New Classes on Outschool 2020-03-15

There are 158 new classes on Outschool the week of March 15, 2020 to March 21, 2020.

Multi Sensory Phonics and Phonemic Awareness -FLEX

How Does Your Garden Grow? Jr.

All About Agriculture

Intermediate Voice Lessons - Sing Like A Star!

Story Time - Tea With Peter Rabbit and Friends!

Mary Shelley and the Creation of Frankensteins Monster

Beginner's Latin - Cambridge Latin Course Unit 1 - Part 2

Music Around the World

Let’s Write About Pokémon

Story Time - Little House Picture Books

Once Upon a Creative Writing Course

Let's Learn How to Draw Baby Yoda!

Imagine Dragons on Ukelele Thunder

Wings of Fire Dragons The Lost Heir Book 2 Study and the Study of Sea Monsters

Art Show (And Tell)

How Does Your Garden Grow? Sr

Basics of Kickboxing (Flex)

Friday Spy Day: History Camp

The Black Eyed Peas on Ukelele “I Gotta Feeling”

Cool, Creative Writing

Calligraphy Class: Learn the Skills of Written Art!

Through the Flower Garden

Be Your Own Teacher! Become an Autodidact With Amazing Study Skills.

When Women Write: Little Women FLEX Class

Fabulous Cake Decorating a Rosette Buttercream Cake

Baking/Cooking: Homemade Delicious Pizza

U.S. History thru the Eyes of the American Girl Dolls: Meet Felicity

Piano, Guitar, Songwriting or Ukulele Private Lessons - 1:1 Instruction

Mindful Meditation & Breathwork

Hola, Let's Learn Spanish!

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? Financial Literacy

Introduction to Writing (Outlining & Paragraphs) - FLEX

Expository Writing (Informative Reports) - FLEX

Let’s Make Homemade Fluffy Marshmallows

Betsy Ross and the Legend of the American Flag

Language Arts: Novel Studies- Reading Comprehension

The Awesome Blossoms - A Fun and Interactive Club for Girls (Ongoing Class)

How to Draw Intermediate: Mixed Media Figure Drawing

Positive Talk Color and Chat

Happily Ever After- Read Aloud Book Club

Real Talk: Am I In The Zone? Level 2 for Kids

Let's Draw Creative Pokemon and Share!

Creative Writing Class: Come Let Your Imagination Soar!

Simple Guitar or Ukulele Lesson

Time Travelers (History Class: Ongoing Once a Week)- Taught by a UK Teacher

Fashion Design: Sketching and Drawing Club (Ongoing/ Three Times a Week)

Percy Jackson: Make Your Own Mythomagic Game

American History - United States History

K-Pop Music Lifestyle Club (Ongoing)

Getting it Together - Executive Function for Tweens & Teens CAMP

Shadow and Light (An Unofficial Druidawn® Adventure) Camp

Spring Gnome Acrylic Paint -A -Long With Ms. Muse ( Muse Art Studio)

Intro to Beat Boxing

All About Me!

World War II and Anne Frank

Middle School Space Science: Universe Unveiled (FLEX)

Adventure Trekking Around the World

Acrylic Silhouette Painting

INTRO 1 - Japanese for Kidz (Ages 10-12)

Let's Learn Ballet: Primary Level

The 5 Senses!

Novel Writing in 30 Days: Tips, Tricks, and Creative Writing Know-How (FLEX)

The Black Death and Other Medieval Diseases

Story Time for Young Book Lovers

Engineering Bridge Building

Club for Queer, Transgender, Nonbinary, Gender-Expansive, LGBTQ+ Teens

Marvelous Mammals of Florida: Aquatic & Semi-aquatic

How to Draw Intermediate: Obsessive Drawing

Math Tutoring to Fit Your Needs

FLEX: Bet You Didn't Know History: Crazy War Stories

Intro to Kickboxing (Flex)

Body Shred Workout (Flex)

Hablas Ya? Immersion Classes in Spanish (Ages 6-8)

Math Word Problem Strategies

Introduction to French - Level 5 - Flexible

Still Life Drawing Club- Beginner

Beginning Storytelling and Character Study: Why be a Goop?

Coding Camp: Learn How to Create an Isometric Game in Unity (Intermediate)

Coding Camp: Learn How to Create an Open World Game in Unity (Intermediate)

Acrylic Bunny Painting Paint - A - Long ( Ages 7 - 12 )

19th Century Grammar Semester 2 FLEX

Air Guitar Class

Level 2: Acrylic Nest Painting Paint - A- Long ( Ages 8 -13 )

Arabic for Beginners 1

“Goin’ on a Dino Hunt!” - ASL Vocabulary, Music & Storytime with Miss Dena!

Custom Art Lessons

Taylor Swift on Ukelele

Fairies, Gnomes, and Other Fair Folk

Yellow Umbrella Paint - A - Long With Ms. Muse

Private Guitar or Ukelele Lessons

Mix & Match: A Workshop in The Art of Collage

Let's Speak Spanish! Beginner Conversational Spanish 8yrs - 12yrs

Patriotic Kids - Ordinary People Change the World!

Multi Syllable Spelling and Vocabulary Building

Masterpiece Academy for Art Lovers! Paint Like Famous Artists

The Art of Argumentation

Archaeological Methods

Ancient Archaeological Evidence

Botany: An Introduction to Plant Science (Flex)

Biomes of the World (Flex)

Our Solar System: Beyond the Basics (Flex)

Introduction to Environmental Science (Flex)

The Soil Food Web (Flex)

Pluto: An Icy World of Wonder (Flex)

Discover Planet Mars (Flex)

Writing- Fiction- Short Stories

Circe and the Labyrinth (Official Quest Licensed by Druidawn® Inc.) Camp

College App and Essay Coaching: Guide to Your Dream University

Star Wars and World History

Saxon Math Algebra 1 Semester 1 Flex

"Performing Disney Characters" for Self-Expression, Creativity, and Imagination.

Making Friends Social Group (Ages 5 to 7) Ongoing

Why Do Boats Float?

Goooooooal! Paragraph Writing With Soccer

Intro to Criminal Law (Part 4) - Crime Against Property (Summer Camp)

Intro to Criminal Law (Part 3) - Crimes Against the Person (Summer Camp)

Intro to Criminal Law (Part 1) - Why Do We Need Laws? (Summer Camp)

Intro to Criminal Law (Part 2) - What Is a Crime? (Summer Camp)

Saxon Math Algebra 1 Semester 2 Flex

Saxon Math Algebra 2 Semester 1 Flex

Van Gogh Studio (SUMMER CAMP)

Singapore Math Primary Math 4B US Semester 2 Flex

Singapore Math Primary Math 2B US Semester 2 Flex

Singapore Math Primary Math 2A US Semester 1 Flex

Singapore Math Primary Math 1B US Semester 2 Flex

Singapore Math Primary Math 1A US Semester 1 Flex

Singapore Math Primary Math 3A US Semester 1 Flex

Singapore Math Primary Math 3B US Semester 2 Flex

Singapore Math Primary Math 6B US Semester 2 Flex

Singapore Math Primary Math 5B US Semester 2 Flex

Singapore Math Primary Math 5A US Semester 1 Flex

Singapore Math Primary Math 4A US Semester 1 Flex

Fantasy Fiction Writing Camp: Under the Sea: Mermaids, Pirates, & Monsters

Back to School: Tutoring

Escaping the Zevaar Desert (Official Quest Licensed by Druidawn® Inc.) Camp

The Frozen North (Official Quest Licensed by Druidawn® Inc.) Camp

ESL One on One Tutoring- Pronunciation

Let's Get Together! Girls' Chat Club

Fantasy Writing Workshop: Other Stars, Other Worlds (Semester Long)

Travel Through America's National Parks: Round 1

Druidawn®: Good Overlords (Special Topic)

Druidawn®: Evil Overlords (Special Topic)

Druidawn®: Undead (Special Topic)

Science Vocabulary

Speech/Public Speaking Class Without Pressure & Lots of Laughs!

US History by the Decade: The 1960's (Flex)

Mindful Sketchbook Art Camp for Teens

D&D Dungeon Crawler w/ Jingleheimer (A Dungeons and Dragons Game)

The History of Fashion in the 20th Century - Part 2 1960-1990 - FLEX

Singapore Math Primary Math 6A US Semester 1 Flex

Aspiring Astronauts: Lifting off to Space!

Mission to the Red Planet: Mars Through the 5 Senses!

Movie Study: Auntie Mame

Private French Tutoring - Ongoing

Math Concepts for Four to Five-Year-Old Math Learners

Landmark Supreme Court Cases Summer Camp

Figurative Language

The Secret Garden: A Look Inside

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