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Philosophy for Teens (B): {12 Week Semester} I Think Therefore I Am

Kathy Wilder
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Learners will explore logic, develop their critical thinking skills, analyze arguments and concepts, and enhance their problem solving skills.

Class Experience

US Grade 9 - 12
12 lessons//12 Weeks
 Week 1
Lesson 1
Rights Explored: Understanding Rights
Students will explore rights. What is a right? Do children have rights? What are those rights?
 Week 2
Lesson 2
Reasoning Matters: What Counts As A Good Reason?
Students will discuss what makes a reason a good one. Students will explore the ethics behind scaring someone into agreeing you and if feelings can be a good reason.
 Week 3
Lesson 3
Understanding Motivation: Why We Do What We Do?
Students will develop an understanding of the reasons we have for our decisions and how our motivations can aid us in understanding others.
 Week 4
Lesson 4
Personhood Explored: What Makes A Person A Person?
Students will explore what makes a person a person, are only human beings persons? Is AI a person?
 Week 5
Lesson 5
Defining Friendship: What Does It Mean To Be A Friend?
Through Socratic discussion, students will explore what it truly means to be a good friend and consider different perspectives on the topic. Additionally, students will critically analyze the notion of a 'right' way to think about friendship, examining the complexities of relationships.
 Week 6
Lesson 6
Understanding Things: Can Things Show Feelings, Thoughts, & Ideas?
Students will explore the idea of feelings. What it means for people to have and show feelings and if things such as buildings and paintings, and books can convey these ideas.
 Week 7
Lesson 7
Habit or Custom? Exploring Routines and Traditions
Students will understand the differences between habits, customs, and traditions. Students will explore whether customs are useful or beneficial to individuals and/or societies.
 Week 8
Lesson 8
Using Our Perception to Decipher the World
Perception is reality. Students will explore how we use our senses to perceive and understand the world around us.
 Week 9
Lesson 9
Revealing Assumptions: Distinguishing Between Wants and Needs
Students will explore wants vs. needs, which comes first-desire or need, wanting vs. doing and develop an understanding of their motivations.
 Week 10
Lesson 10
Cause and Effect: Understanding Relationships
Students will explore cause and effect. Figure out cause and effect relationships, practice inferring causes, discuss if one cause and effect can produce another, and the differences between causing something and allowing it to happen.
 Week 11
Lesson 11
Guilt, Innocence, and Intuition
Students will explore the concepts of guilt, innocence, and hunches. Students will learn how our intuition can help or hinder deciphering different situations.
 Week 12
Lesson 12
The Value of Figuring Things Out
Students will reflect upon what they have learned and if it worthwhile to try to figure things out. Students will understand frames of reference and perspectives and the value of discussing ideas with others.
  • The following reasoning skills will be developed: Deductive reasoning, inductive reasoning, sequential reasoning, analogical reasoning, drawing inferences, coming to conclusions, use of evidence, focused inquiry, making sense of phenomena, and being able to see the "big picture".
I have been a student of philosophy for most of my life. I studied for 4 years with with a student of Matthew Lipman whose teachings this class is based on.
0 - 1 hours per week outside of class
Mastery Evaluation
Frequency: available upon request
Feedback: available upon request
Details: Assessments are based on class participation and the student's ability to demonstrate their understanding of the topics discussed.
Letter Grade
Frequency: available upon request
Philosophy by its very nature raises questions. This course will challenge the students to question everything they think they know. This can lead to uncomfortable conversations within a family structure.
Joined November, 2019
Teacher expertise and credentials
Bachelor's Degree in Music or Theatre or Arts from The School of Visual Arts
Greetings and welcome to our classroom adventure, where curiosity takes the reins! I'm Kathy, your guide on this exciting  journey of exploration.

In our classroom, we embrace The Socratic Method, believing that questions fuel our learning... 
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