New Classes on Outschool 2022-10-30

There are 400 new classes on Outschool the week of October 30, 2022 to November 5, 2022.

Let's Craft: The Amazing Animal Club Arts and Crafts Edition

Book Club: Roald Dahl Series English Reading Club B1+ CEFR

Math Essentials 8Th Grade FLEX

Advanced Beginner Spanish Private One-On-One Tutoring/Classes

Fashion Design Drawing for Girls and Boys

Dragon Ball: The Breakers Social Gaming Group, Let’s Have Fun and Escape!

Kindergarten 1:1 Comprehensive Mid Year Math Assessment

Movies From Literature 2 - Adapted ELA

Princess Preschool

1st Grade Math 1:1 Comprehensive Mid Year Math Skills Assessment

Silly Wackadoo Dance Party With Your Favorite Little Blue Dog

First Grade Review & Second Grade Prep: Summer Camp

Sherlock Holmes Read Aloud for Older Children: The Sign of Four PART 2

Sherlock Holmes Read Aloud for Older Children: The Sign of Four PART I

Chess Private Tutoring, Ages 3-18, 30 Minute Sessions (Any Level)

Draw With Me: Princesses & More (Part 6 of 12) FLEX Class

Draw With Me: Princesses & More (Part 5 of 12) FLEX Class

Draw With Me: Princesses & More (Part 4 of 12) FLEX Class

Draw With Me: Princesses & More (Part 3 of 12) FLEX Class

Draw With Me: Princesses & More (Part 2 of 12) FLEX Class

Learn to Perform a Mind Reading Math Cat Magic Cupcake Trick (Chrismas Edition)

Let's Learn Spanish: Intermediate Conversation Club, Ages 5-8

Let's Learn Spanish: Intermediate Conversation Club, Ages 9-13

Let's Learn English: Beginner A1 English Conversation Club, Ages 8-13

Book Club: Lets Read Amazing Graphic Novels

FLEX Beginner Sentence Diagramming- Let's Learn the Parts of Speech!

Diary of a Wimpy Kid Book Club (Work on Reading Fluency and Comprehension)

Learn Holiday Vocab in Spanish - Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year

Grade 6 Social Studies, History and Geography Part 1 Full Curriculum Flex

Pre-Teen Talk Time ESL Conversational Speaking (American Accent)

Mandarin Chinese Course/Tutoring - Siblings-Only (1x25 Minutes Meetings per Week)

Let's Learn English and Make Friends: ESL Beginner A1 Conversation Club, Ages 8-12

Let's Learn English and Make Friends: ESL A2 Discussion Club, Ages 3-7

Handcrafted Holiday Series: Salt Dough Holiday Craft

Drawing Class: Rainbow Art Fun! (Age 7 - 9)

Handcrafted Holiday Series: Salt Dough Holiday Ornaments for Under 12

Build Your Own Board Game for Beginners! (Live Class)

Tornado - Learn All About This Amazing Natural Phenomenon.

My Sensory Survival Guide - Ages 6-9

Biggie Ron's Advanced Digital Art (Krita)

Private Piano 1:1 Tutoring Lessons for Beginners

Preschool Spanish Mini Lessons

The ArKIDecture Academy: Private Architecture Lessons W/Molly (One Time Class)

Drawing Class: Rainbow Art! (Age 4 - 6)

Gingerbread Christmas Mystery: 2 Digit Addition and Subtraction With Regrouping

How to Draw a Realistic Candy Cane/Colored Pencils/Art/Christmas

6th Grade Math Summer Camp - Ongoing Class

4 Week Acting Intensive: Intro to Scene Study for Beginners Ages 7-12

Christmas Holiday Sewing: Learn to Make a Christmas Stocking!

Winter Wonderland Drawing Club -- Unicorn, Fairy, and More (Ongoing)

101 Private-C++ Programming -Basics for Beginners- Level 1 - 30 Minutes Weekly

Learn Typing and Computer Skills for Elementary School (Level 2)

20 Questions Show and Tell (ESL Friendly)

Adopt Me Koala/Frog Game Meets: Koala/Frog + Egg for All Enrolled Learners!

Thankful Turkey Paragraphs! Happy Thanksgiving!

Complete 1st Grade Math Curriculum: Part 2

2. The SIX: Mr. J.'s Film Faves (20th Century Movie Club)

Titus The Turtle: An Advanced Beginner Amigurumi Crochet Class

Spanish Vocabulary Bingo Social Club (Ages 15-18)

Spanish Vocabulary Bingo Social Club (Ages 10-15)

Cursive Handwriting-Flex Class-14+

Short Story Discussion Class - Harrison Bergeron by Kurt Vonnegut

A Ballet Adventure: Nutcracker Land of Sweets!

Sustainability in Business: Being Green, Sustainable, and Ecofriendly in Your Ho

Movie Madness Dance Class-TWO!

Build a Business Plan: Young Entrepreneur Business Exploration: Marketing, Pricing, Selling, Products

Kidz Bop Winter Wonderland Jazz Class!

Semester Business Exploration PART 1: Business Planning, Marketing, Pricing, Design, etc for the Entrepreneur

Learning Adventures: 1st Grade Reading and Writing Class

Anime 101 - Anime and Manga Drawing for Beginners!

The Magic Closet: One-On-One Private Art Class

Learn How To Create a Unity First-Person Projectile Game

Pre-K & Kindergarten: Phonics, Math, Sight Words, Circle Time & More

"Revolutionary Rhetoric" 11th Grade American Literature (Semester 2)

Book Club: Junie B Jones English Reading Club

Book Club: Diary of a Wimpy Kid Series English Reading Club A2+

One Week Math Challenge: Understanding Basic Division (Flexible Schedule)

One Week Math Challenge: Multiple-Digit Multiplication (Flexible Schedule)

Book Club: Roald Dahl Series English Reading Club B1+

Book Club: Cat Kid Comic English Reading Club A2+

ASL Beginner Camp I for Ages 5-7

Reading Comprehension: More Activities, Less Writing

Book Club: The Hungry Caterpillar - Eric Carle Series Reading Club A1+

Holly, Jolly, Scary Holiday

Anime & Manga Discussion Club! (One Piece, Naruto, Spy x Family and much more)

The Creative Musician: Enhance Your Music With ProTools and Kontakt Komplete

Singapore Math (Solving Math Word Problems (2nd-3rd grade)

Maths Club - Grade 6 / Year 7

Be Vocabulary Wise With Wordly Wise Grade Seven Part Two

One-On-One Reading Tutor (30 Min.)

A Place for Parrots

English as a Second Language Exploring Food From Around the World

Senior Seminar: Build a Writing Portfolio (Semester-Long)

FOURTH GRADE Digital Escape Rooms and Crafts!, Vol. 1 (Ages 9-10) | 4 WEEK FLEX Escape Rooms


Rhythm Drum Detectives

Santa Christmas Mystery: 2 Digit Addition and Subtraction With Regrouping

Private Voice/Singing Lessons With Miss Alex (Half Hour) (4-Week Session)

2x2 Basic Ortega - Learning to Speed Solve the 2x2 Cube

Beginning Learn How to Crochet! (Teen Flex Class)

Beginning Learn How to Crochet! (Tween Flex Class)

The Art of Collage - FLEX Class

Write a Letter to the North Pole: Christmas Friendly Letter Writing

Flex: Digital Art: Drawing on Procreate: Christmas People Drawings (Santa, Elf)

Flex: Digital Art: Drawing on Procreate: Christmas Food Drawings (Desserts)

Flex: Digital Art: Drawing on Procreate: Christmas Cat Drawings (Kitten, Winter)

Draw With Me: Princesses & More (Part 1 of 12) FLEX Class

Preschool Enrichment Class-Math Games!

One-On-One Math 3rd-5th Grade

PreK Round Table: Circle Time Using Thematic Learning (Ongoing - 2x/Week)

Anime Girl & Pusheen

Full PLL for 3x3 Cube using CFOP - To solve Last Layer

4 Days of Fancy Nancy & Pinkalicious: A Fancy Merry Pinkmas!

1-on-1 Private Public Speaking Class: Preparing Confident Conversations/Speeches

ASL Fingerspelling Basics: Learn the Manual Alphabet

Private Math Tutoring: Ongoing Once Weekly

Animal Training 101-Learn How to Train your Pets at Home!

Learn Guitar, Ukulele, or Piano With Chad

Great Mistakes Art Class With Ms. Jes!

Jupiter: The Largest Planet in the Solar System

How to Draw: PokÉMon (Trivia, Dicussion and Drawing)

Private French Tutoring With Madame Amelie Vallieres (Bachelor) 25 Minutes

All About Arachnids! (With Live Animals)

Anime Eyes & Face: Successful Step by Step

Kitchen Percussion Circle Time (Small Group–Homeschool Enrichment) Rhythm Event

Story Writing With Stuffed Animals

Think, Draw and Write- Level 4

Algebra 1-Summer Camp!

Weekly Quick Write + Revision Practice

Draw a Puppy with a Santa Hat by Draw So Cute

Latin 1 (Class 5): Look to the Future, Remember the Past (New Verb Tenses!)

Pen and Watercolor for Beginners- Let's Learn to Draw and Paint!

Nutcracker Holiday Scavenger Hunt

Acting Classes for Teens Level 2: Monologues and Scenes (FLEX)

Make a Thanksgiving Turkey Drawing!

The Sahara Desert

Quilling: Winter Snowflake, Creative Paper Arts & Crafts for Teens

A Midsummer Night's Dream Reading and Discussing Shakespeare: Flexible Schedule

Mrs. B's Exciting Book Club: "I Survived the Sinking of the Titanic 1912"!

Revolution to the Rise of Empires: World History Semester II

Comprehensive 11th & 12th Grade Language Arts: English III/IV Reading & Writing

AP Literature and Composition: Whole Year in One Semester (FLEX)

A Midsummer Night's Dream - Shakespeare Read Together

The Magician's Nephew - Part 1 of the Chronicles of Narnia With Debra Shepherd

Dungeons and Dragons Dragons of Stormwreck Isle

ESL: Speaking, Writing, Pronunciation, and Storytelling

Blooket Christmas Movie Trivia Winter Camp

Elementary School French Immersion Playtime: Tea Party

Ecosystems, Food Chains, Habitats, Oh My!

Preschool French Immersion Playtime: Stuffed Animals

Spanish 3 Semester 1 Immersion FLEX Class!

Math Essentials Geometry FLEX 6Th-8Th

Lets Make Protein Packed Meals

Who Was Frida Kahlo? Learn Important Art History and Draw a Self-Portrait!

Note Taking Class: Math Notes (Age 10 - 12)

First Grade Reading: High Frequency Words

Quilling: Winter Snowflake - Creative Paper Arts & Crafts

8Th Grade Math Full Curriculum W/ Certified Teacher Mini-Mester

Unicorn Diaries book club (reading comprehension games and book discussions)

1:1 Tutoring in Math, Reading, Writing, Science, and Social Studies 2x a Week

Advanced Singing Club

Logic of English Essentials Tutoring

Creepy Crawly Series 2

Learn Electricity With Hands-On STEM Projects (Flexible)

Private Physical Science Tutoring (1-On-1 For Ages 8-14)

Big Ideas Math Algebra 1 Companion Class: Chapter 1 (Solving Equations)

Zumba Kids Jr!

Story Time With Activity & Game: There Was An Old Lady That Swallowed A Spoon

Writing Essays for 4th & 5th Grade (Flex)

Intermediate 3/ I Speak Spanish - Immersion Games and Conversation Spanish Class

Colorful Sunsets Landscape Scenery: Acrylic Painting for Beginners (Flex Class)

Weekly Drawing Club for Fun and Friends

Computer Animation W/ Blender

Paragraph Writing Workshop (Grades 3-5) (1-On-1 Session)

Game Club: Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: Co-Op!

Game Club: Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: Battle!

Zia's Office Hours: Help for Currently Enrolled Students

Taylor the Tooting Turkey and the Science of Farts

Draw a Valentine's Day Penguin

Quilling: Winter Paper Snowflake, Fine Motor Arts & Crafts

Roblox Gaming Club (Ages 7-10)

One-On-One Elementary Math Tutor (30 Min)

4th Grade Math Chapter 14 (Classifying Two-Dimensional Shapes and Symmetry)

4th Grade Math Topic 2 (Adding and Subtracting Whole Numbers)

Reading Enrichment Levels I-L/Spring

Harry Potter Book Club: Characters & Topics

Private Violin and Piano Recital

Elementary Math Basics - Addition: Sum Fun Time!

Beginning Pennywhistle; Learn to Play Irish Traditional Music

Ongoing Semi-Private Spanish Class

Draw a Penguin with a Cake Pop by Draw So Cute

Figure Drawing for Intermediate/Advanced Students

Fraction Food Fun

You Got This! One on One Math Tutoring from Credentialed Teacher

Ten Famous African American Artists: Be Inspired!

An Introduction to Essay Writing for Middle School Semester (Flex)

End of 2022 Reading Instruction for Gr. 2

After School Art Club

Let's Write: Writing Our Own Novel B2+ CEFR

Let's Write: Writing Our Own Novel B2+ CEFR

Learning Adventure: One-On-One Private Math Class

Ace the AP Music Theory Exam - Semester 2

Let's Learn Phonics: Consonant Blends - Series 4 A1/A2

Let's Learn Phonics: Long Vowels - Series 3 A1

Let's Learn Phonics: Short Vowels - Series 2 Pre-A1/A1

Let's Learn Phonics: Letter Combinations - Series 5 A1/A2

Let's Learn Phonics: The Alphabet - Series 1 A1

Phase 5 Phonics: Learn to Spell, Read and Write!

Biology Introduction to Equine - Horse Veterinary / Vet Science 8-12Yrs

Biology Introduction to Equine - Horse Veterinary / Vet Science 13-17Yrs

Monster High Dance Party!

Kaiju Writers Unite! Weekly Kaiju-Themed Writing Prompts/Ages 9-13/Small Group

Drawing for Beginners: Drawing and Socialization Class

Let's Draw Cute Turkeys!

Axolotl Drawing Class!

Pokemon Christmas Party! Holiday Pokemon Fun

Unicorn Diaries Reading Book Club

Kinder and 1st Grade 6 Week Writing "Grammar" Course ( Montessori Approach)

Percy Jackson Blooket Trivia Game Fan Club

4th Grade Full Curriculum Class: 4 Days A Week

Reading Adventures: The 4 Week Book Club for Upper Elementary Readers

Superioga Class (14 to 18 Years Old) a Dynamic Class to Boost Your Day

6-Week 1 on 1 Weekly Math Tutor! Algebra, Geometry,4th-9th Grade T-Th 1pm-6pm

Dragon Eye: Rock Painting (Acrylic)

1:1 Tutoring for Struggling Learners: Reading, Writing, Vocabulary & Spelling (Ages 6-11)

Forensic Science 8: Crime Scene Investigation

VTuber Hangout: A Weekly meet-up for VTubers and Aspiring VTubers!

Reading Enrichment Levels Q-T/Spring

Elementary Writing: Beginning Paragraph Building (Ongoing)

An Environmental History of the World (The Anthropocene)

Guess My Object en Français

Storybook Cooks - A Literary and Culinary Adventure! (2x a Month)

Festive Halloween Art for Beginners: How to Draw a Crow Using Ink

Christmas Piano Play Along

Flex: Digital Art: Drawing on Procreate: Christmas Drawings (Winter, Tree)

Attack of the Turducken a Dungeons and Dragons 5e One Shot for Thanksgiving

A Victorian Holiday

Modern History: The Industrial Revolution to The Cusp of WWII - 1815 to 1937

Stranger Things Trivia Blooket Social Group

Fun Themes Handwriting Practice- With an OT

Show and Tell: Public Speaking and Active Listening for Ages 6-9

Reading: First Grade Phonics & Fluency Skills Level 1 (FLEX)

Ongoing Kindergarten Tutoring 1:1

Private 1:1 Ongoing Reading Tutoring

Sports Conditioning One on One

Prek Circle Time - Winter Theme

High School Writing: Tutoring and Support

The Cats Discover Fall: Reading Comprehension With Pumpkin and Marigold

Pokémon Multiplication Battles! (Tutoring)

Piano Lessons With Teacher Debbie, a Private and Ongoing Class for Ages 6-18

STEM and a Story!

Chewy, Gooey, Chocolate Chip Cookies: Learn How to Bake the Best Cookies

Small Group Orton Gillingham Level 2 Reading, Part 3

Math: 2nd Grade Full Curriculum (Ongoing)

Animal Facts Division Practice

Reading Adventures for Ages 6-8

Festive Fall Art for Beginners: How to Draw a Skull for Halloween

Christmas Songs of Your Choice / 1:1 / Ages 8-18 / Violin One-Time Class

Letters and Sounds One-On-One Learning Adventure A-Z

Bingo Game Chinese Character !

Draw Silly Monsters En Français Weekly Fun

Get Organized! One-On-One Executive Function Coaching

Appalachian Old-Time Fiddle Tunes, II

Piano Level 2A - Part 5

Festive Genetics! Christmas Themed Genetics Class

Financial Literacy Skills for Life

Piano Level 2B - Part 5

Mathematical Minds: A New Approach to Story Problems

Game Time: Let's Talk About Everything Baseball Sports Enthusiasts

Business, Financial and Economic Concepts: 10-Week Course

Self-Care for the Artsy Warrior - Activities for Optimal Mental Wellness

Decorative Hand Sewing: Learn the Basics and Make a Monster Toy

The Cats Meet a Butterfly: Reading Comprehension With Pumpkin and Marigold

Wild Animal World (Weekly Ongoing) (Ages 4-6)

Let's Explore Peru!

Current Events: Age 15-18

Pop Music Zumba Teens (Ongoing)

How to Draw Realistic People - Proportions, Hands, Feet & Other Tricky Features

Math: Kindergarten Adding and Subtracting Board Game

The Forces of the Universe

Groovy Kids Club: Zumba, Dancehall, & Hip Hop Workout

Sketching Club With Mr. T

HSPT Exam Math Help & Prep LIVE

Private 1-1 Reading, Speaking, and Grammar Tutoring - 30 Mins

First /Second Grade Reading: Sentences With Common Blends, Endings, and Digraphs

1-1 Private Reading, Speaking, Vocab, and Grammar Help - 30 Mins

Pictionary in French

Math Essential 6TH Grade Flex

Draw an Owl Holding a Snow Cone

Draw a Husky by Draw So Cute

Reading Enrichment Levels M-P/Spring

1-1: Private Math Help and Practice - 30 Minutes

Creative Writing: Genre-Based Story Prompts for Older Students

Fifth Grade Math Tutoring (Twice Weekly On-Going)

Art Class: Festive Drawing Multi-Day Class! (Age 5 - 8)

Baking With Ashley: Easy 3 Ingredient Peanut Butter Cookies, Kitchen Skills

1:1 Tutoring in Archaeology & Ancient History

Private 1-1 Math Help and Practice - 30 Minutes

Ecosystems, Matter, and Energy

How to Create Canva Presentations for Equine Education

Class Mini: Holiday Art and Positive Affirmations

Alphabet Circle Time: Full Year of Preschool Fun - Sing, Rhyme, Play and Draw!

The Christopher Moore Experience Book Club

Bored Housecats in the City: Reading Comprehension With Pumpkin and Marigold

Creative Writing: Genre-Based Story Prompts

Exploring Black and White Photography (FLEX Class)

Private Violin Lessons: Instruction for Beginning and Intermediate Students

Preschool Pals Morning Meeting Circle Time

Backyard Science: Scavenger Hunt in Miss Elizabeth's Garden!

Preschoolers Circle Time

My First Guitar Lesson: Play the Christmas Classics!

Plant Science: What Is Photosynthesis and Why Do Plants Need It?

Plant Science: How Seeds Grow and Move!

Adventure in Study Skills (1 to 1): Build Study Skills & Confidence

The Creative Musician: Film Score Composition for Movies and Films (13-18 Yrs.)

Fly High in Adopt Me! Create Your Own Flying Pet in Roblox and Make New Friends!

Advanced Drawing- Certified Art Educator and Artist

Drawing Realistic Art Portraits and People With Ease Flexable Schedule

Little Art Studio: Gingerbread Oil Pastels! (Ages 8-12)

Little Art Studio: Gingerbread Oil Pastels!

Road to Grammar: Weekly Grammar Practice Full Curriculum (Grades 4th-6th)

First Grade Full Homeschool Curriculum

Journey Into the Wonderful Word of English Grammar (1-to-1)

Learn Spanish Through Songs With Miss Anna, the Accordion Lady

Pre-Algebra FLEX: Full Year Middle School Mastery Math: Part 2 of 4

Dungeons and Dragons for Beginners Winter Camp: Twas the Darkest of Nights

8th Grade Math Exam Preparation Ongoing Class

Middle School Spanish Immersion: Language Arts and Vocabulary

Writing Help for Kids Who Hate Writing - Stop Writer's Block W/ 10+ Tools/Skills

Let's Use Sign Language to Make Friends- An Intro to ASL

FLEX Million Dollar Shopping Spree!

SCIENCE: Chemistry 100 - Labs & Investigations to Complement Chemistry 101

Preschool, Pre-K, and Kindergarten and Full Curriculum Starting May 2023

Flex Class Piano and Music Academy #3

Christmas Themed Reading Club and Craftivity

Art Club: Learn To Draw & Design Your Own Pokémon Card!

CogAt Prep Class (3rd-4th)

Let's Learn English through Music: Sing Along Movie Edition A2+

Pre-Algebra, 1-2-3 EZ! Unit 2.3 - Solving Simple Equations [Multi-Day]

The Magic Tree House Society

1 Day - Draw Realistic Animals: Wolf Sketching | Beginners Art Class

Haiku Nature Poetry Class

Grammar and Reading Comprehension Class for Grades 4 Thru 6

Groovy Kids Club: Zumba & Dancehall Workout

CogAT Prep Class (1st & 2nd)

Getting To Know The Historical American Girl Characters & Their Historical Lives

Ancient Greek Theatre: Euripides' Plays "Medea", "Hippolytos" and "Helen"

Hannah The Happy Hedgehog: An Intermediate Amigurumi Crochet Class

Custom 1:1 Singapore Math- Certified Teacher

World History: A History of the World in Four Plagues

Diary of a Minecraft Zombie: Books 1 & 2 | Read Aloud FLEX Class | 4 Weeks

Underwater Field Trip 1

Amazon Rainforest Field Trip 1

Writers Unite! Young Author's Club: A Social Group taught by a Published Author

Miss Harrington's Chemistry Corner: Unit 2.2 - Subatomic Behavior [Multi-Day]

Art: Mighty Makers Session 2

Reading Enrichment Levels E-H/Spring

New Years Coloring Party

Greek & Latin Roots, Prefixes, and Suffix Gurus

Picture Book Parade Book Club

Grade 5 Social Studies and U.S. History Part 1 Full Curriculum

Cereal Box Theatre - Flex Class

Ongoing 1:1 Science Tutoring (Physics, Earth/Space Science, Chem, Env. Science)

Beginner Essay Writing: Bing, Bang, Bongo Method

Calculate a Story! Solving Math Word Problems (1-Time)

Let's Write This Fall! (First Grade FLEX Class)

The Bad Guys Books Gimkit Trivia Game (One-Time)

Dog Man Gimkit Trivia Game (All 10 Books)

Multiplication Facts 0-12 Gimkit Gaming Class (One-Time)

Let's Write! Part 2 (First Grade)

Let's Write This Fall! (First Grade)

1:1 Customized Math Class- Certified Teacher

The Nutcracker Ballet: Learn Steps to the "Party Kids" Dance!

SCIENCE: Chemistry 701 - Equilibrium (7 of 7)

Level 2 Beginner Piano "Rockin' Around the Holidays" Christmas Songs (FLEX)

Level 1 Beginner Piano "Rockin' Around the Holidays" Christmas Songs (FLEX)

FLEX Primer Piano "Rockin' Around the Holidays" Early Beginner Christmas Songs

Adopt Me Legendary Lavender Dragon: Free Dragon+Egg for All Enrolled Learners!

Weekly Voice Over Acting Workshop

Statistics & Probability Bit By Bit - Part 1 of 5: Introduction To Statistics Live Class

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone Book Club (Flex Class) Blooket - Book 1

Middle School French - Level 3

Thanksgiving Escape Room in Spanish / Día De Acción De Gracias En Español

2-Day Chopped Challenge: Cooking & Social Club (Competition & Public Speaking)

Discovering Your Style: Introduction to Fashion and Elements of Design (Flex)

High School French - Level 3

Carly's Geography Club: How to Draw Famous Places Across the World

Level 4 Phonics-Based Reading: Decoding and Spelling Multi-Syllable Words FLEX

Intro to Point of View

1:1 Early Reading Phonics Tutoring

Reading Skills: Learn to Decode & Read Words Using Phonics Patterns

Art by April Flex: Drawing Realistic Horses

Mix It Up! Finding Equivalent Numbers (1-Time)

Level 3 Phonics-Based Reading: Decoding and Spelling Advanced Code Words FLEX

Paracord for All: Single Color Snake Knot: Intermediate Bracelets / Keychains

Level 2 Phonics-Based Reading: Decode and Spell VCC, CCVC, and CVCC Words FLEX

Flex - Fun Science - Chemistry, Physics, and Biology - High School - Ongoing

Weekly Voice Over Acting Class for Animation

The Creative Musician: Film Score Composition for Movies and Films (9-12 Yrs)

Japanese for Beginners Part 5

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