message: Financial Literacy Semester Class for High School (Flex)

Poetry Explorers: Reading and Writing a Variety of Poetry

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