New Classes on Outschool 2023-12-24

There are 310 new classes on Outschool the week of December 24, 2023 to December 30, 2023.

1:1 Guided Math Practice: Rational Numbers (Add, Sub, Mult, or Div)

Phonics for Reading Camp: Bossy/Magic "e"! (FLEX)

FLEX Class: Kawaii Cuteness Valentine Characters

Cooking with Confidence Flex Series 2: Sweet Breakfast Treats

Private 1:1 One-Week FLEX: All About Ratios!

Craft Hair Bows With Felt

First Grade Is Fun~Tastic - Full Curriculum

Essay Help for School and Applications from an Ivy League Tutor!

Cooking With Confidence Flex Series 1: Fruit Salsa and Vegetable Dip

Homeschooling Group : Sharing What We Learn While Homeschooling K-2Nd

All About Dinosaurs

Gamecon 2.0 Special Event: Winter Carnival Minecraft Bedrock

Private Violin, Viola or Piano Lessons With Ms. Nickie

Animal Detectives (Research and Draw)

Cattle Breeds

Let's Get Scared! Horror/Thriller Book Club

Now I know My ABC's.....

Rapid-Fire Writing: Creative Writing Challenges

A Slow Walk Through a Magical Series: Harry Potter a Few Chapters at a Time

Learn Piano Now FLEX (Level 1) with Dr. Nathan

All About Whales (Learn and Draw)

Small Group Tutoring for Reading and Literacy

1:1 Build Your Own Board Game

Learn About Sea and Ocean Animals - Science, Marine Biology, and Geography

Geography: Let's Explore the 7 Continents

Bones, Bones, Bones! the Head and Neck

Let’s Explore Geography- The New Seven Wonders of the World

Bones, Bones, Bones! the Hips and Legs

Bones, Bones, Bones! The Spine and Thoracic Cavity

Representing Landscapes

चलो हिंदी सीखें: Let's Learn Hindi Together!

AP Macroeconomics Full Semester Course

Understanding Emotional Social & Physical Health

Flex Class: The Hunger Games Book #2 - Catching Fire

Flex Class: The Hunger Games: Book #1

1:1 Tutoring for Subject Based Lessons and Independent Skill Building

Valentine's Day Felt Crafting and Creative Writing

Word Wizardry: Crafting Stories with Creative Challenges

Character Crafting: Unleashing Imagination in Creative Writing

Be Vocabulary Wise with Wordly Wise Grade Eight Part Two

Animation Academy 101 | Intro to Procreate Dreams II

American Sign Language Circle Time - Preschool & Kindergarten

Great Literature: Island of the Blue Dolphins

Goal Setting for 2024!

1 on 1 Life Skills, Confidence, Growth Mindset & Emotions Coaching With Soumya

Private Writing Tutor: The No Stress Writing Process

Multi-Syllabic Words

Spanish Immersion Valentine's Day Love Monsters and Creative Writing

Learn the Ukulele! | 1-1 Ukulele Classes for Beginners | for All Ages!

Firm Foundations: 1-on-1 Early Elementary Tutoring

Owls Owls Owls!

Metaphors and More: Poetry 1:1

New Year, New You! Designing SMART Goals for 2024

Private Tutoring: 1:1 ESL 101 - English Lessons for Kids

Hatchet Journey: One-On-One Reading and Study Session

Math Subtraction Games

Project Sekai: Colorful Stage Fan Club!

Elementary Japanese Full Year

Elementary Spanish Full Year

Elementary French Full Year

NEW! Toucan Watercolor With Miss Leigh

Peach + Daisy + Rosalina - Super Mario Princess Drawing Class

NEW! Leopard Painting With Miss Leigh

Spectacular Spelling for Elementary Students Part 2

Little Dreamers Cartoon Marathon: Star Wars Drawing - Yoda & Obi -Wan

1:1 Learn English Through Visual Arts | ESL EAL

Phonics for Reading Camp: Short Vowel Sounds! (FLEX)

Little Dreamers Cartoon Marathon: Star Wars Drawing - Akosha & C-3PO

Private, 1:1 Semester Business Class for Young Entrepreneurs

The Greats of Classical Chess History

Math Algebra 2 Semester 2 With A Credentialed Math Teacher Flex Class

Black Poetry

Winter Art Camp:Elements of Art Projects Inspired by Winter Object

SSAT/ISEE Essay Prep - 1:1 Tutoring

FLEX: 4th Grade Math Chapter 12 (Perimeter and Area)

Introduction to Pre-Algebra on Your Terms - Flexible Schedule

Futuristic Transportation: Drawing Lesson- Small Group

Understanding Personal Finance When You Are Young (Financial Literacy - Math)

Kids' Countdown: New Year's Eve Party With Ms. Abby-Kahoot-Craft-

Introduction to Long Multiplication & Division Made Easy - Flexible Schedule

Cosmic Perspective

Math Addition Games

5th Grade Made Easy!

Multi-Sensory German Lessons With a Native Speaker (High School)

Chasing Disasters: Meteorite Impact

Chasing Disasters: Blizzard

Waldorf Form Drawing Course: Class I

FLEX the Sims 4: Tips and Tricks

Winter Music Camp With Ms. Nickie! (With Violin, Viola, & Piano) 4 Days

How It Works: The Internal Combustion Engine

Start Designing in 3D! Beginner 3D Design and Modeling Club in Tinkercad

Flex Class: Developing Independent Life Skills

Weaving for Beginners

January French Storytime

February French Storytime

Introduction to DNA and its Importance

Draw Realistic Animals- Drawing and Sketching Techniques One-On-One Private

Relating Multiplication and Division

Learning Basic Sight Words Fun

All About Wrestling- Social Groups

Little Dreamers Cartoon Marathon: Pokemon Drawing - Krookodile & Cubone

Little Dreamers Cartoon Marathon: Pokemon Drawing - Zygqrde & Larvitar

Paper Graphing 101: Visualizing Science Data

Animation Academy 101 | Procreate Dreams Weekly | Youths

Virtual Study Hall

Little Dreamers Cartoon Marathon: Kung Fu Drawing - Monkey & Po

Visual Art Class 1, High School and Homeschool Students, Beginner- Intermediate

Little Dreamers Cartoon Marathon: Pokemon Drawing - Golurk

High School Biology: Full Year Curriculum Part One, 16 Weeks of Live Classes

3rd Grade Math Ongoing Spiral Review

3rd Grade Math-Full Curriculum-Licensed Teacher-Enrichment For Homeschool

2nd Grade Homeschool Full Curriculum

Adding and Subtracting within 120 Using Number Sense Routines

Visual Art Class 2, High School and Homeschool Students, Beginner- Intermediate

Private Drum Lessons

Little Dreamers Cartoon Marathon: Pokemon Drawing - Landorous

Let's Write the Code Behind Snapchat and Instagram Filters!

Private Ongoing 1-On-1 Math Tutoring (1 Hour) | 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th Grades

Intro to Ukulele - A Fun Engaging Class With Teacher Mike

Everything Fractions Step by Step Flex Class

Little Dreamers Cartoon Marathon: Pokemon Drawing - Ursaluna

Spectacular Spelling for Elementary Students Part 1

Private Mandarin Chinese With a Native Teacher

Private Japanese With A Native Japanese Teacher

Little Dreamers Cartoon Marathon: Kung Fu Drawing - Snake & Tai Lung

1:1 Patterns in Algebra Critical Thinking Class

Disney Ballet Series: Once Upon a Time for a Flexible Schedule

Mathlete Mastery: Unleashing the Power of Multiplication

Little Dreamers Poke-Saturdays: Pokémon Drawing - Groudon

Biology 1:1 Private Tutor: Middle and High School Life Science

Learn English as a Second Language (ESL) With Teacher Maddie

Beginning Spanish - Level 2 - Basic Coversational Skills, Reading, and Writing

Elementary Science Semester Long Class With Teacher Tracy!

All About Our Bones FLEX : Human Anatomy for Young Learners at Their Own Pace

Algebra I for Neurodiverse Learners (Full Curriculum)

1 to 1 Visit with Princess Anna, Frozen Snow Princess!

Primer Piano, Private Lessons

Tutoring for Writing | Creative Writing or Essays | 30 Minutes

Kids Project Based Python For Beginners 1:1 Class (10 Sessions)

Let's Chat-Working with Chat GPT to Improve Writing

Little Dreamers Poke-Saturdays: Pokémon Drawing - Garchomp

Little Dreamers Cartoon Marathon: Kung Fu Drawing - Mantis & Tigress

Build a Robot Object Detection System With Me!

Little Dreamers Cartoon Marathon: Kung Fu Panda - Crane and Shifu

Discover U.S.History With Sketchnoting Drawing For Middle School Whole Year

1:1 Tutoring | Pre-Algebra Through Calculus (55 Minute Sessions)

Explore Sharks with Ms. Frizzle & Magic School Bus (FLEX)

3rd Grade Made Easy

Holiday Memory Matching Game!

Explore Sharks with Ms. Frizzle & Magic School Bus (Live class)

1:1 Tutoring | Pre-Algebra Through Calculus (85 Minute Sessions)

Math-A-Mazing Adventures 1:1 Tutoring

Writing Can Be Fun With Figurative Language 📝

Let’s Play Yugioh! Master Duel Gaming Club

Social Skills: Growth Mindset - It's Okay to Make Mistakes!

Make Math Fun! Kindergarten Flex Class (Autism, ADHD, Neurodiverse Learners)

Cute Room Clean-Up Club! (ongoing)

1 on 1 Learning - Let's Learn Together! | Full Curriculum 3rd Grade Math

Exploring World Cultures (ages 7 - 10)

Arbor Adventures: Exploring Tree Forms and Shapes: An Art and Science Class

Create a New Year's Time Capsule in a Jar: Elementary Art Project

Grammar Workshop Level 2

Phonics Explorers: Ongoing Level 1 Phonics

High School Environmental Science Curriculum (16 Week FLEX Course)

5th Grade Math Full Curriculum Summer Camp | Games, Friends, Learning, and Fun!

LEGO Duplo Blocks Club With Teacher John!

Kids Project Based Python for Beginners (Level 2)

Go on a Rainforest Adventure [Rainforest Biome] (Flex Class)

Little Dreamers Poke-Saturdays: Pokémon Drawing - Sandslash

Little Dreamers Cartoon Marathon: Inside Out Drawing - Fear & Joy

Go on a Rainforest Adventure [Rainforest Biome] (Live Class)

Little Dreamers Cartoon Marathon: Inside Out Drawing - Anger & Sadness

Winter Craft & Dance: Penguin Fun!

Spanish Tutoring: Small Group Homework Help for Spanish 1

Paint a Snowman with Princess Anna! A Frozen-Art Class

Let's Play Minecraft Together! (Bedrock Edition)

Hip Hop Dance: Movements for Freestyle & Choreography (Flex, Level 1)

Economics Tutoring: AP Macroeconomics, IB Economics, Honors Economics

FLEX: 6th Grade Math Chapter 5 (Algebraic Expressions and Properties)

Mushroom Masterclass: Mycology for Young Learners- The Study of Fungi

Fortnite Writing Frenzy

Math Wiz Kids: Mastering Multiplication for 3rd Graders!

9Th Grade World History: Semester Class (Part 2)

Gamecon 2.0 Special Event: Among Us with the Mods

Gamecon 2.0: Gaming Trivia Kahoot! Party

Private Tutoring for English and Humanities Essay Writing - Homework Help

Fashion Design Sketching: Find Your Personal Quick Sketch Style

Archaeology of The World! Special Topics in World Cultures

I Can Write Powerful Paragraphs! 8 Week Paragraph Writing Class | Meets 1x/Week

First/Second Grade Homeschool Full Curriculum

Private French With a Native French Teacher

Full Year of 4th Grade in One Semester ( Montessori Approach)

Kindergarten Homeschool Full Curriculum

Watercolor Painting Beginner One on One Art Class for Kids

Digraphs, Blends, HFW, Fluency, Comprehension, and Writing First Grade

Hands-On 2nd Grade Spelling | Language Arts | English | Multi-Sensory Learning

Hands-On 1st Grade Spelling | Language Arts | English | Multi-Sensory Learning

Winter Drawing + Hand-Lettering Class: Cute Winter Kitten Calligraphy Art Class

Graphic Design for Aspiring Entrepreneurs: Creating Social Content

Let's read with Ms. Kristen and Splat the Cat!

Beginning Ballet with Ms. Jena - Ages 7 - 10

Harry Potter Wizard Ongoing Craft Class!

Phonics: Understanding the Connection Between Letters, Sounds and Reading

What Is a Displaced Person and How Do People Become Refugees?

Guitar for Songwriters | One-On-One Lessons

Fun With Fractions! Singapore Math for Homeschoolers (3rd & 4th Grade)

Private 1-On-1 Dance Class

Math for Beginners: Personalized Learning Adventures for Young Minds!

3Rd Grade Dino Adventure: Ongoing Math Curriculum

Flex Drawing Fury Bowser

Dance Lab: Hip Hop & Street Dance Choreography

Little Learners Intro to Hindi!

4th Grade Full Curriculum: Part 2 FLEX

AP US History Tutoring - Confidence Going Into Your AP Test!

Intro to Historical Research (High School- College Prep)

Investigating A Flu Prevention Drug--An NGSS High School Lab Investigation Flex

Investigating Enzymes--An NGSS High School Lab Investigation Flex

Happy New Year Drawing Party

How to Keep Your Hands and Feet to Yourself

Lets Explore California Tide Pools

Dungeons & Dragons: An Open-Ended Adventure

Kindergarten Phonics Curriculum

Beyond the Pages: Interactive Reading Adventures [Ages 10-14]

Taylor Swift Art Journal: Drawing/Painting Song Lyrics Weekly Group

Bones, Bones, Bones! - The Foot and Ankle

Bones, Bones, Bones! - The Arm and Shoulder

Bones, Bones, Bones! - The Hand and Wrist

Explore How Living Things Grow (Seeds), Ms. Frizzle & Magic School Bus (FLEX)

Explore How Living Things Grow (Seeds), Ms. Frizzle & Magic School Bus (Live)

Genshin Impact Video Game Social Club

Coding Python Beginner Level 3.5 Creating Animations & Games

1-to-1 Reading Tutoring - Certified - Structured & Differentiated - High Focus

Intro to Chatgpt: How to Use It Responsibly

Draw, Paint, Sculpt, Explore Art History! Level 8, Art Class for Homeschoolers

Crazy About Penguins Class & Craftivity!

Mario Bros. Sight Word Boot Camp

Full Kindergarten Curriculum - A Natural Approach(Coupon for Free Class in Desc)

Describe the Weather in Chinese - Big Kids

New Years Eve Drawing Party

Introduction To 2-Digit Addition: NO Regrouping

Forensic Science: The Truth Is in the Evidence

Disney Dreamlight Valley & Rift in Time! - Weekly Ongoing Social Club

Ocean Adventure Game: Equivalent Fractions

Python Coding GUI Mastery: From Basics to Intermediate Tkinter| Flex | Level-4

Enhancing Math and Calculator Skills for Chemistry: Mathistry

1:1 Writing Tutoring and Editing for All Writing Projects (50 Minutes)

Get Ready for 3rd Grade Math

Get Ready for 2nd Grade Math

Plan a Trip on a Budget: Decimals in Real Life

My Weird School Daze Book Club with Teacher Dianne

Pre-Algebra for Neurodiverse Learners (Full Curriculum)

Multi-Sensory Reading, Writing, and Spelling Help (Reading Support, Dyslexia)

Intro to Historical Writing (High School- College Prep)

Writer's Wednesdays

Calling All Little Green Thumbs!

(Ongoing) Veterinarian & Vet Tech Animal Science Club (13+ Yo)

2D Art & Design for High School-Part 1: The Elements of Design-FLEX Class

Discover World History With Sketchnoting Drawing for Middle School Whole Year

Make Math Fun: Kindergarten Curriculum - FLEX

Procreate Dreams 2D Animation - Weekly Challenge Class

8Th Grade English Full Curriculum in 1 Semester

4th Grade Math Full Curriculum in 1 Semester

Kindergarten Math - Counting 1-10 Using Manipulatives

Fun & Finance (How to Use Money and Invest!)

FLEX Class- How to Draw: Realistic Dogs-8 Weeks

Edible Science! Experiments You Can EAT! Weekly Lunch & Learn Lessons.

LEGO Builders Unite! Make Friends, Build, and Share in This 6 Week Class

Spanish Spot: Spanish Through Immersion Drawing

Cartoon Winter Animals Art Projects

3rd Grade Math FULL CURRICULUM Course

Penguins on Ice Art Project

How to Make a Wooden Bunny

1:1 Reading Comprehension: A Journey to Comprehensive Understanding!

3-Day Long Division Course (2-Digit Divisor)

A Multi-Sensory Approach for Mastering Single & Multi-Digit Multiplication FLEX

Teen Life Skills - Money Management

Drawing: Exploring Modern Art for Kids (Flex)

"Project-Based Learning: Video Editing And Design (Pbl)- News Show Segment"

Christmas Santa Penguin on Snowboard -Drawing and Markers

1:1 Guided Math Practice: 6th Grade Pre-Algebra

Hair Care 101: Nurturing Your Locks

Christmas Art - Pomsky Dog - Graphite Drawing

Spanish Tutoring With Maestra Maria

Snowy Fun: The Tale of Sneezles the Snowman Drawing-Story-Kahoot With Ms. Abby

Radiant Watercolor Circles

Whimsical Watercolor Dandelion

Let's make a sock bunny

Private Reading Class Bundle: Let's Learn to Read!-Part 2 [6-Week Course]

Parrot Art Project

Private Phonics Class Bundle: Let's Learn Letters! [5-Week Course]

Scene Study 101 - Script Analysis: Understanding Storytelling

Math Tutoring for Elementary School Students

Master Multiplication Facts (FLEX)

ESL - Let's Build Sentences!

Happy Learning Chinese!

Parts of Speech Terminology and Meanings - FLEX Class

Multi-Sensory German Lessons With a Native Speaker

Calling All Space Dwarves: Let's Play Deep Rock Galactic!

Middle School Semester - 3 Classic Mystery Novels

Let's Speak: LCM Speech Festival Hong Kong 2024 - The Future

World Wonders Stamp Society

Gilmore Girls Gossip Hub

Preparing for Middle School Intensive Summer English Language Arts Course

2D Art & Design for Middle School-Part 1: The Elements of Design-FLEX Class

1:1 Guided Math Practice: 4th Grade Geometry

The Amazing Digital Circus Art & Social Club- Let's Draw & Chat!

Intro to Java Programming!

The Adventures Within the Pages: Book Club and Social Group

Kindergarten ELA ~ Word Building With the Literary Fairy ~ Reading Foundations

Let's Draw New Year's Axolotls!

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