New Classes on Outschool 2022-02-20

There are 342 new classes on Outschool the week of February 20, 2022 to February 26, 2022.

Oil Pastels and Art History: Make Your Own Version of Van Gogh's Starry Night

Story Time! Lunar New Year (Read and Draw)

Story Time! Mulan's Lunar New Year (Read and Craft)

French 101: Intermediate French 2- Ongoing

Minerals Around the World

Art Life Pastels - Blue Bird - Drawing & Oil Pastel Art Project!

Filling in the Gaps- 1:1 Personalized Mini-Lessons (1 Day a Wk/Ongoing)

Oil Pastels: A Cute Owl Drawing

Painting Club: Watercolor Ocean / Sea Creatures!

Oil Pastels: Flowers

Coloring Club - Color and Chat Social Art Class for Preschool & Elementary!

Sculpt With Polymer Clay: Let's Make a Cute Owl

Acrylic Painting: Waterfall in Spring

Discover Exciting, Amazing, and Cool Adjectives - Learning the Parts of Speech

Learn to Pencil Draw Things in the Sea (For the Young)

Deciphering Decimals | Sort, Round, All 4 Operations & Word Problems | Ongoing

Koala Watercolor Painting Fun!

Guitar for Young Learners (Private FLEX Class)

Read and Write With Me and Junie B!

Draw a Rabbit Using Zentangle Art

3 Billy Goats Gruff Role Play Storytelling 3 Day Version

Beginner Programming/Coding With a Robot 1 on 1 (10 Week Course)

Procreate Kawaii Club: A Digital Painting Club for 7-8 Year Olds!

Writing - How to Improve a Basic Paragraph

Mountain Climbing Exercise Circuit

Learn About Emotions for Preschool/Kindergarten

Own Your Power, Own Your Mind :Focused Meditation With Reflection Journal 14-18

Writing My Stories! A Fun 4-Day Writing Camp for Kindergarteners!

Private Spanish Tutoring One-On-One - 45 Minutes Beginners to Advanced

Ancient Greek History (FLEX)

Wildlife Wonders: The Seven Continents

Geography Road Trip - Exploring the Fifty States and Its Territories

Show and Tell: Your Pets! Drop in Class (7-11 Year Old)

It's A St. Patrick's Day Celebration - Preschool Through Elementary!

Private Japanese Lessons

7th Grade Math Skills Review (with worksheets!) Seventh Grade Topics

Literature for Book Lovers: Julius Caesar

Global Poetry - A Look at Poets and Poetry From Around the World!

Spar Mystery 3: Understanding Christie's And Then There Were None Through Debate

Poems of the East

Let's Craft Together: A Social Club

Brazilian Portuguese Immersion Conversation and Activities (Trial)

Private 1-To-1 Geometry Tutoring

Introduction to Regrouping With Subtraction

Introduction to Regrouping With Addition

Counting American Money Amounts

Mrs. Kirbie's 1:1 Reading Tutoring

Let's Make Art Together: Waldorf Drawing & Painting

Rainbow Teddy Bear Pop It Fun! 1:1 Art Class

Art History & Astronomy - A Seriously Stellar Time for Lovers of Art & Space-1:1

Keys to Becoming a Proficient Reader (25 Minutes)

Food Gardening Basics

Let's Write a Fairy Tale (Flex Class)

Fun With Cantonese! Vocabulary 1 (Beginner's Course) FLEX Class

Crockpot Baking: Irish Apple Crockpot Crumble

2023 - 24 - 6Th Grade Math Topics With Assesment

Experimenting With Erosion: Weathering

Writing About US History Through Literature With IEW Semester 1 (Middle)

Writing About US History Through Literature With IEW Semester 2 (Middle)

SAT/ACT/SSAT English Skills Development

Creative Arts and Crafts

Reader's Theater: Adventure Tales

Anatomy and Care of Equine Hooves

Folklore of Fairies and Faeries

Bluey & Bingo (the Show): Learn Italian for Beginners to Intermediate (Ongoing)

Cool and Unusual Axolotls!

6th Grade Math Skills Review (with worksheets!) Sixth Grade Topics

Late Beginning Piano - Small Group Class - Level J

1:1 Tutoring for Elementary Learners (Ongoing; 30 min.)

2nd Grade Full Curriculum Weekly Summer Camp Readiness

Encanto Escape Room: The Case of the Missing Arepas! (Ages 7-9)

Middle School Geography of the World: Part 6 - China and South East Asia

Silly Faces, Silly Sounds Focused Meditation and Self Expression 10-13

Silly Faces, Silly Sounds Focused Meditation and Self Expression 3-5

*Perfectly Wicked Disney Villains! Queens of Mean! Polymer Clay Sculpting: Flex

1:1 Private Music Lesson: Learn C, G, F, and Am


Middle School Physical Science-Energy

Spar Lit Jr. 6: Understanding Harriet the Spy Through Speech and Debate

Heroes and Villains: Academic and Creative Writing

Born Baker | Bake Vegan French Macarons With Our Chefs | Our Favourite Macaroons

Book Talk: Al Capone Does My Shirts

Ongoing: Road Trip Across Canada

A Relaxing Adventure: Yoga and Art

Full Introduction to Figure Drawing and Character Design - FLEX

You Can Write a Movie! Camp (Film School for Kids | Screenwriting)

Latin Language - Third Semester

German for Beginners (Intermediate) Summer Camp II: Let's Travel!

Buddy's Bake Shop~Kidpreneurs Let's Make Meals & Treats For Your Pup & Biz!

Adorable Chomping Bunny Drawing & Watercolor Painting

FLEX: 7th Grade Math Unit 4 (Geometry)

Golly! I Mastered Pre-Algebra & Had Fun Practicing | Part 4 Of 6 | Decimals, Ratios, Percents, and Proportions (FLEX)

Listen, Learn, and Laugh! (Stuffies Invited Too)

Learn English as a Second Language (ESL)-Beginner

Number 42 Jackie Robinson

Reading Strategies Class

Let's Draw Pusheen in Spring! Cute Cat in Spring and Easter Theme

Summer Time Show and Tell Social Time! Ages 9-14

St. Patrick's Day Leprechaun Story & Craft

Let's Draw Cute Bunnies Kawaii Style - Easter Bunny Drawing

2 Day Beginner's Guide to Creating a Wix Website for Business or Hobbies

Advanced Spanish Interactive Escape Room "El Templo Del Jaguar" Practice Spanish

Italian for Teens 4 Day Summer Camp (Plus Learning Ed Sheeran's Song in Italian)

Beginner to Cake Decorating Boss Part 2 (10-14+) Video Course

Multiplication Facts Fluency Rainbow Adventure

Let's Learn Greek! (One-On-One - Once a Week)

Dungeons and Dragons for Teens: Rise of the Lich Queen

Write Your Story: An 8 Week Creative Writing Flex Class

The Pete the Cat Reading Comprehension Club!

Private Tutoring for Reading Comprehension and Fluency

Super Math Strategies: 4th Grade Math Tutoring

Latin Private Tutoring

Ongoing ELA tutoring (Once a Week)

Tutus and Jazz Shoes Combination Dance Class! 5 & 6yrs old -Multi-Day Sessions

Discover Verbs in Action - Learning the Parts of Speech

Cars and Trucks Little Engineers Show and Tell Club

Solving Fractions Part 1 (Adding, Multiplying, Dividing)

Learning About the Area and Perimeter of Shapes

Grammar and Writing Class

Microsoft Excel Intermediate 2-Day Camp: Pivot Tables

STEM: Amazing Water

Space Explorers: Black Holes

Private Math Tutoring: Grades K-4 - 25 Minutes

*Wizards, Wands & Dragons! Mythical Creations Polymer Clay Sculpting Course

Private Tutoring: Early Phonics Lessons in Reading and Writing

Let's Play Minecraft in SURVIVAL. Fun Social Club (Java SMP) - Weekly Meetup!

The American Dream- Stories From Immigrant Literature

Book Talk: Dead End in Norvelt

Math Club: Understanding 4th and 5th and 6th Grade Math: Exponents

Arts & Crafts With Mrs. Morris: Bee Hive Fingerpainting!

Silly Faces, Silly Sounds Focused Meditation and Self Expression 6-9

Positive Affirmations and Guided Meditation for 14-18

Positive Affirmations and Guided Meditation for 6-9

Ultimate Storytime for the Ultimate Japanese Beginner

Karate - All Levels

Keeper of the Lost Cities Book Bonanza: A Study of All the Keeper Books

Horse Pedigrees and Genetics

Equine Nutrition - Feeding Your Horse Smart

Sketchnoting for the ADHD Brain: Successful Note-Taking for Divergent Thinkers

Let's Talk! ESL Games and Social Club (Ages 6-8) With Certified Instructor

Beginner to Cake Decorating Boss Part 2! (5-9+) Video Course

Italian Vocabulary for Kids! Colors & Animals

Ongoing 1:1 Math Tutoring. From Fractions and Algebra to Trigonometry or Precalculus.

Get Social en Español: Join Our Fun and Social Talk Club (FOR SPANISH SPEAKERS)

Patterns in Algebra: Critical Thinking Class Level 2

Dance Camp (3- Day) Hip Hop/Musical Theatre - Encanto Themed

Dungeons and Dragons: The Dungeon Tailor!

5th Grade Spring Quarter Math | We Can All Be Mathematicians! Q4

Giraffes: Africa's Gentle Giants (Science & Art Ages 8-12)

Giraffes: Africa's Gentle Giants (Science & Art Ages 5-7)

Saving Seeds for Your Next Garden…for Free!

FLEX: Nature in Spring - Science Discovery Unit Study - Flexible Schedule

Italian 4 Day Summer Camp (Learning Italian)

Skip-Counting and How to Tell Time With Music and Math Summer Camp!

Draw & Paint/Color Star Wars ~ Boba Fett Darth Vader R2-D2 Stormtrooper FLEX 16

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Book Discussion: Flexible Schedule

Galactic Escape Room: The Case of the Missing Droid!

Encanto Door Drawing

Littles' Introduction to Watercolors: Let's Explore the Magic of Watercolor

Frozen Winter Escape Room: A New Snowman Friend!

ESL Private 1:1 English Class: Student-Led Themed Learning

Animals of Africa - Lions, Giraffes, & More! - A Fun Zoology Class! (Ages 6-8)

Black History Month: The Jazz Music of the Harlem Renaissance (Ages 11-14)

Book Lovers Social Club

Full Moon Music Theory Adventure: You Be You Crew in Outer Space / Episode 1

News Blast: Let's Talk Current Events!

The Legend of Zelda — Breath of the Wild Gameplay Social Club

Roblox Gamers Unite! - Gaming and Social Club

Fierce Feminists I: Female Poets of the 19th & 20th Centuries

Among Us Teen Weekly Social Club

Minecraft Bedrock Club | Survival Mode - Private Server [10-15]

Science Tutoring - Private - Middle and High School

Creative Writing & Drawing Club - Imagination & Gratitude Edition

Math Made Easy: Math Skills for Young Learners

Private One on One Piano or Voice Lessons! (Ongoing)

1:1 Diction Practice With Tongue Twisters (3x per Week Ongoing)

Pairing My Interests With Careers (High School Students)

Broadway History - 100 Years of US Theater History

Fun and Fluency: Practice Reading With Friends

Alchemist: Read, Discuss and Draw

St Patrick's Day Craft

More "Stuff" Made Simple! Earth Science Explained Easily! {Session 2 Of 2}

American Girl Social & Historical Club: Travel Through Time!

Drawing: Learn How to Draw a Semi-Realistic and Cute Baby Animal in Chibi Style

Magic Tree House Book Club Camp: Read a Book a Week (FLEX Edition!) Books 1-4

Theater Shoes Book Club (Taught by a British Teacher) by Noel Streatfeild

Private Science Tutoring | Middle School/Junior High (30 Minutes)

3D Design It 3D Print It Level 1 | Build a Snowman (Ages 8-12)

Book Club: The Library of Ever (Book 1) by: Zeno Alexander

Book Talk: Lalani of the Distant Sea

Private Painting Lesson: Techniques and Skills | One Hour | All Levels

Entering and Remembering "The Land of Nod": Memorizing the Poem

How to Tune and Play Your Guitar or Ukelele for Beginners

Little Engineers Cars and Trucks One-Time Class

Preschool, PreK & Kindergarten Circle Time, Full Curriculum Sep - Apr 4x/week

Italian Private, One-On-One Tutoring (Ongoing, 45 Minutes, Twice a Week)

Remembering "The Land of Nod" for Young Kids: Memorize the Poem

Italian Private, One-on-One Tutoring (Ongoing, 30 minutes, Twice a Week)

Allie and Me Beginners Spanish 1:1

Virtual School Paper: Contributors

4th Grade Summer Math Camp!

Road to Revolution: A FLEX Class on the Causes of the American Revolution

Draw the Super Mario Brothers With Dustin!

Dance Upon a Time (Ongoing) - Beginner Dance (Ages 3-7)

Scratch Coding & the Engineering Design Process (Intermediate, Club)

Reluctant Writers: Learning to Love Writing Again in Second & Third Grade (FLEX)

Letter Fun Through Sight Words

Preschool Spanish 8-Week Course: Fun, Colorful and Interactive Spanish for Kids

Math Properties (Assoc., Comm., Distr., Inverse, Trans)

Private Tutoring for College Level Writing Preparation

Learn New Spanish Vocabulary: Spanish Super Fun Interactive Bingo

Mrs. B’s Book Club: Let’s Read Stone Fox!

Ongoing Summer First Grade Math Review - Standards Based Lessons and Games

All About Python for Beginners Level 2 | 8- Week Flexible Coding Course

Italian One on One/ Sibling, Private Tutoring (Italian Help or for Italian Trip)

A Tale of Despereaux by Kate Dicamillo - Read Aloud Book Club

Equine / Veterinary Science - Diseases & Medical Conditions

Spanish Immersion-Introductory Level- Taught in Spanish- (Ages 8-12)

1:1 Read Aloud Practice and Private Tutoring 10 Week Session

3 Billy Goats Gruff Role Play Storytelling Week

Kitchen Warriors Cooking and Baking: The Brunch Bunch Live Multi-Day Class

(Flex Class) Piano Class #6 (Level 1) With Mrs. Karen for Ages 5-10

German Immersion for Beginners Kindergarten (FLEX)

Multi-Day Piano Class #6 (Ages 6-10) With Mrs. Karen

3rd Grade Summer Math Camp!

Bullying-What to Do

Flex Sew Intermediate: 18" Doll - Dress like Samantha the American Girl in 1904

Flexible Sewing Intermediate: 18" Doll - Dress like Josefina the American Girl in 1824

Encanto-Mini Movement Class!

Math & Music: Preschool/Kindergarten Math Curriculum (1 Day/wk)

Multi-Syllable Words I: Vocabulary With Latin/Greek Roots and Prefixes

Summertime Sips, Sides, and Smiles: Five-Day Preteen Cooking Camp

STEM: Make Your Own Lava Lamp #Academic

My First Piano Adventures (Primer to Level 5): Private Lessons (30 Mins)

Let's Play Math Games! (5th grade & 6th Grade)

The Lost Islands - Mythology Role Playing Game

The Fellowship of the Fleece - Mythology Role Playing Game

Art & Writing Portfolio ~ Animals! ~ 24 Directed Drawings + Fun Writing Pages!

Heroes in Training - Mythology Role Playing Game

Ongoing Ukulele or Guitar Private Lesson 1 on 1 30 Minutes

1 on 1 Tutoring for K-3Rd Grade

FLEX: Pokémon Art Projects

Girls Who Changed the World: Exploring Inspiring Women in History - Ongoing Class

Book Club: English Through Reading - Level 5 A2 CEFR

Book Club: English Through Reading - Level 4 A1 CEFR

FLEX: 4th Grade Math Unit 6 (Decimals)

Read to the Teacher - 1 On 1 - Ongoing Reading Practice Once a Week

Sign Language Circle Time: Let's Play! Learning ASL Through Songs, & Stories,

"Stuff" Made Simple! Earth Science Explained Easily! {Session 1 Of 2}

Veterinary Science - Medical Terminology (Ongoing) 13-18 Years

Intro To Vet / Veterinary Medical Terminology (13-18 Yrs)

Veterinary Science - Medical Terminology (Ongoing) 8-12 Yrs

Economic Essentials (Semester-Long)

Veterinary Science - Medical Terminology (8-12 Yrs)

Friendly Ocean Animals- A Fun Marine Biology Class! (Ages 6-8)

Robot Drawing Club With Dustin

Dog Man Drawing Club With Dustin

Summertime Sips, Sides, and Smiles: Five-Day Teen Cooking Camp

American Sign Language (ASL) & the Deaf Community Ages 7-12 4 Weeks Part 2

Digital Photography for Beginners - Flex

German for Beginners Course (FLEX)

Roblox Piggy Book 1 & 2: Social Gaming Fun!

Ongoing Private Tutoring

Mathletes 5th Grade Math Full Curriculum Class With a Licensed Teacher (1x)

Self Esteem & Care. Accept What You Can/Cannot Control Stress Anxiety & Anger

4-5 Grade Reading/ELA Ongoing Full Year Curriculum

Boost Early Learning: ESL Class Phonics Letters Math and Science

Freedom With Fractions Review Game!

Spanish Conversational Club Part 2

1:1 Private Voice Class With Broadway Performer Mrs. Tia! Weekly Sessions

Introduction to Spanish: El Unicornio Magico/the Magical Unicorn (Ages 8-12)

Ongoing Level 1 Montessori Preschool Kindergarten Full Curriculum (Reading, Math, Culture)

A Sight for Sight Words: Sentence Writing

Robotics With Micro:bit - Part 3 - Building Multi-Sensor Robotics

Write in Style: Perfect Paragraphs

Private 1:1 Cubing Instruction: Cuber 101 for Beginner 3x3, Pyraminx, or 2x2

Auto Care - Basic Car Maintenance 101 (FLEX)

Ongoing Level 2 Montessori Kindergarten Full Curriculum (Reading, Math, Culture)

Preschool Fun Sessions! Hands on Activities and Early Learning Skills

Private 2:1 European Portuguese (1 X / Week)Tutoring by Native Speaker

Write With Me- Individual Writing Tutoring

First Grade Grammar Class! Learning Is Fun.

Private Math Tutoring 1:1

Yoga for Children

From Lexington to Yorktown: A FLEX Class on the American Revolution

Book Club: English Through Reading - Level 2 Pre-A1 CEFR

Book Club: English Through Reading - Level 3 A1 CEFR

Book Club: English Through Reading - Level 1 Pre-A1 CEFR

Ongoing: Studio Ghibli Character Portrait: Sketching & Drawing (Subscription)

Let's Play Sudoku - An Awesome Way to Improve Analytical Skills in Fun Way!!!

Let's Be Word Detectives!

Social Camp for Shy Tweens

Creative Writing Discussion Class

Chemistry Fundamentals - Mole - Introduction & Practice [3 Days]

Reach for the Stars: A 1xWeekly Preschool Adventure for Mathematical Thinking

Do Re Mi... Do the Bunny Hop with Me!

ESL/EFL Alphabet Adventures- Fun With Letters for English Language Learners!

How to Catch a Gingerbread Man and Craftivity

(FLEX Class) Piano Class #4 With Mrs. Karen for Ages 11-16

Organization 101: Tips for Planning Out an Awesome Day!

Beginner Mandarin Chinese Unit 1-C: All About Me 1-On-1

Beginner Mandarin Chinese Unit 1-B: All About Me 1-On-1

Super Math Strategies: Multi-Digit Multiplication Using Area and Partial Products Models

Level 7 Reading, Reading, Reading: Phonics, Fluency and Fun!

Kindergarten Kraze:Learning for the Advanced Preschooler!

Introduction to College Writing: The Critical Analysis Essay and Research Paper

Fold-It: Origami Swan

1-on-1 Creative Writing Tutorial

Math Is a Big Joke 2 FLEX! Pre-Algebra Skill Builders With a Sense of Humor Pt 3

Become a Chess Pro: Advanced Level 2

Confident Beginner Simple Sewing Club

Out of This World Math: A 1xWeekly Kinder Adventure for Algebraic Reasoning

4-Week, Private 1:1 Spanish Tutoring!

Outstandingly Motivated

Learn to Draw Cute Plants Kawaii Style - Cartoon Cactus, Flowers, and More

Draw Cute Valentine Cats - Cat Cupid Valentine's Day Activity

Spanish - Private Classes

Private Class for for Preschool- Kindergarten Language Arts

Let's Speak Spanish Together: Likes and Dislikes (Gustar)

Lets Show off Our Stuffies AND TOYS!

The Science of Spring: Vernal Equinox, Insects, Weather, Migrations, Gardening

Exploring the Bible and Biblical Literature - Ongoing Class

1:1 Ongoing Private U.S. History Tutoring: Homework, Projects, Writing, Tests

Smash Bros Ultimate Smashing Fun Club! Weekly Ongoing

Game On! Math Facts Club: Movement, Blooket, Gimkit, and More!

(FLEX Class) Piano Class #3 With Mrs. Karen for Ages 11-16

Celebrate Black History Month: Learn How to Make B. Smith’s Vegetable Soup

Celebrate Black History Month: Learn How to Make Maya Angelou’s Banana Pudding

Drawing Pokemon: Nibblax & Munchlax

Drawing Pokémon: Umbreon

Sing With Me Math: Multiplying By 3, 4, and 6

Famous Paintings of the Season: A Winter Wonderland Art Show

Bird Brain! Bird Photo and Information Sharing for Budding Birders. Ages 8-13

ADHD Body Double Productivity Club

Shine Like a Star! 1-on-1 Acting Class & Audition Preparation for Kids

Common Core ELA Assessment Preparation for Ages 12-14

Camouflage: “Now You See Me, Now You Don’t” (Science & Art) ( Ages 5-7)

The Snowy Owl the Silent Hunter (Ages 5-7) Science & Art

Winter Holiday Review Camp : Multiplication, Division Fractions, and Decimals

Celebrate Women's Hx Month: Learn How to Make Edna Lewis’s Famous Deviled Eggs

Celebrate Black History Month : Learn How to Bake a Southern Sweet Potato Pie

Saint Patrick's Day Dogs: Irish Dog Breeds

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