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New Classes on Outschool 2021-07-04

There are 216 new classes on Outschool the week of July 4, 2021 to July 10, 2021.

Be You & Become a Better Writer: Personal Narratives 1 Writing Camp

Crochet Intermediate Class

Crochet Beginners Class

Plagues of the Ancient World

Let's Learn Spanish Playing Blooket Part 2!!

Mandarin Math Game Club (Grade 1 Singapore Approach) 小一中文数学游戏

"Social Scenarios for School"

Weekly Math Class for 3rd and 4th Grades

Kindergarten - 2nd Grade Sign Language / ASL Class (Ongoing)

Geography Class- Let's Travel to Turkey!

Let's Do Special Effects Makeup, Ambassador MUAs

SFX Camp: Special Effects Makeup Camp, Ambassador MUAs

Peaceful Heart Mindfulness Meditation - Releasing Stress & Anxiety - One on One

Target Your Grammar With Fix It Robin Hood IEW Book 3 (Weeks 1-16)

Acoustic Guitar for Beginners : Learning the Basics!

Conservation Biology - Saving Our Planet's Species

Intermediate Guitar: Learn to Play "Good Riddance" by Green Day

Interesting and Unique Animals of Earth

Private French Classes

Make Friends and Learn About Verbs

Ongoing English Writing Practise (Kids)

Reading Comprehension - Skills for Life (9-11 Years)

Octonauts Show and Tell

Gingerbread Horse Treats Gift in a Jar

Super Math Strategies: Individualized Tutoring

Make A Monster and Marvelous Monster Stories: Prek Learning With Ms. Liz

Chicken Muffins Gift in a Jar

Let's Learn Science: Ongoing Course

3rd Grade English Language Arts: Complete Curriculum of Third Grade ELA

Learning to Love Shakespeare: Romeo & Juliet

10th 11th & 12th Grade English Strategies & Drills: Grammar Writing & Reading

Who Is? Who Was? Whohq Book Series Book Club With Writing and/or Art Project

Precalculus Semester 2 Flex Class

Creating Super Sentences: Writing for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Grades

Karate for Preschoolers! (Ongoing)

Mathletes 4th Grade Math Full Curriculum Class With a Licensed Teacher (2x)

Horror Movies Film Studies Part 2

Crafting and History of Native American Corn Husk Doll & Hand Game

Crazy for Science! – STEM / STEAM Experiments

Private Piano Lessons (Teen)

Blackout Poetry Creative Writing Class

Money Savvy (Pre)Teens: Weekly Finance & Money Management

You Are Awesome! Let's Chat About Adjectives

Strike Like A Ninja - Karate Workout!

Let's Draw Kawaii Cats!

Persuasive Writing Pros Advanced (Upper Elementary/Middle School Students)

Dungeons and Dragons Minecraft: Mysterious Figure Returns

Journey Through the Water Cycle and STEM Project.

1-on-1 Pre-K and Kindergarten Tutoring | ESL

Equivalent Fractions Made Easy

Kahoot: Wizarding World (H.P.)

7th, 8th, & 9th Grade Math Drills & Exam Prep: Algebra Geometry Advanced Math

A Toy Story Escape Room Caper

Essay Writing Practice: Class ONE

Older Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild Social Club (Ages 9-14)

Creating Fiction: An Interactive Minecraft Writing Class

Persuasive Writing Pros Beginner (Younger Elementary)

Flight School 101 - Get Ready for Takeoff - Gaining a Licence to Fly!

Chemistry: Chemical Bonds

A Journey to Saturn: The Ringed Planet

Let's Go Add: Halloween Addition Within 20

Essential Math Strategies: Multiplication and Division Strategies

7 Habits of Happy Kids

All Year Super Science with Ms. Kristy for Little Scientists- Kindergarten

4th Grade Learning Pod Full Curriculum: Reading, Writing, Phonics & Math!

Among Us in French (One-Time)

Introduction to Art Journaling-4 Day Camp

Tea Lesson & Party With American Girl Felicity

Private Reading Tutoring Session | Ongoing

1st & 2nd Grade Mystery Math: Case of the Cursed School Supplies

Little Chefs Cooking Club and Home Economics: Mexican Street Food Chilaquiles

Epic Pokemon Spring Break Camp!

Ancient Empires: The Kingdoms of Africa and the Byzantines

A Christmas Carol Book Club

English Conversation Club: Intermediate Level ESL/EFL for Teens

Private One-on-One Tutoring: English and Writing for Kids

Do You Want to Make a Snowflake? Join Me for Social Time and Snowflake Creation!

What Is a Rainbow? What Is a Prism? Let's Create! (Ages 4-7)

(Don't) Scrap It! Turn Your Scraps Into an Artistic Masterpiece (Ages 5-7)

Women's History: Yashka & the Battalion of Death

Women's History: Annie Kenney & the Suffragettes

The Tudor Dynasty: Henry VIII and His Six Wives

History of the Labor Day Holiday in the United States

History of Halloween

History of the Star Spangled Banner

Uke Fun 101: Group Ukulele Classes for Beginners

Animal Research Project Camp (Research, Public Speaking, Google / Powerpoint)

All About Yorkies

Green Belt Level One

Wings of Fire Character Conversations Kahoot! Club

2nd Grade Full Curriculum: Reading, Writing, Phonics & Math Meets 4X/Week Learning Pod!

Private One-on-One Tutoring: English and Writing for Teens

Fright Fans Book Club: Goosebumps Series

Circle Time 5x a Week With Mrs. Casey!

Circle Time 3x a Week With Mrs. Casey

Ask an Autistic Ages 9-13

Ask an Autistic Ages 13-18

Private One-on-One Spanish Tutoring (Kids)

Japanese for Beginners: Part 2 (Ages 13-17) (Multi-Day)

Japanese for Beginners: Part 2 (Ages 8-12) (Multi-Day)

Unreal Game Design and Coding: Level 0 (Intro Class)

WWII History: Summer Camp! D-Day! The Allied Invasion of Normandy in World War 2 - World War Two - WW2

Private One-on-One Spanish Tutoring (Teens)

Self Esteem & Care. Accept What You Can/Cannot Control Stress Anxiety & Anger

Pro-Social Skills for Learners Ages 9-12

Horse Treat Baking Club

Beginner Voice Lessons: Build Confidence as a Singer (8 Week Singing Workshop)

Let's Play Minecraft Together - JAVA Edition - Minecraft Social! (Ongoing) - (1)

Animal Farm: An Interactive Minecraft Novel Study

1:1 Karate Lessons With Sensei Helena!

Private Violin or Viola Lesson With Dr. Ana Maria, Doctor of Musical Arts

Master Algebra 1 Using Math-U-See (Part 2: Lessons 16-35)

Master Algebra 1 Using Math-U-See (Part 1:Lessons 1-15)

Dance It: Zumba Kids Age 7-12

Elementary Writing 1-On-1 Private Tutoring

Draw a Realistic Kitty Cat ~ Learn Step-By-Step Drawing Skills & Techniques

Private Orton Gillingham Tutoring

Slavic Folklore: Stories of Baba Yaga

Life Skills Toolbox Series: Listening (7-10 Year Olds)

Life Skills Toolbox Series: Listening (4-6 Year Olds)

Life Skills Toolbox Series: Perseverance (7-10 Year Olds)

Life Skills Toolbox Series: MINDFULNESS (7-10 Year Olds)

Life Skills Toolbox Series: GRATITUDE (7-10 Year Olds)

Life Skills Toolbox Series: RESPONSIBILITY (7-10 Year Olds)

Fun Animal Drawing Club - Animals Around the World (Ongoing)

Namaste — Morning Workout and Yoga

Multiplying and Dividing Fractions

Afterschool Weekly Social Homeroom for Tweens - Friends, Games and Fun Time!

Animal Crossing Drawing, Trivia & Trading Club! A Drawfully Fun Draw with Me Series!

Little Dreamers Character Art: Drawing With Numbers - 20

Pokémon Trainer Club for Little Dreamers

Tutoring: One-On-One Kindergarten-1st Grade Literacy and Math Skills

Be a Scientist: Design and Conduct Your Own Research

Let's Explore the 7 Continents! Kindergarten, First Grade, Second Grade

Draw Minecraft Animals! | Art and Drawing Class for Minecraft Fans

Bring Home the Gold

Exercise Your Way to the Top- A Virtual Mountain Climbing Adventure

Folklore and History of Halloween

Canadian History: Part 1

Montessori Social Studies Club

Weekly Board Game Club: Executive Functioning & Social Skills Through Games

Let's Roll With 3rd Grade Sight Words

Pokémon Chemistry: Acids and Bases

Sauroposeidon. 55 Feet Tall Makes Him the Tallest Dinosaur Ever

Professional Art Portfolio Creation

Adventures in an Airport- Explore Winnipeg Airport With Me!

One-on-One Math Tutoring for 1st Through 8th Grade (45 Minute Session)

Read for Fun! Book Discussion Club: Make Friends and Talk About Books

Mixed Multiplication Masters

Talk, Talk, Talk: ESL One-To-One Lessons (Ongoing Class)

Let's Roll With 2nd Grade Sight Words

Creative Book Writing for Young Writers Who Struggle With Writing

Plesiosaurus. Ancient Prehistoric Sea Monster of Dinosaur Days.

Beginner Series: Dance and Creative Movement

Let's Practice Our Writing and Make It Fun!

Veni, Vidi, Vici: Beginners Level Latin & Intro to Ancient Rome (Part Four)

Music History: The Lives and Works of History's Most Famous Composers

Middle School English: Classic Literature Semester

Cleopatra VII Intelligent & Intriguing Last Queen of Egypt Great Leaders Series

Draw & Color / Paint Wings of Fire Inspired Dragons ~ Course #7

Labor Day Painting Fun-Flag and Tree Painting

Venus, the Hottest Planet in the Solar System

Homeschool Third Grade 3rd Grade Full Curriculum All Year POD Blooket

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: Amiibo Tournament (Nintendo Switch)

Let's Improve at Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (Coaching Club)

Marvel Movie Trivia Challenge and Community Hangout

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Tournament (Nintendo Switch Esports)

Let's Play Mario Kart 8 Tournament and Build a Community of Racers

Pokemon Trivia Club and Community Hangout (Scarlet & Violet, Cards and More!)

Pokemon Cards (TCG) - Let's Pokemon Battle a Gigantamax Raid Boss Pokemon!

1-on-1 Private Math Tutoring, 4th - 6Th Grade (45 Min.)

3rd Grade Math Full Curriculum Summer Camp Readiness

Stay Ahead of the Game! Core Math Tutoring to Support Upper Elementary Students!

Biology Advanced Vet /Veterinary Science 6 Terminology Diagnostic Imaging(13-17)

Lego Ninjago Drawing: Lloyd

Korean for Beginners Part 1 (Self Paced Ages 12-16)

Little Dreamers Character Art: Duck Tales Drawing (One Time) - Louie

Little Dreamers Character Art: Drawing W/ Numbers - 9

Little Dreamers Character Art: Drawing W/ Numbers - 11

Let's Learn Science: Pre K Ongoing Course Full Curriculum

Automotive Fluid Level Checks

Biology Advanced Vet / Veterinary Science 6 Terminology Diagnostic Imaging(8-12)

Five Star Sentence Writing Camp for Beginners (Kindergarten & 1st Grade Writing

The Play's the Thing: Shakespeare's Hamlet

American Sign Language (ASL) FUN-AGE 6-11 -Advanced-Part 2 of 3

Disney Pre-K Circle Time: ABC's, Numbers, Colors & More!

2nd Gr. (Adv. 1st) Social Studies Core Curriculum Stand. Homeschool (Year Long)

1:1 Academic or Creative Writing Workshop

Little Dreamers Cartoon Marathon: 2 In 1 Drawing - Bingo & Bandit

Fun Gardening Class for Ages 8-12

Little Dreamers Cartoon Marathon: 2 In 1 Drawing - Spongebob & Patrick

Little Dreamers Cartoon Marathon: 2 In 1 Drawing - Duck Tales

Little Dreamers Character Art: Drawing W/ Numbers - 2

4th Grade Math Full Curriculum Summer Camp Readiness


Let's Learn English! ESL EFL TESOL Private Tutoring With Teacher Lisa

5th - 6th Grade: A Small Group Reading Course; Literature for Middle School Prep

Fun and Engaging Private Reading Tutoring (Ongoing)

What Was the Cold War?

Stranger Things Escape Room - Hawkins Lab

Book Club: Fantastic Mr. Fox by Roald Dahl

Art Class for Creative Teens Part 3: Drawing, Painting and Creative Thinking

1-on-1 Personalized Math Tutoring With a Math Specialist - Grade 1 to Grade 8

Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock! What Time Is on the Clock? Camp for Learning to Tell Time

Etiquette, Manners, Social Skills, Oh My! - 3-Week Camp

1:1 Reading Comprehension, Writing, and ELA Private Class ~ with Mrs. Christine

Art: Let’s Draw a Dragon!

Halloween Drawing Class: Hocus Pocus Sanderson Sisters

Prints + Patterns for Aspiring Fashion/Interior Designers (4-Wk Course)

Kindergarten to Second Grade Semester Maths Curriculum With Certified Teacher

Paleontologist Summer Quest Camp

Phonics for Reading, Writing, and Spelling-Level C: "Ahoy! A Pirate Tale" (Special Story Class) Advanced K, 1st, 2nd, 3rd Grade. Ages 5,6,7,8. (Decoding, Fluency, and Reading Comprehension)

Ballet 2 Ages 9- 13

One on One Spanish Tutoring Fun

Spanish Fun for Little Ones

Spanish Conversations for Beginners

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