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New Classes on Outschool 2023-01-29

There are 612 new classes on Outschool the week of January 29, 2023 to February 4, 2023.

3D Molecule Modeling w/ Chemdoodle 3D, a Pro Chemistry Software Program! (STEM)

*Limited Time Run* Valentine’s Day Themed Writing, Book Study, & Cinquain Poetry

High School Geometry, Full Curriculum Flex Class, by a Licensed Math Teacher

UKE Can Do It!: Ukulele for Beginners

I Love Music Class!: Upper Elementary Music

Outer Space Explorers Ongoing - Solar System Science

Exploding Heart in a Bag

Magnificent Math Club: 4th Grade Curriculum Review with Math Games

“Stranger Things” Magazine: Learn to Write Articles

Essays Made Easy: 5-Paragraph Essay Writing

Using the Scientific Method in Archaeology

Private Homeschool Tutoring With Ms. Melissa (Pre-K ~ 2nd Grade)

Intense 'BEDROCK' Minecraft - The Ultimate Tower Defence!

Intense Pokemon Scarlet and Violet - Weekly Class!

Semester-Long: Fascinating Severe Weather Occurrences & Natural Disasters (Flex)

Talk With Your Hands: Advanced Conversational ASL 5

I Love Music Class!: Lower Elementary Music

Intense BEDROCK Minecraft - Survival Mode! Weekly Meet Up.

DnD Pathfinder RPG: Role-Play Kingmaker

“Wednesday” Magazine: Learn to Write Articles

Uke Can Do It!: Intermediate Ukulele

German Immersion Beginners: Spring in Kindergarten (FLEX)

Math Class: Fraction Art Fun!

Master Division in 4 Weeks - Self Paced Flex Class

Letter Sound and Letter Name Knowledge for Beginning or Struggling Readers

Wednesday: Deconstructing Episode One - Vocabulary, Figurative Language, Discuss

Middle Level Math Games!

Violin Class: Let’s Learn Children's Songs

Middle School Math Emergency One-Time Homework or Test Study Help

Waldorf Archetype Mermaid Study for Middle/High School II

Black Inventors Book Club - All Aboard! Elijah Mccoy's Steam Engine

Black Inventors Book Club - Mr. Crum's Potato Predicament

Black Inventors Book Club - To The Rescue! Garrett Morgan Underground

Kid Mindfulness 101: Experiential Learning for Calm, Connection, & Focus

The Chronicles of Narnia Book Club & Novel Study

Music and Mindfulness: My Brain on Music!

Valorant | Let's Play! (NA Only - 2 Hours)

Black History Month Spectacular/ Comprehension and Vocabulary Skills

Thesis Statements: The Meat of Your Essay

Let's Travel The World! A Virtual Field Trip Class

YA Fantasy Book Club

Triumphant Academy Private Chess Lessons

Teen Minecraft BEDROCK Chat and Play Social Club

6th Grade Springboard Math Course 1 Companion Class (Unit 6, Data Analysis)

6th Grade Springboard Math Course 1 Companion Class (Unit 5, Geometry)

French for Little Ones

1x/wk Pre-K & Kindergarten Circle Time, Full Curriculum, Core Concepts, Handouts

Multi-Day One-on-One Pre-K Circle Time & Full Curriculum Class ~1x/wk over 4 wks

Demon Slayer Social Club and Watch Party

Self-Empowerment Training Treehouse - Responsible Decision Making Through Role Play (Ice Cream Parlor)

Our Black History: Part 1 - What's Under Biddy Mason's Umbrella?

Let's Say Gay! Lgbtq+ History/Current Events Social Club and Discussion Group

Let’s Talk About Hogwarts Legacy

Animals All Around - A Flex Class With Miss Katlyn!

Virtual Zafari for Young Explorers: One Animal Every Week

Let's Read Comics in French!

Sweet and Lovely Origami - 3 Paper Folding Crafts

Book Club: Asperkid's Secret Book of Social Rules

Math Mysteries: 6th Grade Ongoing Math With Math Mysteries!

3rd/4th Grade Math 1:1 Tutoring! Personalized Learning

Primus Science Preschool: Insects & Make a Bug Hotel

Primus Science Preschool: The Sun + Make Sun Prints

Fashion Design for Kids: Sketching and Drawing Club (Ongoing)

Really Understanding Italians: The 5 Most Used Verb Tenses

Subsets of the Real Number System - One-Time Algebra 2 Class

Violin Practice With Ms. Lo!

Private Dance or Cheerleading Lesson- Personalized Training- Help with Cheerleading Tryouts

Time to Meet the Teacher!

Houseplant Basics: Propagation

Ready for Piano: The Multiday Edition

One on One ~ Full Curriculum for Little Learners

Private 1:1 Violin Lesson for Beginners - Advanced Level With Dr. Lo

Intro to AMC 10 Competition Math: Advanced Middle School Problems (Ongoing)

Join the Reading Rocks Whatif Monster Book Club!

Locked in the Lodge on Snow Mountain Genially - A Virtual Escape Room

Writing the IEW Way: An Introduction to the IEW Method

Pre- K Lets Learn Phonics Flexible Course.

Writing the IEW Way: 5 Paragraph Essays (IEW Units 6 and 8)

Invisible Empire: A History of the Ku Klux Klan & the White Supremacy Movement

Fruity Fruit Tea

Houseplant Basics: Easy Plants & Basic Care

Treehouse Story Book Club

Poetry Reading, Analysis, and Discussion

Eerie Elementary Book Club

Around the World: Travel to Jungle With Henri Rousseau's Art & Make a 3D Jungle

Around the World: European Dances in Classical Music: Listen, Dance, and Create!

Viola Lessons! Half-Hour

Next Level Phonics: Study Root Words, Prefixes, & Suffixes for Reading Success

ESL Conversation Group: Practice Speaking and Improve Vocabulary

Let's Play Minecraft in Survival. Ages 10-15 Club (Bedrock SMP) - Weekly Meetup!

Homeschool Social Time~Ages 5-8

Teacher Mel's Multiday Math Club: Let's Practice Multiplication and Division

Viola Lessons! Full Hour

Roblox Social Gaming Club Royale High

Consumer Math: Practical Math Needed for Life! (Semester 2) Meets 2x Per Week

Grammar Boot Camp: Strengthen Skills Through Learning Games!

Notebook of Doom Book Club (ESL Friendly)

Boom Boom Ka: Beatbox Lessons (Small Group)

Private Piano Lessons

Rocket’s Secret Valentine! Story Time and Art With Teacher Dianne

Polish for Little Kids or a Beginner's Introduction | Polski Dla Dzieci

Wings of Fire Reading Club - Book One

Turn Your Movie Idea into an Awesome Screenplay with ChatGPT | AI

Social Group- Let's Talk About Our Pets!

Algebra Semester 1, Flex Class, by a Licensed Math Teacher

Being a Teen Philosopher: Academic Series (Part 1) (Ages 13-18)

Intermediate 5/ I Speak Spanish - Immersion Games and Conversation Spanish Class

Water Cycle in a Bag

Origami Fun for Beginners: Bookmark!

Origami Fun for Beginners: Dinosaur!

Private Violin Lesson for Beginner to Advanced Level

Health Class: Why We Should Shower, Body Odor, Pimples & Healthy Living

Middle School Ancient History Cooking and Project Based FLEX Class (Part 2 Of 3)

Advanced Backyard Bug Club: Show & Social

A Bookworm's Summer Camp - The Phantom Tollbooth

FLEX Course:Chinese Leveled Books for Intermediate Learners-Special Celebrations

Valentine's Day Craft - Let's Make a 3D Valentine's Day Card!

Stock Talk - Weekly Analysis of A Company's Finances and Market Performance

Bridge to 5-6 Middle School Math Competition

Waldorf Archetype Study: The Witch II

Math at the Movies

Learning Vocabulary Through Morphographs

All About Herbal Tea

New Jersey 4th Grade Math Exam Preparation

Greek Mythology Club: Learn Ancient Greek

Yoga for Flexibility & Mindfulness!

AS NEEDED 1:1 Tutoring From Experienced Educator

Growing a Positive Mindset With Adventures in Wisdom for Ages 6-7

Beginner Level Latin With Day in the Life Stories of Ancient Romans Part 2

Theory of Evolution and Introduction to Genetics

Philosophy Club for Teens Social Hangout (PLUS ROLE PLAY!) (L1 Ages 13-18)

Being a Teen Philosopher: Academic Series (Tutor Option, Ages 13+)

Learn, Create, Bond: A Minecraft Club (Bedrock edition)

Being a Kid Philosopher: Academic Series 1:1 Tutor Option (Ages 9-12)

Philosophy Club for Tweens Social Hangout (PLUS ROLE PLAY!) (L1 Ages 9-12)

Lets Start Learning Piano ( Beginner )

Counting to 100 in Spanish

Graffiti Art and History 8 Weeks- Private Class

The Magic of Music as Literature

Handwriting Basics FLEX Class-Handwriting Doesn't Have to Be Boring!

Professional Voice Over Acting for Animation: In Depth Techniques & Fundamentals

1:1 Reading Tutoring for Children Age 5 To 11

Love Treats for Valentine's Day

Beginner 1:1 Western Armenian Lessons-LEVEL 2

Dungeons and Dragons for Beginners: An Adventure for New Players (Ages 14 - 17)

Mystery Writing Boot Camp

South Asian Art Class: Alpana Paintings

Valentine's Day Story and Craft for Young Kids

Algebra Class , Review on Solving Equations

Little Blue Truck's Valentine! Story Time-Reading Comprehension

It's Valentine's Day, Chloe Zoe! Story Time, Reading Comprehension!

Mindfulness Mysteries: Unlock the Mystery of Your Brain! (5-Day Camp)

How to Master Yourself

Catching the Responsibility Bug- Learning to Be Responsible

Beginner Piano Lessons Class for Ages 8-10

World of Warcraft Mount Collectors!

Introduction to Poetry!

Math 1-1 Tutoring, Early Elementary Math Adding, Subtraction, Times Tables

Lord of the Rings Roleplaying 200: The One Ring Ongoing Adventure

Let's Learn Greek - Part 11!

Let's Learn to Read! Multi-Day Class

Let's create a webpage - Basics of HTML Programming

Multiplication Magic With Mr. C

Special Topics in Math-Place Value

Kindergarten Music Class

4th Grade Math Club / Small Group Tutoring 2 X Weekly

ESL & Pre- K Free Talk All Ages.

Make Your Opinions Heard: Persuasive Writing Club

Botany - A Scientific & Creative Study of Plants: 12 Wks Pt.1 (Waldorf-Inspired)

Grammar and Writing Practice Games

Writing for Horse-Lovers: Discuss Horses & Develop Paragraph Writing Skills

Portrait Drawing Class

The Wingfeather Saga: On The Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness (Once a week)

Story Time & Show and Tell With Ms. Crystal!

Teens Review

Volcanoes of Guatemala - A Virtual Field Trip! (14-18)

Volcanoes of Guatemala - A Virtual Field Trip! (10-13)

English Reading & Writing With Minecraft, Lower Intermediate Weekly Class

Python Fundamentals: A Private Tutoring Class

Let's Dominate Division! - A Beginning Division Elementary Math Class

3rd Grade Math Club / Small Group Tutoring 2 X Weekly

English Reading & Writing With Minecraft, Lower intermediate Trial Class

Elementary Math Tutoring

3rd Grade Math Club / Small Group Tutoring 1 X Weekly

4th Grade Math Club / Small Group Tutoring 1 X Weekly

Writing a Thank You Note or Saying Thank You in Person - Social Skills & Manners

Basic Computer Tips, Tricks, and Skills for Kids!

Pokemon Valentine's Day Party! Games and Valentine Pokeball Craft

Rainbow STEM Camp: A Four-Day Camp for Ages 6-10

Sea Landscape in Acrylic for Ages 10-15

Working With Decimals Summer Camp

Sing me a Song!

Rainbow Pride: A LGBTQIA+ Social Club

Debate 101

ESL & Pre- K All About Dinosaurs.

Let’s Talk About Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania

Useful Music Theory 2: Ear Training, Harmony, and More!

Flex Art: Drawing Seasonal Gnomes - Spring+Holidays

The Littlest Scientists: Let's Learn Science and Experiment! 6 Week CAMP

Book Club - Let's Read and Discuss Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

The Role of Nutrition in Our Health | Wellness for Teens (FLEX)

Splatoon 3 - Salmon Run Weekly Video Game Gaming and Socializing Club

Crazy Fun Creative Writing Club

The Psychology Of Dance: 4 Weeks

How to Analyze a Political Cartoon

Draw a Valentine's Day Jar of Hearts by Draw So Cute

Math Club for Adventurers: A Fun Math Adventure!

Interactive Reading Groups - Looking at Lincoln by Maira Kalman

Valentine's Day- Dance Party!

Gorilla Tag VR Social Club - Oculus Quest 2 Required

Walkabout Mini Golf VR Social Club - Oculus Meta Quest 2 Required

Weekly Beginner Spanish Mug Cake Club (Ongoing)

Let's Play Roblox Games That Get Us Talking - Social Gaming Club

Fairy Ballerina in the Enchanted Forest- Dance Party

Preparing for 4th & 5th Grade Reading Comprehension Tests: Part 2

Study Skills- Learning How to Be a Better Student

Tales of the Strange, Dark, and Unusual Delivered in Story Format

Beginner Camp to Learn Spanish

High School Introduction to the World of Environmental Research: Semester-Long

Science & Life Skills: How Seeds Grow Into Plants in 5 Easy Steps

Let's Create Music Using Arduino Circuit

Rainbow S.T.E.M. Club

Movement and Math

Australian Animals FLEX in Spanish

One on One Math and English One Hour Class for Tutoring or Homeschool K To 8

Unicorns, Mermaids, and Fairies Club!

Semi Private Flute Lesson for Ages 10-12 - Standard of Excellence, Part I

Building Vocabulary in Second Grade, Charleston Progress Academy

Printmaking With Unusual Tools: Monoprinting Workshop

Life Science: Life Cycles Through Science & Art ~ Multi-Day (Waldorf-Inspired)

FLEX Course:Chinese Leveled Books for Beginners - Master the Food Vocabulary

IEW U.S. History-Based Writing: 1st Semester (Grades 6th-8th)

Piano Recital

20 Minute Pop-Up Dance, Move and Stretch! Only $4!

Zombies Dance Routine: Nothing But Love

One-Time Digital Art Class: Build Your Very Own Website!

TN Best for All Kindergarten Unit 3

Zombies Dance Routine: Flesh & Bone

Let’s Talk. Let’s Learn. Let’s Go! Full English EFL/ESL/TESOL Curriculum 3day/Wk

Let’s Talk. Let’s Learn. Let’s Go! Full English EFL/ESL/TESOL Curriculum 2day/Wk

Let’s Talk. Let’s Learn. Let’s Go! Full English EFL/ESL/TESOL Curriculum Ongoing

Icky Infections- Intro to Infectious Disease

Composite Class Curriculum Grades 5 & 6: Part 'B' FLEX Homeschool & After School

Herbs for Kids! A Beginner's Guide to Herbal Preparations

Is It Mean, Rude or Being a Bully? Anger, Name Calling, Disrespect & Exclusion

Chemistry SOS: Drop In Homework Help

The Cutest Kawaii & Valentine's Day-Themed Draw & Dance Class

What Did They Do Back Then 8 Week Volume 4

Museum Muses

Texas STAAR Essay Writing Workshop: Write an Essay with Ease (9th grade)

Passport Around the World - World Geography

Primus Science Preschool: The Human Brain & Make-a-Playdough-Brain

Journal Club: A Safe Space to Engage in Mindfulness and Write Healthy Thoughts

ACT Math Exam Preparation Part 4

Intro to Ukulele for Young Beginners (Age 5-7)

Intro to Ukulele for Beginners (Age 10-13)

Remarkable Readers! 4th and 5th Grade Reading Skills Class

Intro to Ukulele for Beginners (Age 7-9)

Realistic Balloon Drawing/Shadow With Colored Pencils.

Let's Talk: Conversations English for English Language Learner

Brain Unit Study-Crafts, Diagrams, & Clay Models: 4 Weeks

Get Active Hands-On Math! (K-2; Ongoing; 50min)

Imagination Lab! Building with BRICKS!

Pre-Algebra (Semester Course)

Fun With Phonics! Building Automaticity One Learner at a Time.

Baking: Red Velvet Marshmallow Bars (Valentine's Day Treat)

Private Band Lessons

Dating Education & Etiquette for Teen / Pre-Teen Girls : Comfort, Care & Caution

Sight Singing 101- Full Curriculum- Music Theory-Ongoing

Build Life Skills with Experienced Educator 1:1

ELA: Reading Program for Struggling Readers Ages 13+ (Lessons 1-18)

Biology Concepts for Students With Dyslexia and/or Dysgraphia (everyone is welcome) 9 Weeks

Rockstar Readers-Phonemic Awareness for Beginning Readers (One Time)

Pre-Teen Prattle: A social group for ages 10-12

Creative writing

Make an Escape Room Game with ChatGPT and Google Forms

Number Fun With Play Dough

One-On-One Acrylic Painting Class With Mrs. Jennifer! - Private Painting Lessons!

When to Paragraph in Creative Fiction

Grammar and Writing - Nouns with Complete Sentences

Among Us - A Persuasive Speaking & Gaming Course

Homeschooled Teens Social Club

Adventures in Arcana Fantasy Creative Writing: The Oracle (Quest #2, RPG)

Learn to Type on a Keyboard Part 2

Storytime With Miss. Erika (Ages 3-5)

Watercolor Floral Card Making Class

Let's Learn to Read Together

Prehistoric Sharks That Ruled the Ancient Seas

Introduction to Farm Life: Homesteading Club (Age 5-9)

Beginner's Parts of Speech: Nouns

Math: Solving One-Step Equations

Rime of the Frostmaiden. Dungeons and Dragons Campaign

Fashion & Design Boutique: Let Your Creativity Shine - Like a Rainbow!

Fashion & Design Boutique: Rainbow High and More Camp

Read With Me

Bizarre Medicine: Explore High School Anatomy, Biology & Science Through History

Introduction to Farm Life: Homesteading Club (Age 10-15)

The Contributions of African Americans to Science and Technology.

Procreate iPad Digital Drawing Valentine Hearts - Neon, Glitter, and Glow!

SQL Programming / Coding - 1 on 1 (half-hour session)

Prince Caspian (The Chronicles of Narnia) Book Discussion: Flexible Schedule

Tutoring: Math 1:1

Draw a Valentine's Day Kitten by Draw So Cute

Weekly Private 1:1 Writing Tutor - Certified Teacher with Reading Master's

Draw a Puppy With a Rose by Draw So Cute

Bullet Journaling and Planner Club - Let's Get Organized! (Multi-Day Version)

Book Talk: My Weird School by Dan Gutman, Books 1-10

Math Middle School Basic Skills

"Super Kids" (Semester-Long) Preschool/ Kindergarten Phonics and Numeracy

Spanish Grammar Made Simple!

Summer Kindergarten Review - Math

Private, One on One Fashion Design and Sketching (45 Min, Once a Week, Ongoing)

Wilderness Exploration - Mindfulness Activities in Nature for Ages 14 Through 18

Summer Kindergarten Review - ELA

Q & A Prep for Human Geography

English Reading & Writing With Minecraft, Beginner Weekly Class 1:1

Summer Kindergarten Preparation - Math

Spanish Book Study: The Crossover

Summer Kindergarten Preparation - ELA

One One One Math Homework Tutoring

FLEX: Unlocking Long Division! Fun, Step-by-Step Process to Solve ANY Division Problem!

Learn to Read Using the Science of Reading Strategies: Beginning Phonics & CVC

One One One Math Homework Tutoring

Vocabulary Enhancement Through Pokémon

Interactive Elementary School Classroom Genially | Learn While Having Fun!

1:1 American Sign Language (ASL) Lessons for Beginner Level 2

American Girl Book Club: Molly McIntire

The Scorch Trials Maze Runner Book 2 Discussion: Flexible Schedule

Ruin and Rising Leigh Bardugo's GrishaVerse Book 3 Discussion: Flexible Schedule

Primus Science Preschool: Water Plus a Water Experiment

Narnia Themed ELA/IEW Lit & Writing Comp (6th, 7th, & 8th) (1st Semester)

Endangered and Vulnerable Animal Species at Risk for Extinction (Flex Class)

Consumer Math: Practical Math Needed for Life! (Semester 1) Meets 2x Per Week

Texas 5th Grade STAAR Math Exam Preparation

A-Z With Me! Learn the Alphabet! - ESL Friendly!

Young Writer's Workshop Level 2: Writing Super Sentences (Ongoing)

English Reading & Writing With Minecraft, beginner Trial Class

1:1 Personalized & Customized HS English Classes or Tutoring with AP Teacher

Simple Books, Tough Questions: Philosophy Through Children’s Literature

Read the Label Before You Buy! - A Healthy Choice

Dark Side Of Science (Plagues, Poison, Venom): 4 Weeks

Roblox Survive the Red Dress Girl Gaming Club

Let's Taco About It!

Harry Potter Adventure and Handwriting Practice-With an OT (Flex Class)

Public Speaking & Debate Club - Beginners (Ages 13-16)

Harry Potter Adventure & Cursive Handwriting Review-With an OT (Flex Class)

Star Wars Club (Small Group) Students with Autism, ADHD, Neurodiverse Learners

Animal Crossing Party: Be Cherry's Valentine!

High School Social Emotional Learning Small Group

High School Executive Functioning Small Group

Middle School Social-Emotional Learning Small Group

Animal Crossing Party: Be Sherb's Valentine!

Animal Crossing Party: Be Tutu's Valentine!

I Like Me! Valentine's Day Celebration Self Esteem Circle, K-2nd

Kingdom Keepers - Disney After Dark (Book 1)

Preparing for 4th & 5th Grade Reading Comprehension Tests

Conversation Club En Español For Teens

Gabby's Dollhouse Dancing Fun!

6th Grade Springboard Math Course 1 Companion Class (Unit 4, Ratios, Unit Rates, and Percents)

Animal Drawing: Draw Amazing Animals! Ages 12-17

Babysitter's Survival Class

Mastermind 101: The Codebreaking Game (15-18)

The 5-Paragraph Essay: Becoming Better Writers

Private 1 on 1 Reading, Spelling Tutoring -Regular, Special Ed. Dyslexia, Gifted

Reading Tutor- Orton–Gillingham Approach!

Flex: Intro to Watercolor | Explore Creativity & Paint Florals | Kids

Watercolor Painting Camp

The Science Behind Baking 101: Chocolate Chip Cookies

Superstars! Weekly Small Group Acting Lessons for Teens (Ages 13-18)

Introduction to Spanish With Guest Señor Beto El Tigre De Las Cabañas Despobladas de Zihuatanejo Cruz de las Casas

Story Building - Making Stories One Idea at a Time

Young Writer's Workshop Level 1: Writing Sentences (Ongoing)

Innovative Piano Class for 6-11 Year Olds (Class 2)

Watercolor Alphabet

The American Revolution - An Adventure Through History (Flexible Schedule)

Math tutoring 2nd-5th Grade. 1 on 1 help

American History: Learn and Write About Historical People, Places, and Events

1 on 1 Private Tutoring for an Awesome 5th Grader-Spring Semester

28 Days of Black History (Flex Class)

1:1 American Sign Language (ASL) Lessons for Beginners Level 1

Junk Journal Journey : Making Junk Journals

Immersive Beginner Spanish for Kids 8-12 - Show, Tell & Learn to Speak Spanish!

"Gabby's Dollhouse" Sticky Kitty Cinnamon Paws!

Young Writer's Workshop Level 1: Introduction to Writing Sentences (One-Time)

Living Environment (Biology, Environmental Science, Ecology): 17 Weeks

Multiplication Facts Blaster Boot Camp

6Th Grade Math: Summer Review

Weekly Word Chunks: Doodle and Collect Blends, Diagraphs, Endings & Sight Words

Japanese: Road to Fluency Mid Beginner Class 2 Part 5 (Age 13-18)

ELA With Stacey Jay - 1 On 1 English Language Arts Grade 6 - 8

Weekly Creative Writing Workshop With Published Author & Storyteller!

Draw Valentine's Day Flowers by Draw So Cute

ABC's and 123's! One on One Tutoring Class

Cecilia The Seal: An Amigurumi Crochet Class

Personal Reading Homework Helper

Valentine's Day Read Aloud & Coloring

5Th Grade Math 1:1 Tutoring!

Draw and Color a Valentine's Day Dragon

Private 1:1 Teen Spanish Conversation Class - Intermediate

Private 1:1 Children's Spanish Conversation Class - Intermediate

Private 1:1 Children's Spanish Conversation Class - Beginning

Skylar The Skunk: An Amigurumi Crochet Class

Comprehensive Japanese Language/Culture Lower Elem. Class 8 Pt 2 (Age 13-18)

Book Club: A Series of Unfortunate Events book 1 (The Bad Beginning)

Pre-K and Kindergarten Reading & Writing Weekly Fun

Let’s Learn How to Draw Sea Creatures!

ELA With Stacey Jay - 1 On 1 English Language Arts Grade 6 - 8

A Single-Day Novel-Writing Class!

Rainbow Friends Roblox: Tips, Tricks & Survival Techniques

Fitness and Fun for Little Ones

Ongoing Theater Practice: Comedy, Improv, and Imagination (Ages 10-13)

Boxcar Children Surprise Island Book Club

Trolls, Text, and Treasures: A Weekly RPG Gaming Club!

DnD Weekly One Shots: Dungeons and Dragons Gaming Club

Multi-Week Private Percussion Lessons

Far Away Adventures- Book Club

Summer Boot Camp IEW Writing! (Essay Writing, Language Arts, English)

Global Dance Party: Music & Creative Movement from Around the World! (ages 3-5)

Around the World Safari Parks: Create a Game in Scratch to Protect the Animals

Playful Play-Doh: Making Play-Doh at Home!

3rd Grade FULL curriculum-Math, Language Arts, Science, Social Studies!

Crochet Fun for Beginners

Private Actor Coaching: Develop Powerful Performance With a Professional

Fashion Design: Developing Your Own Creative Ideas

Hands on Multiplication!

FLEX Treehouse Adventures With Music & Movement, Guessing Games and Storytime

Composite Class Years/Grades 7 & 8 - 20 Weeks - Part 'B' Homeschool/After School

Play-to-Learn: Addition and Subtraction Facts (Gimkit Games)

Subtraction of the Fractions

How to Be an Architect; Building and Designing a House in the Sims 4

Geoscience: From Land to Sea; an Introduction From Rocks to Underwater Volcanoes

Intro to Phonics and Sight Words

Emma's Pony Club - Learn All About Pony Colours

Emma's Pony Club - All About Points of a Pony

Kindergarten Math Games

Homework Help, Math Grades 1-2

Homework Help, Math Grades 5-6

Mrs. B's Reader's Theater Book Club: "Sense and Sensibility" by Jane Austen

Master Essay Writing- Ages 9-12

Math is Yummy! A Problem-Solving Class for Mathematical Minds Ages 6-8

Star Constellations in Our Universe!

1st, 2nd, and 3rd Grade Social Club

Middle School Social Club

Explore Continents & Map Draw: The America's Countries & Geography

Lego Club: Stories With Lego (Orpheus and Eurydice)

Spanish Made Simple for Kids | Twice a Week | A1 | Part II of II

Strange Origins of Urban Legends

Reading + Writing-One on One (Grade 3)- Multiday Part 1

SEL Slime Squad: A Social Club for Social Emotional Learning and Slime Making

Let's Draw Valentine's Day Axolotls!

Private Elementary Math Tutoring One-On-One

Learn to Read: Multi-Sensory Phonics Using Orton Gillingham Methods!

ACT Math Exam Preparation Topic : Coordinate Geometry

Tutor Reading Class - Dyslexia - Unique & Fun - Ongoing or One Time!

My Big Fat Greek Chicken Dinner!

Beginner Guitar - 8 Week Semester Class - (Ages 5-7) - FREE Workbook + Videos

Intro to Guitar for Young Beginners (Age 5-7)

Primus Science Preschool: Seeds and Plants + Plant-A-Seed Project

Reading + Writing-One on One (Advanced: Grade 2)- Multiday Part 1

Party Time- Give Yourself a Break!

Sunshine Violin Group Class 1 G

Squad Goals: A Social Club for Learning Social Skills and Making Friends

Math With Miss Molly: Hands-On Number Sense and Foundational Math Skills

Chemistry - Matter, Atoms, & Periodic Table Homeschool Flex Class Part 1 Of 4

Octonauts Active Story Time

Drawing Class: Shamrock Art

How to Draw Super Mario and Friends

Reading + Writing-One on One (Beginner-Grade 2)- Multiday Part 2

Reading + Writing-One on One (Beginner-Grade 2)- Multiday Part 1

Cryptography, Codes, & Ciphers FLEX Class

How to Draw a Realistic Cupcake With Colored Pencils

Valentine's Day Camp: Let's Talk Gratitude & Self-Love...and Have a Class Party!

Reading + Writing-One on One (Advanced: Grade 2)- Multiday Part 2

6th Grade Math tutoring

Winter Ducks and Chickens

Fantasy Writer's Workshop-- Improve Your Fantasy Writing and Worldbuilding!

Let's Spread Kindness!

Think Fast: Gain Confidence, Make Friends, Have Fun! Improv Games Teen Tween Kid

Piano Level 2A - Part 6

Scribble Squad - Live Storytelling Illustrated by You (One-Time)

Blockhead Storymeister - Building Stories with Blocks, Lego, and Wits

Beginner Japanese: Asking About Animals!

How to Make a Minecraft Creeper With Play-Doh"

Homeschool 8-Week Writing Course for Intermediate Writers

Builder's Club Weekly Scratch Coding Class

Korean Immersion Free Talking With a Native Teacher! 7-12

1-1 High School Math Tutoring for Algebra, Geometry, Calculus, and Statistics

Spanish The Basics of The Verb To Be in Spanish Present Tense (FLEX)

Cricut Crafting Group

Learn to Draw Groundhog in Oil Pastels-1:1 Art Lesson With Fun Facts

Storytime Fun!~Stories and Games for Weekly Fun~ for Preschoolers and Homeschoolers

Montessori Reading & Writing: Phonics & Intro to Digraphs - 1x/Week

Private 1:1 Math Tutoring - Homework Help - Ongoing - 50 Min.

Intro to Spanish Pt. 1

Souvenir Show & Tell: Travel & Geography Social Club - Talk About Your Vacation!

Origami Fun for Beginners: A Fox That Stands Up!

K12 English; Full Year, Tutoring; Writing, or Homework-Customizable 25 min.

Art by April: Watercolor Painting- Peacock

Draw Cute and Easy Waffles | Kawaii

Draw Cute Pancakes & Hot Cocoa | Kawaii

Dog and Cat in Acrylics: For Ages 8-12

Science Spin- Scholastic Science News Kids' Articles for 2nd and 3rd graders

How to Draw a Realistic Sunflower With Coloured Pencil + Fun Sunflower Facts!

Practice Cursive Handwriting With Silly Sentences and Stories Once a Week

Princess Escape the Castle

Introduction to Fractions

How Much Is a 7 Worth?

Social and Emotional Learning!

How to Draw & Paint a Realistic Rabbit - Watercolour Class + Fun Rabbit Facts!

Beauty and the Beast-Ballet Dance Party!

Biology for Beginners: Life Science for Curious Learners

Escape From the National Aquarium Before it Closes

Analytical Grammar Homeschool Group Study

Word of the Week! A Vocabulary and Etymology Class

Middle School Executive Functioning Small Group

Funko Pop Fan Club

Come Learn With Me- Math, Reading, Writing, Phonics and Science. Ages 7-10 (Ongoing)

The Cooking and Baking Connection: All Things Food Club

Animal Photography Discussion and Learning Group

3rd Grade English Language Arts (ongoing)

Ongoing: iMovie Video Editing Club For YouTubers! (iPad or iPhone) 8-13yo

High School Social Club

Primus Science Preschool: Fossils + Make Your Own Fossil

Magic Tree House - Dinosaurs Before Dark - Storytime with Activities FLEX

Fashion History Full Semester Class 16 Weeks

Squad up!! Fornite Zero-Build | Team Tactics & Strategies

Introduction to Practical Geography

Primus Science Preschool: Sounds Hands-On Science Lab

Game Time and Social Club for the Littles

Hands-On Pre-Writing Fun!

Cricut 101

Snowflake Bentley Read Aloud and Creating a Snowflake Painting Craft

Parts of Speech: Nouns - Proper & Common

Saxon Math Homeschool Tutoring - Ongoing, 2x per Week

Squad up!! Fornite Zero-Build | Team Tactics & Strategies

One-On-One Private Tutoring for English Learners!

Homework Help - Math, Grades 3-4

1:1 Reading Tutoring

Math Word Problems for 3rd and 4th Graders

Multiplying Multi-Digits: Standard Algorithm

Introduction to World of Warcraft

FLEX: Social Studies for Students With Disabilities: Historical Figures Set 1

Gaming Club for Teens: Play Roblox & Socialize for Ages 13-18

4th and 5th Grade Social Club

Photography for Young Learners FLEX

Beginner Ukelele With Friends!

Young Learner Circle Time: Let's Share and Read!

Beginning Ukulele - Private Lessons!

Chemistry Tutorials (35 Min)

Show and Tell: Something Soft, Something Green, Something With Wheels

French/English Bilingual Calendar (Gr 3-5) Lit Focus 2: Vowels & Syllables

Speed Reading Consultation

Interactive Math Practice

Draw a Valentine's Day Bear by Draw So Cute

Zoo Escape Room | Escape the Monkey House

Improve Your Spanish Pronunciation!

Dragons Love Tacos Party-Storytime, Craft, Games, and Socializing!

Book Club: According to Humphrey Series

Photoshop for Flex Learning

1:1 English Conversation Summer Camp 练习口语 ESL

Circles and Their Geometry. Part 2

Intro to Percents

Valentine's Story With a Drawing Activity

Preschool Pals Class

Reading Intervention for Struggling Readers

On-Going Creative Writing by Using a Story Sequence Chart (IEW Unit 3)

On-Going Creative Writing From Pictures (IEW Unit 5)

You CAN Draw Beautiful Flowers (Tulip Edition)

Nature Walking - Winter

You CAN Draw Beautiful Flowers (Sunflower Edition)

1:1 Reading Tutoring (Ongoing, 45 Minutes)

Music History: Is It Bach, Beethoven, Brahms, or Bartok?

The Horse and His Boy:Another C.S. Lewis Classic Reading Comprehension Book Club

History Show and Tell: Share Your History Artifacts with Friends - Social Club

Game Night Extreme

Sound Spelling Patterns for Emerging Readers

Loom Knit a Scarf With Me! Craft and Social Class

Artful Artists: St. Patrick's Day Rainbow Watercolor Painting Class

Dino Math! 1:1 Private Sessions: Pre-k Through Grade 2

Teaching K-2nd Graders Conflict Resolution the FUN Way!

1:1 Greek Mythology Camp: Learn the Greek Alphabet Through Mythology Tutoring

An Introduction to Russian Culture

Stonehenge to Castles: Learn Britain's History by Drawing Famous Landmarks

Percents-->Decimals-->Fractions Practice Games!

Underwater World: Create an Amazing Watercolor/Mixed Media Masterpiece

Season 1:Most Weird and Wonderful Animals on the Planet - Be a Young Biologist!

The Verb Tenses: L'imparfait VS Passé Composé

Fiesta Time: Learn the Mexican Hat Dance La Raspa and SPANISH Vocabulary

Create Your AP Lang Exam Game Plan

PSAT 8/9 Math Exam Preparation (Part 3)

Advanced Piano 3

PSAT National Merit Math Practice Test (Part 5)

Introduction to Italian for Middle & High School - Beginners

ACT Math Exam Preparation Part 2

Mandarin Chinese Conversation by Topics

Private Math Tutoring for 3rd - 8th Graders With a Certified Math Specialist

5th Grade Math Club / Small Group Tutoring 2 X Weekly

Weekly 5th Grade Math Club / Small Group Tutoring

Adopt Me Free Neon Pets Weekly Gaming Social! (Occasional Guest Teachers!)

Biology Essentials: Just for Fun Microscope Work

Weekly Reading 1-on-1 Tutor: Phonics, Foundational Skills, Fluency, and Comprehension! Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, 3rd Grade

Beginner Semi-Private Ukulele Lessons

Intermediate Semi-Private Ukulele Lessons

Game Night Extreme

Trolls, Text, and Treasures: The Broken-Hearted Village (A Valentine's Day RPG)

Mario Bros Freeze Dance Party

Let's Play Minecraft: Cassie's Academy! (Bedrock Edition)

Come and Uke With Me - Intermediate Level - Pop Songs

Baking Class: Banana Bread in a Mug!

Baking Class: Apple Crisp in a Mug!

Baking Class: Pumpkin Pie in a Mug!

Math Homework Assistance

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