New Classes on Outschool 2022-12-11

There are 290 new classes on Outschool the week of December 11, 2022 to December 17, 2022.

Writing: Creating Amazing & Innovative Conclusion with Mr. G!

Drawing Class - Christmas Squishmallow

Writing Awesome Paragraphs: TIQA and Mr. G's Model to Outstanding Paragraphs!

Cool Cats - Hot Cocoa Kitty - Drawing and Coloring Art Project!

1:1 Reading Fluency and Comprehension Tutoring With Miss Elizabeth and the Cats!

Private Reading Tutoring: Phonics & Comprehension Fun

History Herald: Horrible Histories & Terrible Tales of the Past - Part THREE!

Battle Royale! Enter the Arena - Gladiatorial Combat in Imperial Rome

Read-In and Play-In With Teacher Cindy and Friends

November Poetry Memorization for Elementary Students

October Poetry Memorization for Elementary Students

October Poem: Poetry Memorization Made Easy for Tweens

September Poetry Memorization for Elementary Students

September Poem: Poetry Memorization Made Easy for Tweens

Private Tutoring for the SAT in Multi-Day Format

Guthriegabs About Collective Nouns English Grammar

Learn Piano Now (Level 9) with Dr. Nathan

Home Gardening for Kids - Winter Preparation for Spring Planting (Flex Class)

Weekly Advanced Grammar Club (Age 9-13)

(FLEX) Beginner's Video Editing for YouTubers, Gamers, and Influencers!

Crafting With Yarn: A Gnome

Nature Journaling: Mindfulness, Art and Nature

Complete Full Curriculum 5th Grade Math: Full Semester (Part 2) With a 22 Year Veteran Teacher

American Sign Language ASL & the Deaf Community Part 4/5 for 8 Weeks For 10-16

4th Grade Eureka Math Companion Class (Module 4, Angles, Lines, and Two-Dimensional Shapes)

Digital Art - Game Design: Animating Pixel Art Characters

The Excellent Reader Jr: 5th Grade Language Arts Summer Reading and Writing Fun

Real People Real History Flex-" Rolling Warrior" Book Study & Disability Rights History (Supports for Dyslexic and Dysgraphic Learners)

Math Without Pressure 4

1:1 Certified Math Tutor: 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th Grade, Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1

Chess Camp Part Five

Chess Camp Part Four

Math Without Pressure 5

D&D One Shot Adventure

Holiday Mad Libs and Coloring!

Learn to Code Like a Professional - Semester Class

ADHD Warriors, a Workshop for Neurodivergent Learners 1 FLEX

Hello Fourth Grade: A Full Curriculum

FLEX Diversity and Inclusion Semester Long Course Ages 8-12

Art: Pencil Sketch Flex Class! (Animals & Birds)

History of Video Games

Military History Club: Battle Analysis

Chinese Character Learning Through Music, Stories, and Interactive Games!

Learn to Play: Dungeons and Dragons

I Want To Go To University - Academic English (EAP) Ongoing Course B2+

Draw a Winter Bunny by Draw so Cute

Scientia Potentia Est: Advanced Level Latin (Part One)

Leigh Bardugo's Six of Crows Book Discussion: Flexible Schedule

Traveling Through America's Amazing State Parks

Arts & Crafts Corner: Paint an Easy Snowy Winter Scene!

Waldorf Archetype Mermaid Study Middle/High School FLEX

Canada Gauss Grade 7 Math Competition Preparation

United Kingdom A level Math Exam Preparation - Probability

One Hour Essay Writing-Start to Finish-Middle Level Class

Draw a Cocker Spaniel Puppy by Draw So Cute

English Class / Full Curriculum / All Year Round / Price FOR Entire 55 Lessons!!

Writing for Dog-Lovers: Creative Dog Descriptive/Informational Paragraph

Animation With Procreate Dreams (Beginner, 55 Min, Weekly)

FLEX Math Magic Mind Reading Tricks to Impress Friends & Math Teachers 4W2

FLEX Math Magic Mind Reading Tricks to Impress Friends & Math Teachers 4W1

Multiplication With 2 Digit Numbers - Minecraft Multiplication!

Kindergarten French Immersion for Beginners - Unit 1 Review

Essay Writing: Hamburger Paragraph and the Five Paragraph Essay

Creative Writing & Drawing - Inspiring Women & Girls - FLEX Class

Intro to Digital Studying: Learn to Take Notes on the Ipad

Pencil Sketching - A Perspective Study: World Landmarks

Homeschool Hangout Social Club: Games, Puzzles, Sharing, & More! 2x a Month

Need Help Writing? A Professional Writer's Tips on Grammar, Essays, Poems & More

Write About Cats: 'Creative Cat' Descriptive/Informational Paragraph

Private 1:1 Reading Tutor - Individualized, Phonemic Awareness, Phonics, Decoding Strategies & Fluency (2x wk)

Counter-Strike 2 Christmas Camp (Formerly CS:GO, 12-16)

How to Make a Glove Monster Stuffy: Hand sewing Class for 8-12 year olds

4th Grade Eureka Math Companion Class (Module 3, Multiplication and Division with Multi-Digit Whole Numbers)

Individual Classical and Contemporary Violin Lessons

Private Voice/Singing Lessons With Miss Alex (Half Hour) (12-Week Session)

Greek Monster Myths FLEX: Learn About the Monsters of Ancient Greece

Guitar Fun One on One Private Lesson

Reading Tutoring With a Certified Teacher

Let's Draw an Anime Self Portrait!

Custom 1:1 Math Class- Choose Your Level

Singapore Dimensions Math Full Semester Curriculum Choose Your Grade Level

Fractions Mini Math Boot Camp- Certified Teacher

Phonics FUNdamentals: Blend, Read, Write: Consonant Blends, Digraphs, CVCC, CCVC

Let's Grade Your Trading Cards (Pokemon, Sports and Other Cards) - Flex

Fantastic Flex Class in Poetry Writing!

Let's Write WELL!

The Scientist's Club With Orchard Academy En Espanol

Show & Tell in Mandarin Chinese Conversation Club

Let's Play Minecraft LIFESTEAL SMP! Survival Club (Java PC/Mac) - Weekly Meetup!

Project Based Physics/Engineering Part 2: Learn Physics by Building and Doing!

Making Your First YouTube Videos | Social Media Video Production | iMovie

Stretching for Athletes & Dancers Who Aren't Flexible

Let's Play Minecraft PVP & PVE: BEDWARS - Social Club! (Java PC/Mac) - Weekly!

Grade 2 Math Yearlong Curriculum: Add, Sub., Shapes, Money, Measurement

At the Ballet: Learn Dances from Classical Ballets

Learn to Read: Level 1- From Letters to Words | Phonics Approach (FLEX)

Spring Themed Reading Club and Craftivity

Happy , Confident Teen ! You Can Do It

Reading Comprehension and Response Paragraph Writing (ELA, Test Taking)

FLEX - Learn to LOVE Literature - Part 2 - 3rd-5th Grade (English, Literature)

Semi-Private Intermediate Part 2 Ukulele Weekly Class

"The Ranger's Apprentice ELA" (Part 1) Middle School English and Reading

Eat Your Books, Play with Your Food (Middle School English Language Arts) Part 1

Dark Horse Tactics: Advanced Chess Strategies and Ideas

Medieval Mysteries

Creative Animal & Pet Photography Camp - FLEX Class

Algebra 2 - Composite Function and Inverse Function

Groovy Kids Club: Digit the Robot - Storytime and Hip-Hop Dance Party

Beginner Creative Photography Camp- 4 Weeks - FLEX Class

Cheaper by the Dozen Book Club

Pencil Sketching - Disney Portraiture: Heroines & Princesses: Elsa, Anna, Ariel

The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe Book Discussion: Flexible Schedule

Graphic Design for Beginners

Fortnite Ranked Play | Ongoing Gaming Xbox, PC, Switch, Play Station

Beginner Creative Photography Camp - 8 Weeks - FLEX Class

Semi-Private Ukulele Pre-Intermediate Levels 3 and 4

Dungeons and Dragons Roleplaying Extended Adventures Homebrew Class

The Trojan War: The People and Events of Greek Mythology's Biggest War Story

FLEX Banned Book Study: Ghost Boys

FLEX Hard US History: The Practice of Slavery in the United States

FLEX Hard US History: Systematic Racism, Black Lives Matter Movement, and Critical Race Theory

K-1 Grade Homeschool Social Club:

Clean My Room for PreTeens

4th Grade Math Topic 16 (Lines, Symmetry, and Classifying Two-Dimensional Shapes

Writing and Solving Equations | Prealgebra, Module 3

4th Grade Math Topic 15 (Angles)

Bedrock Minecraft | Awards & Achievements Realm | Ongoing Class

Earth Science: All About Food Chains!

Private 1:1 Reading Tutor - Individualized, Phonemic Awareness, Phonics, Decoding Strategies & Fluency

Math Re-Grouping Double Digit Subtraction

Art Along | Food Drawing

Procreate Adventures: Unicorn Dreams - Design Your Dream Unicorn

Holiday Movie Trivia and Winter Would You Rather Kahoot Party

Let's Learn Spanish: Ongoing Grammar Course

Procreate Adventures: Scoops of Fun - Design Your Dream Ice Cream Treat

Cooking and Baking for Kids: What's for Dinner...Again? - #2 - Flex

Essay Writing ABCs: Essay Writing for Beginners

Making a Hamburger (Paragraph): Writing Camp

Mastering Algebra (FLEX) | Quadratic, Radical, and Rational Equations

The Excellent Reader Jr: 4th Grade Language Arts Summer Reading and Writing Fun

Creative Writing and Novel Study for Middle School: Historical Fiction

1:1 Art Classes for Aspiring Artists! Drawing, Watercolors, Procreate(Bi-Weekly)

Fifth Grade Science- Interactive Learning: Full Curriculum Quarter 3

Book Club: A Tale of Despereaux

Fifth Grade Science- Interactive Learning: Full Curriculum Quarter 2

Gross History of Egypt, Greece, Rome, China, Europe, and Mesoamerica

FLEX - Learn to LOVE Literature - Part 1 - 3rd-5th Grade (English, Literature)

Crazy Creatures! - Using Art to Improvise Spontaneous Creature Designs

Flex: Digital Art: Drawing on Procreate: Pink Food and Desserts (Kawaii, Pastry)

Flex: Digital Art: Drawing on Procreate: Kawaii Fast Foods (Hamburger, Fries)

Flex: Digital Art: Drawing on Procreate: Blue Food and Desserts (Kawaii, Pastry)

Confidence With Creative Writing

Let's Learn Greek - Part 10!

Executive Function & Study Skills Fundamentals Ongoing for Neurodivergent Teens

Books for All Kids Flex: Eliza Bing Is Not a Big Fat Quitter Book Club

Veterinary Science Topics (14-18 Yrs) Pets, Farm Animals, Wildlife, & More!

"Percy Jackson ELA" (Part 1) Middle School Reading & English Language Arts

Veterinary Science Topics (11-13 Yrs) Pets, Farm Animals, Wildlife, & More!

Read to Me! 20 Mins of Daily Reading May = Higher Overall Academic Achievement

Phonics Level 1: Full Curriculum to Begin Reading!

Foundations of First Grade Math

Math Tutoring: Pre-K Through 6th Grade

Creative Writing and Novel Study for Middle School : Mystery

Magic Tree House Book Club: Merlin Missions Adventures in Reading (ESL Friendly)

Veterinary Science Topics (8-10yrs) Pets, Farm Animals, Wildlife, & More!

Art: Seasonal Step by Step Acrylic Painting Flex Course!

Art: Sweet Treat Step by Step Acrylic Painting Flex Course!

Executive Function & Study Skills Fundamentals Neurodivergent Preteen & Teen

FLEX Winter Arts and Crafts Camp

Learn to Read With Fun, Interactive Activities and Games for K - 1st Grade

Waldorf Kindy and First Grade Library: Mother Winter

8-Week Acrylic Painting - Stylized Environments: Astronomy Landscapes

Prisoner B-3087 Holocaust WW 2 Book Study

How to Draw Intermediate: Textures and Fabric Folds

Coding: Beginner Python (Level 2) Creating Animations & Games

1:1 Hand Drum (Doumbek or Djembe) Lessons for Beginners – Homeschool Enrichment

4th Grade Math Topic 13 (Measurement)

Little Learners: Make an Ocean Animal Play Bin | Pre-K & Kindergarten (FLEX)

The Ultimate Pusheen Drawing & Social Club

Reading With Phonics – the “S” Blends

All About Python Programming | 4-Week Flexible Coding Class *Intensive Course*

Optical Art, Flexible Schedule

Fractions Camp (Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division)

Intermediate Drawing

Show and Tell and Play With Miss Mary!

Adventure in the Sea World With Classical Music and Craft! (Pre-K-2Nd Grade)

English Tutoring, Ages 8-12

Art Class - Winter Wonderland Resist Painting

Save It for the Stage: An Introduction to Kids Theater Expression (Ages 8-12)

Waldorf Science: Mushroom Research, Drawing, and Writing

Comprehensive Japanese Language/Culture Lower Elem. Class 6 Pt 5 (Age 13-18)

Beginner Recorder Class (FLEX): Session One

What Does a Biomedical Engineer Do? Biology, Medicine, and Engineering!

Little Learners: Ocean Animal Fun | Pre-K & Kindergarten Science & Crafts (FLEX)

The Trojan War: The People and Events of Greek Mythology's Biggest War Story (9-13)

Debate and Speech Club: Learn Argumentation and Public Speaking

Christmas Holiday Story Favorites: Ongoing Reading Comprehension Class

Kindergarten Ready-Christmas: Alphabet, Phonics, Early Reading, and KN Concepts

Beginner Semester Spanish Course (3/3)- Expressing Our Abilities and Desires

Healthy Eating: The Basics for Teens

The Wonderful World of Studio Ghibli - Anime Drawing Course

Avatar: The Last Airbender: Sketching & Drawing Portrait Intensive: FLEX

Roblox Adopt Me! Immersive Escape Room: Save Santa With Ms. Wish!

Winter Gen Z Poetry Club

Art Exploration: Drawing, Watercolor, Mixed Media, Acrylic Flex Course!

Geronimo Stilton Book Club

Sew Cute Things Together! Ongoing Kawaii Hand-Sewing Club Beginner-Intermediate

Let's Explore Wetlands, Deserts, Rainforests, and Polar Habitats!

Healthy Habit Building for Teens

Art Adventures: (Drawing, Watercolor, Mixed Media, Acrylic) Flex Course

The Soundoff: Critical Thinking & Discussion Skills

6th Grade Third Quarter Math | We Can All Be Mathematicians! Q3

Language Arts | Fifth Grade Comprehension, Grammar, and Writing Q3

2nd Grade Winter II Quarter Math | We Can All Be Mathematicians! Q3

Country Pet Love ~ Animal and Nature Enthusiasts Learning Social Club

Girl of the Year - An American Girl Camp With Art and Games

Baseball Stats 101 - Making Sense of the Numbers Behind America's Pastime

Let's Learn Greek Mythology: Gods and Titans Flex Series B2+ CEFR

Let's Learn Greek Mythology: Heroes and Monsters Flex Series B2+ CEFR

Dedicated Photography Lessons: Ongoing Mentorship

Middle School Math With Danny: Part B (6th & 7th Grade, Semester Course)

Procreate Basics: The Ultimate Class for Beginner Digital Artists

Mouse Ballerina in Acrylics: Ages 7-12

Weekly 1-To-1 Rocket League Coaching With a Grand Champion!

Middle School Math With Danny: Part A (6th & 7th Grade, Semester Course)

4th Grade Math Topic 12 (Decimals)

Procreate Playground: Virtual Art Club for Aspiring Digital Artists

4th Grade Math Topic 11 (Line Plots)

2nd-4th Gr. Lots of Reading High-Frequency Sight Word Sentences Lev. 3 Semester

Let's Paint Panda in Acrylics for Ages: 7-12

Painting Porcupine in Acrylic Paint for Ages: 8-12

1st-2nd Gr. Lots of Reading High-Frequency Sight Word Sentences Semester Lev. 1

Summer Dream: A Midsummer Night's Dream Drama Camp

Level 1 SAT & ACT Reading Prep | Command of Evidence Questions Flex Class

Chess Strategies and Tactics : Opening Traps

Wings of Fire - Ultimate Fan Graphic Novel Club

Reading Comprehension-FICTION-4 Days and 4 Different Skills! (Certified Teacher)

Minecraft Creative Club (Bedrock)

Wonderful Words! Greek and Latin Roots: Min

One on One Tutoring for Creative Writing With a Twist

Move Like A Ninja - Fitness and Obstacle Movement Class

Virtual Escape Room Club

Flexible Format: Procreate for Beginners

Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) All Is Not Red and Merry | 2-hour Christmas Special!

Let's Draw A Winter Snow Globe: Dino Edition!

Ninjas: Fun Facts All About Ninjas

Composite Class: Foundation and Grade 1 - Homeschool and After School - FLEX

1:1 Tutoring Homeschool & After School ELA Mathematics Science HASS - Flex

FLEX Singing Class Level 1 - Voice Lessons for Pop, Broadway & Beyond!

Flex Class Piano and Music Academy #5

Flex Class Piano and Music Academy #4

General Chemistry - Part I (Ongoing)

Holiday Easy Beginner Piano Camp For Kids! (Music + Practice Videos Included!)

Nature Explorers International Club 6- Reptiles

Making the Scene- Intro to Script Writing

Winter Mythology Club: Star Wars and the Hero's Journey

World History 19th C. Imperialism, Invention, WWI & Rise of Fascism

Take a Stand: Self-Advocacy Skills for Teens

Philosophy for Teens (B): {12 Week Semester} I Think Therefore I Am

Philosophy for Teens (A) {12 Week Semester}: I Think Therefore I Am

The Bard's Play: A Macbeth Drama Camp

The Complicated Life of: Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Roblox Spooky Games Five Nights at Freddy’s, Mimic, Doors and More!

Country Pet Love ~ Animal and Nature Enthusiasts Learning Social Club

Private 1:1 Math Tutoring for Grades 1-6 (Ongoing) With Ms. Christa (45 Min)

Computer Science Principles Camp

Semester Flex High School Writing Skills: Clauses, Phrases, & Variety in Essays

Zen Doodles Camp - Draw with Patterns

Dragon Genetics Camp: A Simulation of Mendel's Pea Plants

Mastering Five Paragraph Essay Writing for Middle Schoolers Part 2

Explore and Create! Art at Your Pace!

Digital Drawing and Painting Procreate Social Art Club

The Science of Happiness: Exploring Positive Psychology

Master Chemistry: Private 1:1 Chemistry Tutoring and Science Skills

Escape Rooms for Social Studies & History: 4 Amazing World Landmarks 4 Day Camp

Come Join My Minecraft Realm (for Switch Players)

Art Create and Draw Your Own Pokemon Card Collaboration! Weekend Camp

Group Music Lessons: Clarinéo with Ms. Kristine (Part 1)

Group Music Lessons: Learn the Dood with Ms. Kristine (Part 1)

Group Music Lessons: Let’s Toot with Ms. Kristine (Part 1)

Spanish Calendar and Circle Time (Prek) (Academic Year) (Level 3)

Private 1:1 Math Tutoring for Grades 1-6 (Ongoing-30 Min) With Ms. Christa

Algebra 1 Semester 2 With Certified Math Teacher (Quizzes/Tests Provided/Graded)

Magic Tree House Reading Fluency and Comprehension Book Club (Ongoing)

Cat Tales | Make Your Cat a Main Character in Your Own Original Story

Reading Comprehension-NONFICTION--4 Days and 4 Different Skills! SET A

Christmas Art - Cat Stuck in Christmas Lights - Draw & Coloring Art Project!

The Great Student Bake Off Teen Competition with Skills Building Exercises

Mastering Algebra (FLEX) | Exponents, Square Roots & Factoring Polynomials

Cool Cats - Cat & the Fishbowl - Drawing and Coloring Art Project!

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