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New Classes on Outschool 2023-02-26

There are 278 new classes on Outschool the week of February 26, 2023 to March 4, 2023.

Shark Camp

Get Ready for 6th Grade Math! SUMMER CAMP 5th Grade Math Review

6th Grade Fourth Quarter Math | We Can All Be Mathematicians! Q4

Horse Gamers Social Show and Tell: Horse Riding Tales, Star Stables, and More!

Digital Art: Personal Still Life

Pop Art Ice Cream Inspired by Andy Warhol Art Project

Summer Reading Camp With Dyslexia Trained Teacher: Review the 6 Syllable Types!

Language Arts | Fifth Grade Comprehension, Grammar, and Writing Q4

Orton-Gillingham: Morphology, Vocabulary, and More! Semester 3

Sentence Diagramming: Let's Learn the Parts of Speech- Part 2!

Video Editing on iPad With iMovie

Pony Pals: Horse Club for Young Equestrians: Social Club for Horse Lovers

Planet Mars Watercolor & Oil Pastel Art Project

Creative Writing Club

Learn to Draw: Cute Spring Cows!

Learn to Draw: Cute Spring Cats!

Whatcha Reading? Book Club - Because of Winn-Dixie

7th Grade Math Unit 3 (Proportionality and Percent)

Science: Soap Powered Boat- A STEAM Science Fair Project

Intensive Summer Study - High School Biology

*Weekend* Math One-On-One Tutoring (Meets Weekly)

Rainbow Fish Art Project

1 on 1 Homework Helper (Tutor/30 Minutes)

Comprehensive Japanese Language/Culture Lower Elem. Class 9 Pt 2 (Age 13-18)

Second Year High School Spanish Quarter 4

Second Year Middle School Spanish Quarter 4

Watchmen: Literary Analysis of THE Graphic Novel

Fiesta Dance Time: Mexican Folk Dance, Spanish Vocabulary, Movement and Fun

Journey Through Literature A: Core English Knowledge, a Gateway for All Learning

Math One-On-One Tutoring (Meets Weekly)

Budding Botanists- The Science of Spring Flowers

Beautiful Nature -Butterfly and Marigold Flower -Drawing & Coloring Art Project!

Cool Cats - Tiger (Big Cat) -Drawing Art Project!

Science for High School: Test Prep and Drop in Curriculum Standard Review

WebQuest: Greek Mythology of Olympian Gods- Poseidon (Middle School)

WebQuest: Greek Mythology of Olympian Gods- Zeus (Middle School)

WebQuest: Greek Mythology of Olympian Gods- Hera (Middle School)

Sunflower Learn to Dot Paint.

Acrylic Painting - Art History: Pointillist, Expressionist, Realistic, Impressionist

Passport Around the World Self Paced - World Geography

Beginner ASL 2: Learn to Communicate in Sign Language in 6 Weeks! (Ages 9-14)

Easter! Bunny or Egg, What Would You Love to Make?

Little Blue Truck’s Springtime! Story Time and Crafting With Teacher Dianne

1:1 Reading Tutoring Trial Class- Just for You!

Pre Algebra- A Problem-Solving Approach (Full course)

How to Draw! Wild and Beautiful Surreal Art | Weekly Ongoing Art Class

Let's Play Roblox Games - Weekly Meet Up

Adorable Teacup Puppy Drawing & Watercolor Painting

Sight Words Super Star!

Electrical Engineering in Minecraft Camp-Build Electrical Inventions w/Redstone!

Chemistry in Minecraft Camp! Level 2 ( STEM / STEAM Summer Camp) #builder

1:1 Tutoring Academic Writing - Middle & High School

4th Grade Math Bundle (Part 4 of 4: Full Year of Mastery Method Math)

Peacock Oil Pastel Art Project

The Science of Optical Illusions

What Is Law School Really Like?

USA Geography Teens: Road Trip Around the United States & Learn About Each State

Dance Class- Movies!

Disney Ballet Class!

Nature Inspired Polymer Clay Projects

Individual Math Tutoring and Homework Help

Zombies Dance Mix!

Alphabet Adventure Story & Scavenger Hunt

Financial Literacy/Personal Finance This Is Your Life Budgeting Project -1X/Week

6th Grade Full Curriculum (ELA, Math, Science & Social Studies )

Edible Plants of Western Canada

STEM-ology (a Hands-On Exploration of Mythology and Fantasy + STEAM Challenges)

Purl Scouts: Private Beginner and Intermediate Knitting Lessons

Little Blue Truck Makes a Friend! Story Time and Crafting With Teacher Dianne

BedWars Roblox Club!

7th Grade Math Unit 2 (Expressions, Equations, and Inequalities)

7th Grade Math Unit 8 (Probability and Data Analysis)

Villains and Heroes Voice Over Master Class (Ongoing)

A Career Path in the Life Sciences

HJ - Learn Japanese with Studio Ghibli Anime Films (Live 3x Multi-Day)

Algebra 2 | Full Curriculum | High School Math | Live Class

Advanced 2 ASL Part 2 Ages 9 To 12

Engineering in Minecraft: Learn Beginner to Intermediate Redstone! (Level 2)

Kinder Circle Time, Chat, and Learn With Miss Shaniqua H.

Young Authors Series: Part 2 - Continuing the Journey

Mortal Engines Book Club

The Adventure Into Galaxy With Ms. Abby-Slime-Kahoot

Discussing Dragons Wings of Fire Book Club (Books 2-6)

Fun With Animals and Reading Comprehension Skills

Algebra 1 | Full Curriculum | High School Math | Live Class

Ongoing Middle School Math Private 1:1 Tutoring (45 Minutes)

Art, Writing, or 1:1 Homework Tutor: One-to-One Private Tutoring

Dungeons & Dragons: Keys From the Golden Vault (a Monthly Ongoing Adventure)

Minecraft Engineering with the Create Mod CAMP with Teacher Tom 10-14 yo

ESL & Pre- K Welcome Firefighter Trainees! Learn, Sing, and Practice Fire Safety

St. Patrick's Day Leprechaun Colored Pencil Drawing

How to Master Unique Voice Over Characters for Animation and Video Games. (ongoing)

Spring Easter Drawing Club

Micro Adventures #2 (An Unofficial Druidawn® Adventure)

AP European History Review Study Course

Commas Matter!

Nintendo Switch: Minecraft Super Mario Mash-Up

Writing a Paragraph: Daily Writing Practice Ages 7-12

Anime Girls Club for Beginners: Lets Draw Your Favorite Anime Girls Step by Step

FLEX Using AI to Hack ADHD & Dyslexia to Help Live Your Best Life CHATGPT 16W1

First Grade Full Curriculum Sept - Apr 4x/week

FLEX Using AI to Hack ADHD & Dyslexia to Help Live Your Best Life CHATGPT 16W3

FLEX Using AI to Hack ADHD & Dyslexia to Help Live Your Best Life CHATGPT 16W2

Camp: Wild Wolves of Yellowstone

1-on-1 Yoga With Meditation to Focus & De-Stress - Ongoing

HJ - Learn Japanese With Demon Slayer (Live 3x Multi-Day)

ACT Math Exam Preparation Part 5

ACT Math Exam Preparation Part 6

ACT Math Exam Preparation Part 7

Learn Japanese with Studio Ghibli Anime Films FLEX B

Learn Japanese with Studio Ghibli Anime Films FLEX A

Roblox Social Gaming Club (Students Choice)

Private Esl Conversation - Discuss A Topic In English With A Native Speaker

Kindergarten Skill-Builders: Trial Class- Personalized Reading and Math Tutoring

4-Week Course Drawing Dog Breeds Part 2

4-Week Course Drawing Spring: Robin Bird, Rabbit, Crocuses, Spring Mountains

Algebra 2 Summer Camp!

Soil Sciences for Youth : Hidden Cities at Your Feet

Feast on the Classic "Little Women" Charlotte Mason Narration for Homeschoolers

Draw a St.Patrick's Day Symmetrical Four Leaf Clover and a Leprechaun

Art - Origami Fortune Wish Maker

Art - Origami Frogs

Summer Camp: Creative Writing: Stories

Private Chemistry and Math Instruction

Advanced Algebra 2 - Units 5 & 6: Complex Numbers and Functions - Self Paced

Physics for High School: Part 2

Biology for High School: Part 2

Biology for High School: Part 1

Animal Careers: Exploration Time From a Zookeeper!

Camp: Rockin' in Rocky Mountain National Park

Physics for High School: Part 1

Advanced Algebra 2 - Units 3 & 4: Rationals and Radicals - Self Paced

1:1 Tutoring-Reading & Writing-K-5th Grade (Ongoing)-FLEXIBLE ATTENDANCE

Chemistry for High School: Part 2

Chemistry for High School: Part 1

Math Tutoring Sessions 4th-8Th

Peppa’s Mermaid Adventure! Story Time and Craft With Teacher Dianne

Back to Basics Math: Multiplication, Division, & Decimals Review Class |1x week|

Squishmallows Summer Camp! Drawing, Games and More!

Grandmaster's Private Chess Lessons

Weird Science: What Is Spice?

What Can You See in the Spring? Story Time and Craft With Teacher Dianne

How Well Do You Communicate With People? Learn About Communication.

Broadway Camp: A 4 Day Musical Theater Intensive

Waldorf Inspired Creative Form Drawing- An Exploration of Line and Color

Builder's Club: Weekly Fun Codespark Projects

Reading Code Level 2 - Vowel Teams & R-Controlled Vowels

Dragons in a Bag Novel Study

Reading Princesses Summer Camp -Reading, Math, Spelling, Crafts, Games, Dress Up

First Grade Fun! Full Curriculum Year Long Semester Class for 1st Grade (Part 4)

ESL/EFL English for Beginners - Our Amazing Bodies!

Investing in Silver and Gold - Part 2 of 2 - 'The How?'

Latin 2 (Class 3): Roman Literature, Translating Cicero, & Writing in Latin

Literature Study : Noughts and Crosses by Malorie Blackman

I Love Chinese II: Easy Chinese 123: Speak, Read & Write (Once a Week, 10 Weeks)

Growth Mindset - You Can Do It!

Let's Learn Greek! (One-On-One - Once a Week) - Part 3 and On!

Tinkercad: Basics of 3D Design

Algebra 1 Tutoring 1-On-1 With Certified Math Teacher

Investing in Gold and Silver - Part 1 of 2 - 'The Why?'

High School Literature 4: Reading, Comprehension, Writing, & Literary Analysis

AP African American Studies (Part I)

Exploring History and Geography

Beginner Korean 1 - Learn to Introduce Yourself and Present Tense! FLEX

Full Semester Saxon Math Class - 5th Grade Curriculum - Fall - Live Course

6th Grade Math Full Curriculum Course

Advanced Algebra 2 - Units 1 & 2: Equations/Inequalities/Factoring - Self Paced

Algebra 2 For Homeschool Students 22/23 School Year - 3rd 9 Weeks

High School Geometry (16 Weeks) | Full Curriculum | Live Class

Lights, Camera, Action! Film History for High School Part 2 (1950-Present)

Science Lab Minecraft Chemistry Club

Spanish 1 Explorers! Interactive & Fun Beginner Classes for Ages 5-8, 3X/Week

Become a YouTube or Twitch Streamer

Science Club: Hands-On Sensory Science Experiments

1-on-1 Private English or Social Studies Tutoring

Five Nights at Freddy's Social Group

4th Grade Full Curriculum (ELA, Math, Science & Social Studies)

High School Literature 3: Reading, Comprehension, Writing, & Literary Analysis

Beginning JavaScript Programming - Game Project

1:1 Stardew Valley, Play on a Private Server With Me!

Right Start Math Level C, Lesson 42 To 77

2nd Grade Spring Quarter Math | We Can All be Mathematicians! Q4

Drawing Class: Spring Time Fun!

1:1 Private Tutoring: Full Customized Semester ELA Curriculum

Elementary Full Curriculum Science for 3rd Grade, Part 2

Road to Grand Champion - Rocket League Training Course

¡Conjuguemos! Part 3 - Spanish Stem-Changing Verbs - LIVE + Extra Practice

Learn Letters with Pokémon Friends - Meets Once Weekly!

Unity3D for Beginners - Build Your First Game (Level 1)

1:1 Frozen Sing-A-Long Adventure

World History Semester 4 WW2 to Cold War

1:1 Encanto, Frozen, Little Mermaid, Princess Sing-A-Long!

Keep It Simple: The 5-Paragraph Essay

Maestros of Music - Music History

Cook Like a Chef: Intro to Flavor Building

Learn Japanese with Demon Slayer FLEX B

Learn Japanese with Demon Slayer FLEX A

Beginner Piano: Learn to Play by Ear With Suzuki Method!

Forensic Science: Cryptology Part 2

Glow in the Dark Summer Art Camp for Watercolor

The Best Middle School Ongoing Literature Class| Novel Study| Book Club

Premium Piano Lessons With Piano Adventures

Japanese Hiragana Writing and Vocabulary FLEX B

MATH Facts: Addition & Subtraction Summer Review Camp

MATH Facts: Multiplication & Division Summer Review Camp

Japanese Hiragana Writing and Vocabulary FLEX A

Real Talk: Ongoing/Weekly 1-On-1 Social Skills Tutoring for Teens

Mammalogy - The Study of Mammals | Part Two (14-18)

Mammalogy - The Study of Mammals | Part Two (10-13)

Algebra Basics: Factors and Multiples

Algebra Basics: Understanding and Solving Exponents and Roots

Private One on One Voice Lesson

Scratch Advanced Coding Club - Make Video Games - On-Going, Multi-Week

SAT Math Prep--Summer Camp

Write & Share (Ages 7-9)

Spanish Individual Tutoring (All levels) - Ongoing

NEW Dog Man Book 11 Reading Comprehension Club with Mr. P!!!

Help the Aliens Get Home! (Space Themed Escape Room Game)

Let's Draw Pokémon One-on-One! (Ongoing)

Reading for Struggling Learners

World Geography Class: Let's Travel to Japan and Make a Simple Craft!

Multiplication Memory Minecraft Math Game Club! Play, Learn & Discuss!

Spring Watercolour Art

Exploring the World of Food: A Tween's Introduction to Food Science

Speak Egyptian Arabic! Explore + Build + Create (Beginner 1, 2, 3) Private

Introduction to Investing

Camp: Annotation Station

Animal Expedition: Our Ocean Orcas With Story Time and Coloring Sheets

French GCSE (Higher) Weekly Revision Session

Private Drawing Lesson: Learn to Draw Landscapes and Nature!

Canadian History/Social Studies Grades 3/4 (Communities in Canada 1780-1850)

Creating Peace and Joy – the Magic of Mandalas [Digital Art in Javascript]

Fantastic Fungi: Basidiomycota Growth From Mycelium to Mushrooms

Math Workshop: Office Hours With Miss Debbie

Flowery Spring Tree Art Project

Sunset Art

Let's Play Some Overwatch!

Ballet Private/Mentorship (30-minutes)

World Geography Class: Let's Travel to Indonesia and Craft!

Track It! Be an Animal Tracking Detective

The Hobbit Book Club

Academic Success Coaching: High School

Kawaii Food! Cute Japanese Food - Learn Japanese Language & Culture FLEX B

European History Part 1 I AP I Full Year Curriculum

Paint a Cute Spring Acrylic Painting with Ms. Katie!

Kawaii Food! Cute Japanese Food - Learn Japanese Language & Culture FLEX A

Ms. Vanessa's Meet and Greet/Curriculum Planning

Virtual Scout Camp

Private Piano Lessons

Let's Get Ready for Kindergarten! Pre-K - Kindergarten Summer Camp

Homemade Pop Tarts!

Trap a Leprechaun With Ms. Abby-

The Royal Game: Improve Your Chess!

Spelling Camp! ("S", "R", and "L" Blends)

Spelling Camp! (Doubling, Dropping "E", and Changing "Y" to "I")

Spelling Camp! (Compound Words, Contractions, and Spelling "Air")

Private Cello Lessons

Private Drawing Lesson: Learn to Draw Realistic Animals

A Career Path in the Life Sciences (Summer Program)

Private Tutoring for Koen

45 Minute Clarinet Lessons for All

Cat Cafe: Show and Tell • Bring Your Furry Friend to Class! (Ongoing)

Debate and Speech Club: Learn Argumentation and Public Speaking

1:1 Test Prep and Final Projects/Papers

Horse Quiz Bowl Weekly Challenge

Rising Fifth-Grade Math Camp

Complete 2nd Quarter plus Literacy: 2nd and 3rd Grade

Writing Complete Sentences: Avoid Sentence Fragments With Subjects & Predicates

Club Lead: Introduction to Leading and Making a Difference

Youth Orchestra for Beginners

Geometry: Full Year Course With Professor Alfred

Songwriters and Music Creators Group

Complete 1st Quarter plus Coding: 2nd and 3rd Grade

Masters of Geomorphology: Learn the Science of Planet Earth's Landforms!

Learn to Play the Violin: Individual Lessons for All Levels

Super Science Club

Webquest Research: The Famous Series

Pinkalicious! Story Time and Flamingo Craft With Teacher Dianne

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