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Keyboarding for Modern Typing (Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced) Ages 11+

Stephanie Newton, BSc
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In this 8-week typing course, we will move through all levels of typing ability using interactive slides, and fun games. We will start with basic 2-letter drills and progress through paragraphs.

Class experience

US Grade 6 - 9
Beginner - Intermediate Level
8 lessons//8 Weeks
 Week 1
Lesson 1
Intro to the functions of the keyboard and home row keys
1. Discuss the color-coded keyboard chart and intro to the keyboard. 2. Discuss proper arm, finger placement, and timing. 3. Learn home row keys (ASDFGHJKL:") through letter- and word- drills and games. 4. Learn how to use the "Space bar". 5. Time to Climb contest 6. Typing game Assignment: Print the keyboard chart (and color it if you do not have a color printer).
 Week 2
Lesson 2
Letters: ENUTROCI and Shift Key
1. Learn how to use the "Shift" key. 2. Learn letters (ENUTROCI) using letter- and word- drills and games. 3. Review home row keys. 4. Time to Climb contest 5. Typing game
 Week 3
Lesson 3
Letters: PVWMBYGH and Enter/CapsLock/Backspace keys
1. Learn how to use the "Enter/Return" and "Down arrow" keys. 2. Learn how to use the "Caps lock" key. 3. Learn how to use the "Backspace" and "Back arrow" keys. 4. Learn letters (PVWMBYGH) using letter- and word- drills and games. 5. Review home row letters, ASDFGHJKL;, and letters ENUTROCI. 6. Time to Climb contest 7. Typing game
 Week 4
Lesson 4
Letters/Characters: ZQX!.,'" and Delete/Insert keys
1. Learn how to use the "Delete" and "Insert" keys. 2. Learn letters and characters (ZQX ! . , ' ") using letter- and word- drills and games. 3. Time to Climb contest 4. Speed typing test (3 minute speed test).
 Week 5
Lesson 5
1. Tab Key 2. Numbers: 1234567890 3. Characters: ; : - _ ( ) +=* & $ % @ # / ? <> 4. Sentence drills 5. Time to Climb contest 6. Typing game
 Week 6
Lesson 6
Sentence Drills and Number Keypad
1. Warm-up: type sentences with characters. 2. Sentence drill: more sophisticated sentences. 3. Type sentences about objects I hold up on the video. 4. Number keypad lesson and drills (the numbers to the right of the keyboard, don't worry if you don't have this keypad). 5. Time to Climb contest 6. Typing game
 Week 7
Lesson 7
Sentences and Paragraphs
1. Type sentences from dictation (I talk, you type!). 2. Personal paragraph (copy a paragraph, filling in the blanks) 3. Paragraph drill. 4. Time to Climb contest 5. Typing game
 Week 8
Lesson 8
Paragraphs and Business Letter Structure
1. Type a paragraph, practicing all skills and many characters. 2. Type a paragraph from dictation (I talk, you type!) 3. Create your own paragraph (tell me a story). 4. How to type a business letter. 5. Time to Climb contest 6. Final typing test! Assignment: Send me a business letter in the Outschool classroom, under the week 8 post.
This class is taught in English.
Students will develop typing speed and accuracy. Students will learn to type using 3 types of input: written word, dictation, and their own thought-processes (writing a unique paragraph or sending an email). Students will develop memorization of the keyboard so that they can type without looking at the keys or their fingers. Students will develop a level of typing skill needed for today's educational assignments and high tech jobs which require much written communication at a fast pace. 
My one-minute speed test result is 72 words per minute and I have had many jobs/businesses which require a lot of typing. I took a one-semester typing class in high school (I learned on a typewriter!), and avidly used a word processor in college (my friends would often ask me to type their term papers). My mom went to secretarial school in the 60's and she types 90 words per minute! After I developed this course she went through it and gave me some great advice on changes I could make to really embed these skills into learners minds for life! So this course is "expert-approved" and very thorough! 
Homework Offered
I will give homework each week which will consist of either playing a fun typing game online, typing a sentence, typing a paragraph, or sending me a message using their new typing skills! I suggest 20 minutes of practice 2-3 times per week between classes (or more!).
0 - 1 hours per week outside of class
Assessments Offered
I will be monitoring their letter and word drills which they will type directly onto the interactive slides. We will take typing speed tests periodically to monitor words-per-minute (this keeps learners motivated!). I will ask them to produce typed sentences, paragraphs, or even emails to me.
Grades Offered
Contact me if you would like a cumulative grade calculated and issued.
Keyboarding drills are broken up with little "brain breaks". Drills are "timed" and learners are not expected to complete each drill in the time allotted (I always emphasize accuracy over speed). Self-paced class available (message me). 
 1 file available upon enrollment
computer or laptop with a keyboard (no tablets or smartphones) pdf keyboard chart (available upon enrollment)
In addition to the Outschool classroom, this class uses:
1. Please monitor that your learner is not copy/pasting drills into the nearpod slides during class (I highly suggest that YOU require that learners keep their cameras on, however I will never require this). It is not possible for me to see from here if they are actually typing on their keyboards for sure. I suggest staying in or near the room with your learner and periodically checking in to see if they are typing the drills :)

2. I also STRONGLY SUGGEST scheduling in several practice sessions per week (they will love the online keyboarding game links I provide in class) outside of class and standing next to them and monitoring that they are using their keyboard charts and hitting the correct keys with the correct fingers. This helps to break habits early (such as typing letter C with the pointer finger instead of the middle finger - a common mistake). These minor "transgressions" may not seem like a problem at first, however this will slow down typing-speed potential over time. I taught both of my boys this way (standing over them as they played typing games), and yes this was annoying to them but it did break bad typing habits! 
Nearpod.com, Typing.com, Freetypinggames.net
Average rating:4.8Number of reviews:(85)
Hello, welcome to my "classroom" :). My classes are listed below, but first...a little about me! 

I am a certified middle school science teacher and taught for 5 years in the public school classroom. My educational background is in... 
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weekly or $115 for 8 classes
1x per week, 8 weeks
25 min

Completed by 14 learners
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Ages: 11-16
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