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New Classes on Outschool 2021-07-25

There are 453 new classes on Outschool the week of July 25, 2021 to July 31, 2021.

Beginner Japanese: Intro to Language and Culture II (Ages 13-17)

Beginner Japanese: Intro to Language and Culture I (Ages 8-12)

Laser Focus: 5 Daily Habits to Improve Focus and Eliminate Shiny Object Syndrome

*Games* Comparing Numbers (<,>,=) the Dinosaur!

Spanish Immersion - Let's Travel Around the World en Español

AP Biology Course: Comprehensive Review 2022 Exams & Testing Strategies

Animal Explorers & Artists- Wildkratts Style!

AP Physics 1 Course: Comprehensive Review + 2022 Exams & Testing Strategies

Executive Functioning Skills for Teens & Pre-Teens

Grammar Fun: Prepositions

Bookworms: A Book Club for Middle Schoolers

Tea Party With Miss Anna : Silly Disney-Magic Tea Party : Imaginations Welcome

Food Science: Learn the Science of Apples and Five Delicious Recipes

Math Success With Teacher Bob - 5th Grade Math Skills Common Core Standards (Summer Review)

Original Character Cosplay Role Play Panel with Mama Cosplay

C-5 Galaxy the USAF Largest Cargo Aircraft

1St Grade Full Year With MS Abby- Math-LA- Science- Reading-Writing

D&D Gaming: Learn How to Play Dungeons & Dragons With Me! (4 Weeks)

1:1 Tutoring: History and Geography for 10-18 y/o (CAIE, Edexcel, IB)

Cosplay Escape Room With Bucky

Girls Social Club - Make New Friends and Gain Confidence (Ages 14-17)

Clarinet Lessons (One Hour)

Writing Rocks! Unlocking Secrets to Make Writing Fun

Introduction to the Geography of Africa

Shapes in French, Make a Haunted House!

Magic and Wizardry: How You Can Create and Write About Your Own Magical World

Interior Design 102: 4 Week Flex Camp

American Sign Language: For Beginners Level 3 (11-14 Year old)

AP English Literature Course: Comprehensive Review + 2022 Exams & Strategies

2nd Grade | ELA, Math, Science, Social Studies - Ongoing

Engaging Book Club: Brian's Winter

Animal Yoga Stretch and Breathe

Story Time Fun With Teacher Kendra: Let's Read Smelly Socks

AP English Language Course: Comprehensive Review 2022 Exams & Testing Strategies

Let's Play Piano: Intermediate Piano Lessons

Dragonbane RPG -Role-Play Destroy the Cult

Discovering Ancient Egypt

Nutrition and Health Habits for Kids

STEM: Buoyancy, Density & Surface Area ...Does It Sink or Float?

Kindergarten Reading Club With Ms. G!

Lessons for Guitar, Ukulele, or Bass Ongoing Private 1 on 1

Animal Crossing New Horizons: Fun With Friends for Teens

Dungeons and Dragons 345: Tomb of Annihilation, ongoing adventure

Theater Course in Minecraft: Write & Perform a Minecraft Drama (5-Session)

Paleontology Course in Minecraft: Digging for Prehistoric Artifacts (5-Session)

Intro to Game Design Course in Roblox: Learn Roblox Studio Basics (5-Session)

Advanced Game Design Course in Minecraft: Create a Game in Minecraft (5-Session)

1 Day - Realistic Flower Drawing: Rose sketching | Beginners Art class

Discover the Rainforest

Intermediate French Oh La La

Roblox Murder Mystery 2 - Gamers Meet and Play in a PRIVATE SERVER for MM2

Math Success With Teacher Bob - 4th Grade Math Skills Common Core Standards (Summer Review)

Writing for Gamers: Minecraft

Sequences, Series, and Spreadsheets

Pre-K & Kindergarten Circle Time With Ms. G. (ages 3-5yrs)

Nana-Bee's Escape the Crazy House Class (Escape Room Style for 8-13Yr Olds)

D&D Out of the Abyss w/ Jingleheimer

Escape From Math Mystery Mountain: An Escape Room for Math Adventurers

Help, I'm Going to Middle School! Middle School Tips, Tricks, and Information

Party Host Etiquette

Singapore Math Grade 1 B Time/Bar&Graph/Multiplication/Division

Singapore Math - Grade 1 A Number Bound/Place Value/Addition&Subtraction In 100

Pre-K Letter of the Day

One on One Private Tutoring

Mandarin Chinese Immersion Circle Time for Beginners! | Age 3-6

D&D Gaming: Learn How to Play Dungeons & Dragons With Me! (1 Week)

Littlest Chef Baking School: Let's Bake Brownies

Let's Learn Together! Private Tutoring With Teacher Lisa

"A is for Apple" Full Alphabet Song! (Music Class for 4-6 Year Olds)

Creative Writing: Write Your Story 2

Dance It: Zumba for Princesses & Queens (Ages 3-7)

Roblox Mad Libs

Creative Writing: Write Your Story 1

Method Acting - Stanislavsky Technique (Per Request)

First Grade Curriculum Standards Based Learning: Language Arts, Reading & Math

Exploring Art: Weekly Lesson

Algebra Skills - Solving Inequalities and Graphing Linear Equations

Algebra Skills-Word Problems, Systems of Equations, Exponents

Money: Subtraction

Money: Counting Coins

Destination Relaxation: Guided Relaxation Story Time!

Discover Our Underwater World

Private One-On-One Writing Tutoring: Ongoing Class

Math Success With Teacher Bob - 6th Grade Math Skills Common Core Standards (Summer Review)

I Am a Star Student: Gross Motor Skills Practice

I Am a Star Student: Fine Motor Skills Practice

English Literature for High School: Short Story Analysis

Private Tutor 1:1 | Twice a Week 25-Min Sessions | Algebra 1 / Pre-Algebra / Geometry / Algebra 2 / Pre-Calculus / SAT Prep | Tutoring 1:1 | 25-Min Sessions (Ongoing)

30min. Trumpet Lessons (4 Weeks)

Desert Animals- Nonfiction Reading Fluency and Comprehension

Teacher Danielle's Sample High School English Class: Powerful Poetry

Essential Japanese for Travel Class 2 Part 2 (Age 8-12)

Roots, Prefixes, and Suffixes...Equipping Students for Success

Ongoing Beginner Multiplication

Draw & Watercolor Paint or Color How to Train Your Dragon Monstrous Nightmare HTTYD

Marie Curie- Great Ladies Series

Arts Integration Pod

Parts of an Apple-In French!

Elementary Homeschool Music Classes

All About China For Kids- STEM Activity

Relaxing Evening: Paint a Campfire

I Am a Star Student: Classroom Behavior Practice

Let’s Bake Sprinkle Cookies!

I Am a Star Student: Social Skills Practice

Say, My Tongue is Tied - Spanish Riddles and Tongue Twisters

STEM Engineering Design Challenges for Ages 6 - 8

Can Learning Times Tables Actually Be Fun?

Paint Fall Paintings of the Masters! O'keeffe, Van Gogh, Matisse, Art FLEX

Intro to Watercolor: FLEX Class

Effective Study Skills: An Overview for Students - ADHD, Dyslexia Friendly Class

Draw & Watercolor Paint A Realistic Bee ~ Step By Step

Everyday English Conversation - Practice at Home

Yes! It’s My Opinion (Essay, Writing, English)

Medical Neuroscience: What is a Cranial Nerve Exam?

Improve Those Essay Writing Skills!

Summer 1:1 Elementary Level Tutoring (K-5)

Read a Book a Week: A to Z Mysteries by Ron Roy Ongoing Book Club (with Snacks!)

Book Club for Adventurous Readers: Turtle in Paradise

Essay Essentials: Writing the Complete Argumentative Research Essay (Ages 14-18)

Essay Essentials: Writing an Argumentative Research Essay, Step by Step Approach

Paint Cosmic Crystals and Fancy Geode Slices

English: Magic Tree House ESL Book Club! EFL, ELL (English Second Language)

Blocks, Story Time and More!

Solving Word Problems Can Be Fun!

Colors of Fall, in French!

7th, 8th, & 9th Grade Math Drills & Exam Prep: Algebra Geometry Advanced Math

ESL EFL National Geographic Reading Club: Intermediate and Advanced

ESL EFL National Geographic Reading Club for Beginners

1St Grade Full Year With Ms. Abby-Math-LA-Science-Reading-Writing 4 Times a Week

Weekly 1hr. Trumpet Lessons

How I Conquered Shyness and You Can Too (14 to 18 Years Old)

1:1 Private Lesson: Piano, Voice, Musical Theater, Audition Prep

Learn the Spanish Letters-Sounds and Fun Vocabulary Words!

Flowers and Pollination: Hands-On Lesson Fun Lesson

World History: The Age of Western Imperialism

All About the Suchomimus Dinosaur. Extinct but Alive in Our Hearts

Sensational Poetry! Introduction to Creating Sensory Poems | Creative Writing

Physics of Galloping Gertie Bridge Collapse. A Bridge Broken by Wind

All About Volcanos & Mount Saint Helen. This Class Is Hot Like Lava!

My First Book Club: A Milly-Molly-Mandy Read Along

Kindness Rocks!

Current Events Discussion; Spanish Reading & Conversation (Once a Week) 12+

Weekly Marvel Meetup

Paint a Pretty Mermaid Tail!

1:1 Tutoring: Preschool Skills

1:1 Reading Tutoring Language Arts Kinder/1st Grade (2x/Wk-Ongoing)

Easy Two Point Perspective

Private Tutoring: Math Kindergarten and 1St Grade

Spring Music Recital

AP English Language and Composition Exam Prep Strategies: Approaching the Essays

Greek Mythology: Nymphs, Naiads, and Dryads

6th Grade Math: Semester 1 of 2

7th Grade Math: Semester 1 of 2

French Tutoring: French Class for Writing, Speaking, Pronunciation, and Reading

Meet the Teacher for: 1-1 Dyslexia Tutoring / Struggling Readers

Train Your Brain: Executive Functions- Spectrum (ASD, ADHD, SPD,2e) Weekly

Ornithology M11: Let's Research Different Birds Around the World! 10 Weeks (Ages 9-12)

1 on 1 Coaching: Finish School Application Essays / Entrance Interview Prep

Math: One-on-One

First Grade for Fantastic Firsties!

Graphing Calculator Introduction for Algebra - TI-84

Magnificent 5th Grade Math (Entire Year) Ongoing

Rise up! Pilates Fitness and Well-Being Workout

Get Stretch, Go! Pilates Fitness and Well-Being Workout

Conversational English With a Certified ESL Teacher - For Beginners

French Tutoring Levels 1-Advanced Placement

Drawing the Side Profile

Stand Tall! Pilates Fitness and Well-Being Workout

Unicorn Drawing and Painting

Drawing Class: Eevee From Pokemon!

Monsters and Mold : A Zoey and Sassafras STEAM Book Club

Legos and Storytime!-Stop the Thieves!

New! Octonauts Drawing Class

Spanish Easy & Fun! Beginners Class (On-Going)

Ongoing Private Music Lessons With Ms. Jodi: Piano, Guitar, or Ukulele!

Essentials of General Chemistry

African Savanna: Generations Elephant Acrylic Sunset Painting Keefe Art Academy

Handwriting Fundamentals

Spectacular 6th Grade Math (Entire Year) Ongoing

Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) Lost Mine of Phandelver - Beginner Starter Adventure!

Tagalog for Littles 7

Homeschool Math Support (Kindergarten to High School) - Multi Day Math Tutoring

One on One Tutoring for Your Middle School Writer

Personal Poetry

Drawing Class: Charmander From Pokemon!

Intermediate Arabic 3

2nd Grade Summer Reading: Meets 2X/Week

Groovy Kids Club: Yo Yo YOGA Fitness & Fun 1

Groovy Kids Club: Intro to Hula From Hawaii

Disney Themed Musicals: A Musical Theatre/ Hip Hop Weekly Dance Party

Groovy Kids Club: Calming Yoga & Guided Meditation 1

Democracy, Human Rights and the Holocaust

Fairy Garden - A DIY Garden Project

Paragraph Writing: Wizards and Wands

SAT / PSAT Prep Reading, Grammar, and Math 1x a Week

Flexible Schedule: Art & Music: Gustav Holst and the Planets

Escape Rooms: Gross Income Unit Flex (Math Hidden in Fun)

Book Club: Let's Laugh with Elephant and Piggie (Phonics, Comprehension, Fluency, and More)

Learn to Draw: Cartoon Characters & Creature Creations (Ages 4-7)

Garden Night : Acrylic Paint - A - Long With Ms. Muse

Read, Write, Speak, and Draw!

Ongoing - Creative and Realistic Animal Drawing and Sketching | Beginner to Intermediate

Warrior Cats : Into the Wild (Book 1)

Haunted Library Book Club - Book 5

“Would You Rather” Journal Writing

Mentorship and Tutoring: Connect With a Neurodivergent Teacher Succeed in School

Let's Learn Polish - Lessons 9-12 ( Flex)

One on One Tutoring With Ms. Abby - 2 Times a Week Ongoing Course

1:1 Personalized Tutoring | ESL, Conversational English, Reading, & Writing

Act It Out : Animal Charades & Paw-Some Dance Party

Two Souls With One Body. Compelling Story of Brittany and Abby Hensel

Conjoined Twins Explained. A Look Into the Lives and Medical Reasons

Creative Writing Workshop for Ages 9-14

Confident Introductions: All About First Impressions, Conversations, & Greetings

Perky Pets Craft Camp

Twisted Science: Explore the World's Rainforests

Reading Comprehension and Writing in French!

Foundations of Algebra 2

High Jumping & Bird Catching Serval Cat. Longest Legs of All Felines.

The Awesome Ongoing Minecraft Survival Mode Challenge - Bedrock Edition

Pledge of Allegiance, in French!

Reading Level Quick Assessment with a Certified Reading Teacher, Ages 4-18

The Science of Comedy: How To Be Funny!

Counting and Math Problems..With Guinea Pigs!

Kindergarten Circle Time 4x a Week- Circle Time, Math, Science, Language, Reading

Language Arts Workshop: Punctuation

Fife 102 With Pam Irwin, MM

Second Grade Super Skills! Math

Creative Writing Workshop: Developing Great Characters!

Gross! The Life of a Pest

One-On-One Tutoring: Homeschool Support (4x a Week)

History's Mysteries - Conspiracy Theories of History

7th Grade Math Full Curriculum: Quarter 3 Probability and Data

Travel the USA - Maryland Facts and Trivia

Contemporary & Lyrical Dance for 6-11 Year Olds

How to Begin Graphic Designing | Canva Tutorial | FLEX

Days of the Week: Yesterday Was, Today Is, Tomorrow Will Be.

1-1 ESL Grammar, Vocabulary, Reading, and Conversation 2X per Week

Loki: Pop Culture and Philosophy Discussion

Crime Scene Detectives: Murder at Mapleton Manor

Fashion Drawing: Looks Around the World

Creative Writing Club: Mystery Prompt!

First Grade Curriculum: Standard Based Learning for Reading and Math

Let's Have Fun Coding With Scratch

Intro to Chrome Music Lab!

Seasons of Joy Waldorf-Inspired Show and Share Club

STEM Engineering Design Challenges for Ages 9 - 12

Reading Fluency Practice - Small Group, 6 - 9 Year Olds

Fun Spanish: Homeschool & Afterschool for Beginners - Spring / Summer Camp Semester (Once a Week)

Forza Horizon 4 Gaming Club

Math With Minecraft ~ Addition!

Semester Guitar #4: Continuing to Play Guitar

Math/Reading Tutoring/Homework Help- Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3, Grade 4, Grade 5, Grade 6

Spanish for Equestrians Level 1: Beginners Communicating at the Barn EN ESPAÑOL

Small Group Pre-K/Kindergarten Curriculum With Ms. Nicole - 2 Days/Week!

Fortnite Drawing: Raven

Fortnite Drawing: Peely

Would You Rather?

Math Rewind - Practice Math Concepts So You Don't Forget Them (K-2nd)

Pre School Phonics & Learn to Read With Bob Books (Stage 2 Advancing Readers)

What Time Is It? K-1 Beginner

Junior Paleontologists - An Introduction to the Science of Paleontology

Time for Intensive German 101 - Double Deutsch Super Saturday Beginners Course

Reader's Theater for Grade 3 Readers

Real Life Cyclops Animals & the Real White Albino Cyclops Shark

The Hidden Curriculum: Social Skills for the Spectrum (ASD, ADHD, SPD, 2e) (12-17)

Fifth Grade Science-Core Curriculum Class for Second Semester

Fortnite Drawing: Blaze

Fortnite Drawing: Rippley

Drawing Club: Optical Art!

One to One Math Tutoring

Beginners Creative Cursive Writing Camp: FALL Theme (FLEX)

Become a Math Word Problem Wizard (4th-5th Grade) Fall Camp

Fun Facts About Wonderful and Weird Animals: PreK Learning With Ms. Liz

Just Juegos- Vocabulary Review Games in Spanish

World Families Phonics Class. Lets Make Words with short E & A sounds!

Blocksplorers! Minecraft Java (Cooperative Survival) Weekly Let's Play Club

Part 2 Conjugation Exploration

Kahoot and Blooket Math - Multiplication Practice - 2, 5 and 10 Times Tables

Part 1 Conjugation Explorations

ESL Group Class - Beginning Conversational English - Stuffed Animal Show and Tell

Fidget Math: Multiplication Magic Using a Bubble Pop-It to Memorize Facts

Cartoon Characters & Creature Creations (Ages 8-11)

Miss Melissa's Magnific Piano Music Theory Class for Beginners: 12-Week Course

Disney Kids: Learn to Dance, Act, and Sing! (age 9 to 14) (Great for Beginners!)

Orton-Gillingham Finger Spelling: "Finger Spell to Read It Well!"

Animal Detective Escape Rooms! Solve a Mystery Through Puzzles, Riddles & Quizzes

Robotics Club: Crack the Spike Prime Code: For Robotics Enthusiasts

Le Louvre...the World's Most Popular Museum! Cool Trivia & a Game!

Piano Stars Piano Recital

Law School for Teens - Contracts (Part 1)

Genres #3: Splendidly Creepy - Gothic ELA Semester Course (6th, 7th & 8th Grade)

12th Grade English and Literature Semester 2

Law School for Teens - Basics of Law (Part 1)

Loki: Pop Culture and Philosophy Discussion Camp

Procreate Sticker Club

Contemporary and Lyrical Dance for Teens and Tweens

American History: Disputed Presidential Elections

Art With Miss Una: Art Around the World, Japan, Australia, Germany, Namibia and Canada, (Flexible class)!

Art With Miss Una: Art Around the World in Eighty Days, including Bonus Escape Room (Flexible Class)!

Write a Story in Six Words or Less: Flex Class

Fun With Shapes in Spanish

Beginners/Intermediate Middle School Spanish for Tweens

Escape from Under the Sea

1:1 Caribbean Conversational Spanish Weekly

6th Grade Math - First Semester (Full Year Course)

Algebra 1 - Second Semester (Full Year Course)

Math Is Your Path: Multiplication Table Master 2X/ Week -- Research-Based Method

Yes! We Speak English

Fractions Ninja - 3rd and 4th Grade Fractions Concepts for Math

Digital Club 1:Illustrations in Procreate for Beginners With Miss Mooni

Let's Talk About Turtles!

Princess Drawing & Dress Up: Preschool & Kindergarten Math, Draw, Read & Writing

Vet Volunteers Book Series - Book Club Part 1

6 Week English & Lang Arts Course for 4th/5th-Grade Learners (Course 5 Of 5)

Let's Learn Japanese (1 on 1 Lessons)

6 Week English & Lang Arts Course for 4th/5th-Grade Learners (Course 4 Of 5)

Flex Interior Design Camp: Design 3D Dream Bedrooms With an Interior Designer

6 Week English & Lang Arts Course for 4th/5th-Grade Learners (Course 3 Of 5)

New! Sonic Drawing and Painting

6 Week English & Lang Arts Course for 4th/5th-Grade Learners (Course 2 Of 5)

Travel the World in Minecraft: Exploring World History (Only Java Edition)

Pokemon Multiplication, Kahoot Games 2021!

Among Us Drawing and Painting Class

6 Week English & Lang Arts Course for 4th/5th-Grade Learners (Course 1 Of 5)

Songwriting Club

Ocean Animals FLEX Reading Fluency

Zoo Fluency FLEX Reading Fluency

Semester Long Book Club for Ages 12 - 14!

Writing Workshop: Setting and Characters

Making Good Choices: Positive Anger Management, and Calming Strategies (5-8)

Math Masters Long-Term or Drop-In; 3rd Grade

Private ESL (English as a Second Language) Tutoring — Teacher Laura

Immersion Russian Club: Beginner Level, Hands On (Ages 7-12)

Math Masters Long-Term or Drop-In; 5th Grade

Star Wars Podracer - Acrylic Painting Class

Screenwriting Tips, Tricks, Editing & Practise Writing Ongoing Club

Draw with Mrs. Howard: "Bugs Bunny" from Looney Tunes

Travel Adventures in Africa - Let's Learn History, Geography, and Culture

Ballet & Tap Combo Class for 3-5 Year Olds (FLEX)

Private Tutoring in Reading for Students With Dyslexia, ADHD, Dysgraphia

Private Math Tutoring: 30 Minute Block

Grammar Guideposts | Compound Sentence Structure

African History: The Story of Shaka Zulu, Warrior Extraordinaire

Science Adventure to Learn About Butterflies From Around the World

Hey Honey! Join Us in Class and Learn About Bees Around the World

One on One Pre-Algebra and Algebra I Tutoring

Dragon Drawing Club Wings of Fire Edition Level 1- For Beginners

One-Time Assessment for Placement in Mrs. Pauli's Piano Classes

Improv Comedy Club: Theater and Acting Workshop for Teens ADVANCED LEVEL

Preschool Music and Movement Multi-Day Class , Part 1

Wunderkeys: Piano for Preschoolers

Weekly Video, Vocab & Speaking For Beginner French (Level 2)

Street Smart Psychology: How to Break "Bad" or Build "Good" Habits

Gaming Bloons TD 6 Social Play Together - Tower Defense Gaming Chat and Play

The Why, How and When of 'Show Not Tell'... and Should We Always Use It?

Math Masters Long-Term or Drop-In; 4th Grade

Math Masters Long-Term or Drop-In; 5th Grade

You Can Play the Ukulele: For Beginners!

2nd Grade | Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies - 1st Semester

Math Masters Long-Term or Drop-In; 4th Grade

Kong, and the Monsters of Skull Island

AP English Literature Private Tutoring

Python Programming | Beginner | 10 Week Flex (Compressed) | Automate Awesome

Growth Mindset - Self Talk

Gregor Mendel, Genetics, and DNA

The Giant Panda Bear

ELA for Dog Lovers (Reading, Vocabulary, Grammar, Fluency, Comprehension & More)

Cute Birds Drawing - Interactive Doodle Club (One-Time)

Let's Paint Beautiful Birch Trees!

Veterinary / Vet Book Club for Animal Lovers- Be the Vet Book Series (Book 1)

Science Fiction Book Club: An Acceptable Time-Madeleine L'Engle

All About Sharks!

Esperanza Rising Novel Study and Universal Human Rights Study

Spy Kids: Discover the Science Behind Fingerprints and Solve a Mystery!

What is Even and Odd!! "The Montessori Way"

Pre-Algebra - Second Semester (Full Year Course)

5 Day Comprehension Camp: My Crocodile Comrade

SSAT - ISEE Exam Prep Middle & Upper: Math Basics, Geometry, Functions, & Ratios

English as a Second Language (ESL): One on One Customizable Content Ages 6-10

Sing With Me: Disney Songs-Ongoing Group Voice Lessons

Biology Advanced Veterinary /Vet Book Club Fuzzy Logic Think Like a Veterinarian

Reading Classes: Theater Reading Using Fun Voices and Sounds. Story 3

SSAT - ISEE Exam Prep Middle & Upper: Reading

Roblox Adopt Me Halloween Party - Trick or Treat!

Nana-Bee's Foundation in Reading & Vocabulary Development (6-9) Term 2- 1/5/2023

Ongoing Elementary Montessori Math 1:1 Tutoring

Roblox Bloxburg Halloween Party - Trick or Treat!

Early Writers: Word Basics - Tracing, Writing and Spelling

Chess Social Club and Hangout Beginner to Intermediate

Semester Long Advanced Chinese Overall Skill Boosting Camp

Zoology of Minecraft: Fabulous Foxes! (Ages 13-18)

Zoology of Minecraft: Fabulous Foxes! (Ages 7-12)

Introduction to Microsoft 101 (Powerpoint, Word, Sway, and Excel)

2nd Grade Full Homeschool Curriculum

*Casting Call* The Green Room Actors Club

Drawing Class: Sonic the Hedgehog!

English Reading Practice With Comprehension and Vocabulary Skills

Using Prompts to Encourage Creative Writing

Wild About Animals! MORE Amazing Dogs in History

Weekly Private Dance Lesson! Learn One-On-One With a Dance Professional

Journey to Japan (FLEX)

ACT College Exam Prep: Advanced Math and Trigonometry

7th 8th 9th Grade English Testing Drills & Strategies: Grammar Writing Reading

Legendary Latina: Frida Kahlo (Ages 13-18)

Kawaii Doodle Art Party Winter Camp!

Building Perfect Paragraphs: Writing for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Grades

Let’s Get Social! Weekly Conversation, Show & Share and Drawing Class

Learn to Write Sentences through Sonic!

1 on 1 Tutoring: Math, Phonics, Reading, ESL, Homeschool

Middle School Geometry: Ongoing

Second Grade Together - Part 1

Guthriegabs Summer Reading Lord of the Flies Novel Study

Preparing for Vet / Veterinary School - What Do I Need to Know?

Reader's Theatre! (ages 9 to 13)

Orton-Gillingham Spell, Write and Read! FLEX Class Part 3 (Ages 6-8)

Orton-Gillingham Spell, Write and Read! FLEX Class Part 2 (Ages 6-8)

Middle School Physical Science Part 2: Flex

Summer Camp: Learn the Art of Debate and/or Winning a Class Debate!

Write an Awesome Paragraph!

3rd Grade Math (1st Quarter, Twice a week)

2nd Grade Math in a Month (1st Quarter)

3rd Grade in a Month (1st Quarter)

Telling Time to 5 Minutes

1st Grade Math (1st Quarter)

2nd Grade Math (1st Quarter)

Orton-Gillingham Spell, Write and Read! FLEX Class Part 1 (Ages 6-8)

Early Elementary Play My Way Through Phonics and Handwriting

Biology I (First Semester) - Flex

Play My Way Through Math

My Angry Monster: Anger Management and Emotional Intelligence for Kids (Age 5-8)

Mrs. Kenefick's Crafts: Pom Poms

Mrs. Kenefick's Crafts: Learn the Alphabet and Phonics With Popsicle Sticks

A Fun Look Into the Life of a Plant: Life Cycle, Parts of a Plant, Plant Needs

Full Year of 3rd Grade Integrated Mastery Method Math: Part 3 Of 4

Rather Be Reading: The Witches (Spooky Book Club)

Alto Saxophone-A Guided Beginner Flex Class

One to One Tutoring - Intensive Mental Maths Booster (25 Minutes X 3 Days)

World War 2 Units: Night Witches of Russia

1 Day - Draw a Unicorn - Animals: Unicorn Sketching | Beginners Art class

1 Day - Draw Realistic Animals: Dolphin Sketching | Beginners Art class

Get Ready for Kindergarten or First Grade!

Animal Adventures; Camping and Counting With Woodland Animals

Semester 1 of Beginner Spanish Conversations! Spanish Color & Chat

All About Me Circle Social Time Class With MS Abby- Singing-Dancing-Sharing

Psychology & Personality Disorders: Narcissism- Inflated Sense of Self...but Not

Fin Lit Fun: Flex Games for Financial Literacy

Piano for the Intermediate Beginner: Music Moves for Piano, Book 3, Part 1 of 2

Myths or Monsters - True Stories of Vampires, Mermaids, Bigfoot, Giants, Dragons

Beginning Earth Science: Earth's Most Unusual Landforms

Draw How to Train Your Dragon Light Fury ~ Step by Step Easy & Fun Lesson

Sounding Out and Spelling Sight Words: Part 1

Extemporaneous Public Speaking for Intermediate or Advanced Level Speakers

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