How to Draw With Ink, Basic Ink Drawing Skills & Techniques

Adria W.
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This nine week live online course will teach basic ink drawing skills and techniques including: line and contour drawing, stroke variation, shading techniques and values, textures, and observational drawing.

Class experience

Students should come away with an in depth understanding of ink drawing skills and techniques such as: 
-A wealth of knowledge on basic inking materials and how to care for these materials
-Shading techniques (including hatching, cross-hatching, and washes)
-Stroke variation
-Values and value scale creation
-How to create textures
-Creating volume in work through cross-contour drawing
-Constructing forms and shapes
-Working with observation 

Students will complete:
-Several value scales and studies
-Texture cubes and scales
-Several cross-contour drawings
-Between one and three observational root vegetable drawings
-Paper bag drawings 
-A final project in ink, with their choice in subject 
I am delighted to be able to offer classes that emphasize fine art techniques through the lens of observational drawing. Observational art is a method of learning to draw with three principles in mind: understanding of the subject, building looking skills, and practice of artistic technique. Through this method and practice, learners can draw anything. Completion of my courses will result in a learner who is engaged with art and understands basic art technique. Even students who are not aspiring artists have much to gain from drawing, including improvement of hand-eye coordination and hand dexterity skills.

Along with my bachelor’s degree in art history and studio art from a premier liberal arts institution in Ohio, I also have been teaching since 2016. My online teaching career began on Outschool in 2017. I have taught homeschoolers, unschoolers, and undergraduate students of all ages. My background in art history means that my classes are created with an understanding of historical precedence- I’m teaching what I know works! Many of my classes include examples of important artworks from masters for students to examine and learn skills from. In addition, my many years of teaching art have helped me curate concise and logical drawing curriculum that young artists can easily pick up and apply to their work. Every art class I teach hopes to provide learners with all the knowledge and support they need to grow as an artist.
Homework Offered
The only formal homework in this class will be our final project. Students will be required to confer with me on their plan for their final project in How to Draw with Ink: 107 or How to Draw with Ink: 108. Once their final project is completed, they will also be required to send me their project through the Outschool classroom for feedback. Otherwise, students are only expected to finish their in-class assignments if they do not in class, and generally I recommend students practice art for 30min or more daily. The final project is the only artwork throughout this course I require students to share with me, because I want to see how all their hard work paid off!
1 - 2 hours per week outside of class
Assessments Offered
To remove the stress of what is sometimes a very daunting course of study, your learners will not have tests, quizzes, or formal grades in the class. Instead, I utilize positive verbal critiques to provide feedback and encourage improvement. However, if grades are requested I will provide them via rubrics that will suggest a grade. Learners progress will be gauged by the completion of their assignments, execution of techniques, and their class presence (being on-time, listening when I am speaking, and how they communicate with peers).
Grades Offered
 4 files available upon enrollment
Like math classes need textbooks and literature courses need novels, art classes require supplies too. Your artist will need several supplies for a successful art class. Keep in mind that this materials list is a guide with recommendations based on my personal experiences. Please feel free to purchase the materials that are available and affordable for you. These materials can be used for more than my classes. All materials should be able to be purchased for $40.00USD or under if you do not have any of these materials already. The cost of materials will change depending on brand, size or amount, and where you are purchasing from. I will provide a syllabus PDF with my policies, all of the lesson plans for this course, and a materials guide to help navigate various art supplies. REQUIRED MATERIALS: - Pencils & Erasers. No cost, you should have these items at home. If you would like to buy artists graphite pencils, I recommend purchasing a 2H, HB, B, and 2B pencil (aprox. $1.00USD per pencil), however standard writing or #2 pencils will work. Mechanical pencils can be used as well. - Ink Utensils. A variety of utensils will allow your learner to experiment with the skills they will learn in class. Your learner could get by with a simple black ballpoint pen for this class, but to get the most (and best results) with this course you may choose to purchase: + a set of at least four black felt-tip pens (between $10.00USD and $20.00USD) + AND/OR dip pens (between $10.00USD and $15.00USD) with a bottle of black drawing, calligraphy, or India ink (between $5.00USD and $10.00USD). I strongly recommend dip pens! + AND/OR soft bristle brushes in various sizes and bristle shapes ($15.00USD) and a bottle of black ink. - Paper for Wet Media. Paper that is not for wet media will bleed, pill, curl, and eventually become unusable. You must have ink paper! This includes Bristol pads, mixed media pads, or, in a pinch, watercolor pads. Paper pads, depending on the amount, size, and brand can cost between $10.00USD and $20.00USD. -Root vegetables for How to Draw with Ink: Drawing Root Veggies. Examples include: carrots, potatoes, yams, ginger, onions. The price on this material varies wildly, so I cannot give an estimate. -A paper bag for How to Draw with Ink: The Paper Bag. Students will need to come to class with any size or type of paper bag. They may come with a paper grocery bag, a school lunch paper bag, a paper gift bag, and their paper bags may be brown, white, or any other color. You can expect to pay $10.00USD for a pack of brown paper lunch bags on a website like Amazon, but there are cheaper options available. OPTIONAL MATERIALS: - Newsprint paper to use under work to keep surfaces clean - Paper towels to blot ink and clean up spills - Plastic palette with wells (this will be required if your learner plans to use brushes. Palettes are cheap and you can purchase one for under $5.00UD)
Learners will not need to use any apps or websites beyond the standard Outschool tools.

Meet the teacher

Average rating:4.9Number of reviews:(313)
Hello and welcome to my teacher profile!

My name is Adria, I am a life-long mixed-media artist with a bachelor’s in art history and studio art. I am an observational and free-hand artist. Observational art is an artistic process that emphasizes... 
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