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High School Biology: Introduction to Genetics (Self Paced)

Dr. Anne Schwab, Ph.D. Biology and Science
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In this 5 week science course, learners will be introduced to genes and the basic principles of genetics.

Class experience

US Grade 9 - 12
Intermediate Level
3 units//10 lessons//5 Weeks
Unit 1Fundamentals
3 lessons3 Weeks
 Week 1
Lesson 1
-Introduction -Discovery of the genetic material -Structure of the DNA double helix
 Week 2
Lesson 2
Cell division: Mitosis
-Genomes -Prokaryotic cell division -Chromosomes and karyotypes -Interphase -Phases of mitosis
 Week 3
Lesson 3
Cell division: Meiosis
-Review of mitosis -Phases meiosis -Mistakes during meiosis
Unit 2Classical Genetics
4 lessons2 Weeks
Classical Genetics
 Week 4
Lesson 4
Mendelian Genetics
Who was Gregor Mendel -Monohybrid crosses -Punnett squares -Test crosses -Dihybrid crosses
 Week 5
Lesson 5
Extending Mendelian Genetics
-Incomplete dominance -Codominance -Multiple alleles -Epistasis -Pleiotropy -Polygenic inheritance -Lethal alleles -Variable expressivity -Incomplete penetrance
Lesson 6
Patterns of Inheritance
-X-linked inheritance -Human Pedigree Analysis -Autosomal recessive disorders -Autosomal dominant disorders -X-linked recessive disorder -X-linkedl dominant disorders -Y-linked disorders -Inbreeding
Lesson 7
Gene linkage
- Who was Thomas Morgan Hunt -Recombination -Incomplete linkage -Recombination frequency -Linkage maps
Unit 3Molecular Genetics
3 lessons1 Week
Molecular Genetics
 Week 5
Lesson 8
DNA Replication
-Mendelson and Stahl experiment -DNA replication in eukaryotes -DNA replication in prokaryotes
Lesson 9
From DNA to Protein
-The genetic code -RNA -Transcription -RNA processing -Translation
Lesson 10
Techniques in Genetics
-Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) -Sanger Sequencing -Gene Cloning -CRISPR
After taking this class learners will be able to:
-Describe the processes and functions of mitosis and meiosis 
-Apply the principles of Mendelian inheritance.
-Analyze human pedigree charts and identify the mode of inheritance.
-Explain gene linkage and linkage maps
-Understand some basic principles of molecular genetics
 I have a doctorate in Parasite Genetics from McGill University, Canada. I am a  former researcher  and have published several papers on the genetics of drug resistance and  disease susceptibility.  I  have taught genetics and  other topics in biology in university.
Homework Offered
There will be worksheets posted after every lecture.
Assessments Offered
I will be posting an optional assignment, as well as a midterm and final exam that the student can complete and return to me.
Grades Offered
I will be giving a percentage grade for the assessments returned to me and can provide a grade by request.
Star Educator
Average rating:5.0Number of reviews:(73)
My name is Anne Schwab and I am excited to start sharing my knowledge about the biological sciences with your learners.
I teach classes in general biology as well as topics such as parasitology, entomology, genetics and ecology. I also teach... 
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