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New Classes on Outschool 2020-04-12

There are 242 new classes on Outschool the week of April 12, 2020 to April 18, 2020.

Drawing/Painting Still Life With Watercolor Pencils

History Game Show: The American Civil War Part 1

Battle of Antietam and the Emancipation Proclamation

4 Easy Styling Tips

The Science of What Can Go Wrong When You Sleep

Love Poems: William Shakespeare and Pablo Neruda

Intro to ASL with Music Series 1: Learn the Alphabet with Miss Dena!

Beginner Scratch Coding - Let's Tell a Joke

INTRO 2 - Japanese for Kidz

Nature Art and Science: Discover the World of Earthworms!

Dungeons and Dragons for Kids Lost Mine of Phandelver Multiday Course

ABC of Animals...en Español !!

Learn The Art of Sewing: Beginner Basics (Ages 8 - 13)

Russian Language Tutoring. Grammar, Reading, Writing, Pronunciation. All Ages

Here Comes the Sun Yoga

Language Games- Story Chain, Bananagrams, and More!

Introduction to Arabic - For Teens

IEW Writing With Aesop's Fables (Part 1)

Edible Cupcake Flower Bouquet

Edible Cake Decorating Cupcake Boutique Ages 4-8

High School Algebra 1 - First Semester

Food Justice for a Healthy Body and Community

Stranger Things: Creative Screenplay Writing

Creative Toy Photography Ages 10-13: Make Interesting Toy Photographs w/ Erika

Summer Geometry Preview/Review, Session 2

Delicious Pavlova Light and Sweet

Practice Python to Make Rock-Paper-Scissors (Python Basics II)

Acrylic Painting of a Beautiful Window With Flowers

1:1 English-Grammar and Writing Tutoring: Encouraging Unique Ideas!

A Bright Sunny Day Acrylic Painting

Aspiring Astronauts: All About Our Hottest Planet Venus!

A Walk in a Garden Landscape Acrylic Painting

Piano: The Basics for Beginners

Multiplication Table Strategy for Factoring & More - ESL Friendly

Camp: Art and History of...Ancient Egypt

Social Skills: Preteens With Autism, Anxiety (Ages 9-12)

Fashion Design 101 Flex

African Folktales and More.

“We Love Cookies!” - ASL Vocabulary, Music & Storytime with Miss Dena!

Spring Break Coding Camp: Learn How To Create Minecraft in Unity 3D! (Beginner)

Craft Paper Flower Bouquets Camp

Spectacular Spies of World War II

Muscle Tissue- Life Science Anatomy Virtual Trip!

Unicorns, Dragons, and Phoenixes

Auditioning Techniques for Theatre

Nature Explorers International Club

Beginner Break Dance for Teens

Picture Prompt Creative Writing

Hip-Hop Dance (All-Levels)

Puppet Theater in a Box: Flex Class

Fun with Writing Poetry: Cinquain, Diamante, Haiku, and Acrostic

Creative Writing: Unleashing Your Imagination (Flex Schedule) (Younger Class)

Read to a Tortoise!

Under the Sea: Drawing Ocean Creatures, Composing the Page

Igniting Creativity! Ongoing Acrylic and/or Oil Painting Class (11-16)

Box Turtles in the Wild and as Pets

Who Dunnit Einstein? Solving the (Non-Murder) Mystery

FLEX Class: Vocabulary Workshop 1 (Assumption to Extol)

Russian Language Private Tutoring Trial Class.AGES 3-18

Rocks & Minerals - A Scientific Discovery

Fascinating Birds of Uganda (FLEX)

Gentle-Man Skills Not Taught in School

Hip Hop, Out of This World - Space Themed Dance Class - English

Bud Not Buddy lesson (For Middle School Students)

Wonders of the World - A Global Book and Activity Club

Cooking Without Fire Snack 1 Almond Milk /Banana Ice Cream

Igniting Creativity! Ocean Wave Painting - The Challenge of Value (11-16)

Pop and Twist: 4 Day Balloon Twisting and Balloon Art Camp

Story Time Adventures With the Berenstain Bears! - The Bear Detectives

MythBusters: Busting Myths with Science!

Multiplying Polynomials with the FOIL Method – An Essential Algebra 1 Skill

How to Identify the Theme in Literature (9-13)

Playwriting: Write a One Act Play!

Soothing Beach Acrylic Painting

Joy of Seascape Impressionism Painting

Landscape Impressionism Painting

Fun, Effective Tricks to Improve Your Memory for School and Play!

Castles: The Evolution of Castles Over the Ages

It's Not Magic. It's Science!

ASL Summer Camp - Four Days of Field Trips

Inventors Who Changed the World

Greek Mythology's Mightiest Hero: The Origin of Hercules

The Science of Dreams

Look—I'm Pop Art! Drawing in the Roy Lichtenstein Style

Construction Junction- Excavator Style

Social Skills (Children W/ Autism, Anxiety, Ages 7-10)

Science Vocabulary 2

Readers' Theater: Percy Jackson "The Lightning Thief"

Readers' Theater: Stranger Things

Math Art Food- Cerealscapes (One-time)

The Great & the Terrible Rulers of Imperial Russia: Secrets & Tyranny

Stretch Align & Energize - Improve Posture - Text Neck & Desk Back

Learn the Magic of Meditation Using Mudras(hand gestures) and Mantras

Superhero Fitness+ Drop In

Lego Challenges Series #2- Sprinkled with Growth Mindset and Engineering

Study Skills: African American Literature and Culture Part 1

Place Value for beginners 2 (Common Core)

Spelling Games-Grades 4-5-On Going Class

Spelling Games-Grades 3-4-Ongoing Class

The Magical World of Fungi Part 1: The Life Cycle and Parts of a Mushroom

Biology Advanced Veterinary / Vet Science 3 - Animal Science (13-18)

(Flex Class) Wizard World vs. Star Wars

CAMP - Harry Potter Book One Camp - Reader's Theatre and Discussion - Reading fluency - Script form by Professional Actor - TWEEN Ages 8-13

Ghost Story Writing Class

Magical Kitchen: First Year Magic Students!

Friendship & Social Skills - Ages 7-10 (Recurring)

Cats! Story & Craft Time With Ms. Lorinda & Jax

Wild Animal Drawing Club

I Don't Know What to Do With My Feelings: How to Handle Emotions and Change

Spelling Games- Grades 2-3-Ongoing Class

7th/8th Literature & Writing Composition: English Language Arts (1st Semester Year 1)

Beat, Beat Feel the Beat 1

Spelling Games- Grades K-1-Ongoing Class

Spelling Games- Grades 1-2-Ongoing Class

Arabic Language for Beginners- اللغة العربية للمبتدأين

Reptiles Around the World

French Basics for Beginners: Colors, Numbers, Animals, Objects

Modern Hebrew Language 1B

Modern Hebrew Language 1C

Life on a World War II Submarine

Roblox Tips and Tricks

Lego Science - Build the Earth!

Freedom Fighters, Freedom Writers: Civil War Letters from Men in the USCT

Nature Art and Science: All About Honey Bees!

Intro to SSAT Math Prep (Middle Level)

Detectives Apply: The Critical Thinking Journal Class: Dive Into Fun Word, Number and Logic Challenges with Ms. Wendy!

Greek Mythology & the Gods

INTRO 1 - Japanese for Kidz (ages 8-10)

Homemade Delicious Toffee Butter Crunch

Sweet Mexican Empanada Dessert

Two-Step Math Problems: Let Me Count the Ways - Addition and Subtraction

Coding With Boomer: Beginners

From the Ground Up! Write Your Own Play!

Full Body Yoga Workout | Cardio, Strength, Balance, Fitness, Exercise

Junior Paleontologists: Discovering Dinosaurs STEM / STEAM Exploration

Let's Learn German Language, Culture & Geography - BEGINNERS Level 1 (Ages 5-7)

Show and Tell: Your Pets! Drop in Class (4-7 Year Old)

Draw a Beautiful Unicorn!

Celebrate Kids & Pets Day

The Sketching Club: Drawing People

Flower Parts and Their Functions Interactive Science Through Artistic Expression ESL Friendly CEFR B1 B2 C1 C2

Still Life Art and Artists

Beginner Watercolor Animals (Flex Class) Part 2: By the Painting Panda

Biology - Introduction to Vet /Veterinary Science - Animal Science (13-18) FLEX

Little Dragons - Fun With Martial Arts

Beginner Watercolor Animals (Flex Class) Part 3: By the Painting Panda

Middle School Drama Club

Intermediate Watercolor Animals Part 3 (Flex Class): By the Painting Panda

Intermediate Watercolor Animals Part 2 (Flex Class): By the Painting Panda

Draw a Cute Llama!

Making a Chicken Pot Pie Dinner

Intermediate: Drawing Manga/Anime Style

Dance Class: Disney Style Musical Theater Dance

Weird Geography Facts: Read Aloud and Discussion

Snacks & Facts Social Club

Art Camp: Monsters, Robots and Aliens

Individual Instruction On Trombone or Trumpet

Draw a Realistic Dolphin!

Aerial Drills for Gymnasts & Dancers

Zentangles: Calming Drawing

Let's Talk About Roblox (Big Kids 12+)

Strong Sentences & the Spectacular Parts of Speech (Part 1)

Cooking: Sushi Making With Chef Andy

Spelling Bingo

Spanish Class for Kids - Spanish 1 for Beginners - 4 Weeks

Let's Play and Learn: USA Bingo

Aquariums and Aquaponics - How Fish Keep You Happy if You Keep Them Happy!

The Splendid Betta Splendens! Care of the Misunderstood Beauty.

Step Aboard a World War II Submarine!

Fantastic Fiber Arts

Math Tutoring One-on-One: Prealgebra, Algebra 1 & 2, Trig, Precal

PBL Build on Mars Bye Planet Earth, Hello Mars! (Creative and Interactive class) Terraforming on Mars skills STEM

Intro to Improv & Acting

Star Stable! Let's Talk Horses

Hilarious Handwriting (Print Edition)

Science Basics - Introduction to Physics

The Greatest Spectacular....Online Musical Theatre CAMP!

Discussion of Feelings: My Many Colored Days

Explore Maurice Sendaks's Where the Wild Things Are

Singing Technique & Repertoire-Billie Eilish

Step by Step Art Creations: Marine Animals

Beautiful Seascape Impressionism Acrylic Painting

Positively “Struggle-Free” Reading Comprehension

Critical Thinking: Brain Freezers and Code Breakouts

How To Make Cat Toys For Your Cat Or A Shelter Cat

No-Stress French Level 1 Part 1 (of 6)

Beginner Drawing Pokémon Part 6 of 12 (Flex Class) by the Painting Panda

How to Make Dog Toys for Your Dog or a Shelter Dog

The Mystery of the Missing Poodle: A Dramatic Imagination Multi-Arts Adventure

Social Skills For Autism (Teens)

Architecture Around the World with Minecraft! (FLEX course / 6-weeks)

Social Skills For Autism Tweens

Cosmic Constellations - Explore the Night Sky

American Sign Language Alphabet and Numbers

Learn Ukulele in 4 Weeks (Ages 5 - 9)

Terrific Trilobites - Explore The Prehistoric World

One-On-One Math Tutoring & Homework Help (A)

Herbivores: The Original Vegans

Cajon Drumming for Beginners

Twisted Timelines: Blow Your Mind Timeline III: World History

The Environment and You: How One Person Can Make a Difference

In the Kitchen with Mrs. G.- Cooking Club

Georgia O'Keefe's Watercolor Pencil Flowers

Twisted Timelines: The Blow Your Mind Timeline II - Science History

Twisted Timelines: The Blow Your Mind Timeline I - Natural History

Lady Gaga on Ukulele “Million Reasons”

Miley Cyrus on Ukulele “Wrecking Ball”

One Day by Matisyahu on Ukulele

Zoom Around the Room, Interactive Social...Teens

Shakespeare Retold for Young People: Read and Discuss

Performing Stand-Up Comedy 101: Standing Up

Celebrate Earth Day! Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Keep Our Earth Clean and Green!

Marvel's Infinity Saga: A Film Analysis Camp

5th Grade Social Studies: Unit 2 of Fifth Grade Social Studies (Flex)

Draw & Paint Wonderful Watercolors + Mixed Media: Art Class- Ages 7-12

Learn To Be Present in the Moment Using the Arts (Mindfulness & Self Awareness)

Animals of Australia for Little Ones (Age 5 to 7)

The Mystery of the Missing Macaw: Act Out a Story & Learn About Rainforest Birds

Who Said That? Let's Learn About Quotation Marks

Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing Book Club

The Simpsons: Historical Skill- Bias

Acting Club: Scenes and Monologues (Ages 8-13)

ASL - Introduction to American Sign Language Words and Phrases (Section 2)

Intro to Debate - Persuasion and Audience Adaptation

Babysitting 101 Series: Not-So-Terrible Toddlers

Mindfulness Meditation for Teens, Ages 13-18, Ongoing Course

If You Give a Pig a Pancake - Kids Story and Craft Time With Ms. Tiffany

Place Value for beginners (Common Core Math)

Intro to Debate - Impact Analysis

Speech & Diction for the Theatre!

One on One Piano Lessons!

The History of Capital Punishment (Death Penalty, Criminal Justice, Forensics, & Supreme Court Cases)

Octopus & the Kraken: 1 Week Science Camp

American Sign Language - Lauren's Color Lab Signing and Mixing Colors

If Horses Could Talk: Horse Behavior and Communication

Growth Mindset- Unstoppable Me!

The NHL Club - Hockey Interest and Discussion Group

Equestrian Club: Let’s Talk About and WITH Horses, Live From the Barn!

You Choose...Help Compose an Original Song! No Prior Knowledge Necessary!

Hands-On Rock Cycle - Geology Rocks!

Bugs in a Jug, A Fun Facts, Interactive Art and Science Experience to Remember! ESL Friendly CEFR A2 B1 B2 C1 C2

The International Criminal Court: Success and Challenges

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