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New Classes on Outschool 2023-04-09

There are 247 new classes on Outschool the week of April 9, 2023 to April 15, 2023.

Phonics Phase 2 Summer Review Camp!

Sewing: Double Sided Dog Collar Bandana (Sewing Machine)

Destination Exploration: National Parks Drawing and Painting Class

Read Aloud Book Club (Ages 6-10)

1:1 Individualized Pre-Calculus & Calculus 1 Tutoring (1 Hour Class)

Algebra 1: Chapter 10 (Roots and Radicals)

Earth Day - A Story and Craft Class

Grade 6 Full Math Curriculum

Comprehensive Japanese Language/Culture Lower Elem. Class 10 Pt 3 (Age 13-18)

Trumpet Lessons One on One - Ongoing

Creative Writing: Poetry Writing: Shape Poems

Our Community Superheroes

Time Travellers: Irish History

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone Read Aloud

Research Simulation Writing Camp

Science 3rd Grade Ignite Young Minds: A Comprehensive Science Journey

Let's Write: Writing Stories with Wow Words

Let's Write: How To Write an Inspiring Introduction

Let's Escape: On the Farm A1+

The Sign of the Robin

Norse Mythology Minecraft Camp: Become the Hero of Your Favorite Stories!

Picture Book Writing in the Canva Graphic Design Program

Let's Play Counter-Strike 2! A Video Gaming Social Club (formerly CS:GO, 12-16)

Marine Organisms Part 2: Research & Discuss Marine & Coastal Animals! (9-12)

Coping With Anxiety and Worries - Strategies for Kids, Private 1-On-1 Class.

Reading, Writing & Language Arts Kindergarten & 1st Grade Full ELA Curriculum

Grade 6 Singapore Dimensions Math Book B- Certified Teacher- Small group class

Strong and Healthy Minds- Building Social and Emotional Skills

Pre-Cal: Just Algebra + Trig. (Part 5)

Five Nights at Freddy's Club - Pencil Sketching & Drawing Video Game Characters

Homework Helper:Private Ongoing English/Reading/Writing Tutoring With Ms. Nicole

Homework Helper: Ongoing Private Math Tutoring With Ms. Nicole!

1:1 Accelerate Your Grammar! the Eight Parts of Speech

Canine Science: Island Fox

Cosmetologist of the Future Social Group (13-18 Years Old)

Cosmetologists of the Future Social Group(8 to 12 Years Old)

Medical Instruments: Doctors Use Otoscopes, Stethoscopes, Tuning Forks, & More!

Ornithology Research 2: Research & Discuss Birds From Around the World! (9-12)

Paint by Language: Chinese 1:1 Camp (Learning with Art!) 一边学中文一边画画!

Watercolor Castle Art Project

6Th Grade Math Full Curriculum With a Licensed Teacher!

Camp: Write an Easy Short Story or Picture Book (Level 1)

Hands-On Montessori-Inspired Advanced Math Level D (3rd/4th Grades)

Little Learners Preschool and Kindergarten Skills: Dinosaurs

Reading and Roblox Private Tutoring

Let's Talk! Beg. 1: Conversations and Speaking Skills -Autism Neurodivergent

1:1 Primary Reading Tutor

Introduction to Game Design With Roblox Studio: The Floor Is Lava (Lua Coding)

Princess Tea Party

I'm Feeling Grumpy!

Our Incredible Feelings - An Interactive Craft Class

Roblox LIFE Club - 5 Days a Week! - (Ages 9+) Summer CAMP

Roblox: Bloxburg - The Build N' Chill Crew

Digital Art Club: Make Dog Man, Cat Kid Style Art for You Games or Animations

Algebra 1: Chapter 9 (Solving Quadratic Equations)

8th Grade Math Unit 5 (Probability and Data Analysis)

Fun Science Queries - Chemistry, Physics, and Biology Ongoing Junior High Part B

Fun Science Concepts - Chemistry, Physics, Biology - Ongoing Junior High Part A

Cat Cafe: Furry Felines Around the World • Summer Break Camp

Cat Cafe: Kitten Kingdom Book Club • Summer Break Camp • Tabby's First Quest!

Learn Watercolor Paint a Loose Floral Bouquet | Ages 5-9 | Camp

Focusing on Good Character, Mindfulness, and Emotional Intelligence! 2.0

Building Emotional Intelligence: A Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) Journey

Vocabulary Builder -2

United States History II (Full Year) - Part 4 of 4 - Self-Paced

United States History II (Full Year) - Part 3 of 4 - Self-Paced

United States History II (Full Year) - Part 2 of 4 - Self-Paced

United States History II (Full Year) - Part 1 of 4 - Self-Paced

History of the United States Government (Full Year) - Part 3 of 3 - Self-Paced

History of the United States Government (Full Year) - Part 2 of 3 - Self-Paced

History of the United States Government (Full Year) - Part 1 of 3 - Self-Paced

Feelings and Colors: Fun With Art, Story, & Craft

Little Learners Preschool and Kindergarten Skills: Ocean Animals

All About Adjectives - Vibrant Vocabulary and Wonderful Writing (ESL Friendly)

Elementary Intermediate Spanish Club ~ Part 5 (5 of 9)

I Want To Be A.....STEM Careers for Young Learners

Scratch Camp Part 3: Coding and Animation - Building Dynamic Background

Algebraic Adventures: Algebra 1 Full Curriculum

Early Intermediate Piano - 1:1 Instruction - Level O

Sweet Treats Summer Camp - Quilling Paper Art

Homeschool High School Art Curriculum #2

One-To-One Learning: Sight Words (Pre-K/Kindergarten)

Hedgehog Art Project Inspired by the Spring Season

Confident Communicating: Weekly Speaking Practice/Social Skills for Ages 8-12

High School, IB, or AP Chemistry Private Tutoring

Accelerated Algebra 1 With a Licensed Math Teacher

Mental Math: Multiplication (Multi-Day)

Summer Camp - Quilling Paper Arts & Crafts: Treats

Country Pet Love ~ Animal & Nature Enthusiasts

Let's Learn English: Building Vocabulary From Word Roots

Hip Hop Dance

Spring Art Camp:Ocean Animals Art Projects

Creative Writing: Building Vivid Worlds

K-5 Eureka Math/Engaged New York Homework Help

Homeschool Elementary Art Curriculum #2

Ongoing Pre-Algebra Math Class

Terry Pratchett's Discworld Book Club: The Tiffany Aching Novels 1-5

FILM : Outer Banks Film Studies (High School Elective)

Let's Learn English: Phrasal Verbs - Figurative Language A2+

Let's Learn Geography: All About Maps

Minecraft Summer Camp - Survival (SMP) - Creative - PVP (Java Edition)

Scratch Camp Part 2: Coding and Animation - Animating Motion

Creative Writing: Creating Compelling Characters

Minecraft Legends Gaming Club!

Sleuths Mystery Adventure Summer Book Club

Design Your Own Planet: Drawing Lesson

Phonics for Struggling Readers 4 - Syllable Types, Vowel Variants, and More

1-on-1 Creative Writing Help: Ideas, Feedback, and Mentorship

My Minecraft USA Geography: Build and Learn States and Capital City

Waldorf Cursive Private Tutor Class

Exploring Video Games & Music

World Mythology: Tricksters

Book Club: Adventures With Curious George

Piano 1 for the Creative Kid

Book Club: Let's Read About Dinosaurs

Girls Social Club: A Group for Making Friends for Ages 8-13

Homeschool Co-op for Ages 8-13

Drawing Super Mario & Friends - Intermediate

Chemistry Prep Summer Camp

How to Draw Sonic Characters and Socialize While Coloring for Young Artists

Book Club: The BFG by Roald Dahl

Fun With Spanish 3: Weekly Classes for Beginners (Part 3) 3 Months Duration (A1)

The Pup Quiz! | Dog Trivia

Revive tus Raíces Culturales: Language & Culture Immersion in Spanish

Easy Beginning Piano Self-Paced Class (AGES 9-14) PART 2 #Piano

Roblox Club - Spin the Wheel and Play!

Let's Learn English: Sight Words Through Comprehension - Level 2

Let's Learn English: Sight Words Through Pictures - Level 1

Let's Learn English: Sight Words Through Poems - Level 3

Exploring Animal Homes: Waldorf Inspired Science & Art for Young Learners

Roblox Gaming, Snack and Chat Social Club (Ages 5-8)

Standard of Excellence Summer Camp Class for Beginning Flutists

Physics Prep Summer Camp

Beach-A Palooza Dance Class

Let's Write: How to Write Essays

Let's Write: Writing All About Movies

It's Comprehension Time - Orchard News Room B1+ CEFR

Summer Beach Bash-Dance Party!

Let's Learn Science: Wild Animals Around the World A2+

Business for Kids: How to Run a Lemonade Stand Summer Camp

Let's Write: Beginner Writing - From Words To Sentences A1+ CEFR

Pre-Calculus: Quarter 2

Rec Room Social Gaming Club Virtual Reality VR

Elementary Trivia

Book Series Study: Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Book 1: The Lightning Thief

Executive Functioning Skills- Group Coaching Class

Explore Exciting Ancient Egypt - Hieroglyphics

Explore Exciting Ancient Egypt - Inventions

Explore Exciting Ancient Egypt - Mummies

Typing Fun and Learning for Kids

Spanish for Young Learners: Semi-Private Tutoring Sessions (Ongoing 2:1)

Minecraft Hangout Gaming Club - Survival (SMP) - Creative - PVP (Java Edition)

Terrific TED Talks

Write On: Short Narratives

Meet and Greet for Private Neurodiversity Affirming Piano Lessons

We Scream for Drawing Ice Cream...Let's Draw Some Cool Treats!

Comprehensive Japanese Language/Culture Lower Elem. Class 10 Pt 2 (Age 13-18)

YOU Solve It Mystery Stories Book Club

Algebraic Adventures: Pre-Algebra Full Curriculum

Roblox Gaming Social Club - Let’s Play Flicker

Math Tutoring Grades 2 - 5 (30 Minute Blocks)

Explore Exciting Ancient Egypt - Pyramids

United States History II (Full Year) - Part 2 of 4

History of the United States Government (Full Year) - Part 1 of 3

United States History II (Full Year) - Part 1 of 4

Understanding & Managing Emotions: Private Class

One-on-One Tutoring: 1st & 2nd Grade - Intermediate Reading Skills and More

Adorable Easter Bunny Drawing & Watercolor Painting

Let's Draw: Summer Animals | Drawing Club & Fun Facts

1:1 English Practice-Grammar, Pronunciation, Spelling-ESL Basic- Advanced Levels

Fantastic Fossils and Prehistoric Creatures: Tyrannosaurus Rex

Bird Adaptations - Create Your Own Bird!

Fish Adaptations - Create Your Own Fish!

Insect Adaptations - Create Your Own Insect!

Mammal Adaptations - Create Your Own Mammal!

Unleash Your Inner Artist! Drawing Realistic Facial Features.

Drawing Class - Mother's Day Squishmallow

Persuasive Essay Camp: Support Your Claim!

1:1 Music Course Hip-Hop Music Production-Distribute & Monetize on Spotify

Algebra 2 Bootcamp - 1 Week

' Geometry Bootcamp - 1 Week

Algebra 1 Bootcamp - 1 Week

Speak Up: One-On-One Private Public Speaking/Speech (55 minutes, Ongoing)

Speak Up: One-On-One Private Public Speaking/Speech (30 minutes, Ongoing)

Let's Write: Ongoing Writing Class with ChatGPT (No Cheating!)

Uke & Sing (Taylor Swift Edition Ukulele & Singing)

Private 1-On-1 Scratch Coding and Animation Intermediate or Beginner , 7-15

Amphibian Adaptations - Create Your Own Amphibian!

United States History II (Full Year) - Part 4 of 4

1-on-1 Drop-In Private Tutoring - Zoology [Animals, Animal Science, Wildlife]

Business Camp: Make Your Own Money and Be Your Own Boss. Start a Lemonade Stand!

Animal News Weekly

Perfecting Polynomials

Let's Talk About Caring, Kindness, and Empathy!

Creative Design With Canva for Kids

Ongoing 1-on-1 US Civics: Constitution, Bill of Rights, Government, and More!

Math class: Area, Volume and Perimeter!

Level 7! Part 2 Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Ukulele, Guitalele

Complete 2nd Quarter plus Literacy: 4th and 5th Grade

Let’s Talk About Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3!

Biology: What Is Bioluminescence?

Scientia Potentia Est: Advanced Level Latin (Part Three)

1:1 Reading Practice for Struggling or Beginner Readers

Step by Step and Note by Note: Private Piano Lessons for Young Performers (60 minute private lesson)

Elements of Art Projects

Writing about Nonfiction

Art Class - Origami With Me!

Math 1:1 Summer Boot Camp (2 Weeks)

M10 Marvelous Math 1-on-1 Tutoring (10 Sessions)

Draw & Paint a Koala Art Project

Summer Zoo Camp With Ms. Abby- Crafts-Science-Animals-Kahoot

Math Games: Lost Kittens Virtual Escape Room K-1

Summer Saxon Math Club

Harmonica Diatonic Private Weekly Lesson

The Passive Voice

The Neuropsychology of Anxiety

Private Small Group Spanish Lessons

Math Facts Gaming

Rocket Walk: 15 Minute Energy Booster FUN Walking Exercise [5-10 Yrs.]

Star Wars Movie Masters - Discussion Club (Episodes 7-9)

Star Wars Movie Masters - Discussion Club (Episodes 4-6)

U.S. Meteorologist Kids: Share and Discuss the Weather!

Middle School Math & Logic : The Pythagorean Theorem & Irrational Numbers

6th Grade/Middle School/Pre-Algebra Math Concepts Camp - 4 Day Awesome Learning!

Mixed Up Fairytales Book Club

Piano Lessons for All Abilities!

Mario Division Memory Math Club! Play, Learn & Share!

1-on-1 Piano Lessons

Pokémon Division Memory Math Club! Play, Learn & Share!

High /Middle/ Elementary MATH ESSENTIALS - 100% Math Confidence Assured!

Latin Summer Camp: Latin Level 1 for Kids - (Ages 9 To 12)

The Arabic Phonics Club

Painting the Four Seasons~ Landscaping for Nature Lovers ~1:1 Private Art Club

Summer Art Camp: Summer Objects Art Projects

Clarinet Lessons for All Abilities!

Paintings Art Project Inspired by Famous Artist

🎉Get Your Preschooler Ready for Kindergarten!🎉

Design Your Own Planet, Watercolor Painting

Collective Nouns

Britto Pattern Heart Art

6th Grade Math Summer Camp: Pre-Algebra, Ratios and Geometry Focused - Excel!

1:1 ESL: Conversational English; Reading & Comprehension; All Skill Levels; (2x)

Homeschool Sketchbook Club

Deep-Sea Creatures - Frightening and Fascinating Marine Biology! Part 16

Deep-Sea Creatures - Frightening and Fascinating Marine Biology! Part 15

Comprehensive Middle School Grammar, Usage, & Mechanics for Writing & Test Prep

Process Art: Air-Dry Clay Exploration - Clay Play & Hand-Building

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