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New Classes on Outschool 2022-02-20

There are 688 new classes on Outschool the week of February 20, 2022 to February 26, 2022.

Oil Pastels and Art History: Make Your Own Version of Van Gogh's Starry Night

Story Time! Chinese New Year (Read and Draw)

Story Time! Mulan's Lunar New Year (Read and Craft)

Interview Bootcamp: Personalized Private Coaching for School Interviews

Drawing Dogs!

Dance With Me - Princess Power

Streeeeetch It Out! Segmenting and Blending CVC Words

French 101: Intermediate French 2- Ongoing

Minerals Around the World

Blue Bird Oil (Chalk) Pastel - Draw and Paint Art Project!

Filling in the Gaps- 1:1 Personalized Mini-Lessons (1 Day a Wk/Ongoing)

Magical Dragon Escape Room | Escape Room to Save the Dragon!

Oil Pastels: A Cute Owl Drawing

Filling in the Gaps - 1:1 Personalized Mini-Lessons (2 Day Ongoing Class - 30 Min)

Watercolor Painting Club - Ocean / Sea Creatures!

Google Slides Fun: Digital Art & Graphic Design Time (One-Time)

Oil Pastels: Flowers

Baby Doll Ballet for Preschoolers

Coloring Club - Color and Chat Social Art Class!

Fun Photos in Four Weeks

How to Draw a Bunny Rabbit wearing a Flower Crown with The Bunny Lady

Sculpt With Polymer Clay: Let's Make a Cute Owl

Animate a Pouncing Puppy

Acrylic Painting: Waterfall in Spring

Discover Exciting, Amazing, and Cool Adjectives - Learning the Parts of Speech

Guitar Rock and Pop Songs One Finger Two Strings

Tangled Trivia With Kahoot!

Learn to Pencil Draw Things in the Sea (For the Young)

4th Grade Comprehensive Language Arts Curriculum

Deciphering Decimals | Sort, Round, All 4 Operations & Word Problems | Ongoing

Koala Watercolor Painting Fun!

Guitar for Young Learners (Private FLEX Class)

Read and Write With Me and Junie B!

Draw a Rabbit Using Zentangle Art

Learn a Song With Me: Let It Go!

Creative Writing and English Composition 2

3 Billy Goats Gruff Role Play Storytelling 3 Day Version

Math Brain Fitness: Multiplying 2-Digit by 1-Digit Numbers in Your Head!

Beginner Programming/Coding With a Robot 1 on 1 (10 Week Course)

Atmospheric Perspective Painting

How to Play Dungeons and Dragons 1:1 Tutorials for Players and Dungeon Masters

Procreate Kawaii Club: A Digital Painting Club for 7-8 Year Olds!

The Natural World Part 1: Animal Classifications

Writing - How to Improve a Basic Paragraph

Mountain Climbing Exercise Circuit

1-on-1 Homework Help - Reading, Writing, and Spelling Grades 2-4

French 101: Beginner French - Private Ongoing

8th Grade Math (Full Course- Session 3 of 4)

Advanced Singing Club: Pop Superstars Edition

Let's Write Sentences-Finnegan's World!

The Mystery of the Missing Space Food

Breakfast With Books: A Breakfast Book Club!

Learn About Emotions for Preschool/Kindergarten

Own Your Power, Own Your Mind :Focused Meditation With Reflection Journal 14-18

Own Your Power, Own Your Mind :Focused Meditation With Reflection Journal 11-14

Writing My Stories! A Fun 4-Day Writing Camp for Kindergarteners!

Fast-Tracked Spanish - Me Gusta/No Me Gusta (Basic Conversations 7th-10th Grade)

One-To-One Tutoring - Spanish - 45 Minute Single Session Beginners to Advanced

One-To-One Personal Tutoring - Improving Elementary Reading Skills in English

Ancient Greek History (FLEX)

Wildlife Wonders: The Seven Continents

Wildlife Wonders: Animals of South America

Wildlife Wonders: Animals of North America

Super Karate Kids Program! (Introductory Camp) Ages 6-10.

Geography Road Trip - Let's Learn The Fifty States of America & its Territories

Show and Tell: Your Pets! Drop in Class (7-11 Year Old)

It's A St. Patrick's Day Celebration - Preschool Through Elementary!

Private Japanese Lessons

7th Grade Math | 1x week | ONGOING Seventh Grade Skills Review (with worksheets)

Biology 101-Genetic Twist

Sing & Sign With Encanto! Learn Sign Language and Have Fun Singing

Literature for Book Lovers: Julius Caesar

Encanto Dance Class 5: All of You

Phonics 2 for ESL (English as a Second Language) Learners

Phonics 1 for ESL (English as a Second Language) Learners

ESL (English as a Second Language) Level 6 Course With Teacher Daria

Elementary Social and Emotional Strategies

My Big Emotions: Pre-K/Kindergarten Social and Emotional Skills

Global Poetry - A Look at Poets and Poetry From Around the World!

Pioneers of Poetry: Women Poets of the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries

Spar Mystery 3: Understanding Christie's And Then There Were None Through Debate

Natural Disaster Survival Roblox: Gaming Social Fun!

Poems of the East

Let's Craft Together: A Social Club

Ancient Greek Mythology and Archaeology: Apollonian Triad (Apollo-Artemis-Leto)

Brazilian Portuguese Immersion Conversation and Activities (Trial)

10 More Coolest Countries - Location, Language, Foods, Facts, and More! (Set 2)

Grade 1 Math Unit One: Building Numbers and Solving Story Problems; 1st Grade

Earth Systems: Boosting Awareness of Earth's Dynamic Natural Systems

Learning to Read! Ongoing Class (40 Min)

Art by April: Watercolor Painting Geodes

Encanto Ballet Dance Class #2!

Private 1-To-1 Geometry Tutoring

Quick 10 Math: Practice Counting by 10's, Adding 10 and Making 10

Private Phonics, Spelling, and Reading Tutoring

Creative Writing - Controversial Essays and Journalism

Year-Long Tutoring

Chat, Color, and Chuckle 6-8

Introduction to Regrouping With Subtraction

Introduction to Regrouping With Addition

Counting Money Amounts 5 Day Camp

Mrs. Kirbie's 1:1 Reading Tutoring

Let's Make Art Together: Waldorf Drawing & Painting

Wild About Cooking: Cooking and Baking Club VIII (Ages 14-17)

Rainbow Teddy Bear Pop It Fun! 1:1 Art Class

Alphabet Bonanza! Learn the ABCs with a Multisensory Approach

Ballet Vocabulary Dance Challenge

Art History & Astronomy - A Stellar Time for Learners Who Love Art & Space -1:1

Clearly Cursive

The Gilded Age: When Ruthless Competition Shaped a Nation

Keys to Becoming a Proficient Reader (Part 1)

Food Gardening Basics

Fun With Cantonese! Vocabulary 1 (Beginner's Course) FLEX Class

Roblox Studio Game Design and Development for Beginners

SAT Math Review: 1 on 1

Crockpot Baking: Valentine Chocolate Lava Cake

Crockpot Baking: Irish Apple Crockpot Crumble

Nature Sciences: All About Marsupials! Kangaroos, Koalas, and More

6Th Grade Topics With Assesment

Doodle Drawing: Creative Fun for All Abilities

Erosion Explosion: Weathering

Writing Sentences, Can Be Challenging

Writing About US History Through Literature With IEW Semester 1 (Middle)

Writing About US History Through Literature With IEW Semester 2 (Middle)

SAT/ACT/SSAT English Skills Development

Guide to Investing in the Stock Market (for Beginners)

Writer's Workshop for One

Creative Arts and Crafts

Reader's Theater: Adventure Tales

Anatomy and Care of Equine Hooves

Introduction to Junior Mandarin: My Friends

Folklore of Fairies and Faeries

Bluey & Bingo (the Show) in Italian (Ongoing)

Cool and Unusual Axolotls!

6th Grade Math | 1x week | ONGOING Sixth Grade Skills Review (with worksheets!)

Ocean Explorers: Delightful Dolphins!

Macramé Bracelets

Monarch Butterfly Acrylic Painting Class From Experienced Artist

Late Beginning Piano - Small Group Class - Level J

Preschool Circle Time- Exploring Science Through "The Three Little Pigs"

1:1 Tutoring for Elementary Learners (Ongoing; 30 min.)

Private Writing Tutor: Ongoing Class With Ms. Amy

Preschool & Kindergarten Full Year Curriculum Circle Time Fun (2x a Week)

Fun With Friends

2nd Grade Full Curriculum Weekly Summer Camp Readiness

Cambridge Minimus Latin - Roman Crafts & Fun - Part 1

Crazy Science Club - Quick Experiments to Do at Home

9th - 10th Grade Literature: Includes Fiction, Nonfiction & Literary Response (Ongoing; 2-days per week)

Encanto Escape Room: The Case of the Missing Arepas! (Ages 7-10)

Middle School Geography of the World: Part 6 - China and South East Asia

Silly Faces, Silly Sounds Focused Meditation and Self Expression 10-13

Silly Faces, Silly Sounds Focused Meditation and Self Expression 3-5

*Perfectly Wicked Disney Villains! Queens of Mean! Polymer Clay Sculpting: Flex

Hobby + Entrepreneur Group: Social Skills + Brainstorming

Duck, Duck, Goose! Learning About Waterfowl, the Birds of the Water. Ages 8-12

1:1 Private Music Lesson: Learn C, G, F, and Am

Everfound - Skinjacker Series Book 3


Spar Lit Jr. 6: Understanding Harriet the Spy Through Speech and Debate

Friendship Skills for Life Age 8-12

Heroes and Villains: Academic and Creative Writing

Born Baker | Bake Vegan French Macarons With Our Chefs | Our Favourite Macaroons

Book Talk: Al Capone Does My Shirts

The Samurai Apprentice

Creative Writing Warriors: Expository Essays - Greek Mythology Edition

Ongoing: Road Trip Across Canada

A Relaxing Adventure: Yoga and Art

School of Fish: More Than Just a Fishing Lesson

Full Introduction to Figure Drawing and Character Design - FLEX

FLEX: Exploring and Writing 6 Forms of Poetry for Elementary Students

You Can Write a Movie! SPRING BREAK Camp (Film School for Kids | Screenwriting)

Latin Language - Third Semester

Pre-K Phonics and Reading Pt. 2 (Ongoing)

Beginning Ballet (Ongoing Class)

German for Beginners (Intermediate) Summer Camp II: Let's Travel!

Teen Cooking- Learn Cooking Skills, New Food and Gain Confidence in the Kitchen

Buddy's Bake Shop

Adorable Bunny Chomping on a Carrot - Drawing & Watercolor Painting Class!

Magical Unicorn Escape Room | Escape Room to Save the Unicorn!

It's a Bug's Life: Ladybug (Non-Fiction Insect Research & Life Cycle Drawing)

FLEX: 7th Grade Math Unit 4 (Geometry)

Golly! I Mastered Pre-Algebra & Had Fun Practicing | Part 4 Of 6 | Decimals, Ratios, Percents, and Proportions (FLEX)

Listen, Learn, and Laugh! (Stuffies Invited Too)

Learn English as a Second Language (ESL)-Beginner

Number 42 Jackie Robinson

Methods to Writing Sentences and Paragraphs (Learn or Build Your Skills)

Let's Draw Pusheen in Spring! Cute Cat in Spring and Easter Theme

Show and Tell Social Time

Wild About Cooking: Lemon Blueberry Quick Bread

St. Patrick's Day Leprechaun Story & Craft

Let's Draw Cute Bunnies Kawaii Style - Easter Bunny Drawing

Sight Words Rainbow Adventure: Level 4

Sight Words Rainbow Adventure: Level 3

Sight Words Rainbow Adventure: Level 2

Sight Words Rainbow Adventure: Level 1

Improv for Teens Who Love Acting

Improv for Kids Who Love Acting

2-Day Beginner's Guide to Creating a Wix Website for Business or Hobbies

Advanced Spanish Interactive Escape Room "El Templo Del Jaguar" Practice Spanish

Italian for Teens 4 Day Summer Camp (Plus Learning Ed Sheeran's Song in Italian)

Art by April: Acrylic Painting Club, Ages 6-9

Miss Ally's Art Time: Show and Talk About Your Art Creations

Beginner to Cake Decorating Boss Part 2 (10-14 FLEX)

Multiplication Facts Fluency Rainbow Adventure

Katakana Time: Let’s Read Japanese!

Let's Learn Greek! (One-On-One - Once a Week)

Dungeons and Dragons for Teens: Rise of the Lich Queen

Checkmate! - Weekly Chess Club (Ages 13-18)

Write Your Story: An 8 Week Creative Writing Flex Class

Sing Along Circle Time! Pre-K & Kindergarten (2x/week)

Hiragana Time 2: Let’s Read More Japanese!

The Pete the Cat Reading Comprehension Club!

Mandarin Chinese: Twelve Zodiac Animals: A Sing, Rhyme, and Play Ongoing Class

Master Those Facts! Multiplication Strategies to Fluently Multiply 0-10

Private 1:1 Math Tutoring (4th-8th)

Private Tutoring for Reading Comprehension and Fluency

Karaoke Fun Time!

Super Math Strategies: 3rd Grade Math Tutoring

Elementary Latin Private Tutoring 1:1

Ongoing ELA tutoring (Once a Week)

Everwild - Skinjacker Series Book 2

Tutus and Jazz Shoes Combination Dance Class! 5 & 6yrs old -Multi-Day Sessions

Country, Rock, Rhythm & Blues, How They All Fuse!

Discover Verbs in Action - Learning the Parts of Speech

Cars and Trucks Little Engineers Show and Tell Club

Origami With Dave: Sea Creatures (FLEX Class)

Solving Fractions(Adding, Multiplying, Dividing, Mixed, Improper and Converting)

Learning About the Area and Perimeter of Shapes

Phonics Rhyming Lessons (Learning How to Rhyme)

Learn English for Beginners Part 6 Of 7

Microsoft Excel Intermediate 2-Day Camp: Pivot Tables

Learn English for Beginners Part 5 Of 7

Parts Of A Plant: Science, Writing, And Art!

STEM: Amazing Water

Preschool Foundations of Math- Weekly Class!

Space Explorers: Black Holes

Private Math Tutoring: Grades K-4 - 25 Minutes

* Wizards, Wands, Dragons! Mystical Creations Polymer Clay Art Sculptures: Flex

Private Tutoring: Early Phonics Lessons in Reading and Writing

Let's Play Minecraft in Survival. Fun Social Club (Java SMP) - Weekly Meetup!

Weekly Summer Reading Program: An Ongoing Class for Third Grade Readers Led by a Certified Reading Specialist

1st and 2nd Grade Writing Camp! Writing to Tell My Stories.

The American Dream- Stories From Immigrant Literature

Book Talk: Dead End in Norvelt

An Engineering Discovery Course 5

An Engineering Discovery Course 4

An Engineering Discovery Course 3

Math Club: Understanding 4th and 5th and 6th Grade Math: Exponents

Tame the Amygdala (12+ Ongoing) Brain Science & Mindfulness of Stress & Emotion

Tame the Amygdala (Ongoing 9-11) Brain Science & Mindfulness of Stress & Emotion

Arts & Crafts With Mrs. Morris: Bee Hive Fingerpainting!

Silly Faces, Silly Sounds Focused Meditation and Self Expression 6-9

Positive Affirmations and Guided Meditation for 14-18

The Short Story: Looking at Plot Structure

Positive Affirmations and Guided Meditation for 10-13

Positive Affirmations and Guided Meditation for 6-9

Opposites: What Does Opposite Mean? See It, Draw It, Act Out Opposites.

Paint a St. Patrick's Leprechaun in Acrylics

Horse Pedigrees and Genetics

Creative Writing and Art Club: Creative Writing Inspired by Art!

Miss Joice's Ballet Club

Equine Nutrition - Feeding Your Horse Smart

Flower Painting: Enough Flowers to Make a Garden in Acrylic Paint

Study Skills, Note Taking, and Test Taking Strategies

The Elementary Writer's Club: Unicorn Edition

Sketchnoting for the ADHD Brain: Successful Note-Taking for Divergent Thinkers

Becoming Confident Writers: Pokémon Edition

Prewriting & Art Study, The Elements of Art: Line and Color- Pre/Kinder

College Application Homeroom

Montessori Math, and Language Twice a Week

Let's Talk! ESL Games and Social Club (Ages 6-8) With Certified Instructor

Singing Explorers 2

Beginner to Cake Decorating Boss Part 2! (5-9 FLEX)

Parts of a Plant in French

Nature Art and Science: All About Seahorses

Spring Flowers Using Colored Pencils

Italian Vocabulary for Kids! Colors & Animals

Ongoing 1:1 Math Tutoring. From Fractions and Algebra to Trigonometry or Precalculus.

Trivia Game: World Geography-Continents and Countries

Get Social en Español: Join Our Fun and Social Talk Club (FOR SPANISH SPEAKERS)

Patterns in Algebra: Critical Thinking Class Level 2

Weekly Summer Reading Program: An Ongoing Class for Second Grade Readers led by a Certified Reading Specialist

Summer Reading| Storytime|Books|Songs|Fingerplays| No Summer Slide

Dance Camp (3- Day) Hip Hop/Musical Theatre - Encanto Themed

Weekly Summer Reading Program: An Ongoing Class for First Grade Readers led by a Certified Reading Specialist

Dungeons and Dragons: The Dungeon Tailor!

5th Grade Spring Quarter Math | We Can All Be Mathematicians! Q4

Giraffes: Africa's Gentle Giants (Science & Art Ages 8-12)

Giraffes: Africa's Gentle Giants (Science & Art Ages 5-7)

Saving Seeds for Your Next Garden…for Free!

Awesome Division Tricks! Grade 3 & 4

Learn Exciting Facts About Tortoises as You Pencil Draw a Tortoise

FLEX: Nature in Spring - Science Discovery Unit Study - Flexible Schedule

Crochet Troubleshooting- “Why Does It Look Like That??” (Beginners)

French One on One Part 7

St. Patrick's Chalk Art

Italian 4 Day Summer Camp (Learning Italian)

Let's Start Reading!: Fun With CVC Words

Skip-Counting and How to Tell Time With Music Fall Camp - Math Fall Break Camp!

FLEX Course Draw & Paint Star Wars ~ Boba Fett, Darth Vader, R2-D2, Stormtrooper

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Book Discussion: Flexible Schedule

~Seasonal: Earth Day Scavenger Hunt and Show & Tell for the Littles

All About Bacteria ( a Biology Topic)

Galactic Space Escape Room: The Case of the Missing Droid! | Star Wars

Duck, Duck, Goose! Learning About Waterfowl, the Birds of the Water. Ages 5-7

Encanto Door Drawing

Littles' Introduction to Watercolors: Let's Explore the Magic of Watercolor

Summer Camp: Let's Strengthen Our Phonics Knowledge to Become Fluent Readers

Frozen Winter Escape Room: A New Snowman Friend! (Ages 3-6)

Small Group Phonics: Words With Consonant Blends (R-Blends)

Story Problems for Big Kids- ONE TIME Class

ESL Private 1:1 English Class: Student-Led Themed Learning (Twice per Week)

Music Education - Rhythm Fun 2! (Ages 5-9)

Let's Learn About Life Cycles!

Creative Writing: From Pictures to Words!

Weekly 20 Minute Creative Writing Prompts! Fun Creative Writing Practice

Black History Month: The Jazz Music of the Harlem Renaissance (Ages 11-14)

Book Lovers Social Club

Five Fabulous & Influential Women From History

Just for You! ESL- 2X Week-Private Tutoring-English Vocabulary and Conversation

Learn to Draw a Parrot and Learn Cool Interesting Facts.

Exploring the United States Through Art - Oregon State

Design Your Own Board Game

Peanut Butter and Cupcake

Full Moon Music Theory Adventure: You Be You Crew in Outer Space / Episode 1

Summer Camp Waldorf Middle/High School Nature Archetype Mix

Game Club: Mario Kart 8 Deluxe + Booster Course Pass

Summer Baking Camp with a Master Chef - Recipe Cook Book included

Basics of Genetics ( for Middle and High-School Students)

Book Babble: Murder Is Bad Manners by Robin Stevens

News Blast: Let's Talk Current Events!

Amazing Animal Homes

1 on 1 Sewing Lessons

All About Plants for Preschool and kindergarten

Advanced Pre-K Math With Teacher Lauren

Conversational Italian Club for Teens (Intermediate-Advanced Level)

Dinosaur Stomp a Fun Class About Dinosaurs

The Little Princess. Directed Drawing With Teacher Lauren

1 on 1 Tutoring and Mentorship

Weekly Minecraft Creative Bedrock Club

The Legend of Zelda — Breath of the Wild Gameplay Social Club

Weekly Roblox Gaming Club With Mr. Vaughn!

1:1 Tutoring Preschool and Kindergarten Learning With Ms. Lauren

"What's That Smell?" It's a Skunk!

Fierce Feminists I: Female Poets of the 19th & 20th Centuries

Dragons Love Tacos

Scavenger Hunt in the House!

Among Us + Hide and Seek (*NEW MODE*) Weekly Social Club

Weekly Minecraft Survival Bedrock Club!

(FLEX) A Jump Into: The World According to Humphrey

Science Tutoring - Private - Middle and High School

Math Made Easy: Math Skills for Young Learners

Dandelions in the Wind: Create a Beautiful Mixed Media Masterpiece

Private One on One Piano or Voice Lessons! (Ongoing)

1:1 Diction Practice With Tongue Twisters (3x per Week Ongoing)

Pairing My Interests With Careers (High School Students)

Broadway History - 100 Years of US Theater History

Fun and Fluency: Practice Reading with Friends

Draw Your Own Encanto Door and Write About It!

High School Creative Writing

Alchemist: Read, Discuss and Draw

Book Babble: The House With a Clock in Its Walls by John Bellairs

St Patrick's Day Craft

More "Stuff" Made Simple! Earth Science Explained Easily! {Session 2 Of 2}

Draw Cartoon (2D) Animals Like a Pro

Weekly Cantonese Immersion! Interactive Chinese Idiom Story and Game

American Girl Club: Travel Through Time!

Drawing: Learn How to Draw a Semi-Realistic and Cute Baby Animal in Chibi Style

French (Kindergarteners) PART 7

Japanese Fun FLEX Class 1 for Beginners Course : Weather, Veggies & More!

Kinder-1st Grade ELA English Language Arts Full Curriculum: FLEX Summer School

Magic Tree House Book Club Camp: Read a Book a Week (FLEX Edition!) Books 1-4

Theater Shoes Book Club (Taught by a British Teacher) by Noel Streatfeild

Private Science Tutoring | Middle School/Junior High (30 Minutes)

3D Design It 3D Print It Level 1 | Build a Snowman (Ages 8-12)

Let's Learn Spanish! Create the Building Blocks of a New Language!

Camp: Paint Like Claude Monet

Records & Radio: The History and Future of Music Recording and Listening

15-Week (Semester) Private 25 Minute Bass Guitar Lessons 13-18

Book Club: The Library of Ever (Book 1) by: Zeno Alexander

Book Talk: Lalani of the Distant Sea

Private Art Lesson Lesson With Professional Artist, One-one-One, Painting (55 Minutes)

ASL for Beginners - Private Tutoring 1-On-1

Entering and Remembering "The Land of Nod": Memorizing the Poem

How to Tune and Play Your Guitar for Beginners

Little Engineers Cars and Trucks One-Time Class

Preschool, PreK & Kindergarten Circle Time, Full Curriculum Sep - Apr 4x/week

Pilates Mat Workout - Beginner

Italian Private, One-On-One Tutoring (Ongoing, 45 Minutes, Twice a Week)

Remembering "The Land of Nod" for Young Kids: Memorize the Poem

Italian Private, One-on-One Tutoring (Ongoing, 30 minutes, Twice a Week)

Allie and Me Beginners Spanish 1:1

Virtual School Paper: Contributors

Mandarin Chinese With Games and Music Level 2E

Individual English/Writing Tutoring

The Pout Pout Fish

4th Grade Summer Math Camp!

Crypto for Teens: An Overview for 13-18 Year Old Learners

Road to Revolution: A FLEX Class on the Causes of the American Revolution

Dance Upon a Time (Ongoing) - Beginner Dance (Ages 3-7)

Music Improv Party for Strummed Instruments

A USA Patriotic Astronaut Acrylics Painting Space Mission 4 by Keefe Art Academy

Scratch Coding & the Engineering Design Process (Intermediate, Club)

Practice Telling Time - Sing Songs and Learn at the Same Time! (Afterschool!)

Reluctant Writers: Learning to Love Writing Again in Second & Third Grade (FLEX)

Scratch Coding & the Engineering Design Process (Intermediate, Flex Class)

Letter Fun Through Sight Words

Summer Kawaii 5-Day Drawing Camp (Ages 6-11)

Preschool Spanish 8-Week Course: Fun, Colorful and Interactive Spanish for Kids

Properties of Operation(Assoc. , Comm. , Distr. , Inverse, Trans)

Private Tutoring for College Level Writing Preparation

Spanish Super Fun Interactive Bingo - Have Fun and Learn New Spanish Vocabulary

Mrs. B’s Book Club: Let’s Read Stone Fox!

Ongoing Summer First Grade Math Review - Standards Based Lessons and Games

Let's Start a Youtube Channel! How to Begin a Youtube Channel & Upload Videos

All About Python for Beginners (Level II) | 8- Week Flexible Coding Course

Digging for Decimals: Solving Decimal Problems

1-on-1 Crochet Tutoring Class- For Beginners and Beyond

Italian One on One/ Sibling, Private Tutoring (Italian Help or for Italian Trip)

A Tale of Despereaux by Kate Dicamillo - Read Aloud Book Club

The Wild Robot Escapes Book Club- With Ms. Abby

Alphabet Art Fun! ABC's, Phonics, Writing & Letter Art

Learn to Read: CVC Words

Learn About the Horse! Veterinary Equine Science Diseases & Medical Conditions


Encanto Two Oruguitas Dance Class

Encanto Dance La Familia Madrigal Class

Let's Learn Our Letters: ABC Time With Miss Audrey

Become a Master in Addition and Subtraction: With Regrouping

Resumes - Where Do I Start?

Become a Master in Adding and Subtracting: Without Regrouping

Spanish Immersion-Introductory Level- Taught in Spanish- (Ages 8-12)

One Time Help! Tutor in Reading, Writing, or Math for Student With Special Needs

1:1 Read Aloud Practice and Private Tutoring 10 Week Session

All About Fractions With Hands-On Activities and Games!

3 Billy Goats Gruff Role Play Storytelling Week

Goldilocks Role Play Storytelling Week

Kitchen Warriors Cooking and Baking: The Brunch Bunch Teen Live Multi-Day Class

(Flex Class) Piano Class #6 (Level 1) With Mrs. Karen for Ages 5-10

Animal Crossing Social Club: Meet New Friends, Play Mini-Games, and Win Prizes

German Immersion for Beginners Kindergarten (FLEX)

3D Design: Art & Craft Projects

The Talk Show: Learn Public Speaking by Sharing Opinions and Debating

Kitchen Warriors Cooking and Baking: The Brunch Bunch Flex for Preteens

Multi-Day Piano Class #6 (Ages 6-10) With Mrs. Karen

3rd Grade Summer Math Camp!

Bullying-What to Do

Flexible Sewing Intermediate: 18" Doll - Dress like Samantha the American Girl in 1904

Flexible Sewing Intermediate: 18" Doll - Dress like Josefina the American Girl in 1824

Let's Learn Our Multiplication Facts With Games!

Encanto-Mini Movement Class!

3D Design Party

Spanish Tutoring/Teaching 1:1 (On-Going Class)

Fun With Wikki Stix - Letters of the Alphabet A-Z! (Ongoing)

Ongoing Spelling and Vocabulary Practice for Middle School 6th, 7th, 8th Grades

Mi Primera Clase de Español: Beginner Spanish for Young Learners

Summertime Sips, Sides, and Smiles: Five-Day Preteen Cooking Camp

Uke Can Do It; Any Level Ukulele Lessons

STEM: Make Your Own Lava Lamp

My First Piano Adventures (Primer to Level 5): Private Lessons With Ms. Grace

Let's Play Math Games! (5th grade & 6th Grade)

The Fellowship of the Fleece - Mythology Role Playing Game

Art & Writing Portfolio ~ Animals! ~ FLEX ~ 24 Directed Drawings ~ 24 Videos ~ 12 Weeks!

BFF Social Club Ages 10-12:Girl Talk & Fun! Building Friendships & Social Skills

Ongoing Ukulele or Guitar Private Lesson 1 on 1 30 Minutes

1 on 1 Tutoring for K-3Rd Grade

Spanish Beginner: Who Are My Family Members? Family Tree

Roblox Shark Bite/Natural Disaster Social and Gaming Session With Coach Sam

FLEX: Pokémon Art Projects

Girls Who Changed the World: Exploring Inspiring Women in History - Ongoing Class

Book Club: English Through Reading - Level 5

Book Club: English Through Reading - Level 4

FLEX: 4th Grade Math Unit 6 (Decimals)

Ukulele Fingerpicking Club (Intermediate Ukulele)

Let's Rest... With Elephant and Piggie! (Ages 3-6)

Read to the Teacher - 25 Minute Class - Once a Week

Let's Play ASL- Learning Sign Language Through Songs, Stories, & Finger Plays

"Stuff" Made Simple! Earth Science Explained Easily! {Session 1 Of 2}

Veterinary / Vet Medical / Animal Science Terminology (Ongoing) 13-18 Years

Introduction to Veterinary/ Vet Medical -Animal Science Terminology (13-18 Yrs)

Veterinary / Vet Medical / Animal Science Terminology (Ongoing) 8-12 Yrs

Economic Essentials (Semester-Long)

Introduction to Veterinary / Vet Medical /Animal Science Terminology (8-12 Yrs)

On the Road to Reading: Private Literacy Lessons

Strength & Stretch! Flexibility for Dance, Gymnastics, Sports, Ballet & More.

Hand Sew 6 Common Stitches, Make a 'Summer' Banner, Any Sewing Level Ages 8-13

Robot Drawing Club With Dustin

Dog Man Drawing Club With Dustin

Pokémon Recreation: Synonyms & Antonyms Battle

Summertime Sips, Sides, and Smiles: Five-Day Teen Cooking Camp

All About Hawaii (Part 2) Multi-Day Course

Diary of a Wimpy Kid Book Club With MS Abby

American Sign Language (ASL) & the Deaf Community Ages 7-12 4 Weeks Part 2

How to Start a Business - Kid Entrepreneur! (Flex Course)

Private One-On-One Tutoring and Homework Help

Digital Photography for Beginners - Flex

German for Beginners Course (FLEX)

Learn to Read, Write, & Spell: Long Vowel, Magic E & Diphthongs

Roblox Piggy Book 1 & 2: Social Gaming Fun!

Middle School Science: Hands on Fun With Chemistry

Hands-On Phonics: Learn to Read & Spell CVC Words with Playdough (Prek & K)

Learning American Sign Language (ASL) Can Be Fun for Ages 5 - 7-Beginner Part 2

Fourth of July Camp

Fun Multiplication Games for Beginners

Private ASL Class

Ongoing Private Tutoring (Two Days a Week)

SAT Math | One on One | Review Tutoring

Mathletes 5th Grade Full Curriculum Class With a Licensed Teacher: 1X Week

Self Esteem & Care. Accept What You Can/Cannot Control Stress Anxiety & Anger

Special Needs (Ongoing) Junior Social Club

Multiplication, Division and Fractions, Oh My!

Pre-K and Kindergarten Circle Time Class: Letters Science & Math

Freedom With Fractions Review Game!

California Soul Food Baking Class: Pumpkin Spice Biscuits

Adding and Subtracting Fractions With Like Denominators 5 Day Camp

Ongoing Private Tutoring for English

Disney Music Party & Craft

2 and 3 Digit Addition and Subtraction With Regrouping 5 Day Camp

Spanish Conversational Club Part 2

The Water Cycle Time! Learn, Experiment, & Share

Adding and Subtracting Money Amounts to Find Totals and Change 5 Day Camp

Sing With Mrs. Tia! On-going Class

Skill Progression & School Readiness Assessment

Trial Lesson: Coding and Game Development

California Soul Food Cooking Class: Flamin' Hot Spicy Chicken Sandwiches

California Soul Food Cooking Class: Fried Green Tomato Sandwiches

Learning with Ladybugs: A STEAM Class

Awesome Apple Science

Introduction to Spanish: El Unicornio Magico/the Magical Unicorn (Ages 8-12)

Write an Awesome Adventure Story - Step by Step

Ongoing Level 1 Montessori Preschool Kindergarten Full Curriculum (Reading, Math, Culture)

A Sight for Sight Words: First Grade

Robotics With Micro:bit - Part 3 - Building Multi-Sensor Robotics

What Happens Next? Halloween Stories and PreK Skill Building Fun with Ms. Liz

Weekly Tutoring for Kindergarten, First Grade, Second Grade- One on One (With a Certified 1st Grade Teacher)

Write in Style: Perfect Paragraphs

Fraction Deep Dive

Private Cuber 101 for 3x3, Pyraminx, and/or 2x2 Cubes - 1:1 Instruction

Wings of Fire: The Lost Heir (Book 2) Book Club (FLEX class)

Become a Word Collector: Build Your Vocabulary | With Handouts | Ongoing

Sea of Thieves Gaming Club

Auto Care - Basic Car Maintenance 101 (FLEX)

Shine on! Build Confidence in Public Speaking and Share Opinion Writing Speech

Making Learning American Sign Language (ASL) FUN - Beginners Section 2-Ages 4-6

Spring Gnome Watercolor Painting!

Kickboxing Basics for Tweens and Teens: An Ongoing Program

Ongoing Level 2 Montessori Kindergarten Full Curriculum (Reading, Math, Culture)

Preschool Fun Sessions! Hands on Activities and Early Learning Skills

Private 2:1 European Portuguese (1 X / Week)Tutoring by Native Speaker

Jump Around!

Camp: Writing About Reading Jr., (Non-Fiction, Animals)

Encanto Exercise and Drawing Class

Read Fairy Tales in the Spanish Language

Dance and Sing to "We Don't Talk About Bruno" From the Musical, Encanto.

Write With Me- Individual Writing Tutoring

First Grade Grammar Class! Learning Is Fun.

Google Sites Introduction

Born Baker Chefs Skill Set Class | Icing Techniques | Workshop Cake Decorators

Reading for Accuracy: Decodable Reader With a Focus on Th, Sh, and Ch Sounds

Funny, Funny Phonics Skills for First and Second Grade With Teacher Nikki

Powerful Predators: Animals on the Hunt

Private Math Tutoring 1:1

Desert Habitat Adventure

The Wild Robot Book Club - With MS Abby

Story Time, We’re Going on a Bear Hunt, Including British Sign Language

Good Books - A Social Club for Those Who Love to Read, Ages 10-13

Yoga for Children

From Lexington to Yorktown: A FLEX Class on the American Revolution

Traditional Hand Clapping Games for Siblings and Friends

Mindful Moments Before Bedtime- Peaceful Stories, Songs and Guided Meditations

Book Club: English Through Reading - Level 2

Book Club: English Through Reading - Level 3

Book Club: English Through Reading - Level 1

Ongoing: Studio Ghibli Character Portrait: Sketching & Drawing (Subscription)

Early Elementary Science Skills Book Club

Early Elementary Math Skills Book Club

Geography:Let's Travel Around the World With Sir Theodore Barks-A-Bit

Let's Write an Essay Continued (Writing, Editing, Outlining)

Literary Focus: "America"

Let's Play Sudoku - An Awesome Way to Improve Analytical Skills in Fun Way!!!

Literary Focus: "Sonnet 18"

Let's Learn to Cook! Ongoing Cooking Class

Let's Be Word Detectives!

Social Camp for Shy Tweens

Chemistry Fundamentals - Mole - Introduction & Practice

Spanish Immersion - Let's Practice Reading in Spanish by Español Latino

Reach for the Stars: A 1xWeekly Preschool Adventure for Mathematical Thinking

Who Wants to "Bee" a Billionaire?- Spelling Bee Edition

Spanish Beginner: Who Is in My Picture? Talking About Your Family in Spanish

Do Re Mi... Do the Bunny Hop with Me!

Do Re Me... Farm Animals on the Loose!

Book Club for Beginners: Press Start! Super Rabbit Boy Powers Up!

Fun with Phonics: Advanced

Read to the Teacher Weekly!

Literary Focus: "One Art"

(FLEX Class) Piano Class #4 With Mrs. Karen for Ages 11-16

Sketching the Beauty We See! -Waterfalls

Organization 101: Tips for Planning Out an Awesome Day!

Beginner Mandarin Chinese Unit 1-C: All About Me 1-On-1

Beginner Mandarin Chinese Unit 1-B: All About Me 1-On-1

Little Learners: Color, Snack, and Chat | Social Class

The Crafty Gardener! Social Class to Discuss Gardening While We Create Crafts

Second Grade English Language Arts Summer School: ELA Full Curriculum (FLEX)

Guthriegabs Syllable Sleuths Phonics Reading & Writing Sight Words English ESL

Ship in a Bottle

Intro to Dungeons & Dragons - Let's Talk: Spellcasting

Intro to Dungeons & Dragons - Let's Talk: Gameplay

Creating Art With Expression

Intro to Dungeons & Dragons - Let's Talk: Combat

Super Math Strategies: Multi-Digit Multiplication Using Area and Partial Products Models

Camouflage: “Now You See Me, Now You Don’t” (Science & Art) ( Ages 8-12)

Level 7 Reading, Reading, Reading: Phonics, Fluency and Fun!

Kindergarten Kraze:Learning for the Advanced Preschooler!

Mrs. Kenefick's Early Elementary Math Skills With Digital Games

Introduction to College Writing: The Critical Analysis Essay and Research Paper

Starry Night-Mixed Media

Polygons, an Art and Math Adventure!

Fold-It: Origami Swan

Moana Party! (Story, Song, Activity And More!)

From Stress to Success: Private Math Tutoring

ESL (English as a Second Language) On-going Private Lesson

Beginning Piano - Piano Adventures Primer Level Part 1 - 4 Week Flex Class

The Snowy Owl the Silent Hunter (Ages 8-12) Science & Art

How to Train Your Dragon Book Club With Ms Abby

1-on-1 Creative Writing Tutorial

Homeschool Homeroom Hangout (Ages 9-12)

Learn and Grow Pod: Complete Curriculum with Enrichment for ages 7-9

Math Is a Big Joke 2 FLEX! Pre-Algebra Skill Builders With a Sense of Humor Pt 3

Become a Chess Pro: Advanced Level 2

Confident Beginner Simple Sewing Club

Out of This World Math: A 1xWeekly Kinder Adventure for Algebraic Reasoning

11-Week, Private 1:1 Spanish Tutoring!

Great Women Composers From the Medieval Period to Current Day

Math Adventure: The Eggstraordinary Easter Egg Hunt Ages 8-11

Create a Bullet Journal

15 Ways to Be Responsible & Get More Freedom!

How to Get & Stay Motivated

Twice a Week Gymnastics Class

Learn to Draw Cute Plants Kawaii Style - Cartoon Cactus, Flowers, and More

Frozen Party! (Story, Song, Activity And More!)

Preschool/Prek Circle Time- Springing Into Music/Movement With a Raindrop Craft

Spanish - Private Classes

Microsoft Excel: Formulas & Functions (Level 1)

3x Week Private Class for for Preschool, Kindergarten, or Early Elementary Language Arts

Let's Speak Spanish Together: Likes and Dislikes (Gustar)

Summer Camp Stories: One Thousand and One Arabian Nights

Lets Show off Our Stuffies AND TOYS!

The Science of Spring: Vernal Equinox, Insects, Weather, Migrations, Gardening

OS Learning Path: Grades 2-3 Informative Writing Made Simple [Part 3 of 3]

OS Learning Path: Grades 2-3 Informative Writing Made Simple [Part 2 of 3]

OS Learning Path: Grades 2-3 Informative Writing Made Simple [Part 1 of 3]

Exploring the Bible and Biblical Literature - Ongoing Class

1-on-1 Individual Private U.S. History Tutoring: Homework/Project/Writing/Test

Greek Mythology Detectives Needed! Can You Catch the Mischief Maker?

Practice Reading Short Vowels With Blends & Digraphs!

Smash Bros Ultimate Smashing Fun Club! Weekly Ongoing

Part 1: One-On-One Project- Based Python Coding for Beginners!

My Hero Academia Art: Anatomy Sketching & Drawing Intermediate Course: Live

Ongoing: Chibi/Kawaii Social Drawing Class: Young Learner Edition (Subscription)

Game On! Math Facts Club: Movement, Blooket, and More!

(FLEX Class) Piano Class #3 With Mrs. Karen for Ages 11-16

Second Grade Grammar! Have Fun Learning Grammar.

Folktales From Norway

Delicious Nutrition! Soul Food Edition. B. Smith’s Hearty Vegetable Soup.

Bugs! A Study of Creepy Crawlies, Their Body Parts, Life Cycles, and More!

Bakers in Training : Soul Food Classics - Poet Maya Angelou’s Banana Pudding

Famous Paintings of the Season: A Winter Wonderland Art Show

From Tinga Tinga to Ancient Egyptian Art and Hieroglyphics: A Global Art Tour

The Arkidecture Academy: Building Blueprints - Elevation (Architecture)

Ongoing: Chibi/Kawaii Anime Characters: Sketching & Drawing (Subscription)

Guided Narrative Writing: Dinner With a Former President

Shine Like a Star! One-Time 1-on-1 Acting Lesson & Audition Preparation for Kids

Small Group ESL Science Watch & Talk Club

Calculus and AP Calculus | One on One | Tutoring

Shine Like a Star! Ongoing 1-on-1 Acting Class & Audition Preparation for Kids

Common Core ELA Assessment Preparation for Ages 12-14

Acting Club! an Ongoing Small Group Performance Class for Kids

Camouflage: “Now You See Me, Now You Don’t” (Science & Art) ( Ages 5-7)

The Snowy Owl the Silent Hunter (Ages 5-7) Science & Art

Exploring the Man Behind Chocolate and the Sweetest Place on Earth (Ages 12-14)

Urdu Conversation 101: Your First Step to Speaking Urdu (Ages 13-18)

Math in Review Summer Workshop/ Multiplication, Division and More Using Games

Building Sight Words with Clay

Chefs in Training : Soul Food Classics- Edna Lewis’s Famous Deviled Eggs

Bakers in Training : Soul Food-Bake a Classic Southern Sweet Potato Pie

Soil: An In-Depth Look from Microbes to Mudslides (FLEX)

Saint Patrick's Day Dogs: Irish Dog Breeds

Building Letters: Capitals and Lowercase in Clay

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