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Psychology in Film: Understanding Human Behavior through Cinema

Incubator of Superhumans
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This course explores the intersection of psychology and cinema, using popular films as case studies to delve into various psychological concepts and theories.

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US Grade 7 - 10
Follows Teacher-Created Curriculum
  • Students will learn to: Analyze and interpret psychological themes, concepts, and theories portrayed in various films. Identify and discuss different aspects of human behavior, such as personality traits, motivations, emotions, and social interactions, as depicted in cinema. Understand the connection between real-life psychological phenomena and their representation in movies. Critically evaluate the accuracy and effectiveness of psychological portrayals in film. Apply psychological principles to analyze and understand the behavior of fictional characters in movies. Enhance their critical thinking skills by examining and discussing complex psychological concepts within the context of film. Develop empathy and perspective-taking abilities through the analysis of characters' experiences and struggles. Engage in collaborative learning activities, such as group discussions, role-playing, and peer feedback, to deepen their understanding of psychology in film. Reflect on their own psychological insights gained from analyzing cinematic representations of human behavior. Cultivate a deeper appreciation for the art of filmmaking and its potential to explore and depict complex psychological themes.
Colleen has a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and a Master's degree in Film Studies, with a focus on the intersection of psychology and cinema. She has extensive experience teaching psychology and film-related courses to students of various age groups. Colleen's expertise lies in analyzing the psychological themes, character motivations, and human behavior depicted in movies. She has developed a deep understanding of how filmmakers use cinematic techniques to explore complex psychological concepts and portray them on screen. With her background in both psychology and film studies, Colleen is uniquely qualified to facilitate engaging and insightful discussions about the psychological aspects of cinema.
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To address the feedback regarding handling and responding to unsolicited and potentially highly emotional expressions around sensitive topics in the "Psychology in Film" class, I am incorporating the following details:

Handling Sensitive Topics:

In the "Psychology in Film" class, we will be exploring themes that might be sensitive or provoke strong emotional responses. Given the international nature of Outschool, it is important to create an inclusive and respectful environment for all learners. Here is how I intend to manage these situations:

Setting Expectations:

At the beginning of the course, I will establish clear guidelines for respectful and constructive discussions. This will include expectations around listening actively, not interrupting, and respecting different viewpoints.

Creating a Safe Space:

I will emphasize the importance of a safe and supportive environment where everyone feels comfortable sharing their thoughts and feelings. Confidentiality and respect for each other's experiences will be key principles.

Handling Emotional Responses:

If a student expresses strong emotions, I will acknowledge their feelings with empathy and provide a supportive response. I will guide the conversation to ensure it remains respectful and on topic.

If necessary, I will pause the discussion to address the emotional response privately, ensuring the student feels heard and supported without derailing the class for others.

Providing Support Resources:

I will provide resources for students who may need additional support, including links to counseling services or hotlines appropriate for their region.

Cultural Sensitivity:

I will remain mindful of cultural differences and sensitivities, encouraging students to share their perspectives while being respectful of others' backgrounds and beliefs.
By implementing these strategies, I aim to create a learning environment that is both educational and emotionally supportive, allowing students to explore psychological concepts in film while feeling safe and respected.
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Oscar García
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