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New Classes on Outschool 2022-11-20

There are 201 new classes on Outschool the week of November 20, 2022 to November 26, 2022.

Private Tutoring for Advanced Middle Schoolers

Winter Camp - Singapore Math Bar Models(Multiplication & Division Word Problems)

Winter Camp - Singapore Math Bar Models (Addition & Subtraction Word Problems)

The Balancing Act of Chemical Equations!

Let's Paint Squirrel in Acrylic Paint: For Ages 8-12

Clay Magnets

Let's Begin! Japanese Basics for Kids 1C

Latin 1 (Class 9): 3rd Conjugation Verbs in Present, Future, and Imperfect Tenses

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Fan Club (Ongoing)

Spelling Bee: First Grade Words

Math Vocabulary For Kindergarteners With Nearpod!

Pokémon Physics: Waves

Team Green! Let's Learn About Single-Use Plastics

Reading Beginners: 1:1 Private Tutoring with Ms. Elizabeth

Draw With Me: Princesses & More (Part 8 of 12) Self-Paced Class

Bright Beginnings for Strings - Start Strong on Violin or Viola

Writing Visual Stories - Professional Writing Techniques for Young Story Tellers

Splatoon 3: Let’s Play

Code Dog Man Games and Stories in Scratch- Digital Art, Animation and Coding

Ongoing Beginner Scratch Coding and Animation Plus Easy Intro to Armenian, 12-17

Piano Storytellers: Level 1a - Piano Lessons for Primer Grads (Self-Paced)

Learn to Draw a New/Different Peanuts Character Weekly in This on-Going Class

ESL & Pre- K Let’s Create a Passport, Where Are We Going?

Learn English Through Singing!

Astronomy - Astrophysics for the Curious Minds: The Sun

It Is... Quite Logical! Solving Math Logic Problems (Beginner)

Phonics Time: Short Vowels

Let's Paint a Reindeer! (Step-by-step Acrylic Painting)

Let's Paint a Snowman! (Step-by-step Acrylic Painting)

Individual Learning Time 30 Minute Class

Tots Reading Class

Let's Paint Cute Panda With Acrylic Paint: For Ages 8-12

Social Time Fun: Play-Doh Club

Draw With Me: Princesses & More (Part 7 of 12) Self-Paced Class

Comprehensive Japanese Language/Culture Lower Elem. Class 3 Pt 1-5 (Age 8-12)

Math, Typing, Spelling Enrichment for K-5

Learn Google Docs & Slides With Minecraft Fun & More

HJ - Japanese Kanji Writing Painting and Drawing (Multi-day 20) A

ESL & Pre- K Phonics Class.

Bloxburg Dance Star Magic: Music Video Creation Club!

How to Draw a Gingerbread Cookie/Realistic/Art

Drawing Characters of Peanuts Charlie Brown Comics! (Weekly Class)

Arduino Projects for Intermediate and Advanced Students

Zoology - A Scientific & Creative Arts Study of Animals: A Waldorf-Inspired Class

Mathsters Math Games: Multiplication Edition (Ongoing)

Scratch Coding: Private Lessons, 1-On-One, For Intermediate Students

Let's Investigate: Endangered Animals Investigators B1+ CEFR

Grades 4 & 5 English Language Arts: Grammar, Parts of Speech, Word Study

Mathsters: Multiplication Math Camp

Draw This Cute Cartoon Elf Peaking Out From Behind the Paper.

HJ - Japanese Katakana Vocabulary (On-going 2x Weekly) B

Math Club, Elementary Math, 3rd-5th Grade (30 Minutes)

Python Programming Guess the Number Game

Ms. Colleen's Writing Workshop For Ages 8-11, Small Class Size-Certified Teacher

HJ - Learn the Japanese Language with Fun Games and Activities (10x Multi-day) A

HJ - Learn the Japanese Language with Fun Games and Activities (10x Multi-day) B

Cooking Around Trinidad and Tobago: A Brief Exploration Through Food.

Roblox: Create Your Own Snowball Fighting Game

Charles Dickens' a Christmas Carol: Lessons & Insights (Self-Paced)

Escape the Egyptian Pyramid - Find the Treasure - Virtual Escape Room Game B

HJ - Japanese Katakana Vocabulary Camp (Multi-day 4x Weekly) B

Junior Historical Reenactor / Living Historian Club, Chat, Militaria Collectors - Rev/Civil War, WW2

The Breakfast Kitchen: A Cooking and Baking Course

HJ - Private 1-1 Tutoring Korean Writing of Hangul Alphabet (45min)

Splatoon 3 - Happy New Year Party

HJ - Write Your Name in Korean and Introduce Yourself in Korean B

HJ - Write Your Name in Korean and Introduce Yourself in Korean A

Math: Long Division Practice and Word Problems (Multi-Day)

Math Club, Middle School Math, 6th-8th Grade (30 Minutes)

Spanish Spot: Spanish Through Drawing

Draw a Dog with a Scarf by Draw So Cute

Audition Superstar! Improve Your Auditions to Get More Callbacks! SEMI-Private

Ongoing Ballet Class

GoPro Photography for Beginners

Wednesday Addams Acting Class: Learn Industry Tips & Tricks

Supercharge Your Acting Skills by Discovering the Top-Secret Techniques!

Design Your Own Mars Colony

Wednesday Addams Acting Class (Semi-Private)

Vocabulary Workshop! 5th 6th | Complex Word Study | Reading Vocabulary Spelling

Let's Draw Christmas Squishmallows!

Draw a Winter to Spring Woodland and Cabin Scene Wth Puzzle Outlines

One-on-One Ongoing Tutoring - Reading or Dyslexia Intervention

Star Wars Writing: Sentences, Paragraphs, & More!

An Introduction to World Religions: Part 2

Christmas Sing Along!

ESL & Pre-K Lets Create a Map, Lets Explore the 7 Continents

Arts and Crafts Galore

Guardians of Society: High School English Language Arts & Composition (Semester)

God Quest #2: The Forgotten Ones - Greek Mythology Role Playing Game

IEW Medieval History-Based Writing Lessons, Part 2

The Vagabond Summer Writing Camp (1-week, 4x)

Telling Stories & Writing Essays

Superhero Drawing Club: Create and Draw Your Own Superhero.

Cell Biology and Cellular Organization

8-Week Pencil Sketching Series - Beginners Portraiture

Advanced ASL Part 5 Ages 13 To 18

Procreate 101 Camp : Procreate Crash Course!

Escape Room: Penguins in Peril

4 Easy Steps to Long Division

Minecraft Gaming Fan Club: A Social Chat Class! (6-10, Ongoing)

English Vocabulary and Speaking Practice with Games for ESL/ELL (CEFR A1-A2)

Gaming Club Trade & Battle: Pokémon Scarlet & Violet

A Month of Murder Mysteries

Montessori Math Time With Golden Beads: Place Value and Making Numbers

Pre-Kindergarten: Math Workshop & Circle Time! Master Math Concepts and Skills

ESL, Let's Learn English

Quilling: Paper Arts & Crafts - Chinese New Year

Quilling: Paper Arts & Crafts - Chinese New Year

3rd Grade English Language Arts, Full Year,1 x per week- Ongoing

Semester Private Violin or Piano Lessons

Art Club: Drawing Pusheen

The Traveling Homeschool: Let's Go to Venice Italy!

Doodle | Christmas and Winter Holiday Drawing Doodles to Fill Your Sketchbook

A Tale With Tangrams (Live Class)

Animal Crossing Paper Craft Club! Create, Learn and Chat!

Private Tutoring: ELA and Writing Skills - 30 Minutes

Winter Preschool Count With Me: Counting Practice

Vietnamese Spring Rolls & Peanut Sauce

Social-Emotional Learning: Self Regulation-Behavioral Skills for Young Learners

1:1 Private Math Tutoring for Grades 1 To 4

Let's Learn English: What Level Am I According to the CEFR?

Blox Fruits Roblox Weekly Gaming Social Fun!

Math: Long Division Practice and Word Problems (Part 1)

Math: Long Division Practice and Word Problems (Part 2)

Drawing Class: Peace Word Art Fun!

Honors Biology: Cell Biology and Anatomy and Physiology 1 (Semester 1/2)

Indian Classical Dance -Bharatanatyam for Beginners

Private Writing Tutoring With Mr. K

Draw an Easter Bunny by Draw so Cute

ESL & Pre- K Let's Learn About Community Helpers and People Who Help Us.

Roblox Club: Let's Keep on Playing Evade/Doors/Rainbow Friends/3008 and More! (On-Going Class)

5th Grade Eureka Math Companion Class (Module 5)

LIVE Online Art Class: Draw Adorable Christmas Gnomes!

Intro to Kawaii Let’s Draw a Cute Cat Boba Tea

1:1 Knitting- Learn the Basics of How to Knit

Intro to Computer Science - 3Rd-5Th Grade - Spring Semester

Quilling: Paper Arts & Crafts - Chinese New Year

ESL & Pre- K Circle Time

ESL & Pre- K Subtracting.

Learn-to-Fly: Instrument Navigation Basics

Elementary Conversational Spanish 3

Conversational Spanish 3 for Teens

Private Piano Lessons for Homeschool Students (Ages 6-18)

ESL & Pre- K Adding

Scratch Intermediate Coding Club - Make Video Games - On-Going, Multi-Week

Digital Art: Furry Monster

Digital Art: Squirrel in a Tree Illustration

Congressional Debate: Write and Debate Your Own Legislation

LIVE Online Art Class: Winter Drawing: Catch a Snowflake on Your Tongue!

Learn Math With Ms. Shaniqua:Division, Multiplication, Fractions+ More: 55Mins

Scratch Coding Club for Beginners - Make Video Games - On-Going, Multi-Week

Procreate Fun: Animated Holiday Card - Design 3

Stop! Grammar Time! - Level Two: Adverbs, Pronouns, and Articles

Conversational Spanish 2 for Teens

Latin 1 (Class 8): Third Declension Nouns and Sight Reading (Foreign Language)

ESL & Pre- K All About Me

Level 3 SAT & ACT Vocab Prep | Thorough and Engaging Test Prep

Daily Success: Gratitude, Affirmations, Mindful Practices & Journaling

=D PASS the 6th Grade Math F.A.S.T Playing Blooket and Roblox With Friends

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet social club!

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: Playing, Socializing, Having Fun!

Winter Bingo

Barista-In-Training Summer Camp #2

Advanced Math Problem Solving With Multi-Step Word Problems, Grades 4-6

Grammar Full Curriculum Crash Course Bootcamp FLEX - Middle School 6 7 8 SP

IB Math Exam Preparation Topic - Binomial Theorem

Zumba Kids Fitness Class (9-11)

1- on-1 Math Fun With Miss Jo

Mandarin Chinese with Games and Music Level 2I

Zumba Kids Fitness Class (Ages 7-8)

Adorable Polar Bear & Baby Draw & Watercolor Painting

8-Week Scratch Coding & Animation - Raise Your Own Virtual Pet (Part I)

Adorable Seal Drawing & Watercolor Painting

2nd Grade Writing Prompts Class

Level 4 Phonics-Based Reading: Decoding and Spelling Multi-Syllable Words

Level 3 Phonics-Based Reading: Decoding and Spelling Advanced Code Words-Semester Long

Christmas Art - Mouse - Draw and Watercolor Paint Art Project!

Weekly Vocabulary Fun! Advanced Vocabulary with Kahoot Game (7th-10th Grade)

Drawing Super Mario Santa Claus!

Drawing Christmas Yoshi as Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer!

Drawing a Boo Snowman Super Mario Theme!

Elementary Conversational Spanish 2

Ongoing - Poetry Writing: Metaphors (and Similes) Be With You!

Baseball Stats Chat - MLB Statistics Discussion Group

Kindergarten Full Curriculum Reading and Writing Semester 2

Stop Moton Animation: Movie Creation

Creative Crochet Club

Intermediate Spanish With Short Texts

Let's Try Guitar! - Trial Lesson (Small Group)

High School Spanish II Quarter 3

Cloud Computing- Young Engineers, Computer Science, STEM

Let's Play Pokemon Scarlet/Violet!

Algebra 1: Chapter 3 (Graphing Linear Functions)

4th Grade Math Topic 6 (Comparing with Multiplication and Word Problems)

Wildlife Science: The Speed of Cheetahs

Stop Motion Animation: Lights, Camera, Action (1x/Week for 4 Weeks)

Baking: Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies!

Chinese With Games and Music Level 2 G Class

Montessori Homeschool Preschool/Pre-K Alphabet, Numbers, Story Time 3x/Week

Creative LGBTQ+ Kid Club! Small Group ~ Let's Make Art and Chat (Great for Neurodiverse, ADHD, Autism, Anxiety, etc.)

Ongoing Beginner Scratch Coding and Animation Plus Easy Intro to Armenian (7-11)

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