New Classes on Outschool 2023-01-01

There are 354 new classes on Outschool the week of January 1, 2023 to January 7, 2023.

Awesome 2-Day Camp Intermediate Anime Portrait Drawing

5th Grade Math Chapter 10 (Dividing Fractions)

5th Grade Math Chapters 13 and 14 (Volume and Two-Dimensional Shapes)

5th Grade Math Chapter 12 (Coordinate Plane and Data)

5th Grade Math Chapter 9 (Multiplying Fractions)

Boost Your Child's Reading Through Phonics - Using the Orton Gillingham Approach

1:1 Math Tutoring for High School Geometry And PreAlgebra Through Algebra 2

World Geography - Country Studies - Private Lessons

African American History | the Father of Black History || Carter G Woodson

Ms. Stephanie’s Easter Math Games

Important WW2 Battles

Is It Mean, Rude or Being a Bully? Anger, Name Calling, to Disrespect & Exclusion

Greek Mythology: A Weekly Interactive Study of the Greek Gods

A Social Emotional Discussion Group for Blind and Visually Impaired Learners

FLEX Class - Players Around the World | Soccer

Food Science: Edible Water Bubble and Spherification (1X)

Food Science: Color-Changing Lemonade and PH Changes - Acids and Bases (1X)

Food Science: Fruit Gummies and Polymer Science (1X)

Beginner's Latin - Cambridge Latin Course Unit 3 - Part 2

Uke Can Sing and Play: Upper Intermediate Ukulele Club

Personalized Tutoring: Literature, Vocabulary & Critical Thinking

English Language Arts Ongoing Accompaniment -- 1:1 Tutoring

Grooming Galore: Radiate Confidence Daily!

Social-Emotional Learning FULL-CURRICULUM; First Grade (6-7) PART 1 of 2 *Move This World*

Move This World: Social-Emotional Learning Kindergarten (5-6) PART 1 of 2

Weekly Drop-In Mindfulness Practice for High School Students

High School Forensics II (Semester)

Middle School Geography of the World:Part 7 Australia/Oceana Ecosystems & People

Cat On My Keyboard: A Social Cat Club

Cook Like a Chef: Learning Basic Knife Skills and Cooking (15-18)

Race Car Painting: Crayon Resist & Watercolor Painting-Small Group

Food Science: Rock Candy and Saturated Solutions (1X)

Food Science: Pop Rocks Experiment and Physical Reactions (1X)

Food Science: Homemade Ice Cream and the Laws of Thermodynamics (1X)

Basic Math Story Adventures - Addition, Subtraction and More

How to Use Your Telescope

Wild Animal Science: Tigers of Asia (Ages 8-10)

Learn an Exciting Way to Paint Coasters!

How to Make Easter Themed Hair Ribbons (Flex)

Let's Read & Tell a Story One Sentence At a Time - Level 1 (ESL Friendly)

Acrylic Painting - Anime Movie Landscapes

How to Make Holiday Hair Ribbons

Spanish 1-on-1 Tutoring Spanish

Watercolor Painting - Botanicals: Spring Flowers & Nature

Clutter-Busting Mastery

🌟 Mind Mastery Unleashed! 🌟

💼💰 Checking Account Opening & Mastering!

Musical Brain Work-Out Level 2 (Ongoing)

Brain Friendly Homemaking

Read Aloud Book Club (certified and licensed teacher)

Ms. Stephanie's Preschool Valentine's Day Math Games

Ms. Stephanie's Valentine's Day Math Games

Teens Cook FLEX New Orleans Cuisine: Cajun and Creole Cooking

Build a Miniature Piano

The Science of Shipwrecks: Discovery, Exploration, and Research (Flex Class)

Victory Garden

Victory Garden

Ace a Job Interview

Explore True Stories, Poetry and Fiction: Upper Elementary/Middle School Grades

Sketching Faces - Cartoon and Realistic Study/Sketches Art Class

Paint, Draw, Glue, and Make a Beautiful Art Journal: Mixed Media Art Class

Moana-Ballet Dance Party

Valentine's Day Crafts (Flex)

Ongoing One-On-One Class: Playful Paths to Literacy

Fitness and Fun!! (Students With Autism, ADHD, Neurodiverse Learners)

Famous Shipwrecks Explored (Flex Class)

På Svenska 4-Intermediate Swedish

Private 1:1 Learner-Directed Digital Art Lessons | Procreate on iPad (On-Going)

Dungeons and Dragons: Strixhaven - A Curriculum of Chaos! (Ages 11-13)

Dungeons and Dragons: Strixhaven - A Curriculum of Chaos! (Ages 8-10)

Grammar Painting: Part 2- Let's Add Even More Color to Our "Painted" Stories!

8 Weeks of Japanese 1_03

1:1 Drawing: Draw Your Favorite Things

Simplifying Linear Expressions Through Games!

Hidden History: Exploring the Strange and Mysterious

Book Club: The Princess in Black English Reading Club Flex

Simple and Compound Interest Processes for Loans in the Money Market

Career Exploration: How to Become a Yoga Teacher 2-Day Career Workshop for Teens

Elephants, Mammoths and the Mighty Mastodon.

All Thing Matilda (Roald Dahl) - Read, Write, Discuss and Role Play

Learn to Paint With Watercolor: Make Beautiful Paintings | Beginners Ages 7-12

Level-6| Python Powerhouse: Coding Algorithms and Data Visualization!

Deforestation - What Is It and How Does It Affect Our Eco-Systems?

The Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe (Narnia #2) Book Club & Book Report

Chatgpt: A Collaborative Writing Experience

**By Request** Let's Learn English! Private ESL Tutoring - Level Three, Units 1 - 5

4-Week Course Drawing Forest Animals 2

Full Algebra 1 Flexible Course

Let's Learn How to Skip Count by 10's (Taught by a Certified Teacher)!

FLEX Super Mario Paper Craft Art! Create 5 Different Mario Characters! Part 1!

Kindergarten Reading Camp

Weekly Vocabulary 5th-6th Grade, 12 weeks

Reading Tutoring for students with Dyslexia Using the Orton Gillingham Method

LIVE Online Art Class: Draw Adorable Vacation Gnomes

LIVE Online Art Class: Draw Adorable Buggy Gnomes

LIVE Online Art Class: Draw Adorable Patriotic Gnomes

1:1 Grade 2 Math Yearlong Curriculum: Add, Sub., Shapes, Money, Measurement

Weekly Vocabulary 4th-5th Grade, 12 weeks

8th Grade Math | Full Curriculum | Flexible

7th Grade Math | Full Curriculum | Flexible

6th Grade Math | Full Curriculum | Flexible

Little Scientists: An Ongoing Science Curriculum for Pre-K/K

8th Grade Math | Full Curriculum

7th Grade Math | Full Curriculum

5th Grade Math Chapter 8 (Adding and Subtracting Fractions)

Gabby's Dollhouse - Ballet Dance - Sprinkle Party!

Gabby's Dollhouse - Hip Hop Dance Party - Hey Gabby!

10 Weeks of Black Literature-The Healers (Ages 11-16)

English and History Homework Help High School

Ongoing Private Tutoring With a Certified Teacher! (1 Hour)

Weekly Reading Comprehension: Skills & Strategies for Ages 10-13

5th Grade Math Chapter 7 (Division with Decimals)

Math: Introduction to Integers in Algebra

6th Grade Math | Full Curriculum

5th Grade Math Chapter 6 (Dividing by Multi-Digit Divisors)

5th Grade Math Chapter 5 (Multiplying Decimals)

No-Stress Nature Journal Club

1:1 College Admissions and Scholarship Essay Writing

Beginning Piano Level 2 (FLEX)

4th Grade Math Unit 8 (Geometry)

(Flex Class) Piano Class #9 (Level 2A) With Mrs. Karen for Ages 5-10

Admissions Essay Writer's Workshop

Level 2B Part 2: Continuing Piano Adventures With Ms. Diana

FLEX Pokémon Paper Craft Art! Create Five Different Pokémon! Part 1!

Lockwood and Co Novel Study: The Hollow Boy Book Club

Full Curriculum Fifth Grade Math With a Licensed Teacher (Meet Twice a Week)

Play With Words!

Who Stole Gerdy? Solve the Crime With Forensic Science!

Spanish Pronunciation: All the Sounds You Need to Sound Like a Pro! (15-18)

Spanish Pronunciation: All the Sounds You Need to Sound Like a Pro! (12-15)

Book Club: The Mysterious Benedict Society and the Perilous Journey (#2)

Craft a Minecraft Creative Writing Poem

Scratch Jr. Pokemon Level 2 - Make your own games with Pokemon

6 Week Semi Private Course-All You Need to Know to Introduce Yourself in Chinese

FLEX Computer Science Information Technology Class Full Semester 16W3

Drawing With Yoshi: Gaming Edition

Multiweek History Mysteries: Can You Solve the Mysteries?

Private Tutoring 1-On-1 Digital Art for Beginners- Illustration on Procreate- 60

Private Tutoring, 1-On-1 Digital Art for Beginners- Illustration on Procreate

Dungeons and Dragons for Beginners: Mines of Madness (D&D Starter Adventure)

**By Request** Let's Learn English! Private ESL Tutoring - Level Two, Units 1-10

Mastering Math: Emoji Uno Playing Club (Ages 6-9, Multiplication & Division)

Learn Procreate by Drawing a Character From Dog Man- Beginner Digital Art Club

Introduction to Admission Essays

**By Request** Let's Learn English! Private ESL Tutoring - Level One, Units 1 - 9

WARRIOR CATS! Socially Creative Arts & Discussion Club: Draw, Sculpt, Sketch

Let's Learn How to Skip Count by 5's (Taught by a Certified Teacher)!

Dino Dance Party

Captain Underpants Reading Comprehension Club!

Advanced Public Speaking With a TED Speaker & Speech Coach

Science: Introduction to Dinosaurs

Diary of a Minecraft Zombie: Books 3 & 4 | Read Aloud FLEX Class | 4 Weeks

Let's Paint Polar Bear With Acrylics: For Ages 8-12

6th Grade Eureka Math Companion Class (Module 3, Integers and Rational Numbers)

6th Grade Math Chapter 2 (Fractions and Decimals)

Bird Tweets - Parakeet (Budgie) - Drawing and Coloring Art Project!

A Rover's Story: A Literature Circle Based Book Discussion

Create a Conservation Creature Card Club 2!

Dog Paws - Corgi - Drawing Dogs Marker Art Project!

5th Grade Math Unit 4 (Multiplication with Whole Numbers and Decimals)

The Wingfeather Saga: On The Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness Book Study

Full Curriculum | Latin for Kids Part 3 | Latin for Beginners (Age 8-11)

Listen to the Sea - Music Inspired by Water and the Sea

Great Elemental Dragons & Creatures! Socially Creative Clay Art Sculpting [13+]

Storybook Tea Time With Miss Angie

English Language Arts K12 Full Year, Tutoring; Writing, or Homework-Customizable

5th Grade Eureka Math Companion Class (Module 6)

4th Grade Math Unit 7 (Fractions and Decimals)

5th Grade Math Topic 4 (Multiply Decimals)

5th Grade Math Chapter 4 (Multi-Digit Multiplication)

Found Poetry: Writing Poems From Magazines and Newspapers

Homeschool English Language Arts, Contemporary Classics 2B

Beginner Piano Theory Workshop

Private 1:1 Learner-Directed Digital Art Lessons | Procreate on iPad

Beginning Painting With Trees, Nature, and Landscapes.

Parrots in the Wild! Ecosystems, Geography & Conservation | Environmental Science

High School Curriculum Integrated Physics, Chemistry and Earth Science

Color and Chat With Author Norma Reyna 1-1

Waldorf Private Reading Course: Beginning Readers II

It's-A Me!: How to Draw Your Favorite Super Plumber

A Writing Coach's Best Tips for College Application Essays

English Language Arts (ELA) Tutoring: 1:1 Middle & High School: 40 Minutes

Let's Write: Creative and Impromptu Essays!

Winter Paintings: Art, Story, Game, and a 3-D Craft! (Pre-K-2Nd Grade)

Let's Learn and Practice 4th Grade Spelling! (Ongoing)

Hercules Trivia With Kahoot

Disney's Onward Trivia With Kahoot

Let’s Learn to Read in Spanish (A1)

Art Flex Course: Draw & Paint Desserts Art Class!

Alien Invasion PVP

DALL-E Decoded -Become a Master Artist With Artificial Intelligence (AI)

What Is President's Day-Learn History With Mrs. E

Wordly Wise 3000 Vocabulary Class/Level 4

Novel Workshop for Young Authors Who Want to Write Books

German Literature Study of "When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit" by Judith Kerr

Famous Failures That Will Inspire You to Succeed!

One-On-One Piano Lessons

Get to Know the Teacher and Find the Right Maths Class That Suits Your Learner.

Private Beast Academy Math Tutoring

Let's Create a Farm

Individual (1:1) Custom Advanced Reading and Writing Skills and Practice

Beast Academy 3D: Math for Gifted Students

All About Spelling Five: Steps 1-6

Let's Learn How to Skip Count by 3's (Taught by a Certified Teacher)!

Learn to Read: Letters, Blending, and Sight Words for Preschool and Kindergarten

Comprehensive Japanese Language/Culture Lower Elem. Class 7 Pt 3 (Age 13-18)

Fashion Design - Figure Drawing & Garment Illustrations: Dreamy Springtime Gowns

Dungeons and Dragons One Shot Adventures D&D Explore the Dungeon

Ongoing Spanish Vocabulary and Conversation for Beginners (15-18)

Psychological Well-Being: Staying Sane in High School and Life

Pokemon Social Club! (Autism, ADHD, Anxiety, Neurodiverse Learners)

Imagine Math: The Story of Place Value - FLEX - (Waldorf Inspired)

One-on-One (1:1) Spelling Help for Building Vocabulary

Paint a Cute Semi-Realistic Axoltl in Procreate

Know My ABCs: Phonemic & Phonological Awareness (Early Reading) (Ongoing)

Groundhogs~Science, Reading Comprehension, Drawing With an Experienced Teacher

Achieving Your Dreams: Mastering the Art of Goal Setting

Kindergarten Reading & Math-Semester Long Flex Class-Perfect for Homeschool

1:1 Music Lessons (Voice, Piano, Guitar, Ukulele, Drums, Garageband+)

Intermediate Crocheters: Continue Your Crochet Journey Here

Adorable Guinea Pig Drawing & Watercolor Painting

Canadian Animal Colored Pencil and Sketching Club

English as a Second Language- Learn TO READ- Private- 2 Times/Week , Private

German for Beginners - One on One Tutoring

Learning to Read Is Fun: Sight Words for Kindergarten and Early Readers

Art Flex Course: Drawing Cute Squishmallows Class #1!

Space Mission 9: Walking on the Moon-Ages 10-14 (Semester Course)

Introduction to Piano

Ukulele Basics: Part 10 *Private Class*

Social Club: Ghostbusters (Ongoing)

Social Club: Star Trek (Ongoing)

Social Club: Random "Stuff" (Ongoing)

Roll the Dice! Weekly Short Story Creative Writing Club for Middle School/Tweens

4th & 5th Grade: Mini Math Mysteries

Space Mission 9: Walking on the Moon (Semester Course)

Calling All STEM Scholars! Plan, Build, and 3D Print Your Very Own Mars Rover!

Sensory Wiggle Circle Time

Harry Potter: Drawing Camp!

Learn to Draw: Adorable Winter Dogs!

Learn to Draw: Adorable Winter Animals!

Marine Biology: Megalodons and Other Prehistoric Marine Creatures

Middle School Spanish 1 - Level 1

NFL: Choose Your Team - Football Talk

1:1 Dyslexia, Reading, Writing Tutoring, Orton Gillingham (OG) Specialist

Pre-Algebra Mastery Math Bundle for 7th and 8th Grade: Part 3 of 4

1:1 30-Min Dyslexia Tutoring, Orton Gillingham & Literacy Specialist (1/Wk) 4wks

Latin 1 (Class 14): 3rd Declension i-stem Nouns, Ablatives, and Sight Reading!

1 :1 Preschoolers With Autism

Grammar Camp With Steve (Part 1)

1-to-1 Math Tutoring Grades 4 - 6

Grammar Galaxy Red Star Unit 3: Missions in Grammar and Vocabulary for 5th-6th

Musical Time Machine for Ages 9-12 (Flexible Schedule Edition)

Mathsters Full Curriculum 2nd Grade Math (2X a Wk)

Mathsters Full Curriculum 3rd Grade Math (2X a Wk)

Guitar Lessons - Private 1:1 Guitar for Beginners to Advanced Musicians

All About Penguins! - Animal Science and Art

3 Famous Paintings of Women at the Louvre Museum in Paris, France

Press Start: Ongoing Graphic Novel Study

Just One More Chapter!- 1000 Chapter Challenge Book Club

The InvestiGators Multi-Day Novel Study

Phonics for Struggling Readers 1: Consonants & Short Vowels, CVC Words, Digraphs

Mathsters Full Curriculum 4th Grade Math (2X a Wk)

11th Grade English and Literature Semester 2 FLEX

1:1 English Speaking, Reading, and Writing by Certified Teacher With M.Ed in ESL

Advanced Stretch and Flexibility Class + Floor Tricks and Acro! - FLEX

Intermediate Stretch and Flexibility Class + Floor Tricks and Acro! - FLEX

Animal Crossing Cozy Gaming: Play, Interact and Improve Skills (Ages 13-18)

Biomes: Learn what lives Deserts, Oceans, and Forests, Fun Coordinating Craft

Pokémon Violet and Scarlet Players-Picnic With Friends

Painting as Vasarely Geometric Optical Art Illusion

Let's Learn How to Skip Count by 2's (Taught by a Certified Teacher)!

Making Vision & Mood Boards - Tween/Teen Crafting

Special Education | 1:1 Reading Tutoring | Ages 8-10

Advanced Algorithm & Artificial Intelligence (Weekly)

Beginner Stretch and Flexibility Class + Floor Tricks and Acro! - FLEX

Cryptography, Codes, & Ciphers

Social Skills & Emotional Intelligence Coaching 1:1

Let's Talk Dungeons & Dragons

Adventures in Virtual Reality - Improvised VR Theater (Rec Room)

Babysitting Like A Pro: 5 Day In Depth Course : Become A Super Sitter

Mindful ME

DIGITAL Anime Drawing Club: Draw Your Favorite Characters!

Semi Private Fun Chinese Circle Time - Making Virtual Ice Cream, Cake and Pizza

Let's Go on a Scavenger Hunt- Color Words

Learn to Read with Miss Lindsay! Multi-Sensory Phonics On-Going 2x/week Pt. 1

Kids and Keys: Beginning Piano Class Part 2

Beginner’s Piano Class - Piano Pronto Prelude (Part 2)

Drawing Anime Animals for Beginners

Individual Tutoring (55 min.)

Multisensory Spelling with an Orton Gillingham Approach - Second Grade

Sings Things: Asynchronous Singing Course - 4 weeks

Preschool Music - Singing, Dancing and Fun!

Art Journaling Your 2023 Goals

Creating Worlds on the Screen: A Screenwriting Workshop for Teens (Ages 13-18)

Dungeons and Dragons, DND, D&D, RPG/ Dungeon Masters Taught Here (Ages 11-15)

Latin Piano Fun

FLEX: Narrative Writing for Kindergarten and 1st Grade

Latin for Teens Part 2 | Latin for Beginners (Age 12-16) | Grammar | Vocabulary

Intermediate Gymnastics - Let's Flip! - Fundamentals for Young Gymnasts - FLEX

1 on 1 Math Tutor: Grades 6-9, Pre Algebra, Algebra I (60 minutes)

Latin for Kids Part 2 | Latin for Beginners (Age 8-11) | Grammar | Vocabulary

Acting Level 3: Acting and Creating Smartphone Mini Movies

Design and Build Your Own SLEEPING DRAGON! Polymer Clay Art Course #1 (11-14)

Art Class - Creature Creations

Surface Weather Observations Decoding Camp

Private Piano 12-Week Semester-All Ages-Message Amy for More Time Options

Chasing Vermeer - Mystery Novel Study for Advanced Readers

FLEX Essay Writing Bootcamp: Master the Five Paragraph Essay

One-Time Art Class - Animal Kingdom Drawing

Read in French with Ratus the Green Rat, Grade 2 Unit 6

Soccer: Players Around the World

Swifties Unite! a Taylor Swift Appreciation Club

Painted Horse

Pokémon Reading (Learn 6 Syllable Types With Pokémon)Orton Gillingham Strategies

1:1 Private Tutoring: Language Arts, Creative Writing, ELA and Reading (30 Min)

Cat Kid Comic Club Book Trivia with Kahoot

Get a Job: How to Find & Keep a Job

Minecraft Survival and Creative Club! (Bedrock)

Breakin' for Beginners

ADHD Social Group

One-On-One ESL Tutoring

Essential Grooves and Patterns to Take Your Drumming to the Next Level!! (FLEX)

Statistics & Probability Bit By Bit - Part 2 of 5: Introduction To Probability Live Class

Food Web Mystery Room

Montessori Circle Time With Ms. Comsa: Fun Interactive Songs, and Learning!

Intermediate Yoga Pose Study: How to Do Chaturanga

Original Character Cosplay Series

Commonly Confused Words - Grammar Vocabulary - Homophones & More FLEX

Learn Spelling Through Hands on Phonics Games & Writing 1st-2Nd Grade

Word Problems: 3rd Grade Math

Let's Learn Exam English: Trinity GESE Initial: Grade 3 and 4 Preparation

Beginner Yoga Pose Study: How to Do Triangle Pose

American Sign Language (ASL) Animals - Zoology and Language!

Non-Murder Mystery: Theft at Frogwarts School of Magic and Mayhem

Animal Crossing Gaming: Play, Interact and Improve Skills (Ages 9-12)

Algebra 1 Part 2 (Flex)

Accountability Club: Setting and Achieving Goals

4th Grade Math Bundle (Part 3 of 4: Full Year of Mastery Method Math)

Private Recorder or Piano Lessons for 8 Weeks - 45-Minute Private Lesson

Move This World: Social-Emotional Learning Preschool/Prek

Let's Learn English: Vocabulary for Flyers A2

Let's Learn English: Vocabulary for Movers A1

Let's Learn English: Vocabulary for Starters Pre-A1

The History of Money in the US - And the Faces of the New American Quarters Flex

Unicorn Club! Learn About This Mythical Creature + Fun Activities

Warzone 2.0 Gaming Club

Squishmallow Drawing Club (Ongoing)

Pokémon Violet and Scarlet Club for Switch Players

Multisensory Spelling with an Orton Gillingham Approach - First Grade

How to Draw... EVERYTHING! for Teens - Realistic Drawing Techniques

1-on-1 Tutor

Preschool Life Skills Spanish Immersion

Let's Learn Exam English: Trinity GESE Initial: Grade 1 and 2 Preparation

Introduction to Microsoft Office Tools - For Beginners

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