New Classes on Outschool 2022-10-09

There are 331 new classes on Outschool the week of October 9, 2022 to October 15, 2022.

Colored Pencil Sketching - Disney Animal Characters: Princess Pets & Friends

Private Singing Lessons With Mr. Jeremy (30 Minutes)

Art: Drawing Disney & Pixar Characters

1:1 Reading: Exploring Fairytales & Myths (Elementary School) CEFR: B2

The Elements of Art: Building Prewriting Skills Through a Study of Line & Color

Aerospace Engineering: Travel to Mars

Let's Write Paragraphs & Learn Writing Skills Writing Club (Ages 7-9)

Let's Draw Halloween Squishmallows!

Scientific Illustration: Where Art Meets Science (Ages 11-15)

First Grade Fun! Full Curriculum Year Long Semester Class for 1st Grade (Part 3)

Let's Play the Budget Game - Budgeting Simulation for Financial Literacy FLEX

Semi-Private Writing or Literature Lessons: 12-Week Package

British Literature Part 4 I Full Year Curriculum

British Literature Part 3 I Full Year Curriculum

British Literature Part 2 I Full Year Curriculum

Writing DBQ, LEQ, and SAQ for AP History Courses (AP World, APUSH, AP Euro)

Doors Roblox Weekly Gaming Social Class!

Latin - Part III: Latin Language, Roman Culture, History, and Mythology

Latin - Part IV: Latin Language, Roman Culture, History, and Mythology

Semester Long-Survival Skills and More with a Marine (2nd Sem)take in any order

Flexible Book Study: A Narwhal, Llama, Grizzly & Snow Leopard with Jack & Annie

Flexible Book Study: MTH Sunlight on the Snow Leopard by Mary Pope Osborne

K-2 Circle T/Th Morning Meeting and Stories

Book Club: Esio Trot by Roald Dahl

Flexible Book Study: MTH Camp Time in California by Mary Pope Osborne

Yoga for Beginners: Six-Week Intro to Sun Salutations (Middle Grades)

Passport Around the World Ongoing - World Geography

Tutoring: Grammar, Spelling and Vocabulary

Summer Camp with Mouse Scouts Book Club for 1st-3rd/4th-6th Girl Scouts Welcome!

The Cupcake Diaries Book Club Series Ages 7-11 With Teacher Dianne

Montessori Reading & Writing: Mastering Digraphs for Emerging Readers 1x/Week

Let's Play the Budget Game - Budgeting Simulation for Financial Literacy

Mrs. B's Reader's Theater Book Club: "Emma" by Jane Austen

Playhouse Adventures: The Color Cafe

PreAlgebra Basics Exploration

5th Grade Eureka Math Companion Class (Module 4)

Handwriting Bootcamp: Flex Class

Electronics: Light up a LED

Silly Halloween Sentences: Let's Learn, Laugh, and Write Together!

Advanced English Concepts Ongoing Class

Dog Paws - German Shepherd - Drawing Dogs Colored Pencil Art Project!

Ecology - Be Kind!

Roblox Art Gaming and Social Club • Play Drawing, Painting, and Pictionary Style

Yoga for Beginners CAMP: One-Week Introduction to Yoga Poses (Upper Grades)

Book Club -Projekt 1065 by Alan Gratz-Suspense,Edge-Of-Your-Seat Action WWII

Little Blue Truck’s Halloween! Storytime and Art With Teacher Dianne

Scientific Writing: How to Write a Lab Report!

Self Care & Self Respect

Self Care - I Can Do It by Myself!

Friendship Club

ESL Counting Money

Let's Play Pretend - New Friends Play Restaurant

Art Flex Course: Boho Macrame Rainbow & Cactus!

ASL Beginner Camp II for Ages 8-10

How to Draw Dogs: Poodles and Dachshunds!

How to Draw Cats!

3D Design & 3D Printing: Ongoing Design Class

FLEX Private Acting Class, Coaching, Audition Prep!

Middle School Physical Science- Motion and Stability (Flex Class)

Quilling: Arts & Crafts - Christmas Candy Cane

ESL - Numbers Are FUN! - Class #2

Quilling: Arts & Crafts - Christmas Candy Cane

Electric Circuits - How Does Electricity Work?

ESL - Numbers Are FUN! - Class #3

Fun with Spanish 2: Weekly Classes for Beginners (Part 2) 4 Months Duration (A1)

ESL - Numbers Are FUN! - Class #1

FLEX Book Club: Fantastic Mr. Fox by Roald Dahl

Black American History

Middle School Physical Science- Energy (Flex Class)

Book Club: The Giraffe and the Pelly and Me by Roald Dahl

Creative Story Writing- Learn to Write a Good Story! 1-On-1 Tutoring

Building Reading Habits with The Magic Tree House

On-Going IEW Tutor Session

Intro to Earth Science: Gemstones, Precious Metals, Minerals & Mining Geology

Escape From Haunted House: Albert Mansion

Adopt Me Roblox Gaming Meets: Free Legendary Dodo Bird for All Enrolled!

Winter Beginning Piano Fun

Cozy Game Hangout!

Alphabet Chef FLEX - Cooking With the ABC's! (Letters i-p)

Numbers Everywhere! (Grades 3-5)

Let's Read Together: Storytime in the Hundred Acre Wood (Ongoing)

Cozy Grove Chat Club

Yoga for Beginners CAMP: One-Week Introduction to Yoga Poses (Younger Grades)

Winter Karaoke Fun

The Life Cycle of a Pumpkin

Flexible Book Study: MTH Narwhal on a Sunny Night by Mary Pope Osborne

Math Is Fun (Preschool Through Second)

Pencil Pack Part 2: A Weekly Writing Club for Early Writers (1st/2nd Grade)

Video Editing Club for Gamers, Youtubers, and Social Media! (Summer Camp!)

Book Club: The Magic Finger by Roald Dahl

New Years Eve and New Years Day Fun Time Bake Fest Celebration- Cookies+Cupcakes

One on One Math Tutoring Sessions With a Certified Teacher

IEW Medieval History-Based Writing: 2nd Semester (Grades 6th-8th)

IEW Medieval History-Based Writing: 2nd Semester (Grades 3rd-5th)

Fun, Easy! Holiday Drawing and Painting - Watercolor Llama With Crayon Resist

Math Made Easier! 3rd Grade Math

Photoshop 101: On-going (Teen)

Ongoing Private Tutoring: Writing, Reading, or Grammar

One-On-One Spanish Private Classes! (5 to 18 Years Old)

Waldorf Fairytale: Letter H Heckedy Peg

6th Grade Second Quarter Math | We Can All be Mathematicians! Q2

Math: 1:1 Private Afterschool Homework Help and Tutoring (Trial) - 20 min. (1x)

Illustration & Design: Create Pixel Letter Art

3D Design & 3D Printing: Creative Design

3D Design & 3D Printing: Creative Design

How to Draw SCP Monsters | Weekly Scary Art Tutorials Flex

Multiplication Arrays How To Create, Interpret, and Fully Understand Arrays!

FLEX Book Club: Matilda by Roald Dahl

Animal Drawing: Let's Draw Your Favorite Animals With Guidelines for Beginners.

🌟 Film Scoring Masterclass: Crafting Cinematic Magic With Music 🌟

FLEX Phonics: The 6 Syllable Types

Christmas Craft Party FLEX Class (Pt. 2)

Poetry Unraveled: An Introduction

Weekly Math & Reading Tutoring-First, Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth & Sixth Grade

Middle School Physical Science- Matter and Its Interactions (Flex Class)

Christmas Craft Party FLEX Class (Pt. 1)

Thanksgiving Craft Extravaganza FLEX Class

German Beginners' Circle Time With Animals: Sing, Rhyme, Play, and Color!

Roblox Rainbow Friends and Roblox Evade Social Club!

Dolphin Acrylic Painting Paint a Long Class With Ms. Muse (Ages 9-13)

Nintendo Reading Club! (Mario, Pokemon, Splatoon, Minecraft and more!)

The 7 Elements of Art - Full Art Curriculum (Drawing & Sketching)

1 on 1 Last Minute Tutoring with International Time Zone Availability

Banned PICTURE Book Study for Teens

High School Marine Geochemistry: An Introduction Into Marine Analysis (Flex)

Audentes Fortuna Iuvat: Intermediate Level Latin (Part Six)

History Illustrated - Real Time Drawing Teaching World History (7-11 Year Olds)

Christmas Guitar Course

French Reading and Grammar

Overwatch 2 Gaming Club!

Talking Back, Disrespect, Not Listening? Learn to Communicate & Show Respect.

Adopt Me Roblox Weekly Ongoing Gaming Class: Out of Game Pets Freebies Edition!

Comprehensive Japanese Language/Culture Lower Elem. Class 2 Pt 1-5 (Age 8-12)

Mandarin Basic Conversation Sentence Patterns - Level 2 & 3 (Ongoing Semester)

1-on-1 Phonics, Reading & Math Mastery (K-2) With M.Ed Specialist

Reading Fluency, Multi-syllable Decoding, Vocabulary, and Comprehension Ages 7-9

Pre Calculus & Calculus -In 6 Months- Bit By Bit - Part 1 of 6 : Live Class

Travel to San Jose, Costa Rica: Travel to the Coolest Cities in the World

Roblox Gaming Club - Weekly Meetup With Mr. Mike

Zero to Startup Business Entrepreneur Program

Airplane Anatomy Escape Room

Spanish for Young Learners: Complete

Let's Make a Halloween "Gingerbread" House

Hatching Baby Birds: Flex Class, a Video per Day

Monster Games: Exploring Numbers, Letters, Colors and Shapes

Paint a Fun and Spooky Haunted Halloween Mansion in Watercolor

4th Grade Math Chapter 8 (Adding and Subtracting Fractions with Like Denominator

Tutoring Spanish for Middle & High School by a Certified Native Teacher, M.A.

Drum Lesson Club for Ages 5-8

Math: 4th/5th/6th Grade Fractions: Add, Subtract, Multiply & Divide (4-Day)

Story and STEM Challenge

Nature Drawing | Winter Birds Drawing Camp (3 Day)

The Video Game Character Drawing and Social Club!

One-On-One Tutoring - Sentences for First Grade - Interactive Lessons! All 1:1

Lights in the Sky: All About Auroras

The Arabic Alphabets Club

Valorant | Let's Play! (NA Only)

I Choose You! Design and Draw Your Very Own Unique Pokemon - Flex Version

Express Yourself: Abstract Emotions in Acrylic Painting (Flex Class)

Kinder Club: Literacy and Math Skill Building 1x/Week

Lgbtqia+ Modded Minecraft Teenager Gaming Group

Art Class - Create Your Own Pokemon Trading Cards

Creative Writing: Spooky Stories

PSAT National Merit Math Practice Test (Part 4)

Private Spanish Tutoring One-On-One - 55 Minute Session Beginners to Advanced

Yoga for Beginners CAMP: One-Week Introduction to Yoga Poses (Middle Grades)

AP Calculus : Differentiation of Exponential Functions

FLEX Schedule Beginner Kawaii Needle Felting

Three Books & Four Movies: Characterization and Plot in Literature and Film

Social Situations & Social Clues. Manners & Etiquette. Personal Best.

Grades 4-9 1:1 Math Tutoring

Beginner Intro to Coding in Minecraft : Command Blocks (JAVA Edition)

Program a Mob Arena Game : Intermediate Minecraft Command Blocks (JAVA Edition)

Program a Farming Game : Beginner Minecraft Command Blocks (JAVA Edition)

IEW Fix It! Grammar Level 2: Town Mouse & Country Mouse - 2nd Semester

History - The Story of Everything (7-11 Year Olds)

Domino Chain Reactions 2

FALL Crafts: Flex Fun

Kids Kitchen: Fall Treats (FLEX Class)

Women in STEM Camp (Ongoing)

Learn to Paint a Fall Pumpkin Scene With a Black Cat.

Adopt Me Cow Roblox Gaming Fun: All Enrolled Learners Get a Cow!

Virtual Reality Gaming Club: Among Us VR! (Meta / Oculus Quest Required)

Let's Go! Pre-K & Kindergarten Full Curriculum & Circle Time (4 X Week)

Creative Writing Private Tutoring

IEW Fix It! Grammar Level 1: The Nose Tree - 2nd Semester

1:1 Class Tutoring 1X/Week: Beginner Math

I Love Animals Club: Domestic Dog Breeds Edition (Ages 10-14)

Illustration & Design: Create a Pixel Art Logo

Dungeons and Dragons Winter Camp: Holiday Hijack!

Finance, Money & Economics for Early Learners - Money as You Grow Book Club!

Art - Origami Dog and Cat Pals

Art - Origami Foxes

You Got This! Saxon Math Algebra 1

Dragon Club Clubwide Party and Game Day

Comprehensive Japanese Language/Culture Lower Begin. Class 5 Pt 1 (Age 13-18)

Draw & Paint a Realistic Owl - Watercolour Class - Inspired by Robert Bateman!

Purple Oranges: Creative Writing w/ Superheroes, Wings of Fire Dragons, & More

Fun and Easy After School Snacks With a Registered Dietitian

Math Help | Any K-12 Math Subject, Test, SSAT, SAT, ACT, AP Calc

How to Draw a Realistic Wolf With Pencil + Fun Wolf Facts!

All About Spelling One-On-One Private Tutoring for All Levels and Ages

Python Fun Project :Game-"Guess the Number"/"Hangman"/Tic-Tac-Toe/Chatbot

Drawing Class: Harry Potter!

Drawing Class: Bluey!

Survive the Minecraft Monster! (Bedrock Edition)

ESL Beginner English A1 Private Tutoring; Vocabulary, Sentences, Phonics & Games

Drawing for Beginners: Using a Pencil to Create Art

1-on-1 Circle Time with Max & Jessy: Let’s Learn Spanish! Private Lessons

Extreme Challenge Games for Minecraft (Bedrock Edition)

Extreme Minecraft PVP, Combat and Battle Champions (Bedrock Edition)

(Ongoing) Biology Veterinarian Club: Wild and Domestic Animal Vet Care (10-12Yo)

Learn All About Llamas

Play-Doh Preschool: Hands on Pre-K Sensory Learning (4x/Week)

Algebra 1 (Part 1)

1:1 Private Drawing or Painting Tutoring, Personalized Art Class with Pro Artist

Foundations in Reading, Comprehension & Writing With Nana-Bee (All Ages)

Reading Between the Lines Audio Comprehension & Games Class With Nana-Bee (7-11)

How to Draw a Realistic Bear With Charcoal + Fun Bear Facts!

Drawing Biology of Animals - Flex Class / Part One

Abstract Letter Art

Vietnamese - Private Tutoring (45 Min)

Private One on One Tutoring

My Weird School Book Club

1St Grade Russian for Bilingual Children Part 3. Русский для билингвов 1 кл.

1St Grade Russian for Bilingual Children Part 2. Русский для билингвов 1 кл.

Waldorf Archetype Study: The Witch

4th Semester ! German for Intermediate ! Das Neue Deutschmobil 2! Niveau A2

3rd Semester ! German For Intermediate ! Das Neue Deutschmobil 2! Niveau A2

Trombone Time 101: Truly Transparent Tone

Great Apes & Us: Evolution, Conservation, & Intelligence

Stamp It!: The Story of Postage Stamps, What They Mean and Why They Matter

Exploring Psychopathology: Examining Psychological Disorders - Flex Class

The Hardest Math SAT Questions Ever Part 2

Super Math Strategies: In-Depth Multiplication and Division Class

Roblox Gaming Club for Tower of Hell & Wipeout Obbies. Ultimate Obby Fan Class!

Roblox Gaming & Social Club for Murder Mystery 2 Fans Play on My Private Server

Learn How to Cook Healthy Meals With a Registered Dietitian (Adaptable for Veg)

1:1 Private Lesson Brazilian Portuguese

Roblox Gaming Social Club - Let’s Play Shark Bite 2 - UFO Titanic and Trading

Mrs. Kirbie's 1:1 Homework Help: Reading, English Language- Arts, Social Studies

4th Grade Math Chapter 7 (Equivalent Fractions and Comparing Fractions)

Make Art With Code - Dive in! Learn Programming in P5js Javascript

1:1 Spanish Montessori Tutoring (Ongoing)

Game Masters Guild: Be A Better Dungeon Master for D&D and More

Martial Arts Basics

Ms. Colleen's Grade 3 Elementary Math Class With A Licensed Teacher - Printables Included

Draw an Easy Puppy By Draw So Cute

Mastering the Five Paragraph Essay-Writing

The Nightmare Before Christmas Trivia With Kahoot

Delicious Nutrition! Bake+Cook With a Culinary Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

How to Make a No- Sew Fleece Blanket

Draw an Easy Halloween Bat by Draw So Cute

Potoo Alive! All About the Wacky Potoo Bird With Fun Drawing Activity

Draw a Rainbow Unicorn Cat by Draw So Cute

Kindergarten Full Curriculum Math Semester 2

Trombone Private Music Lesson (1:1) Tutoring: Unleash Your Musical Talent!

Stock Market Introduction - Learn the Basics & Get Excited About Making Money! Ages 13+

Creative Writing Camp- 3rd & 4th: Prompts, Story Structure & Vocab (Flex-Part 3)

4th & 5th Grade ELA Semester| Essay Writing & Reading Comprehension CEFR: B1)

(Ongoing) Advanced Animal Anatomy: Cats and Dogs Veterinarian Biology (11-15Yo)

Chefs in Training: Food + Art : Make Healthy Snacks With a Registered Dietitian

Creative Writing Camp- 3rd & 4th: Prompts, Story Structure & Vocab (Flex-Part 5)

Chefs in Training: Food + Art: Make Healthy Snacks With a Registered Dietitian

Calling All Pokemon Masters! Pokemon Drawing and Fun Social Club

Singapore 4th Grade Math Exam Preparation (Part 2)

Let’s Learn Chinese - Private Tutor Tailored to Your Learner's Needs

Lets Draw Spy X Family - Step by Step Anime!

Operations With Negative Numbers

From Zero to CEO - How to Start Your Own Business Step by Step! by MAS Center

Mystery Words (Grades 1-2) Spelling, Vocabulary, and Phonics Skills.

Sing & Sign the Alphabet Song With American Sign Language (ASL) and MORE!

Draw a Fox by Draw So Cute

Zero to Startup Business Entrepreneur Program - 10 Week Full Curriculum Part 1

Grammar Jammers: The Structure of the English Language - A One on One Class

How to Train Your... Hamster! (Beginners Course on Holding and Taming Hamsters)

Super Spellers: Phonics and Poetry - A One on One Class

Egypt During the Stone Age (Small Class!) 𓏏𓉔𓅂 𓋴𓏏𓅱𓈖𓅂 𓄿𓎼𓅂

Archaeology / History: Viking Origins & Their Expansion in the Atlantic

History of Halloween

Ongoing Weekly How to Be a Good Man - For Young Men on the Important Things in Life 16W3

Speak Up Teen! - Public Speaking Practice for Teen Introverts

1:1 Student Assessment

Let's Talk Animals! (Ongoing 1st & 2nd Grade Social Class)

Zero to Startup Business Entrepreneur Program - 2 Week Class Part 1

Let's Speak Armenian! Private 1-On-1 Conversational Armenian Tutoring-Ongoing

Scratch Jr for Kindergarten-Favorite Animals

Google Slides Fun: Customized Private 1-To-1, Create Digital Art or Presentation

Level 2B Part 1: Continuing Piano Adventures With Ms. Diana

Play and Learn: Hot Wheels, Matchbox, Monster Trucks Social Club and Class!

Math: 4th Grade / 5th Grade Multiplication & Division w/ Long Division Multi-Day

Advanced Photography Mentoring (Private Lessons)

Math: 5th/6th Grade Fractions: Add, Subtract, Multiply & Simplify (Multi-Day)

Introduction to Bass Guitar

Imagination Lab: Creativity and Inspiration-one on one!

1-to-1 Tuition Philosophy & Critical Thinking - Bespoke Tuition by Arrangement - Ongoing

Full Year U.S. History - Presidents and States Ages 12-15

Lego Building Brick Challenges and Social Club

Homeschool Hangout

Halloween Circuits

Wonderful World of Writing: A One on One Class

Intro to Spanish Part 2

Elementary Spanish and Conversation 2

Multiplication Math Weekly Practice!

8th/9th Grade Semester II English Language Arts (Reading, Writing, Grammar, and

Math: Practice Addition and Subtraction Facts 0-20: Blooket & Gimkit (Ongoing)

ABRSM Music Theory in Practice: Grade 4 (Flex)

Convince Me! - Argumentative Writing for Middle Grades Learners

Become a Barista #7: Hocus Pocus Edition

One-Time Splatoon 3 Splatfest Video Game Gaming Social Club

Frozen Sing-a-long With Princess Anna

Elsa's Sing-A-Long!!

Tangled Sing-A-Long With 'Punzie!!

Beauty and the Beast Sing-A-Long With Belle!!

Private Piano Lessons & Recorder Lessons

Environmental Science - FLEX

Beginner Hebrew School Fun: Learn to Read and Write the Hebrew Alphabet (5 - 10)

Stoic Philosophy for Teens: Learn Resilience, Self-Control, Courage, and Wisdom

Creating Addition Fact Families to 10 for Ages 4-6

Personal Responsibility. The Key to Success. Build a Bright Future.

All About Bacteria and Viruses - Homework, Games, and Diys Included (FLEX)

Mastering Math: Virtual Gaming Club (Intermediate - Integers)

Mastering Math: Virtual Gaming Club (Intermediate - Percentages)

Mastering Math: Virtual Gaming Club (Decimals)

Mastering Math: Virtual Gaming Club (Intermediate - Fractions)

French: Intermediate Beginners Part 1

Tumble & Flip Gymnastics & Cheer - Camp - Semi Private - Max 4 Learners!

German 2 for High Schoolers (Part 2 of 4) - full year academic curriculum

Real Talk for Teens: Private Q&A for Social Communication

Art - Origami Cats

Let's Talk! Private Kindergarten Interview Prep Class (1:1)

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