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New Classes on Outschool 2020-04-05

There are 133 new classes on Outschool the week of April 5, 2020 to April 11, 2020.

Game Design 1 With Scratch Coding - Make Fun Games! Max 4 Learners

Draw It: Shark

The International Criminal Court: Ukraine/Russia Edition

Reader’s Theatre Musical - How Democracy Came to the Beehive

Charming Charcoal Portraits

Digging into Division: Practice & Tips

Warrior Cats: Into The Wild Book Study

Arabic for Beginners 2

What's That? - Insects Hidden in Plain Sight

The Betrayal of Wivin Scurch (An Unofficial Druidawn® Adventure)

Wings of Fire Arc 2 Camp Talk Dragons and Create Your Own E-book with Friends

Beginning Spanish 🎶 Speak and Sing 🎶

Humans?!? (An Unofficial Druidawn® Adventure) Camp

Accent Training for Actors: Standard British Summer Camp

Improv Summer Camp!

African Animals

One Time - Reading Fluency Reader's Theatre - Harry Potter Book 2 Chapter 1 - Script form by Professional Actor - for TWEEN ages 8-13 - Slow paced - Neuro Diverse Learners

Voice Acting: Radio Play Summer Camp

Vocabulary Workshop (extended practice)

Dragons Down Under: The Amazing Bearded Dragon

Let's Draw Your Favorite Anime Characters Camp!

Fairy Tale Princess Summer Camp!

European History: A History of Modern Europe, 1815 - 2023, Part II

Introduction to PowerPoint

Beginner Piano Lessons

Intro to Horse Veterinary Medicine - Hooves, Legs and Skin (One of Three Courses)

Math Assessment

Math Summer Camp 6th Grade

The Secrets of Reading Comprehension for Teens (Intro)

Portrait Drawing Club

Pop Art Fun! Drawing Like Keith Haring!

Math Detective: Sequencing, Probability, and Solution Sleuthing #Academic

Russian Lessons Private Once a Week. Ages 3-18.

Digital Breakout: Around The World in Sixty Minutes

Beginning Life Science: The Life of a Frog

Feminism & Cartoon Princesses

Fantasy Sketch Club Ages 14+

Math Art Fun: Polygons, Picasso & Self-Portraits (One-time)

Smallpox, Polio, Tuberculosis, and the Coronavirus in the Public Healthcare Arena.

Lego Masters Jr With Weekly Themes

Intro to Trumpet- Learn the Basics Before Lessons or Band!

Intermediate Chess Lessons - PART I

The One Day Only Improv Comedy Club: Theater and Acting Workshop

Magic Trash & Weekly Recyclable Art Project Club

Introduction to Italian - One Time for Beginners

Cells: Life Science Anatomy Virtual Trip!

French Basics for Beginners: Greetings and Introductions

Under the Sea Art Adventure, Learn to Draw Fish and Other Sea Animals.

Have Fun Writing Essays!

Super Shapes and Pattern Power With Team Umizoomi Self Paced

Logic 101 - How to Argue and Win the Right Way!

Art Elements With Kandinsky & Klee

Warrior Cats Conversations

Sketch Club Ages 11-14

Beginners Meditation and Visualization with The Grandmother Tree (5-8)

Embroidery For Beginners with Jamie Ages 10 - 18

Beginners Meditation and Visualization with The Grandmother Tree (9-13)

Make a Horse Barn Busy Book

Shoe Tying Basics

Contemporary Dance Class (Ages 9-12)

Classic Nursery Rhymes & Fun Kids Songs - Tunes Great for Kids to Know!

Make Your Own Mini-Comic!

5th/6th Literature & IEW Writing: English Language Arts (1st Semester Year 1)

Cow Painting Acrylic Paint - A - Long

Chess Basics for Beginners (Intro to Chess)

Let's Play Animal Crossing: A Social Club (Flexible Ages)

Fine Dining 101: Meal Etiquette and Manners

Zine-Making: Create Art and Writing Zines!

Zine-Making for Teens: Create Art and Writing Zines!

Astronomy of Doctor Who

How to Publish Your Book on Amazon Easily (Ages 10-12)

Treehouse Shenanigans- A Book Club with The 13 Story Treehouse by Andy Griffiths

CAMP - Harry Potter Book Two - Reader's Theatre and conversation - Reading Fluency - Script form by Professional Actor - TWEEN Ages 8-13 - ESL

Reading With Expression and Intonation - Individual

That's Ekphrastic! Writing Poetry About Art

LIVE Online Art Class: Draw a Helpful Robot!

Martial Arts For Film

Telling Time on an Analog Clock- Part 1

Intro to Fashion Design Plus: From Fashion Template to Design Collections 1-1

Animal Charades: Are You Wild or Domesticated?

Part 1: Make Your Own Digital Escape Room for Friends & Family with Google Forms

This is Who I Am: Using Selfies and Poetry to Explore Identity

The Lincoln Assassination

My Mind on My Money: The Complete Teen Guide to Financial Independence

Animals in Space

Summer Camp: A Touch of French for the Young Beginner

A riddle a day...math riddles to start your day

Howard Zinn: A Young People's History of The United States, Part 1

How Steep It Is!!! Solving for Slope and Systems of Equations.

Ballet Class-Advanced

Maple Trees, Hockey, and Beavers: A Look at the Official Symbols of Canada

Constellation Exploration!

Danish for Beginners - Basic Phrases and Pronunciation

Mystery Box: A Fun and Energetic Game of 20 Questions With Critical Thinking

Real Talk: Advanced Conversational Skills for Kids

Theatre for Kids - Beginning Acting & Improv

Book Discussion: Wonder by R.J. Palacio

Around the House Art: Printmaking With Household Materials

Impromptu Speaking Competition Club

Cosmic Canvas: Learn About and Draw or Paint Our Solar System

Igniting Creativity! Painting Colorful Watercolor Flowers (6-10)

Learn How to Make a Potion - Is it Magic or Science?

Scales & Tails Pencil Shading • Art Class Practice Shading With Cool Creatures

STEM Activities: Hands on Science for Ages 5-8.

Stories of History: The Olympics

Summer Time Math Camp: Review for Pre Algebra

Fast Thinking Word Games

Intro to Programming With Python, Part 2. SP

Intro to Programming With Java, Part 2. SP

Intro to Programming With C++, Part 2. SP

Pokémon and the Human Brain

Bloody History: Vikings! - 1 Week Camp

A Study of America During WWII - Summer Camp

Fact Families for Multiplying and Dividing

ASL Alphabets - Learn your ABCs and How to Sign Your Name

Design Like an Architect!

Introduction to Excel

Mythology in Popular Culture: Greek, Norse, Japanese, Egyptian (Self-Paced/Flex)

Introduction to Neuroscience: What are Neurons? Part 2/2

K-2nd math tutoring

Career Critters

Python Programming | Intermediate | 04 Week | Text Based Adventure Game

My Creative Writer's Notebook

Movie Study: 12 Angry Men: One Juror Takes A Stand Guilty or Innocent

Crested Geckos Wild and Captive

Sulcata Tortoises

Won’t You Be My Neighbor

Algebra 1: Quarter 3

Hunger Games Creative Writing

Chocolate: A History, Then & Now

Private Saxophone Lessons

Three Little Birds - Live Reggae Performance

Algebra 1: Quarter 2

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