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New Classes on Outschool 2021-06-06

There are 236 new classes on Outschool the week of June 6, 2021 to June 12, 2021.

1st Grade Math: Singapore 1b

Summer Spanish Immersion- Travel to Hispanic Countries! Beginner Friendly!

Private Audition Prep & Performance Coaching-45 Minute

Semi-Private: Huh? Listening and Following Directions; Brain Fitness: Ages 9-12

Semi-Private: Huh? Listening and Following Directions; Brain Fitness: Ages 7-9

Ultimate Minecraft Play Bedrock Club - Ongoing (4-7)

Russian Language: Building My Family Tree

How to Draw Cartoons, Comics, and Illustration for Experienced Artists

Coding With Scratch - For Beginners (Multi-Day)

Roblox for Younger Kids- Vote on 12 Different Games Then Play

Disney Detectives Series: Frozen -Help Us Find Ana, Elsa, Olaf, and Friends!

William Shakespeare by Google Translate

7 Ways To Get YouTube Subscribers → Channel Growth Strategies For Your Channel

Come Sign With Me! - Beginning ASL Course

Environmental Science Part 1

Camp - Multiplication Made Easy

Middle School History - Part II - A Semester Course

Flower Arrangements on a Budget: Create a Beautiful Centerpiece for About $20

Sewing Beginner - Quick Project: 18" Doll - Dress Form

Effective Study Skills: A Key to Outstanding Grades ( One-On-One Class)

Lights Camera Action Writing Club: Become a Movie Critic

IEW Jr. High Year 1 Level B (Fall) Essay, Writing, - Homeschool

Fun First Grade Math (Twice Weekly)

Minecraft 303 Class for Advanced Player: All About Redstone (Only Java Edition)

Lighthouse Scenery Drawing and Painting

Art Journaling: Weekly Teen Art Journaling Group

Kindergarten Waldorf-Inspired Curriculum: Language Arts, Math, Science & Art (Homeschool/POD)

Pokemon Recreation: The League Club (Literacy & Mathematics )

Kindergarten to 1st Grade Math Bridge Summer Camp

Let's Roleplay With Roblox Warrior Cats Ultimate Edition! - Roblox Social Club

Intermediate Writing Club

Creative Writing Club

Russian Language Course for Starters: Speaking, Reading and Writing. Part 1 Of 3

First Finances 2: Long-term Savings, Giving, Budgeting, and Scarcity

Animal Crossing Extravaganza! - Weekly Social Club

Introduction to French: Level 1 Beginner French

One on One: Phonics with Doc McStuffins

Travel to EVEN MORE Coolest Cities in the World Camp

Seasons Poetry: Spring Showers Bring Blooming Blossoms

Seasons Poetry: Winter is the Warmest Season

Seasons Poetry: Falling Autumn Leaves Swirling in the Breeze

One on One Private Drawing Lesson

Basic Sentence Diagramming: Level 1

Russian Language Course for Starters: Speaking, Reading and Writing. Part 3 Of 3

Russian Language Course for Starters: Speaking, Reading and Writing. Part 2 Of 3

Anime Creative Writing!

1:1 Tutoring and Homework Help in English and Essay Writing

Top 200 Words Kids Need to Know 5th | Spelling Reading Word Families Vocabulary

Fraction Summer Math Boot Camp: Let's Master Fractions!

3rd to 4th Grade Math Bridge Summer Camp

Top 200 Words Kids Need to Know 3rd | Spelling Word Families Reading Vocabulary

Top 200 Words Kids Need to Know 4th | Spelling Word Families Reading Vocabulary

Top 200 Words Kids Need to Know 2nd | Spelling Word Families Reading Vocabulary

LDCA (Student Request): Sonic Drawing - Super Sonic

LDCA (Student Request): Spiderman Drawing - Spidey

Little Dreamers Cartoon Marathon: Duck Tales Drawing - Huey

Join "The Traveling Teach" in the US on Virtual Field Trips (Ages 5-7 Ongoing)

Knights in History, Legend, & Literature (Summer Camp)

Drawing Pokemon Characters.

Anatomy of a Castle - Summer Camp

Edgar Allan Poe: The Dark and Mysterious Life

Singapore Math 5th Grade (5A)

Weird Animals Alive! Learn About the Strangest Animals Ever (With Art Activity)

Cheetahs Alive! All About the Cheetah With Drawing Activity

Write Stronger Sentences & Play "I Spy" Game (Elementary English)

Fairies From Around the World - Fairy Stories, Geography, Culture

Friends - Semi-Private Math Tutor, Ongoing

African Safari Animal Art: Meerkat Sketch

Private Tutoring

Multi-Sensory Reading, Spelling and Writing Help (Once a Week Dyslexia or Dysgraphia Support)

American Sign Language (ASL) for Beginners (Part One)

Writing Tutoring and Grading (IEW)- Personal Instruction

One-to-One Drum Lessons for Beginning to Advanced Players

Book Club: Francine Poulet Meets the Ghost Raccoon

Book Club: Eugenia and the Unexpected Package by Kate Dicamillo

Nonfiction/Informational Book Report Writing - All About Animals - Full Curriculum Course

Art Week: Warhol, Picasso, Van Gogh, Kandinsky, Dine (Ages 6-11)

Peter and the Wolf Instrument and Steady Beat Play Along

The Calming Craftivism Club: A Creative DIY Club for Young Activists + Feminists

Art: Draw a Rooster in the Style of Picasso!

Art: Let’s Paint a Sunflower Step by Step Using Acrylic Paint!

Art: Let’s Paint an Ice Cream Cone Step by Step With Acrylic Paint!

Private Piano Lessons

First Grade Digital Escape Rooms and Crafts! (Ages 6-7) | 4 WEEK FLEX

Identifying if an Author’s Purpose Is to Persuade, Inform or Entertain (PIE).

Create Your Own Escape Room in Minecraft Camp (Only Java Edition)

Camp - Chess for Beginners - Level 2 (5 Times a Week, 2 Weeks)

1-1 Tutoring (55 Minute Sessions)

Polymer Clay Club: Weekly! - Sculpting Social Party - Ages 6-11

Polymer Clay Club: Weekly! - Sculpting Social Party - Ages 14-18 - Miniatures

Polymer Clay Club: Weekly! - Sculpting Social Party - Ages 10-15

Guitar Improvisation: Intermediate Players:Learn the Scales of Improvisation

Wildlife Coloring Club | Learn About Animals While Coloring (Zoology)

Creative Writing for Teens: Ongoing Class

Primus Summer Camp Art: Paint Like Famous Artists

Primus Summer Camp: Art Academy Paint Like Famous Artists Art + Art History

Art: Let’s Draw a Mermaid Step by Step!

High School Physics Part 3 (of 3) - Live Course

High School Physics Part 2 (of 3) - Live Course

Let's Chat About That! 1-On-1 Chat Time With Teacher Adams

Guitar Lessons-Beginner to Pro 1-Hour Weekly Class

Pre-K & Kindergarten Full Curriculum & Circle Time (4X Week)

Algebra 2 (High School) Part 3

Writing: Introduction to Note Taking and Summarizing

Multiplication Masters- Beginner

Writing: Composition Leads and Endings

Creative Writing Retreat For Budding Writers

Draw Cartoon Caricatures Like a Pro! (Camp)

1:1 Math Tutoring Middle School, Geometry, Pre-Algebra, and Algebra I - 45 Min

Keyboarding for Modern Typing (Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced) Ages 11+

Preschool with Ms. Elizabeth! Circle Time, Storytime, Music, & Art

Elizabeth I: Her Pirates, Politics, Spies, and Shakespeare! Great Leaders Series

A History of Pee: An Introduction

Middle School English Language Arts: Writing a Literary Analysis Essay

Art History - Landscapes' Tranquility - One on One

Tutoring, Homework Help, Enrichment - Math, Reading, and/or Writing By Request

Individualized Tutoring- Elementary Math

Consumer Math: Practical Math Needed for Life! Full-Curriculum (Semester 1)

Let's Talk Nintendo: Present, Past and Future!

Share Your Music! an Open Mic Showcase

Budgeting for Kids! (Ages 4-7)

Summertime Disney Fan Fun Club - Movies, Park Updates and Games!

Breakfast Lovers - Let's Cook and Bake Like a Chef! (Age 8-11)

Pups to the Rescue! Dance as Patrol Pups in This Fun Dance Party Pop-Up Class!

Preschool Story Time & Art with Ms. Elizabeth (Multi-Day): Fall/Spring Semester

1:1 Class Tutoring 2X/Week: Reading, Phonics, Spelling, Grammar, & Writing | ELA

Reading Skills Through Riddles: Make Critical Thinking Inferences From Riddles.

Let Me Be the Star: Private Singing Lessons (8-12)

Dungeons and Dragons: The Wild Beyond the Witchlight! (Ages 8-10)

Monster Lettering! -- Basic Hand-Lettering & Creative Creature Calligraphy

Polymer Clay: Tiny Tin Creative Craft Camp. Part 1

TruFluency Kids Spanish Immersion, Level 1.1, 4-6, 3x/wk

Subtraction Math Mystery Escape Room - The Case of the Locked Candy Box

Reading Part 2.5 With Mrs. Bell!

World Literature Part 2 of 4 I Full Year Curriculum

World Literature Part 3 of 4 I Full Year Curriculum

World Literature Part 4 I Full Year Curriculum

World Literature Part 1 of 4 I Full Year Curriculum

Getting To Know GOTY 2006 American Girl Jess & Daily Life As An Archaeologist

Cool and Unusual Wild Animals

Sunny Circle Time for Special People — Teens (Ages 13-18) — Ongoing

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Club: Examining the World Thru a Buffy Lens

Sunny Circle Time for Special People — Littles (Ages 3-7) — Ongoing

Sunny Circle Time for Special People — Tweens (Ages 8-12) — Ongoing

Art Week: Warhol, Picasso, Van Gogh, Kandinsky, Dine (Ages 7-12)

Star Wars Galactic History: Clone Troopers

Getting to Know Ahsoka Tano: Everyone’s Favorite Jedi Padawan

Phonics for Reading, Writing, and Spelling-Level C: "Hello, Murtle" (One-Time Class) Advanced K, 1st, 2nd, 3rd Grade. Ages 5,6,7,8. (Decoding, Fluency, and Reading Comprehension)

Yearly 4th Grade Math and Reading/Grammar Curriculum With Licensed Teacher!

Calming Skills for Teens (Relax in Secret)

Fairy Club With the Tinker Fairy!

Star Wars Rebels: The Amazing Ghost Ship

Reading Polish Stories for Beginners -( Anna and Her Family) Story 1

Montessori All About Biomes Club

Roblox Social Gaming Club-Spin the Wheel 8-13

Watercolor Art Class That's Fun and Easy

3rd Semester! German For Beginner! Das Neue Deutschmobil 1! Niveau A1

The Hunger Games - Novel Study and Movie Adaptation

Acrylic Painting Class

Weekly World War 1, 2 and General Military History Chat and Show and Tell! - WW1 - World War One - World War Two - WW2

Drawing Mario Bros - 5 Character Camp

Drawing Super Mario Characters 5 Day Camp

Ongoing Private Language & Academic Tutoring

Daily Dose of Dinosaurs! Club

How NASA Works

The Middle Ages

Writing and Craft Preschool

Wings of Fire Dungeons and Dragons DnD RPG Campaign Scavenger / Dragon Role Play

Singing Lessons (Ages 10-14) - Private One-On-One Lessons

Piano Lessons (Ages 6-9) - Private One-On-One Lessons

Animal Crossing Club: Playing, Socializing, Having Fun!

Summer Art Camp: Kawaii Mystical Animals

Time to Chat: English and ESL Speaking and Conversation Practice Tutor (Ongoing)

Time For Tap--Intermediate: (On-going, Ages 8-10)

Drawing Adventures: Guided Drawing and Letter Formation

Stock Market Investing Introduction 2 Week Club

Immersive French 4

Let's Learn Science: Ongoing Upper Course Full Curriculum B2+ CEFR

SMALL GROUP Exciting Grade 3 Language Arts With Scholastic Storyworks 3 Magazine

Immersive French 3

Life Skills With Virtues - Self-Discipline (Age 7-12)

Greek Theatre and Literature in Historical Context

American Civil War Seminar/History: Battles of the Civil War & Crazy Facial Hair

Creative Still-Life Photography Class: Toys, Plants/Flowers, Food & More

Art Week: Drawing Sea Animals! (Sea Turtle, Octopus, Starfish, Crab, Pufferfish)

Book Club - Narnia #1 - The Magician’s Nephew

Immersive French 2

The One and Only! Social Time for Your Amazing Only Child

Sewing Novice - Camp Style: 18 Inch Doll Clothes - Modern Swing Dress

Pre-K Math: Intermediate

Private One-On-One Reading Tutoring With Teacher Elizabeth

History of Baseball with Seminar Discussion of Today's Game!

Exploring Our World Through Nature Journaling (for Teens Ages 14-18)

Brush Up Those Essay Writing Skills 4-Day Camp

Financial Literacy 4-Day Camp for Kids: Show Me the Money!

Math Homework Help (1-to-1) for Grades 4-8 and Pre-Algebra

LIVE Online Art Class: Paint Watercolor Orbs

Escape a Haunted Graveyard

Let's Start With the Roots! More About Root Words, Prefixes, and Suffixes

Grammar: Commonly Confused Words Every Middle-Schooler Should Know

LIVE Online Art Class: James Rizzi's Character Buildings

Art: Let’s Draw a Unicorn Step by Step!

Learn 10 Polish Conversations - For Beginners

Tutoring in English Language Arts (Writing, Spelling, Grammar, and Reading) - 55 Minutes

Spanish Conversation for Intermediate Learners - Ongoing

Making learning fun. 1:1 Creative Adventures with Detective Kitty.

8th Grade, Vocabulary: Understanding Words in Context

LIVE Online Art Class: Dandelion Fluff

LIVE Online Art Class: Jen Stark's Colorful Drip Art

Let's Learn How to Draw Animals - Racoon!

Let's Learn How to Draw Animals - Penguin!

Let's Learn How to Draw Animals - Mouse!

Let's Learn How to Draw Animals - Lion!

Multiplication Facts: You’ve Got This!

Multiplication Facts (0,1,2,5,10's): You've Got This!

Multiplication Facts (3's & 4's): You've Got This!

All Things Credit

Learn How to Draw Animals - Flamingo!

Super Fun Subtraction Jeopardy!

Fun Russian for Beginners (Ages 5-10)

Learn How to Draw Animals - Elephant!

Cute Owl Step-by-step instructions for drawing and colouring

African American History: Early Civil Rights Activist || Ida B. Wells

5th Grade Math, Quarter 4 of a Year Long Class

What Ancient Egyptian Mothers Told Their Daughters (Small Class!) 𓅓𓅱𓏏𓉔𓅂𓂋𓋴

Chinese New Year Is Around the Corner- Let's Celebrate!

Napoleon - Hero or Tyrant?

6th Grade Full Year Math Bundle (Part 1 of 4)

Intermediate French Summer Review: French Grammar and Vocabulary Building

College Transition Mentoring for First Year College Students

LIVE Online Art Class: Draw an Adorable Anime Fairy

LIVE Online Art Class: Draw a Beautiful Anime Mermaid

Chemistry in Minecraft: Atoms, Molecules & Chemical Reactions in Minecraft!

The Physics & Chemistry of Plants! STEM/STEAM, Afterschool / Homeschool Science

Become a Chess Pro: Beginner Level 2 (for Ages 13 & Up)

Become a Chess Pro: Beginner Level 2

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