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New Classes on Outschool 2023-04-02

There are 293 new classes on Outschool the week of April 2, 2023 to April 8, 2023.

A Circle Story: A Fun, Creative Writing Class

Realistic Animal Art: German Shepherd Dog Sketch

Learn About Paul Klee | Art History | Create Inspired Art Class | Ages 8 - 13

Learn About Max Beckmann | Art History | Create Inspired Art Class | Ages 8 - 13

Learn About Joseph Amedokpo | Art History | Create Inspired Art | Ages 8 - 13

Learn About Henri Matisse | Art History | Create Inspired Art | Ages 8 - 13

Let's Study: 1:1 Ongoing Phonics Class

Organization 101: Tips for Planning Out a Productive Day! (for Teens)

Realistic Animal Art: Swirly Bunny Sketch

Realistic Animal Art: Chinchilla Sketch

Realistic Animal Art: Boston Terrier Dog Sketch

Summer Art: Realistic Insect and Animal Drawing Club

Mrs. Kirbie's Genre Reading Camp

Be a Text Detective & Word Inspector! Reading Comprehension & Grammar Practice

Mathsters Summer Camp: Get Ready for 5th Grade | 4th Grade Math Review

Mathsters Summer Camp: Get Ready for 4th Grade | 3rd Grade Math Review

Mathsters Summer Camp: Get Ready for 3rd Grade | 2nd Grade Math Review

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Clay Art

Dance Class - Hip Hop/Musical Theatre -Descendants/Zombies Multi-Day Dance Class

Python Playground: Create Your Own Snake Game

Build Your Own Calculator Using Python Bootcamp for Kids

Java Minecraft Creative or Survival Mode

1:1 ASL Tutoring (Ongoing)

6th Grade Readiness

5th Grade Readiness

Tween Entrepreneurs: Side Hustles, Jobs, and Gigs- Ways to make Money! $$$

Star Wars Movie Masters - Discussion Club (Episodes 1-3)

1:1 Write & Publish a Novel With Experienced Published Author & Teacher!

Algebra 1 | Full Year, Semester 1 | High School Math

Japanese: Road to Fluency Mid Beginner Class 3 Multiday (Age 8-12)

Learn the Recorder! Complete Beginner FLEX Class, PART 1: #creative #music #arts

Saying Letter Sounds the Right Way!

6th Grade Math EOG Review

Survival Spanish - Learn Important Spanish Phrases for Emergencies!

Conversational Spanish - Let's Learn the Most Common Spanish Phrases!

Spelling Assessment With Recommendations for Remediation

Mean Median Mode and Range Practice

Ongoing Weekly Course: The Art of Science - A Perfect STEAM!

Individual Tutoring (Ongoing, 30 Min)

Polymer Clay Sculpting: Unicorns!

Polymer Clay Sculpting: Snails!

Polymer Clay Sculpting: Narwhals!

Sea Songs, Sea Shanties, and other Maritime Adventures!

Spring Puppy Art Project

Middle School Geography of the World: Part 9-Map Skills, SOL, Sources, Evidence

Literature on Film 3 - High School ELA

Let's Make a Movie - Movie Kids Workshop - Film School for Kids

Healthy Living Social Club: Juicing & Making Smoothies!

Creative Writing for Beginners: Stories

Bookflix Book Club: The Two Towers

Piano Games! Beginner Music Theory

High School Biology Course: Animal Anatomy & Dissection Alternative (Zoology)

Bowl of Fruit Still Life Art

Mr. Lemoncello's Very First Game Book Club

Mr. Lemoncello and the Titanium Ticket Book Club

Planet Earth Is Blue: A Novel Study

Mr. Lemoncello's All-Star Breakout Game Book Club

Intro to Earth Science PART 2: Geology, Meteorology, Climate, Oceans & Planets -

Adventures Studio Art: Science, Drawing & Art - Large Animals

Adventures Studio Art: Small Mammals (Science, Drawing & Art)

Adventures Studio Art: Birds (Science, Drawing & Art)

Adventures Studio Art: Marine Animals - Science, Drawing, Art, & Story Telling!

World History: The Israel-Palestine Conflict

The Benefits of Being an Octopus: A Novel Study

Pokemon Duels: Scarlet and Violet Strategy Group

Are YOU a Smarty-Pants? Fun Edutaining Learning Games For Really Smart 6-8 Years

Learn to Read: Precocious Learners Series [Ages 4-7]

Learn to Read: All About Me Beginner Books for 3-6 Year Olds

1:1 Ongoing Private Tutoring: Reading & Writing for Grades K-3 [ELA/ESL]

Focusing on Good Character, Mindfulness, and Emotional Intelligence! 1.0

Start Your Own Business With Lemonade Day! Make Your Own Lemonade Stand

Japanese Drop-In Conversation Lab

Tuck Everlasting Book Club and Novel Study (Ages 9 - 12)

Keeper of the Lost Cities Baking Class: Kotlc Sweet Treats - Mallowmelt

Sea Turtles Drawing & Painting Art

Strong and Peaceful, Balanced and Poised

Latin Language - Fifth Semester

Let's Play Career Bingo!

Amazing Savanna Animals: A Weekly Deep Dive Into Animals & Their Habitats

STEM: Hands on Science Experiments and Kahoot!

The Culture and Mythology of India in Pokémon

Digital Art: Fun Artwork Club - Procreate for Beginners!(Ages 7-11)

Exploring Astronomy: Solar System and Space Exploration.

Tutoring 1-On-1 For Reading Fun!

All About Giraffes!

Watercolor Spider Web Art

Gabby's Dollhouse- Dance Party

Live a Day on Every Planet: What Life Would Be Like Throughout the Solar System

Little Minds Meditation

8th Grade Math EOG Review

4th Grade Math EOG Review

5th Grade Math EOG Review

Girl's Empowerment Social Club: Building Confidence, Friendships & Fun!

12th Grade Full Homeschool Curriculum

Weird but True Facts!: An Interactive Kahoot Class

History of the United States Government (Full Year) - Part 3 of 3

History of the United States Government (Full Year) - Part 2 of 3

World History: From Colonialism to Nationalism

Basic Guided Writing Ongoing

Executive Functioning Skills for Little Learners

Beginning Private Piano Lessons

Advanced Private Piano Lessons

Marine Biology 2: Research & Explore Marine Organisms! 10 Week (Ages 9-12)

Love Your Hair: Natural Hair Care

8 Weeks of Japanese 1_04

Introduction to Java - Part 1 Of 2

Spanish for Beginners No Previous Knowledge

Algebra 1 in 5 Weeks! | Head Start | Self-Paced

Music Open Mic! Songwriters/Music Producers/Improvisors - Share Your Music!

Pre-Algebra: Constant of Proportionality

Ongoing Weekly Art Class - The Principles of Design (Ages 9-12)

Cosplay Creation Club!

Summer Camp: Prep for USA Computing Olympiad (Usaco) - Bronze Level

ChatGPT & Coding: Let's Have ChatGPT Code a Game for Us!

Ongoing Weekly Art Class - The Principles of Design (Ages 6-9)

Super Mario Brothers Scavenger Hunt Party With Story, Song, & Craft

Fairy Escape Room: Celebrate the Seasons!

Advanced Reading Club: Dragon Pearl

"Fascinating Flags: An Introduction to Vexillology"

Superhero Workout Club- Spiderman, Batman, Avengers, Hulk and More! (4 Weeks)

Dr. Sullivan's Math Tutoring: Algebra, Arithmetic, Calculus, Geometry, Trig.

Apex Predator Case Study: King Cobra!

ESL Immersion Cheer Stars Circle Time Conversation Body Movement Class!

High School Geometry in 6 Weeks! | Head Start | Self-Paced

Apex Predator Case Study: Dingo!

Apex Predator Case Study: Saltwater Crocodile!

The Official "The Office" Club

Apex Predator Case Study: Green Anaconda!

The Writer's Journey - Complete Story Building

Apex Predator Case Study: Tasmanian Devil!

Scratch Coding Tutor 1:1

Pokemon Social Club And Discussion Group!

Super Mario Spectacular Social Club!

WW2 Summer Camp! 4 Days of Obscure Military History, War Stories - 1775 - 1945

United States History II (Full Year) - Part 3 of 4

8th Grade Math Unit 4 (Functions)

Private 1 to 1 Tutoring - English or Math (ONE 25 Min Session/Week)

Sponge Painting Bunny Art

1:1 Conversational Practice in Spanish

6th Grade Math

Want to Learn Spanish with Music? Join Canta y Aprende with Latin Hits!

ELA Summer Camp: Digging Deep Into Text Analysis!

Middle School English Semester: World War II Books

Spar Mystery Bootcamp 3: Christie's The Murder of Roger Ackroyd Through Debate

Pre-Battle Exhortations (Famous Speeches by Famous Commanders)

Social-Emotional Talk & Play Time with Bluey: Fruit Bat (One-Time)

Groovy Kids Club: Drawing Squishmallow & Kawaii Cuties for Beginners

Beginner Level Japanese for High School Students Part 5 of 5

11th Grade Homeschool Full Curriculum

Ai Creative Writing With Chat GPT

6th Grade Math | Full Curriculum | 2 Classes/Week

7th Grade Math | Full Curriculum | 2 Classes/Week

Earth & Life Science: Exploring the World's Biomes Through Geography, Science & Art

Beginner Writers Camp: Learn to Write a Sentence Level 1

Beginner Guitar - Level 2 - (Age 10-13) - FUN Group Lessons

Dog Paws - Cavalier King Charles Spaniel - Drawing Dogs and Marker Art Project!

African American History Course || Black History || Ongoing

Beginner Guitar - Level 2 - (Age 7-9) - FUN Group Lessons

Significant Speeches: A Rhetorical Analytical Discussion

Miss Delicia's Personal Development Book Club

Division Facts Practice With Kahoot! Teams & Fun Video Games

Cuphead Weekly Video Game Social Club

Canva Beginner Social Media Class - Marketing Class (One Time)

Acquiring Spanish for Beginners Through Stories About Pets or Activities

Presenting for Beginners: Introduction to Presenting With Canva (Graphic Design)

Canva for Beginners: Introduction to Graphic Design

Let's Chat- ESL for Early Learners

Roblox Social Gaming Club Blox Fruits

Black History || the First African-American Congresswoman || Shirley Chisholm

Gaming Your Way to Spanish Fluency: A Roblox-Based Language Class for Beginners

How to make a Movie from Beginning to End -SUMMER CAMP! On Going (ESL STUDENTS WELCOME)

Beginner Mandarin Chinese for Upper Elementary

Let's Create the Picturesque Paris Skyline With Pencils

Beginner Voice for Young Singers Camp

Blue-Advanced Belt: Level Three

Session 4 - Japanese for Kidz II

Microbiology Lab: Insect Intensive (Prepared Insect Slides & Model)

Microbiology Labs: Plants & Animals Prepared Slides (the Big Box!)

Pre-K & Kindergarten Reading Fun Trial Class

DnD Pathfinder RPG: Role-Play Kingmaker Camp

Build a Password Generator Using Python Bootcamp for Kids

Draw an Easter Bunny & Chick

1:1 Adaptable Music Lessons (1 Hour)

Italian Conversation Class, Elementary. Learn and Practice Speaking in Italian!

Biology Lab Essentials: Guided Dissection & Models

Pre-Calculus: Quarter 1

Mermaid Magic Summer Arts and Crafts Camp

Brain Games 3-Day Winter Camp!

4th Grade Vocabulary BINGO (ongoing)

The Staff of Justice (Official Quest Licensed by Druidawn® Inc.)

ESL Conversation Practice and Free Talk- Small Group

Military History Club: WWII Tank Duel - German Panther versus Soviet T-34

High School English: Condensed Course

Cook Around the World: A Disney Inspired Cooking Camp B

Cook Around the World: A Disney Inspired Cooking Camp A

When Stars Are Scattered: A Graphic Novel Study

Yoga For Dog Lover's: Yoga Poses, Dog's, Friendships & Fun!

Beginner French Tutoring for Siblings (1 Hour/Week)

Collage Art | Learn About Collage Art | All Skill Levels | Ages 12-18

Basic Art Journaling | Art Techniques | Art Class| Ages 13-18 | All Skill Levels

Summer Art Camp | Art Journaling | Abstract Art | Mixed Media Art Summer Camp

20 More Weeks of Hands-On Science

Private Bass Lessons

Learn French Through Stories! TPRS, the Most Effective Language-Learning Method!

Multiplication Recitation: The Ultimate Math Challenge

Music Production for Elementary Students

Spelling Detectives: Learn to Crack the Spelling Code! Private 1-On-1 Tutoring

Little House on the Prairie Reading Class

Draw a Bunny Holding an Easter Card

Conversation Club: A Summer Club for Making Friends and Learning Social Skills

Guided Reading Weekly Practice

Executive Function Skills for ADHD and Neurodivergent Teens- Time Management

2-Day Winter Pokemon Camp - Students With Autism, ADHD, Neurodiverse Learners

Simply Social: Social-Emotional Learning with M.Ed Teacher (Ages 9-10)

Bunny Silhouette Art

Discover 57 Amazing, Weird, and Rare Animals #Academic

Apex Predator Case Study: Komodo Dragon!

Science Bowl Preparation (Semester)

Food Science: Root Beer Floats and States of Matter (1X)

1ST Grade Math: Missing Numbers, Place Value, Inequalities, Time, Fractions & $$

Learn to Draw: Cute Frogs and Spring Friends!

Draw a Gingerbread Latte by Draw so Cute

Draw a Bunny Holding an Easter Basket

Summer Bridge to Saxon Math 8/7 - 7th and 8th Grade Math Skills

Artificial intelligence

Pokémon Acting Club!

Get Published: Prep and Publish on Amazon

Draw an Easter Bunny Holding a Sign by Draw So Cute

Let's Study: How to Use Chatgpt to Write Essays (and Not Cheat!)

Certified Math Teacher 👩🏼‍🏫: Private 1:1 Tutoring 🥳 (Grade 6 - Calculus)

Build a Chatbot Using Python Bootcamp for Kids

Java Programming Boot Camp

Basic Grammar Weekly Practice

Summer Bridge to Saxon Math 7/6 - 7th and 6th Grade Math Skills

Summer Bridge to Saxon Math 6/5 - 6th and 5th Grade Math Skills

Summer Bridge to Saxon Math 5/4 - 5th and 4th Grade Math Skills

Music Theory Made Simple!

Classic Book Club for Young Learners: 'Oh No, George!' - Chris Haughton

Spelling Detectives: Intro to Spelling Code Cracking! 1-On-1, One-Time Lesson

Let's Draw Sweet Strawberry Sensations...a Strawberry Dessert Drawing Class!

Floral Bunny Spring Acrylic Painting| Canvas Art | All Skill Levels | Ages 11-18

Learn Weaving | Weave Wall Hanging | 2 Week Series | All Skill Levels|Ages 12-18

Colorful Sailboats Acrylic Painting | Canvas Art | All Skill Levels | Ages 12-18

Private Beginners ProCreate Tutoring for Kids (25min)

The Life and Terror of Pompeii

Middle School English Language Arts: "A Small Force" Grades 7 & 8 Full-year T3

Middle School English Language Arts: "A Small Force" Grades 7 & 8 Full-year T2

Middle School English Language Arts: "A Small Force" Grades 7 & 8 Full-year T1

"We're All Mad Here" High School English (Full-Year Grades 9 & 10) Semester 2

"We're All Mad Here" High School English (Full-Year Grades 9 & 10) Semester 1

"We're All Mad Here" High School English (Full-Year Grades 9 & 10) Trimester 3

Top Secret Summer Camp: The Cold War!

Nature Art Course | Ongoing Elementary Art Class That Gets Your Kids Outside

Spanish Private Tutoring Classes (18 Lesson Package)

Comprehensive Japanese Language/Culture Lower Elem. Class 2 Pt 5 (Age 8-12)

Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) Red Wizards of Thay | As seen in the new D&D movie!

Let's Draw an Axolotl in a Bottle!

D&D Keys from the Golden Vault w/ DM Jingleheimer

1:1 Personalized Science Tutoring in Middle School Science Classes

Eco-Adventures: Exploring the Wonders of Planet EARTH SCIENCE CAMP

Number Ninjas: Tackle All Kindergarten Math Standards (W/ a Certified Teacher)

Art: Let’s Paint a Fairy Step by Step With Acrylic Paint!

6th Grade Math Prep: Two Week Summer Math Camp/5th Grade Review

Music Appreciation: World Music and Dance

Art: Let’s Paint a Cute Penguin Step by Step With Acrylic Paint!

Art: Let’s Paint a Cute Panda Step by Step Using Acrylic Paint!

Doodle Drawing: Spring Doodle Club

Semi Private Singing Lessons! (Princess Edition!)

Hummingbird Acrylic Painting | Canvas Painting | All Skill Levels | Ages 12-18

Exploring the World of Pros and Cons Summer Camp

Military History Club: Duel - Spitfire versus Messerschmidt

Military History Club: Duel - Bazooka vs Panzer

Military History Club: Camouflage Techniques

Watercolor Landscapes | Sketch & Watercolor | Watercolor Painting | Ages 12-18

Earth Day Art With Puffy Paint

Spot Your Feelings: A Social-Emotional Class

Digital Art Basics for Beginner Artists! (Crash Course-Digital Art 101)

Space Science Trivia

One-On-One Ballet Lessons for Beginner Ballet Dancers!

1:1 Powerful Class Orton-Gillingham/Noah Text for Struggling Readers & Dyslexia

A.I. Watch: Artificial Intelligence- The Past, Present & Future

Punch Needle Embroidery |Create Punch Embroidery | All Skill Levels | Ages 13-18

Italian Storydraw for Beginners: Ages 7-11

1-on-1 Math Tutoring: Grade 5

Private Piano Lessons & Private Recorder Lessons Camp - Daily for One Week

Summer Camp Art |Watercolor Basics to Advanced | Art Class Painting| Watercolors

Bigfoot, Yeti, and Mermaids! Oh My!

Colored Pencil Sketching - Realistic Animals: Fox, Hare, Giraffe , Cheetah

Animal Pencil Sketching & Drawing Full Semester Part 2 - Mythical Dragons

Run a Pet Sitting Business! Earn Extra Cash Taking Care of Dogs and Cats! (FLEX)

Chocolate Editable Slime With Ms.Abby-Yummy-Editable-Kahoot

Catch the Easter Bunny With Ms. Abby- Story-Kahoot-Song-Craft

Draw and Color Easter Picture With Ms. Abby-Coloring-Drawing-Kahoot-Song

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