New Classes on Outschool 2022-10-16

There are 325 new classes on Outschool the week of October 16, 2022 to October 22, 2022.

FLEX 2nd Grade Math (1st Quarter)

Superhero Skills: Executive Functioning For Kids

FLEX 1st Grade Math (1st Quarter)

Review Game Day: "2x/wk Small Group Preschool...Circle Time & Full Curriculum"

High School Biology - Full Year Course (Ongoing, Part 2 Of 2)

Orton-Gillingham: Morphology, Vocabulary, and More! Semester 2

Waldorf Private Reading Class: Middle/High School

Earth Science Exploration - Geology, Earth's Layers, Fossils and More!

Japanese for Beginners Part 1

Equine Science / Horses - Foals & Foaling Flex ( 8-12 Yrs)

Equine Science / Horses - Foals & Foaling Flex (13-17 Yrs)

Let's Create/Draw Your Own Unique Anime Person Step by Step for Beginners

Storytime Art Class for Young Kids: Where Creativity Meets Imagination!

Find your Art Style One to One Private Lessons

Learn to Play Pokemon the Card Game - Flex Version

Interactive Science Notebook: Animals | Life Cycles | Life Science (FLEX)

High School Ecology: Nature's Interactive Systems, A Semester Long Class (Flex)

Arctic Polar Bear - Winter Watercolour Art Class - Inspired by Ted Harrison!

Middle School Language Arts Boot Camp: English Grammar, Writing, and Reading

Paint a Winter Landscape - 2 Day - Winter Art Camp - Inspired by Kandinsky!

1:1 Private Writing Tutor | Ages 12-18

Wings of Fire Book Club: The Dragonet Prophesy (Book 1)

Intro to Bharatanatyam - An Indian Classical Dance

Excel at Grammar with Fix It!- Mowgli and Shere Khan- IEW Book 4- Part 2

IEW Fix It! Grammar: Robin Hood (Level 3) Part Two

Wildlife Science: North American Wolves (FLEX) (Ages 8-13)

Learn Mandarin 1:1 With a Native Speaker (Tutoring or Follow Curriculum)

French: Christmas Paper Crafts

SLAM Poetry & Spoken Word: A Brief Introduction -The AV Teen Voice Project -FLEX

Creative Stop-Motion Animation - Animating Art Objects for Special Effects

Voice Over Acting for Video Games: Fundamentals & In-Depth Techniques

Weekly Writing the IEW Way

Book Talk: Howliday Inn

Cereal Box Theatre (Ages 7-10)

African History 102: The Formation of the Dahomey Empire: 1100S-1600S

Christmas Spelling Class...Solve Clues, Spell Words, and Find Mystery Message

1:1 Reading Class

Executive Function Coaching- 9 meetings (by Request)

Graphic Design With Canva (Winter & After-School Ongoing Course)

Intermediate Public Speaking

¡Conjuguemos! Part 1 - Spanish Regular Verbs with Pronouns LIVE + Extra Practice

Private (1 on 1) Art Portfolio Development | 12-Week Semester

Meet the Great Composers!

Ocean Exploration: Marine Species- Interactive Unit Study

One on One Math Tutoring

1st Grade Reading: Long Vowels, Diphthongs & More (A Semester of 1st Grade Reading & Phonics part 2)

Private 1:1 Christmas Quilling - Basic Paper Arts & Crafts: Autism, Neurodiverse

A Banquet of Books for Voracious Readers

Snowy Landscape - Winter Art Camp - Inspired by Lawren Harris - Acrylic Painting

Paint a Snow Globe - Holiday Art Class - Make It a Christmas Card or Gift!

How to Draw & Paint a Winter Bird - Watercolour Art Class + Fun Bird Facts!

Dungeons and Dragons: Space Academy! (Ages 8-12)

Dungeons and Dragons Hero League for Kids!

Private Ongoing Lessons

2nd Grade Math: Semester 2 Curriculum - 12 Weeks (2x/Week) -Small Group

Waldorf Library: Christmas Holiday Stories

Square Peg, Round Hole (Creative Writing - The AV Teen Voice Project) -FLEX

Realistic Drawing: Weekly Drawings

Literature Study: Hatchet by Gary Paulson

High School Physics Crash Course - Flex Class

8th Grade Math: Semester 2 Curriculum - 14 weeks (2x/Week) - Small Group

The Art of Collage

Logic Puzzle Solvers Club - Weekly Puzzle-Solving, Ciphers, Codes

A Black People's History of the United States: RELOADED (Flexible)

History Book Club I

Computer Science JavaScript Semester Class

Gamecon Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Shiny Egg Trade One-Time Class

USA Two a Day. Learn About the 50 States. Travel/Weekly /Ongoing

How to Learn 3D Modeling and Animation - 1 On 1 Blender Tutoring for Beginners

Freewrite and Feedback: Weekly Writing Prompts for Wanna-Be Writers

Adventure Saturday: 80 Minutes of Creative Discussion, Writing, Reading, and Drawing

Let's Learn Greek Mythology! (4-7 years) B2+ CEFR

Study Airplanes With Hands-On Projects | Aerodynamics Engineering (Flexible)

Animal Arts and Crafts: Striped Fish

Animal Arts and Crafts: Monkey

Algebra 2 Full Curriculum, With a Licensed Math Teacher

Let's Learn Greek Mythology! (Ages 12-15) B2+ CEFR

Let's Learn Greek Mythology! (Ages 7-11) B2+ CEFR

Camp - Roblox - Create Your Own Zombie Game

5Th Grade Full Curriculum | Math, Reading, Spelling, Science, & Social Studies

20 Lessons About Animals, Creatures, & Critters in 30 Days - FLEX

Movies From Literature 1 - Adapted ELA

Non-Fiction Reading Club: Advanced Reading Comprehension and Discussion

Halloween Spotlight: The Origin of the Jack-O'-Lantern Reading and Math/Art Lesson

Phantastic Physical Science: Unit 1 - Introduction to Physical Science [Multi-Day]

Writing for Psychology - 1:1 Academic Mentoring

Fall Leaves/Realistic Drawing With Colored Pencils/Art/Autumn

Grade 7 Math (Ongoing M/W/F)

FLEX Winter American Sign Language Christmas Camp - ASL Christmas Signs

Intro to Latin - Exercitia Latina (Ongoing)

Not Your Ordinary Magic Tree House Merlin Missions Book Club

All About Syllable Types

4th Grade Math Chapter 10 (Relating Fractions and Decimals)

Mandarin Chinese Immersion-Level 1-Unit4(人教版教材)

The Better Writers' Box: AV Teen Voice Project - Creative Writing (14-18) -FLEX

The Cold War in Minecraft (Ongoing)

Historical Disasters in Minecraft (Ongoing)

US History in Minecraft (Ongoing)

Ancient History in Minecraft (Ongoing) #academic

Medieval History in Minecraft (Ongoing) #academic

Revolutions History in Minecraft (Ongoing)

War History in Minecraft (Ongoing) #academic

World History in Minecraft (Ongoing)

Spelling Skills for 3rd-5th 6th-8th: Phonics Vocab Tricky Words Spelling Rules

Native American Baskets of California

Preschool Pals Christmas Bedtime Stories

Builder's Club Coding; With Minecraft Education Edition

FLEX Drawing Super Mario Faves (Set 3)

It's Up for Debate!

Weekly Art Challenge Social Club (8-12 Yo)

MSM Unit 2: Decimal Math With Danny (6th Grade)

Ms. Colleen's Grade 4 Elementary Math Class With A Licensed Teacher- Printables Included

Logic and Computer Science: Tutoring

Miss Harrington's Chemistry Corner: Unit 2.1 - Atomic Theory [Multi-Day]

1:1 Middle School Math Private Lessons - Making Math Easy and Fun

Math One-On-One Private Tutoring/Homework Help 55 Minute (Ongoing)

High School Geometry Part 1: FLEX

Holiday Ballet! Reading, Crafts, and All Things Ballet

Mandarin Chinese Immersion-Level 1-Unit3(人教版教材)

Procreate 101: Procreate Animation

Draw a Christmas Owl by Draw So Cute

Conversation Skills Social Class for Elementary Students: New Topics Weekly!

Procreate 101: Projects, Tips, and Tricks!

Conversation Skills Social Class for Middle Schoolers: New Topics Weekly!

Elementary and Middle School Writing Tutoring (English) Ongoing

K-Pop Blackpink - How Did They Make That Film? ( and Make a Film Too.)

Scratch 3.0 AI - Use Artificial Intelligence for Game Creation Level 1

Draw a Christmas Reindeer

Draw a Puppy in a Pumpkin by Draw So Cute

Celtic Guitar (for Experienced Beginners)

Travel the World Stamp Collecting Club

Life Skills: Leadership and Building Character!

Writing Class: How to Write a Paragraph!

Christmas Around The World!

New Years Celebrations Around The World!

Roman Culture: Life in Pompeii (World History)

Latin 1 (Class 4) - Words, Translations, Charts & a Virtual Field Trip to Pompeii!

Scratch Thanksgiving Camp: Coding & Animation - Celebration with Minecraft

1-on-1 Private Fashion Design Illustration Drawing Lessons

AP Calculus: Limits and Continuity

Private Ukulele Classes - Individual Lessons With a Certified Music Instructor

Drawing Class - Unicorn Christmas Wreath

Directed Drawing Spanish Immersion 3-6 Yr

Conversation Skills Social Class for High Schoolers: New Topics Weekly!

Art History: Exploring Different Styles, Movements and Artists

Animal Crossing Gaming Club (Beginners Welcome) 7-10 Yrs- Ongoing

Animal Crossing Gaming Club (Beginners Welcome) 11-13 Yrs-Ongoing

SAT Test Prep: Mastering SAT Reading, Writing, and Math Flex Class

Calendar Time & Events for 2nd and 3rd Grade | Review & Games!

Zumba Kids! Dance Club- High-energy Kid-friendly Workout Routines

Beginner Spanish Stories-Let's Read and Create Our Own Stories in Spanish!

Social Skills & Emotional Intelligence Teen Group

Advanced Photography Workshop - Making Money with Photography

5th Grade Math FLEX Part 3: Measurement and Geometry

Live Coding Summer Camp. Create Fun Games and Learn to Code

Beginning Spanish for Teens Program for Level 2 Speakers -Dictado & ConversaciÓN

Zoology of Minecraft: Cool Camelids! (Ages 13-18)

Zoology of Minecraft: Cool Camelids! (Ages 7-12)

Candy Corn Science - Learning About Reactions! A Halloween Themed Class.

First Grade Math - Ongoing

Let's Play Piano! Level B Part One Flex Class

Latin Language - Fourth Semester

Aviation 101 - A Complete Overview of Aerodynamics, Airplanes, and Flight

Mandarin Chinese Immersion - Private Piano Lesson for Young Beginners

1-on-1 Tutoring for First Grade-Second Grade Lessons Customized for Your Child!

Russian Language Course for Intermediate II. Part 1 of 3.

My First Introduction to Spanish: The Vowels for Little Learners

Science Full Curriculum: Ongoing

Middle School English Language Arts (ELA) Thinking Skills: Inference

FLEX Conquering 1st Grade Math with Interactive Activities

Montessori Reading & Writing: Phonics - CVC Words for Beginners

Essential Strategies for Reading Comprehension

Private Math Tutoring | 3rd-8th Grade (Weekly 1 hr)

English Tutor: Literature and Writing- 45 Min Ongoing

All About Reading: 3-Day Tutoring!

ESL EFL TESOL 20 Questions Vocabulary Game

Art 2- Drawing, Watercolor, Photography

Beginner American Sign Language Tutoring (Ongoing)

Intro to Multiplication and Division (Math Class for Age 5 - 8)

Songwriting Mentorship

How Does Energy Transfer? Ball Launcher Physics Class

Middle School English: A Second Full Semester for 5th and 6th Graders

1-on-1 Mindfulness & Social-Emotional Skills for Kids Ages, 9-12

Halloween History: The Jack-O-Lantern - Celebrating Spooky Folklore (Ages 8-13) Homeschool

Pre-Algebra, 1-2-3 EZ! Unit 2.2 - Evaluating Expressions [Multi-Day]

Montessori Reading & Writing: Phonics Fun - Blends for Beginners 1x/Week

Build With Clay Hands-On Intro to Biology and Life Science: Cells and Genetics!

Get Creative and Learn Embroidery 6-Week Live Class

Number Talks: Mental Math Strategies Grades 1 & 2

Math: Elementary: Math U See Delta, Division Concepts and More!- 3rd Quarter

MSM Unit 1: Fraction Math With Danny (6th Grade)

Prek Math: Numbers, Shapes, Colors, Counting

Bird Nerds Virtual Chat Group

SAT Test Prep: Mastering the Reading, Writing, and Math Sections of the SAT

Prek Circle Time- Letters, Numbers, Shapes and Colors

Become a Fluent Reader, Learning the 6 Syllables (Orton Gillingham Strategies)

Pre-Algebra, 1-2-3 EZ! Unit 2.1 - Algebraic Language [Multi-Day]

Lunch Time Social Club

Quilling: Arts & Crafts - Christmas Poinsettia

Quilling: Arts & Crafts - Christmas Poinsettia

Writing Workshop: Oreo Method Opinion Essay Tutoring for Intermediate Writers

7th Grade Math: Semester 2 Curriculum - 12 Weeks(2x/Week)

SPaG (Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar) Test Prep for Key Stage 2 SATs - Flex

Canva Design Club for Curious Cats. Tips, Tricks, and Creative Challenges

ESL A1 Beginner English Private One Time Class - Vocabulary, Games, Phonics, Fun

Young Composers Workshop

Among Us With Friends (and Imposters) Gaming Social Club Ongoing

Halloween Art - Bird & Pumpkins Drawing & Coloring Art Project!

Bird Tweets - Rainbow Hummingbird Drawing and Colored Pencil Art Project!

(Flex/Semester) Physical Education: Exploring Sports

Paint a Watercolor Ornament Christmas Card!

Adorable Forest Deer Drawing & Watercolor Painting

Cool Cats - Halloween Kitty and the Moon - Drawing and Colored Pencil Art Projec

Make a Christmas Card Using Your Fingerprints!

Individualized 1:1 Tutoring for Foundational Reading Skills Once a Week

1:1 Suzuki Guitar Lessons

Build a Character for a Mrs. K Adventure!

Quilling: Arts & Crafts - Christmas Poinsettia

How to Draw a Realistic Pumpkin With Pencil + Fun Pumpkin Facts!

Intro to Earth Science Parts 1 & 2: Geology, Weather, Oceans, Space Science

Visual History: Draw Stick Figure Stories of Modern World History (Ages 11-14)

Let's Learn English: Daily Reading Level 8 Flex

DÍa De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead): Fun Cultural Spanish Class!

Excel at Grammar with Fix It- Town Mouse Country Mouse (IEW Book 2)- Part 2

Miss Harrington's Chemistry Corner: Unit 1 - Introduction to Chemistry [Multi-Day]

Let's Chat About Disney Dreamlight Valley!

Fun Weekly Sketch Club

Minor Goddesses of Greek Myth: 4 Week Flex - Mighty Women of Mythology

Teens Travel the Coolest Cities for Halloween: The Coolest Cities in the World

Spanish1b for Middle/High School (Class 2) #Academic

Art Smart: A Semester Guide to the Basics of Art and Creativity

Creative Minecraft With Dustin

Build With Clay Science Camp: Meteorology, Paleontology, Astronomy, and More!

Let's Learn English: Daily Reading Level 7 Flex

Let's Learn English: Daily Reading Level 4 Flex

Awesome Positivity Girls Club: Super Social Color Chat Games Share 7-9, 10-12

Comprehensive Japanese Language/Culture Lower Begin. Class 5 Pt 2 (Age 13-18)

Deutsch Ist Klasse! Conversation for Advanced Intermediate German Level

Spanish Book Club! The BFG - El Gran Gigante Bonachón by Roald Dahl

Develop and Strengthen Print Concepts and Concept of Word- New Poem Each Week.

Introduction to Cursive Writing ( Multi Sensory for Students With Dyslexia)

Explore Delaware State Flex Ages 9-12

Explore Delaware State Flex Ages 13-17

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe for Nintendo Switch Racers Club

Solving Math Word Problems,Singapore Way(4th-5th)-Helps Students W/ Disabilities

Spelling Practice Enhanced With ASL Alphabet Class

1-1 Tutoring: English, Reading and Writing

Japanese 1 on 1: Susuki Course (Reading & Writing)

Halloween! Math: Word Problems and Real-World Math for 2nd and 3rd Graders

Pre-Algebra, 1-2-3 EZ! Unit 1 - Whole Number Operations [Multi-Day]

Los Días De La Semana- Days of the Week Beginner Spanish Class

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer American Sign Language

Comic Crafters: Create Your Own Comic Strip

Let's Learn English: Daily Reading Level 6 Flex

Let's Learn English: Daily Reading Level 5 Flex

Winter Camp/Social Club: We Wish You a Merry Crafty Christmas!

All About Spelling 1:1 Private Tutoring for All Levels - Twice Per Week

Winter Writing Workshop- Let's Write AWESOME Sentences!

Small Group Beginning Guitar Weekly Lessons (3-5 Students)

World of Wonders Ongoing - Earth Science

Private 1-On-1 Coding Class

Real World Math! Get Ready for Christmas

English, Reading, Writing: 1:1 Private Homework Help/Tutoring TRIAL

Reading Fluency and Meaning With Prefixes and Suffixes

Predator Vs. Prey: On-Going Adventure

1:1 Math Tutoring K - 10Th (Suitable for ESL, Neurotypical, and Special Needs)

Ongoing Spanish Tutoring for Siblings (30 Minutes/Week)

Ongoing Private American Sign Language Class (ASL)

"Let's Go!" Interactive ELA Class Based on Common Core Standards

Private 1:1 Dance Lesson (Beg-Adv) Gymnasts and Figure Skaters Welcome

Kate's Reading & Writing: English as a Second or Foreign Language #ukteacher

Multiplication Math Fun: Level 1- Numbers 0 Through 6.

5Th Grade Math Marvels! Ongoing Full Grade 5 Math Curriculum With Homework

Beginning 2nd Grade Reading- Boys and Girls Club

Second Grade Reading- Charleston Elementary School

Earth Science Middle School Semester 2: Geology, Weather, Oceans, Space, Geog.

Earth Science High School Semester 2: Geology, Weather, Oceans, Space Science

PSAT 8/9 Math Exam Preparation (Part 2)

Meaning Miners: Digging Deeper Into Books - A One on One Class

Christmas Ukulele Club

Flexible Book Study: MTH Lunch Time with Llamas by Mary Pope Osborne

Make a Haiku Poetry Book (With or Without Watercolor) Multi-Day

Littlest Chef Baking School: Muffins and Quick Breads (Flex)

General Psychology - Thoughts, Feelings and Behavior - Semester - PART 2

Littlest Chef Baking School: Cookie Collection 1 (Flex)

The One And Only Ivan Reading Book Club (Ages 8 - 11)

Learn Google Slides: Beginning, Intermediate, & Advanced Techniques FLEX Class

Fantastic Flash Fiction Multi-Day Class

Improve Social Skills With Improv! for Neurodiverse Kids (ASD, ADHD, ADD, 2e)

First Grade Math

Challenging Math Competition Problems (Grade 3-4)

One Time Play-Doh Party Extravaganza!

Exploring America State by State 8 to 12 Year Olds

4th Grade Math Chapter 9 (Multiplying Whole Numbers and Fractions)

Level Up! YouTube Video Editing With An iPad or iPhone (Winter Camp)

The Great Halloween Word Games Challenge: Fun With Language & Games

Learning the Alphabet by Letter Building

Spelling Class: Spelling, Clues, and a Message for You! Homophones, Part 7

Mandolin, Banjo, Guitar, or Cello - Bluegrass, Old-Time, and Folk

Close Reading Strategies Through Engaging Texts: Middle School Language Arts

One-on-One | Personalized Tutoring | Crafted Curriculum Plans Just for You! :-)

1:1 Math Tutor Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division

PreK Princess Freeze Dance Party

Write About Literature the IEW Way (Literature and Composition) Sem.2

Writers World: A Creative Space for Young Writers!

1:1 Math Tutoring for Learners in Grades 1-6

FLEX Creating and Solving Codes and Ciphers With Cryptography #2

Teen Chef Baking School: Muffins and Quick Breads (Flex)

Human Biology Colouring - FLEX - Part 2

A History of the Modern Middle East

History Detectives Club: Practise Your English While Learning History! (6-8Yrs)

History Detectives Club: Practise Your English While Learning History! (9-11Yrs)

Literary Analysis, Thesis Development & Persuasive Essay Writing (Sem 2)

History Game Show: The American Revolution Part 1

Dungeon and Dragons Open World Game (Mid to Advanced)

Enchanted Math Adventures- Kindergarten Prep Escape Rooms, Building a Number Sense Through Play

Human Biology Colouring - FLEX - Semester 1

Private Cogat, Olsat, NNAT, Test Prep Classes (3-5Th)

Private Cogat, Olsat, NNAT, Test Prep Classes (K-2Nd)

Private One-On-One Piano Lesson for Young Beginners (Age 4 To 8)

Yoga for Beginners: Six-Week Intro to Sun Salutations (Upper Grades)

Begin to Read in 6 Weeks (Level 1 Reading)

Writing Tutor - Essays, Fiction, & Non-Fiction Content, Structure and Revision

Singing Club: Disney Edition

Your Choice One-on-One Beginning Spanish with Stories, Games & Puppets (FLEX)

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