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New Classes on Outschool 2020-05-10

There are 170 new classes on Outschool the week of May 10, 2020 to May 16, 2020.

What Happens to a Body Once It Dies? (14-18)

Medieval History-Based IEW Writing Semester 2

Baby Yoda Grogu in His Carriage, Painting With a Little Origami Jumping Frog

Explorations in Literature: The Poetry and Prose of Edgar Allan Poe

Wanna Bet???? Probability (Word Problems Included)

Dive Into Writing: Weekly Writing Practice

Mock Trial Debate Practice: US Supreme Court Moot Court Class Project

Cooking Pancakes (Russian Style)

Spanish Tutoring

English: Grammar Rules, Literary Devices, and Brain Games Intro

4th Grade Phonics-Based Spelling With Weekly Lists and Tests - Ongoing

Piano Lessons - Individual Ages 8-12

Beginner Scratch Coding - Make an Interactive Card

Learn to Read: Blending, Reading, & Writing CVC Words in Word Families

Story Time With Dragons

D&D Fantasy Art Drawing Club With Biggie Ron

Howard Zinn: A Young People's History of The United States, Part 2

President Kennedy Has Been Shot!

Name That Vore-How to Identify Skulls

Life Skills- People Skills

Spanish Class for Kids - Spanish 2 for Beginners - 4 Weeks

Private Piano Lessons With Gigi E. (8-Week) ADHD Friendly, ADHD Teacher

Getting To Know American Girl Addy & Daily Life During The Civil War

Making Math Make Sense 🔢🧠

Queer / LGBTQ+ Literature: Pre-Stonewall Week-Long Intensive

Art Social Club

Baseball Talk - Let's Chat About Baseball and All Things MLB

The "What" Reading Program (1st and 2nd Grade)

Pokemon Drawing Club With Biggie Ron

Cute and Kawaii Creatures Drawing Club With Biggie Ron

Mario Nintendo Drawing Club With Biggie Ron

Sonic the Hedgehog Drawing Club With Biggie Ron

Letting Your Written Characters Talk Too Much!

Rock on: Exploring Earth Science (Rocks & Minerals - FLEX)

French Conversation - Beginner - Levels A0 - Teen

Santa Lucia's Day! Christmas Storytime & Circle Time w/ Aunt Sam

All About Me: Drawing and Writing Activity

How to Draw and Paint Different Cats

Italian for Kids: Food & Restaurant Vocabulary in Italiano

Book Study- Emily of New Moon by Lucy Maud Montgomery

Advanced French Immersion French Conversation

Fun Spanish: Assessment for All Spanish Levels!

Making Easy French Macarons - YUM!

Hola! La La La! Learn Spanish Through Song (for Beginners Ages 6-9)

Understanding the Juvenile Justice System

Overcoming Testing Anxiety: Techniques to Relax and Calm

End of School:Congratulations Graduates

Bring Poetry to Life: Write a Poem with Rhyme and Rhythm

Multi-Medium Foundational Art Class (Ages 9-14)

Intro to Horse Care and Understanding the Horse

Self-Paced Learn How to Use Your DSLR or Mirrorless Camera: Manual Settings

Practical Homesteading: Ducks for Young Learners (3-8) - With Live Ducks!

Stardew Valley Play & Chat: A Social Gaming Club (8-13)

Private French Horn Lessons (One Hour)

Holiday Craft “Exploding” Box Gift

Astronomy: The Solar System From Mercury to Pluto

Intermediate/Advanced Level French Conversation

Learn French Through Fairy Tales

Guess the Feelings With Inside Out Characters

Celebrate Your Birthday and Learn How Other Cultures Celebrate Birthdays Too!

Traditional Karate for Kids: An Energy-Filled Introduction to Karate Basics

Zoology Club: Discussion and Facts

Dinosaurs 101-J: The Spinosaurs

Greek Mythology's Mightiest Hero: Hercules vs. the Cattle of Geryon (Labor 10)

Greek Mythology's Mightiest Hero: Hercules vs. the Golden Apples (Labor 11)

Creative People Photography for Kids: Take Great Pictures of People

Hundred-Word Horror Stories

Money Wise, Intro to Budgeting Basics

Scratch Studio - Bring Your Own Project - One-on-One

Japanese for Kids (Beginners Part 2)

Adobe Blast-Off: Private Lesson!

The Sunken Temple: A Dungeons and Dragons One Shot!

Junior Archaeologists : Treasure Hunters

Introduction to World War 2

Brief Introduction to Russian Language and Culture

Getting To Know American Girl Caroline & Daily Life During The War Of 1812

Getting To Know American Girl Julie & Daily Life During The 1970's

Beowulf: Hero of Heroes

Historical Fiction Book Club for Gifted Teens

Aquarium Camp for DIY Fishkeepers

Getting To Know 2015 American Girl Grace & Life In Paris Today

Who's Your Favorite Pet? Clifford's Adventure Storytime with Aunt Sam

Getting To Know 2020 American Girl Joss & Life In California Today

Getting To Know American Girl Kirsten & Daily Frontier Life

Ongoing Dynamic Advanced First Grade Math Class with 5 star teacher Ms. Wendy!

Getting To Know American Girl Maryellen & 1950's Daily Life

Asian History: Warring States Period & Qin Dynasty Social Studies, ELA & Art

Bread Baking Camp-Let's Bake Bread, Rolls & My Favorite Cinnamon Rolls!

The Art of Reading Between the Lines: A 2-Day Guide to Effective Text Annotation

Beginning Ukulele Level 2

A Young People's History of the United States: Columbus to Spanish-American War (to 1900)

52 Weeks of World War II History!

Is It Magic or Science? 5-Day Hands-On Science Camp!

F 16 Fighting Falcon Snatches Prey in Flight

2nd Grade Phonics-Based Spelling-Weekly Lists & Tests-Dyslexia Friendly-Ongoing

3rd Grade Phonics-Based Spelling-Weekly Lists & Tests-Dyslexia Friendly-Ongoing

Discover the World Through Picture Books for Children 3-7

Fun Spanish: Summer Spanish Bootcamp for Beginners - Part 1

Getting Started in Film and Television Directing (9-13)

Uno a Uno- Spanish Tutoring with Native Speaker

The Berlin Airlift: An Introduction

Table Manners & Etiquette: Impress the Whole Family!

1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, & 5th grade Math Tutoring (1x for 4 weeks)

Evolution of Women in Crime Dramas

Group Piano Lessons: Blues Improvisation (Discounted 1st Class!) (Ages 8-12)

Getting To Know American Girl Kit & Daily Life During The Great Depression

Getting To Know American Girl Molly & WW2 Daily Life

Getting To Know American Girl Samantha & Victorian Daily Life

The Art of Drawing a Realistic Eye!

Getting To Know American Girl Felicity & Daily Colonial Life

Spy Kids Academy: Your Mission for Fun

Learn Coding With Fun - PART 1 to PART 4 -Algorithm, Debugging and Loops

Learn to Crochet 1: Just the Basics!

Multiverse Travelers: Lgbtqa+ Doctor Who Fandom Club

Los Aztecas y Los Maya/Land of Chocolate, Maize, and Agave

How Black Plague, Smallpox, and Influenza Changed World History

Magic School Bus Sensory Story Time Adventures Social Book Club

Private Preschool Tutoring

The Science of Strange Sleep in Animals-Part 1

Cartoon Yourself With Procreate!

How to Make a Valid Argument: Debate 101

Zoology-Live Animals From Around the World Featuring LIVE Animals

Zoology-Animals of the Desert Featuring Live Animals

Star Wars D&D Roleplaying 101: Whisper Base Introductory Adventure

Asian History: Explorers & Archaeologists - Chinese Artifacts Dynasty by Dynasty

Private Tutoring - Ages 10-15

Career Exploration: How to Research and Prepare for Your Future - Ages 13-18

Dog Training:Puppy Problems Solved!

Internet Safety 101 - Ages 5-10

WWII History: D-Day! Taking Europe Back With the Allied Invasion of Normandy, France during World War Two - WW2

Powerful Kids Yoga Flow (Energize + Shine) for Ages 7-12

Brother Against Brother: History of the US Civil War

"Because of Winn Dixie"- Novel Study Book Club with Reading Comprehension

Private Spanish Tutoring 1:1 (Once per week)

Science, Magic, and the Mundane: Speculative Worlds and How to Write Them

Watercolor Wander: Flower Art Club | Beginner Watercolor Painting Techniques

An Introduction to Science and The Scientific Method - Ages 12-15

Dinosaurs 101-F: True Raptors

Transforming Fairy Tales in Our Modern World

Greek Mythology's Mightiest Hero: Hercules vs. the Cretan Bull (Labor 7)

Let's Write a Book! Authors' Club (Ongoing)

Story Time! Shiver Me Letters: A Pirate ABC

Greek Mythology's Mightiest Hero: Hercules vs. the Mares of Diomedes (Labor 8)

Effective Study Skills: A Key to Outstanding Grades

Improv Comedy Club: Theater and Acting Workshop for Teens!

Drum Lessons - Rudimental Focus! (Ages 11-15)

United States History (Full Year) - Part 2 of 4

United States History (Full Year) - Part 1 of 4

Art Along | Gesture Drawing Club

Beginning Arabic - Level 1 (Trimester Course)

Ham Jams 1: A Hamilton Musical Theatre Summer CAMP!

Anime Discussion Group for Teens

Story Time

BRICK Club Social Hour! Ages 9-12+

Let’s Draw and Paint Totoro, an Adorable Anime Forest Spirit From Studio Ghibli

Let's Draw Cute Fruits Kawaii Style!

Private Spanish One-On-One Tutoring With Native Speaker! (30 Minutes)

Beginning Spanish with a Native Speaker! 🎉 Fiesta Time 🎉

Internet Safety: Make Safer Choices Online

A 1-Hour Introduction to the Japanese Language

Be an NFL Coach - Let's Draft a Football Team on Madden 24!

Mandarin Chinese Conversation Camp - Pt. 3 -> 7-13 Yrs Old

Creatures & Beings of Myth

Italian for Beginners: Christmas (Camp)

Italian for Kids: Christmas (Once a Week Course)

History Game Show: The American Civil War Part 2

The Most Deadly Snakes in the World

Set Yourself Up for Success: Studying and Note-taking Strategies

A Galactic Art Adventure Learn to Draw Star Wars BB-8, R2-D2, and Chewbacca

Pokémon Social Club - Guess That Pokémon, Virtual Battle, Show & Tell

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