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New Classes on Outschool 2022-11-13

There are 257 new classes on Outschool the week of November 13, 2022 to November 19, 2022.

Fun and Interactive Group Classes for Kids to Learn Python Programming!"

Rudolph's Nose Hunt: Ms. Abby's Escape Room Challenge

Grades 3/4/5 English Language Arts: Grammar, Parts of Speech, Word Study

My Hero Academia Anime Club: Let's Draw All Might, Izuku Midoriya, Shoto, Bakugo

"Creative Christmas Fun: Join Ms. Abby for Painting and Coloring"

8 Weeks of Japanese 1_02 (Twice a Week)

A Tour of the Milky Way

Planetary Volcanism: Volcanoes on Earth and in Space

Stock Market Investing for Teens With Stock Market Simulator, 4 Classes

Ready, Set, Write! (First Grade)

"Festive Fun With Ms. Abby: Christmas Stories, Kahoot Quiz, and Caroling"

I Can Paint Peacock With Acrylics! Ages 9-14

Wizard Wand Shop Book Nook

Thanksgiving Turkey Arts and Crafts w/ Sharing!

"The Christmas Passport: A Worldwide Escape Adventure" With Ms. Abby

Candy Cane Snowman and Snowman Popcorn Cups Snacks With Ms. Abby-Snacks -Kahoot

Ongoing - Poetry Writing With Paint Swatch Colors

Mandarin Chinese 1:2 Ongoing Tutoring With Native Speaker (Age 4-18)

3D Animation Intro | Blender for Beginners | Bring Surreal Digital Art to Life |

Math 6th Grade Full Year Curriculum

Gotta Go Fast!: How to Draw Your Favorite Blue Hedgehog

First Grade Sight Words With Lego Games! Group 2- High Frequency Words- ESL/ELA

Exploring the Rainforest: Hands on Science!

First Grade Sight Words With Lego Games! High Frequency Words Group 1

Math 2nd Grade Explorers: Homeschool or Support.

Fix It! Grammar: Nose Tree (Level 1) IEW Grammar Part Two

ESL/ELL English Group Class for Intermediate Learners

One to One IB Math Exam Preparation Topic - Geometry of 3D Shapes

IB Math Analysis and Approaches Standard Level Exam Topic - Probability

Math is Fun!

Fix It! Grammar: Nose Tree (Level 1) IEW Grammar Part One

Critical and Ethical Thinking - Pondering the Big Questions (ages 13-15)

Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) The Holiday Hunters: Summer Camp Adventure

Adventures With Molly of Denali and Friends: Learn Geography and Reading Skills

Hanukkah With Classical Music: Listen, Play, and Make a Craft!

Top US College Admissions Strategy - What to Do This Summer?

United States History (Full Year) - Ongoing

💫1:1: Social Skills and Character Building!

Mindfulness Storytime for a Whimsical & Happier You

Women in Science - Exploring Science Contributions in History

Grammar - Middle/High School Level One - For Advanced Students

Let's Learn Greek! (One-On-One - Once a Week) - Part 2!

1:1 Private Tutoring Ages 8-12 (30 Mins): English (Reading, Writing, Grammar)

Scientific Illustration: Where Art Meets Science (Ages 8-10)

Monstrous History Society: Explore Geography, Sociology and Politics as Kaiju

Banned Book Study: Ghost Boys

Book Club: Ways To Grow Love by Renée Watson

Learn Typing-Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced- Ages 13+

Language Arts | First Grade Phonics, Writing, Comprehension, & Grammar

Would You Rather (Part 2)

First Grade Christmas Phonics Festival: The Long A Sound

First Grade Christmas Phonics Festival: The Long E Sound

First Grade Christmas Phonics Festival: The Long I sound

Poetry Class 7th & 8th Grade: Mastering Meter Two Week Course

First Grade Christmas Phonics Festival: The Long O Sound

Long Division: 3, 4, 5, And 6 Digit Dividends

Regrouping With Addition and Subtraction: 3 Digit Numbers

Regrouping With Addition and Subtraction: 2 Digit Numbers

Essay Writing Brought to Life With Your Favorite Video Games

Fractions: Simplifying, Adding, Subtracting, Multiplying, and Dividing

Dungeons and Dragons One Shot Adventure

Christmas Fun Singing and Drawing!

Mathletes 7th Grade Math Full Curriculum Class With a Licensed Teacher (1x)

Mathletes 8th Grade Pre-Algebra Full Curriculum Class W/ a Licensed Teacher (2x)

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Book 7 - Book Study Group

Homeschool Social Group for Preteens

Cambridge KEY A2 Ongoing Speaking Exam Preparation Course

An FBI Unsolved Case: D.B. Cooper

The Magic Tree House Book Club for Friendship & Discussion

The First Amendment to the US Constitution

Math Club: Look, Fun Fractions With Blooket (Add, Subtract, Multiply, Divide)!

Tea Time: A Social Skills Club for Kids

Let's Color as We Learn Conflict Resolution Techniques

Exploring Worry, Stress, Anger and Anxiety | Tools to Live a More Chill Life

Level 9 Dutch | Nederlands 🇳🇱 Using Dialogues! -- Ten Week Semester Course

Evening Wind Down Class

Math Talks: Friendly Tens and Basic Facts

Comprehensive Japanese Language/Culture Lower Begin. Class 6 Pt 2 (Age 13-18)

Homeroom Check-In With Ms. Abby

Let's Learn About Cells

English Tutor: 1-On-1 Private ELA Tutoring (Reading, Writing, Grammar, Vocab)

2 Day Mini Coding Course With a Robot. 1 On 1

Drawing Super Mario Goomba Christmas Tree

Advanced Voice Over Workshop Private Class

Christmas Challenge Games Ages 11-13

Learn to Crochet-Among Us Game Crewman 13-18 yrs

Crochet Bowl Cozy- Learning to Crochet 13-18 Yrs.

Learn to Crochet: Washcloth- Beginners #1- 13-18 Yrs

Coding With Scratch - For Beginners - Camp

Learn to Crochet: Baby Hat-#2

Let's Make a Camping Story!

Be a Graphic Designer: Beginner to Advanced in 10 Weeks for Teens!

Math Mastery: Pre-Algebra and Algebra

Morphed Cat: Illustration and Writing

Alphabet Chef Self Paced - Cooking With the ABC's! (Letters Q-Z)

Private Art Class- One on One classes for New or Experienced Artists.

Felis Catus Adventure (Copycat)(An Unofficial Druidawn® CAT Adventure)

Silly Christmas Sentences: Let's Read and Write Sentences Together!

Fall/Thanksgiving Party

Italian Intermediates: Learning Fun Italian at Christmas

Let's Play Pokemon Scarlet and Violet - Weekly Meetup!

⭐Investment 101: Learn by Playing Stock Market Simulation Game

"Christmas Gingerbread House Escape Adventure With Ms. Abby"

IB Analysis and Approaches SL Math : Graphs of Quadratic Equations

United Kingdom Igcse Math - Bearings

Spelljammer Duel Dungeons and Dragons One Shot Adventures D&D RPG

Let's Draw! ( Owl Edition )

Customized Animal Classes Just For You!

Cambridge PET Preliminary B1 Ongoing Speaking Exam Preparation Course

Self-Paced Fashion Design: Learn to Design Clothing Like a Fashion Designer!

Scientists and Inventors: Ongoing Interactive History and Science!

Certified Math Teacher! Tutoring; K-12, 2 X per Week 50 Minutes Each; Ongoing

Draw More Alligator Pie Shapes and Lines | Part 2

Private Reading and/or Writing Sessions

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Book 5 - Book Study Group

Harry Potter and the Half-Blooded Prince Book 6- Book Study Group

1 Week Winter Camp: Listening & Speaking in Respectful Conversations

Meet the Vowels: Short Vowels, Long Vowels, and Why They Matter!

Math One-On-One Private Tutoring/Homework Help 25 Minute (3x/week, Ongoing)

The Wonder of Light and Color I 8-Week Semester Course

Let's Make Friendship Bracelets!

One on One Tutoring for Foundational Math Skills With Dyscalculia Support

4th Grade Math Topic 5 (Dividing Multi-Digit Numbers by One-Digit Numbers)

Easy Italian: Course a0-A2 [AGE 7-18] (X2/Week) 40 MIN CHOOSE YOUR SCHEDULE

Easy Italian: Course a0-A2 [AGE 7-18] (X1/Week) 40 MIN CHOOSE YOUR SCHEDULE

Book Club: Ways To Make Sunshine by Renée Watson

Wonderful Words! Greek and Latin Roots: Bi, Du, & Di

Drawing Christmas Squishmallows!

Intro to Computer Science - K-2nd Grade - Fall Semester

Kitchen Chemistry Cooking: Honeycomb Candy

Session 3 - Japanese for Kidz II

Conflict Resolution Book Club! Solving Conflict & Promoting Peace Through Books

Wonderful Words! Grammar - Common Homophones

Halloween Minecraft Challenges (Bedrock)

Math Homework Tutor (30 Min)

Playing the Recorder for Beginners (FLEX)

Math 1:1 Ongoing 50 Minutes

Montessori Math Mixed Review With Stamp Game

Procreate Draw Your Own Pet

Waldorf Winter Camp: Beginning Reading Letter Stories

Roald Dahl Book Club: The Imaginative, the Hilarious, the Clever

Writing Club: One Sentence at a Time- My Christmas Star

Winter Camp: Adventures With Molly of Denali

8-Week Pencil Sketching Series - Beginners Figure Drawing & Human Anatomy

8-Week Fashion Design - Series 1 Capsule Collection: Karl Lagerfeld

Intermediate Country Line Dance: High Class

Beginner Country Line Dance: God Bless Texas

Beginner Country Line Dance: God Bless Texas

Beginner Country Line Dance: Cowgirl Twist

Beginner Country Line Dance: Cowgirl Twist

Middle School Math- 6th Grade Full Year Course: Ongoing

1:1 Math Tutor (on-Going) 4th Grade to Algebra

Reading Comprehension Kids: 6 Steps To Understanding & Paraphrasing

Orton-Gillingham Let's Fill in the Missing Blanks of Reading, Spelling and Writing Private Weekly

1:1 Math Tutoring, 1st-8th Grade Topics (1x/Week)!

Legend of Zelda Weekly Writing Club

Let's Write: Ongoing Essay Writing Course - Suitable for FCE, CAE, CPE, IELTS

Let's Write: Ongoing Essay Writing Course - Suitable for FCE, CAE, CPE, IELTS

Let's Write: Ongoing Essay Writing Course B2+ CEFR

Let's Write: Ongoing Essay Writing Course B2+ CEFR

Fortnite Creative Map Design With Coach Sam

Bloxburg (Roblox) Christmas Mystery Challenge!

Animals 101: Sloths, The Slowest of Animal Superheroes!

Cursive: Private Tutoring Lesson One-On-One

Homeschool Science With Miss Robyn: Unit Study Exploring Earth's Moon

1:1 Private Reading & Writing Tutor | Ages 9-18

Math 1:1 Private Tutoring or Afterschool Homework Help 45 Minute (One-Time)

Creating a Colorful Landscape Tutoring

Intermediate American Sign Language (ASL) for Ages 6 - 11: Part 3 Of 3

MSM Unit 2 Lesson 1: Multiplying Decimals With Danny (6th Grade)

One-Time Piano Lesson

Summer Camp Creative Writing Club | Ages 12-14

Disguise a Turkey in Roblox Adopt Me!- A Thanksgiving Special Event

Dog Paws - Golden Retriever - Drawing Dogs Graphite Pencil Art Project!

Dog Paws - Maltese - Drawing Dogs Marker (Ink) Art Project!

Learn to Weave and Make Your Own Wall Hanging

Cool Cats - Calico Cat - Drawing Cats Colored Pencil Art Project!

American Revolution Rockstars & the Road to a New Nation

30 Days of ELA /ESL /EFL /TESOL English Language Arts: Homeschool & After School

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Book 4 - Book Study Group

Introduction to the Three Branches of the US Government - 3 Part Class

Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) The Darkest Night: A Beginners Christmas Winter Camp!

1:2 Private Family Tutoring in Mathematics - Homeschool & After School

Space & Planet Science: Earth Science - Astronomy, Geology, Atmosphere & Oceans

Dragon Ball Z Club: Learn to Draw Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo, Super Saiyan God Mode!

1 Week Winter Camp: Clauses, Sentence Types, & Variety for Writing Confidence

Summer Preschool Camp

Camp - Choose Your Own Art History Theme to Spark Your Heart & Mind , 1:1

1:1 Private Tutoring for Current Students

Gotta Sketch 'Em All! Weekly Pokémon Drawing Club

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Book 3 - Book Study Group

Private Full Year Math-Grades: 4, 5, 6, or 7(4 days)

Roblox Rainbow Friends Chapter 2 One Time Fun and Friends Class Gameplay

Seasonal Cooking Winter Edition: Cinnamon Roll Casserole, Make Ahead or Eat Now!

Spanish: Laying a Great Foundation Through One-On-One Conversation-Teacher Anna

Presidential Pets – From Fido Lincoln to Willow Biden

Christmas Challenge Games Ages 6-10

Private Tutoring

Inspiring Perspective Drawing Through Landscapes: With a Creative Twist

MSM Unit 3 Lesson 1: Adding & Subtracting Negatives With Danny (6th & 7th Grade)

MSM Unit 5 Lesson 2: Evaluating & Simplifying Expressions With Danny (6-7th Gr.)

Learn Spanish: It's Fun and Easy With Songs and Games

MSM Unit 2 Lesson 3: Converting Fractions & Decimals With Danny (6th Grade)

MSM Unit 1 Lesson 1: Adding & Subtracting Fractions With Danny (6th Grade)

Sight Singing 101-The Game and More! Summer Camp Music Theory

How to Make A Rag Wreath Christmas Ornament

Red Nose Reindeer Beginner Acrylic Painting Paint a Long #art

Sculptured Wall Art

Learn Basic Sign Language in 10 Classes

AP Statistics Prep

Piano: Private Piano Lessons For Beginners

Cool Chess! Intermediate 2 Lesson 2-- Shifting Centers and Attacking!

We Love to Bake! a Fun and Social Baking Club. Learn to Bake Sweet Treats!

You Got This! Saxon Math Algebra 1 (Lessons 61-90) Part 3 of 4

Video Game Drawing Club! (Learn to Draw Mario Bros, Sonic, Minecraft, Roblox, and more!)

Mrs. Meaghen’s Adopt Me Free Eggs Club (One Time Class)

A Zoo Escape Room With Ms. Abby

Thanksgiving Turkey Feathers Escape Room With Ms. Abby

Learn Piano Music Themed for the Season: Winter

Wordly Wise Kindergarten Vocabulary Program.......With Teacher Wendi

Learning to Love Shakespeare CAMP: Romeo & Juliet

Drivers Education: Beginner's Guide to USA Road Rules (Self-Paced)

Drivers Education: Beginner's Guide to Road Signs (Self-Paced)

Private Knitting or Crochet Lessons

1:1 Music Theory Tutoring for All Levels

Comprehensive Japanese Language/Culture Lower Begin. Class 6 Pt 1 (Age 13-18)

Pokémon Scarlet/Violet Nintendo Switch Battle Club and Social Hour

The Art of Writing: Adding The Elements of Style to Your Essays and Fiction

Test Prep: How to Succeed in Test-Taking

English Grammar & ELA Workshop: Interactive Notebook 3 Day Boot Camp

How to Draw a Cat With Santa Hat Using Colored Pencils/ Christmas/ Holidays/Art

Coloring Basics: Learn to Color With Pencil Color.

Pre-K Circle Time Play-Doh Learning: Play Based Academic Class for Ages 3-7

Biology Lesson Series: An Intro to Genetics

Caricature/Cartoon Drawing for Beginners (Mini Camp)

Summer Camp: Write a Chapter Book or Book of Stories

Ongoing 1 on 1 Private / Tutoring Spanish Course With a Native Certified Teacher

Book Club With Teacher April

Writer's Workshop: Write a Paragraph Like a Pro For Young Writers

Christmas Sign Language Class

4th Grade Math Topic 4 (Multiplying Two-Digit Numbers by Two-Digit Numbers)

30 Minute 1:1 Personalized Tutoring (Ages 7-12)

Drawing Class: Word Art Fun (Age 6 - 10)!

Naglieri Nonverbal (Upper-Level NNAT) | Review & Practice Questions | Ages 10-12

Can You Save Santa's Sleigh? A Christmas Escape Room

Let's Read Together: Dragon Masters Summer Camp Book Club

Private Guitar Lessons for Those About to Rock! (We Salute You)

California 3rd Grade Math Exam Preparation

1:1 Private Tutoring for Homeschool & After School in Science & Social Science

Drawing and Sketching 101: Easy Ways to Draw and Sketch (Beginner Friendly)

Intro to Theatre

Personalized Math Assessment for Grades 3 -8

Use Roman Numerals... Like a Roman! (1-Time)

Grammar Song Sing-A-Long!!! Greatest Hits!!

Dinosaur Share and Play!!!

Times Table Practice! (One-Time)

Character Creators Club: Figure Drawing and Character Design

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