New Classes on Outschool 2023-01-15

There are 360 new classes on Outschool the week of January 15, 2023 to January 21, 2023.

Western Armenian for Beginners (Older Kids)

Fun, Easy, Beginner Watercolor Snail Drawing and Painting

Wordly Wise 3000 Vocabulary Class/Level 5

C++: Adventure in the World of Programming

Marvel - Intro to Film Analysis 13-18 Years Old

Learn English (ESL) Through Conversation and Activities! (CEFR Level B1)

Learn English (ESL) Through Conversation and Activities! (CEFR Level A2)

Learn Spanish by Themes, Through Fun Activities - Part 2 (4 Months Duration)(A1)

Nature Journaling Art Club - With Some Math, Writing, and Scientific Thinking

Be Your Best Self - Feelings Management Techniques and Strategies

Learn Spanish by Themes, Through Fun Activities - Part 4 (4 Months Duration)(A1)

Outschool Multimedia Club Project Lab (Teens)

Book Club with Mrs. C: Start Pursuing!

Minecraft Graphic Novels Book Club (6-8)

Learn Spanish by Themes, Through Fun Activities - Part 3 (4 Months Duration)(A1)

ESL & Pre - K Seasonal Themes - What Are the 4 Seasons?

Snowman Party Story and Craft

Magic Tree House: Merlin Missions

Semester Civics Exploration: US Government, Constitution, Bill of Rights, and More!

Chess History - The Fascinating, Brief Story of a Lengthy, Brainy Game, 1:1

Speak Up: Private Coaching in Speech in All Events: HI, DI, POI, Oratory, etc.

Groundhog Day Storytime and Craft

Minecraft Social Club: Sharing Your Passion for All Things Minecraft!

6th Grade Math Chapter 3 (Ratios and Rates)

Chat Club: Let's Share All Your Favorite, Awesome Things (Show+Tell plus Games)

Trolls, Text, and Treasures: Escape from Wonderland (An RPG Club) ( #builder )

Bedrock Minecraft Dungeons and Dragons

Trolls, Text, and Treasures: The Bog Witch (A Role Playing Game) ( #builder )

IB Math SL Exam Preparation Topic : Sequences and Series

IB Math SL Exam Preparation Topic : Trigonometry

IB Math SL Exam Preparation Topic: Exponentials and Logs

Harry Potter Movie Fan Blooket Trivia Social Group

Disney Princess Movie Blooket Trivia Social Group

5th Grade Math Unit 8 (Measurement and Geometry)

Master the Art of Anime- Learn to Draw Like a Pro! Level 2

The Story of the History of the United States of America Pre Civil War To 1880

Essentials of Algebra (College Algebra)

Creative Writing Class: Informative, Narrative and Opinion Stories & Paragraphs

Roblox Teen Gamer Club

1:1 Singing Lessons - Discover Your Voice | Beginner or Intermediate

Spanish for Preteens and Teens Part 4, How Is the Weather? Simple Present Tense

Write me a Screenplay!

Storybook Cooks, FLEX Edition: A Literary and Culinary Adventure!

Learn Coding With Scratch Jr. - For Beginners (Flex Class)

Geometry Semester 1 with Certified Math Teacher - Graded Course

Algebra Students: Let's Practice Dimensional Analysis

Learn Spanish by Themes, Through Fun Activities-Part 1 ( 4 Months Duration )(A1)

Ukulele Jumpstart - A Beginner's Class to Get Started FLEX Schedule (Ages 13-18)

Cambridge FCE B2 Ongoing Exam Preparation Course

Disney Travel: Let's Visit Mary Poppins, Peter Pan, Alice, and More in England!

The Rise of Tiamat - D&D Teaching Campaign (Advanced)

Quilling: Paper Arts & Crafts - Easter Bunny

Quilling: Paper Arts & Crafts - Easter Bunny

Private Crochet Class- Ages 9-16

Business Math Concepts: Finances, Pricing, Revenue, Profit + Taxes

Animal Idioms in English! (ELL Friendly!)

African-American History: The Story of the Amistad

WWI: No-Man's Land

The Viking Invasions of Britain, 793-1066 CE

Private ESL English Tutoring

Proofreading and Writing Instruction by a College Instructor!

Private Orton Gillingham Reading & Writing Tutoring (Hour Session)

ChatGPT: Can We Use It as an Educational Tool?

Let's Learn Exam English: Ongoing IELTS Preparation

Advanced Kreative Arts

Fantasy and Adventure Summer Book Club: A Book Club for Upper Elementary Readers

African American History Photo Scrapbook & Stories of African Americans

Beginners Minecraft Survival One-Time Crash Coarse - (90 Minutes)

Roblox Gamer Girls' Club

Body Basics: A Journey Into Human Anatomy and Biology - Middle School Science

Book Club-Fish in a Tree - You Will Be Rooting for the Protagonist!

Travel Adventures Around the World: Exploring the Caribbean Islands!

1 Week Winter Camp: High School Reading & Discussion of Texts by Female Writers

Let's Learn English and Make Friends: It's Comprehension Time! A1 A2 - 2xWeek

Let's Learn English and Make Friends: It's Comprehension Time! B1 B2 - 2xWeek

ESL & Pre - K Little Bodybuilders, Active Fun, Exercise Club

IB Math Exam Preparation Topic : Differentiation

How to Write the Perfect Thesis: Step-By-Step and Guided Practice Middle School

Ukulele Jumpstart - A Beginner's Class to Get Started FLEX Schedule (Ages 8-12)

Weapons Used in World War I

Introduction to the Napoleonic Wars

World War II Timeline

The Story of the History of the United States of America Civil War to 1880 FLEX

How to Write the Perfect Thesis: Step-By-Step and Guided Practice High School

Andor - Intro to Film Analysis

Become a Paleontologist! Fully HANDS ON DINOSAUR Fossil Digging EXPERIMENT

Show and Tell Treasure Hunt

Learn Spanish for Kids!

Weekly Chinese Club: Learn Chinese & Making Virtual Food

Customized Animal Classes Just For You!

Battle of the Cookies! A Case Study in Intellectual Property Law (Ages 7 - 9)

Battle of the Cookies! A Case Study in Intellectual Property Law (Ages 10-12)

Alpha Bravo Charlie! Learn How to Use the NATO Phonetic Alphabet.

Private Canadian Social Studies Grade 2/3 - People and Environments

Summer Refresh: Get Ready to Begin High School English Language Arts

1:1 Class Tutoring: Reading, Phonics, Spelling, Grammar, & Writing | ELA

1st Grade Full Homeschool Curriculum: 1-on-1 Class

Spanish - Let’s Read Stories (Beginning Readers) (1X Wk)

Addition & Subtraction- Regrouping

Art Class and Camp #2 Minimal Supplies! Different Art Activity Daily! Draw, Paint, Create!

A Read Aloud & Thanksgiving Games ONGOING CLASS with After-Class Craft

Saving Nature: How You Can Be a Changemaker

Tabletop Miniature & Wargaming Painting (Ongoing Class)

Ongoing Creative Writing Class: Extreme Poetry

Ongoing Creative Writing: Magnetic Poetry!

Private Tutor: Reading Comprehension

Travel Adventures in Europe: Let’s Learn Geography, History and Culture

101 Private Full Math Curriculum Grades 1-8 - 30 Minutes Weekly

Roblox Extended 80-Minute Class for Ultimate Gamer ~Vote Then Play

Waldorf Tree Class: Amazing and Strange Trees

Marvellous Maths for Ages 5-7

Good Old Fashioned Arithmetic: Multiplication/Division Facts Practice

Good Old-Fashioned Arithmetic: Addition/Subtraction Facts Practice

The Writing Process for Reluctant Writers FLEX

Let's Make an Easter Bunny

(Flex Class) Piano Class #10 (Level 2A) With Mrs. Karen for Ages 5-10

FLEX Introduction to Economics!

3rd Grade Science: Part 1 (Flex)

Let's Make an Easter Chick

Let's Make a Love Bug Monster

1:1 Math and Reading Tutoring / Kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd Grade : 2X a Week

Kindergarten Sight Word Frenzy 1:1

Volcanoes, Tsunamis, Hurricanes and Our Wonderful Planet 10 Week FLEX Course

Gaming Club: Stardew Valley

It Was the Best of Sentences, It Was the Worst of Sentences : Grammar Class

Ongoing Discussion Led Math Club to Solve Real-Life Word Problems. Age 8-10

Splatoon 3 Gamers

Beginning Voice Lessons to Sing With Confidence Flex Class

(FLEX) History's Mysteries

Life Skills With Virtues - Leadership for Girls (Age 9-12)

Body Systems for Middle School - 10 Weeks of Human Anatomy for Middle Schoolers

Clay Sculpting - Figurines & Sculptures: Fairy-Tale Enchanted Forest Characters

Fun With Chinese: Level 4C

Scotland National 5 (10th Grade) Math Exam Topic : Inequalities

Acrylic Painting: Double Heart Canvas

1 Week Spring Break Camp: How to Read, Understand, & Analyze Shakespeare Sonnets

One-On-One Private Voice Lessons

Reading Comprehension Masters: 3rd Grade

Introduction to Spanish for Middle & High School - Beginners (Second Level)

Kindergarten Circle Time Here We Come With Ms. Abby- ABC-Math-Science-Reading

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe Literature Circle

Likes and Dislikes

Adventures in English Grammar & Creative Writing with ELA Missions - FLEX

Spanish I - Semester long Spanish 1 Course

Blast-Off to Space Club (Ages 4 To 6)

Legend of Zelda Dungeons and Dragons-Ongoing DND Adventures for All Skill Levels

Cinematic Soundscapes for Kids Ages 8-12

Animal Care

Introductory Conversational ASL

Elementary Conversational Spanish 2 - FLEX

Conversational Spanish 2 for Teens FLEX

1 Week Spring Camp: Clauses, Sentence Types, & Variety for Writing Confidence

Let's Draw Valentine's Day Squishmallows!

Guitar Lessons (Private Half Hour)

I Can Write My ABCs! Early Letter Shape Skills: Pre K Learning With Ms. Liz

Songwriting Lessons (Private Half Hour)

FLEX: 4Th Grade Math Topic 1 (Place Value)

Middle School Math Basics - You Got This! FLEX Class

All About Adjectives - Creating a Story Setting (FLEX)

Creating Eye-Catching Introduction

Creative Writing Club: Storyteller's Society

Creative Writing: Fantastic Fantasy Fiction Writing Club (Ages 11-13)

Writing Strong Essay Conclusion - Learn How!

Writing Strong Essay Body Paragraphs

Weekly Attack Plan Creation

How to Write an Essay

How to Do Laundry

How & Why to Make a Bed

First Major DIY Auto Repair

Essay - Use of Transition Words and Sentences

Creating a Clear Essay Outline

Confidently Handling a Power Outage

Best Car Maintenance Routine

A Complete Guide to Jump Start a Car

Habitat Hunters: Exploring the Diverse Homes of Animals

Connect the Dots and Paint a Dinosaur!

Tumbling at Home: Stretching, Acrobatics, Flexibility (Level 3)

Happy Cursive!!! Beginning Cursive, Lower Case Letters: Part 1

6th and 7th Grade Math Story Word Problems: Single-Step and Multi-Step Problems

4th & 5th Grade Mathematics: The Fundamentals

FLEX Understanding Flow State to Help You Study Better Life Skill Class 6W2

Valentine's Day Games, Crafts, and Card Exchange!

Typing for Students With Dyslexia-Dysgraphia-Orton-Gillingham Method Ages 10-15

All Things Math - Academic Year - Grades 6-8 (1X Wk)

All Things Math - Academic Year - Grades 3-5 (1X Wk)

Summer Refresh: Get Ready to Begin Upper High School English Language Arts

Summer Refresh: Get Ready to Begin Middle School English Language Arts

ESL - Let’s Read Stories (Beginning Readers) (1X Wk) (CEFR: Pre A1, A1, A2)

Español For You: Spanish 1:1 FLEX Lessons or Tutoring by Native Spanish Speaker

American Sign Language Part 3 - Teens

Speak Up: One-On-One Private Public Speaking/Speech Tutoring (55 minutes)

One-On-One: Learn How to Paint Like Famous Artists

One-On-One: Drawing Eeveelutions

Spanish Class for Beginners - Have fun and learn Spanish

The Heart of the House: Dinner Cooking and Baking Flex Class Section C

The Heart of the House: Dinner Cooking and Baking Flex Class Section B

The Heart of the House Dinner Cooking and Baking Flex Class Section A

Pre-K Reading Advanced (Beginning Kindergarten) 3x/week

Operas Aren’t Just for Grown Ups

Private Tuition - Mathematics

Let's Get Thinking: Critical Thinking Outside The Box B1+ CEFR

Y Is for Yum! Cooking and Alphabet Fun With Ms. Abby

Singapore 8th Grade Math Exam Preparation

Singapore O Level (9th and 10th Grade) Math Exam Preparation

Singapore 7th Grade Math Exam Preparation

Let's Draw Chibi Wolves!

Sing & Play Beginner Piano Class Part 2

Sing & Play Beginner Piano Class Part 1

Fixed VS Growth Mindset: Turning "I CAN'T Do It" Into "I CAN and Will Do It!" (Ages 7-9)

1:1 Reading Adventures Stories (Robin Hood, Alice in Wonderland) CEFR: B2

Pretend Doll Club With Ms. Abby- LOL, Bitty Baby, Reborn, Barbie Social Club

Middle School Math and Logic : Exponents and Scientific Notation

Ornithology: The Avian Respiratory System

Lions, Tigers, Jaguars, Cheetahs and Saber-Toothed Cats

FUNdamentals of Paragraph Writing

Brazilian Portuguese for Beginners (Level 4)

What Are You Reading? A Social Club for Avid Readers.

Private Tuition Math Course - 8 Weeks

(Ages 3-8) Black History Through Art, Music, and Dance(1x Weekly)

One-On-One Pup Party Adventures! (Ongoing Weekly 1:1)

Digital Art in Procreate: Gingerbread Cookies! (One-Time/30 Min)

Black Inventors Read Along

ESL & Pre - K My Feeling and How We Feel.

FLEX Understanding Flow State to Help You Study Better Life Skill Class 6W3

FLEX Understanding Flow State to Help You Study Better Life Skill Class 6W1

You Got This! Saxon Math Algebra 1 Second Semester (Lessons 61-120) ONGOING

Sponge Paint Some Not-So-Scary Monsters!

Dress for Success: Professional Wear for Interviews and the Business World

Sculpt With Polymer Clay: Let's Make a Great Horned Owl

Whatcha Playin'? Weekly Video Game Hangout Social Club

Digital Art: Illustrations in Procreate! Fluffy Animals

Brazilian Portuguese for Beginners (Level 3)

Absolute Beginner: Brazilian Portuguese for Beginners (Level 0)

Beginner Reader Phonics Skills With Polar Bear Babies

Coding With Scratch - Ongoing for Beginners

Job Interviews for Professionals: Adulting Skills for Life After High School

Let's Build Our Vocabulary! Fun Wordly Wise Lessons 1-8 Book 2 (ESL Certified)

Python Programming Level 2 - Ongoing for Beginners

Animal Crossing Art Club!

British IGCSE GCSE Math Exam Topic : Probability

Python Programming Level 1 - Ongoing for Beginners

Acrylic Painting: Lavender Sky, Lake and Flowers

Acrylic Painting: Painting an Ocean Sunset

Weekly Acrylic Painting Class

Christmas in July Summer Camp: Making Christmas Ornaments and Gifts #creative

Acrylic Painting: Rainbow Falls Landscape

Kid Explorers: S.T.E.A.M. Around the World Part 2 (STEM, Earth Science, + More!)

Acrylic Painting: Tulip Fields on a Cloudy Day

Private 1:1 Language Arts Tutoring (Reading, Writing, Grammar, Spelling) 3X/Week

Summer Refresh: Get Ready to Begin 5th Grade English Language Arts

Cambridge PET B1 Ongoing Exam Preparation Course

Ohio State 10th Geometry Exam Preparation

Georgia State 10th Grade Geometry Exam Preparation

4th and 5th Grade Math Yearly Curriculum Fun, Engaging & Interactive! w/ Blooket

ADHD - Those Impulses Can Help You Succeed! Weekly Private Class

Battle of the Cookies! A Case Study in Intellectual Property Law

Sight Word Reading Camp

Lets Talk About Nouns

Bilingual Circle Time and Crafts - Learn French With Mme. Colleen

2nd Grade Spelling: Ongoing One-on-One Spelling Practice

5th Grade Math Unit 7 (Expressions and Coordinate Plane)

5th Grade Math Unit 6 (Word Problems)

Origami Fun for Beginners: Talking Dog!

5th Grade Math Unit 5 (Division with Whole Numbers and Decimals)

ESL & Pre -K Australian Animal Wildlife Safari- Create Own Outbreak

Spanish Conversational Club for Teens: Intermediate and Advanced Level

Dragon Painting Art With Acrylic Paints

Beginner Scratch FLEX Class | 6 Weeks of Coding Projects for New Programmers

Spanish Conversational Club: Practice, Play and Chat, Intermediate and Advanced

Fraction Action! Add, Subtract, Multiply, and Divide Fractions

Squishmallow Show & Tell Social Club

Twilight Daycare: Roblox Social Club With Ms.Kat

Digital Art: Cartoon Animals (Ongoing)

Geometry Students: Learn Reflections

Dungeons and Dragons for Teens: Dragonlance - Shadow of the Dragon Queen!

Writer's Workshop with Mr. T

Ongoing Phonics: Multi-Syllable Seeds to Build Reading Fluency With Fun Games

Write an Ice in Winter Poem (Poetry Writing)

Ongoing 1:1 Business Support + Mentoring

Learn English Lingo: ESL for young students

Weekly Middle School Math 1:1 Tutoring

Math Level 3B Singapore Dimensions Curriculum

Not Another Book Report! Essay Writing, English, Lang. Arts, Homeschool Friendly

Spanish Tutoring / Help Sessions (1 Hour)

Concepts à la Carte: Solving Simple Word Problems

FLEX Class - Soccer: The Greats | Belgium

FLEX Class - Soccer: The Greats | Croatia

FLEX Class - Soccer: The Greats | Morocco

FLEX Class - Soccer: The Greats | Netherlands

FLEX Class - Soccer: The Greats | Senegal

Squishmallows Show and Tell: Share, Color, Create and Socialize!

Dog Paws - Cockapoo -Drawing & Graphite Pencil Art

Cool Cats - Curious Cat - Pencil Drawing Art

Math Level 3A Singapore Dimensions Curriculum

Bird Tweets -Atlantic Puffin -Drawing & Paint Pens (Colored Pencil) Art Project!

1 Week Winter Camp: How to Read, Understand, & Analyze Shakespeare Sonnets

"Percy Jackson ELA" (Part 3) Middle School Reading & English Language Arts

"Percy Jackson ELA" (Part 2) Middle School Reading & English Language Arts

One-On-One Private Tutoring in Writing: How to Write a Paragraph

Let's Prepare: Ongoing GEPT Speaking Test Practice for B1

[Letter of the Day-Weekend] Learn Korean Characters With a Native Speaker! 5-7

Introductory ASL

Python Programming for Beginners: One-on-One Coding on Minecraft

Sports Club - Small Group for Students with Autism, ADHD, Neurodiverse Learners

Video Game Social Club! Small Group (Autism, ADHD, Anxiety, Neurodiverse)

Speak Up: Public Speaking and Impromptu Speeches Club

5th Grade Math Topic 16 (Classifying Two-Dimensional Shapes)

5th Grade Math Topic 14 (Coordinate Plane)

5Th Grade Math Topic 13 (Order of Operations)

5th Grade Math Topic 12 (Line Plots and Frequency Charts)

5th Grade Math Topic 11 (Measurement)

Elementary Full Curriculum Science for 3rd Grade, Part 1

Ongoing Montessori Geometry Art Club

Phonics Fun! Pre-Reading Class to Learn the Alphabet Letter Sounds.

Gifted Enrichment Club for Little Brains (Ages 4-5)

Waldorf Cursive Handwriting Course

Back There Again!? D&D - Tolkien Inspired Dungeons & Dragons | Ages 8-10

ESL & Pre - K Chinese New Year

Roblox Class

Beginning Music Workshop - Beyond Playing the Notes

Waldorf Summer Camp: Cursive Writing Course I

The History of Valentine's Day

Avancemos (Let's Keep Going) - Que (What)

French 1 Curriculum Taught by Certified Teacher

Mastering Math With Minecraft - The Complete Curriculum of Grade 1 / 2 Math

Syllables...One, Two, Three or Four, Come Count With Me

Seasonal Cooking Spring Edition: Berry Cobbler

Get Started, Get Done: Task Completion Strategies for Teens With ADD/ADHD

What Does Respect & Disrespect Look Like at Home, School, in Public.

Private- Life Skills-People Skills

Verbs, What Are We Doing?

Same? Oh No! Let's Learn About Opposites

Introduction to French for Beginners Ages 6 to 10- Ongoing

Private Public Speaking Tutoring 1-On-1: Telling Fairy Tale Stories (Two)

Private Public Speaking Tutoring 1-On-1: Telling Fairy Tale Stories (One)

Private Public Speaking Tutoring 1-On-1: Become a Super Storyteller

Rhyming Words...Can, Man, and Tan, Come and Rhyme With Me

Homework Help

Russian Language Semester 2

20 English Lessons in 30 Days - Alphabet A to Z - FLEX Lessons

Spanish1c for Middle/High School (Class 3) #Academic

Scratch 3.0 - Coding for Beginners, Pokemon Series

Bake the British Isles - Pudding and Dessert Club

AP Calculus : Chain Rule

ACT Math Exam Preparation : Geometry (Part 2)

SAT Math Exam Topic : Direct and Inverse Variation

Minecraft Survival Club (Bedrock)

SAT Math Topic: Probability

SAT Math: Rates and Ratios

I LOVE MY PET! Show and Tell Pet Club

Pre-K/Kindergarten Digital Escape Rooms and Crafts! (Ages 3-6), Holiday Edition! | 4 Week Flex

A, B, C, D, and E...Let's Learn About Alphabetical Order

Directed Drawing & Watercolor Painting

Homeschool Think Tank Club Junior Edition (Ages 7 - 8)

Spanish Tutoring for Siblings (2x/Week)

Preschool Circle Time Activities!

PRIME TIME TUTORING | 1:1 Writing Tutoring with a Certified Teacher | Nights & Weekends

Learn to Draw and Paint Animals in Watercolor!

Nouns...People, Places, and Things

Discover Walt Disney Flex

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