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Lexical Trailblazers: Individualized Path to Reading, Spelling & Writing Prowess

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Through one-on-one instruction, multisensory strategies, and engaging activities, we address each middle school student's unique needs and empower them to become confident readers, writers and spellers.

Class experience

Students will develop a comprehensive set of literacy skills through personalized instruction and engaging activities. By the end of the class, students can expect to achieve the following learning goals:


-Demonstrate proficient phonemic awareness and phonics skills
-Apply various decoding strategies to read unfamiliar words accurately
-Build an extensive sight word vocabulary
-Improve reading fluency and expression
-Enhance reading comprehension abilities across different text genres


-Understand and apply spelling patterns and rules
-Spell multisyllabic words correctly
-Recognize and spell common prefixes, suffixes, and root words
-Develop strategies for memorizing irregular and high-frequency words
-Improve spelling accuracy in written work


-Generate clear and well-organized written pieces
-Use correct grammar, punctuation, and capitalization
-Expand vocabulary and incorporate vivid word choices
-Apply writing strategies for different purposes (e.g., narrative, expository, persuasive)
-Develop editing and revising skills to improve writing quality

Additionally, students will cultivate essential skills for academic success, such as:

-Increased focus and attention span
-Improved critical thinking and problem-solving abilities
-Enhanced confidence and self-esteem in literacy tasks
-Stronger communication and self-expression skills

By achieving these comprehensive learning goals, students will be well-equipped to tackle reading, spelling, and writing tasks with competence and confidence, setting them up for long-term academic and personal growth.

Homework Policy: Homework assignments may be provided at the discretion of the instructor to reinforce the concepts and skills taught during class sessions. These optional practice exercises and activities will be tailored to each student's individual needs and learning pace, ensuring they receive appropriate reinforcement and opportunities for skill consolidation.

Assessment Policy: Regular progress monitoring and assessments will be conducted to track each student's development and identify areas requiring additional support or intervention. These assessments will be informal and formative in nature, designed to inform instructional strategies and ensure students are making meaningful progress towards their individualized goals.

Grading Policy: This class does not offer traditional letter grades or a certificate of completion. Instead, the focus is on providing detailed feedback, celebrating individual achievements, and fostering a growth mindset. Students will receive regular updates on their progress, with specific feedback on areas of strength and opportunities for further development. The ultimate goal is to support each student's journey towards becoming a confident and proficient reader, speller, and writer.
The instructors leading this class are certified literacy specialists with extensive training and experience in teaching reading, spelling, and writing to students at the middle school level. They possess:
-Specialization in Literacy or Reading Instruction
-Certification in Reading Intervention or Specialized Dyslexia and Literacy Professional
-Comprehensive knowledge of evidence-based instructional approaches, such as structured literacy, multisensory teaching, and personalized learning
-Expertise in administering and interpreting assessment data to develop individualized instructional plans
-Ongoing professional development in the latest literacy research, instructional strategies, and educational technology
The instructors are committed to creating a nurturing and engaging learning environment, fostering a love for literacy, and empowering students to reach their full potential as confident and skilled readers, spellers, and writers.
Notebooks or Writing Pads - For taking notes and completing assignments.
Pencils and Erasers - For writing and correcting. Soft lead pencils (HB or 2B) are recommended. 
Index Cards - For creating flashcards that aid in vocabulary and concept retention. 
Sticky Notes - Useful for making notes in books without writing on the pages. 
Printer Access - Some course materials will be provided in digital format to be printed at home. If printing is not an option, having a device to view these documents electronically is sufficient.
Access to a Computer and Internet - Necessary for accessing online resources, digital textbooks, and participating in virtual classroom sessions.
A Dedicated Workspace - Having a quiet, organized space for attending classes and completing homework is beneficial.

Supplied by Instructor:
Digital Handouts and Worksheets - These will be provided as downloadable files from the class portal.
In addition to the Outschool classroom, this class uses:
This class does not require any specific content or safety warnings, as it focuses on developing essential literacy skills in a supportive and age-appropriate manner. No media content with official ratings will be used.
While no specific sources will be used as curriculum material, the class will draw from evidence-based practices and instructional strategies informed by reputable sources in the field of literacy education. These may include:
-Reports and guidelines from educational organizations (e.g. National Reading Panel)
-Peer-reviewed research articles on effective reading, spelling, and writing instruction
-Recommended reading and spelling programs from educational publishers
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