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New Classes on Outschool 2021-05-23

There are 223 new classes on Outschool the week of May 23, 2021 to May 29, 2021.

Manners Maketh Man: Don't Be Rude, Be a Polite Dude -- Guys Learn Etiquette!

Train Your Brain: Executive Functioning for Kids on the Spectrum Camp (12-17) (ASD, ADHD, SPD,2e)

The Hidden Curriculum: Social Skills for the Spectrum (ASD, ADHD, SPD, 2e)

It's Okay to Make Mistakes! Mistakes Can Help Us Grow!

Guided Math Talk - All 4 Operations and up to 2-Digits

Math Quarter 3: 4Th and 5th Grade Level Number Sense Fractions

ACT Practice Club

Love to Dance - Private Ballet Lesson (30 minutes) With Ms. Irina_Schedule Per Request

Montessori Private 1:1 Tutoring - Reading, Writing, Math, Etc. (30 Minutes)

When Things Don't Go Your Way, Choose a Better Attitude and Be Okay!

Math or Reading Tutoring

Finishing School (Bespoke Individual Lessons)

Roblox Gaming Club ( New games every week day)

Private Tutoring for Preschool, ESL and Elementary School Students

Reading Class 5 to 7 Year Olds: Reading and Listening Skills With Short Stories Set C

Ballerina Princess Dance Camp - Crafts, Games, Beginner Ballet, Social Skills

Ultimate Guide to Using Redstone in Minecraft (Self-Paced)

Celebrate Thanksgiving With a Turkey for Thanksgiving by Eve Bunting!

Create a Creature

Dungeons and Dragons 5e Basics - Lost Mine of Phandelver: Goblin Arrows

Terrifyingly Terrific Pre-historic Terror Birds of Dinosoaur Days

The Cheetah. African Safari With the World's Fastest Animal.

Raise the Bar: Graphs and Maths

December Piano Recital 2023

Pokemon Club: Play, Practice, and Connect With Others (Ongoing)

Level 5! Part 2 Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Ukulele, Guitalele

Show and Tell Club

LDCA (Student Request) Mario Drawing - Princess Peach

Trinity College of Music: Music Theory Grade 6 (Flex)

Trinity College of Music: Music Theory Grade 1 (Flex)

Essay Writing for Middle School

Little Dreamers Cartoon Marathon: 2 In 1 Drawing - Squidward & Mr. Krabs

Songwriting Summer Camp: Write a Hit Song!

Magical Mermaids, Unicorns and Dragons From Folklore & Fairy Tales Adventure!

All About Lions, Lionesses and Their Cubs. Join Our Mane Event Today!

French Immersion Intermediate (9-12)

Reptile Rumble | Meet Live Reptiles & Explore Snakes, Lizards, & More | Ages 6-9

Beginning Piano Club

Music Appreciation: World Music (Flex)

The Power of Responsibility & Self Discipline

Do We Need Emoji Law? How Emojis Are Affecting Criminal and Civil Law Cases

What Did They Do Back Then? 8 Week Class Volume 2

Private Singing and Acting with a Professional Actor!

Tutoring in Hebrew (Reading, Writing, Alphabet) (Ongoing 30 Minute Sessions)

Let's Go to Farm! Yoga Class

U.S. History Part 2: From Truman to the Berlin Wall (Middle School 13 To 14)

U.S. History (Part 1): From Pilgrims to Patton (Middle School Ages 10-14)

Animal Crossing Decorating Tips, Socializing, Gifts, Games, and More

Trinity College of Music: Music Theory Grade 4 (Flex)

Trinity College of Music: Music Theory Grade 3 (Flex)

Trinity College of Music: Music Theory Grade 2 (Flex)

Trinity College of Music: Music Theory Grade 8 (Flex)

Trinity College of Music: Music Theory Grade 7 (Flex)

Trinity College of Music: Music Theory Grade 5 (Flex)

Introduction to Music History: Romantic Period (Flex)

Music Theory: Twentieth Century (Flex)

Introduction to Music History: Twentieth-Century (Flex)

Introduction to Music History: The Renaissance Period (Flex)

Introduction to Music History: Medieval Period (Flex)

Cooking With Courage & Creativity: A Semester Course Set 2

Storytelling, Speech and Symmetry ⚛ Creative Expression ⚛ Art & Culture (India)

MakeUp Camp!: Eyes, Face & Skincare

🧪Science Stem Winter Camp

Private Fiction and Creative Nonfiction Writing Tutoring

Private One on One Drawing Lessons: Realistic Drawing

Immersion Russian Club: Beginner Level, Hands On

Chess Camp Part Two (7 - 12 Years Old)

Spanish 3 Summer Review - Get Ready for Spanish 4!

Writing: How to Write a Book Review / Book Report

Acting Camp - Interactive Theatre and Acting Skills

Ongoing Reading Class 2nd Graders-Vocabulary, Fluency, Comprehension

Doodle Drawing: Summer Fun

10 Week Flute Boot Camp (Middle School)

10 Week Flute Boot Camp (High School)

Chess for Beginners - Level 2 (Once a Week, 10 Weeks)

Music Foundations Workshop: Reading Music

Private One on One Art, Drawing, Crochet and Creativity Class with Ms. Niki

Recital Performance Class

Autism Among Us: Let's Play Among Us, Have Fun, and Make Friends!

Stage School for Musical Theatre Kids (One Time Class)

Creative Fashion Design! Weekly Process Discussion, Designing & Sketching 11+

Art and Archaeology of Ancient Egypt: Royalty Edition

Multiplication, Division Fractions & Geometry Math Mystery Escape Room Boot Camp

Multi-Digit Addition, Subtraction, Time& Area/Perimeter Math Mystery Escape Room CAMP!

Space Mission 4: Moons of Jupiter & Saturn-Ages 10-14 (Semester Course)

World History for High School Full Year: Napoleon to Today Semester 2 of 2

Space Mission 4: Moons of Jupiter & Saturn (Semester Course)

Autism Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Social Club: Let’s Race, Have Fun, and Make Friends

Book Club - Narnia #3 - Prince Caspian

Who Are Native Americans (Ages 6-9)

Python Programming | Intermediate | Rhyming Robot

3rd Grade Math Full Curriculum Summer Camp Readiness (Once a week)

Factors Fit! Factoring as a Prerequisite to Mastering Fractions

1:1 Writing Tutoring or Homework Help

Zoology of Pokémon: Echinodermology! Echinoderms in Pokémon and Our World (13-18)

Zoology of Pokémon: Echinodermology! Echinoderms in Pokémon and Our World (7-12)

Private/Semi Private: Japanese Intensive for Beginners (Pre-Teens/Teens)

Pro-Social Skills for Children Ages 6-8

Music/Violin Lessons! All Ages

Super Mario: Sharing, Story, Coloring and More!

May the 4th Star Wars: Time To Color, Share And Learn!

Mania Minecraft: Spring Break Arts and Crafts Camp (Ages 4-7)

Sweet Treats Arts and Crafts Spring Break Camp

Play Readings: Shakespeare's Two Gentlemen of Verona

Introduction to Music History: Classical Period (Flex)

Nancy Drew Book Club | Read a Nancy Drew Book a Week and Chat With Friends

Dungeons and Dragons, Dungeon Master Training, Learn How to Be the DM

Vocabulary Workshop! 2nd 3rd | Word Usage, Communication, Spelling, & Reading

Learn to Read Sight Words: Construction Themed

Homeschool Yearly Portfolio Evaluation With a Certified Teacher

Let's Make Dinner! a Cooking and Baking Experience for Young Chefs.

Witty & Quick: It's a Limerick! Poetry Writing Class

Fun with Martial Arts

Primus Science Class: Rockets - The Artemis Program + Launch Paper Rockets

Handwriting Practice! (1:1)

Journey to Space to Test Your Knowledge of Astronauts and the World They Live In

U.S. States and Capitals Kahoot!

English Galore! Fun English Classes for Ages 6-8

Three Cheers for the Red, White and Blue! A 4th of July Storytime with Aunt Sam

Junior Paleontologists: Digging Into Dinosaurs With My American Girl Doll (STEM + Art)

From 0 to Baby: The Anatomy and Physiology of Human Pregnancy and Development

Man Alive! The Anatomy and Physiology of the Human Male Reproductive System

Ladies First! The Anatomy and Physiology of the Human Female Reproductive System

6th Grade Math Camp: Self-Paced

Video Game Design - Camp - Level 2a

Body Works! An Exploration of Human Anatomy & Biology - High School Science

Private Tutoring Lessons: Reading, Writing, or Math

Sew a Summer Bucket Hat

Machine Sewing Summer Sewing Camp

The Boxcar Children Book Club #2 Read Aloud

Beginner Keyboarding 102: Practice Typing Like a Pro Game Class

Get Outside - Simply Science Nature Break

Jump Aboard the Cinquain Train! Poetry Writing Class

Primus Science Class: Biology - Seeds and Plants & Build a Mini-Greenhouse

Does Pasta Grow on Trees? Where Our Food Comes From: Prek Learning With Ms. Liz

Penguin Step-By-Step Instructions for Drawing and Colouring

ART CAMP: Painting in Perspective: Looking up From Below

BFG Book Club

SELF-PACED ART COURSE: Draw and Paint Using the Elements of Art

Sketching: Learn How to Sketch and Shade a Realistic Animal

SELF-PACED ART COURSE: Draw and Paint Using the Principles of Design

World History High School Semester 1 of Full Year Modern: Middle Ages to Today

Boo! Let’s Write a Ghost Story

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone- End of Story Review and Celebration

Private Cooking and Baking Class for Young Chefs!

Ongoing High School Speech and Debate Club

Summer Camp: Camping STEM Activities and Learning About Constellations(Ages 6-9)

Art Journaling for Anxious Tweens

Songwriting for Beginners (Focused on Lyrics)

Let's Create in Minecraft Java Edition! (Ages 6-10)

SELF-PACED ART COURSE: Draw Your Patron Animal

Songwriting for Beginners (Focused on Music Theory and Chords)

4th of July Fashion Sketch Class

Explore Korean for Teens 2

Math Placement and Gap Assessment

History of the United States: Hot Takes: Part 3

History of the United States: Hot Takes: Part 1

Epic U.S. History From America's Founding to the Cold War

Ibispaint Digital Art Introduction: Create a Beautiful Moonlit Mountain Scene

Regency Era Dressmaking - A Jane Austen Sewing and Fashion History Workshop

FLEX Poi Spinning & Poi Juggling How to Spin Poi Like a Circus Pro 4W1

FLEX Staff Spinning & Juggling How to Spin Staff Like a Circus Ninja Pro 4W1

All New! Make Your Move Camp (3 Days Mixing Creativity With Logic)

Python Pygame - Create Your Own Video Game! L2 (Once a Week, 8 Weeks) Level 3.2

How to Survive and Thrive High School Camp: Neurodivergent Autistic ADHD Teens

Star Wars: The Bad Batch - Discussion

Planning, Prioritizing, & Organization: Skills Camp for Neurodivergent Teens

Adventures in: ADHD Summer Camp

1:1 Learn Spanish With La Profe Natalia - Private Tutoring

One on One Piano Lessons for Older Learners

Mastering Multiplication: Strategies for 1s-12S Times Tables

Weekly Watercolor Painting Fun!

Growing My Reading Powers: One-on-One Class

Learn Digital Art: Animal Painting (Ongoing)

Private 1:1 Tutoring: Initial Assessment and Meet & Greet for Explicit Phonics Instruction.

Tae Kwon Do for a Healthy Body and Mind - Martial Arts Is a Way of Life

LIVE Online Art Class: Draw Your Patron Animal

Group Piano Lessons

Play Readings: Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet

Drawing the World: A Weekly Drawing Class for World Travelers

Arabic Club for Pre-Teens - Beginner Level

Play Sonic Forces with Your Friends and Teacher! (Ongoing Version)

Adventures in: Starting an Online Business

Wild Work: Careers Working With Wildlife

Learn to Write Spanish through Sonic!

Bucket Drumming 201, Ongoing: Learn to Play More Rhythms

Art Journaling: An Introduction to Art Journaling

Learn to Read Ancient Maya Numbers: Addition & Multiplication Practice

FLEX Become a Bubbleologist How to Make Giant Bubbles Performer Artist 4W1

Camp - Python - Fun Coding for Beginners Using Turtle (5 Times a Week, 2 Weeks) Level 2

Pixelated Minecraft Creeper Pizza!

Entrepreneurship: How to Start an Online Business

3rd Grade Math - Full Year Ongoing Class

Art Class for Beginners Waldorf Inspired

Polymer Clay Club 2: Sculpt Creative Dragon Figures!

One to One Ukulele Lesson

Mustangs: Wild Horses of North America

Private Phonics Tutor- Sound It Out and Write! Fun and Engaging Teacher

One-On-One Tutor for Kindergarten, First, Second, Third, Fourth and Fifth Grades

Creative Writing Club: Quick Tip, In-Class Writing Time + Feedback (Ages 10-13)

Portuguese for Young Learners: Ongoing Tutoring Sessions 1:1 (30 Minutes)

French for Young Learners: Ongoing Sessions Tutoring 1:1 (30 minutes)

Tackling the BIG Words Confidently! Multisyllabic Strategies & Phonics (6 Wks)

Photography Deep Dive: Full Semester Introduction to All Things Photography

Learn to Read & Write Cursive!

Adventures in Camping With Mr. Magee! Reading & Marshmallow Fun with Teacher Dianne

Beginner Private One-On-One Piano Lessons

Procreate Club - Weekly Tech Tips & Creative Prompts Using Procreate for iPad

Level 9: Phonics Reading Contractions With Mrs. Rose (M.S.Ed)

Chinese Reading Interactive Stories - 250 Characters (Simplified )

Let’s Dance to K-Pop: Blackpink - Lovesick Girls Chorus | (Kids Beginners)

Let’s Dance to K-Pop: BTS – Butter Chorus | Kids Version!

Drawing: Learn How to Draw a Baby Animal - Cutest Animals

Drawing: Learn How to Draw an Animal (Natural History)

Dungeons and Dragons: Beat the DM!

Geometry: Area of Compound Shapes

Get Ready for Prom: Sales, Percents & More (Math)

Comprehensive Reading Assessment

Memorial Day History Class

Knitting Class. Learn How to Knit, Purl, and More, PART 3. Cable Mania

Scratch Coding Club for Intermediate Programmers

M02 Marvelous Math 1-on-1 Tutoring

Scratch Intro for 3rd Through 5th Grade

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