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New Classes on Outschool 2023-04-16

There are 311 new classes on Outschool the week of April 16, 2023 to April 22, 2023.

Explore America: National Parks Reading Adventures Levels M-P

Spellings Class: Spellings, Clues, and a Message for You, Part 8

History's Mysteries One-Shot: The Third Reich and the Occult

Ballet With a Princess!!

8th Grade/Pre Algebra Math Success! Summer Math Camp

Let's Debate Level 2

7th Grade Math Success! Summer Math Camp

AP Language Cram Session

*3 DAY CAMP* Sight Words and Sentences: Let's Write Together!

Draw an Elephant by Draw So Cute

Draw a Cute Panda

Reading More Than CVC Words! Digraphs, Diphthongs, and Vowel Teams Decoding: 2X

IEW: Wonders of Science Writing Lessons (Part 1)

Japanese: Road to Fluency Mid Beginner Class 4 Part 4 (Age 13-18)

Let's Read Together Book Club ~Teacher, Friends & Me - Comprehension & Fluency

What is a Coronation? Symbols, History and Traditions.

Pop-Up Moral Philosophy: Gossip

Philosophy and Movies: Is Life Like a Reality Game? PART 1

Your Reading Buddy

Manual DSLR Photography 101+201+301 for Teens: 20 Week Curriculum

Ramp up Your Grade 6 Math This Summer! Twice a Week Summer CAMP

High School Geometry for Homeschoolers

Summer Book Club for 4th & 5th - Summer Reading Camp - 5 Genres in 11 Weeks!

The Role of the Theatrical Designer - Costume, Set, Light, & Sound Design

Python Level 5-Advanced : Data Analysis

Japanese: Road to Fluency Mid Beginner Class 4 Part 3 (Age 13-18)

A Semester of Middle School English Language Arts & Literature | Fall Semester

World of Magic: A Fantasy Creatures Camp With Drama, Art, Cooking and Games

Math Class: Let's Find the Area of Rectangles and Squares!

All About Fractions !

Learn the Piano! #Creative #Piano FLEX Class for Complete Beginners! Part 1

Theater Camp: Fairy Tales and Fractured Fairy Tales

Red Flag Exercise Realistic Combat Fighter Training

Acrylic Painting - Beginner's Landmarks & Landscapes

Prepare to Read in 13 Weeks (Level 0 Reading)

Piano Private Lessons Beginner Ongoing Music Class for Kids

Ready for 3rd Grade - Summer Camp!

Japanese for Beginners: Semester 2 (Ages 13-17)

Reading and Writing Spanish Club: Let's Learn About the Hispanic Culture!

Animal Crossing New Horizons Happy Home Design Challenges

Acoustic or Electric Guitar Private Ongoing Lessons Music Class

Reading Support for the Young Reader

3rd-5th Grade Computation Mastery (Whole Numbers, Fractions and Decimals)

AP Literature and Composition Cram Session

ACT Verbal Boot Camp

Winter Writing Bootcamp Opinion Paragraph Writing Strengthen Writing Skills Now!

Mathsters Full Curriculum 5th Grade Math (1X a Wk)

Latin 2 (Class 12): Interrogative Pronouns + Adjectives and Roman Literature

Latin 2 (Class 11): Intro to the Perfect Passive Indicative System

Latin 2 (Class 10): Diving Deeper Into the Passive Voice + Sight Reading

Pre-K and Kindergarten Circle Time Fun

Dino Delights: A Dinosaur Show and Tell Session

5th Grade Science Q2: Comprehensive (Hands on Activities & Labs) FLEX

Adorable Sloth Drawing & Watercolor Painting

3rd Grade Science Fusion: Physical Science 4 of 4

News of the Week: Exploring, Discussing, and Addressing Current Social Issues

Summer Drama Fun: Acting and Practice with Play Scripts!

U.S. Legislative Branch (Congress)

U.S. Executive Branch (Office of the President)

Learning About History by Virtual Visits to Abandoned Places

U.S. Judicial Branch (Supreme and Federal Courts)

Benjamin Franklin, the Man, Myth, and Legend

Social Skills, Executive Functioning for Neurodiverse Middle and High School

Positive Mindset for Teens

Minecraft Engineering with the Create Mod CAMP with Teacher Tom 8-10 yo

Learn the Alphabet: ABCs Letters & Sounds

Party Cooking Class! Appetizers, Entrees, & Deserts on Your Own Schedule

Saxophone Lessons for All Abilities!

Splash Into Third Grade: Second Grade Review, Third Grade Prep for Summer

Mastering Reading Writing & Speaking English

Terrific Tutoring: Individualized Mathematics Help for All Learners

Test Prep Cram Session for Test Taking Skills

(1:4) Ongoing Entrepreneur: Starting & Running a Summer Animal Business or Job

Preschool/Kindergarten Full Curriculum: Circle Time, Music, French, Math, Art

Jellyfish: Hands on Science!

Entomology Research Part 2: Research & Discuss Different Insects! (Ages 9-12)

One on One Scratch Class

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie - A Story and Hands on Math Class

Baking: Banana Bread Muffins

An Exploration of Neuroanatomy With a Virtual 3D Brain and Brain Games!

Spanish Conversation Club -Summer Edition (Ages 16-18)

Scratch Playground: Create a Flappy Bird Game!

Draw an Animal AND Learn Fun Facts About Them!

Scratch Playground : Create a Platformer Game!

Speak French! Explore + Build + Create (Beginner 1 of 9) Private

Summer Math Boost: Preparing for 5th Grade Math

Mediterranean Cruise, a Custom Class to Spain, Italy, France, and Greece

Small Group for Targeted Instruction (Skill: Decoding CVC Words)

Math Fact Madness

The Red Class: A Dark History Summer Camp for Younger Students

Conversational German for Advanced Learners

Let's Learn Geography: Around the USA Travel Class B1+ CEFR

Let's Learn Geography: Around the USA Travel Class With Barnabas Bear B1+ CEFR

Let's Learn Conversational Spanish for Beginners SUMMER CAMP 2023 Native Speaker

Ask an Aussie! What Do You Want to Know About Australia? (Senior Class)

The Art of Persuasion - An Interactive 2 Day Class

Bootcamp-It's All About Spanish Verb Conjugations :Past Imperfect Tense

English Fun

Graphic Design for Beginners - BOOT CAMP 1

Personal Finance for Teens | The Class You Should Have Taken in High School

It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's...Superhero Camp! : A Drama, Art and Games Camp

Get Your Wiggles Out! an Interactive Class Focusing on Intentional Movement

Graphic Design for Beginners - BOOT CAMP 2

Learn and Master the Art of Digital Painting ( for Beginners)

US National Parks!

Fantastic Fossils and Prehistoric Creatures: Brachiosaurus

Middle School Life Science-Semester 1

Gearing up for AP -Skills for AP European, World, US History

United States National Government Overview

Crochet an Easy Cute Butterfly

Between the Lines Book Club: Holes by Louis Sachar

The Magical Unicorn Society - Which Unicorn Are You?

Warriors Writing Intensive Camp

History Herald: High School World & Human Geography: Regions & Spheres Part 2

History Herald: High School World & Human Geography -Intro To Geography Part 1

AP World : Food for Thought - Exploring the Intersection of Food and History

AP Biology - Self-Paced & FLEX Course

Minecraft Bedrock Creative Builders Weekly Social Club (Ages 6-8)

Storytelling Arts Camp

Astronomy for Kids Using Actual Observatory Telescopes! (STEM / STEAM / Space )

Ongoing Photography Club!

Pre-Algebra |Art of Problem Solving (AoPS)| Full Curriculum

Cambridge KEY A2 Ongoing Writing Exam Preparation

Spring Singing Camp: "The Wiz" Musical Theater Camp

Let's Debate Current Issues and Policies Summer Camp

Cambridge PET B1 Ongoing Writing Exam Preparation

Reading Comprehension, Vocabulary, and Fluency-(3rd and 4th Grade)

Middle Schoolers: Become a Multiplication Master This Summer - Six Fun Weeks!

Advanced Fraction-Decimal-Percentage Focus Summer Camp

Words Unleashed: Teen Guide to Rocking the Literary Analysis Essay

Preschool Class With Mrs. Carrie (Bachelors in Early Childhood Education)

3D Shapes - A Hands on Math Class

Gearing up for AP - Skills for AP Language and AP Literature

The Stage is Yours! The Ultimate Beginning Acting Summer Camp for All (LEVEL 2)

Roblox Social Club- Drawing Games!! Ongoing Class

Creative Writing Explorers Summer Camp

8th/9th Literature & IEW Writing: English Language Arts (1st Semester Year 3)

Money Matters for Kids: Get an Early Start!

Let's Prepare: Reading and Speech Preparation 1:1 Class

Advanced 1st Grade and 2nd Grade Bullseye Circle Time ~ Full Curriculum

How To Grow Your YouTube Channel & Become Your Own Brand

Comprehensive Japanese Language/Culture Lower Elem. Class 10 Pt 4 (Age 13-18)

The History of Memorial Day

3rd Grade Full Multicultural Curriculum

"Outside the Box" High School English for the Reluctant, Creative, & Terrified 3

"Outside the Box" High School English for the Reluctant, Creative, & Terrified 2

"Outside the Box" High School English for the Reluctant, Creative, & Terrified 1

Ask an Aussie! What Do You Want to Know About Australia? (Jnr Class)

Chess 1-1 Private Lessons: 60 Minutes

Play Together! Minecraft Legends Social Club for Younger Players

Persuasion in Advertising: Uncovering the Media's Deception! (Language Arts)

Empowering Young Changemakers Summer Camp: Social Studies Community Action Class

4th / 5th Grade English Language Arts Homeschool Fall Semester

Calming Your Inner Knuckles: Anger Management Skills With a Sonic Twist!

Under the Sea! Summer Animal Art Class

1 on 1 Private Lessons for Social and Emotional Skill Building

Japanese 1 on 1: Kiku Course (Culture)

Summer Phonics Fun Camp 2: Blends, Digraphs, CVCe

Summer Phonics Fun Camp 1: Consonants, Short Vowels, CVC Words, & Word Families

Entomology Research Part 2: Research & Discuss Different Insects! (Ages 12-17)

Number Sense Math Fun- Subitizing, Number Bonds, Patterns, and More!

2 Digit Multiplication Using the Break Apart Method

Filter Play- Exploring Filters, Emojis, and Annotation Tools

Multiplication Using the Break Apart Method

Garden Art Tea Party With Monet

Learning to Read! After School Phonics Based Reading Tutoring

Creative Gardening (Ongoing)

Poems for Building Reading Skills: Level 1

Private Tutoring: Reading and Phonics (30 Mins / 2x a Week)

Meet the Teacher

Getting Started on Guitar - Introduction (One-Time Starter Class: Ages 14-18)

Getting Started on Guitar - Introduction (One-Time Starter Class: Ages 10-13)

French Horn Lessons One on One - Ongoing

Getting Started on Guitar - Introduction (One-Time Starter Class: Ages 6-9)

Bootcamp-It's All About Spanish Verb Conjugations : Past Preterit Tense

Fashion Design - Designer Sketches, Figure Drawing and Garment Illustrations

The Stage is Yours! The Ultimate Beginning Acting Summer Camp for All

Voice Acting Workshop (Private Group Buyout)

Boot Camp-It's All About Spanish Verb Conjugations :Present Tense

Introduction to Handwork:Waldorf/ Charlotte Mason Inspired

Essay Question and Short Answer Response (Test Taking, ELA)

Weekly Storytime!

Create Amazing Artworks Inspired by the Masters

3rd Grade Science Fusion: Earth Science (3 of 4)

Marine Organisms Part 2: Research & Explore Marine & Coastal Animals! Ages 12-17

Parasitology: 6 Neglected Tropical Diseases!

Life Skills 101: Developing Empathy, Integrity, and Perseverance for Grades 3-5

Weekly Math Tutor Group Ages 9-13 - Warning! This Class Is Not Boring!

Middle School Math Private 1:1 Tutoring (Twice a Week)

Cat Cafe: Kitten Kingdom • Book Club #2

Group Writing Tutoring with a Certified Teacher/Literacy Specialist

Coding: Beginner Python (Level 3) Creating Animations & Games

Have You Filled a Bucket? a Class on Kindness

Invertebrates v.s. Vertebrates (with live animals)

One to One English Language Arts Tutoring (25 Minutes)

One to One English Tutoring! (45 Minutes) (1:1)

What Makes a Complete Sentence: The Basics

SAT Verbal Boot Camp

Think like a Conservationist-Weekly Conservation Club From Conservationist Madi

Anime Girls 101 - Lets Draw Awesome Anime and Manga Girls!

Winter Coding Camp: Code Your Own Platformer Video Game

Beyond the Basics: An in Depth Study of the Sky

AP Language: Last Minute Review

Draw a Bald Eagle AND Learn Fun Facts About Them!

Draw a Bunny AND Learn Fun Facts About Them!

Draw a Cat AND Learn Fun Facts About Them!

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom! Letter Recognition and Practice

STEM and a Fairy Tale...With a Twist (Group 1)

Creative Writing for Cat-Lovers: Descriptive Writing Skills (Cats & Fish)

Adventure Into C++: A Private Tutoring Class

Super School Skills: 1 On 1 ELA or Math Tutoring for Grades PK-5 (2X/Week)

Second Grade Spelling and Vocabulary (Ongoing)

Ew! Poo, Farts and Horrid History- A Rotten and Revolting Camp

Ancient Greek Mythology Minecraft Camp: Wield the Powers of the Gods!

[Korean Boot Camp] Beginner Korean Language & Culture(13 to 18 y.o.)

Summer Camp: Book Club + Fan Fiction for Keeper of the Lost Cities (Book 1)

Small Group Singing Lessons: Royal Conservatory of Music Level - 2

Science: Middle School

[Korean Kids Club] Learn Korean Language & Culture With Korean Folk Tales!

Waldorf Archetype Five Elements Study FLEX

Waldorf Private Yoga and Meditation Class

Interactive Reading! Drag-N-Drop Stories in English (Tactile Learning)

History Research Paper College Prep | Weekly Ongoing History and Writing Class

Italian Tutor Doctor for Individuals and Siblings

Don't Starve Together: Teen Gaming Club (PC Version)

Accelerate Your Learning: Summer Break Remedial Class for Academic Mastery!

Learn to Read Summer Camp

Violin Club: A Group Violin Class for Kids!

Spring Break STEM Camp for Young Engineers (Tech, Robotics, & Coding)

Book Club: Because of Winn-Dixie by Kate Dicamillo

The Super Mario Bros Training Workout -Let’s Save Luigi from Bowser!

Creative Writing Poetry Summer Camp - Write 8 Types of Poems in 4 Days!

Teen Gaming Club

Book Club: Because of Winn-Dixie by Kate Dicamillo

Sculpture Art Summer Camp- Sculpey Clay Creations!

Realistic Still Life Drawing- Art Summer Camp!

Sharks Research Part 2: Research and Discuss Sharks Around the World - Age 12-17

All About Macromolecules! Biology Units With Baker

Unique Gift for Mom Handmade by YOU! Book Art by Folding Pages

Book Club + A Novel Study: The Borrowers (Summer Camp)

Pico Coding Club: Learn JavaScript by Building Your Favorite Games

Art: Dinosaur Paint Night!

ART: Paint Night Butterfly

Adorable Easter Chicks Drawing & Watercolor Painting

Baking Class: Lava Mug Cake

4th Grade Fraction Fun

Baking Class: Cookies & Cream Mug Cake

Baking Class: Chocolate & Mint Mug Cake

Baking Class: Candy Explosion Mug Cake

Mrs. Kirbie's Narrative Writing Camp

Dog Paws - Australian Shepherd - Drawing Dogs Graphite Pencil Art Project!

3rd Grade Science Fusion: Life Science (2 of 4)

Let’s Talk About The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

IEW Wonders of Science Writing Lessons Semester Two **NEW**

IEW Wonders of Science Writing Lessons Semester 1 **NEW**

Misses Dee's Chatterboxes Social Club (8-12 year old)

Calling All Amazing Girls - Get Inspired and Motivated - Social Book Club

Private Piano Lessons With Ms. Crystal

ESL: Group Conversation (Ages 13-15)

Macbeth: No Fear Shakespeare- Let's Read Aloud Together

Chess 1-1 Private Lessons: 30 Minutes

Advanced Math Tutoring

Paper Collage Fox Art Project

Beginner Baking Boot Camp: Beginner Sweet Treats

Multiplication Madness!

Summer Camp - Sewing for Beginners - Learn to Sew the Easy Way

Academic Math Tutoring for Independence, Confidence, and Joy

Ballet for Beginners

1:1 Private Animal Art Tutorial : Cute Cat With Green Eyes Painting in Acrylic

Getting Ready for 8th Grade Math

Getting Ready for 6th Grade Math

Celtic Songs for Ukulele, 1

Earth Day Circle Time

Self-Confidence & Makeup Social for Girls! Positive Affirmation Summer Camp!

(1:1) Science Life Coach: Life, Mindset, Financial Success (Vet, ESL Friendly)

Let’s Learn Yugioh! Duel Academy (Orientation)

American Sign Language(ASL) Storytelling & Conversations(Age 7-11)

Intermediate Korean 3 - Adverbs & Various Conjugations of Verbs

Studio Mixing Original Songs

Getting Ready for 7th Grade Math

Get Ready for Fourth Grade Math Summer Camp

Pre-Algebra Enrichment, Introduction to Systems of Equations and Polynomials

Mathsters Full Curriculum 5th Grade Math (2X a Wk)

Piano Camp for Beginners | Music From China

Middle School Math Mixed Skills Review

I'm in Control of Me! Private Focus/Impulse Control Games & Relaxation Skills.

Individual Reading Tutor-Orton-Gillingham

Beginner's Guide to the Visual and Performing Arts of Western Civ. Pt. 1 (of 3)

Kinder Prep: CVC Word Families Intro

Country Pet Love ~Animal & Nature Enthusiasts

Animals in History - The Good, the Bad, and the Cute! - A Summer Camp

Launch Your Business by the Holiday's: Strategy, Marketing, Budgeting & more!

We Are Scientists! Fall Semester Class for Kindergarten and First Grade

Let's Celebrate Mom! a Mother's Day Story and Craft Class

1:1 Private Tutoring | Pre-Algebra or Algebra I Concepts

Entrepreneurship 102 - Writing the Business Plan

How to Write a Thank You Note

Book Club: The Questioneers - Read, Question, Think Play! A2+ CEFR

Homeschool High School Girls Hangout: Chat and Build Friendships!

Making Sense of the News

The Politics of Reality TV

Ocean Animals - Learn, Share and Write

2nd Grade Class - With Teri: Full Year Curriculum with a Certified Teacher

Test Prep for Reinforcing Reading, Study, and Test- Taking Skills

Interviewing Skills - Preparing to Put Your Best Foot Forward

Let's Learn English: Words, Words, Words - Spelling Club 3

Persuasive Essay Writing 101: How to Plan and Organize a Good Essay

Be an Amazing Friend: Building Social Skills for Friendships, Private 1-On-1

Hands-On Science 7/8! Ongoing Middle School Full Curriculum | 36 Weeks | STEM

Creative Writing: The Great Writing Challenge

Passion for Fashion 101 ~ Ultimate Guide!

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