New Classes on Outschool 2023-01-22

There are 363 new classes on Outschool the week of January 22, 2023 to January 28, 2023.

Baking Class: S'mores Mug Cake

Baking Class: Chocolate Donut in a Mug!

Baking Class: Double Chocolate Mug Cake

Baking Class: Peanut Butter & Brownie Mug Dessert

1:1 Private EFL English Tutoring With Certified English Teacher!

Baking Class: Chocolate Chip Cookie in a Mug!

Build a Paragraph - Creative Narrative

Baking Class: Blueberry Muffin Mug!

Baking Class: Unicorn Mug Cake

Baking Class: Cookie Mug Cake

1:1 Reading Comprehension, Writing, and ELA Class (50min) ~ with Mrs. Christine

Magical World of Happy Feet (Irish Dance Basics) Flexible Schedule

Baking Class: Hot Cocoa Mug Cake

Baking Class: Rocky Road Mug Cake

St. Patrick's Day Mug Cake Baking Class

Baking: St. Patrick's Day Lucky Charms Treats

Primus Science Preschool: Rainbows + a Rainbow Science Project Drop-In Class

History Explored: The Salem Witch Trials for Middle Schoolers

History Help in American, Government & World History

Understanding Time! Weekly Practice ~ Let's Learn to Tell Time! Fun & Supportive

Creative Writing, Drawing and Thinking "What If?" Questions

Graphing Class for Linear Equations and Slope for Algebra 1 and Algebra 2

One-On-One Algebra I Tutoring - Making Math Fun!

One-On-One Pre-Algebra Tutoring - Making Math Fun!

(ESL) (1-on-1) NFL: Choose Your Team - Football Talk

(ESL) (1-On-1) Soccer: Players Around the World - Soccer Talk

D&D Shadows of the Dragon Queen w/ DM Jingleheimer

Kindergarten Circle Time: Letters, Phonics, Sight Words and More! (3x/Week)

Avatar Legends the Role Playing Game Learn to Play Beginner Friendly Airbender

One-On-One Math Tutoring - Kinder Through 6th Grade

Ascend the Wizard's Spire - A Zany Fantasy RPG Based on Dungeons and Dragons

Build a Paragraph - Personal Narrative

Build a Paragraph - Expository

The Art of Beauty - Make Your Own Bath Salts, Oils, & More!

Biology Lab Essentials: Dissection Alternative, Practice & Preparation

[Thai Language Bootcamp] Let's Make an Origami Thai Lotus ดอกบัว!

The Breakfast Kitchen: A Cooking and Baking Flex Class C

The Breakfast Kitchen: A Cooking and Baking Flex Class B

The Breakfast Kitchen: A Cooking and Baking Flex Class A

FLEX: Interior Design Rooms for A Home 101: Project Class

Little Book Lovers: 2nd Grade Language Arts Class

Let's Paint Sail Boat in Acrylics for Ages 6-11

FLEX: Interior Design 101: Learn the Key Elements in Designing Interior Spaces

Yorkie Dog in Acrylics for Ages: 8-12

Music Rhythm, Counting, and Theory: Rhythm Cups Stage 1 Ages 8-11

6th Grade Math Unit 3 (Expressions, Equations and Inequalities)

8-Week Pencil Sketching Art Series - Level 1 Animal Drawing: Beginners Fundamentals

1:1 Individual Reading Class!

First Grade Weekly Circle- Fun Reading, Math, and Socializing! 1X Week

Virtual Marine Expedition: Layers of the Ocean!

Algebra 1 - Ongoing Math Support

Civil Rights Activists: Let's Write a Research Report Together

FLEX Unleash the Power of Writing for World-Changing Research Papers!

Beginning Reading With Ms. Whitney-Build Reading Confidence!

Let's Travel Europe Together, Part 2, Learn World Geography, Culture, Food (FLEX)

Beginning Spanish: An Introduction to Spanish Speaking Skills

Private Phonics Course-Long & Short Vowels & CVC Words (TEFL Certified Teacher)

Girls Weekly Coding Club: Learn, Create, and Connect With Scratch!

How to Draw & Paint a Spring Robin - Watercolour Art Class + Fun Bird Facts!

How to Paint a Realistic Cat in Glasses - Watercolour Project + Fun Cat Facts!

Biology of Animals Lab Intensive: Anatomy & Dissection Alternatives (Extended)

Kindergarten in Miss Anna's Classroom: Small-Group Reading, Writing, Phonics

One Week Math Challenge: Understanding Long Division (Flexible Schedule)

The Young Feminists Club: A Social Justice Club for Youth of All Genders (12-14)

Learning Time! Weekly Math Concepts!

Acting for Teens Six Week Acting Course

Scratch 3.0 - Pokemon Intermediate Level Game Designing and Creation

An Interactive Guide to Shakespeare's "Macbeth"

IEW Ancient History Writing for Upper Grade Students Semester 1 With Literature

IEW Ancient History Writing for Upper Grade Students Semester 2 With Literature

Study Skills: SQ3RC- Survey, Question, Read, Recite, Review, and Connect

RPG Kids on Bikes: The House on Poplar Court (Beginners Level)

Stranger Things Discussion

6Th and 7th Grade Writing Flex Class: Writing Essays

Preschool Playtime Circle at Miss Anna's House

1:1 Private Psychology Class

Learners With Chronic Illnesses Social Group

Superstars Club! Weekly Small Group Acting Lessons for Kids (Ages 7-12)

Let's Get Ready for : Songwriter Open Stage (Ages 13-18) Block of 8 Sessions

Chemistry 1:1 Tutoring

Build a Paragraph - Opinion

Build a Paragraph - Compare and Contrast

Paint Hot Air Balloons in Acrylics for Ages 8-12

Foundations of Neuroscience - Private Enrichment Class

The Middle School Writer's Toolbox

Coding With Python for Beginners (Weekly/Ongoing)

Private Reading Tutoring 1.1 Ages 4-7 With Teacher Dianne

Summer Reading Book Club

Machine Learning Algorithms With Tensorflow (Python Level 5)

High School Geometry, Full Curriculum, by a Licensed Math Teacher

Beginner Reader Phonics Skills With Yummy Cake!

You Got This! Adding, Subtracting, Multiplying and Dividing Fractions

1st And 2nd Grade Science- Interactive Learning: Full Curriculum Quarter 4

High School Essay Writing: The Preparation Step- Topic, Research, Thesis, & Outline

Beginner Piano Lessons Class for Homeschooled Teens (Age 13-18)

Cosmetologists of the Future Social Club

20 Minute Dance, Move and Stretch!

Blender Basics - Weekly Practice

Cosmetologists of the Future Social Club

Read, Learn and Craft - Valentine Edition

Self Paced (Part B1) - FLEX Piano Lessons #5-9

The Mandalorian - Intro to Film Analysis Ages 13-18

The Mandalorian - Intro to Film Analysis Ages 8-12

Crochet Snake for Beginners! Cute Amigurumi Snake - Beginner Friendly

Cool Chess! Intermediate 2 Lesson 3-- Open & Closed Positions!

Dog Paws - Valentine Dalmatian - Drawing Dogs Marker (Inking) Art Project!

Ballet Class: Ballet II (Beginner-Intermediate Ballet) for Boys & Girls Between Levels!

(FLEX) Private Literacy Tutor Lesson TWO: Beverly Cleary’s ‘Henry and Beezus’

Philosophy 101 Academic Series: Being a Kid Philosopher Part 1 (Ages 9-12)

ABC, Read, Write and Draw With Me! Monday/Thursday Class

Ye Olde Tyme Dungeon Crawl #4 (An Unofficial Druidawn® Sidekick Adventure)

Let's Draw Jungle Animals! Pre-K & Kindergarten

6th Grade Eureka Math Companion Class (Module 6, Line Plots and Box Plots)

K Club: A Kids Club for Practicing Social Skills & Making Friends

FLEX Mastering Canva Like A Pro How to Edit Photos Videos ADHD Friendly 5W3

6th Grade Eureka Math Companion Class (Module 5, Geometry)

6th Grade Eureka Math Companion Class (Module 4, Expressions and Equations)

Multiplication Practice With Minecraft Builds, Games, Activities Fun Math FLEX

Sports Physiology and Anatomy for Teens

SAT Math Exam Preparation Topic : Exponential Growth and Decay

Weekly Beginner Fashion Drawing Art Class!

Minecraft Java Creative Builders Social Club for Tweens (Ages 8-12)

Latin 2 (Class 1): The Perfect Active System, Translations, & Pliny the Younger

It's Possible: Developing Self-Confidence & Skills to Be a Leader (FLEX)

Pop-Up Slumber Party and Social!

Phonics Fun: Learn to Read, Write, and Spell CVC Words - ESL Friendly

Interactive Irish Story Time

Ukulele Workshop- Tips & Tricks for Playing and Better Chord Changes

Make Your Own Heart! Card

Elementary Math Club

1:1 Math Tutoring and Homework Help (55 Minutes)

African History 3 of 8: Classical Civilizations And Ancient Civilizations in Africa

Watercolors for Beginners: Around the World! (Once a Week/Homeschool)

L. Talking About Feelings in Chinese - Little Friends

I Can Name That European Country! Use Mnemonic to Learn Europe Geography FLEX

Special Education | Adaptive & Inclusive Ballet | Ages 3-7

6th Grade Eureka Math Companion Class (Module 1, Ratios, Unit Rates, and Percents)

Beginner Ukulele Lessons With Shay M

CAD Engineering Design With Fusion 360 - Level 2 - FLEX

Would You Rather? - Opinion Paragraph Writing

Basics of Drawing-Art Elements -Graphite Art Techniques-Visual Art for Beginners

English Phonics Course- Let's Learn Long & Short Vowel Sounds & CVC Words

Minigame Design in Roblox With Mr. Phelixx!

Beginner Brazilian Portuguese for Young Learners (Part 2)

Story Time Craftivity Adventure With a Focus on Reading Comprehension

FLEX Semester 1 Project-Based Learning Scratch Coding

Conversation & Social Skills

You Got This! One on One Math Tutoring by Credentialed Teacher ONGOING 55 minute

6th Grade Math Chapter 10 (Displaying Data)

Welcome to French: Intermediate Beginners I

6th Grade Math Chapter 9 (Statistics)

Roblox Fan Discussion Club

Writing Effective Sentences & Paragraphs: Building Strong Foundations in Writing

1:1 Italian With Juliana

Beginner Brazilian Portuguese for Young Learners (Part 1)

Let's Speak Russian (Conversation and Games)

Essay Writing With the 4 Square Method for Beginners PART 3 English

Gemstone, Crystal & Mineral Dragons! Creative Polymer Clay Art Sculpting (14-18)

St. Patrick's Day Watercolor Party!

*Crochet Project Based Learning- Crayon Stuffie - Beginner Level 2 Flex Class

*Crochet Project Based Learning- Crayon Stuffie - Beginner Level 2 Flex Class

Moving "Write" Along (Part 2) - Increasing Confidence and Creativity in Writing

Moving "Write" Along (Part 1) - Increasing Confidence and Creativity in Writing

Slay Pre-Algebra: Learn the Foundations for Algebra

Let’s Get It Write (Part 2)-A Writing Class for Reluctant & Overwhelmed Writers

Everything You Need to Know About Watercolour!

The Journeys We Take- 6 Week Literature Study and Creative Writing Unit

Social Studies for Elementary Students US History an Ongoing Class

Sheet Pan Science Experiments With Miss Erin

Let's Get It Write (Part 1)-A Writing Class for Reluctant & Overwhelmed Writers

Dragonbane RPG: Mirth and Mayhem Role-Playing

Long Story Short: Interactive HS English

Guardians of Gahoole Book Club

Virtual Wilderness Expedition: Temperate Forests

SAT Math Exam Preparation Part 3

SAT Math Exam Preparation Part 2

Interactive French Story Time for Advanced to Native Speakers - Ongoing

Drawing and Cartooning Characters in Video Games, Movies, Anime, Comics, & Memes

Animals Around the World Course Series PART 2 Prek-1St/ESL 10-Wk FLEX Class

Flamingo's Fun - Draw With Me

Penguin Winter Games Storytime and Craft

Ocean Scene 1- Easy Drawing

Stim and Play - A Social Group for Non-Verbal Students - Ages 13-18

Stim and Play - A Social Group for Non-Verbal Students - Ages 7-12

FLEX Course: Chinese Leveled Books for Beginners - Learn About Self Introduction

Multiplication Mastery for Dyslexic Learners in 3 Classes

Social Studies: African American Hair History With Madam CJ Walker

4th Grade Multiplication Made Easy!

You Got This! One to One Math Tutoring by Credentialed Teacher Ongoing 30 Minute

FLEX Mastering Canva Like A Professional How to Edit Photos & Videos 5W1

FLEX Mastering Canva Like A Professional How to Edit Photos & Videos 5W2

Flex: Digital Art: Drawing on Procreate: Faux Watercolor Style Pets (Dog, Cats)

We Be Goblins: A Pathfinder (like D&D) Adventure for Absolute Beginners

Semi Private - Tumblers Teens - Gymnastics / Cheerleading / Acro

Crochet Circle Social Group For All Skill levels

African History: African Empires and Kingdoms 4 of 8 - TEENS

FLEX: 6th Grade Eureka Math Companion Class (Module 2)

Comprehensive Japanese Language/Culture Lower Elem. Class 8 Pt 1 (Age 13-18)

Learn the Basics to Make Amazing Games With Unity For Beginners! (Ongoing)

Absolute Beginner's Machine Sewing Camp

Interior Design Bootcamp: 4 Weeks of Design Fun (Flexible Schedule)

IEW Crash Course High School

Basics of Mandala - Beginners

Drawing Realistic People With Light & Shadow - Figure Drawing Level 3

¡Conjuguemos! 2- Spanish Irregular Verbs (Ser Estar Tener) LIVE + Extra Practice

Trolls, Text, and Treasures: The Cosmic Carnival (An RPG Club) ( #builder )

Dog Art Project Inspired by George Rodrigue

Draw a Lion by Draw So Cute

Learn the Basics to Make Amazing Games With Unity For Beginners! (4 Weeks)

Dungeons and Dragons: Tomb of Annihilation (Ages 11-13)

Violin or Viola Lessons - 10 Weeks

Math Through Music

Private Spanish Lessons & Tutoring with Señorita Rivera

Learning to Read by Blending CVC and CVCe words (Beginner Reading Skills)

Beginner/Intermediate Hip Hop Dance and Choreography

Roblox Math Tutoring: Let's Play Roblox and Practice Math at the Same Time-Lev 3

Elementary Book Discussion Club

Trolls, Text, and Treasures: The Dark Dungeon (An RPG Gaming Club) ( #builder )

Trolls, Text, and Treasures: The Monstrous Mansion (An RPG Club) ( #builder )

Pokemon Card Fan Discussion Club

Trolls, Text, and Treasures: The Haunted Pumpkin Patch(An RPG club) ( #builder )

Life Science, Earth, STEM, Animal Intelligence, Quantum Physics - Study Sheets

A Study-Current U.S .Judicial Branch, Supreme Court & Federal Courts

Big Cat Fan Discussion Club

Writing Basics for Kids 7 To 10

ESL Circle Time: Full Year of Animals — Sing, Rhyme, Play, and Color!

STAY Conversation Club -Teens (Stray Kids - Kpop)

FLEX Study Tricks Prep Test Taking Note Taking Tips Neurodiverse ADHD Teen 16W2

FLEX Flow State to Help You Study Life Skills Neurodiverse Child with ADHD 6W3

FLEX Why Video Games Are Addictive How to Avoid Gaming Addiction With ADHD 8W2

Pokemon Club: Students with Autism, ADHD, Neurodiverse Learners (ONE TIME Class)

New York City Landmark Trivia With Teacher Paro

Nancy Drew Mystery Book Club: Password to Larkspur Lane (Book 10)

Book Club: Ways to Grow Love by Renée Watson

Book Club: Ways To Make Sunshine by Renée Watson

Nancy Drew Mystery Book Club: The Sign of the Twisted Candles (Book 9)

Beginner Contemporary Dance for Teens!

Acrylic Painting 101: How to Paint Beautiful Acrylic Art Weekly Class

"Business & Entrepreneurship. Make Money Like a Business Boss”

Spring Preschool Count With Me: Counting Practice

Trolls, Text, and Treasures: The City of Monsters (An RPG Club) ( #builder )

Beginner Guitar - 8 Week Semester Class - (Ages 7-9) - FUN Group Lessons

Amazing Animals: Orca Science Facts & Directed Drawing!

Amazing Animals: Clouded Leopard Science Facts & Directed Drawing!

African History 4 of 8 - Bantu Migration

African History: Bantu Migration 3 of 8 -TEENS

Faery Club! Learn About This Mythical Creature + Fun Activities

Amazing Animals: Arctic Fox Science Facts & Directed Drawing!

1-on-1 Yoga With Meditation to Focus & De-Stress - Single Class

Pet Simulator 99 & Roblox Games Weekly Gaming Fun

Teacher Paro's Weekly Poetry Workshop (Ages 11-14)

Mindful Art for Self-Esteem and Emotional Well-Being (Teen Edition)

Music Theory Private Tutoring: 20 Minutes

Stim and Play - A Social Group for Non-Verbal Students - Ages 3-6

Pre-K Letter "B" Drawing Class. Let's Learn About This Letter.

Trolls, Text, and Treasures: The Moon Tournament (An RPG Club) ( #builder )

Statistics & Probability Bit By Bit-Part 3 of 5: Linear Regression & Correlation

Beginner Guitar - 8 Week Semester Class - (Ages 10-13) - FUN Group Lessons

Overcome Social Anxiety - Long Term Results (FLEX)

Spanish Immersion Preschool

Anxiety for Kids: 20+ Strategies for Overcoming Anxiety and Worries (Flex)

L. Talking About Feelings in Chinese - Big Kids

Minecraft Fan Discussion Club

Virtual Reality Gaming Club: Beat Saber! (Meta / Oculus Quest Headset Required)

Trolls, Text, and Treasures: The Backrooms (An RPG Gaming Club) ( #builder )

Let's Draw & Paint a Volcano, Watercolor

Weekly Private Elementary Math Tutoring

5th Grade Math FLEX: Part 4 Coordinate Plane, Data, and Order of Operations!

Trolls, Text, and Treasures: Monsters of The Deep Sea (An RPG Club) ( #builder )

Dragon Egg

My Black History Month Scrapbook: Stories of African American History

Drawing/Painting Valentine’s Day Art and Cards

Storyboarding and Comic Drawing

Fantasy Figure Drawing: Dungeons and Dragons Drawing Camp

Slime Club With Ms. Abby- Slime-Art-Kahoot

Valentine Freeze Dance Party

Trolls, Text, and Treasures: The Werewolf in the Swamp (An RPG) ( #builder )

Trolls, Text, and Treasures: Zombies in The Graveyard (An RPG) ( #builder )

Pre-K Letter "A" Drawing Class. Let's Draw and Learn About This Letter!

Trolls, Text, and Treasures: The Dragon's Egg (A Role Playing Game) ( #builder )

Fitness for You - One on One, Personalized Workouts

Escape From the National Aquarium -With Ms. Abby- Escape Room-Kahoot

Math Fact Fluency for Addition and Subtraction 1st and 2nd Grade

Art Flex Course- Learn to Weave: Create a Wall Hanging, Wallet & Vessel

Amazing Animals: Sea Lion Science Facts & Directed Drawing!

Amazing Animals: Snow Leopard Science Facts & Directed Drawing!

Cooking for Kiddos (Oven-Free Cooking): I Can Be Healthy

Valentine's Day Super Mario Card Drawing

Private One-On-One Violin Lesson

Dungeons and Dragons: Dragon of Icespire Peak 5e Campaign (D&D)

1:1 Private Guitar Lessons | Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced Intermediate

Beginner Piano: Learn to Play by Ear With Suzuki Method!

Private Session: Gym/Acro (Ongoing, 50min)

Books for All Kids Book Club Flex:"My Weirder-Est School: Miss Aker Is a Maker!"

Learn Beginner Piano with Popular Meme Music

Beyond D&D: Exploring Tabletop Roleplaying Games

101 Private- Complete Python Course- 30 Minutes - Weekly Program

101 Private- Complete Python Course- 1 Hour - Weekly Program

Real World Math! A Day at the Ballpark

Word Problems Made Easy for Ages 8- 11

Geese at Sunset - Watercolour & Crayon Art Project + Fun Geese Facts!

Unicorn Fan Discussion Club

Private Science Tutoring Sessions: Biology, Earth & Physical Science - Ongoing

F 102 Delta Dagger Interceptor Aircraft

Silly Sentences: Let's Read and Write Together!

Color and Learn Spanish With Me!: Beginner Vocabulary Building (Ongoing Edition)

Arts & Crafts Corner: Paint a Flower Garden!

Private Tutoring - Reading/Comprehension/Grammar/Writing

Diverse Characters Graphic Novel Book Club (13-16)

Diverse Characters Graphic Novel Book Club (9-12)

Book Club for Middle School Students

Dungeons and Dragons Private Campaign: An Exciting Solo Adventure!

Dungeons and Dragons for Beginners: A Private Lesson Adventure for New Players!

Reading Rainbow Inspired: A Show and Tell Book Club for Young Literacy Lovers

Hindi for Beginners Level 2 (Once a Week, 12 Weeks)

Book Club for Elementary Students

Vagabond Writing Club 3: Travel w/ Me (1/2-day Creative Writing Camp & Workshop)

Olympiad Math for Grade 6 - Grade 7 Students (Ongoing)

Art Sketch Draw and Color Coraline One Time Class

Coffeehouse Conversations with Mr. J. (Group Social & Study Session)

Dog Paws - Samoyed Dog - Drawing Dogs Graphite Pencil Art Project!

Adorable Hoppy Bunny Drawing & Watercolor Painting

Cool Cats - Siamese Cat - Drawing and Colored Pencil Art Project!

Reading SuperStars! Phonemic Awareness: Engaging Fun Foundation for Literacy!

Valentine's Day Coloring and Read Aloud

Mini-Masterpiece Academy for Kids, Draw & Paint Like Famous Artists Step by Step

3rd Grade Math

Trolls, Text, and Treasure: The Frozen Tundra (An RPG Gaming Club) ( #builder )

Math Minds Assessment: Checking the Potential of Neurodivergent (Trial Session)

6th Grade Math Chapter 7 (Area, Surface Area, and Volume)

Art for Mindfulness, Self-Confidence and Emotional Balance

Elementary Writing: Beginner's Multi-Paragraph Essay Club

6th Grade Math Chapter 6 (Equations)

6th Grade Math Chapter 8 (Integers and the Coordinate Plane)

6th Grade Math Chapter 4 (Percent)

Greek Mythology for Beginners: Introduction to the Olympic Gods PART 2! (FLEX)

Colored Drawing of Constellations as in Astronomy

Yoga for Beginners: 8-Week Foundational Course With Guided Practice

6th Grade Math Chapter 5 (Algebraic Expressions and Properties)

French Individual Tutoring Session- Ongoing

Let's Get Ready: Biology Olympiad Early Starters Course (14-18) B2+

English, Writing, and Reading 1:1 Private Tutoring 45 Minute Ongoing

Let's Learn How to Tell Time

Private Tutoring

ASL Level 2 - High School Course

Chess for (Younger) Tigers

Math: Elementary: Math U See Delta, Division Concepts and More!- 4th Quarter

Creative Writing: Fantastic Reading & Writing - The Burning Bridge

Let's Eat! Recipes for Every Meal Cooking and Baking Club

Polymer Clay Earring Club

Typing Camp - Ongoing Typing Lessons and Games

Social Club: Roblox: Work at a Pizza Place!

Private 1:1 Math Tutor - Ages 8-12

Gifted Tutoring 1-On-1

Water Pollution

Train Your Inner Wings of Fire Dragon! Anger Management for Aspiring Dragonets

Trolls, Text, and Treasures: The Fairy Forest (A Role Playing Game) ( #builder )

Trolls, Text, and Treasures: The Vampire's Castle(Role Playing Game)( #builder )

Trolls, Text, and Treasures: The Desert (A Role Playing Game) ( #builder )

Trolls, Text, and Treasures: The Thing from Space (A Gaming Club) ( #builder )

Facepainting Tutorial

Algebra 1 - Full Curriculum Homeschool Course Ongoing Class

Remedial Algebra 2 - Mastering the Continuation to Advanced Arithmetic

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