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New Classes on Outschool 2020-03-29

There are 83 new classes on Outschool the week of March 29, 2020 to April 4, 2020.

Somewhere Over The Rainbow - Live Performance

How to do a Cartwheel in Gymnastics

Resolving Conflict and Using Your Words (feat. other communication hacks)

Diary of a Wimpy Kid - Discussion and Short Story Writing

Raising Bunny Rabbits 101 — ALL Ages Welcome

D&D Curse of Strahd w/ DM Jingleheimer!

Weird and Unusual Animal- Axolotls

African Clawed Frogs

Egyptian Mythology in Popular Culture

Mandarin Chinese Conversation Camp - Pt. 2 -> 7-13 Yrs Old

Rainforest Animal Poetry

Introduction to Comic Book Design

Creative Writing: Exercises for the Mind, Stretches for the Imagination

¡Tertulias!: Spanish Conversation Group for Intermediate Preteen Learners

LIVE Online Art Class: Paint a Glowing Sunset With a Silhouette

Learning About Lions - A ROARing Good Time!

Lead Yourself With More Confidence

Self Esteem Booster: Learn How To Juggle (up to 3 objects)

Build Your Own Planet: Introduction to Planetology

Rescue Dogs, Cats and More!

Check-In Chat & Chill (Sunday Mornings Only)

Pokémon Science: The Fascinating Fungi of Pokémon

Planetary Science With Star Wars Planets

Dungeons and Dragons Math Adventure One-Shot

The Tools of War: Everything That Fought, Won, and Lost World War I & II

To Our Galaxy and Beyond

Book Club for Queer, Transgender, Nonbinary, Gender-Expansive, LGBTQ+ Youth

Add Positive and Negative Numbers - ESL Teacher With Cards - 6-8 Years Old- Travel Hawaii

Fun with Fractions

Italian for Kids: House Objects & Counting by 100s

Social Group! Pets!

Introduction to Brazilian Portuguese for Teens

Holiday Canvas Painting: Step By Step and EASY!

Cracking Ciphers and Breaking Codes

Monster Mandarin - Intro to Chinese: Numbers (Ages 4-7)

Monster Mandarin - Intro to Chinese: Numbers (Ages 8-12)

Art & Mindfulness: Pattern & Repetition

Level 1/8 ¡Hablo español! (I Speak Spanish!) Learn Spanish Language W/Songs - Beginners

Dog Enrichment Games

Italian for Kids: Weather, Fruits, Vegetables, Transportation

The Science of Sleep

Storytime: "Magic Trash" & Recyclable Art Project

Writing IS Thinking! The Art of Argument and Rhetoric

Math: Individual Tutoring (Eight 25-Minute Sessions)

Hip Hop, Trolls Themed Dance Class

Health and Nutrition - Making Great Choices With Food

Improve Your Spoken Chinese by Chatting and Having Conversation With Classmates

Be in a Play Acting

Shoe Tying 101 for Young Learners Ages 5 and Up With Jamie!

Writing Response Paragraphs Effortlessly

Base Ten Battleship Math

Journaling Club

This Day in Music History

Weekly Story Time and Writer's Workshop

How to learn Handstand Walking in Gymnastics

Can I Run for President?

How to learn Handstand Balancing

Lets Play Party Games

My Feelings - Let's Learn About Emotions

Beginning Life Science: The Life of a Caterpillar & Butterfly

Largest Dog Breeds of the World

Hardware (Computer)

A-10 Thunderbolt II the Aircraft that Rains Death From Above

When Women Write: A Tree Grows in Brooklyn

Power Talk: Conquer Your Fear of Public Speaking

Hip Hop/Musical Theatre, Descendants Themed Dance Class #4 Mashup (Ages 6-9) - English

Summer Camp: Try Your Hand At French For the Young Beginner

From Nuremberg to the Hague - Understanding International Law and Genocide

From Apartheid to Democracy: What the South African Experience Has Taught Us

Interesting Mammals of the World! (FLEX)

Draw a Folktale!

ASL I Session I

Ongoing Book Club for Teens! - Spring 2024 Spotlight on Dystopian/Sci Fi Books!!

Rainbow Acrylic Paint -A -Long With Ms.Muse

Spring Woodland Deer ACRYLIC painting Paint - A - Long With Ms. Muse

Mammals of Australia (Part 2)

Mammals of Australia (Part 1)

Llama Acrylic Painting Paint - A -Long (Ages 8-12) Muse

Expository Excellence: The Summary & Response Essay

Sylvester and the Magic Pebble Story Time & Writer's Workshop

Microbiology with an Artistic Eye

Group Vocal Lessons - Singing With Excellence - High School

How Is It Tested? (Ongoing)

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