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New Classes on Outschool 2021-06-13

There are 418 new classes on Outschool the week of June 13, 2021 to June 19, 2021.

2nd Second Grade Math - 2x Weekly

Math-A-Mania Club (6-8 Year Olds): Number Sense and Math Facts

Star Wars Summer Fun Drawing Camp

Creative Writing Weekly: Ongoing Writing Workshop

Poppin' Pop Art for 9-12 Year Olds

Italian Level 5 - Pre Intermediate. Fall Semester

Molly Takes Flight: An American Girl Short Story

Beginner Conversational Spanish Class: Level 1

Ancient Greek Alphabet Mystery: Crack the Code!

Greek of the Week Season Two: Mythology of Gods, Beasts and Heroes

Bluey Scavenger Hunt Escape Room Adventure

What Makes the State of Delaware Unique?

Social Super Kid: Healthy Communication and Conflict Resolution With Adults

Private Tuition Tell Me What to Teach!

A Very Dungeons and Dragons Summer Holiday

Roblox Gaming Social Club! Let's Play Mega Hide and Seek!

Moore's Minecraft Club: Survival Extravaganza

Guided Reading One on One Tutoring

A Perfect Piece of Pie: Persuasive Writing

It's Easier Than You Think: Reading Fahrenheit 451

American History: The Stock Market Crash Of 1929

Civics for the Young Learner - Session 1

Tools of War: World War II Fighter Planes (Camp)

American Geography All Fifty States Flex

One on One Math Tutoring

Father's Day Craft - Dress Shirt and Tie Origami

Painting Zinnias Camp

Kindergarten Early Reading With Ms. Abby- Letter Sounds, Sight Words- Reading

Powerful PowerPoints

Fantasy Cosplay Camp: Makeup Artistry & Costume Design, Jr Ambassadors

Toybox Club Social: Share, Play, Explore and Learn!

Creative Writing: Memoir of an Object Story Prompts (One-Time / Trial Class)

Creative Writing: Memoir of an Object Story Prompts (Ongoing / Weekly)

Creative Writing: Super Seller Story Prompts (One-Time / Trial Class)

Creative Writing: What If... Story Prompts (One-Time / Trial Class)

Creative Writing: What If... Story Prompts (Ongoing / Weekly)

Feature Your Float in a Thanksgiving Parade!

Little Explorers: A Scavenger Hunt Around Paris!

Cute Unicorn Drawing Club (Ongoing)

Private Reading Lessons Tailored to Your Learner (One Time)

Let's Talk About Armadillos! (Fun Facts and Drawing)

One-on-One Tutoring in English Language Arts With Certified, Experienced English Teacher

Brain Break: Listen and Draw Music!

Pokémon Recreation: How to use I-Movie/Tik-Tok Graphical Slideshow with Pokémon Cards

Guided Reading: Learning to Read & Write Short A Words

Ukulele Basics: Part 4 *Private Class*

ART: Winter Art Painting and Drawing Social Club for Girls

Mountain Landscape Watercolor Painting With Oil Pastels

Boys Club Ages 4-5: Build Social Skills & Create Friendships With Fun Activities

Summer Sweet Treats Arts and Crafts Camp!

Playful Piano Journey for Ages 5-9, Primer 3

I Get It! 4th grade ELA Reading and Math Homeschool Class

Primus Science: Earth Science - Astronomy & Space + Projects - Primary

Interior Design! Designing 3D Spaces! (FLEX)

Primus Summer Camp: Astronomy with Daily Projects Mini Camp

Trial Class : Private Piano Lesson With Mrs. Gail

European Spanish 101

Drawing the Elements of Art: Abstract Design for Kids

Private Singing Lessons - Ongoing 1 on 1 Meetings

Unicorn Puffy Paint Cupcake Arts and Crafts Class!

Private Tutoring (One-On-One Sewing and Fashion History Workshop)

How to Edit Videos for Youtube With iMovie for Beginners

Learn the Basics of Music Production With Ableton!! (13-18 Yrs Old)

Blackpink Fan Club (One-Time)

7th Grade Homeschool Full Curriculum

Draw Your Dinner! (Flex Class)

I Love Wild Animals Club

K-Cardio : K-Pop Dance Workout! (Teens)

Foreign Military Fighter Aircraft Camp

Spring - 3 Day Camp - Mixed Art Talk & Share - 100 % Spanish Immersion by Native Speaker - Native Kids - Intermediate 10-14

Rhyme on a Dime in No Time

Play Readings: Shakespeare’s Richard III

Ancient Egypt! Mummies, Curses, Tombs, Gods, The Nile With After Class Extras

Using the Question - Answer Relationship Method to Improve Reading Comprehension

Pyramids, Pharaohs, Mummies... Oh My! The History of Ancient Egypt.

6th Grade English Language Arts: Complete Curriculum of Sixth Grade ELA

Not Your Grandma's Grammar - 6th-8th Grade - Part 2 (English, Grammar)

Not Your Grandma's Grammar - 4th-6th Grade - Part 2 (English, Grammar)

Not Your Grandma's Grammar - 3rd-5th Grade - Part 2 (English, Grammar)

5th Grade English Language Arts: Complete Curriculum for Fifth Grade ELA

Minecraft Build Class (Bedrock): Weekly Creative Minecraft Social Gaming Club

Hands-On Algebra: Evaluating Expressions and Equations

Spar Lit Jr. 4: From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler

Spar Novel: Understanding Jane Austen's Emma Through Speech and Debate

Geography Games 50 states in the USA- Multi Day- 8-12 yrs

Bearded Dragon 101: Caring for Your Reptile

Create Unique Presentations and Projects With Microsoft Sway

Summer Break Camp Reading Comprehension for Sports Lovers

Winter Break Camp One Week of Reading Comprehension for Animal Lovers

Weekly Private Communication or Acting Lesson (1 Hour)

!Hablemos Español! Let's speak Spanish!

Pen and Ink Drawing Camp

ESL Conversation Time One-On-One (Multi-Day)

5th Grade Unit 5 (Various Topics)

Geometry: Area and Circumference of Circles

All About Turtles Land and Sea: PreK Learning with Ms. Liz

Weekly Imagination Time: Interactive Story Telling/ Story Time

Prepare for Fifth Grade Math Camp!- Fourth Grade Curriculum (Certified Teacher)

Ocean Animals Preschool Circle Time!

Typing - Keyboarding 101 Intermediate Skills Summer Camp (Ages 12-17) 4X Weekly / 1 Week

Clothing and colors in German. Wir sprechen über Kleidung und Farben - Deutsch.

All About Division With Decimals Camp

Ongoing Karate Personal Tuition

Group Singing and Performance Class! (Beginners)

3D Video Game Design and Coding Camp: Unity and C# (Beginner)

Learn The Alphabet of Craziest Language, English (ESL), ESOL, TEFL, FUN!

Back-To-School Tutorial: One-On-One Learning Recovery (1x/Week for 1 Hour)

Leaders in Training: Skills for Success in High School, College, and Career

Peppermint Oreo Bark!

1-on-1 Math Tutoring

Journey into Reading: Sight Words with Ms. B, Class 1

Intro to YouTube Video Creation - FLEX

Sewing Beginner - Camp Style: 18 Inch Doll Clothes - Maxi Skirt

Kindergarten Prep ABC Boot Camp (5 Weeks)

3 Days of Intro to Japanese Camp 01

The World of Tasha Tudor - A Creative Tea Time

Jazzy Jellyfish a Lesson in Watercolor for Homeschoolers and Art Enthusiasts

All About Subtracting Fractions Camp

Learn to Read Spanish With Phonics

The Amazing World of Plants and Gardening: Summer Exploration

French Beginner With Crafts: Unicorns, Fairies, Mermaids & Princesses

Spanish Immersion: Animals of South America

Summer - Weekly - Reading & Pronunciation Challenge - 100% Spanish Immersion by Native Speaker - Intermediate 8-12

Low Sugar Horse Treats (Flex)

Multiplication Intro: Beginning Multiplication and Arrays (One Time Math Class)

Marine Biology Ocean Explorers Club (2 X Week)

Construct: Play Clay Dough Art Time (Animal Themed)

In the Land of Gods and Monsters: A Classical Mythology Club

"I Don't Know What to Write!" | One-On-One Creative Writing Class

How to Draw Kawaii Doodles | Kawaii Drawing Club | Kawaii Drawing Class | Art

Disney Drawing Club | Learn to Draw Disney Characters | Princesses and Villains

The Strong Writers Club-Become an Author!

One-On-One Creative Writing | Minecraft Edition

African Arts and Crafts

¡Ayúdame! Spanish Tutoring (Ongoing)

[Summer Camp] Rock Chinese Holidays!

American History: Semester Course Part 2 World War One to September 11th

Spar Mystery!: Understanding The Hound of the Baskervilles Through Debate

Let's End & Rebuild the World! (Summer Camp)

Weekly - Beginner - Spanish Premium Small Group Coaching - 100% Spanish Immersion - Runs Full School Year - Ages 7 - 12

Story Time With Mariah | Plot Elements: Conflict "King Hugo's Huge Ego"

Travel to Dubai, UAE: Travel to the Coolest Cities in the World

Bones and Muscles Move You: Mini Med FLEX Camp

Draw With Me : Weekly Sketchbook Drawings

The Islanderʻs Guide To Hawaii -Social Studies, Language, Culture & Customs

Semester Literacy Supplement Course for Grades 6-7

6th Grade Math Bundle (Part 4 of 4: Full Year of 6th Grade Mastery Method Math)

1 on 1 Reading Tutor: Helping Readers Build Confidence so They Can Read to Learn

Travel Lovers, Unite!

Weekly 4 weeks - Harry Potter Book 3 - Tween - Reading Fluency - Reader's Threatre - Script form from Professional Actor - Ages 8-13

Weekly 4 weeks - Harry Potter Book 1 - Reader's Theatre - Reading Fluency and Conversation - TWEEN Reader's Theatre - Script form by Professional Actor - TWEEN Ages 8-13

6th Grade Math Review Camp Part 2

Figure Drawing Class

Summer Camp - 3 Days - Mastering the Basics of the 5 Paragraph Essay

Singapore Dimensions Math 8B (Weeks 1-8)

Level 6 Guitar Group Class

Fun With Watercolor Painting Summer Camp #2

Painting Trees Class: Ages 12-17

Let's Play Among Us With 15 CREWMATES! Ages 10 - 14 (Weekly) - Public Server

Puzzle Club - Solve Puzzles, Brainteasers, and Riddles - Ongoing

Tutoring 1:1 On-Going Class Reading, Writing, Grammar With a Certified Teacher

Intermediate/Advanced Jazz Dance for Ages 12-16

Five Weeks of Story Time for Your Eco Warrior or Animal Lover

Private Tutor: Letter Sounds, Phonics, & Reading (30 Min.)

Private 1 on 1 Beginner Friendly Korean Language Course! Korean 101

Art Exploration: Create a Dragon Field Guide Booklet!

Sunny Pond Watercolor Painting Class

Jazz Dance Master Class

Grapes on a Vine Acrylic Palette Knife Painting Class

1:1 Social Skills Tutoring (Ages 5-18)

Clouds Painting Camp: Ages 12-17

Getting Logical With Logic Puzzles

ASL for Beginners - 20 Animal Signs (Ages 7-12)

Pixel Art: Creating a Robot With Google Sheets

Private Session: Advanced Climbing Into Learning With Our Favorite Pal - S2

Become a Ukulele Master Camp Level 2

Personal Finance Reading and Comprehension, Math, and Sim Game! (Flex/Semester)

My First Reading Club: Fairytale Twists

ASL for Beginners: Animals (Ages 3-6)

Draw & Watercolor Paint or Color How To Train Your Dragon Toothless Hatching HTTYD

My First Reading Club: Sharks

Dungeons and Dragons for Beginners: A D&D Summer Camp!

Marine Biology: Underwater Masters of Camouflage

World War II History in Minecraft

All About Adding Fractions Math Camp (Multi-Day Camp)

Private One on One Art, Drawing, Crochet and Creativity Class with Ms. Niki

Understanding Wireless Services Bills

Fortnite Gaming Club: Chapter 3 Battle Royale!

How to Draw: Animal Art Club | Beginner Realistic Animals Drawing & Sketching

Workout with Sonic the Hedgehog

Understanding Vet Bills

ABC Yoga Circle Time

Moore's Minecraft Education Edition: Build With Bees (Full Course)

Becoming a Superhero Summer Writing Camp

Paint a Mysterious Forest Scene!

Private Piano All Levels Ages 5-18 All Styles Disney, Pop, Broadway, Classical

Understanding Home Mortgage Bills

Understanding Car Repair Bills

Construct: Letters and Numbers Exploration (Super Hero Themed)

Curious Minds Space Class

Understanding Utility Bills

Ongoing 2nd Grade Math Review

Ongoing 1st Grade Math Review

History: Communist Dictators (Mao Zedong, Fidel Castro, Kim Il-Sung)

Spanish I con Ms. Kat :Me Gusta el Español 9-12

Viking History in Minecraft

Vietnam War History in Minecraft

US Civil War History in Minecraft

Homeschool Middle School English Language Arts: World Literature, Section 1

6th Grade Homeschool Full Curriculum

Conquering Conflict: Building Confidence in Conflict Resolution

Play and Learn in Roblox Build a Boat for Treasure (8-12)

Marine Biology: Turtly-Tastic Sea Turtles!

Space Race History in Minecraft

USSR History in Minecraft

The Industrial Revolution History in Minecraft

The French Revolution History in Minecraft

Ancient Chinese History in Minecraft

Travel to Paris: Travel to the Coolest Cities in the World

Accelerated Reading & Writing Tutoring

The 4th of July -Flags, Fireworks and Festivities: PreK Learning With Ms. Liz

Japanese History in Minecraft

Russian Revolution History in Minecraft

6th Grade Math Bundle (Part 3 of 4: Full Year of 6th Grade Mastery Method Math )

Read, Kick, and Craft Like a Ninja - Summer Camp

Wolves. Howling Good Time. Wolf Down Some Snacks & Join Us in Class!

Unicorn Painting & Collage!

Galaxy Narwhal Paint & Draw

Draw, Paint, Sculpt and Explore Art History! Level 2, Age 6 - 9, Semester Option

Largest Athropleura Millipede. It Won't Bug You to Join Us in Class.

The Dog and Puppy Training Olympics - With Your Pet!

The Immense Carcharodontosaurus Dinosaur from Prehistoric Times.

One-On-One Singapore Math Class (Grade 1 To 6)

All About the Bears in Our World. Bears of Many Colors and Types.

All About Tigers. African Safari Adventure Class. Roaring Good Time

Guided Reading One on One Tutor

YOGA Circle Time

9th Grade Algebra I: Common Core

Sleuth Like Sherlock, Write Like Watson | ELA Argumentative Essay Writing (Flex)

Yoga For Teens

Introduction to Piano and Music: Music Moves Book B, Part 1/2

All About Garbage Trucks: Show and Tell Social Club

Fantastic 2nd Graders (Reading, Writing, Math, Science)

American History: Semester Course Part 1 Pre-Contact to the Civil War

Chernobyl History in Minecraft

Babylon History in Minecraft

The American Revolution History in Minecraft

Digital Graphic Design: Canva Challenge!

Alphabet Adventures With Animals: Story Time

One-to-One Ukulele Lessons for Beginning to Advanced Players

Let's Find It! Around the House Scavenger Hunt

1-on-1 Reading Tutoring (Consultation)

Private Spanish Tutoring With Ms. Katrice (Multi-Day)

Conversational English While Learning to Draw | ESL Activity & Basic Art Skills

Singapore Dimensions Math 8A (Weeks 1-8)

*Animal & Art Obsessed Flex Camp- A Creative Exploration into Drawing Animals Ages 6-10

*Animal & Art Obsessed Flex Camp- A Creative Exploration into Drawing Animals Ages 8-12

In Math Practice makes Perfect! - 1 on 1

Rebels of the Drifting City: A New World

Acting: Auditions Secrets - pro tips on how to find and book jobs as an actor

Weekly Math Tutoring

Let's Draw Anime for Beginners

FLEX National Parks of the United States 1 Science and our Environment

Winter Season Verses: Write a Poem to Gift for the Holidays

Montessori Inspired Preschool Learning & Fun With Ms. Sara (4x per Week)

Let's Learn to Read-Class 2 (Sight Words and Phonics-Kindergarten/First/Second Grade)

Lego® Brick Building Adventures (Ages 9-12)

Coding Games in Unity: Level 2

Let's Learn Geography: Around the World Travel Class

ASL Review Ages 13 To 18

ASL Review Ages 5 To 8

Awesome Snakes From Around the World. Constrictors & Venomous Snakes

Draw a Giraffe in a Simple and Clever Way

Update Your Doll’s Style! Design and Sewing Class (11.5” Dolls)

Reading 1:1 Student Led Literacy Journey (2x/Week)

Be a Graphic Designer - Design Skills for Business

Exploring Chess Openings: Triumphs and Tragic Mishaps

(Summer Camp) Wild About Cooking: Chocolate Goodness Camp

6th Grade Math Review Camp Part 1 with Kahoot Daily Review

Beginning Phonics- CVC- Week Long Camp Version

Reading and Writing About Animals With Children's Fiction

Lord of the Rings RPG D&D 101: The Dark Forest, and intro adventure

Punctuation and Grammar: An Ongoing Class

US History Herald: U.S. United States American Government~ Origins & Structure

Let's Act Out a Shakespeare Monologue With a Professional Actress

ASL Review Ages 9 To 12

18th Century Woman's Caps - A Sewing and Fashion History Workshop

Nancy Drew Book Club - Discovering Yourself Through Mysteries

(Camp) Japanese Cooking for Fun and Health -Wa-Shokuiku Learn Cook Eat Japanese!

Google Slides Fun: Create a Woodland Scene - Digital Art Craft

FLEX Small Mammal Care 101: Caring for Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Hamsters, and More!

Calm · Create · Chat · for ADHD Superheroes Like Us.

Olympiad Math for Grade 5 - Grade 6 Students (Ongoing)

Let's Draw Baby Animals! Drawing/ Sketching Club Ages 8-11

Follow the Wolf

So You Think You Know Dog Breeds Trivia Challenge

Book Club: Stella Endicott and the Anything-Is-Possible Poem (Book 5)

Anne Frank: Her Story and Legacy

Mandarin Learner Club 一起说中文

1-on-1 Private Math Tutoring (Pre-Algebra and Up - Extended Session)

Travel to Russia Fun History Class for 12-15 Years Old

Music Theory - Sharpen Our Musical Skills With a Jeopardy Game

Fun With Chinese: Level 1B (Ages 8-11)

Wittle Watercolored Bird - Ultra Realistic Watercolor Technique Using Procreate!

Percy Jackson Reading Book Club

Spanish Assessment - What Level Am I? - Trivia Loca - 100% Spanish Immersion by Native Speaker - Ages 8-13

5th Grade Math Unit 4 (Operations With Fractions)

Singapore Dimensions Math 7B Flex

Singapore Dimensions Math 7A Flex

Singapore Dimensions Math 6B Flex

Middle School English: Literary Scholar B - Shakespeare

5th Grade Math Unit 3 (Operations With Decimals)

Taxes: How Do They Work, What Forms You Need, How to File (Flex)

Ready to Read: I Can Read! - Level 1: Building and Reading Words and Sentences

Little Dreamers Character Art Halloween: Drawing With Shapes - Square

Mermaid Escape Room (Ages 3-6) | Princess/Storybook Character Escape Rooms

Geometry: Complementary, Supplementary, Adjacent, and Vertical Angles

Little Dreamers Character Art: Halloween Drawing With Numbers - 1

Math Is Your Path -- Mastering Fractions -- Grades 6-7

Sixth Grade Math Tutoring

5th Grade Math Unit 2 (Operations With Whole Numbers)

Multi-Sensory Beginning Reading, Spelling and Writing for Young Learners

Geometry: Interior and Exterior Angles of Triangles

Magical Mermaid Alphabet Club (Ongoing)

So You Think You Know Horses? Equestrian Trivia Challenge for Horse Lovers

Chinese Mandarin for Beginners - Small Group 3X/Wk (Ongoing)

Current Events & Gen Z's Future! (Ages 11-14)

Show Choir and Glee Club for Kids (Sing and Dance)

The Nervous System With Experiments - Understanding Human Anatomy Series

The Urinary System With Experiments - Understanding Human Anatomy Series

Summer Fun Pete the Cat Stories: PreK Learning With Ms. Liz

The Ultimate Percy Jackson Quiz Game

Needle Felting Nature Summer Camp

Allons à la Plage! - Basic French Beach Conversation (Small Group)

Virtual Trip - Let's Travel to Paris!

Private Guitar Lessons for Beginners (1 Hour)

Crochet for Beginners- Blankets, Animals, and More! Great for Stress and Anxiety Relief. (Flexible Ages)

Math - Super Fast Additions and Crazy Subtraction ( Twice a Week, 1 Week)

Animal Adventure: Even More Amazing Small Wild Cats of the World

Colored Pencil Sketching - Fall Backyard Birds: Woodpecker, Goose, Cuckoo

Sew Wut!? Creative Machine Sewing for the Absolute Beginner (Video Course 9-13)

Sew Wut!? Creative Machine Sewing for the Absolute Beginner (Video Course 14-18)

Kindergarten Writing Club

Dog Jeopardy Level 1

Survival Skills and More--With a Marine

Honesty and Truthfulness (Ages 7-10)

Honesty and Truthfulness (Ages 11-14)

(FLEX) The Count of Monte Cristo ~ Summer Reading & Writing

Discovering the Ancient World: Part 1

American History: Lincoln and Kennedy Coincidences

AP World History Private Tutoring

Let's Learn Science: Fabulous Forces With Teacher Helen

Let's Learn Science: Marvellous Materials Course with Teacher Helen

Escape Room | Minecraft Bedrock Edition Encourages Curiosity, Creativity, Perseverance, Problem-Solving, and Teamwork.

Día De Muertos (Day of the Dead) for Ages 8-12

Día De Muertos (Day of the Dead) for Littles

Dance Class: It Is Easy to Learn a Fun Hip Hop Routine - Beginner Level

Gear up for Second Grade Math | Singapore Math Summer Prep

Gear up for Fourth Grade Math | Singapore Math Summer Prep

Gear up for Third Grade Math | Singapore Math Summer Prep

Earth Science - Earth and Weather

Essay Writing 911: Ongoing Essay Writing Practice With Feedback and Support

Essay Essentials FLEX: Build the Skills Necessary for High School Writing

State of the Art: Putting Grammar to Work to Write Something Beautiful

Dinosaur Fun: Exploring Five of the Largest Apex Carnivore Dinosaurs Ever!

Chinese Guided Reading for Beginners - Intermediate

Rockin' Writers Upper Grades | Writing Workshop for 4th, 5th, & 6th Graders

Financial Literacy Camp: Money Values, Budgeting, Banking & Investing(Flex)

Minecraft 101 Class for Beginner: Build & Chill (Only Java Edition)

Functional Algebra 2 for Mathematicians 1/4: Parent Functions + Core Math Skills

The Dog Man Series Fluency and Comprehension Book Club (Ongoing)

Everglades for Kids!

Discover Ellis Island

Lights and Shadows

Multi-Day Addition and Subtraction Math Magicians: Improving Kindergarten/1st Grade Skills

The Middle School Math Guide to Pi

Eurhythmics - Self Expression Through Creative Movement, Music and Play

5th Grade Math : Mini Lessons, Practice and Games!

One-Time Sea Turtle Acrylic Painting: Cute Easy Art Class (Ages 9-13)

Let's Start With the Roots! Even More About Root Words, Prefixes, and Suffixes! Part 3

Orton-Gillingham 1:1 Tutoring (Spell, Write, Read) (2x/Week)

4th Grade Reading & Creative Writing! Fun for all!

American Girl Doll Travel & Geography Club

Foodie Fun Friday--Stories, Drawings, & Snack!!!

Let's Travel to Mexico City (Ages 3-7)

Preschool Alphabet Club

Dinosaur Explorers (Ongoing, 1x/Wk)

"Ice Cream Escape!" a Summer Themed Kindergarten & Grade 1 Escape Activity

Deep Dive Into Multiplication, Division and Fractions for 4th-6th Graders Part 1

Semester, Multiday- The Art in Nature Program Part I ™- Ages 5-9

Music First Steps: Summer Preschool and Kindergarten One-Time Class (3, 4, 5)

Superb Sight Words With Mario & Friends (Kindergarten)

Postcard Exchange. Write, Send and Receive Real Postcards - Worldwide!

Writers' Talk: Inspiration From Writers for Writers

Database Your YuGiOh Monsters! (FLEX)

Simply Splendid Sight Words With Mario & Friends (Pre-K)

Bake the British Isles: Cooking Club

Singing Lessons: 1:1: 30 Minutes: 12 Classes

The Middle School Math Guide to Exponents

Let's Learn English: Useful Beginner Words Daily Course with Teacher Helen

The Art of Drawing, With Miss Una

8th Grade Math (Full Course- Session 2 of 4)

Painted Poems: Weekly Watercolor & Poetry Club

Become a Super Summarizer: FLEX Edition!

8th Grade Math (Full Course- Session 1 of 4)

Mutant: Year Zero RPG- Role-Play at the End of Days

African American History: Civil Rights - The Sit-In Movement

Calling All Wizards - Let's Make Dragon Eggs!

Middle School Friends - Tween and Teen Social Club

All About Beginning Fractions Math Camp (Multi-Day Camp)

Intro to Shakespearean Acting

Kahoot: Descendants

Kahoot: Demon Slayer

Kahoot: Pokemon

Kahoot: Disney/ Pixar Trivia

Kahoot: Miraculous Ladybug

Kahoot: My Hero Academia

1:1 Clarinet Lessons

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