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New Classes on Outschool 2020-03-22

There are 169 new classes on Outschool the week of March 22, 2020 to March 28, 2020.

Archaeology, Polymer Clay, and The Royal Game of Ur: a Class, a Craft, & a Game

Assessment Session (French or Vietnamese)

Ducks! Story & Craft Time With Ms. Lorinda & Jax

Let's Write! Fantasy Writing 101

Russian for Beginners Session One AGES 3-6

MORE Monsters & Dragons Camp

Social Studies: Introduction to the Origins of Modern International Relations

Awesome Animal Alphabet Flex

IEW UNIT 7- Inventive Writing & the 5 Paragraph Model - FLEXIBLE SCHEDULE

What's the Difference: Conservatism VS Liberalism

Achieving Writing Success: Improving Sentence Writing for Middle Schoolers

Medieval History-Based IEW Writing Semester 1

Excel for Pre-College: Excel Level 3

Excel for Pre-College: Excel Level 2

Excel for Pre-College: Excel Basics

Excel for Pre-College: Excel Level 1

Travel the World Through the Five Themes of Geography

About Time Flex

"Why is Everything So Negative?" Positive & Negative Integers & Word Problems.

Indoor Scavenger Hunt

Group Vocal Lessons - Singing With Excellence - Jr. High

Weekly 5 weeks - The Hobbit - Reading Fluency and Conversation - Script form by Professional Actor - TWEEN Ages 8-13

Lego Challenges Series #1-With Some Engineering, History and Growth Mindset

Novel Writing Camp Plan, Plot, and Write Your Novel (10-12 Yrs)

Ongoing Dynamic Advanced Kindergarten (K5) Math Class with 5 star teacher Ms. Wendy!

Photography for Kids - Manual DSLR Photography 101 + 201

Practice Taking Notes Like a Pro (on a Simulated Class Lecture and a Speech)

What Is Weather: A Scientific Discovery

Hip Hop/Jazz Dance Class - Colors Themed

Hip Hop and Dinosaurs Dance Class - English

So You Think You Wanna Be a Stage Actor: Acting 101

Rainforest Public Speaking and Writing About Your Favorite Animal 3-Days

Art Fundamentals : Drawing Perspective FLEX

Basic shading of a sphere with a graphite pencil

Classic Mystery Book Discussion (The Westing Game) that Keeps You Guessing The Whole Way!

Writing the Worlds You Imagine II

Personal Responsibility: Owning Behaviors to Earn Freedom

Math Talks: Mental Math and the Basic Facts

It All Makes Cents A Foundations Money Class

Mindful Nature Journaling for Adventurers: Learn, Create and Explore!

How Many of the 8 Smarts or Multiple Intelligences Do You Have? (11-14 Yo)

Haiku and Beyond: Japanese Poetry for All Levels

9th Grade Language Arts: Part 1 (Flexible Schedule)

How to Train Your Dragon - Using the Scientific Method and Investigation

The Science, Mystery, and History Behind Indiana Jones

Beginner Piano Lessons

Watercolor Special Effects

IEW Elementary Review

Oh, Habitat! : The Basic Components for a Good Home in Nature

Fun with Chinese: Conversational practice & Story Time

Fun With Chinese: Level 1C (Ages 4-7)

Fun With Chinese: Level 1B (Ages 4-7)

Fun With Chinese: Level 1A (Ages 4-7)

Italian for Kids: Animals & Pets

¡Tertulias!: Spanish Conversation Group for Intermediate and Advanced Teenagers

Hands on Creation

2nd Grade Math Review

Zoology of Minecraft: Flying Friends! (Ages 7-12)

Jeremy's Monster Turns Into a "Monster" of a Problem!

Partner Acting Scenes

Middle School Scavenger Hunt

Intro to Ecology

Mastering Grammar in the Five Paragraph Essay PART 2

Piano Level 1B

Introduction to Self Defense (FLEX)

Igniting Creativity! Kaleidoscope Optical Illusion Word Drawing (9-14)

Essential Basic Trigonometry

One to One Tutoring to Feel Confident and Positive About Math Ongoing Classes

Space Exploration-The Milky Way!

An Introduction to Solar Energy: Let's Construct a Solar Car.

Master the Chemical Equation: Types and Balancing. You Can Do It!

James and The Giant Peach Book Club Grades 2 - 5

Art Games & Drawing Prompts!

Afternoon Animal Adventures

Women in History: Irena Sendler and Her Jars of Hope

Herbal Plants Summer Camp! (Make Your Own Plant Products)

Sharks Sharks Sharks

1st Grade Sight Word Bingo

Pre Algebra "Solving Single Variable Algebra Equations for (Beginners)

Alfred Hitchcock: Thrillers, Suspense, Twisted Humor

Hola, Let’s Learn Spanish With Fun and Games!

Botany + Art: The Life Cycle and Basic Parts of a Plant

Let's Learn Graffiti Art!

Jump Into Gingerbread! Story Time & Writer's Workshop

Spanish Immersion Free Talk (Elementary) Join Anytime!

Bienvenidos! Spanish for Beginners

Geometry Game Hour-One Time

Let's Talk About Roblox!

The Ice Age

Mammals of China (Part 2)

Enrich Kids: Discovery Box Show and Tell

Digging Up the Past: An Introduction to the Science of Archaeology

Everything Hair- Learning How to Braid, Curl, and Style Hair.

The Hollywood Ten: Spies in Hollywood? Guilty or Innocent?

Ancient Greece: Let's Take a Virtual Trip!

The Periodic Table: Master the "Secret Code" - Chemistry Part 1

Book Club for Adventurous Readers: By the Great Horn Spoon!

Pilates for Younger Athletes

Powerful Stories Book Club #4 - A Single Shard: Historical Fiction/Ancient Korea

Introduction to Piano Fundamentals

How to tune the Ukelele

Hop, Skip, and Jump into Writing with Rabbits

Exploring the Bible From a Secular Perspective - Highschool Edition

STEM Solar System Bingo

Japanese Animals for Beginners - Part 1

Civics 101

How World War I Began

Introduction to Poetry #2 - Love That Dog - An Interactive Book/Writer's Club

Using Super Mario to Understand Math (Multiplication Part 1)

Hands on Math " Montessori Approach"

Readers Club ages 14-18

Readers Club Ages 8-12

Coloring Animal Facts

Mammals of China (Part 1)

Biology Advanced Veterinary / Vet Science 3 - Animal Science (8-12)

Populating a Story: Creating Dynamic Characters (12-16)

Weird History: The Bizarre, the Insane, and the Worst Decisions Ever

Tudor Medicine

Alexander Hamilton: The Original American Success Story

Percy Jackson Discussion and Short Story Writing

How Does Clifford the Big Red Dog Help Cinderella?

Writer's Block: Ongoing Weekly Paragraph Writing Practice

What Happens when Clifford Visits the Three Little Pigs?

Vocal Foundations for Consistent Tone

Yaas Queen: Powerful Women in History

Math Talks: Mastering Mental Math

Fourth Grade Math Club | Math for 4th Grade!

Read and Write in Japanese! Learn All 92+ Hiragana & Katakana (6-Week Flex)

Journey Across Canada

Havana on Ukelele

Ukulele Chord Refresher

Beverly Cleary Book Club... Beezus and Ramona

Harmonica Jam Session

Old Town Road on Ukelele

Story Time and Dance Class- "Giraffes Can't Dance" - Beginner Hip-Hop/Jazz

When the Saints Go Marching In - Live Performance

Marvel and DC Open Discussion (One Time Class)

Linguistics for Grades 9-12

A History of Rome - Part 1: The Founding of Rome To Republic (Semester)

Let's Talk- A Social Group for Girls Ages 11-16

Ancient Egypt: Let's Take a Virtual Trip!

Wings of Fire Arc 1 Dragonet Prophecy Camp Let's Talk Dragons and Monsters

Camp: Learning English as an Additional Language (Age 9-13) 4X a Week

Pilates for Athletes

Hola, Let’s Have Fun Learning Spanish!

Weekly 1:1 English Language Arts Tutoring

Almost Gone, Endangered Animals on Earth Need Us!

Populating a Story: Creating Dynamic Characters (ages 8-11)

Let's Be Superheroes: A Creative Writing Camp

Let's Talk About Minecraft!

Introduction to Arabic

Ancient Mythology: Meet the Greek AND Roman Gods! Ages 9-14 (semester)

Advanced Beat Boxing - Freestyle

Intermediate Beat Boxing

Declutter - The 30 Day Challenge (Flex-schedule)

Paint and Draw a Lovely Floral Scene!

Life on the Prairie

History of the Olympics

Create and Share - Building Bricks LEGO® TIMED Building Challenges (5-7 yrs)

Heart Pointillism Card

How to learn a Handstand in Gymnastics

Math Basics: Do More than Survive

The Self-Inflating Balloon! - Is It Magic or Science?

Write Your Own Play! Super Silly and Serious Plays

Learn Python to Make a Wacky Story (Python Basics I)

Fiesta Time Spanish- Farm

Girls Talk, Girls Chat, Girls Hangout

American Government- Semester Course With CLEP Option

Art Camp! How to Draw Comics - 10 Drawing Skills for Beginners & Advanced

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