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New Classes on Outschool 2023-05-07

There are 329 new classes on Outschool the week of May 7, 2023 to May 13, 2023.

Digital Artists With Big Imaginations (Procreate Club - Beginners/Intermediate)

3rd and 4th Grade Grammar Sharks/Part 1

Get Ready for 5th Grade Math Basics Bootcamp!

Bustle That Prom Dress

English Language Arts Middle School Semester 2: Fiction and Poetry (Live)

Theatrical Design Broadway - Production Design 103

Raise Your Reading Skills 1:1

Zoey & Sassafrass: A Hands on STEM and Book Club Experience

Little Dreamers Character Art: Roblox Drawing (5 Day) Summer Camp

3rd and 4th Grade Writing Wizards A/Part 1 (2 days/week for 5 weeks)

Ongoing Private ESL (English as a Second Language) Tutoring — 2 Times per Week

Discovering Pandas

History Tutoring: American, Government, or World History

Q-Tip Rainbow Painting Art

Little Dreamers Character Art: Mario Drawing (5 Day) Summer Camp

Review and Launch: Math Content Grade 5 To 6

Poetry Discussions: Contemporary Poets of Color (for Older Students)

Lets Paint a Butterfly! Acrylic Painting for Preschool /Aged 3-6 Years Old

Understanding Sympathy, Empathy, and Compassion: Positive Psychology for Young Children

Musical Circle Time Singing and Rhythms Music Class Pre-K and Kindergarten

Baking in the Kitchen Camp - Spring and Summer Desserts

Painting Approaching the Style of the Great Spanish Artist Joan Miro

Mario Escape Room: Solve Math Puzzles to Free Princess Peach From Bowser

Summer Math Fun- Subitizing, Number Bonds, Patterns, and More!

8Th Grade Science Course

Donuts for My Dear Ones: A Gratitude and Gift-Making Session

7th-Grade Math Essentials (5 Week, Multi-Day, Full Curriculum Class)

Digital Robotics 4 Kids - Summer Camp - 5 Days/ 15 Hours

Digital Game Design 4 Kids - Summer Camp - 5 Days/ 15 hours

6th-Grade Math Essentials (6 Week, Multi-Day, Full Curriculum Class)

Comprehensive Roblox Guide - Information and Account Help

1:1 Weekly Reading Comprehension Skills & Strategies for Ages 8-12

1:1 Private General Art | Explore Acrylic, Watercolor, & More

Interactive Reading! Drag-N-Drop Stories in English (Tactile Learning, Ongoing)

Procreate Social Club - Let's Work on Projects, Chat, and Share Tips & Tricks!

1:1 Fundamental Art | Explore Acrylic and Watercolor

Cute Chibi Princess Drawing Club -- Princess Peach (One-Time)

Weekly Reading Comprehension: Skills & Strategies for Ages 6-9

Essay Exam 1-On-1 Tutoring

End of the Year Reading Skills Review!

Express Pho Mastery: Creating Flavorful Pho With Instant Noodles

Debate Club - Building Confidence and Speaking Skills for Young English Learners

Weekly Writing Work: IEW Writing-One 50 Minute Meeting/Week

Procreate Digital Art Fashion Design Camp

Draw Optical Illusions on Your Ipad or Iphone in Procreate Summer Camp

Suzuki Start for Violin and Viola - Play and Learn Suzuki Violin or Viola Book 1

Multiplication Blooket!

Weekly Art Club

Roblox Studio Coding Club-Lua Coding Club (Beginners)

1:1 Reading Phonics-Based Tutoring: Dyslexia, Struggling Readers, Intervention

Suzuki Start for Violin and Viola Beginners

All New -Digital Animation and Storytelling With Procreate Dreams - Summer Camp

Coding Animation With Scratch - Summer Camp - 5 Days/ 15 Hours

Private Art Class: 1:1 Instruction

Teddy Bear Picnic

Storytelling Hour

Watercolour Seal Art

Geography CAMP

Color Theory for Young Children: Create a Masterpiece Inspired by Fine Artists

Let's Paint Some Cute Watermelon Characters & Learn Together! for Preschool Kids

Confidence and Positive Mindset for Ages 5-8

Orton-Gillingham - Reading, Spelling and Writing Camp

A Fun Sketch & Doodle Art Class for Beginners! #summer #TwiceAWeek

Cat Cafe: Meow Madness Challenge • Cats Versus... Series!

Vocabulary #3- Middle Level Social Studies Words

Make a Treasure Map

Lyrical/Contemporary Dance - Beginner/Intermediate

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom - Discussion and Q&A

Gear Up for 7th Grade Math | Singapore Math Summer Prep

Collage Art Camp

Song Club!

Comics, Cartoons, and Graphic Novels

Minecraft Adventure Design - Summer Camp - July 4th Week

Let's Draw and Visit (Ages 13-18)

~Ballet Games for Ages 3-5~

Elementary Level Watercolor

Animal Drawing Art Club

How to Draw the Elements of Art Like Famous Artists"

Reading, Writing or Math 1:1 Private Tutoring

Guided Text Annotation

Future-Proof Your Life: Soft Skills for the 21st Century

Minecraft Live: Introduction to Streaming Video - Summer Camp - 5 Day / 15 Hours

Digital Animation 4 Kids - Summer Camp - 5 Days / 15 Hours

Math Review for Summer (Third Grade Going Into Fourth Grade)

Modern Calligraphy Basics 101: Modern Calligraphy Class for Beginners

Lights, Camera, Write: An Introduction to Screenplay Writing

A Travelers Guide to Paris

Modern Calligraphy + Drawing Class: Let's Avo-Cuddle Avocado Hand-Lettering Art

How to Draw: Realistic Dogs | Weekly Drawing Club (Ages 9-14)

MÖRK BORG: The Goblin Grinder (Tabletop RPG - Not Dungeons and Dragons)

Get Ready for 4th Grade Math Basics Bootcamp!

Placement Assessment for Orton Gillingham Classes

Learn to Write the Hebrew Alef-Bet in Block Print!

Life on the Titanic

Creepy Stuff!

Computer Science 1:1 Private Tutoring in Coding and Game Design for K-5

1:1 Alg, Trig, Precalc, Stat Tutoring With a HS Math Teacher - 3X/Week | 55 Min

Learning English With Teacher Jamie!- Level 1: Introductions

English Language 1:1 Private: Conversation and Pronunciation - Storytelling Club

Spring Time Chromatography Flowers

ASL Intermediate Class II/Practice and Performance

Montessori Phonics Fun for Beginning Readers 1:1 Tutorial

Grade 4 One to One Private Math Tutoring Class (Ongoing)

Dungeons and Dragons Dnd D&D Fantasy RPG Camp Style; Let's Dive in Deep to 5e

Medieval Medicine

Chord Changes and Social Changes: A Musical Journey Through AP European History

English 2 Literature & Composition Semester 2 (10th-11th High School Homeschool)

Street Fighter 6 PS5 Xbox Gameplay and Social Summer Club

Creative Builders: Lego Building and Drawing Adventure

8-Week Acrylic Painting - Impressionism Study: Safari Animal Landscapes

Catwad Summer Reading Comprehension -Small Group Book Club

Girls Are Fantastic, Phenomenal and Everything in Between - A Girls' Club

Beginner Learn to Write in Cursive - A Fun Handwriting Class W/ Worksheets

Private 1:1 Tutoring: Middle and High School Science

Let’s Plan It Out: A Weekly Planning and Organization Club

Boost! Grade 7 Math Summer Camp

Back There Again!? D&D - Tolkien Inspired Dungeons & Dragons | Ages 14-18

Writing Poetry Workshop for Middle School Ongoing

Fun With French! Theme Based Conversation Club! (Ages 7-10)

Ramp up Your Grade 6 Math at This Summer Camp!

Math Homeschool FULL Curriculum 8th Grade Part 1

Homeschool Algebra 1 Full-Curriculum: Marking Period 1

Quick and Easy Grab and Go Snacks (Ongoing)

Youtube Channel Success!

Starting Your Youtube Channel: The First Steps!

1:1 Singing Lessons Spanish/English

Cat Cafe: Meow Madness Challenge • Cats Versus Pasta!

Squishmallow Drawing Club (Ages 5-9)

Let's Learn English: Ongoing ESL Course for A2 Learners

Let's Learn English: Ongoing ESL Course for A1 Learners

Guided Test Prep

Let's Learn English: Ongoing ESL Course for Pre-A1 Learners

Craft Camp for Kids

Let's Write: Academic Writing B2+

Glow up: Technical Makeup Tutorials and Application

Let's Learn STEM: The Art of Survival - Outdoor Adventure Ongoing Course!

Let's Write: Academic Writing B2+

Let's Be Word Wizards: All About Word Types

3rd-5th Grade Coding Camp

Math Geniuses, Made Here! 6th Grade Math - Homeschool & Afterschool!

Harry Potter and the Cursive Writing Class

Fiber Arts Club

SAT Math Made Incredibly Easy

The Biology of Parasites and the Diseases They Cause! (One on One)

The Amazing World of Parasites (One on One)

Rainforest Adventures With Ms. Angie (Ongoing Class for Ages 3-6)

Paul Klee Castle and Sun Art Project

Get Ready for 3rd Grade Math!

Private Lesson - Japanese for Kidz (Ongoing)

Montessori Reading: Mastering Digraphs for Emerging Readers 1x/Week

Pre-Algebra Math - Full Year, Graded Homework

FALL Tutoring Multi-Day: Happy High School English Comp & Homework Help With M

Sewing: Pajama Pants (Sewing Machine)

Fourth Grade English Language Arts Curriculum- Reading, Writing, and Grammar

Summer High School Biology Prep Course (6 Week Cycle)

Fun With French 1:1: Beginner to Advanced: 30 Minutes

Pop Culture Club

Procedural Creative Writing Club

Introduction to Physics for Middle School

Teach Me to Read, Write & Spell - Small Group Instruction

1 Time Class Creative Writing: Write a Poem with Me

Playing Math Masters: The Pokemon Quest

Among Us: Math Edition

Cats and Kittens Social Club

Simple Summer Science Experiments for Kids

Let's Learn 1:1 ESL Curriculum for Beginners: Level 1 With a Native Speaker

Life Lessons With Curious George - Summer Camp!

Mindfulness Exercises and Tips for Feeling Calmer and Less Stressed

Geography: Introduction to Africa and Asia

ESL Group Tutoring-English as a Second Language Ongoing Weekly Lesson

Spanish/English Immersion Full Curriculum: Grades 7/8

Tutoring Math With Video Games 1:1 [Fall/Winter Semester Availability]

Weekly Writing Club

Private One-To-One Writing Instruction (4 Weeks)

General Chemistry - Part II (Ongoing)

Teen Talk - A Social Club for Teen Girls

DIY Science - Exploring Chemistry Camp Format

Poem-A-Day for Middle School Creative Writing

Writing Made Fun: Paragraph, Story, Novel & Poetry Writing (1:1 Ages 10-17)

Junior Zookeepers: Learn About Animals Through Discussion (ESL Friendly)

Learn Guitar for Kids!

Interactive Game About Emotions - Fun for All :) 1 WK

Let's Make Play Dough- No Cook Method!

Spanish Immersion / Summer Camp for Beginners (Full Curriculum)

Parrotfish and the Poop Sand Beach

Summer Reading Story Bootcamp: First and Second Grade

Dave's Algebra 2

Spanish Conversation Club for Middle School for Advanced Speakers

Spanish Conversation Club for Advanced Littles

Third Grade English Language Arts Curriculum- Reading, Writing and Grammar

Father's Day Drawing Super Daddio: Make your Dad a Mario Character!

AP Chemistry Summer Camp- 1 Week 5 Days

Spanish Conversation Club - For Upper Elementary for Advanced Speakers

Mastering Math: 20 minute Private Tutoring Session With Math Games (Ongoing)

College Essay Workshop

Creative Writing: Poetry: Acrostic Poems

Book Club -Key Player by Kelly Yang-Contemporary Fiction in Front Desk Series

Prepare for the Digital SAT

1-on-1 Weekly Spanish Tutoring

Summer Zoo Animal Reading Fun!

Deutsch Lernen, Sprechen

Summer Class: First Grade to Second Grade

123 Play Dough With Me! - Learning Numbers Through Hands-On Fun

German for Beginner Ages 11-15

Flower Art Project Inspired by Georgia O’Keeffe

A Bookworm Learns to Read With Bob Books - Private Course

Escape Room Summer Camp | Solve Puzzles and Escape the Room Mystery Summer Camp

Spanish tutoring 1-1. Get your doubts resolved! (All levels) 1 hour

Ongoing Weekly Art Class - Preschool Art

Summer Beginners Watercolor Painting Club

English Stars! Reading and Writing with a qualified English teacher.

5th Grade Ongoing Comprehensive Science

Film Studies Summer Camp - Study Film Shorts - Film Discussions - Summer Camp

Writing About Summer-All Genres: Opinion, Informative, Persuasive and More! (certified teacher) #academic

Ear Training and Music Theory: A One-Time Class on Intervals

Learn to Love Literature Part 3 - 5th-8th Grade (English, Literature)

Ongoing Middle School World History

Camp - Scratch Jr. Pokemon Level 1 - Make Your Own Games and Stories for Pokemon

AP Human Geography Review: Exam Cram Bootcamp

Advanced Essay Writing Preparing for College-Level Writing

One-on-One with Jaden

One-on-One with Caleb

Rise of the Archosaurs: Pseudosuchians to Crocodiles

Summer Camp About Crypto -Cryptocurrencies Summer Camp - Learn How Crypto Works

Summer Camp - Business and Influencer Marketing - Digital Marketing - Blogging

Summer Camp - Financial Literacy - Money Basics -Investments Savings Summer Camp

Play Honkai Star Rails Together! (Ongoing Gaming Club)

Roblox Girls: One-Time Meetup!

Ongoing Private French Class for Beginners (3x Per Week)

Math Mindset: Fostering Confidence and Growth Mindset in Math for Ages 6-12

Applied Science: The Latest News & Discoveries on Biology, Geology & Archeology

S.T.E.A.M. Project: Roller Coaster Ridge

Math Tutoring

Math Stars: Excelling in Math Thru Innovative Teaching Techniques for Ages 3-5

Bass Lessons (Private Half Hour)

Summer Reading Mystery Bootcamp: First and Second Grade

Math Games Mania: Fun and Exciting Games to Learn Math for Ages 6-8

1:1 Custom Reading Tutoring Ongoing

Knitting Class. Learn How to Knit, Purl, and More, PART 5. Circular Knitting

Jump Start to Kindergarten!

Happy Little Acrylic Painting Art Camp - Paint a Landscape Every Week

Cool Cats - Cat in the Flower Pot - Drawing and Coloring Art Project!

Empathy - Social Emotional Intelligence for Ages 5-9

Roblox 4 Kids - 5 Day - Summer Camp

Beginner Spanish Readers and Speakers (4-Week Class)

Roblox: Design Obbys and Adventures - Summer Camp - 5 Days/ 15 Hours

Science of Minecraft: Chemistry and Physics - July 4th Week Camp

Ongoing Private French Class for Beginners (1x Per Week)

One-On-One Literacy Tutor for Grades K-8 | Certified Reading Specialist

1:1 Math Tutoring 4th/5th/6th/7th Grade With Certified Math Teacher!

Summer Math Escape Room Adventure for Preschool & Kindergarteners!

Learn to Write Hebrew Script!

Beginner's Latin - Cambridge Latin Course Unit 1 - Part 3

Queer America: Precolonial to Present | A History Summer Camp

The Story of the History of the United States of America to Mexican American War

Terraria Gaming Club - Let's Play! (Bi-Weekly)

Summer Camp | Business 101 and Business Planning | Business Management Camp

Learn Storytelling by Playing Dungeons & Dragons "Lost Minds of Fan Dueling."

Private Bass Lessons (1 Hour)

ESL Speaking and Listening Activities Summer Camp CEFR A2 (Beginners/Pre-Intermadiate)

Summer Camp | Creative Letter Writing and Envelope Art| Draw and Paint Art Class

High School English Creative Writing Short Horror Stories Ongoing

Summer Second Grade Readiness and Review English and Math - Ongoing

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Novel Study - Part 2

Disney Dance & Move!

ESL Speaking and Listening Activities Summer Camp for CEFR A1 (Beginners)

Suzuki Start for Cello - Play and Learn Suzuki Cello Book 2

Phonics Phase 5 Summer Camp Review

Summer Art Camp: Art Projects Inspired by Monet

Master Spanish 1: Fun & Immersive Learning for Middle & High School Students

Middle School English Creative Writing Short Horror Stories Ongoing

Suzuki Start for Cello Beginners

Drawing Class - Summer Time! Sealife Squishmallow

Let's Practice Greek Classes

The Little Mermaid Dance Class

Let's Learn and Practice 4th Grade Spelling: Set 3

Let's Learn and Practice 4th Grade Spelling: Set 2

Acrylic Painting Summer Camp -Summer Art Camp -Learn Painting With Acrylic Paint

Cello Duet Building - Create Beautiful Duets and Play Harmonies on Your Cello

Weekly Beginner French - Group Class - Novice Low (A0)

MIDDLE SCHOOL MATH - STAY SHARP! : 1 on 1 Middle School Math Tutoring/Skill Development.

Let's Learn and Practice 4th Grade Spelling: Set 1

Spanish Immersion: "Let's Get Talking! En EspaÑOl!" Club

World Religions: Persia and India Edition

Murder Mystery 2 Roblox Club!

Acrylic Painting Summer Camp -Summer Art Camp -Learn Painting With Acrylic Paint

Acrylic Painting Summer Camp -Summer Art Camp -Learn Painting With Acrylic Paint

Acrylic Painting Summer Camp -Summer Art Camp -Learn Painting With Acrylic Paint

Acrylic Painting Summer Camp -Summer Art Camp -Learn Painting With Acrylic Paint

Kindergarten Morning Routine and so Much More!!!

Become a Problem-Solving Master! 1-Time 5th/6th/7th Grade Certified Math Teacher

Canva Graphic Design & Make New Friends Learning Canva Program Ongoing

Algebra 1: Chapter 11 (Data and Probability)

Realm Builders: 1-On-1 Mentoring for Dungeons and Dragons

The Gilded Age and The Progressive Era - U.S. History Part 8

Intro to Anime and Manga Drawing Camp

Art and Craft With Ms Ope

Computer Animation W/ Blender Summer Intensive!

Mathematical Thinking: Singapore Math Full Curriculum 6A/6B (Ongoing Class)

Oh Snap! Private Creative Photography Tutoring

Creative Writing: Silly Stories Weekly Writing Using Ai

How to Fly a Drone Almost Anywhere in the US!

Star Trek Astronomy

Book Club: Classics, Classics, Classics B1+ CEFR

Camp - Scratch 3.0 - Coding for Beginners, Pokemon Series

Let's Learn English: Words and Pictures for Cambridge Movers A1

Let's Learn English: Words and Pictures for Cambridge Starters Pre-A1

One-Time Private French Class for Beginners

Deep Dive: Meeting Deep Sea Animals (Part One)

Elementary School Language Arts Boot Camp: English Grammar, Writing, and Reading

Fabulously Funny Fairy Tale Plays - So You Thought You Knew This Fairy Tale

Private, One on One Fashion Design and Sketching (30 Min, Once a Week, Ongoing)

Spring Art Projects With Acrylic Paints

Anime Summer Art Camp (Naruto, My Hero Academia, Dragon Ball Z, Demon Slayer)

Summer Shakespeare Camp: Ages 9-12, A Midsummer's Night Dream

Greek Roots of Words

Disney Princess Fan Club | Interactive History + Art + Discussion Club

Reading Comprehension Kindergarten/Grade 1

Beginning Writers' Handwriting Club- Learn to Form Letters Correctly

Dungeons and Dragons 5E Beginner Campaign

Let's Speak: The Great Communicators Club B1+

Building Writers: An Inspiring Writing Curriculum for Grades 4-6

Acrylic Painting Summer Camp -Summer Art Camp -Learn Painting With Acrylic Paint

Intro to Meteorology and Weather Forecasting Tools

Mixed Media Process Art Journal Class With an Opportunity to Student Teach

Audition Prep for Theater

Recital Ready: A Deep Dive Into Classical Piano Literature

A Fantasy Adventure Book Series Club for Kids [7-10 Years]

Ongoing Middle School US History

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