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New Classes on Outschool 2022-11-06

There are 261 new classes on Outschool the week of November 6, 2022 to November 12, 2022.

Christmas Book Countdown Advent Calendar 25 Days of Stories and Sharing FLEX

Multi-Day Private Piano Ages 5-18

Fantasy Animals Club - Colored Pencil Sketching & Drawing

Math Homework Support Club

Let's Draw and Paint Together!

Teacher Carly's ESL Drawing Club: How to Draw Using Letters

2nd Grade English Language Arts, Full Year, 1 x per week; Ongoing

LIVE Online Art Class: Draw an Op Art Design With Patterns

LIVE Online Art Class: Draw Yummy Pies!

Holiday Book Club-Read the Entire Christmas Carol

Charcoal Drawing: Pumpkin Shapes

Biology Lab Essential Series - Microscopic Inquiry (High School Biology)

Adorable Cow Drawing & Watercolor Painting Art

Mrs. Meaghen’s Adopt Me Fly/Ride Neon Pet Club

Draw Kawaii Thanksgiving Treats

8 Weeks of Japanese 1_02

Seasons of Joy Cooking up Music Around the World

Let's Escape: It's Christmas Time - Can You Help Rudolph Find His Nose? A1+

Let's Escape: The Gingerbread House - Can You Decorate It In Time? A2+

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets - Book 2 - Book Study Group

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone Book 1 - Book Study Group

Confident Communication: Intermediate Public Speaking & Debating Level 4

Drawing Game to Grow Your Imagination | What Do You See?

Math Minds: Unlocking the Potential of Neurodivergent (50 Minutes)

ELA Writing: Essay SOS; Help, My Paper's Due! Private Revising and Editing 1:1

Grade 5 Social Studies and U.S. History Part 3 of 4 Full Curriculum

Introduction to the Three Branches of the US Government

Cool Chess! Intermediate 2 Lesson 1-- Points of Failure!

Grade 5 Social Studies and U.S. History Part 4 of 4 Full Curriculum

Grade 5 Social Studies and U.S. History Part 1 of 4 Full Curriculum

Grade 5 Social Studies and U.S. History Part 2 of 4 Full Curriculum

Grade 6 Social Studies, History and Geography Part 1 of 4 Full Curriculum

Grade 6 Social Studies, History and Geography Part 2 of 4 Full Curriculum

Private Spanish Class to Learn at Your Own Pace With Certified Teacher Donna

Catching Unicorns Phonics and Art

Magic Hands Story Time With Ms.Trina{Flex Class}

Getting to the Root of Words: Ology (Greek/Latin Roots)

Draw It: Lighthouse Landscape

Draw It: Wizard

Titanic Virtual Field Trips with "The Traveling Teach" (Ages 11-14)

Titanic Virtual Field Trips with "The Traveling Teach" (Ages 14-18)

Titanic Virtual Field Trips with "The Traveling Teach" (Ages 7-10)

Follow the Rules! of Divisibility (1-Time)

Let's Learn Japanese 1.9: Making Plans

The Tell-Tale Heart! Close Reading Strategies Using Suspenseful Text (Fiction)

You Got This! One to One Math Tutoring from Credentialed Teacher

Little Musicians Beginner Piano Christmas Course 2 (Self-Paced)

Art Camp: Polymer Clay Holiday!

Christmas Cupcake Ornament

Endangered Animals - Ongoing

Chess Private Tutoring, Ages 3-18, 60 Minute Sessions (Any Level)

Wordly Wise Book 1 Vocabulary Program...With Teacher Wendi

Japanese Circle Time for Preschool (Non-Immersion, Beginners Welcome!)

Christmas English Fun!

Success Beyond Limits: Life Skills for Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, Growth Mindset, and Resilience

ASL - American Sign Language 6 (Ages 13-18)

Let's Draw Cute Baby Fur Seal With Oil Pastels: Ages 5-9

Christmas Tunes for Beginner Pianists

Let's Draw Cute Lion With Oil Pastel: Ages 4-8

Let's Escape: It's Christmas Time - Can You Help Rudolph Find His Nose? A1+

Let's Escape: The Gingerbread House - Can You Decorate It In Time? A2+

Let's Draw Cute Fox With Oil Pastels: Ages 5-9

How To Start Coding TODAY with Python (1 Hour Class)

Powerful Paragraphs for Beginners

Let's Talk About Teeth: Show & Social

Medical Parasitology: 5 Protozoans and the Diseases They Cause!

Medical Parasitology: 5 Flatworms and the Diseases They Cause!

Valentine's Day Party (Ages 6-10)

Science Tutor Intro. 1:1

Decimals, Decimals and More Decimals!

PreK Valentine's Day Party (Ages 3-6)

Brushstrokes & Beyond Acrylic Painting Class

2nd Grade Full Homeschool Curriculum: 1-on-1 Class

Irish Dance (Advanced Level Ongoing) Ages 8-13

The Royal Leaders of History: Kings and Queens!

Jolly Santa Claus Sketch

Steampunk "Summer" ELA: The Mechanics of Time- Single Course or Semester

Steampunk ELA: Think Like a Holmes - Single Course or Semester

Steampunk ELA (2): Weapons and Monsters - Single Course or Semester

Steampunk ELA (1): Fight Like a Lady - Middle School English Language Arts

Feliz Navidad | Holiday Themed Spanish Class

Jingle Bells for Beginner Pianists

Homeschool Middle School Games with Friends

Grade 4 Math One to One Private Tutoring Class (Ongoing)

Woodland Animals Snow Globe Drawing

Colored Pencil Drawing: Cute Ice-Skating Winter Mouse

Deer in the Snow Colored Pencil Drawing

Spanish for Beginners Summer Camp: Learn the Basics: Week 1

Dinosaur Detectives!

Algebra 2- Full Year of Math; With Professor Alfred: Ongoing Course

Drawing Class: Minecraft

Middle School Math, Logic, and Problem Solving: Functions and Volume

Christmas Birds

Colloquia Latina: Latin Conversations Using Lingua Latina

Increase Your Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem With Practice

Christmas Movie Kahoot!

1:1 Spanish Private Tutoring 45 Minutes- All Levels (Ages 4-18)

Beginner Ukulele Private Lessons

1:1 Songwriting Coaching

Let's Draw Adorable Teddy Bear in Oil Pastel: Ages 5-9

Summer Camp: Blender 3D Modeling and Animation for Game Design

The Heart of the House Dinner Cooking and Baking Course 1

3rd Grade Winter Math Camp

1:1 Tutoring-Reading for Grades K-2

Act Like a Pro: Ongoing Private Acting Lessons

Stock Market Class: Grow Rich With Index Funds!

Summer Camp: AP Computer Science A

Elementary Intermediate Spanish Club ~ Part 4 (4 of 9)

January Poem: Poetry Memorization Made Easy for Tweens

Personalized Reading and Writing for Success

D&D: Introduction to Dungeons and Dragons!

One on One Tutoring-Math

Sight Word Superheroes 2: Sentences, Games and Activities

Individualized Reading Tutoring With a Licensed Teacher

Lights, Camera, Art! Self Paced Bundle : Creating Scenes From Classic Movies

Holiday Songs--Piano for Beginners (Limited time/Mini-series)

Homeschool Beginning 2nd Grade Reading Practice With Sight Words, and Phonics

3rd Grade Math Mastery: A Year-Long Exploration

Ongoing Karate Personal Tuition

Advanced Photography Mentoring (Fixed Length)

Sewing Intermediate: 18 Inch Doll Clothes - Girl Scout Style Uniform

Let's Bake Cakes: A Cake Baking Course

Introduction to Writing a Sentence the Fun and Easy Way! - Level 2 - First Grade

Mastering Math: Emoji Uno (Beg-Int Multiplication & Division)

SAT Math Mastery: Achieving Top Scores

Mastering Math: Emoji Uno (Beg-Int Addition & Subtraction)

Daily Mindfulness and Affirmations | Helps Improve Self Esteem & Reduce Anxiety

Be Your Own Life Coach! Tween Teen Middle 6th-9th Grade: Create a Life You Love

Roblox Math Adventure: Private Gaming Club

One-On-One Private Math Tutoring With a Certified Math Teacher- Single Class

Pokémon Scarlet & Violet Social Club! Play, Discuss & Learn!

Harry Potter Fan Blooket Social Group

Knitting Class. Learn How to Knit, Purl, and More, PART 4. Teddy Bear Sweater

Explore Korean for Teens 5

Be Prepared for Precalculus

Let's Write Silly Sentences

Comprehensive Japanese Language/Culture Lower Begin. Class 5 Pt 5 (Age 13-18)

Beginner to Pro Chess Series

Dungeons and Dragons: Dragonlance - Shadow of the Dragon Queen!

Private 1 Hour Coaching Session

One Piece Inspired Dungeons and Dragons: Adventures on the Lost Sea

Music Coaching: Audition / Solo and Ensemble Coaching

December Poem: Poetry Memorization Made Easy for Tweens

1:1 Tutoring - Practice Math and Number Skills Through Play Based Activities

Let's Escape: Christmas Around The World - Can You Make It Back In Time? A2+

1 on 1 Watercolor Painting

Let's Escape: Christmas Around The World - Can You Make It Back In Time? A2+

Fun Dot Painting Club

Quilling for Teens: Minion - Paper Arts & Crafts

Let's Do the Scarecrow Dance

Learn Coding With Scratch Jr. - For Beginners

Dance the Turkey Hokey Pokey

Basic Elementary Geometry Math Camp

4th Grade Winter Math Camp

Biology Lab Essentials: Dissection Alternative & Practice (5 Day Intensive)

5th Grade Winter Math Camp

Master Long Division Using 3 Methods

Writing Your Autobiography

Operations With Integers (Self-Paced)

Love for Looms: Beginner Loom Knitting (14-18 Yo)

T-Shirt Quilt

Cambridge First Certificate FCE B2 Ongoing Speaking Exam Preparation

Winter Break Guitar Camp for Beginners

Goblin Cart Race at Day-On-AH Dungeons and Dragons One Shot Adventures D&D RPG

Piano Adventurers Level 3A

2nd Grade Math Full Curriculum | Let's Have Fun With It!

Let's Escape: Thanksgiving Is Coming - We Need a Turkey! A2+

Sing and Sign: Christmas Songs in American Sign Language

Harry Potter Book Club: Magical Creatures

Make Professional Cupcakes -for beginners or more skilled bakers alike-

Love for Looms: Beginner Loom Knitting (7-11 Yo)

Pre-K/Nursery & Kindergarten/Pre-School/Reception: English Language Arts & Math

Christmas Coding Class: Flying Santa Game in Scratch

Love for Looms: Beginner Loom Knitting (11-15 Yo)

Black Holes: The Great Mystery and All Its Theories

Bookflix Book Club: The Fellowship of the Ring

Introduction to Civics/What It Means to Be a Citizen of This Great Country!

MS English Semester: Science Fiction & Fantasy

Latin 1 (Class 7): Going From "Sum" to "Possum" (No, Not the Animal!)

Victorian Mysteries

Seasonal: Draw a Baby Animal for a Gift Card (World's Cutest Animals)

Roblox 101 for Beginners

1:1 Leadership and Character Mentorship (Open to All Learners)

1:1 High School Math Tutoring, Topics Included, Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Geometry, Pre-Calculus & Calculus (1x/Week)!

Spanish: Laying a Great Foundation Through One-On-One Conversation

Math Homework Tutoring (45 Min)

Escape Room: Math on the Farm - Add and Subtract Within 100 (Regrouping) Part 1

Heroes, Rogues, & Madmen: High School English Literature/ELA (Full Semester)

History and Geography-Continents, Countries, and Maps for Ages 7-10 (Native)

LIVE Online Art Class: Draw and Paint a Patterned Mitten!

Celebrate the Holidays: Christmas Zumba Kids Dance Party!

Introduction to Gaming Algorithms in Scratch

November Poem: Poetry Memorization Made Easy for Tweens

Math 6th Grade Full Curriculum: 2 Times per Week.

One-On-One High School Success/Pre-College Mentoring (Ongoing)

LIVE Online Art Class: Draw and Paint a Cute Winter Penguin

Needle Felt Monster Madness!

Reading Is Knowledge

Story Writing 103: Step by Step Story Writing

LIVE Online Art Class: Draw and Paint a Cute Winter Bear

FIT FOR DUTY! Fun and Functional Fitness!

Let's Edit & Revise Your Writing Together!

Introduction to Charcoal Art for Beginners

1-on-1 Math Tutoring With Licensed and Experienced Teacher (Grades 3-9)

Christmas Improv and Acting Drama Party

Individual Tutoring - Middle & High School English (30 Minutes)

Dungeons and Dragons: Call of the Netherdeep!

Story Writing 102: Writing in Different Genres

1:1 Beginner Coding Class

1:1 Typing Class

IEW Tutoring!

Word Knowers: Spelling for Meaning, Structure and Comprehension

Reading Comprehension Club: Exploring Vocabulary, Strategies and Skills

Procreate Fun: Animated Holiday Card - Design 2

Social: Dinos Through the Alphabet Group Chat

Math 4th Grade Adventures

Private Art History Course

1:1 Math Elementary Tutoring, 1st-5th Grade Topics (1x/Week)!

Animals 101: Felidae (Big Cats and Other Members of the Cat Family)

Animals 101: Canidae (Dogs, Wolves, Foxes, and More)

Mastering Math: Virtual Gaming Club (Addition/Carrying & Subtraction/Borrowing)

Mastering Math: Virtual Gaming Club (Beginner - Addition & Subtraction)

Guitar for Beginners

Read With Me! (From Words to Sentences) Decodable Reading Practice for Beginners

Multi-Sensory Spelling Club (Orton-Gillingham)--Dyslexia-Friendly

Let's Learn English: Useful Beginner Words Pre-A1/A1 CEFR

On-Camera Acting & Drama Fundamentals (For Teens 13-18): Professional Film & TV Training

Mastering Math: Wonka Escape Level 1 (Beg-Int Addition & Subtraction)

Mastering Math: Restaurant Madness (Beg-Int Addition & Subtraction)

Memorize Poetry With Me

Mastering Math: Jeopardy Jackpot (Beg-Int Addition & Subtraction)

Chess Puzzle Composition Workshop

Let’s Doodle! Come Learn to Draw Dogman

Stop! Grammar Time! - Level One: Nouns, Verbs, and Adjectives

Small Group Reading for Advanced Beginning Readers Using the Science of Reading

First Grade Math | We Can All Be Mathematicians!

Latin 1 (Class 6): Translation Day, Sight Reading, and Roman Culture!

The Magic Closet: One-On-One Private Science Class

Travel to Mexico City: Travel to the Coolest Cities in the World

Let's Escape: Thanksgiving Is Coming - We Need a Turkey! A2+

Summer News Party: Kahoot Games & Current Events = Fun, Friends, Focus

Flowers for My Favorites: A Gratitude and Gift-Making Session

Book Club: The Dark and Twisted Gothic Tales of Edgar Allan Poe (Flex)

Executive Function 101 (1:1 Private Class)

Life Skills With Virtues - Purity (Age 7-12)

Travel to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: Travel to the Coolest Cities in the World

Build a Business Plan (Part 2): Marketing, Public Speaking, Sustainability

Introduction to Babysitting as a Business

Delicious and Easy Scones

Book Club: Captain Underpants Series English Reading Club A2+

Orton-Gillingham 1:1 Tutoring 1x/Week

You Can Read Music!

Let's Celebrate: Reading and Writing With World Holidays!

Private 1:1 Phonics Tutoring-Learn How to Recognise, Say, Write and Blend Them!

Intro to Coding 1:1 Live Coding Lab

Intermediate Python Coding and Algorithms: Project-Based Programming | Level-3

Roblox Ongoing Gaming: Let's Play Roblox and Make New Friends

4th Grade Math Topic 3 (Multiplying Multi-Digits Numbers by One-Digit Numbers)

Algebra 1: Chapter 2 (Solving Inequalities)

K-POP Dance and Fitness Class-BTS VS Blackpink

Minuteman III the Current U.S. Nuclear Land Based Missile

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