New Classes on Outschool 2022-10-23

There are 292 new classes on Outschool the week of October 23, 2022 to October 29, 2022.

Travel 5 Days in Italy: Travel to the Coolest Cities in the World

Travel Adventures Around the World: Country Studies (Spring Camp)

Tricks to Learning Division Tables

Spanish Intermediate Conversational With a Native Speaker

Level 1 Phonics-Based Reading:Letter Sounds,Decoding,Blending, & Segmenting FLEX

Plan It Out!: Bullet Journaling for Pre-Teens (Ages 8-12)

Middle School English: Contemporary Literature Semester Course

An Introduction to the College Application Essay

1-on-1 Help With College Application Essays

Let's Learn Phonics: Letter Combinations - Series 5 A1/A2

CogAT Middle Level | Review & Practice Questions | 3 Weeks | Grades 3-5

Let's Learn Phonics: Consonant Blends - Series 4 A1/A2

Let's Learn Phonics: Long Vowels - Series 3 A1

Let's Learn Phonics: Short Vowels - Series 2 Pre-A1/A1

CogAT Lower Level | Review & Practice Questions | 3 Weeks | Grades K-2

Let's Learn Phonics: The Alphabet - Series 1 Pre-A1

Iowa Algebra Aptitude Test (IAAT) Review & Practice Questions | Ages 10-13

The Nutcracker Ballet: Learn Steps to the "Angels" Dance!

Mrs. B's Book Club: Let's Read "The Boxcar Children"

1:1 Writing, Revising, & Skills Practice | Ongoing Private Essay Tutoring 25min

Brain Gym Ongoing Fall Camp! Brain Games for Inquisitive Thinkers (Ages 5-8)

How to Draw a Realistic Koala + Fun Koala Facts!

Paracord Bracelets for All: Cobra Knots

Sketching for Beginners (My Hero Academia Edition)

2Nd Grade Full Academic Year English Language Arts: ELA Curriculum 3X Wk

Comprehensive Japanese Language/Culture Lower Begin. Class 5 Pt 4 (Age 13-18)

4th Grade Math Chapter 13 (Lines and Angles)

Math: 1:1 Private Afterschool Homework Help and Tutoring - 45 min. (Ongoing)

Greek Mythology and Percy Jackson

Tiny Tappers Tap Dancing Class. Dance With Tiny Tim, the Dancing Clown. Ongoing

Carly's Colorful Colored Pencil Club: How to Draw Fantastic Flowers

FLEX Novel Study: Kwame Alexander's "The Door of No Return"

Spanish Private Tutoring 1:1 (Ongoing Subscription- Twice a Week)

Complete 2nd Grade Language Arts and Math Curriculum: Semester 2

Boiling Rivers and Anaconda Snakes: A Whizz Through the Amazon Rainforest

Self-Publishing 101: Learn How to Publish your Own Book! Taught by a Real Author

Four Weeks of One-On-One Private Violin Lessons for All Levels and Abilities

Ongoing Dance Class

Creative Minecraft Challenges (Bedrock)

French 202B- Semester Class - Ages 13-18

FLEX Scratch How to Code an RPG (Role-Playing Game) in Scratch Part 2

Emma by Jane Austin Read Aloud Together

Passion Four Pawz: Tricks Your Dog Can Do!

Let's Read Together! A Book Club for 4-7 Year Olds

Let's Draw Stitch and Toothless!

Halloween Art - Trick or Treat Cat - Drawing & Marker Art Project!

Adorable Chipmunk & Flower Drawing & Watercolor Painting

Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King Book Club

Let's Use Modeling Clay!

Dog Paws - Beagle - Drawing Dogs Colored Pencil Art Project!

Moving "Write" Along - Increasing Confidence and Creativity in Writing

Halloween Party: Draw and Play

Lunch Bunch: Chat and Chew!

Creative Writing Workshop taught by Published Author/Poet: Ongoing English Class

FLEX Pixel Art 8-Bit Christmas Theme

Picture of the Day Club - Ongoing Class Level 1 Beginners

3-Day Indian Classical Dance Camp

Grade 5 Social Studies and U.S. History Part 2 Full Curriculum Flex

Second Grade Math

Private 1-On-1 Executive Function Coaching

The Power of Gratitude

Mean Girls! Exploring Conflict, Bullying & Friendships via the Cult Classic

English Teens Speaking: Talk for One Minute About ... Conversation Wheels (ESL)

English Speaking: Talk for One Minute About ... Conversation Wheels (ESL)

Let's Play MODDED Terraria – Modded Terraria Gaming Social - Play Together

Jump Into Spanish: Learn to Read in Spanish in 10 Short Classes!

Valentine's Day Art: Draw a Cat and Dalmatian Out of Heart Shapes.

Learn How to Multiply Fractions

Pen and Ink Animal Drawing Class

¡Hablemos Español! Intermediate Immersion Spanish Conversation for Teens

Graphic Design Portfolio: Create Designs for a Portfolio Website Using Canva

Dungeons and Dragons: Storm King's Thunder! (11-13)

Comprehensive Japanese Language/Culture Lower Elem. Class 1 Pt 1-5 (Age 13-18)

Introduction to Conversational Spanish for Teens - FLEX

Elementary Introduction to Conversational Spanish FLEX

The Creative Filmmaker: Sound Effects and Foley Recording in Movies (13-18 Yrs)

Chinese Books Reading Club

Think Like an Engineer - Intro to the Design Process

Coyotes: Interactive Unit Study

Preschool/Pre-K Phonics: Learn the Alphabet with AlphaTales!

Astrogeology: The Geology of the Moon, Mars, and Asteroids (Ages 13-18)

Minecraft Fact or Opinion Kahoot

Ongoing Division Facts Drills With Mrs. D

Introduction to Basic Braille by a Special Education Teacher, Braille Certified

Wildlife Science: African Elephants

Psychology - Common Mental Illnesses Flex Class with a Licensed Teacher

Semi-Private Mandarin Chinese

Learn Maths! UK Teacher & Curriculum for Ages 5-7 - For All Nationalities

*FLEX* Igniting Creativity! Art Media, Skills, and Techniques 8-Week Curriculum

How to Draw a Realistic Sloth With Coloured Pencil + Fun Sloth Facts!

Pokémon Unite Trainers Club (Ongoing, Twice Weekly, Gaming/Social Club)

Celebrate Bonfire Night!

Scratch Coding & Animation Winter Camp - Holiday Special: Sonic, Among Us, Pikac

SSAT Prep: Intensive / Middle Level Private Tutoring With a Certified Teacher

Learn to Write Cursive for Beginners- With an OT (Multi-Day Class)

Foraging for Food in Your Area - Self Sufficiency Series

1-to-1 Social Emotional Learning - Being a Good Friend: Confident Communication

Yoga for Beginners: Gentle Flow Drop-In Yoga Class for Teens

Grade 5 Social Studies and U.S. History Part 1 Full Curriculum Flex

So, You Got a Phone, Now What?

Let's Get Organized! Executive Functioning Skills (Private Weekly Sessions)

AP English Literature and Composition Study Class

Animator's Toolbox Junior: Scribble Land!

Sketchbook Adventures: Painting With Light on Toned Paper

Pippi Longstocking Goes on Board: Reading Comprehension Book Club

Pippi Longstocking: Reading Comprehension Book Club

Level 1 - Beginner Violin Group Class TEEN Edition | Learn While Having Fun!

Beginner Violin Camp

Middle School English: Short Stories- Standard Aligned

Story Writing 101: The Parts of a Story

Chinese Immersion Reading Club- Peter Rabbet and Friends Series

Real Life Math: Thanksgiving Kitchen Math

Fashion Design + Illustration: Fashion Sketch Club (5-9)

2nd Grade Math

Let's Learn ....How to Be a Good Friend!

From Basic to BROADWAY: 20 Meeting Musical Theatre Intensive

Math Path Level 5 FLEX - A Foundational Math Class (Ages 12-16)

Number Talk & Number Strings Camp: Making Math Make Sense! (K-2)

Creative Drawing Club!

English as a Second Language (ESL) Private 1 Hour Lesson With a TEFL Certified Instructor

Be Money & Credit Smart: Finance Topics to Prepare Teens for Adulthood (FLEX)

Adopt Me Pig Gaming Meets: Free Out of Game Pig + Egg for All Learners Enrolled!

1-on-1 Private Spanish Class or Tutoring With Native Spanish Speaker -All Levels

English as a Second Language (ESL) Private 30 Minute Lesson With a TEFL Certified Instructor

The Creative Filmmaker: Sound Effects and Foley Recording in Movies (9-12 Yrs.)

Real Life Math: A Trip to the Grocery Store

Real Life Math: Holiday Budgeting

One-On-One Spanish Private Classes (3 to 5 Years Old)

Calculus I: The Semester Course (Flex)

(FLEX) Graphic Design With Canva Graphic Design Program for Beginners Class

Drawing 101 (FLEX): Learn to Draw a Portrait

Art Flex Course-1 On 1 Tutoring for Photography Portfolio

4th Grade Math Chapter 12 (Perimeter and Area)

Manual DSLR Photography 101 for Teens - Private Lesson Edition

Targeted Revision for College Essays

Art Flex Course- Sculpt With Clay!

Equine Health and Disease

Roblox Social Club for Boys and Girls: Play Roblox With Ms. Kat!

Draw a Cute Zebra

Explode Your Paragraph: Learn to Write Using Vivid Details and Imagery!

Let's Make Christmas Tree Ornaments!

Polymer Clay Art 1: Sculpt a Sleeping Dragon Figure With Simple Wings

Drawing 101 (FLEX): Drawing Techniques for Beginners

Private 1:1 Ten Week Private Voice Lesson: 55 Minutes (Ages 7-18)

Awesome Anime Christmas Art! Let's Draw an Anime Girl and Kawaii Kittens

Visual Literature: Draw Your Way Through Middle School English and Language Arts

Getting Started With Video Editing Using Canva - 1:1 Private Class

How to Draw a Realistic Fox With Coloured Pencil + Fun Fox Facts!

Develop Your Reading in 6 Weeks (Level 2 Reading)

Private Reading Tutoring (Weekly Ongoing Class)

Weekly Elementary Math Tutoring (Grades 1-3)

Personalized 1 on 1 FLEX Tutoring

1:1 Tutoring in the Subject Areas of Reading, Phonics, Grammar and Writing

Private Vocal Coaching

FLEX:Owning Anxiety and Not Letting It Own You-Strategies For Anxious Thoughts.

Kirby's Dream Buffet Social Gaming Club: Let's Eat Treats and Make Some Friends!

HSPT Math Help & Prep (Flex Class)

Microsoft PowerPoint for Teens

Beginning Reading | On-Going Class | Great for Early Readers & to Reinforce Reading Skills

Mastering the Five Paragraph Essay: Extended Writing With Revisions

Mending What You Have - Self Sufficiency Series

Roblox Gaming Social Club With Ms. Kat!

Algebra, Middle School Math, or Science Tutoring 45 Mins 5x a Week

AP United States History Review Study Course

1:1 Private Spanish Immersion Art Class Learn to Paint Loose Watercolor Flowers

Tutoring Science (Chemistry, Biology, Physics, & More) With Video Games

Kids in the Kitchen: Fall Flavors

Middle School Book Club | Novel Study | Close Reading

Math: Mastering Division Facts for Beginners with Blooket and Gimkit Games

Flex Christmas Holiday Pre-K & Kindergarten Class!

Microsoft Word for 12-16 Year Olds

Learning Italian: Halloween Edition

Tutoring Math With Video Games 1:1 [Ongoing, After School] (5th - 12th grade)

Private One-Time Formal Language Arts Assessment - Grade Level and Skills!

Art Club: How to Draw Your Dragon

Young Learners Writing Workshop - Create Your Own Storybook

Be Money Smart: Play the Adulting Financial Literacy Game 3-Day Camp (11-15)

Creative Writing: Super Science Fiction Writing Club

Creative Writing: Fantastic Fantasy Fiction Writing Club (Ages 8-10)

Math Skills for Middle and High School Students! (2X Week Ongoing Course)

Trick or Treat! Candy Adventures With Halloween-themed Animals (Biology/Zoology)

Thinking Games Halloween Party

Creative Writing: Twists and Turns in Mystery Writing

Halloween Animal Trick or Treat! Biology / Zoology of Halloween-Themed Animals

Creative Writing Book Club: A Wrinkle in Time

Roblox Doors: Weekly Social Gaming Club

Learn to Crochet: Washcloth- Beginners #1

Preschool Circle Time: Book Day | Full Year | Sing, Rhyme, Play, and Share!

Third Grade Science Ongoing Curriculum - STEAM and Animal Science Projects

Intermediate Spanish Games & Stories Part 1: Sports, Chores, Maps & Seasons FLEX

Thinking Games Christmas Party

Fifth Grade Math Tutoring!

WAUL Science: Let's Build a Potato Clock

First Grade and Second Grade Math: Adding and Subtracting Doubles!

Digital Art: Winter Fun in Procreate! 5-Day Course/Camp

Digital Art: Fall Fun in Procreate! Aromatic Pie (One-Time)

One-On-One Writing Tutoring: Write Well with Practice and Fun (ESL Friendly)

Private Violin Lessons for Ages 7 - 18

Christmas Tree - Impasto Painting

Christmas Wreath - Impasto/Color Theory Painting

Halloween Country Line Dancing: Monster Mash

Mod Your Minecraft: Create a Custom Skin Plus Design Blocks and Mobs iPad FLEX

Creative Writing Class: Picture Prompt Creations, Level 1

Creative Writing Class: Picture Prompt Creations, Level 2

Time for German Christmas Special - Stop Those Naughty Elves!

Reading Comprehension for 2nd Grade Readers FLEX Class

Draw a Cute Cheetah

Let's Learn Greek - Part 9!

The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe Reading Comprehension Book Club

Learning Through Freeze Dance Ages 3-4

High School English: Coming-Of-Age Novels

Ongoing Writing Club: Explore an Array of Topics and Multi-Paragraph Writing

Paint the Eiffel Tower Using Procreate for the Ipad or Iphone

MSM Unit 5: Expressions, Equations & Inequalities With Danny (6th & 7th Grade)

1:1 Reading Readiness Twice Weekly

Simply Social: Social-Emotional Learning with M.Ed Teacher (ages 7-8)

Simply Social: Social-Emotional Learning with M.Ed Teacher (ages 5-6)

Algebra 1: Systems of Equations and Functions (Part 2 Of 4)

Algebra 1: Foundations, Inequalities, and Equations (Part 1 Of 4)

Snack Time Social Club: Come Eat, Share & Make New Friends!

Fun with Anatomy Advanced

MSM Unit 3: Negative Number Math With Danny (6th & 7th Grade)

Drawing Class: How to Draw a Flower!

Adopt Me Mega Neon Giveaway: Free Mega Neon Pet for All Enrolled Learners!

What Are the 206 Bones of the Human Body? Human Anatomy-Science for Kids FLEX

Middle School Weekly Grammar Focus (Twice Weekly)

Super Spanish Speakers: Beginning Spanish Group Class for Awesome Kids age 10-13

Ukelele Introduction Learning to Play for Beginners Music Class

The Geometry of Circles. Part 1

Play-Doh Pre-K Circle Time: Hands on Preschool Sensory Learning (2x/Week)

Gymnastics, Acro and Tumble Class - Intermediate

Learn to Play the Nuvo Toot - It's a Recorder That Plays Like a Flute!

FLEX Back to Basics: Fraction Basics to Fraction Operations, 6th 7th 8th Grade

Explore the Rainbow Arts & Crafts: Celebrating a New Color Each Week!

Expanding Balloon Hearts: Valentine's Hands on Science!

Relax and Color a Thanksgiving Turkey

Homeschool Science With Miss Robyn: Chemistry for Middle School

Being Helpful

I Can Help - What Is YOUR Super Power?

Relax and Color Pumpkin Pie

Very Van Gogh Winter: Acrylic Paint and Socialization Class

Composite Class Full Year Curriculum for Grades 5 & 6: Homeschool & After School

Homeschool POD Full Fifth Grade 5th Grade Curriculum All Year Math Language Arts

Dino Explorers Summer Camp - Dinosaurs, Paleontology, Craft Projects & More!

Resume Writing

Computer Science STEM Scratch Coding Semester Class

Creative Writing: Write a Chapter Book or Book of Stories (Flex)

Creative Writing: Write a Novel With Published Novelist Kim Purcell (Flex)

Ocean Animals Art and Poetry: Drawing, Zoology, & Writing STEAM Class

Improve Social Skills With Improv! Neurodiverse Kids (ASD, ADHD, ADD, 2e) 13+

Unicorn Reindeer: Read, Dance, & Craft!

All About Spelling Level Four: Steps 15-21

Sing & Sign the Alphabet Song With American Sign Language on Your Own Schedule (FLEX)

Fancy Nancy's Splendiferous Christmas!: Read, Dance, & Craft Fun!

Adorable Blue Jay Drawing & Watercolor Painting

Hip Hop Dance Advanced Beginner & Intermediate Level (Level 2)

8-Week Pencil Sketching Series - Fantasy & Futuristic Landscapes: World of Make-Believe

Fall Crow & Pumpkin Paint Pen, Colored Pencil or Marker Art Project

Coding With Scratch - For Beginners (Flex Class)

Pre-Cal: Just Algebra + Trig. (Part 4) Introduction to Analytical Trigonometry

Beginner's 3D Animation With Blender (Ages 8-12)

Coding With Scratch - For Beginners (Flex Class) Fall Theme

Second Grade Math

Waldorf Private Reading Course: Beginning Readers I

Bloxburg (Roblox) Weekly Building and Earning Class (Age 10-15)

ASL One on One Lessons on-Going

1:1 Writing and Storytelling for Kids

Nutcracker March - Music Fun with Form and Rhythm

Ms. Stephanie’s Christmas Math Games Class

Adopt Me Roblox Squid Gaming Meets: Free Squid for All Learners Enrolled!

Explore Geography: Seven Modern Wonders of the World

Drawing Class: Leaf Art!

Letters Home: Live Exploration of World War II Letters

Spanish for Teens, Learn the Basics, Part 3: Simple Present Tense

FLEX 1st Grade Math (2nd Quarter)

Islam and Ecology FLEX

Look Like a Professional Baker: Beginner Cake Decorating On Your Own Schedule (FLEX)

Equine Science / Horses - Feeds & Feeding (8-12yrs) Flex

Equine Science / Horses - Feeds & Feeding (13-17 Yrs) Flex

FLEX 4th Grade Math (1st Quarter)

Reading and Writing 1-on-1 Tutoring

Cooking Adventures Around the World: Let’s Make Brazilian Brigadeiros!

FLEX 3rd Grade Math (2nd Quarter)

FLEX 2nd Grade Math (2nd Quarter)

FLEX 4th Grade Math (2nd Quarter)

Comprehensive Japanese Language/Culture Lower Begin. Class 5 Pt 3 (Age 13-18)

What is the Tallest Mountain on Earth? - (Geology, Geography, Natural Science)

PSAT/SAT: Mastering Vocabulary, Logic, and Critical Reading

Imagination Station-Lets Build a Story Together!

Bake Healthy Pumpkin Spice Doughnuts Vegan, Gluten Free, Soy & Nut Free (9-13yo)

Winter Piano Recital

FLEX 3rd Grade Math (1st Quarter)

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