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Visual Biology: Evolutionary Biology

Benjamin Corey's Creative Curriculum Coop
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Use drawing and visual note taking to explore all 6 High School Life Science Standards for HS.LS4: Biological Evolution, exploring evolutionary biology, natural selection, taxonomy, micro and macroevolution

Class experience

US Grade 7 - 10
6 lessons//6 Weeks
 Week 1
Lesson 1
Wolves no More
HS.LS4.1: Communicate scientific information that common ancestry and biological evolution are supported by multiple lines of empirical evidence.
 Week 2
Lesson 2
Tale of the Fat Rat
HS.LS4.2: Construct an explanation based on evidence that the process of evolution primarily results from four factors: (1) the potential for a species to increase in number, (2) the heritable genetic variation of individuals in a species due to mutation and sexual reproduction, (3) competition for limited resources, and (4) the proliferation of those organisms that are better able to survive and reproduce in the environment.
 Week 3
Lesson 3
Got Milk?
HS.LS4.3: Apply concepts of statistics and probability to support explanations that organisms with an advantageous heritable trait tend to increase in proportion to organisms lacking this trait.
 Week 4
Lesson 4
Got Silk?
HS.LS4.4: Construct an explanation based on evidence for how natural selection leads to adaptation of populations.
 Week 5
Lesson 5
A Tale of Two Sticklebacks
HS.LS4.5: Evaluate the evidence supporting claims that changes in environmental conditions may result in (1) increases in the number of individuals of some species, (2) the emergence of new species over time, and (3) the extinction of other species.
 Week 6
Lesson 6
Cloning for the Future
HS.LS4.6: Create or revise a simulation to test a solution to mitigate adverse impacts of human activity on biodiversity.
I have a Bachelor's of Science degree in Biology from Oglethorpe University and and a Masters of Arts in Teaching in Secondary Science Education from Georgia State University. I have been teaching sciences to inclusion classes for 16 years to grades 7-12, and have certifications from the states of Georgia and California. I am deeply knowledgeable on the structure of the Next Generation Science Standards and best practices of science instruction. 
Homework Offered
Weekly Modules, including evaluation questions, are designed to take 1-2 hours to complete
1 - 2 hours per week outside of class
Assessments Offered
Evaluation questions and answer keys are made available for learners and their families to use as they wish
Grades Offered
Each lesson includes ten evaluation questions. Families may use these questions and their learner's performance on them to calculate a numerical grade if desired.
Something to draw on and something to draw with (preferably with multiple colors
In addition to the Outschool classroom, this class uses:
All classes are based on the accepted consensus of the secular scientific community, and may include discussions of evolution by natural selection, the cellular and hormonal mechanics of sexual and asexual reproduction, and other aspects of studying living systems.
For some topics, research will be drawn from vetted science news sources. Learners will have no need to navigate to these news sites themselves.
Rising Star
Average rating:4.9Number of reviews:(4,468)
We are the Creative Curriculum Coop, a group of educators passionate about making learning exciting and engaging. Our classes explore dynamic ecosystems, investigate lost civilizations, and build mythologies. We believe that the world is full of... 
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