New Classes on Outschool 2022-11-27

There are 352 new classes on Outschool the week of November 27, 2022 to December 3, 2022.

Let's Paint Unicorn in Acrylics: For Ages: 5-10

Draw Magic Princess in Oil Pastel: For Learners 5-9

Field Trip: All Fifty U.S. States

Draw Lion With Crayola Crayons: For 4-8 Years Old Learners

March Poetry Memorization for Elementary Students

Writing Workshop 101

Science : Everyday Materials and States of Matter FLEX

Digital Art in Procreate! Cat in a Stocking (One-Time, 30 Min)

Writing for Dog-Lovers: Write 'A Dog in Winter' Free Verse Poem (Poetry Writing)

8-Week Pencil Sketching Series - Famous Waterscapes Around the World

ASL for Advanced - Part 9 Flex

How to Tell the Time!

Lyrics as Poetry | Literary Devices in Taylor Swift | Discussion Group PRETEEN

Lyrics as Poetry | Literary Devices in Taylor Swift | Discussion Group TEEN

Private Beginner Piano Lessons (Ages 4-6)

Animal Arts and Crafts Club

Intro to Guitar; Ongoing, With Teacher Mike - A Fun Foundational Class!

The Diary of Anne Frank: Group Read-Aloud (Middle School)

The Dreidel and the Dreidel Game, a Hanukkah Holiday Tradition! (6-8)

Beginner Reading & Phonics Course!

LEGO Book Club - From an Idea to Lego Nonfiction Chapter Book - FLEX Reading Class

Pre-K & Kindergarten ABC'S Circle Time - Phonics Fun w/ Social-Emotional Skills

From Kiev'an Rus’ to Soviets: A History of Russia

Hair Love: Understanding the Personal & Political Power of Black Hair (FLEX)

Algebra I - Mastering the Continuation of Arithmetic

High School French Book Club - Level 3/4

One on One - Mindfulness / Meditation for Kids and Teens

Ongoing Mindfulness / Meditation and Self Regulation Course

Parts of Speech

Volcanoes and Dinosaurs!

The Writing Process

Plot vs. Theme

Parts of Speech, Punctuation, Capitalization

Paragraph Writing Crash Course

Opinion Writing Workshop

Nonfiction Reading & Text Features

Life Cycle of a Frog

Life Cycle of a Chicken

Life Cycle of Insects

Elementary Math: Telling Time, Money, & Place Value

Elementary Math: Patterns & Matching

Elementary Math: Graphs and Surveys

Elementary Math: Counting & Number Recognition

Elementary Math: Add & Subtract

Elementary Math: 3D & 2D Shapes

Basic Research Writing Workshop

4-Square Writing

Elementary: Reading Comprehension and Strategies

Cooking With Mrs. C: Pizza Party - Make & Bake Delicious Pizza! (FLEX)

Spotlighting Characters: Social Media Smile Vs Authentic Honesty

Hidden Gems and Problematic Elements of the US Constitution - 3 Part Class

ESL Assessment for Green Communications Classes

Adorable Arctic Fox Drawing & Watercolor Painting

Write About Cats: Write 'A Cat's Winter' Catalogue Poem (Poetry Writing)

1:1 Language Arts Tutoring

February Poetry Memorization for Elementary Students

Long Division Champ Camp - With Remainders!

Learn to Read - Phonics - With Licensed Teacher

Algebra 1: Chapter 4 (Writing Linear Functions)

Dr. Suess' The Grinch Read Aloud, Writing and Coloring Activity

Flex: Have You Ever Thought About How the Food You Eat Affects Your Brain?

Make up Class for Teacher Rachel's Current Students

Robots, Robots and More Robots. Show and Tell Your Robot.

Roblox Reading Tutor: Level 3 of Series - Comprehension Vocabulary & Phonics

Formula 1 Discussion Group

S.M.A.R.T. Goals for Success

Latin for Kids - Combined Intro and Latin Level 1 (Ages 9 to 12)

Ikebana Flower Arrangement From Japan - Mindfulness & Harmony 1:1

Private Tutoring

Christmas Art - Penguin with Christmas Tree - Drawing and Coloring Art Project!

Learn With Ms. Price | Private Creative Writing Class With Ms. Price + Unicorns, Fairies, Mermaids & Princesses! | Personalized 1:1 Writing Tutoring

Christmas Art - Gingerbread House - Drawing and Coloring Art Project!

One on One Art Tutoring Realistic Drawing, Painting and Clay Sculpting

Fashion 101: Procreate Fashion Design!

Carly's Kawaii Club: How to Draw Kawaii and Anime for Beginners

American Symbols: Discover the Jefferson Memorial!

Art History-Japan's Cultural Highlights, Fascinating Land of the Rising Sun 1:1

Writing a Paragraph: Parts of a Paragraph With Step by Step Writing Practice

Speeches that Shaped the Modern World: From the Famous to the Infamous

Quilling Paper Art: Valentine's Tactile Braille

Art Class - Moonlight Silhouette

Fourth Grade Common Core Math, Weekly

Fun Beginner Intro to Coding/Programming/STEM With a Robot 7-9 Years. 1/10

Virtual Reality Gaming Club: Catan Board Game! (Oculus / Meta Quest Required)

Italian Intermediates: Piace, Pronouns, & Little Words That Make a Difference

FLEX Critical Thinking: Language and Math Games (Four Weeks)

Merfolkology: The Science, Math, Literacy and Art of Mermaids, Mermen & Merfolk | Play-Based & Interest-Led Learning

The Evolution of Fashion

Beginner Chess: The Pieces and How They Move

Let's Investigate: Dinosaurs of the Sea - Prehistoric Sea Creatures B1+ CEFR

World History - Burning Globe: Can You Win World War 2?

Kitty-Palooza Show & Tell – Homeschool Enrichment (Small Group) Social Class!

Dog Paws - Husky - Drawing Dogs Paint Pen or Colored Pencil Art Project!

FLEX Critical Thinking Winter Edition

1:1 Math Tutoring -Specializing in Learning Disabilities and Building Confidence

Christmas Holiday Art~ 3D Gingerbread House With a Candy Cane Rooftop

Christmas Super Sentences: Write Holiday Themed Sentences with 5 Parts of Speech

French Tutoring (1:1): (ANY LEVEL)

Let's Investigate Dinosaurs: Battle of the Dinosaurs Camp A2+ CEFR

Intermediate Spanish Class - Practice Grammar, Speaking, and Writing

Complete 9th Grade English FULL Year Class

Learn How to Sketch the Human Body! Basic Beginner's Drawing Class

Scratch Coding & Computer Skills Technology Club - Beginner

One on One Reading Tutoring Individualized To Your Child

Writing for Cat-Lovers: A Cat's Christmas (Narrative Paragraph Writing)

Middle School Math Skills - You Got This! Ongoing (2 Days per Week)

FLEX: Holiday Squishmallow Drawings--Christmas through Valentine's Day!

¡Mi primera clase de plastilina! Fun Dough Class for Tots Advanced in Spanish

FLEX - Write It! All the Reasons to Write 3rd-5th Grade

Holiday Animal Art Lesson 1:1 -Jolly Penguin Family in the Snow

4th Grade Math Topic 7 (Factors/Multiples, Prime/Composite)

Beginners Drawing Class: Learn a New Drawing Technique Each Week!

Let’s Dance! Jazz & Musical Theatre Dance Combo with Choreographer, Miss Micaela

Creative Station: Let's Have Fun Creating New Art Projects Every Week

Middle School French Christmas Party (Any Level)

Wildlife Science: Tigers

Learn to Love Literature Part 2 - 5th-8th Grade (English, Literature)

PreKinder: Social-Emotional Learning; Self Regulation & Behavioral Skills

High School Art and Portfolio Development Level 3: Art and Visual Communication

Elementary Level French! Les Loustics 3. French for Foreigners A2 Unit 3

Intermediate Norwegian! Learn at Your Own Pace!

Learn the History of Nordic Languages

Writing Funny: Creative Writing and Humor

Play the Ukulele: Chord Changing Skills: Part 2

Beginner Realistic Portrait. Learn Art Techniques for Sketching People

The Draw It Club! Creating an Original Character!

Critical Thinking Spark: Math Problem Solving & Puzzles

Personalized Reading Tutoring /Kindergarten-First Grade/1X Week/ 45 Minutes

Ongoing Fiddle/Violin, Mandolin Club

Pre Calculus & Calculus - In 6 Months -Bit By Bit - Part 3 of 6 : Live Class

Letter Sound, Sight Words, and Fluency. Learn to Be a Great Reader!

Play the Ukulele: Chord Changing Skills: Part 1

Jugando En El Invierno (Playing in the Winter): Spanish Class for Tweens & Teens

Private Singing and Acting Lessons W/ Licensed K-12 Teacher - On-Going

Jingle Jeopardy Holiday Trivia Game

High School French Christmas Party (Any Level)

D&D Club: Storm King's Thunder Ongoing Campaign - 5e Dungeons & Dragons

Draw It! Creating an Original Character!

Private Singing and Acting Lessons W/ Licensed K-12 Teacher - One-Time

Read and Write Traditional Japanese Kanji Characters FLEX B

Read and Write Traditional Japanese Kanji Characters FLEX A

8-Week Pencil Sketching Series - A Perspective Study: Winter Snowy Landscapes

Percy Jackson and the Olympians: Book 5 The Last Olympian Study Group

ESL Story Time

1:1 Suzuki Piano

Private Ongoing Knitting or Crochet Lessons 1v1

Multi-Day 1:1 Private Writing Tutor: Academic + Creative

Holiday Baking Winter Camp: Bake, Build and Decorate Your Own Gingerbread House

10 Weeks of 1-Hour Private Acting Coaching Sessions (Ages 9-18)

NFL History 101 - A Historical Look at the Greatest Players, Teams, & Moments

Sustainable Social Entrepreneurship for Kids!

Intro to UX Design: Design a Digital Product for Your Favorite Character!

Fortnite Gaming Club! (Lego, Battle Royal and More!)

Roblox Gaming Club!

Girls Who Code Rock! Weekly Coding Club For Girls

Autism One on One Basic Skills Support

One-On-One Coping Tools Tutoring

Easter Art Made Easy : How to Paint an Easter Chick Using Watercolor

Spring Art Made Easy : How to Paint a Baby Chick Using Watercolor

Spring Art Made Easy: How to Draw a Skunk Using Ink

Valentines Day Art Made Easy : How to Draw a Cute Panda Using Watercolor

Letters and Sounds Through Science of Reading Instruction!

1:1 Tutoring - Scratch Coding Classes for Beginners and Intermediate Students

Cozy Winter Cabin - Learn to Paint With Procreate on iPad Using Digital Paint!

Attack on the Candy Castle a Dungeons and Dragons 5e Adventure

3-Day Painting Art Series Part 1 - Fundamentals for Beginners

Let's Learn Geography: Around the World Maps and Math Travel Class B1+ CEFR

F 100 Super Sabre the First Supersonic Fighter Jet

The Movie Kids Guide 1:1 | Screenwriting | Production | Video Editing

Beginning Writing, Math, Phonics, and More for Ages 3-5 (Semester Class)

Let's Learn Geography: Around the World Maps and Math Travel Class B1+ CEFR

Paint Vibrant Colorful Art Flexable Schedule

Divine Contention: An 11th-Level D&D Campaign for Experienced Players

I Am Ready For 6th Grade! 6th Grade Readiness

Waldorf First and Second Grade: Winnie-The-Pooh Book Study

January Poetry Memorization for Elementary Students

1-on-1 Montessori Tutor

*Art Is Fun 115 FLEX- An Exploration of Drawing & Art Journaling 14-18 year olds

*Art Is Fun 115 FLEX- An Exploration of Drawing & Art Journaling

*Art Is Fun 115 FLEX- An Exploration of Drawing & Art Journaling

*Art Is Fun 114 FLEX- An Exploration of Drawing & Art Journaling

*Art Is Fun 114 FLEX- An Exploration of Drawing & Art Journaling

*Art Is Fun 114 FLEX- An Exploration of Drawing & Art Journaling Ages 5-8

Holidays Pilates

Mathematical Thinking: Problem Solving for Grades 4-6

I Am Ready For 5th Grade! 5th Grade Readiness

Epic Battles of World War II Weekly Historical Battles Course

Elementary Math- Unlocking The Secrets Of Solving Decimals

Real World Math! Create a Dog Boarding Business

Ongoing Sudoku Puzzles

Christmas Holiday Handmade Art in Watercolors -Let's Draw Santa With a Gift Bag!

Reading Comprehension and Fluency Practice - Grades 3 to 5 (FLEX)

Santa Claws Workshop

Space Mysteries Uncovered: Planet Mars

Space Mysteries Uncovered: Planet Earth

Preschool Literacy and Phonics Enrichment Class: Letters and Writing Practice!

Making Friends Social Group (Ages 12-15) Ongoing Class

Sculpt With Polymer Clay: Swan Lake

Texture Tresses: Kids' Curl Class (Ages 9-13)

Christmas Special Camp : Roblox - Create Your Own Snowball Fighting Game

Play Festive Winter Holiday Songs on Violin, Viola, or Cello - FLEX

FLEX Class- Emotional Regulation, Working Through Anger

Hydroponic Farming Club

Magical Christmas Stories, Crafts, Recipes, and Games Craft With One of Santa's Elves! | 4 WEEK FLEX Holiday Class

Six Steps to Writing the Perfect Paragraph

Leading Ladies of World History - History and Art

Problematic Elements of the US Constitution

Hidden Gems in the Bill of Rights of the US Constitution

Weird Nature Drawing Club.

The Science STEM Club: Hands-On Weekly Stem Challenges for Little Learners

Space Mysteries Uncovered: Planet Venus

Ongoing Journal Writing Class to Learn Grammar!

Algebra 1: 3rd Quarter with Certified Math Teacher

Let's Build a Team! A Survival Adventure in a Minecraft Bedrock Realm

One on One Math Tutoring: Algebra, Geometry, Trig, Pre-Calc, SAT Prep

Spelling Class: Spelling, Clues, and a Message for You!, Part 6

LIVE Online Art Class: Draw and Paint an Abstract Heart Design

December Poetry Memorization for Elementary Students

DIY Handmade Jewelry: Stretch Bracelets

FLEX: 7th Grade Eureka Math Companion Class (Module 1)

Customized Animal Classes Just for You!

The Write Stuff - Advanced Small Group Writing Lessons

Learn Japanese for Kids 3!

Winter Writing Intensive

Comprehensive Japanese Language/Culture Lower Elem. Class 6 Pt 3 (Age 13-18)

Magic Exam Escape Room for Witches and Wizards (Break Out of Boarwarts 2)

I Am Ready For 4th Grade! 4th Grade Readiness

I Am Ready For 3rd Grade! 3rd Grade Readiness

I Am Ready For 2nd Grade! 2nd Grade Readiness

Bee My Valentine Coloring Class

Introduction to Music Reading and Writing

Christmas Art - Santa Bird in Wreath - Drawing and Coloring Art Project!

Simple Sushi 3 Ways!

Computer Science Principles

Horse Hangout Part 1: Horse Social Class & Club (3-Pack of Classes for Age 9-13)

Baked Pizza Spaghetti!

Let's Read Together!

Ready, Set, 2nd Grade!

Ready, Set, 1st Grade!

The Sharing Show with Mr. Darrell!

1:1 Statistics and AP Statistics - Tutoring Sessions (Ongoing)

How to Draw & Paint a Venus Flytrap - Watercolour Art Class + Fun Botany Facts!

Make a Movie Trailer for Your Favorite Book | Literacy

Reading Note: Extra Support One-On-One

All About Robots~Reading Comprehension and a Step By Step Drawing Art Project

Let's Play COBBLEMON Minecraft SMP! (Java PC/Mac) - Weekly meetup!

Hidden Gems in the US Constitution

Sight Singing 101- Full Semester Curriculum- Music Theory

The Soundoff: Critical Thinking Discussion Panel & Social Group

Hands-On Art History: Lives and Styles of the World's Most Famous Artists

Social-Emotional Skill Building Winter Camp for Ages 10-12

1:1 -ASL Tutor: Sign Language Tutoring for Beginners to Advanced

March Poem: Poetry Memorization Made Easy for Tweens

Christmas Story Time With Miss Becky Part 3

Christmas Story Time With Miss Becky Part 2

Christmas Story Time With Miss Becky Part 1

April Poem: Poetry Memorization Made Easy for Tweens

February Poem: Poetry Memorization Made Easy for Tweens

Writing & Composition for Intermediate-High Level Learners of German

How to Write a Persuasive Essay: Extended Homework Help Semester Class

Percy Jackson Book 3: The Titan's Curse Book Study Group

*FLEX* Iditarod Sled Dog Race Alaska. Reading, STEM, Amazing Dogs! 11-13

Musical Theater Conservatory - Semester 3

Spelling Tutor 1:1 for Homeschool, After School, Before School K-2, 3-5, 6-8

How to Write a Persuasive Essay: General Homework Help Quarter Class

Hands-On Kindergarten Math!

Math Mindset: Office Hours With Ms. Viddy

Advanced Piano 2

Let's Draw a Stack of Christmas Kittens! (Foldable Surprise)

Reading With Phonics: Ch, Sh, Th and Wh Digraphs, Plus Sight Words

Learning to Read CVCE Words - Mastering Long Vowel Words

Lowercase Cursive Writing Camp-With an OT

Investigating Algebra Two Part Four (of Five)

Ongoing Note Taking: Formats, Styles, and Skills for School and Life (15-18)

Space Mysteries Uncovered: Planet Mercury

Percy Jackson and the Olympians: Book 4 The Battle of the Labyrinth Study Group

Ongoing Note Taking: Formats, Styles, and Skills for School and Life (12-15)

Ongoing Note Taking: Formats, Styles, and Skills for School and Life

Investigating Algebra 2 Part 3 (Of 5)

Algebra 1 Review and Practice

Make and Write a Festive Holiday Card

Middle School English Language Arts ELA Writing With Minecraft

Introduction to Phonetic Sounds

The Write Stuff - Intermediate Small Group Writing Lessons

1:1 Singapore Math Ongoing Grades K-8- Certified Teacher- 2x/wk- 30 min

Teen Masters Acting Program! Includes Techniques & Audition Rockstar!

One-On-One Private Violin Lessons

Individual Tutoring--Essay Review

The Write Stuff - Beginning Small Group Writing Lessons

Learn With Ms. Price | Customized 1:1 Writing Tutoring With a Certified English Teacher! {Twice Weekly}

Love for Looms: Square Knots and Color Changes (11-15 Yo)

Love for Looms: Square Knots and Color Changes (14-18 Yo)

Weekly Writing Practice

A Semester of Violin: 20 Week Course

Paint a Holiday Wreath - Watercolour Art Class - Make It a Gift or Holiday Card!

TDG (Tactical Decision Games): WWII Infantry Squad & Platoon Tactics

Love for Looms: Square Knots and Color Changes (7-11 Yo)

Waldorf Grades 2-4 Library: Christmas Story

Waldorf Fairytale: Beginning Reader Letter W

Beginner Japanese Kanji [FLEX B]

Grammar Galaxy Red Star Unit 2: Missions in Spelling and Vocabulary for 5th-6th

Math Tutoring; Full Year Curriculum, or Homework Help- 2 Times per Week 50 Mins.

Beginner Japanese Kanji [FLEX A]

Intro to Armenian Language- Beginner, Level 1

FLEX Class: Easy Beginning Piano Class (AGES 9-14) PART 1 #Piano

Elementary Writing: Beginner Sentence Writer Class (One-Time)

Snowman Escape Room: Help Mr. Snowman Get to the Frosty Ball

Customized Writing Lessons With a Certified English Teacher | 50 Minutes

Let's Draw Kawaii Christmas Characters!

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Co-Op Play!

1:1 Paint With Lovejoy (Mentor Program)

HJ - Japanese Kanji Writing Painting and Drawing (Multi-day 10) A

HJ - Japanese Kanji Writing Painting and Drawing (Multi-day 10) B

HJ - Japanese Kanji Writing Painting and Drawing (Multi-day 20) B

Winter Gingerbread Man Camp: Reading Comprehension, Activities, and Fun!

Elementary Writing: Beginning Sentence Writer (Ongoing)

Join a Mystery Solving Team and Solve That Mystery

Foundational Music Theory

Tolkien's the Fellowship of the Ring Book Discussion Group: Flexible Schedule

Philip Pullman's The Golden Compass Book Discussion: Flexible Schedule

Python | Beginner | 04 Week Flex | Create Graphical User Interfaces with Python!

One Hour Private Tutoring - Writing for Ages 10-18

The Crossover by Kwame Alexander Book Discussion Group: Flexible Schedule

Write On!: A Middle School Writing Class

Learn How to Self Publish a Children's Book; Write, Illustrate, Design & Upload!

1:1 Math Tutoring for Kindergarten, Grades 1, 2, 3,4,5,6

Holes by Louis Sachar Book Discussion Group: Flexible Schedule

Sing Your Sight Words! (CVC, CV, Dolch & Fry 100 List)

5-Paragraph Essay Writing: How to Write a Fantastic 5-Paragraph Essay

Kristy's Great Idea Baby-Sitters Club Graphic Novel Discussion Group: Flexible

Yoga for Siblings' Brain Break, Relaxing Mindfulness - Ongoing Semi Private

Seige and Storm Leigh Bardugo's GrishaVerse Book 2 Discussion: Flexible Schedule

American Sign Language (ASL) for Beginners (Part Three)

Cocoa Kindness

It Is... Quite Logical! Solving Math Logic Puzzles (Intermediate)

Gaming Club: Let’s Play Fortnite, Social Time for Fortnite Players! Ages 5-8

4 Ingredient Horse Treats

Christmas Figgy Pudding for Horses

Up on the Housetop, Reindeer Paws?! Tracking Santa Through the Snow

Second Grade Reading Fluency and Comprehension (Ongoing) CEFR B2+

Spanish Speaking for Beginners - Full Curriculum 2x

I Am Ready For 1st Grade! 1st Grade Readiness

Drawing & Painting - Mix Media Art Explore (Ongoing)

Private One to One Art Lessons Club

Problem Solving Superpowers

Roblox Club: Adopt Me Egg Hatching Challenge and Social Group! (Eggs included)

History of the Nobel Prize

English - Private One to One Tutoring 40 Mins

Wait, How Does Credit Work?

Private Tutoring for Advanced Middle Schoolers (45 Minutes)

Procreate Drawing Class: Poinsettia Digital Illustration on Procreate for iPad

How to Draw Charlie Brown and Snoopy!

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