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Digital Etiquette Mastery

Incubator of Superhumans
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Equip your child with essential life skills in our 'Digital Etiquette Mastery' class, fostering responsible online behavior, effective communication, and cybersecurity awareness for a positive and impactful digital presence.

Class experience

Understand Digital Etiquette:

Define the principles of responsible online behavior.
Recognize the impact of digital interactions on personal and professional relationships.
Phone Etiquette and Healthy Technology Use:

Demonstrate the basics of phone etiquette.
Develop strategies for maintaining a healthy relationship with technology.
Crafting Respectful Messages:

Write professional and respectful electronic messages.
Understand the importance of tone and language in digital communication.
Email Etiquette and Effective Digital Communication:

Navigate email etiquette for various contexts.
Apply practical tips for effective communication in the digital workspace.
Responsible Social Media Use:

Establish guidelines for responsible social media usage.
Address cyberbullying and promote positive online interactions.
Building a Positive Online Presence:

Craft a positive and impactful digital footprint.
Balance personal and professional online personas.
Basics of Online Security:

Protect personal information online.
Recognize and respond to online threats.
Virtual Meetings and Collaborative Platforms:

Conduct proper etiquette in virtual meetings.
Enhance digital teamwork skills in collaborative online platforms.
Overall Skills Development:

Critical Thinking and Decision-Making:

Apply critical thinking skills to assess online situations.
Make informed decisions about digital interactions.
Effective Communication:

Develop effective communication skills in both written and virtual formats.
Communicate ideas clearly and professionally.
Digital Citizenship:

Foster a sense of responsibility and ethical behavior in the digital space.
Understand the implications of one's online presence on the broader digital community.
Confidence Building:

Build confidence in navigating digital environments.
Encourage positive behavior and engagement in online interactions.
By the end of the course, students will have acquired practical skills and knowledge that empower them to navigate the digital world responsibly, communicate effectively, and build a positive and impactful online presence.

Teacher Expertise for "Digital Etiquette Mastery" with Tammy Kelly:

Tammy Kelly brings a wealth of expertise and a dedicated background in early childhood education, making her an ideal instructor for the "Digital Etiquette Mastery" class. Her qualifications and experiences include:

Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education:

Tammy holds a degree in Early Childhood Education, providing her with a solid academic foundation in understanding the cognitive and developmental needs of learners.
Kindergarten Teaching and Tutoring:

Tammy has practical experience teaching and tutoring in the kindergarten setting, allowing her to observe and guide children through crucial early stages of development, including language acquisition and literacy skills.
Observing Reading Development:

Tammy has a keen interest in reading development, exemplified by her experiences in watching and guiding kindergarten students through the stages of reading. Her anecdote about a struggling Kindergartener showcases her hands-on involvement in literacy development.
Ongoing Professional Development:

Tammy is committed to continuous learning and improvement, as evidenced by her pursuit of a Mississippi teacher's license, subscription to teaching journals, and active engagement in early childhood education programs.
Youth Ministry and Counseling:

Tammy has worked alongside her husband in youth ministry and has experience ministering, coaching, and counseling kids from various backgrounds. This background demonstrates her understanding of diverse perspectives and the importance of a child's culture in effective teaching.
Tammy's unique blend of academic knowledge, practical teaching experience, commitment to ongoing learning, and understanding of diverse cultural backgrounds make her well-equipped to guide learners through the intricacies of digital etiquette. Her approach is nurturing, adaptive, and focused on building confidence in every child's unique abilities.
Homework Offered
Homework assignments in this class are designed to reinforce the concepts learned during the sessions and provide practical opportunities for students to apply digital etiquette skills. The assignments are a blend of individual and group projects, fostering collaborative learning and independent skill development. Digital Etiquette Reflections (Individual): Students will be assigned short reflection exercises to share their thoughts and experiences related to the digital etiquette concepts covered in class. Time commitment: Approximately 15-20 minutes per reflection. Interactive Scenarios (Group): Group assignments will involve analyzing and responding to real-world digital etiquette scenarios. This encourages teamwork and critical thinking. Time commitment: Collaborative work during class and additional 30 minutes per week outside of class for group coordination. Online Presence Project (Individual): Students will work on an individual project to create and optimize a positive online presence. This includes crafting a brief bio, setting privacy settings, and sharing interests in a responsible manner. Time commitment: Approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour per week. Weekly Readings (Individual): Short articles, blog posts, or relevant sections from digital etiquette resources will be assigned for independent reading. Reading commitment: Approximately 15-20 pages per week. Homework is carefully curated to align with the age group's attention span and overall learning objectives. It is designed to complement the in-class learning experience, allowing students to practically apply and internalize digital etiquette principles. The total weekly homework commitment is estimated to be around 2 to 2.5 hours, ensuring a balanced workload for students.
Assessments Offered
Assessment in this class is designed to be holistic, focusing on both individual understanding and the application of digital etiquette skills. The emphasis is on formative assessment to provide continuous feedback and support learners in their growth throughout the course. Here's an overview of the assessment methods: Participation and Engagement: Active participation in class discussions, group activities, and practical exercises. Feedback on participation will be provided regularly to encourage active engagement. Homework Assignments: Regular feedback on individual and group homework assignments, emphasizing the application of digital etiquette concepts in real-world scenarios. Constructive feedback will guide students in refining their skills. Reflections and Journals: Assessment of individual reflections and journal entries, gauging the depth of understanding and personal insights regarding digital etiquette. Feedback will focus on critical thinking and self-awareness. Online Presence Project: Evaluation of the individual project on creating a positive online presence. Feedback will highlight effective implementation of digital etiquette principles. Class Projects and Collaborative Work: Assessment of group projects and collaborative efforts during class sessions. Emphasis on teamwork, communication, and problem-solving skills. Final Project Presentation: A cumulative individual or group project where students showcase their understanding and application of digital etiquette skills. Presentation skills, content quality, and adherence to digital etiquette principles will be assessed. Informal Check-ins: Periodic one-on-one or small group check-ins with Tammy to discuss progress, address questions, and provide personalized feedback. The goal of the assessment approach is to foster a supportive learning environment, encourage active participation, and guide learners in their journey toward mastering digital etiquette. There won't be traditional letter grades; instead, assessments will focus on feedback and developmental progress throughout the course.
Grades Offered
An essential "supply" for the class is a positive attitude and an open mind. Digital Etiquette Mastery involves learning and adapting to new concepts, and a positive approach enhances the overall learning experience.

If any specific materials or software are required for a session, Tammy Kelly will provide advanced notice, and alternative options or resources will be suggested to accommodate learners. The goal is to keep the supply list accessible and affordable, ensuring that learners can actively participate in the class without significant financial burden.
Average rating:5.0Number of reviews:(1)
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