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New Classes on Outschool 2020-02-16

There are 66 new classes on Outschool the week of February 16, 2020 to February 22, 2020.

Let's Paint! Summer Camp (8-12)

The Choice Is "Mine": Minecraft Themed Paragraph Writing

Junior Wild About Cooking (Flex): Cookie Time 1!

St. Patrick’s Day: History, Symbols, and Limericks

Social Camp for Autistic Teens

Social Camp for Autistic Children: Ages 7-10

Social Camp for Autistic Tweens

Summer Camp: Rhetorical Analysis Essay Workshop! Write Sample SAT Essays with a Former Scorer

Girls Across the Globe Book Club

The Science of Sleep

Fascinating Foxes

Social Skills, Assertiveness, & Social Anxiety Tools - for teens

Novel Writing 101: Tips, Tricks, and First Draft Writing

Dungeons and Dragons Adventure Summer Camp

The Love of Cake Decorating

Would You Rather Hangout- Ages 9-12

Meet the Real Unicorns of the Animal Kingdom for National Unicorn Day! (7-12)

Meet the Real Unicorns of the Animal Kingdom for National Unicorn Day! (13-18)

Night by Elie Wiesel - A Novel Study on the Holocaust (FLEX)

Let's speak MORE Japanese! - Introductory Level 2

Space Club

Scavenger Hunt: Colors

Immersion Japanese Club: Level 4 (上級) - Advanced (Ongoing)

Immersion Japanese Club: Level 3 (中級) - Intermediate (Ongoing)

Immersion Japanese Club: Level 2 (初級) - Beginner (Ongoing)

Individual English Language Arts Tutoring

IEW U.S. History-Based Writing Part 2

IEW U.S. History-Based Writing Semester 1

IEW Ancient History-Based Writing Part 2

IEW Ancient History-Based Writing Semester 1

Tell Me All About Warrior Cats (Ongoing)

Types of Helper Animals

Science Foundations: Level 2 (8-12) - Flexible Schedule

Summer Camp: ACT Essay Workshop! Write Sample ACT Essays with a Former Scorer.

Finger Painting Club Part 4 (Flex Class) by the Painting Panda

Finger Painting Club Part 5 (Flex Class) by the Painting Panda

Dungeon and Dragons Down with Nobles

Dungeons and Dragons Horror in Faerun

Crafts & Myths Summer Camp

Draw It: Mermaid ***UPDATED DRAWING!

Great Personalities: Susan B. Anthony (Flex)

Innovative and Disruptive Business Principles for Tomorrow's Entrepreneur

Architecture & Math: Design Your Own Home! (FLEX)

Veterinary Science for Young Children

Dungeons and Dragons The fight for Eberron

Pre-Calculus Summer Session 1: Chapters 1-7 (Flexible Schedule)

Great Personalities: Helen Keller Flex

Great Personalities: Amelia Earhart (Flex)

Roller Coaster and Amusement Park Mania!

'Twas the Summer Before Algebra 2

To the Threshold: "The Catcher in the Rye" and Other Coming of Age Novels

Wonderful World of Watercolor: An Art Camp for Teens

Art Around the World: An Art Camp (FLEX)

Paint the Flowers of Impressionism: an Art and Art History Camp (FLEX)

Discovering Pre-Algebra Part 5 (Part 5 Of 6)

Fun in Paris - An Art Camp (FLEX)

Art School for Kids: The Elements of Art Camp

Zoology of Minecraft: Awesome Arthropods! (Ages 7-12)

Math Tutoring, Elementary -- experienced expert tutor, one to one help

Seven Days of the Week

The Mysterious Benedict Society: A Novel Study

How to Sew a Rice Heating Bag - Beginner 1 Sewing Ages 7-12

Inquiring-mind Science: How Did Kepler Discover Elliptical Orbits?

Middle School Language Arts Mini-Course: Video Games (Flexible Schedule)

Let’s Write Fairytales-Beginners Creative Writing

How to Write a Basic Outline and Summary (5th - 8th) - IEW Method

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