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New Classes on Outschool 2023-01-29

There are 265 new classes on Outschool the week of January 29, 2023 to February 4, 2023.

3D Molecule Modeling w/ Chemdoodle 3D, a Pro Chemistry Software Program! (STEM)

*Limited Time Run* Valentine’s Day Themed Writing, Book Study, & Cinquain Poetry

Outer Space Explorers Ongoing - Solar System Science

“Stranger Things” Magazine: Learn to Write Articles

Using the Scientific Method in Archaeology

Private Homeschool Tutoring With Ms. Melissa (Pre-K ~ 1st Grade)

Intense 'BEDROCK' Minecraft - The Ultimate Tower Defence!

Double Pokemon Scarlet and Violet - Weekly Class!

Talk With Your Hands: Advanced Conversational ASL 5

Double Class BEDROCK Minecraft - Survival Mode! Weekly Meet Up.

DnD Pathfinder RPG: Role-Play Kingmaker

“Wednesday” Magazine: Learn to Write Articles

Wednesday: Deconstructing Episode One - Vocabulary, Figurative Language, Discuss

Middle Level Math Games!

Middle School Math Emergency One-Time Homework or Test Study Help

Waldorf Archetype Mermaid Study for Middle/High School II

Black Inventors Read Along

Mindfulness & Meditation for Kids (12-Week Group Program)

Madeline Book & Dessert Club- Ongoing

The Chronicles of Narnia Book Club & Novel Study

Valorant | Let's Play! (NA Only - 2 Hours)

Thesis Statements: The Meat of Your Essay

Triumphant Academy Private Chess Lessons

Teen Minecraft BEDROCK Chat and Play Social Club (Weekly)

6th Grade Math Unit 6 (Data Analysis)

6th Grade Math Unit 5 (Geometry)

French for Little Ones

Let's Say Gay! Lgbtq+ History/Current Events Social Club and Discussion Group

Math Mysteries: 6th Grade Math With Math Mysteries!

Primus Science Preschool: Insects & Make a Bug Hotel

Primus Science Preschool: The Sun + Make Sun Prints

Fashion Design for Kids: Sketching and Drawing Club (Ongoing)

Really Understanding Italians: The 5 Most Used Verb Tenses

Ready for Piano: The Multiday Edition

Private 1:1 Violin Lesson for Beginners - Advanced Level With Dr. Lo

Introduction to Number Theory

Locked in the Lodge on Snow Mountain - A Virtual Escape Room

Writing the IEW Way: A Semester Writing Course for Building Writing Skills

Writing the IEW Way: 5 Paragraph Essays (IEW Units 6 and 8)

Poetry Reading, Analysis, and Discussion

Eerie Elementary Book Club

Jungle in Rousseau's Art: Look and Make a 3D Craft

Dances of the Past in Classical Music: Listen, Dance, and Make Craft!

Next Level Phonics: Study Root Words, Prefixes, & Suffixes for Reading Success

Roblox Social Gaming Club Royale High

Consumer Math: Practical Math Needed for Life! (Semester 2) Meets 2x Per Week

Notebook of Doom Book Club (ESL Friendly)

Boom Boom Ka: Beatbox Lessons (Small Group) 4-DAY CAMP

Rocket’s Secret Valentine! Story Time and Art With Teacher Dianne

Wings of Fire Reading Club - Book One

Turn Your Movie Idea into an Awesome Screenplay with AI | ChatGPT

Fall Semester Philosophy 101 Academic Series: Being a Teen Philosopher Part 1

Advanced Backyard Bug Club: Show & Social

A Bookworm's Summer Camp - The Phantom Tollbooth

Introduction to AMC 8 Competition Math: Advanced Middle School Problems

Waldorf Archetype Study: The Witch II

Math at the Movies

New Jersey 4th Grade Math Exam Preparation

Beginner Level Latin With Day in the Life Stories of Ancient Romans Part 2

Beginner's Philosophy Club for High Schoolers!

1:1 Tutoring Philosophy 101 Academic Series: Being a Teen Philosopher (Ages 13+)

1:1 Tutoring Philosophy 101 Academic Series: Being a Kid Philosopher (Ages 9-12)

Beginner's Philosophy Club for Middle Schoolers!

Graffiti Art Camp

Professional Voice Over Acting for Animation: In Depth Techniques & Fundamentals

Beginner 1:1 Western Armenian Lessons-Level 2

Dungeons and Dragons for Beginners: An Adventure for New Players (Ages 14 - 17)

South Asian Art Class: Alpana Paintings

Math Tutoring Elementary (IXL)

Money Masters Personal Finance and Entrepreneurship Weekly Discussion Group

Let's Learn Greek - Part 11!

4th Grade Math Club / Small Group Tutoring 2 X Weekly

ESL & Pre- K Free Talk All Ages.

Writing for Horse-Lovers: Develop Paragraph Writing Skills & Discuss Horses

Portrait Drawing Class

The Wingfeather Saga: On The Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness (Once a week)

Teen Review

Python Fundamentals: A Private Tutoring Class

3rd Grade Math Club / Small Group Tutoring 2 X Weekly

3rd Grade Math Club / Small Group Tutoring 1 X Weekly

4th Grade Math Club / Small Group Tutoring 1 X Weekly

Writing a Thank You Note or Saying Thank You in Person - Social Skills & Manners

Pokemon Valentine's Day Party! Games and Valentine Pokeball Craft

Rainbow STEM Camp

Sea Landscape in Acrylic for Ages 10-15

Working With Decimals Summer Camp

Sing me a Song!

ESL & Pre- K All About Dinosaurs.

Let’s Talk About Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania

Useful Music Theory 2: Ear Training, Harmony, and More!

The Littlest Scientists: Let's Learn Science and Experiment! 6 Week CAMP

Splatoon 3 - Salmon Run Weekly Video Game Gaming and Socializing Club

Crazy Fun Creative Writing Club

Gorilla Tag VR Social Club - Oculus Quest 2 Required

Walkabout Mini Golf VR Social Club - Oculus Meta Quest 2 Required

Let's Play Roblox Games That Get Us Talking - Social Gaming Club

Fairy Ballerina in the Enchanted Forest- Dance Party

Preparing for 4th & 5th Grade Reading Comprehension Tests: Part 2

Tales of the Strange, Dark, and Unusual Delivered in Story Format

Semi Private Flute Lesson for Ages 10-12 - Standard of Excellence, Part I

IEW U.S. History-Based Writing: 1st Semester (Grades 6th-8th)

Piano Recital

20 Minute Pop-Up Dance, Move and Stretch!

One-Time Digital Art Class: Build Your Very Own Website!

Zombies Dance Routine: Flesh & Bone

Let’s Talk. Let’s Learn. Let’s Go! 1:1 English EFL/ESL/TESOL Curriculum

Is It Mean, Rude or Being a Bully? Anger, Name Calling, Disrespect & Exclusion

What Did They Do Back Then 8 Week Volume 4

Museum Muses

Primus Science Preschool: The Human Brain & Make-a-Playdough-Brain

ACT Math Exam Preparation Part 4

Realistic Balloon Drawing/Shadow With Colored Pencils.

Imagination Lab! Building with BRICKS!

Private Band Instrument Lessons

Dating Education & Etiquette for Teen / Pre-Teen Girls : Comfort, Care & Caution

Sight Singing 101- Full Curriculum- Music Theory-Ongoing

ELA Interactive Reading Program for Teens (Lessons 1-18)

Number Fun With Play Dough

Grammar and Writing with Nouns and Complete Sentences

Among Us - A Persuasive Speaking & Gaming Course

Homeschooled Teens Social Club

Learn to Type on a Keyboard Part 2

Fashion & Design Boutique: Let Your Creativity Shine - Like a Rainbow!

Procreate iPad Digital Drawing Valentine Hearts - Neon, Glitter, and Glow!

1:1 Weekly Private Writing Tutor - Certified Teacher with Reading Master's

"Super Kids" (Semester-Long) Preschool/ Kindergarten Phonics and Numeracy

Private, One on One Fashion Design and Sketching (45 Min, Once a Week, Ongoing)

Wilderness Exploration - Mindfulness Activities in Nature for Ages 14 Through 18

Q & A Prep for Human Geography

Spanish Book Study: The Crossover

Unlocking Long Division! Fun, Step-By-Step Process to Solve ANY Division Problem

Learn to Read Using the Science of Reading Strategies: Beginning Phonics & CVC

Vocabulary Enhancement Through Pokémon

Interactive Elementary School Classroom - Learn While Having Fun!

Primus Science Preschool: Water Plus a Water Experiment

Narnia Themed ELA/IEW Lit & Writing Comp (6th, 7th, & 8th) (1st Semester)

Consumer Math: Practical Math Needed for Life! (Semester 1) Meets 2x Per Week

Young Writer's Workshop Level 2: Writing Super Sentences (Ongoing)

1:1 Tutoring w/ AP English Teacher & Forensics Coach: Reading, Writing, & More

Roblox Survive the Red Dress Girl Gaming Club

Let's Taco About It!

Public Speaking & Debate Club - Beginners (Ages 13-16)

Star Wars Social Club! Small Group (Autism, ADHD, and Neurodiverse Learners)

I Like Me! Color and Chat Self Esteem Circle, K-2nd

Kingdom Keepers - Disney After Dark (Book 1)

Preparing for 4th & 5th Grade Reading Comprehension Tests

Conversation Club En Español For Teens

Gabby's Dollhouse Dancing Fun!

6th Grade Math Unit 4 (Ratios, Unit Rates, and Percents)

1 on 1 Phonics, Spelling, Word Families, Reading, Writing Tutoring, Special Ed.

Watercolor Painting Camp

Superstars Club! Weekly Small Group Acting Lessons for Teens (Ages 13-18)

Young Writer's Workshop Level 1: Writing Sentences (Ongoing)

Watercolor Alphabet

American History: Learn and Write About Historical People, Places, and Events

Junk Journal Journey : Making Junk Journals

Vamos a Aprender español! Kids Learn Spanish with a Native Speaker! 8-11

"Gabby's Dollhouse" Sticky Kitty Cinnamon Paws!

ELA With Stacey Jay - 1 On 1 English Language Arts Grade 6 - 8

ABC's and 123's! One on One Tutoring Class

Draw a Cute Christmas Dragon

Private 1:1 Teen Spanish Conversation Class - Intermediate

Private 1:1 Children's Spanish Conversation Class - Intermediate

Private 1:1 Children's Spanish Conversation Class - Beginning

Comprehensive Japanese Language/Culture Lower Elem. Class 8 Pt 2 (Age 13-18)

Pre-K and Kindergarten Reading & Writing Weekly Fun

ELA With Stacey Jay - 1 On 1 English Language Arts Grade 6 - 8

A Single-Day Novel-Writing Class with an Award-Winning Novelist!

Boxcar Children Surprise Island Book Club

Trolls, Text, and Treasures: A Weekly RPG Gaming Club! ( #builder )

DnD Weekly Game: Dungeons and Dragons Gaming Club

Summer Boot Camp Jr. H. IEW Program! (Essay Writing, Language Arts, English)

Crochet Fun for Beginners #creative

Private Actor Coaching: Perform More Powerfully With a Professional Weekly

Storytime and School Readiness Activities on Your Own Schedule

Kindergarten Math Games

Mrs. B's Reader's Theater Book Club: "Sense and Sensibility" by Jane Austen

Math is Yummy! A Problem-Solving Class for Mathematical Minds

Star Constellations in Our Universe!

World Geography Explore & Map Draw: The America's Countries & Geography

Strange Origins of Urban Legends

Let's Draw Valentine's Day Axolotls!

ACT Math Exam Preparation Topic : Coordinate Geometry

Beginner Guitar for Young Learners - 8 Week Semester Class - (Ages 5-7)

Intro to Guitar for Young Beginners (Age 5-7)

Primus Science Preschool: Seeds and Plants + Plant-A-Seed Project

Party Time- Give Yourself a Break!

Math With Miss Molly: Hands-On Number Sense and Foundational Math Skills

Chemistry - Matter, Atoms, & Periodic Table - Homeschool Self-Paced Class

Octonauts Active Story Time

How to Draw Super Mario and Friends

How to Draw a Realistic Cupcake With Colored Pencils

Think Fast: Gain Confidence, Make Friends, Have Fun! Improv Games Teen Tween Kid

Piano Level 2A - Part 6

Builder's Club Weekly Scratch Coding Class

Korean Immersion Free Talking With a Native Teacher! 7-12

1:1 Art Lesson -Learn to Draw a Groundhog in Oil Pastels With Fun Facts

Storytime Fun!~Stories and Games for Weekly Fun~ for Preschoolers and Homeschoolers

Montessori Reading & Writing: Phonics & Intro to Digraphs 1x/Week

Intro to Spanish Pt. 1

Souvenir Show & Tell: Travel & Geography Social Club - World Geography

Origami Fun for Beginners: A Fox That Stands Up!

English K12; Full Year, Tutoring; Writing, or Homework-Customizable 25 min.

Dog and Cat in Acrylics: For Ages 8-12

How to Draw a Realistic Sunflower With Coloured Pencil + Fun Sunflower Facts!

Practice Cursive Handwriting by Writing Silly Sentences and Stories in Cursive

Princess Escape the Castle- A Science and Math Adventure

How to Draw & Paint a Realistic Rabbit - Watercolour Class + Fun Rabbit Facts!

Beauty and the Beast-Ballet Dance Party!

Biology for Beginners: Life Science for Curious Learners

Escape the National Aquarium Before It Closes- Math Counting USA Money

English Analytical Grammar Course

Word of the Week! A Vocabulary and Etymology Class

3rd Grade English Language Arts (ongoing)

Ongoing: iMovie Video Editing Club For YouTubers! (iPad or iPhone) 8-13yo

Primus Science Preschool: Fossils + Make Your Own Fossil

Squad up!! Fornite Zero-Build | Team Tactics & Strategies

Primus Science Preschool: Sounds Hands-On Science Lab

Game Time and Social Club for the Littles

Saxon Math Homeschool Tutoring - Ongoing, 2x per Week

Squad up!! Fornite Zero-Build | Team Tactics & Strategies

Gaming Club for Teens: Play Roblox & Socialize for Ages 13-18

Beginner Ukelele With Friends!

Show and Tell: Something Soft, Something Green, Something With Wheels

French Calendar and Meeting Time: (Gr 3-5) (Academic Year) (Level 2)

Speed Reading Consultation 1:1 Ages 10-18

Interactive Math Practice

Draw a Valentine's Day Bear by Draw So Cute

Escape the Monkey House at the Zoo- Learn About Monkeys

Book Club: According to Humphrey Series

1:1 English Speaking & Writing Training Camp 练习口语 ESL

Circles and Their Geometry. Part 2

Preschool Friends Class | Social Skills| Circle Time | Games | Stories

On-Going Creative Writing by Using a Story Sequence Chart (IEW Unit 3)

On-Going Creative Writing From Pictures (IEW Unit 5)

The Horse and His Boy:Another C.S. Lewis Classic Reading Comprehension Book Club

History Show and Tell: Share Your History Artifacts with Friends - Social Club

Game Night Extreme

Letter sounds

Artful Artists: Rainbow Watercolor Painting Class

1:1 Math Tutoring Sessions: Dino Math! Pre-k, Kindergarten, Grade 1 and Grade 2

One to One Class Drawing Your Way Around Britains Historic Landmarks.

Underwater World: Create an Amazing Watercolor Painting

The Verb Tenses: L'imparfait VS Passé Composé

Fiesta Time: Learn the Mexican Hat Dance La Raspa and SPANISH Vocabulary

Create Your AP® Lang Exam Game Plan

PSAT 8/9 Math Exam Preparation (Part 3)

Advanced Piano 3

PSAT National Merit Math Practice Test (Part 5)

Introduction to Italian for Middle & High School - Beginners

ACT Math Exam Preparation Part 2

Private Math Tutoring for 3rd - 8th Graders With a Certified Math Specialist

5th Grade Math Club / Small Group Tutoring 2 X Weekly

Weekly 5th Grade Math Club / Small Group Tutoring

Adopt Me Free Neon Pets Weekly Gaming Social!

Biology Essentials: Just for Fun Microscope Work (Introduction to Microscopy)

Weekly Reading 1-on-1 Tutor: Phonics, Foundational Skills, Fluency, and Comprehension! Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, 3rd Grade

Beginner Semi-Private Lessons (Ukulele or Guitar)

Game Night Extreme

Trolls, Text, and Treasures: The Broken-Hearted Village (An RPG) ( #builder )

Mario Bros Freeze Dance Party

Come and Play With Me - Ukulele & Guitar Intermediate Level - Pop Songs

Baking Class: Banana Bread in a Mug!

Baking Class: Apple Crisp in a Mug!

Baking Class: Pumpkin Pie in a Mug!

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