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New Classes on Outschool 2023-03-26

There are 251 new classes on Outschool the week of March 26, 2023 to April 1, 2023.

College Entrance Essays That Set Your Soul on Fire

Exploring Microscopy: Plant, Pond Water & Other Things Microscope Lab Work

"Toy Stories" - Show and Tell (Practise Speaking Skills-ESL friendly)

Exploring Microscopy: Geology Rocks! Microscope Lab Work

Essay Test Prep: Test Taking Skills, Study Skills, & Writing Skills

Reading Intervention-1:1 Tutoring for Struggling, Emergent, or Reluctant Readers

Middle School Theater (Acting for Ages 11-14)

Adorable Easter Ducks Drawing & Watercolor Painting

AP Chemistry Tutoring

Let's Escape: Signs of Spring Hunt

Kandinsky Inspired Heart Art

High School Biology Lab - Spring Semester (18 Weeks)

Super Sharks Club: Learn About The Animals Habitat, Characteristics, Fun Facts and Draw!

How to Paint!-Beginners Drawing and Painting CAMP

Zoo Animals Art Projects

SAT Math Exam Preparation Part 6

Scotland National 5 (10th Grade) Math Exam Topic : Rationalising the Denominator

8th Grade Math Unit 3 (Geometry)

High School Biology LAB - Fall Semester (16 Weeks)

Travel Around the World Summer School/Summer Camp!

Chatting and Web Games With Dustin & Friends Club

Action Math: Grade 5 - Measurement, Data & Geometry

Action Math: Grade 5 - Fractions Operations

Action Math: Grade 5 Quarter 2 - Number Operations

High School Biology Course - Spring Semester (18 Weeks)

WWII Cartoon Analysis

Be Your Own Napoleon: How Would You Command History's Greatest Battles?

Private ELA Tutoring: Grammar, Spelling, Writing, Reading & More (1-hr/16-18yo)

Private ELA Tutoring: Grammar, Spelling, Writing, Reading & More (1-hr/10-15yo)

Britain’s Place in the World After 1945

Britain in Peace and War, 1900–1918

Summer 1:1 Private Piano Lessons (Ages 7-18)

The Good and The Beautiful Language Arts: 1-on-1

High School Biology Course - Fall Semester

College Application Essay Writing 1:1 Coaching

Terraria Video Game Weekly Social Club

Personal Leadership-Lead with Confidence. 1:1.

Nehemiah Summer 2024 Math Lower Grades

Weekly Yoyo Club

BTS Basic Dance Routines!

Broadway Musical Theater Summer Camp- The Sound of Music

Let's Become a Junior Microbiologist Level 1

Drawing Harry Potter! Capturing Character With Graphite Pencils.

Beginning Creative Writing: Poems and Poetry

Exploring Microscopy: Forensic Science Microscope Lab Work

Life Cycle of a Butterfly Art Project

Weekly Book Club for Fantasy Fans! (Ages 9-14)

Weekly Book Club for Fantasy Fans! (Ages 13-18)

Art: Seasonal Fall Acrylic Painting Self Paced Class!

Exploring Art History with Cats

Kite Art Project

TinkerCAD 3D Design Tutoring

Chameleon Art Project

Probability and Statistics (5th grade)

1:1 Kindergarten/1st Grade Reading and Phonics Tutoring

Coordinate Plane (5th grade)

1:1 Private Art Class for Summer ~ Lighthouse Landscape Painting in Watercolors

Private Class in Acting/Musical Theatre Skills (Weekly)

Middle School Science Full Curriculum (Certified Teacher)

Classic Book Club for Young Learners: 'Dave's Cave' - Frann Preston-Gannon

5Th Grade Data and Graphs

Heroes of Greyhawk: Embark on Epic Adventures! (D&D RPG)

KIDS ROCK! (Learn to Sing and Be a Karaoke Superstar!)

Perspective Drawing Art Camp (3 Days)

Grade 5 Math (Self-Paced)

Bookflix Book Club: Percy Jackson

Grade 7 Math (Self-Paced)

Grade 6 Math (Self-Paced)

Explore the Microcosmos: Use Your Microscope!

8th Grade Math Unit 2 (Equations and Linear Equations)

Summer Camp: Let's Explore the Three Types of Rocks

(One on One) Princess Tea Party

1:1 ESL Classes With a Licensed TEFL Certified Teacher

Addition Facts Practice With Kahoot! Teams & Fun Video Games

Introduction to Drawing Fundamentals | 3D Geometric Shapes

Private Writing Tutor (25 Minutes)

Take 2: Kat's Other Testing Class Live Ongoing

AP Chemistry Free Response Practice #3

Fish Art Project

Beginner’s Piano Class - Piano Pronto Prelude (Part 3)

United States History in Pictures: An Inquiry Based Social Studies Exploration PART 2

History Explorers Focused

Private Math Class: Pre-K To 8

Comprehensive Greek & Latin Roots Vocabulary Course (30 Weeks)

Literacy With the Lorax Camp

Roblox DOORS!

Scotland National 5 (10th Grade) Math Exam Topic : Fractional Indices

1:1 Pre-Algebra, Algebra Tutoring With a Licensed Fun Teacher-Be a Math Boss

Pre-Algebra Math Camp: Developing Geometry Skills (Area, Circumference, Volume)

Marine Biology: Coral Reef Ecosystem Study

Philosophy Friday: Exploring Ideas Through Critical Thinking

4th Grade Review/Preview -Singapore Dimensions Math - Certified Teacher

Violin Summer Camp for Beginners (2 Weeks)

Talking Back, Disrespect, Not Listening? Learn to Communicate & Show Respect.

Communications & Public Speaking - I Am Confident! - One on One Private Class

Communications & Public Speaking - I Am Confident!

Let’s Learn Japanese! Group Lesson for Beginners

Reading Spanish Is Easy! - Spanish Reading Practice for Developing Readers

Prepare for Precalculus - Summer Math Boot Camp

MATH Multiplication Crossword Fact Fluency Skill Builders

Prepare for AP Statistics - Summer Math Boot Camp

Prepare for AP Calculus AB - Summer Math Boot Camp

Story Time! Learning Through Literature: Nature Series

AP Chemistry Free Response Practice #2

Private Tutoring: Latin Language, 1 Hour

Private Tutoring: Latin Language, 30 Minutes

4th & 5th Grade Math Readiness Summer Bootcamp

Disney Squishmallow Squad Drawing Class(Part 2):Disney Princess Squad (Self-Pace

Ace the AP Calculus in Just 5 Weeks! Summer Camp

1-1 Academic Tutoring or Homework Help W/ a Certified Teacher

Conversational English - B1 and B2 Students

Painting Club: America the Beautiful, With Acrylic

Prepare to Launch: Writing Skills for Dual Enrollment & College

Summer Birch Watercolor Class

Beginner Christmas Break Ukulele Camp!

Awe-Mazing Animals! Adventure Camp

Mountain Layers Watercolor Class

Summer Poppies Watercolor Class

Fairy Garden Design and Decor: Polymer Clay

Introduction to 'Awe-Mazing' Mammals

Overwatch 2 Weekly Video Game Social Club - Nintendo Switch/Xbox/Playstation/PC

Spanish Reading: Fluency + Comprehension + Fun Stories | Native Spanish Teacher

Tutoring: Math Grades 3-5

Intro to Electronic Music Production With Ableton Live (One-Time Course)

A Bookworm's ELA - 5th - 6th Grade Full Curriculum - Semester 2

Fun With Bluey- Dance Party

Interactive Summer Camp Activities

My First Piano Adventure Book A- Group Class

Spanish 3 Semester 1- Grammar/ Conversation (Middle/High School)

Bunny Newspaper Art

Pre-Kinder Social & Communication Club-Speaking, Listening, Following Directions

Summer Workshop: Get Ready for 2nd Grade!

Private 1:1 English Language Learner (ELL) Guided Reading Tutor (30 Minutes)

Private 1:1 English Language Learner (ELL) Reading and Writing Tutor

Summer Camp: Get Ready for 1st Grade!

Summer Sky by the River Watercolor Class

Summer Mountains Watercolor Class

Self-Paced History & STEM Book Club: "Reaching for the Moon" Katherine Johnson

Art Talk: Wassily Kandinsky and Abstract Art - ESL Friendly⎜8 to 13 Years

Scotland National 5 (10th Grade) Math Exam Preparation : Arcs and Sectors

Math: Introduction to Equations

Self-Empowerment Treehouse - Managing Emotions - Coping Skills Club - Ages 6-9

IB Standard Level Math Exam Preparation : Geometry of 3D Shapes

SAT Math Exam Preparation Topic : Rational, Irrational and Decimal

Preschool and Kindergarten Full Curriculum Learning Games & Review Summer Camp

5th and 6Th Grade Full Year Reading & Grammar +World Geography & Science

Enchanted Fairies- Summer Ballet Dance Camp

Comprehensive Japanese Language/Culture Lower Elem. Class 9 Pt 5 (Age 13-18)

Brazilian Portuguese for Young Learners: Ongoing Tutoring Sessions 1:1 (60 mins)

Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Weekly Gaming Social Teens (Ages 14+)

Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Weekly Video Game Social Club (Ages 9-13)

Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Video Game Social Club (Ages 6-8)

¡Español Es Divertido! Private Semester Spanish 2a for High Schoolers (14-18)

Japanese: Road to Fluency Mid Beginner Class 4 Part 2 (Age 13-18)

Love to Dance_Private Ballet Classes_30 Minutes_Ongoing

Intro to Electronic Music Production With Ableton Live (One-Time Course)

Learning to Read With Phonograms! Part One

Tutoring Middle and High School Math - With a Certified Tutor!

8th Grade African American History

Write and Publish Your Own Book

Ongoing Review of Second Grade Math (Worksheets Included)

One Hour of Guitar With Dave

Multiplic-UNO: A Multiplication Fact Fluency Game

Reading Spanish Is Easy! - Spanish Reading Practice for Beginning Readers

Dog Paws - Schnauzer - Drawing Dogs Graphite Pencil Art Project!

Word Game Club- An Exciting Weekly Ongoing Social Class

Adorable Bubbly Goldfish Drawing & Watercolor Painting

7th Grade African American History

Classic Book Club for Young Learners: 'Six Dinner Sid' - Inga Moore

1:1 English Tutoring-Conversation, Grammar & Pronunciation! (One Time Class)

Discovering Rocks and Minerals

Story Time: Learning Through Literature: The Mitten

5th Grade African American History

Microbiology Lab: Prepared Microscope Slides - Intro to Human Tissues & Plants

Patrol Pup Adventures: Let's Learn About Marine Mammals!

Using Context to Identify the Meaning

Classic Book Club for Young Learners: 'Owl Babies' - Martin Wadell

A Comprehension Text a Day Keeps the Reading Struggles Away- 4 Week (FLEX)Part 1

Waldorf Inspired Meditation and Yoga for Teens: Elemental Fairies

ESL ELL EFL Advanced Pairs Technology Business and Design Reading Club

Spanish Tutor | 2 on 1 Tutoring 25-Minute Class

6th Grade African American History

The Villain's Journey: The Descent Into Madness (HS English Synthesis Seminar)

Book Club: "Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark" and Other Supernatural Tales

Meteorology & Oceanography Summer Boot Camp: Weather, Tornadoes, Oceans, Rain

Shiny Pokémon Hunting: A Gaming and Social Club for Young Pokemon Trainers

Introduction to Structured Word Inquiry

Hands-On, Montessori-Inspired Number Sense Within 10

Discovering Manatees

Discovering Giraffes

Individual Middle School ELA

Immersive French 1 (Self-Paced)

Brazilian Portuguese for Young Learners: Ongoing Tutoring Sessions 1:1 (30 mins)

Summer Outdoor Club: National Park Road Trip Adventure to Learn on-Site

Creative Writing Club for Young Writers

Writing & Proofreading Assistance- For the Months of May, June, and July

Let's Learn How to Animate Our Drawings , Beginner Friendly , Easy Apps

Vocabulary-Focused Literacy Workshop for Gifted or Advanced Readers

Discovering Dolphins

Monster Descriptive Writing

The Golden Compass by Philip Pullman - A Fantasy Novel Study

Nature Journaling

Discovering Red Pandas

Scratch Game Coding: Visual, Interactive, and STEM Development and Design

Discovering Koalas

Private Tutoring: Reading and Phonics (One-Time Class)

Preparing for High School: Literature, Writing, Rhetoric, & Critical Thinking

Learn to Compose Using Finale

Greek/Latin Root Vocabulary for Aspiring Healthcare Workers/STEM Fields (12-16)

La Fiesta de Princesas!! (The Princess Party!!)

Life Skills: Unlocking Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving Abilities

Drawing With Snoopy

1:1 English Conversation Practice and Free Talk! ESL Basic- Advanced Levels

Tropical Flowers & Leaves Art

1:1 Writing Practice- Grammar, Essays, Screenplays, Stories, etc.

New York Regents Algebra I Exam Preparation Topic : Frequency Tables

20 Minute Mini Ballet!

Middle School Summer Book Club | High-Interest Young Adult Novel Study

Chemistry Tutoring

Summer Camp! 1-1 Guitar or Bass Lessons for Beginners: 5-Day Intensive Workshop

Comprehensive Japanese Language/Culture Lower Elem. Class 2 Pt 4 (Age 8-12)

German Beginners Kindergarten: Summer

Extinct Animals - Mammoths, Saber-Toothed Tigers, the Dodo and More!

Let's Learn Greek - Part 12 And Above!

Theatre Audition Feedback Private Coaching Workshop

AP Chemistry Free Response Practice #1

Foxes - Learn Facts About This Amazing Mammal

Amigurumi Crochet Social Circle: Weekly Challenges! [Advanced Beginner Level]

STEAM and Science Experiments 1 Week Summer Camp!

Rising Second and Third Grade Summer Camp - 3X per Week (Monday - Wednesday)

Private Tutoring - Mastering Note Taking

Kindergarten, Here We Come!

Little Elephant in Acrylics (Ages 7-11)

Squishmallows Club - Clay Sculpting & Figurines: Summertime Collection

Fashion Sketching Summer Class (Ongoing 3x weekly)

Draw an Easter Bunny in a Basket

8th Grade Eureka Math Companion Class (Module 7, Roots, Radicals, and Pythagorean Theorem)

Spring Break Art Camp :Spring Art Projects

8th Grade Eureka Math Companion Class (Module 6, Linear Functions and Scatter Plots)

8th Grade Eureka Math Companion Class (Module 5, Functions and Volume)

Elementary Math Tutoring One on One

Private 1:1 Guided Reading/Writing Tutor-With Certified and Energetic Teacher!

American Sign Language Continue the Conversation

Let's Play "Guess the Career"! Learning About Careers and Community Helpers

Get Ready for 2nd Grade Singapore Dimensions Math - Summer Review/Preview

High School Summer Book Club | High-Interest Young Adult Novel Study

Advanced Piano 4

Full Year: 1St Grade Common Core Math Curriculum

Integers Explained! (2 Week Summer Camp)

Singapore Dimensions Math- Grades 1-8- Certified Teacher- Ongoing 1x/week-45 min

High School Chemistry Semester 1

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