New Classes on Outschool 2021-07-18

There are 264 new classes on Outschool the week of July 18, 2021 to July 24, 2021.

High School Earth Science - Flex

Piano Lessons

Let's Play Piano! Level 1A Group Class Part 2 Elementary

Spanish Spot: Semi-private Spanish Reading with Grammar Component

Let's Play Piano! Level 1A Group Class Part 1- Elementary

Musical Theater Conservatory - Semester 2

Spanish Spot: Semi-private Lessons with Focus on Reading

Writer's Notebook: Weekly Creative Writing Prompts

How to Draw With Ink, Basic Ink Drawing Skills & Techniques

Python Programming 1 on 1 for Beginners!

Psychology Club | Critical Thinking

Grammar for Middle and High School - Summer Camp Edition

Discovering the Ancient World: Part 2

Let's Read CVC Words

4th Grade Math Curriculum: Ongoing

4th Grade Full Homeschool Curriculum: Part I

Stop-Motion Film Club - Clay, Toys and Other Crafts Are Welcome! (Ages 6-12)

1st Grade Full Homeschool Curriculum

Fun With Watercolor Painting Summer Camp #3: Sunsets

Essay Composition: From Paragraph Construction to Formal Essay Writing.

Pet Talent Show: Bring Your Pet to Class, Show Their Animal Talents, and Write!

"Why is Everything So Negative?" Advance Integers

Train Your Brain: Executive Functions- Spectrum (12-17) (ASD, ADHD, SPD,2e) Weekly

Cool African History || Warrior Queen: Yaa Asantewaa of the Ashanti Kingdom

Cool African History for Kids: The Story of Mansa Musa

FLEX Beginning Guitar (Level 1): Lessons for a Total Beginner!

Ukulele 4 Beginners FLEX | Video Lessons, Workbook & 1:1 Video Feedback (8-12)

Pokemon Dungeons and Dragons Dnd Style Kanto Style Role Play as a Trainer

Perfectly Pretty Peacock. All About Peacocks and Even a White Albino


Beginner Spanish! Let's Learn Spanish Playing Blooket- (Ongoing Class)

Fascinating Fables—Flex Class (Ages 9-13)

Let's Talk About Frogs! (Fun Facts and Frog Art)

Private Piano Lessons: a Weekly Class for Beginner or Experienced Learners

Digital Art: Galaxy - ***Project From Summer Camp 2021

Digital Art (Intermediate): Neon Sign - ***Project From Summer Camp 2021

Embrace It! How to Take Care of Your Teeth During Orthodontic Treatment

Private Voice Lessons for Little Singers

Private Painting Lessons

Playing With CVC Words

Be You & Become a Better Writer: Personal Narratives 2, FLEX Class

Chemistry I (First Semester) Flex

4th Grade (Middle School) Complete English Grammar and Essay Writing Class- Semester 2

6th Grade (Middle School) Complete English Grammar & Essay Writing Class- Semester 2

Private Digital Art Lessons

Private Drawing Lessons

Fraction, Decimals, & Percentages Practice & Review

The Creative Musician: Piano Lessons

Martinez Money Math: Business Math Class for High School Kids Flex

Conversation Sets to Practice Spanish (Upper Beginner Level, 9-13 Years Old)

Chess for Tigers | Club

Martinez Money Message: Personal Finance Math Class for High School Kids Flex

Stress Free Weekly Chess Club: Play and Develop Executive Functioning (10-14)

English Play & Learn: 1-On-1 Bingo Game W Teacher Mo (Speaking Practice/Private)

Suzuki Recorder Book 1 - Intermediate Class

ESL Conversation Time One-On-One (Multi-Day)

Coach Kevin's All Star Physical Education

Coach Kevin's Y Basketball Academy

Seasons of Joy: Elementary Creative Drama Club

Calendar Math SuperStars! PK/K Number Sense, Dates/Time, STEAM Skills, and More!

5 Day Reading Camp: Extra Comprehension With Personality!

The Book Sitter - Storytime

More Science Fun for Young Learners With Teacher Anna!

Monsters of the Deep: The Mosasaurs

What Is Coding? With Roblox: Meet & Play Games Guided by Game Developers!

Genshin Impact Gaming & Discussion Club!

Creative Writing With Picture Prompts Flex Class

Bloxburg (Roblox) Weekly Role Play and Social Class!

Beginner Piano Lessons: Level 1b

Coach Kevin's Y Workout Fitness Fun

Pre-Calculus - Part 1 (Semester 1)

Ongoing Age 3-6 Small Group Chinese Mandarin Class Beginner Level

Space Explorers: The Dwarf Planets

4th Grade Math (Licensed Special Education Teacher)

Math 1:1 Tutoring: Magnificent Mathematicians

Ongoing Tutoring

How to Draw a Hedgehog | Easy to Sketch Drawing & Fun Animal Facts | TRIAL CLASS

Subtraction Masters- Advanced

Beneficial Bugs -Helping In Our Gardens: PreK Learning With Ms. Liz (Ongoing)

Learn All About the Nickel

Beginner Gymnastics Skills - 30 Minutes

My Minecraft Science Lab: Learn Chemistry With Fun Projects in Minecraft FLEX

Jump-Start or Fill in the Gaps! Reading Specialist (6 Wks)

Vocabulary Shots With Mr. Hodge

Learn How to Crochet

Trumpet Lessons for Beginners - One on One - 30 Minute Lessons

Watercolor Painting Class: Autumn Trees

GIRL POWER: Girls Super Hero Book Club: Mia Mayhem / Princess in Black / Kitty's Adventures

7th & 8th Grade ELA: Fiction & Nonfiction; Reading Comprehension + Literary Response

Critical Reading and Writing: Joy in Thought and Expression

A Month of Writing Prompts for Beginners: Flex Class

Authors at Work Pop up Creative Writing

Little Learners Pop up Creative Writing

Tackling the BIG Words Confidently! Multisyllabic Word Strategies and Phonics

Music Production + Songwriting Using GarageBand Club (Ongoing)!

Be You & Become a Better Writer: Personal Narratives 1, FLEX Class

Riddles and Rhymes All the Time! Creativity in Words and Writing

తెలుగులో మట్లాడుకుందాం : Telugu Conversation Class !

Let's Make Words And Read!

Math With Minecraft - Math Games - Addition!

Spanish Course - Reading, Writing, Speaking & Culture-Unit 1 (Flexible Schedule)

Myths or Monsters - The Truth Behind Mythological Creatures and Monster Legends

High School Government Session 5 - Democracy in Depth

Financial Literacy Elementary Level Flex

First and Second Grade FLEX Reading Fluency for August

A Very Dungeons and Dragons Fall Holiday Halloween Thanksgiving Adventure

1 on 1 Tutoring With Miss Audrey

Math With Minecraft ~ Numbers 1 To 10!

Full Biology Curriculum: Ongoing

Ongoing Elementary Spanish

Private Tutoring for Kindergarten and First Grade!

Let's Draw Crazy Creatures!!! (Ongoing)

3rd Grade Social Studies Core Curriculum Standards Homeschool (Year Long)

FLEX Exploring American Sign Language Part 4!

Pinnipeds (Seals, Sea Lions, and Walruses) - Taxonomy Tales

Upper-Intermediate Guitar Skill-Building: All About Strumming (10 Weeks)

Oh Snap! DSLR Photography Fundamentals II (14-18)

Oh Snap! Private DSLR Photography Fundamentals II (8 Weeks)

Oh Snap! DSLR Photography Fundamentals II (9-13)

Tackle and Write a Five Paragraph Essay: An Organized Way of Writing ( Part 2)

Chats With Nat - ESL Practice Session

Vocabulary with Sonic the Hedgehog (Ongoing Version)

Ongoing Book Club for Engaged Students Ages 11 - 13

On This Day... Explore a Fact About an Event and Rise to the Writing Challenge

American Geography All Fifty States - Ongoing

Scooby-Doo Discussion Class (Ongoing Version)

Little Maestros: Private Piano Lessons for Preschoolers

Adulting 101: Life Skills to Confidently Navigate the Adult Real World (Flex)

Sonic the Hedgehog Discussion Class (Ongoing Version)

Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) Introduction Part 1: Creating a Character!

Essential Math Strategies: Fractions and Decimals

Workout with Sonic the Hedgehog (Ongoing Version)

Try Out Highland Dance Ages 7-11

Try Out Highland Dance Ages 12-18

Chemistry High School - Semester Long

Chemistry High School - Ongoing

Pre-K & Kindergarten Full Curriculum & Circle Time (4x/wk) w/ Certified Teacher

Intro to Criminal Law- Elements of a Crime (Part 1)

3-Day Anime Art Camp: Kawaii Chibi Drawings of World Athletes

Saxon Math Algebra 1 (Lessons 1-60) - Full Curriculum

Snowmen at Night: Reading Comprehension Class

50 States History and Geography Fun

Drawing the Spectacular Los Angeles Skyline

Drawing the Remarkable New York Skyline With Pencils

Aloha! Learning the Ukulele for Beginners (Part 3)

Read, Sing, and Make Friendship Bracelets With Your Favorite Pet

Social Skills- H is For Honesty! Learning the Importance of Telling the Truth

Microscope Explorations! Discover the Microscopic World Around You (8 weeks)

Weekly Multiplication Fact Strategies and Games

Middle Grade Fiction Book Club

1:1 Cooking With Kristy (4 Weeks): Beginner Through Intermediate Plus Chefs

Oh Snap! DSLR Photography Fundamentals I (14-18)

Wildland Fire: Facts and Myths!

Private 1:1 Executive Functioning Tutoring Class (Time Management, Study Skills)

Waldorf Archetype Mermaid Study for Middle/High School

Psychology Fun for Young Learners

Let's Bake Cupcake Ice-Cream Cones for Our Horse!

Drawing : Learn the Five Elements of Shape - Sea Life

Mrs. Kirbie's Book Study: Bridge to Teribithia

Flex: Make & Publish Your Comic Books W/ Professional Printing & Delivery to You

Little Learners Creative Writing Club

Year-Long Math Tutoring

Beginner's French: Sentences with Être and Avoir

Backyard Botany: Let's Discover the Amazing Trees in Our City and Worldwide

How to Use a Dictionary

World of Horses - Minecraft Social Class

1-on-1 Tutoring Math Gifted Reading Writing

Preschool & Kindergarten Reading & Math Fun! 1:1 Tutoring

Summer Camp: Homeroom Social Hangout With Ms. B

Let's Play Clash Royale Mobile Gaming Social - Talk and Play Together (Ongoing)

Creative Writing Series: Poetry Club

Social Skills- R for Respect! Learning How and Why We Should Be Respectful

Video Game Jeopardy

30 Minute One Time Private Session

Semester, Multiday Art Appreciation & Exploration

Craft Club for Young Learners!

U.S. History Part 3: From Bush to Biden (Ages 8-11)

Addition Mission!

Young Learners Science Club!

Draw & Watercolor Paint Dragon inspired by Wings of Fire Seawing Anemone

1:1 Math Tutoring With Certified Teacher (30 Minutes)

Draw & Watercolor Paint Dragon inspired by Wings of Fire Skywing Kestrel

Times Tables Fun! Let's Review the 6, 7, 8 & 9 Multiplication Tables in a Creative Way!

High School Government Session 4 - Judicial Branch Focus

Basic London History 1800s: Battles, Inventions and Victorian Era (Age 13-17)

Psychology for the College-Bound Student

Marine Biology Camp (Sharks, Turtles, Whales, Dolphins)

Introduction to Piano: Class 4

Flex Film School: Production Workshop

LGBTQ and Friends Improv Acting Club: Kind and Creative!

Playful Piano Journey: Piano Lessons for Young Beginners, Part A (FLEX Class)

A Grammar Discovery 3

Book Project for a Book of Your Choice- "Make It a Movie"

Introduction to Piano: Class 3

Rounding Decimals to the Nearest Whole Number Kahoot!

Learn to Be a Safe & Responsible Roblox Gamer Then Lets Play Roblox Together!

C-17 Globemaster III Outstanding Cargo Aircraft

Introduction to Piano: Class 1

Introduction to Latin - Part 5

Introduction to Piano: Class 2

Private 1-On-1 Homework Help & Tutoring

Ongoing Montessori Private 1:1 Tutoring - Reading, Writing, Math, Etc. (20 Minutes)

People, Places, Things: Fun With Nouns

Adventure in the Rainforest: A Building Brick Adventure

Let's Play Terraria - Terraria Gaming Social Club! - Play Together (Ongoing) (1)

Language Arts Workshop: Learn About Comma Usage

Animal Adventures: Roleplaying Adventures as Cats and Dogs

Antonyms Kahoot! for 2nd-3rd Graders

Video Game - Teen Gaming Social Club - General Gamers Chat (Teen) (Ongoing)

SUMMER CAMP: Learn the Eight Parts of Speech While Diagramming Sentences

Silly, Loud, Fun Adjectives

Grammar: All About Those Sentences

ELA Test Prep Kahoot! for 3rd-5th Graders

Age 11-13, UK Year 7/8. Pre-IGCSE Topic Introduction

Carnivorous Plants. Meat Eating Venus Fly Trap and the Pitcher Plant

Private Tutoring With a Certified Teacher (All Subject Areas)

Math: Introduction to Estimation Adding / Subtraction

Anne of Green Gables Book Club by L. M. Montgomery

'Escape the Galaxy' Camp

How to Read to Your Younger Brother or Sister

Warrior Cat & Wings of Fire Fanfiction Writing Club

Dr. W's - Acting and Improv - For Any Level!

Can You Solve Even More of History's Greatest Mysteries? - FLEX

Deciphering History's Mysteries Part 1 Flex

Let's Learn Geography: Ongoing Course B2+

Private One-On-One French Tutoring (Kids)

Math, Reading, and/or Writing With Mrs. Hansen (One-On-One)

Private One-On-One French Tutoring (Teens)

Get Ready for Kindergarten

Sing to Learn Basic Multiplication Facts

Cursive Crew! Learning Cursive Ages 11 - 15

Spanish Camp - ABC's & I23's

Reading More Than CVC Words! Digraphs, Diphthongs, and Vowel Teams Decoding

Jump, Run, Dance Action Verbs

Hip Hop/Musical Theatre Dance Class - Zombies Summer Themed

Delicious Math: Baking and Fractions (Ages 10-15) Boot Camp Version

Mini Middle School Science: Weather and Natural Hazards (Flex)

Flex: STEM Challenge Class With Teacher Angie

One-One Tutoring/Skill-Builder Session w/ Kaiju Theme: Learning is Kaiju Fun!

Greek & Latin Roots Vocabulary Games Ongoing Class

'All Four Stars' Summer Book Club for Foodies!

Level up in English With 1:1 Private Reading Tutoring!

1:1 Tutoring Reading Khalid

1:1 Middle School Math, Pre Algebra and Algebra Tutoring (40 Min)

Olympiad Math for Grade 3 - Grade 4 Students (on-Going)

Let's Survive in Minecraft Java Edition! (Ages 10-15)

Japanese 1_1st Semester

Weekly English Language Arts 1:1 Reading, Writing, & Grammar Skills

Seasons of Joy: Waldorf-Inspired Nursery Rhyme Nursery School (Ongoing)

FLEX 50 States of African American History (Black History Semester Elective)

Marvel Film Studies Ongoing

More than a Mouthful: Tongue Twister Poetry Writing Class

Merlin Missions Carnival at Candlelight Book Study!

Art History - One Hundred Years of Cuban Art Expressions - One on One

Coding in Python | Project-Based Flex Class for Beginners | Level-2

Minecraftily Fun Minecraft Bedrock Weekly Adventures! - A Social Gaming Club

Back to School Brain Boosters - Shake off the Summer Slide *Certified Teacher*

Axolotl Trivia Time

Modern Hebrew Language 3

Middle School Math: Pre-Algebra (7th & 8th Grade) | With Kahoot!

Pet Tales: Story Time With Our Animal Friends!

1st Grade Phonics/Spelling: Learning to Read/Write Letter Combinations with Phonics Dance

Travel With Classical Music to Fantastic Worlds & Places! (Pre-K-2Nd Grade)

Introduction to Rockets & Missiles

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