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Mr. Matt's Math Masters - Grade 4 Mathematics Made FUN! | Full Math Curriculum

Join us for an engaging, interactive, and gamified math course that places learners at the center of their mathematical exploration, fostering a love for numbers and patterns through hands-on activities and interactive experiences.
Mr. Matt (Certified Teacher, B.Ed., B.A.)
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1️⃣ Develop a strong foundation in mathematical concepts: Build a solid understanding of number sense, operations, geometry, measurement, patterns, algebra, data analysis, and more.
2️⃣ Enhance problem-solving skills: Develop strategies to approach math problems, analyze information, and apply logical reasoning to find solutions.
3️⃣ Foster critical thinking abilities: Engage in thought-provoking activities that encourage students to think critically, make connections, and solve complex math challenges.
4️⃣ Cultivate a growth mindset: Embrace challenges, persevere through difficulties, and develop a positive attitude towards learning math.
5️⃣ Strengthen mathematical fluency: Practice mental math skills, calculation techniques, and efficient problem-solving strategies.
6️⃣ Connect math to the real world: Explore real-life applications of math, recognizing its relevance and practicality in everyday situations.
7️⃣ Promote collaboration and communication: Engage in discussions, teamwork, and peer interactions to enhance understanding and share different problem-solving approaches.
8️⃣ Boost confidence in math: Build self-assurance in tackling math problems, developing mathematical intuition, and expressing mathematical ideas.
9️⃣ Encourage creativity in math: Discover the joy and creativity within math, exploring different strategies, approaches, and perspectives.
🔟 Develop a love for mathematics: Cultivate an appreciation and enthusiasm for math, fostering a lifelong interest in the subject.
I am a Manitoba Certified K-12 Teacher with a broad range of experience spanning nearly 10 years in various roles, including teaching math to students from kindergarten to grade 12. My extensive training and hands-on experience have equipped me with the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively guide learners in their mathematical journey. 
Homework in Math Masters is designed to provide learners with optional, self-paced opportunities to reinforce and extend their understanding of the concepts covered in class. Rather than assigning traditional homework, I will provide supplemental learning materials, such as practice exercises, online resources, and interactive games, which learners can explore at their own pace. These resources will be carefully curated to align with the topics discussed in class and will serve as valuable tools for independent practice. The self-correcting nature of these materials will allow learners to gauge their progress and identify areas that may require additional attention. While homework is optional, engaging with these resources outside of class can provide learners with valuable opportunities for further exploration and mastery of mathematical concepts.
- Calculator: A basic calculator is recommended for performing calculations and solving mathematical problems. - Writing utensils: Learners will need pens, pencils, or markers for note-taking, solving problems, and completing assignments. - Paper: A supply of blank paper or a notebook will be required for learners to work out problems, take notes, and organize their thoughts. - Digital note-taking platforms: Learners may utilize digital note-taking platforms such as Google Docs, Microsoft OneNote, or other similar tools to keep track of their notes and assignments. Additionally, for certain topics, learners may need access to standard math tools like a ruler for measurements or other geometry-related concepts.
In addition to the Outschool classroom, this class uses:
Assessment in Math Masters takes on a multifaceted approach to provide learners with comprehensive feedback and keep parents informed of their child's progress. Throughout the course, learners will engage in a variety of activities that will be assessed on the spot, allowing for immediate feedback and reinforcement of learning. These assessments will take different forms, including quizzes, interactive exercises, group discussions, and problem-solving challenges. Learners will also receive biweekly written reports that highlight their achievements, areas of growth, and suggestions for further improvement. These reports will serve as valuable communication tools between learners, parents, and myself, ensuring everyone is kept up-to-date on progress. Rest assured that a supportive and encouraging learning environment will be fostered, where mistakes are viewed as opportunities for growth, and feedback is provided constructively to nurture each learner's mathematical journey.
2 hours 15 minutes per week in class, and an estimated 1 - 2 hours per week outside of class.
This class does not contain any content that may be upsetting or scary to learners. We prioritize creating a safe and supportive learning environment for all students. All class materials and activities are designed to be age-appropriate, engaging, and focused on math concepts. We do not utilize any media content that requires specific safety precautions. Additionally, we comply with our class content policy to ensure the appropriateness of all materials used. We may utilize third-party tools like Gimkit, Kahoot, and Factile, but these platforms do not require an account. Learners will be required to create an account for Khan Academy, information on how to do this and connect to our class will be shared with learners as needed. 
In our class, we utilize a variety of engaging and educational resources to enhance the learning experience. These include online platforms such as Gimkit, Kahoot, Khan Academy, and YouTube videos, which provide interactive and visually appealing content related to math concepts. We also incorporate relevant articles and materials aligned with the Manitoba Grade 4 Math curriculum to ensure comprehensive coverage of the required topics. Our class content ensures that all sources used are appropriate, reliable, and suitable for the target age group.


Mr. Matt (Certified Teacher, B.Ed., B.A.)
Lives in Canada
We're ALL Inclined Kids
52 total reviews
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About Me

Hello there! I'm Mr. Matt, a passionate K-12 Certified Teacher residing on Treaty 1 Territory in Canada. Teaching has been my lifelong calling, and I'm thrilled to have found the perfect fit here on Outschool!

With a deep love for education and... 
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