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New Classes on Outschool 2022-10-23

There are 587 new classes on Outschool the week of October 23, 2022 to October 29, 2022.

Travel 5 Days in Italy: Travel to the Coolest Cities in the World

Deadpool Guerrilla Marketing

Piper The Penguin: An Intermediate Amigurumi Crochet Class

Travel Adventures Around the World: Country Studies (Summer Camp)

Tricks to Learning Division Tables

Review Fall 6th Grade Math Concepts for Exam - 1 Week Boot Camp - (5X/Week)

Spanish Intermediate Conversational With a Native Speaker

Level 1 Phonics-Based Reading:Letter Sounds,Decoding,Blending, & Segmenting FLEX

Japanese for Beginners Part 4

Japanese for Beginners Part 3

All About Mushrooms: Into the Woods Series (7 Weeks)

Plan It Out!: Bullet Journaling for Pre-Teens (Ages 8-12)

Middle School English: Contemporary Literature Semester Course

American Sign Language Music Course Learn to Interpret Your Favorite Songs

Puppet Story Time!

Drop Thought Kids - I Wonder...How to Do an Inquiry

An Introduction to the College Application Essay

Drop Thought Kids - What Does the World Really Look Like?

1-on-1 Help With College Application Essays

Clay Sculpting - Miniature Landscapes & Sceneries: Castle, Volcano, Yoshi's Island

The Pretense of Personification

Learn How to Fold an Origami Shirt

Let's Learn Phonics: Letter Combinations - Series 5

CogAT Upper Level | Review & Practice Questions | 3 Weeks | Grades 3-5

RELEASE DAY GAME PLAY - Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Let's Learn Phonics: Consonant Blends - Series 4

Let's Learn Phonics: Long Vowels - Series 3

Let's Learn Phonics: Short Vowels - Series 2

CogAT Lower Level | Review & Practice Questions | 2 Weeks | Grades K-2

Let's Learn Phonics: The Alphabet - Series 1

Flex - Fun Science - Chemistry, Physics, and Biology - Middle School - Ongoing

Iowa Algebra Aptitude Test (IAAT) Review & Practice Questions | Ages 10-13

NaNoWriMo Accountability Group

Write an Amazing Short Narrative!

Beginning Art: Drawing Circle Doodles Dinosaur Edition! (Ages 5-8)

The Nutcracker Ballet: Learn Steps to the "Angels" Dance!

Mrs. B's Book Club: Let's Read "The Boxcar Children"

1:1 Writing, Revising, & Skills Practice | Ongoing Private Essay Tutoring 25min

Writing Sprints for Aspiring Authors

Exploring Physical Science Part 1

Christmas Investigation: Help Santa Find Hermey, the Misfit Elf!

Exploring Physical Science Part 2

Brain Games Social Club!

How to Draw a Realistic Koala + Fun Koala Facts!

Animal Crossing New Horizons Fun & Games : Small Video Gaming Club To Make Meaningful Connections

Exploring the Nature of Science

Japanese: Road to Fluency Beginner Class 8 Part 5 (Age 13-18)

Adopt Me Legendary Undead Jousting Horse Game Meets: Freebie for All Learners!

Paracord Bracelets for All: Cobra Knots

Play Minecraft and Practice Writing! (Citing Evidence)

Sketching for Beginners (My Hero Academia Edition)

2nd Grade Full Academic Year English Language Arts: ELA Curriculum 3X Wk

Comprehensive Japanese Language/Culture Lower Elem. Class 5 Pt 4 (Age 13-18)

4th Grade Big Ideas Math Companion Class (Chapter 13, Lines and Angles)

On-going Math Assistance or Mathematics Help 45 minutes

Math: 1:1 Private Afterschool Homework Help and Tutoring - 45 min. (Ongoing)

Greek Mythology and Percy Jackson

Budding Ballerinas & Tiny Tappers Dance Class Plus a Story by Fairy Flower Bell

Carly's Colorful Colored Pencil Club: How to Draw Fantastic Flowers

FLEX Novel Study: Kwame Alexander's "The Door of No Return"

Wild and Unstructured How to Series: How to Wrap a Gift

Wild and Unstructured Winter Art Camp

Limitless Maths: Mindset and Mistakes!

Spanish Private Tutoring 1:1 (Ongoing Subscription- Twice a Week)

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet After School Video Gaming Social Club!

Chopped Writing: A Creative Writing & Cooking Competition -AV Teen Voice Project

Complete 2nd Grade Language Arts and Math Curriculum: Semester 2

3rd & 4th Grade Book Club | Patricia Polacco Books Read Aloud

Boiling Rivers and Anaconda Snakes: A Whizz Through the Amazon Rainforest

Wizarding World Cooking and Snacking Recipes: Polyjuice Potion

Self-Publishing 101: Learn How to Publish your Own Book! Taught by a Real Author

Four Weeks of One-On-One Private Violin Lessons for All Levels and Abilities

Drop Thought Kids - Deep Sea Exploration

Menu Planning and Grocery Shopping

Ongoing Dance Class

Creative Minecraft Challenges (Bedrock)

1-on-1 Private Tutoring for Adobe Illustrator

Learn How To Edit Videos for Social Media or Blogging Websites

1-on-1 Private Tutoring for GarageBand Music Composition

1-on-1 Private Tutoring for Adobe PhotoShop

Learn How to Fold an Origami Gift Box

French 202B- Semester Class - Ages 13-18

Adopt Me Legendary Robo Dog Game Meets: Free Robo Dog for All Enrolled Learners!

Orton Guillingham Style Phonics (Expedited) for Dyslexia and Struggling Readers!

FLEX Scratch How to RPG for Beginners to Intermediate Coders Part 2

Emma by Jane Austin Read Aloud Together

Learn Statistics with Python

Magical Christmas Reindeer Food: Holiday Fun Craft!

Drop Thought Kids Test Out - "Could We Ever Fly to School?"

Horses of Course!

3rd Grade Math: One-on-One Private Instruction- Full Year Curriculum

Passion Four Pawz: Tricks Your Dog Can Do!

Adopt Me Legendary Jousting Horse Gaming Meets: Free Jousting Horse for All!

Creative Writing: Build a Story (Ages 3-7)

Making Jewelry - Snowmen Earrings

Proofread Like a Professor! Tips & Tricks for Collegiate Level Essay-Writing

Let's Draw Stitch and Toothless!

The Reading Nook (Not Your Average Book Club)

Halloween Trick or Treat Cat-Draw, Paint Pen, Colored Pencil, Marker Art Project

Basic Computer Skills: Data Analysis, Report Writing, and Slide Presentations

Adorable Chipmunk & Flower - Drawing & Watercolor Painting Art Project!

Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King Book Club

Wild and Unstructured Learning: Let's Use Modeling Clay!

Dog Paws - Beagle - Drawing and Colored Pencil Art Project!

Moving "Write" Along - Increasing Confidence and Creativity in Writing

Halloween Party: Draw and Play

Private One-On-One Halloween Lesson and Games ESL Class

Lunch Bunch: Chat and Chew!

Group ESL Phonics Lessons-Short Vowels on Nearpod

Gifts of Writing

Creative Writing Workshop taught by Published Author/Poet: Ongoing English Class

FLEX - Pixel Art 8 Bit Christmas Theme

Christmas Holiday Arts and Crafts Winter Camp!

Baking With Miss Melanie- Oreo Balls...Yummy!

Picture of the Day Writing Club - Ongoing Level 2

Picture of the Day Club - Ongoing Class Level 1 Beginners

Wizarding World Cooking and Snacking Recipes: Broomstick Snacks

Music Is Merry! Holiday Music Camp

Dance to Harry Potter Theme - Indian Semi-Classical Dance (Beginner Level)

Creative Writing: 30 Minute Opportunities for Young Writers

Grade 5 Social Studies and U.S. History Part 2 Full Curriculum Flex

Private 1-On-1 Executive Function Coaching

Adopt Me Mega Neon Cat Game Meets: Free Mega Neon Cat for All Enrolled Learners!

The Power of Gratitude

Mean Girls! Exploring Conflict, Bullying & Friendships via the Cult Classic

Adopt Me Mega Neon Dog Mini Meets: Free Mega Neon Dog for All Enrolled Learners!

English Teens Speaking: Talk for One Minute About ... Conversation Wheels (ESL)

English Speaking: Talk for One Minute About ... Conversation Wheels (ESL)

Reading Rules! Reading Intervention 1 To 1

The Chopped Challenge: Cooking and Social Club (Competition and Public Speaking)

3rd & 4th Grade Writing Support for Language, Grammar, and Sentence Structure

Spooky Stories Creative Writing: Create Your Own Character – Halloween Edition

Let's Play MODDED Terraria – Modded Terraria Gaming Social - Play Together

Jump Into Spanish: Learn to Read in Spanish in 10 Short Classes!

Art & Exercise Winter Workshop: Watercolor Mountain Scene & Kickboxing Climb (4-7)

Art & Exercise Winter Workshop: Snowman Oil Pastel Drawing & Save Frosty Workout (4-7)

Art & Exercise Winter Workshop: Winter Cardinal Painting & Winter Zumba Dance (4-7)

Valentine's Day Art: Draw a Cat and Dalmatian Out of Heart Shapes.

Learn How to Multiply Fractions

Pen and Ink Animal Drawing Class

¡Hablemos Español! High Beginner - Intermediate Immersion Spanish Conversation

Advanced Improv Comedy Club: Theater and Acting Workshop

Learn About Famous Artists Elementary Drawing (Flex)

Graphic Design Portfolio: Create Designs for a Portfolio Website Using Canva

Let's Learn to Sing "What I Am” with

3rd , 4th , 5th , & 6th grade Math -In 8 Months- Bit By Bit -Part 1 of 8: Live Singapore Math

Turning Pages Book Club: Dark Materials Bk3 Amber Spyglass

Writing Rogue (& Manners): "COWBOYS, BAD BOYS, REBELS, & GENTLEMEN" ELA

Dungeons and Dragons: Storm King's Thunder! (11-13)

Comprehensive Japanese Language/Culture Lower Elem. Class 1 Pt 1-5 (Age 13-18)

Introduction to Conversational Spanish for Teens - FLEX

Elementary Introduction to Conversational Spanish FLEX

The Creative Filmmaker: Sound Effects and Foley Recording in Movies (13-18 Yrs)

I Spy With My Little Eye: Beginning Letter Sounds

Chinese Literacy Class

Inspirational Read Aloud: The Very Impatient Caterpillar

Think Like an Engineer - Intro to the Design Process

Forensics Club

Literature Wings Club

Coyotes: Interactive Unit Study

Preschool/Pre-K Phonics: Learn the Alphabet with AlphaTales!

Astrogeology: The Geology of the Moon, Mars, and Asteroids (Ages 13-18)

Fun Story Time for Learners Ages 3 - 8

School Survival Spanish Pictionary

Minecraft Fact or Opinion Kahoot

Ongoing Division Facts Drills With Mrs. D

Introduction to Basic Braille by a Special Education Teacher, Braille Certified

Pokemon Silver Tempest Cards: Release Day Celebration!

African Elephants: Forest and Savanna

Wild and Unstructured Fall Science: Cranberry Structures

Mental Math - Fact Learning & Mental Strategies (3rd/4th Grade)

A Taste of Spanish (One-Time Class)

STEAM Through the Songs of Frozen: In Summer/Do You Want to Build a Snowman

Trending Tik Tok Dance

Guided Reading Practice - Private Tutoring

Mental Math - Fact Learning & Mental Strategies (2nd/3rd Grade)

Story Time: Pete the Cat!

Mental Math - Fact Learning & Mental Strategies (1st/2nd Grade)

Application Essay Assistance / Tutoring for College or High School

Tap for Teens

An Understanding in Common Mental Illnesses Flex Class

Piano/Keyboard: Have Fun Learning "Carol of the Bells" in a New Way!

Composite Class FLEX Curriculum Grades 2/3/4 Part 2/10 Homeschool & After School

Semi-Private Mandarin Chinese

Learn Maths! UK Teacher & Curriculum for Ages 5-7 - For All Nationalities

Igniting Creativity: Oops, It Looks Like Poop! Lessons in Color Mixing (5-10)

*FLEX* Igniting Creativity! Art Media, Skills, and Techniques 8-Week Curriculum

U.S. Government Tutoring

How to Draw a Realistic Sloth With Coloured Pencil + Fun Sloth Facts!

The Smarty Pints (Social/ Trivia Game Club)

Adopt Me Mini Meets: Free Legendary Maneki-Neko + Egg for All Learners Enrolled!

Adopt Me Mini Meet: Free Out of Game Ghost Bunny + Egg for All Learners Enrolled

The Anime Adventurers (Anime Club)

Celebrate Bonfire Night!

3-Week Scratch Coding & Animation Winter Camp - Holiday Special: Sonic, Among Us, Pikachu

SSAT Prep: Intensive / Middle Level Private Tutoring With a Certified Teacher

Everyday Mindfulness for Kids!

1 Day - Draw Realistic Animals: Dog Sketching | Beginners Art class

1 Day - Draw Realistic Animals: Cat Sketching | Beginners Art class

Introduction to Mythology

Language Arts: Figures of Speech

The Ultimate Guide to the History of the Men’s Football/Soccer World Cup

Learn Cursive-With an OT (Multi-Day Class)

Foraging for Food in Your Area - Self Sufficiency Series

1-to-1 Social Emotional Learning - Being a Good Friend: Confident Communication & Getting Along (Autism, ADHD Welcome)

Gentle Flow Drop-In Yoga Class for Teens - Warrior Flow Series for Beginners

Grade 5 Social Studies and U.S. History Part 1 Full Curriculum Flex

Mindfulness Mysteries: Unlock the Mystery of Self-Regulation (Part One)

So, You Got a Phone, Now What?

Let's Get Organized! Executive Functioning Skills (Private Weekly Sessions)

Adopt Me Alicorn Gaming: Legendary Alicorn for All Enrolled Learners!

AP English Literature and Composition Review Study Class

Animator's Toolbox Junior: Scribble Land!

Private Social Skills Lessons for Neurodivergent Learners K-8

Real Life Math: Landscaping Using Perimeter, Area, & Volume

Sketchbook Adventures: Painting With Light on Toned Paper

Pippi Longstocking Goes on Board: Reading Comprehension Book Club

Pippi Longstocking: Reading Comprehension Book Club

Level 1 - Beginner Violin Group Class TEEN Edition | Learn While Having Fun!

Beginner Violin Camp

Beginner Violin Camp for Teens

Preschool Reading Time

Real Life Math: Conversions in the Kitchen

Middle School English: Short Stories- Standard Aligned

Story Writing 101: The Parts of a Story

Chinese Immersion Reading Club- Cinderella(灰姑娘)

Real Life Math: Tipping for Service

Real Life Math: Thanksgiving Kitchen Math

Fashion Design + Illustration: Fashion Sketch Club (5-9)

Learn Piano From the Scratch and Play ''Jingle Bells ''!

2nd Grade Math

Let's Learn ....How to Be a Good Friend!

From Basic to BROADWAY: 20 Meeting Musical Theatre Intensive

Math Path Level 5 FLEX - A Foundational Math Class (Ages 12-16)

Number Talk & Number Strings: Conversations That Make Math Make Sense! (K-2)

Creative Drawing Club!

Private I Can Draw! Art Party

Creative Gym: Exercise Your Creative Mind | Watercolor, Acrylic, and More | Ongoing

Let's Learn Cursive Handwriting

English as a Second Language (ESL) Group Lesson With an ESL Instructor

Preschool Enrichment Class- Fun with Math!

Press Play. Press Pause.

Money Management Topics to Prepare Teens for Adulthood (FLEX)

How to Create a Break Out Room

Adopt Me Pig Gaming Meets: Free Out of Game Pig + Egg for All Learners Enrolled!

1-on-1 Private Spanish Class or Tutoring With Native Spanish Speaker -All Levels

English as a Second Language (ESL) Private 1:1 Lesson With an ESL Instructor

The Creative Filmmaker: Sound Effects and Foley Recording in Movies (9-12 Yrs.)

Real Life Math: A Trip to the Grocery Store

Real Life Math: Shopping Values

Real Life Math: Holiday Budgeting

Learn to Draw in 1-Point and 2-Point Perspective

One-On-One Spanish Private Classes (3 to 6 Years Old)

Continue the Learning... of Calculus I! (Flex)

Real Life Math: Budgeting

How to Brainstorm Effectively: Learn the Brain Theory Approach & Other Tips

(FLEX) Graphic Design With Canva Graphic Design Program for Beginners Class

Art & Exercise Winter Workshop: Watercolor Mountain Scene & Kickboxing Climb (8-12)

Art & Exercise Winter Workshop: Snowman Oil Pastel Drawing & Save Frosty Workout (8-12)

Art & Exercise Winter Workshop: Winter Cardinal Painting & Winter Zumba Workout (8-12)

Drawing 101 (FLEX): Learn to Draw a Portrait

What Is Photosynthesis and Why Do Plants Need It? Ages 9-13

Art Flex Course-1 On 1 Tutoring for Photography Portfolio

4th Grade Big Ideas Math Companion Class (Chapter 12, Perimeter and Area)

Expand Your Vocabulary Through Games, Rhymes, and Fingerplays!

Manual DSLR Photography 101 for Teens - Private Lesson Edition

Beginner's Piano Class: 6-Week Bundle of Music

Math Tutoring With Montessori Materials

Easy Spanish Convos: Learn & Practice Beginner-Intermediate Spanish Teen (2 Day)

Targeted Revision for College Essays

Art Flex Course- Sculpt With Clay!

Equine Health and Disease

Roblox Social Club for Boys and Girls: Play Roblox With Ms. Kat!

Individual Private Tutoring

Easy English Storytime - Let's Speak and Read English Together - For ESL & Pre-K

Let’s Talk About Black Panther 2: Wakanda Forever

Explode Your Paragraph: Learn to Write Using Vivid Details and Imagery!

Private One-On-One Tutoring With Certified Math Teacher [Grades 6-9]

Let's Make Christmas Tree Ornaments!

Polymer Clay Art 1: Sculpt a Sleeping Dragon Figure With Simple Wings

Creative Letter Writing! How to Write a Friendly (Pen-Pal) Letter

Easy Spanish Convos: Learn & Practice Beginner-Intermediate Spanish 7-10 (2 Day)

Drawing 101 (FLEX): Drawing Techniques for Beginners

Alpaca and Llama (Directed Drawing (Draw an Alpaca), Fun Facts and Music) ESL

10 Week Private Voice Lesson: 55 Minutes

New York State 8th Grade Common Core Math Exam Preparation

Let's Design A Zoo : Animal Science, Art, & Zoology Project (7 Weeks)

Swim With the Sea Otters (Directed Drawing, Fun Facts and Music)

Awesome Anime Christmas Art! Let's Draw an Anime Girl and Kawaii Kittens

Come Learn Country Line Dance

Visual Literature: Draw Your Way Through Middle School English and Language Arts

Getting Started With Video Editing Using Canva - 1:1 Private Class

Elementary Homework Help

Social Skills & Emotional Intelligence ~ Confidence & Communication (Ages 5-8)

Let's Read to a Chameleon!

The Geography of the 2022 Men’s Football/Soccer World Cup in Qatar

A Definitive Guide to the 2022 Men’s Football/Soccer World Cup in Qatar

How to Draw a Realistic Fox With Coloured Pencil + Fun Fox Facts!

Develop Your Reading in 6 Weeks (Level 2 Reading)

Private Reading Tutoring (Weekly Ongoing Class)

Weekly Elementary Math Tutoring (Grades 1-3)

Book Club: My Weird School Series

Arabic Language Club - Sing & Play ((Class Buyouts))

Personalized 1 on 1 FLEX Tutoring

Let's Practice Reading Skills With Ms. Angela!

Private Vocal Coaching

FLEX:Owning Anxiety and Not Letting It Own You. Strategies to Thrive.

No-Gi Jiu-Jitsu Practice Pal

Adopt Me Ghost Dragon Mini Meet Giveaway: Free Dragon for All Enrolled Learners!

Kirby's Dream Buffet Social Gaming Club: Let's Eat Treats and Make Some Friends!

HSPT Math Help & Prep

Japanese for Beginners Part 2

Microsoft PowerPoint for Teens

Beginning Reading | On-Going Class | Great for Early Readers & to Reinforce Reading Skills

Musical Theatre Audition & Performance Coaching

Mastering the Five Paragraph Essay: Extended Writing with Revisions

Mending What You Have - Self Sufficiency Series

Roblox Gaming Social Club With Ms. Kat!

Private Piano Lessons

Algebra, Middle School Math, or Science Tutoring 45-55 Min 5x a Week

Pre-Pointe Ballet Technique

From Beginning to End: Writing a Rhmying Narrative Poem - Ages 5-8

AP United States History Review Study Course

Canadian Social Studies/Geography - People and Environments (Gr. 2/3 - Part 2)

1 on 1 Private Spanish Immersion Art Class Learn to Paint Loose Watercolor Flowers

Tutoring Science (Chemistry, Biology, Physics, & More) With Video Games 1:1 [Ongoing/After School] (6th - 12th Grade)

Kids in the Kitchen: Fall Flavors

Multiplication: Old Fashioned Long Multiplication the Easy Way (Ongoing)

Middle School Book Club | Novel Study | Close Reading

Chickadee in the Snow Acrylic Painting Class

Math: Mastering Division Facts for Beginners with Blooket and Gimkit Games

FLEX Christmas In July- Hot Cocoa, Books, Games, Crafts & Curriculum Handouts!

Microsoft Word for 12-16 Year Olds

Learning Italian: Halloween Edition

Tutoring Math With Video Games 1:1 [Ongoing, After School] (5th - 12th grade)

Musician Mentoring From a Pro

Weekly D&D Drawing Club: How to Draw Your Dragon

Young Learners Writing Workshop - Create Your Own Storybook (2nd Grade Level)

Be Money Smart Playing "Adulting: A Financial Literacy Game" CAMP (10-13)

Creative Writing: Super Science Fiction Writing Club

Be Money Smart Playing "Adulting: A Financial Literacy Game" CAMP (14-18)

Creative Writing: Fantastic Fantasy Fiction Writing Club (Ages 8-10)

Math Skills for Middle and High School Students! (2X Week Ongoing Course)

Trick or Treat! Candy Adventures With Halloween-themed Animals (Biology/Zoology)

Thinking Games Halloween Party

Creative Writing: Twists and Turns in Mystery Writing

Halloween Animal Trick or Treat! Biology / Zoology of Halloween-themed animals

Creative Writing Book Club: A Wrinkle in Time

Roblox Doors Weekly Social Gaming Club

Dungeons and Dragons Creative Writing: Create Your Own Mythical Creature Poem!

Learn to Crochet: Washcloth- Beginners #1

First Grade Math: Writing Flash Cards for Adding to Ten!

Intro to Tap

Circle Time: Sing, Rhyme, and Play in English: Preschool and Kindergarten

Fall Art: Aluminum Foil Fall Trees

An Introduction to Letters A & B Using Graphics & ESL Techniques!

Third Grade Science Ongoing Curriculum - STEAM and Animal Science Projects

Intermediate Spanish Games & Stories Part 1: Sports, Chores, Maps & Seasons FLEX

Thinking Games Christmas Party

Dog Detective Book Club for Second and Third Grade Students

Rock Guitar/Bass Lessons From a Pro, Custom Tailored

Fifth Grade Math Tutoring!

Wild and Unstructured Science: Let's Build a Potato Clock

First Grade and Second Grade Math: Adding and Subtracting Doubles!

Digital Art: Winter Fun in Procreate! 5-Day Course/Camp

Digital Art: Winter Fun in Procreate! Snow Globe (One-Time)

1:1 Reading and Math Tutoring

Wild and Unstructured Fall Science: Candy Corn Catapult

Wild and Unstructured Fall Science Camp

Basic Spanish (5-Day Camp) Part 2

Art Class: Draw & Relax- Line Doodle Drawing!

6th Grade Rational Numbers Unit Homeschool Class with Lifetime Certified Teacher

One-On-One Writing Tutoring: Write Well with Practice and Fun (ESL Friendly)

Writing for Horse-Lovers: Learn About Horses & Improve/Practice Writing Skills

Learn About Studying Paleontology

Private Violin Lessons for Ages 7 - 18

Christmas Tree - Impasto Painting

Nutcracker Trepak - Music Fun with Form and Rhythm

Christmas Wreath - Impasto/Color Theory Painting

Nutcracker Waltz - Music Fun with Form and Rhythm

Storytime: Clifford's Manners

Halloween Country Line Dancing: Monster Mash

Mod Your Minecraft: Create a Custom Skin Plus Deisgn Blocks and Mobs iPad FLEX

Reading With Puppets!

Flex Class: Basic Drawing Skills

AP English Language and Composition: Master the Class!

Preschool Penguins: A Winter Themed Preschool Circle Time

Arena Tower Defense Fun! Gaming and Socializing on Roblox!

Creative Writing Class: Picture Prompt Creations, Level 1

Creative Writing Class: Picture Prompt Creations, Level 2

Time for German Christmas Special - Stop Those Naughty Elves!

Reading Comprehension for 2nd Grade Readers FLEX Class

Draw a Cute Cheetah

Python Coding Club – Beginner to Intermediate Level

Let's Learn Greek - Part 9!

The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe Reading Comprehension Book Club

Book Talk: Harry Cat's Pet Puppy

Learning Through Freeze Dance Ages 3-4

High School English - A Semester (Two Modern Novels about Coming of Age)

Creating Layered Mandala's on the Cricut

Vocabulary and Speaking for ESL Learners: Christmas

Creative Writing Practice With Picture Prompts

Junior Genealogists-CAMP: Learning Family Stories Part 1

1:1 Writing, Revising, & Skills Practice | Private Essay Tutoring FLEX

Ongoing Writing Club: Explore an Array of Topics and Multi-Paragraph Writing

FLEX 6th Grade Math Part 2 of 4

Saturday Spanish Club (Beginners Spanish)

Afro Dance Holiday Party

Paint the Eiffel Tower for Valentine’s Day Using Procreate for the Ipad

Pencil Sketching - Video Game Characters: Splatoon, Ninjago, Mario Bros, Pokemon

Little Ones Story Time Read Aloud: Hensel and Gretel Ninja Chicks!

Rare Sharks of the World | Exploring Unknown Species of the Deep Ocean

Unicorn Christmas: Read, Dance, & Christmas Card Craft!

MSM Unit 5: Expressions, Equations & Inequalities With Danny (6th & 7th Grade)

AHA! Academy: A Class on Creativity

Let's Learn About Fruit in Chinese - Fun and Engaging Chinese Class

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone - Flexible Book Club

Math Games & More

How to Start Your Own Business: Studying TikTok & Network Effects

1:1 Phonics for Reading Readiness

I Can Be a Writer!

Intro to Creative Editing: a NaNoWriMo Course

Intro to Story Arcs for Middle Grade: a NaNoWriMo Course

Intro to Story Arcs: a NaNoWriMo Course

Intro to World Building for Middle Grade: a NaNoWriMo Course

Winter Break Camp: Grammar Time-- Let's Learn Nouns, Verbs, Adjectives and Adverbs!

Intro to World Building: a NaNoWriMo Course

Intro to Characters for Middle Grade: a NaNoWriMo Course

Intro to Characters: a NaNoWriMo Course

Intro to Creative Editing for Middle School: a NaNoWriMo Course

Simply Social: Social-Emotional Learning (M.Ed)

Simply Social: Social-Emotional Learning (M.Ed)

Adopt Me Legendary Baku Roblox Meets: Free Baku for All Enrolled Learners!

Adopt Me Pink Cat Roblox Giveaway: Free Pink Cat for All Enrolled Learners!

How Computers Work: Introduction

Intro to Plotting for Middle Grade: a NaNoWriMo Course

Intro to Plotting: a NaNoWriMo Course

Algebra 1: Sequences, Piecewise Functions, Exponents (Part 3 Of 4)

Algebra 1: Systems of Equations and Functions (Part 2 Of 4)

Algebra 1: Foundations, Inequalities, and Equations (Part 1 Of 4)

Algebra 1: Quadratics (Part 4 Of 4)

Roblox EVADE

Reindeer Tales : A Christmas Themed Morning Basket for Preschool Pals

Graphs: Visualizing Your Math Equations

A Beginning Spanish Immersion Ongoing 1:1 Class for 9 to 13 year olds! (1 x a week)

FLEX Doodle Club: Winter Digital Drawing on Procreate for iPad (6-Week)

Digital Art - Anime Character Design: Deku, Madara, Gaara, Anya, Shinobu, Ochaco

Social Club: Breakfast at Teacher Lisa’s. Come Eat, Share & Make New Friends!

Phonics Phase 3 - Learn More Letter Sounds FLEX

Fun with Anatomy Advanced

Adopt Me Turkey Giveaway: Free Out of Game Turkey for All Enrolled Learners!

From Left to Write: Writing Units FLEX Class!

MSM Unit 3: Negative Number Math With Danny (6th & 7th Grade)

Introduction to T-Shirt Design and Printing Class

Proficient Reading!

Drawing Class: Tulip Art!

Adopt Me Mega Neon Giveaway: Free Mega Neon Pet for All Enrolled Learners!

What Are the 206 Bones of the Human Body? Human Anatomy-Science for Kids FLEX

Middle School Weekly Grammar Focus (Twice Weekly)

Halloween Spanish Class for Beginner's- with Costume Show and Tell!

A Beginning Spanish Immersion Ongoing Club for 9 to 13 Year Olds! (1 X a Week)

A Beginning Spanish Immersion Club for 9 to 13 Year Olds! (2 X a Week)

Ukelele Introduction Learning to Play for Beginners Music Class

The Great Christmas Holiday Word Game Challenge: Fun With Language & Games

Circles and Their Geometry. Part 1

Play-Doh Pre-K Circle Time: Hands on Preschool Sensory Learning (2x/Week)

DSLR Photography: Learn How to Take Professional-Looking Food Photos (FLEX)

American Sign Language (ASL) for Intermediate Learners (Part Two)

Gymnastics, Acro and Tumble Class - Intermediate (Ongoing)

Learn to Play the Nuvo Toot - It's a Recorder That Plays Like a Flute!

Let's Learn Math - Weekly Tutoring Session 1:1

FLEX| Back to Basics: Fraction Basics to Fraction Operations, 6th 7th 8th Grade

Explore the Rainbow Arts & Crafts: Celebrating a New Color Each Week!

Algebra 1 Hour One on One Twice Weekly

A Visual, Conceptual Introduction to Decimals That Makes Sense to Kids (1-On-1)

Expanding Balloon Hearts: Valentine's Hands on Science!

Relax and Color a Thanksgiving Turkey

Very Van Gogh Summer Camp: Acrylic Painting and Socialization

Homeschool Science With Miss Robyn: Chemistry for Middle School

Being Helpful - ROCKS!

I Can Help - What Is YOUR Super Power?

Kids & Kindness - I Can Help!

Relax and Color Pumpkin Pie

Very Van Gogh Winter: Acrylic Paint and Socialization Class

Ongoing Math Class for Young Learners

Little Polyglots: Wonderful Winter Spanish Reading and Vocabulary

Composite Class Full Year Curriculum for Grades 5 & 6: Homeschool & After School

Welcome to Full Fifth Grade Curriculum All Year Math Language Arts Reading Kahoot and Blooket

Vocabulary Class: Prefixes and Suffixes

Personal Narrative:College Essay Writing 1:1 W/ Certified English Teacher

Dino Explorers Winter Camp - Dinosaurs, Paleontology, Craft Projects & More!

Sing Like a Professional- Private Voice Lessons (7-18)

One-Time 3-Hour Résumé Workshop

How to Write an Excellent Resume

Roblox Animal Scavenger Hunt - Find & Learn Over 100 Potential Animals!

Computer Science STEM Scratch Coding Semester Class

Fashion Design - Figure Drawing & Garment Illustration: Vintage Party Divas

Super Stories

An Easy Step-By-Step Class on Writing a Novel with Novelist Kim Purcell! (Flex)

Write a Page-Turner with Young Adult Novelist Kim Purcell! (Flex)

Book Study: What Was the Titanic?

The College Application Essay Workshop

Ocean Animals Art and Poetry: Drawing & Writing STEAM Camp

Improve Social Skills With Improv! Neurodiverse Kids (ASD, ADHD, ADD, 2e) 13+

Chemistry For Students Who Are Not Fans Of Math: With Lab (Join Anytime): 14 Weeks

Unicorn Reindeer: Read, Dance, & Craft!

All About Spelling Level Four: Steps 15-21

Hip Hop Literacy: Perfect Paragraph Writing Using Rap Songs!

Wizarding World Cooking and Snacking Recipes: Monster Books

Non-Fiction Science Reading Club: Advanced Reading Comprehension and Discussion

Book Talk: My Weird School Graphic Novels

Pet Rat Club

Let's Build Presentation Skills!

Autism Fortnite Club

Sing & Sign the Alphabet Song With American Sign Language on Your Own Schedule (FLEX)

Fancy Nancy's Splendiferous Christmas!: Read, Dance, & Craft Fun!

Adorable Blue Jay - Drawing & Watercolor Painting Art Project!

Beginning Reading | FLEX Class | 16 Weeks to Reading Well!

Hip Hop Dance Advanced Beginner & Intermediate Level (Level 2)

8-Week Pencil Sketching Series - Fantasy & Futuristic Landscapes: World of Make-Believe

Painting With Marie (Older Kids)

Anatomy for Dancers FLEX

American Sign Language Class | Beginners Part 1 | Ages 11-15 | Flex Class

Creative Writing: Creating Ideas for Stories & Poetry Through Sounds & Settings

Halloween Crow & Pumpkin Paint Pen, Colored Pencil or Marker Art Project

Adorable Bear in the Woods - Drawing and Watercolor Painting Art Project!

Painting With Marie

Pterosaur Launch and General Questions

1:1 Reading, Writing & English Language Arts Tutor for Remediation or Enrichment

Winter Break Camp, Maps--Let's Learn About Maps and Make Our Own!

Coding With Scratch - For Beginners (Flex Class)

Pre-Cal: Just Algebra + Trig. (Part 4) Introduction to Analytical Trigonometry

Beginner's 3D Animation With Blender

Let's Make an Animated Character Video With Adobe Character Animator (14-18)

Acting - Get Into the Biz!

Coding With Scratch - Winter Theme (Flex Class)

Second Grade Math

Adopt Me Frost Fury Roblox Gaming: Legendary Frost Fury for All Enrolled!

Drawing Class: Holiday Lights (Age 5 - 8)!

ESL Friends - Social Club for English Learners

One-On-One: Private French Tutoring

Let's Make an Animated Character Video With Adobe Character Animator (8-13)

Waldorf Private Reading Course: Beginning Readers I

Anatomy for Dancers

French Phonics and Phonemic Awareness: Learn to READ in FRENCH!

Adopt Me Red Dragon: Free Legendary Red Dragon +Egg for All Learners Enrolled!

Find Your Dramatic Voice Through Script Reading

Bloxburg Weekly Building and Earning Class (Age 10-15)

ASL One on One Lessons on-Going

One-On-One Help with Any Writing

Nutcracker March - Music Fun with Form and Rhythm

Ms. Stephanie’s Christmas Math Games Class

Phonics Fun!

Upper Elementary Writing Podcast Reflection and Creative Story Writing Tips

FLEX 4th Grade Math: Full Year of Mastery Method Math (Part 2 of 4)

Maze Design Drawing Club! (Ongoing & Small Group)

Adopt Me Roblox Gaming Meets: Free Squid for All Learners Enrolled!

Adopt Me Roblox Mini Meets: Free St Bernard+Egg for All Learners Enrolled!

Adopt Me Roblox Mini Meets: Free Out of Game Rat+Egg for All Learners Enrolled!

30 Minute History: Amazing Animals of World War II

Explore Geography: Seven Modern Wonders of the World

Drawing Class: Leaf Art!

Letters Home: Live Exploration of World War II Letters

Social Skills for Success

Spanish for Teens, Learn the Basics, Part 3: Simple Present Tense.

Drawing Class: Candy Cane Art!

FLEX 1st Grade Math (2nd Quarter)

Islam and Ecology FLEX

Look Like a Professional Baker: Beginner Cake Decorating On Your Own Schedule (FLEX)

Learn About the Horse! Feeds and Feeding (8-12Yrs) FLEX

Learn About the Horse! Feeds and Feeding (13-17 Yrs) FLEX

FLEX 4th Grade Math (1st Quarter)

The Tutor Spot: Math and Reading 1:1 Tutoring Support (Ongoing Class)

Cooking Adventures Around the World: Let’s Make Brazilian Brigadeiros!

FLEX 3rd Grade Math (2nd Quarter)

FLEX 2nd Grade Math (2nd Quarter)

FLEX 4th Grade Math (2nd Quarter)

Countdown to Thanksgiving Gratitude Games Activities and More FLEX

Pre-K & Kindergarten Learning the Letter B With Ms.K

Comprehensive Japanese Language/Culture Lower Elem. Class 5 Pt 3 (Age 13-18)

What is the Tallest Mountain on Earth? - (Geology, Geography, Natural Science)

PSAT/SAT: Mastering Vocabulary, Logic, and Critical Reading

Imagination Station-Lets Build a Story Together!

Bake Healthy Pumpkin Spice Doughnuts Vegan, Gluten Free, Soy & Nut Free (9-13yo)

Middle School Life Science: Ecosystem Dynamics and Human-Environmental Impact

Winter Piano Recital

FLEX 3rd Grade Math (1st Quarter)

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